true love never dies sesson 2 episode 5 and 6


Episode 5

They keep walking..
While Shona slowly walks…she gets fully disturbed remembering those incidents…

Laksh: hahaha Sanky did u see!! Hope scared they were!! (He starts teasing Ragini)

Ragini: stop it Laksh.. I’m not scared! I just acted..

Laksh: achaa!! Don’t try to cover it!

They both started fighting…

Sanky smiles and looks at Shona.. Who is busy in thinking!!

Sanky: Shona, what happened?

Shona: nothing Sanky!

Sanky; are u alright?

Shona: Yaa I am!

Ragini: by d way guys, how did u come here??

Laksh: haha Ragini.. We thought to surprise you!! Did u like it??

Shona is listening all that but her concentration was on that photo, and those flashes that running in her mind…
She becomes weak and faints…

Ragini: ?surprise?? Is this the way to surprise??

Suddenly they hear the Thud sound…
All gets shock… To see Shona fainted..
Sanky: ?shonaaa!!!!
Ragini; shonaa!!!

Sanky gets worried and tries to wake up her..

Sanky: shonaa!! Shonaa!! Kya hua??
(He makes her sleep on his lap.. And wakes her) he holds her head… He is shocked to see the blood.. And gets more tensed!!

Sanky: (shout) blood!! Laksh.. Do something na.. She’s not’s bleeding!!

Laksh: haa Sanky.. Don’t worry.. Ragini, tie some cloth.. And Il try to get some water.. U take care of her!!

Ragini: (cries) shonaa… This is because of u guys.. U scared us so much.. Shona from starting she is scared.. Unnecessarily I brought her here..

Laksh founds a tap near the garden..
He fills some water in his hands and runs towards Shona… And pours that small quantity on her face..
He again runs and gets some more water..

Sanky: shonaa!! Plzz get up!!

she still doesn’t respond…she gets some flashes again.. Someone calling her
“Swara Swara see this place, isn’t it beautiful??

Swara: wow bhai.. This is just awesome! I’m in love with this place.. Thankyou bhai!!
(She takes out her camera and starts clicking pics)
Swara: papa!! Smile na?? ?
Papa: Hahha Swara, why photos for me?? You take photos, it will helpful for ur matches?

Swara: ?papa!!!!

Bhai: Hahaa by the way let’s go from here, I think it will rain now.. Climate has changed!

Swara: no no Plzz!! Let’s stay here for sometime bhai.. Plzz!!
At that time it starts to rain..
Swara gets excited and starts playing..
Mehra looks at her and smiles..

Swara: bhai.. Let’s enjoy na come..
She pulls him and they both njoys in the rain.. The drops that touches her face, makes her happy and brings her lots of joy..
But suddenly she feels the same drops again Splashing on her face..

She slowly tries to open, she watches A person splashing water on her..
Sanky watches her opening her eyes.. And gets happy…

Sanky: Shona.. Plzz open ur eyes!!

She slowly opens her eyes and looks at Sanky.. She thinks some stranger.. And whispers
“Where is papa and bhai”??

Sanky, Laksh and Ragini are shocked..

Sanky: ?shonaa…
Shona again goes unconscious..
Laksh: Sanky.. First let’s take her to the room..

Sanky: haa ya ur right, he lifts her and takes her to the room and they call doctor..

Doctor checks her,

Doctor: nothing to worry, she just fainted due to weakness, just give her some rest she will be fine!!

Doctor leaves..

Sanky eyes are filled with tears to see her position,

Lsksh: Sanky don’t worry.. She is fine.. Doctor said na!!

Sanky: haa Laksh.. Today I understood.. How much Shona missed her family!! Though she’s unconscious she is thinking about her dad and bro! I forgot about them Laksh.. I’m so selfish na, I just thought about my happiness, And married Shona.. I thought she is happy with me and my parents.. But she miss her family too!!

Ragini: haa Sanky!! Ur right.. Not only Shona, but all girls after the marriage will miss their families!! But don’t worry.. Shona really loves to be with u and ur family so much!

Sanky: I know.. I even know that Shona never told me that she missed her family, because she know that I will feel sad.. But today, it’s my responsibility to unite them..

Lucky: Sanky u will do it.. Anyways it’s soo late.. U both stay here in this room.. Nd plz take care of her and any help plz call us..

