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Episode 7

Next day:

Sanky and Shona sleeping
Shona wakes up.. She looks at Sanskar who is sleeping peacefully..
She looks at him, she remembers yesterday night moments.. She sleeps on him and thinks looking at him..”why do u love me so much Sanskar?”
I love u.. She gives a peck on his lips..

She gets up.. She gets freshup..

Shona: Sanky get up.. It’s already 9:00am!!
Sanky: Shona.. Let me sleep for sometime..
Shona: Noo get up…

At that time Ragini calls them..
Shona lifts it..

Ragini: Shona, we are going back.. Flight at 12:00 U both come soon..

Shona: why suddenly Ragini?
Ragini: Swara our 2days are over…
Shona: ? soo ..soon , my fun time is over..

Ragini: haha Kk come soon directly to airport..
Swara: Kk..

At that time she feels a hand on her waist.. It was Sanky.. Who hugged her from back..

Shona cuts the call…

Shona: Thankgod u woke up.. Come get freshup.. We need to go to airport..

Sanky kisses her neck.. Shona looks at him
Sanky: Shona ur soo beautiful in this dress.. Ur my cutie pie…? (he kissEs her cheeks)

Shona: if I’m cutie pie ur my Sweety pie.. ?(she kisses him on his cheeks)

Sanky:! I want to be like this forever..

Shona: (hugs him) love u Sanky!!

Sanky: (smiles) love u too..

He hugs her…

Shona: Sanky we need to leave now..get ready fast..

Sanky: Kk baba!! Give me 10 mins time!!

After sometime they go to airport.. And come back to their native!!

As soon as they come home.. Shona runs to meet ap

Shona: (smiles) dadi..Im back..
(She hugs her dadi)

Dadi: Shona.. I missed u soo much..
(She kisses her)

Shona kisses Pari..
Pari: Shona u became soo weak..
Shona: ?I became weak??
Pari: haa Shona.. R u not well??

Shona: Noo Ma..I’m fine! May be that climate dint suit me?

AP: Hahha but my Shona always look cute..

Shona: ?really? Am I really looking pretty

AP: Yaaa Shona!!

She gets excited and hugs Pari and AP both!!

Shova room:

Sanky is searching for his ID card..
Sanky: Shona.. Where did u keep my ID card??
Shona: it’s in ur shelf Sanky!!
Sanky: (shouts) it’s not there Shona..
Shona: ooofff!! I’m coming!!

Shona goes to the room and gets shock seeing the room messy

Shona: Sanky, what did u just do?? Ohh god?? Should I clean it now??

Sanky: Shona I’m sorry but i have a work.. It’s important.. Plz search for my ID card na..

Shona: Why can’t u keep ur ID card in ur bag? Ur so careless Sanskar.. Ul just throw it on the bed… You should learn some good habits from me Sanky..see how careful I am..

Sanky: shona plz, i don’t have time for ur class..

Shona : ?hmm

She searches and gives his ID card..
Shona: wow Shona.. Ur awesome!! Thankyou cutie pie…
(He kisses her cheeks) bye darling!! Il come home soon.. We are going for a fest in other college..

Shona: ?even il come plz!!

Sanky: (cups her face) Noo Shona.. U need rest.. Ur soo tired.. Sleep for sometime!

Shona: Noo Sanky.. I’m fine! Plz plz pzlzzzz

Sanky: Shona I said no.. That’s it… U badly need a res….

(Suddenly Shona kisses his lips shocking Sanky)

Shona: (ask cutely) plz can I come?

Sanky stares at her lovingly and smiles noding yes…

Shona: ?Woww Thankyou Sanky!!!

Suddenly he realises..

Sanky: no no.. Ur not coming!!

Shona: plzzzzzz

Sanky: I said no that’s it!!

Shona gets angry and she angrily sits on the bed keeping a pout face..

Sanky: (smiles) hmm shonaa listen…They will be many students.. U feel suffocated.. Again u will faint..I can’t see u in that position..Take rest.. Kk…Bye..he kisses her forehead and leaves

Shona gets angry..Nd thinks..
“Today I won’t talk to him at all..
She angrily arranges Sanky shelf.. Scolding him..

Shona: this Sanky na.. He is two, three, four, five, infinity much…..he always have problem with me.. ? he never takes me anywhere.. I won’t talk to him

While she was arranging the rack suddenly Sanskar diary fells down.. Shona looks at it..

She feels she has saw that diary somewhere.. She picks up the diary..and starts caressing it.. She looks at it confusingly.. She tries to remember where she has seen it.. And wonders why she is feeling so happy to see this diary…

Mean time..
Sanky in car..

He thinks about shona’s sudden kiss to make him agree.. He smiles and thinks..
“Shona, ur really crazy.. I just love what ever u do.. It will be soo unique and funny!!

Suddenly he remembers the flashback how Swara did the same to Sanky, when he was not allowing her to come to airport..

He suddenly stops the car..
He gets so happy, to remember some past moments.. His eyes are filled with tears.. He feels like talking to Shona.. He turns the car…

Shova room:

Shona keeps on thinking, where did she saw this dairy..
When she was about to open it.. She gets call from Sanky..
She gets happy seeing his call.. And close the diary and keeps it back in the shelf..

