true love never dies sesson 2 episode 8


episode 8

shona and ragini are having fun with their friends
sanky and laksh are talking with thier friends
bublu: sanky, did you heard this, next year again sanjay will be shifted to this. branch
sanky: what?
bublu: he is the principle for next year…i just saw that in the notice board!!
sanky gets tensed…
laksh: sanky, any problem?
sanky: yaaa, actually because of him shona had suffered a lot, now what to do??
laksh: dont worry, will think about the solution
sanky: okay!!

at that time ragini and shona comes
shona: sanky… shall we go??
sanky looks at ehr, he remembers how sanjay tortured shona, he gets worried and hugs her
all looks at sanky face.. as they can understand his worry!
shona: sanky kya hua??
sanky: nothing, come lets go!!
shona: are you sure??
sanky: yaaa i am!!
shona: kk come lets go…
shova return back to home, they watch adarsh doing office work
shona: hello papa..
adharsh: hi shona, how was the fest?
shona: it was good papa, you know sanky did fighting.. hahahaa you should see that person face, hahaha soo funny!! but poor sanky he got hurt
adharsh: sanky, u got hurt?? why are you involving in the fights?
sanky: dad come on, they are teasing our college girls.. whatever fight, or enjoy only in this month.. my college days will be over… il miss my college days dad!! il miss my friends..
shona: hahhahahahahaha sanky… haha next year, you wont be in the college na?? but dont worry, il enjoy my next year behalf of you..
( she starts teasing him)
sanky: ohh really??? but shona, who will send you to college?? no need to study, u be here
shona: what???
sanky: yaaa, i wont let you go alone… next month, il go for office, u be a house wife, a good housewife, nice na.. just imagine, il be asking you, shona where are my files and all.. nd when im in office you will call me, and il tell you, shona today i have meeting with delegates, soo dont disturb me, then i should see ur face… hahahahahahaha nice na!!
shona: (angry) its like ur face!! papa see him, he is telling me to stop my stuudies!!
adarsh: hahahahaha sanky, stop teasing her!! by d way shona, im with you, so dont worry..
sanky: hmm… anyways shona u take rest, i have some work il come at dinner time!
shona: okay come fast!
he leaves..

shona: papa il get freshup and il come..
she goes to her room…
meantime pari is in kitchen, she is talking with the servant for the list of grocerries
at that time shona comes…
pari: ramu, this time grocerry money is high.. we dint buy anything extra.. why did we get 5000 rs extra..
ramu: rates are high mam..
pari: hmm kk.. take this money, so sad for poor people, if governemnt increses the r ates lime this, how will they survive??
she leaves.. giving money to him
shona hears the conversation.. as soon as pari leaves shoma goes near ramu..
shona: ramu once give the grocerries list!!
ramu: (tensed) he gives the list..
shona checks the list… she angrily looks at ramu
shona: ramu what is this?? ur cheating ma?? how can u ramu.. ur playing with her lnnosence.. next time if u repeat this.. il throw u out.. we are good, so dint try to take that time il check everything.. be in ur limits.. if u so it so.. il tell that to adhrash papa..
ramu: sorry mam.. actually my son is not feelingn well.. i want some. oney so i did like this..
shona: if u need money ask us.. we will give u.. but never releat this again.. here take this money and buy medicines!!
ramu: thankypu man.
shona leaves…

adarsh listens to the conevrsation and feels proud of shona…
sanky with his friends…
sanky: guys i got a solution
bublu: whats that??
sanky: i wont send shona to college! let her stop her education.. she dont need to do job, im with her na, she dont need to stress ourself..nd bublu u dont know, when we went to bangalore, shona remembered her past.. she was so disturbed.. if at all she watches that sanjay, she will be more disturbed!! i dont want her to remember her past, its so painful
bublu: sanky, i know what all u do, u think for her hapiness.. so stop her education!
Sanky: yaa, if at all im with her, then thats different.. i can handle sanjay.. but now our college time is over, il be busy with office.. i want to give rest to my dad, i want to be like sanskar, who has taken the full responsible of his family! ive enjoyed my life a lot.. now its my turn to take care of my family!
bublu: all d best dude… so sanky will become sanskar now!! hahhahaha lol
sanky: hahaha dude.. stop making fun!! anyways shona will be waiting, il go home now..
bublu: kk take care of her.. bye
sanky leaves

maheswari house:
shona is busy helping pari in kitchen
shona: maa ur superb! u just cook soo yummy! one day il cook ur fav dish..
pari: really?? then il wait for it!!
sanky comes!!
they all have fun having dinner together..
pari: sanky from when ur exams are going to start??
sanky: from thursday ma…
adharsh: im so happy varun.. after ur exams.. il make u sit in my chair, il make u MD of mahewari companies… i will be so proud of my son! thats enough for this life.. nd shona will take of our finance.. i will give the keys to her..
ap and pari gets happy,
shona: papa me??
adhrah: yaa shona… i used to think ur a kid.. but my bahuu is very intelligent.. today i saw how u showed ur right towards ramu.. i felt soo proud and happy
shona: but papa..
pari: kyu shona, dont u feel this as ur house??
shona: ma nothijng like that.. but what if i lost the keys.. will do one thing, u keep the keys with u.. il ask u whenever i need money
pari: haha kk
ap: but adhrsh.. still shona has one year, to complete her studies..
sanky: no dadi.. shona will…..
shona interuppts..
shona: no dadi il stop my studies.. i wont go to college anymore..
sanky and all are shocked
adharsh: shona r u serious??
shona: yaa papa, what sanky said is right.. il miss sanky in colz.. that fun, and mainly i want to be like a good wife… just imagine, daily morning at the time of office, sanky will be shouting.. shona where are my files, where is my watch.. nd when he is in office i will call him, and he will tell me.. shona today i have meeting with delegates, soo dont disturb me, il get angry and cut the call.. when sanky comes home.. il be ready with the big stick.. haha it will be nice na??
(she looks at sanky and winks)
sanky stares at her lovingly..
ap, pari and adhrsh burst out laughing
shona: how is it sanky??
sanky : wow shona its so nice, but why stick?? i dint understand

because to hit u… if u ever cut my call when i call u.. that will be my punishment!!
sanky: ohh really?? if u give punishment.. even i know what punishment should i give u
shona: what pinishment will u give me??
sanky goes tiwards her and lifts her.. all r shocked
shona: sanky get me down
sanky: come il show punishment, (he takes her to the room)
adharsh pari and ap laughs looking at their fight
sanky room:
shova room:
shona: sankyy.. put me down
sanky puts her down and he kisses her lips shocking her
shona: sankyyy
sanky: this will be my punishment
shona looks at him lovingly
shona: i liked it…
they both stare at each other and share a hug!!
episode ends

Leap of 2 months

I know u all are excited to know what happened after 2 months… And
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Credit to: SwaSan RiShi

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