Sanskar accepts.. Laksh and Ragini leave..

Sanky sits beside Shona, holds her hands and kisses it!! He sleeps beside her and huggs her… Nd goes to deep sleep!!

Shona in deep sleep.. Again she get flashes about her time she spent with her family…she gets a small smile in her face.. In her sleep.. Suddenly she gets the flashes Of Jagadish killing her papa and bhai..

She gets scared and wakes up shouting papa!!!

Sanky comes out from his sleep and gets worried.. Nd turns on the light..
He gets shocked to see her sweat!!

Sanky: Shona Kya hua??
(He jerks her)

Shona: he is killing.. Plz help my papa.. He is killing him.. Plz someone save him!!
(She cries loudly)

Sanky: (shouts) Shona!!..

Shona comes to her senses.. Nd looks at Sanky!
She gets scared seeing him and gets more afraid and pushes him..

Sanky is shocked..?

Sanky : Shona Kya hua??

Shona: (confused) stay away from me..Leave me!! Leave me!!
I need to go!! I need to save them… Leave me!!
(She pushes Sanky and runs out..

Sanky: shonaa!! Shonaa listen…

He goes back of her… He informs Laksh and Ragini..

Shona runs, she watches Sanky coming back of her.. She get scared and hides back of a pillar…

When Sanky passes the pillar, she runs from back door and comes out of the hotel..
She watches her house.. She gets happy and again runs inside it..

It was soo dark.. She opens the gate.. She walks towards the garden…
She notice her favourite swing… And sits on it crying for her papa and bhai!!

She remembers all the moment she spent with them..
She cries remembering them.. She sleeps on the floor,

Sanky is very sad to see shona’s behaviour.. She madly searches for her in the hotel..

Laksh: Sanky did u get her?
Sanky: Noo!! I’m not understanding anything.. Why is she behaving like that??

Sanky suddenly looks at the gate of that house.. He gets doubt and runs..

Laksh and Ragini are confused…

Laksh: Sanky??

He runs back of him!!

Sanky goes inside the house and starts calling Shona…

He suddenly looks at Shona lying on the ground.. He gets more shocked and goes near her..

Sanky: (cries) shonaa.. What’s happening?? Are you alright??

He hugs her and cries…

Laksh and Ragini comes.. They are stunned to see Shona in such state…

They again take her to the room… And make her sleep!!

Next day:

Sanky sits beside her… Holding her hand… he looks at Shona.. He caresses her face..he is tensed.. If he sleeps again Shona may run..

He calls Adharsh and tells him about what all happened..
Sanky: dad plz come here.. I’m so scared!

Adharsh gets tensed and gets worried..

Adharsh: I’m coming Sanky.. Don’t worry.. She will be fine!!

At that time Ragini comes

Ragini: Sanky, get fresh up.. Il be here..
Sanky: no let her wake up..
Ragini: Sanky I’m here na, goo Plzz!!

Sanky: okay.. Plz take care na!!

He goes to washroom to get freshup!!

After few mins Shona gets up..
She feels her head is soo heavy.. She holds her head..

Ragini: Shona?? R u alright!
Shona looks at Ragini…

Shona: hi Ragini! U woke up so early?

Ragini: Shona.. We all are tensed.. R u fine?? Why were u soo scared??

Sanky comes out..
Shona looks at Sanky and gets happy!!

Shona: Sanky!!! My Sweetu… She runs and hugs him!!

Sanky is surprised and happy.. He remembers the last night, where Shona behaved as she doesn’t know him!!

He gets happy to see her normal and hugs her more tightly.. He looks at her and kisses her face with lots of love…

Sanky: Shona.. U know I was so scared.. Do u Atleast have an idea how u behaved with me? Never behave like that plz… I can’t see you avoiding me?
He hugs her more tightly!

Shona: (just remembers what all happened) I’m sorry Sanky..

Sanky: now leave all that.. You want fun na.. Let’s all have fun together.. Okay??

Shona: (smiles) okay Sweetu!!

They both look at each other and smile…

Sanky: u be here il get some breakfast for u and Ragini…

Ragini: Kk Sanky!! Il take care of Shona!

Sanky leaves…

Shona goes near the window and looks at that house.. She remembers those lovely moments and cries..