She lifts the call.. But realises that she is angry so she tries to act being angry.. Again she sat on bed keeping that pout face..

Sanky: hello Shona darling!!
Shona: ?who is this??
Sanky: ?who is this?? Shona.. Ur asking me who is this?? don’t u know me??
Shona: yes I don’t know you..
Sanky: (smiles) achaa!! So madam is angry.. By d way.. I’m ur husband.. Ur Sweety pie.

Shona: sorry…I gave divorce to my husband just now.. I won’t talk to him at all

Sanky: ?divorce?? Kk fine.. So u won’t talk to me for today.. Fine.. Ur missing the fest then..

He looks her from the door..

Shona: misisng???

Sanky: (teases and smiles) Yaa.. Actually I thought to take my biwi to the I came back home and waiting for her near the door…. But okay.. No problem, she divorced me na.. Il go..

Shona :?u came back.. (She runs towards the door and opens it and finds Sanky… Sanky looks at her and teases)

Sanky: u divorced me na.. Kk.. I’m going!!

Shona: ? Sanky.. I was just kidding Sweetu… U came back for me… I’m very excited… Love you….

Sanky: no that’s Kk.. Il leave.. U have divorced na..

Shona: who said that I have u divorce..I think someone gave u wrong information.. Leave all that see I’m even ready

Sanky: haha Shona.. Ur really mad!! Haha come fast.. Lets go..

Shona: ?just 2 mins.. But Sanky, why did u suddenly changed ur opinion??

Sanky: because I liked the way u convinced.. ?

Shona smiles looking at him… Both stares at each other and smiles…

Sanky: Shona come soon..

Shona runs quickly and goes down.

Sanky car:

Shona: (excited) Sanky… Thankyou soo much!!!

Sanky: Shona, ur a convincing queen.. Nd I like that queen so much..

She stares at him with lots of love and hugs him

Sanky: but Shona, I’m telling u now itself.. Until we come out from fest.. U should be with me.. Sanky, il go here.. Sanky il buy that.. Sanky my friends are here… Sanky my friends are calling me.. Sanky I saw chocolate stall..I don’t want to listen all this.. Nd I’m telling u.. If u even try to use Ragini also I won’t allow u to go.. Later u should not be angry!! Okay?? I’m not requesting, I’m warning u..

Shona: Hahahaha soo funny!! Sanky u know what I just love to be with u always.. Ur my Sweetu na.. And don’t worry.. I will not go anywhere..this is Shona.. Once she give a word she won’t take it back..

Sanky: dats like a good girl!!

They both smile and leave..


Sanky and Shona goes inside, Ragini and Laksh too comes.. They all hug and talk..

Ragini: Shona, u came?? Woww.. I asked Sanky, he said she is not coming.. As u need rest.. But u came..

Laksh: and our fun is back..

Bublu:: Yaa Laksh ur ryt.. If Shona is not there.. That place will be dull..

Shona: ?hahah Thankyou!! These many praisings… Ohh Godd!! I’m flying..

Sanky: hahaha Shona.. Guys come lets go…

At that time Priya and Preeti comes..
They watches these four.. They get angry.. And thinks.. “See how they r enjoying”? How can they fool us???

Shona friends Shasha comes..
Sasha: shona? u came?? Woww.. Come with me.. All our classmates are waiting for u.. Come na..

Shona: Woww.. I’m coming..

Sanky looks at Shona angrily… He stops her..

Sanky: Shona did u forgot??
Shona: oops I’m sorry.. Actually I felt very excited.. Kk I won’t go.. ?

Sasha: shonaa come na!!

Sanky: ?Sasha.. She won’t come.. Tell ur friends to come here.. This is ur senior order!!

Sasha ?leaves

Sanky is enjoying with his friends.. While Shona is bored.. But she can’t go anywhere..

Shona: Sanky, I’m so bored.. What will I do here..
Laksh: Sanky, This is too much.. Send her na.. She will be with her friends..

Sanky: Noo Laksh.. I’m scared. She should be in front me.. In house, dadi and Ma will be soo I dont need to be scared. But here she is my responsibility

Shona: what will happen to me Sanky!!
Sanky: shh Shona.. I already said u na!!
U sit here and eat chocolates.. Shasha and ur gang will come.. U njoy with them.. But only here..

Shona: ?okay!!

Shona sits on the chair and starts having her chocolates, Sanky Laksh and others talk with Shona to entertain her..

Meantime a guy watches Shona.. He thinks deeply.. Suddenly he gets happy and goes towards Shona.. Sanky and Laksh observes that guy,

Guy: r u Shona??
Shona: ?hhahaha Yaa!!! But why??

Sanky watches him confusingly

Guy: hey Shona its me Anil, u forgot me.. I’m ur school mate..

Shona: (thinks) ohh Hii Anil? how r u?? Omg.. U became soo tall.. In school days u used to be so short.. Hahaha funny!! But now ur so tall..