Ragini: Shona.. Plz don’t look at it again

Shona: Ragini.. I have lots of memories with that house.. My papa and bhai.. We all used to stay here… But he killed them..

She hugs her and cries…

Ragini: Shona it’s ur dream!!

Shona: Noo Ragini.. It’s true trust me..
I don’t know what’s happening around me… But he is my papa.. Trust me Ragini..
She cries..

Ragini doesn’t understand what’s happening..

Episode ends!!


Adharsh reaches Bangalore
He looks at that house and gets more worried..


Part 6 :

Shona: Noo Ragini.. It’s true trust me..
I don’t know what’s happening around me… But he is my papa.. Trust me Ragini..
She cries.. Il go there.. I want to be there..

Ragini doesn’t understand what’s happening..

Ragini: Shona.. But..

At that time Sanky comes…

Ragini: Sanky, Shona is scared so much, she’s is talking something.. I’m scared Sanky..she is telling tags she want to go there
Sanky: ?Shona.. What happened?? R u alright??

Shona hugs him with fear…

Shona: Sanky.. That house, I used to stay here.. With my bhai and papa… I’m telling true.. Trust me plz!

Sanky is confused, he doesn’t know that Shona is talking about her past.. So he doesn’t understand

Sanky: but Shona, how can u live in This house.. This house is not used for many years..

Shona: Noo Sanky.. I’m telling true.. Come I even saw my papa photo in that house..

Sanky: what?? R u sure??

Shona: haa Sanky.. I’m telling truth.. If u want il show U all..Take me there plz!

Sanky: I trust u.. Will go to that place okay.. But not now.. First have something.. Take rest and then il take u there…

Shona: sure??
Sanky: haa Shona.. Come have ur breakfast..
He feeds her..
Shona: Sanky did u had ur breakfast??
Sanky: no Shona, il have it when u finish eating it..
Shona: first u should eat.. Did u forgot?? First husband should eat then wife?

Sanky: (smiles) ohh really??
He rubs her nose with his nose..

Shona feeds him.. And Sanky feeds her..
Ragini watches them and teases..

Ragini: seeing you both like This.. Even I want to marry soon.. Such a beautiful pair..

Shona and Sanky smiles looking at each other..

Sanky: Shona, now come get freshup.. Today will go out.. U can have ur fun..

Shona: Noo Sanky.. I’m so tired, I want to sleep something..

Sanky: (caresses her hair) okay!! Sleep…
Shona: u don’t go anywhere .. Be with me Sanky.. Plz!!
Sanky: (worried seeing her fear) Shona, where will I go?? Il be with you.. Don’t worry sweetheart!! Even I’m sleepy.. Il sleep beside u.. Okay??

Shona: Thankyou Sanky… (She hugs him and sleeps)

Sanky makes her sleep, he looks at her cute face.. Nd disturbs her by pulling her cheeks.. Shona gives a small smile..
He looks at her smile and gives a peck on her lips.. He hugs her and he too goes to sleep!

After some time..

Shona gets a dream.. She can’t see the person face..but the dream consist of
Her journey with Sanskar, how they both used to fight.. How he left her alone on the road..
She suddenly wakes up and cries.. She looks at Sanky, and hugs him more tightly.. Making his shirt wet..
Sanky feels his shirt wet and finds her crying, he gets tensed and wakes up

Sanky: Shona.. Kya hua??
Shona: (cries) don’t know Sanky.. I’m getting bad dreams.. I’m so scared.. He left me alone.. On the road..that too at night!!

Sanky: who Shona???

Shona: don’t know..

Sanky: it’s just a dream Shona, I’m there na.. Come sleep..

Shona: Noo.. I want to see my papa.. Take me there Sanky.. To that house plz!!

Sanky: Kk but only for 10mins.. Not more than that..

Shona: kk?

Sanky: get ready..

Shona rushes to washroom to get ready..

Laksh: Sanky r u crazy?? How can u take her to that place??

Sanky: she wants to go Laksh.. Even I want to know why Shekar uncle pic is here..

Laksh: okay.. even il come with u..

They all get ready.. And take Shona


Shona gets happy seeing the house..
She remembers her old house, how beautiful it used to be from outside.. She gets excited

Shona: Sanky.. My house is soo beautiful na.. (She starts running)
Did u see the window.. That is my room.. My room is very big than my brothers room.. Hahah!! So sad of him na!!

Sanky and Laksh both are shocked to she her behaviour

Shona opens the gate and runs inside..

Sanky and Laksh watched her being soo excited..

Shona: it’s my garden.. Here I used to have lots of yellow roses.. Sanky I loves yellow roses na.. My garden used to fill with yellow.. I love it.. And this swing..
(She sits on it). My papa used to feed me.. Haha I used to say enough.. But he never listen to me..
He loves me soo much..

Sanky: Shona cool..

Shona: Sanky I’m so happy to see my house.. It’s my memories..
Come will go to my room..

Saying this she runs backside of the garden

Sanky: Shona.. Here is the entrance.. Where r u going??

Shona: Sanky, there is another shortcut.. Come na!!

She finds a balcony, she smiles and climbs it and reaches her room..
Sanky and Laksh are shocked

Sanky: Shona what r u doing?
Shona: Sanky, this is the way I used to go to my room, whenever I’m late to home.. Haha nice na!!

They reach her room..
It was really soo big.. A bed in the middle..with a net…

Shona: it’s nice na.. It’s my room Sanky!! I wil show my album..

She goes to her self and tries to open the rack.. But it was soo tight as it was not been used for many years

Shona: Sanky plz open this na..

Sanky and Laksh tries to open it.. They apply full force.. But it was stuck

Shona: Sanky leave that, my Papa photo is in hall..

She runs down.. Sanky and Laksh follows her..

She watches the photo and gets happy as well as sad..

Sanky is shocked to see the photo.. It was not Shekar..

Sanky: Shona?? Who is this??
Shona: my papa..

She hugs the photo and cries.. “I love u papa”!!

She cries soo much That she again goes unconscious

Sanky: ?shonaaa!!!
Laksh: Sanky, she needs rest.. Let’s take her.. Let’s leave this city.. I’m scared seeing her..

Sanky: (worried) Kk.. Let’s leave this place immediately

He carries Shona, and they try to leave that photo.. But Shona hold the pic so tightly..

Laksh: Sanky let’s take the pic..when she goes to deep sleep then we can take it from her..

Sanky: okay!!

They take her and again places her in the room..

After some time
Sanky gets call from Adharsh

Sanky: papa where r u??
Adharsh: Sanky I reached.. What’s ur room number?
Sanky : 201 come soon…

Adharsh goes to the room.. He finds Shona sleeping.. Nd sanky caressing her.. He feels worried

Adharsh: Sanky Kya hua??
Sanky: dad.. Shh I’m coming…
Laksh: uncle come il tell u…

Sanky makes Shona sleep on pillow..

Laksh: uncle Shona is behaving strangely..
(He opens the window and shows him the house) she is telling that, this is my house.. I used to stay with my papa and bhai.. She’s not leaving that pic at all…

Adharsh is shocked… He gets tears watching the house, he looks at Shona and feels happy..
He goes towards her and takes the pic from her and looks at that pic..
He cries holding the pic..

Sanky and Laksh are more shocked..

Sanky: dad… Why r u crying..

Adharsh: Sanky.. What Shona is telling it’s true..

Laksh: what uncle??

Adarsh: sanskar he is Mehra… My friend Aditya’s father.. My Swara is back.. She is remembering everything..
That’s is Mehra’shouse… Swara’s house!!
My Swara remembered her past.. I know it Varun.. This is ur second life.. Swara is true!! She came for u..
(He kisses shona’s for head) I’m soo happy…

Sanskar is shocked…
He gets happy.. To know that even Shona is remembering her past..he remembers the diary, how Sanskar used to tell about Mehra and Aditya..

Laksh is confused

Laksh: Sanky Kya hua??
Sanky: il tel u later..

Adharsh: Sanky, u go and have lunch.. Il be with her..

Sanky: okay dad..

They go for lunch..

Adharsh looks at Shona.. And gets happy.. As his Swara will came back

Shona wakes up.. She watches Adharsh..
She smiles and hugs him…

Shona: ?papa when did u come??

Adharsh: I came just now.. I have work here..

Shona: Kk!!