Guy: Thankyou Shona… And u know what u changed a lot.. U used to be fat.. But now ur soo beautiful and cute.. U look like a heroine.. Woww.. Such a glowing face!! Nd ur dress suited u!!

Sanky angrily looks at him… While Laksh smiles looking at him!!

Shona: (cloud9) Hahahaha Thankyou!! Nd this dress I bought it from online… Nice na??

Sanky looks at her angrily..

Guy: I used to have ur papa number.. But I lost it.. Give ur number na..

Sanky: ?Sally… How dare he ask my Shona number..

Laksh: Hahahah lol.. Ur jealous!!

Shona: my number? Kk note down.. 8867..

Sanky: ? take this number…9988775656 (He goes near her and keeps his hand on her shoulder)
Guy: (confused) Shona is this ur number?
Sanky: ?Noo it’s mine!!
Guy: (confused) Shona who is he??
Shona: (smiles and hugs him) he is my husband.. My sweetu!! He is handsome na?
Guy: ?husband??
Sanky : Yaa we r married, she is Mrs..Varun Sanksar Maheswari..any problem??
Guy: Noo… Thankyou!!
(He leaves shockingly)

Sanky: ?shona?? How can u give ur number to him??
Shona: ?what happened, why ur serious??
Sanky: serious?? Did u see.. He is flirting u.. How can I let someone flirting my wife..Nd tell him which website u bought the dress..ur soo crazy!! Nd that guy.. Sally?

Shona: achaa… So ur jealous??
Sanky: what rubbish?? Noo way!!
Shona: haha but I liked ur jelaous?

She hugs him…
Sanky: (smiles) so u liked my jelaous..
Shona: Yaa Sweetu.. (She pulls his cheeks)
Sanky: ahhh!! Shona..leave na!!

Shona: nooo way!!! Form today ur name is Eesh !!! Hahahahhaah ???

Sanky: ?eesh??

Shona: Yaa Eesh means eeshya!!!??that means jealous??

Sanky: haha really?? See what il do now.. He twist her hand..

Shona: Hahahhaaha ahhhh!!! Sanky it’s hurting..

Sanky; say sorry!!
Shona: noooooo !!??
Sanky holds her hand bit harder

Shona: ahhhh!! Sanky plz leave!!
Sanky: say sorry… Nd tell that I won’t call u like that..
Shona: Kk baba.. I’m sorry.. I won’t call u like that.. Happy??

Sanky: good girl!! (He smiles and pulls her cheeks) by the way Shona.. R u a fatty?? When ur a kid.. ?

Shona: ?Sanky… Stop it!!!

Sanky: hahahhahahah…. Laksh did u listen this??

Shona angrily tries to shut his mouth.. But Sanky keeps laughing teasing her…

At that time again Priya and Preeti watches them.. They both look at each other

Those batch who were teasing girls looks at Priya and Preeti they start teasing them..

Atudent1 :hey girl come here?? Which colz??
Priya looks at them angrily
Priya: ?mind ur language…
Student: achaa!! How should I mind?? Hahahah.. (They try to touch her, at a same time a hand stops him)

All looks at him shockingly.. It was Laksh..

Laksh signals Priya and Preeti to go..

Laksh: how dare you guys tease my college students??
He starts fighting with them.. A guy comes and tries hit Laksh, at that time Sanskar comes and beats him

Sanksar: ?how dare you try to hurt Laksh??

He starts beating them.. A guys comes and hurts sankys hand… Laksh gets angry and starts beating him

Laksh: Sanky.. Don’t leave them.. They r hurting our girls.. Nd u how dare you hurt Sanky!!

Sanky slaps that guy hardly…

They get scared and calmly leaves..

Ragini and Shona goes and runs towards them..

Shona gets tensed

Shona: Sanky… R u alright?? Ong? ur bleeding?? (Her eyes are filled with tears) how can u be soo careless?? Nd that guy, how dare he beats u.. U could have slapped him more tightly

Sanky: Shona I’m alright!! I’m fine!!
Shona: don’t talk to me.. ?

He watches her tears and hugs her..
Sanky: Shona I’m really fine!! Don’t worry cutie!!

Shona: I can’t see u in pain Sanky…
(She hugs him tightly)

Even Ragini cares for Laksh…

Priya and Preeti look at each other and smiles..Nd goes near them..

Laksh na Sanky suddenly realised what they did..

Laksh:?wo… Actually..

Sanky tries to hide..

Priya: Sanky.. Plz don’t hide, We know that ur not sir..

Sanky and Laksh are shocked..

Priya: we saw u 4.. Actually we really got angry.. But today.. What Shona said is right.. U guys really care for our college.. I’m really happy.. And by d way Varun sir.. Hatsoff to ur love birds.. I was just watching, how caring, you both are.. Made for each other.. This is so called True Love! U guys are soo special, u both enjoy ur love a lot!

Sanky; I’m really sorry.. I know it’s wrong to tease u guys, but It’s just for fun!!

Preeti: Noo worries! Anyways we need to go..and once again Thankyou so much!!

They leave…

Laksh: oof.. Thankgod!!

They 4 enjoy the fest!!!
Episode ends..

Leap of 2 months!!

Credit to: SwaSan RiShi

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