Adharsh: come will go down.. Al r having their lunch..

Shona: Kk papa…

They go down and have lunch together..
Adharsh talks to Sanky..

Adharsh: Sanky Shona is getting sick only when she is watching that house.. Let’s vacate this hotel.. Anew place she will be fine!! Change her mood.. Divert her.. If she remembers everything, she may become sick.. Il leave now..

Sanky: okay papa..

After lunch..
Sanky tells Laksh about his plan..
Laksh: Sanky, u be with Shona.. I guys r enjoy.. Il be here with them..Shona needs h at this time..
Sanky: thanks dude..

At that time Shona and Ragini comes..

Sanky: Shona get ready, today I’m taking to a new place..

Shona: new place??
Sanky: Yaa shall we go now??
Shona: sure..what about Ragini??
Laksh: I’m there with Ragini… U go Shona!

Ragini smiles..
Shona: okay…

They go their room and pack their luggage.. Shona is confused..

Shona: Sanky, why luggage??
Sanky: surprise?

They leave and reach a new hotel.. Far from the city..

Shona: wow this place is soo nice..

They go inside the room…
Shona gets soo excited.. To see the room..
Shona: Woww Sanky.. It’s surperb.. Thankyou..
(She kisses his cheeks)

There was a sudden sound of thunders and it started to rain heavily.

Shona: sanky its raining.. these rains are always so refreshing to me..
Sanky : even to me shona..

Shona: they look so beautiful like u?

Sanky smiles and then hugs her and says “it’s like ur smile too?

Shona blushes..

Sankr smiles at her expressions and hugs her tightly.
They slowly break the hug and starts looking at each other.
Sanky slowly cups her face with his right hand and leans towards her to kiss her. She then playfully pushes him aside and runs away from him laughing loudly.
He then gets up and runs after her.

Shona: haha sanky, ur intentions are wrong..?

Sanky: shonaa.. This is our honeymoon time.. So what’s wrong??

Shona: honeymoon?? No honeymoon nothing.. I came here to enjoy with my frnds..not with u..
Why should boys have all the fun???

Sanky: ohh really??

He suddenly goes and holds her…
Shona: Hahahaha Sanky leave me…
Sanky: noooo shonaa..u want fun na.. So I thought to show u fun?

Shona blushes…
Shona suddenly looks at the window.. And again goes thinking..

Shona: Sanky, that window?? That house..

Sanky: (turns her facing him) Shona, shhh… Don’t talk about it..

Shona: but…

Before she speaks he took her lips into a kiss and kisses her passionately

They broke the kiss… Shona blushes and goes out to the balcony..

It was raining heavily…she feels shy to face him…
He slowly moves towards her and stands at the back of her. Cold breeze and rain drops falling on their face and sanky slowly tries to seduce her just by tracking his fingers along her hand and and then he slowly moves her hair to right side and moves his fingers along her neck and on her back.

She tries to escape but sanky blocks her with his hand and she has no gap to escape..

He whispers..”Shona,where are you trying to go”!
Shona: (smiles) Sanky.. ?
Sanky smiles…

the cold breeze, rain droplets that are occasionally hitting the face and the sweet torture from sanky was just more than a romantic moment for her.

Sanky slowly unzipped her dress..and then bent down and kissed on her left shoulder and slowly started to move up. By the time he reached near her ear she was unable to stop herself and swiftly she turned around and hugged him tightly.

Sanky smiled thinking he won in what he wished to do. He then broke the hug and cupped her face slowly she closed her eyes and lifted her head up in anticipation of a kiss and he understood it and smiled and then took her lips into a kiss which started softly and turned into a passionate and loving one.

They then broke the kiss and sanky bent down and lifted shona in his arms and took her to their bed. He laid her there and even he laid beside her and started to see her face with so much of love.

Shona slowly caressed his cheeks and face with love and trying to believe that he is only the one who is in front of her. He slowly kissed her forehead and then her eyes and slowly he reached the lips and kissed again.. he slowly moved towards her nape and kissed her and slowly they both became one and made love to each other.

It was one of their best night in their lives…

Episode ends:

Shova reaches Kolkatta..
Shona nightmares… Will she get to know that the Person she is getting in dreams in non other Sanky…

If yes what happens..

Credit to: SwaSan RiShi

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