true love never dies sesson 2 episode 10


Episode 10
Sanky and Shona sleeping holding each other..
Shona opens her eyes and think about her past and present.. She smiles..
Shona: Sanky u sleeping?? You know I’m not at all getting sleep.. I’m very happy today.. How can we born again?? This is miracle na..
Sanky: hahaha shonaa.. U know even I don’t trust this.. But when I saw ur photo in the diary.. I was speechless and I felt some shock entered into my body…and I’m soo happy today and forever we will be happy….
Shona stares at him and kisses his cheeks…
Sanky: Shona Even I’m not getting sleep.. Speak something na..
Shona: hmm.. Sanky did u ever got angry on me??
Sanky: hahaha r u crazy?? What was that question Shona?? Why will I get angry on u..
Shona: haha k u ask me.. “Did I ever get angry on u?
Sanky: what?
Shona: ask na..
Sanky: hmm Kk.. Shona did u ever get angry on me??
Shona: (smiles) yes Sanky.. I really got angry on u…
Sanky: when?? but why Shona???
Shona: U know.. I felt so sad when you told me to stop my studies.. I really really really got angry on u.. But when I was talking to Ragini.. She mistakenly said truth.. That because of Sanjay return to college.. Ur worried for me.. That’s why u told me to stop.. U know I was very happy to hear that.. Ur caring, I just love it… Every girl expects that caring from her husband.. Nd I’m really lucky.. That day I decided.. Whatever u do.. Il just trust u..
Sanky stares at her lovingly..
Sanky: soo this was the secret.. That’s the reason you accepted..but I’m really sorry that time I don’t know what to do.. So I took that decision.. But now I understood it was soo foolish.. I’m really scared… I can’t lose u Shona.. Nd that Sanjay is Jagadish relative.. In present he is headache to us.. Why to give chance to him…But I can’t leave it like that…u can continue ur studies.. Write ur exams from here.. U study at home.. Dats nice na??
Shona: (she smiles and kisses him again) ur wish Sanky.. Whatever u say il do that.. When ur with me I don’t need to be scared of anyone.. And U don’t need to say sorry.. I’m really happy.. And I’m very lucky.. Thankyou Sanky for coming into my life.. Love u soo much
(She hugs him and sleeps)
Sanky smiles and kisses her..

Next day:
Sanky gets ready…
Shona: Sanky, here is ur shirt, ur files, ur watch, ur shocks and etc.. Now don’t keep calling me again and again.. I can’t come and I won’t come also.. Did u understood?? And today afternoon come soon.. We should attend Laksh and Ragini engagement., Yesterday I left u.. But today if u come late I won’t allow u home.. This is shona’s order.. And…
Sanky stares at her.. As she keeps on blah blah blah… Sanky smiles and hugs her back..
Sanky: (teases) my dear Swara alias Shona.. I’m ur husband.. Husband means Bhagavan so U should listen to me.. And worship me.. My blessings will be with u always..
Shona: (smiles) achaa..
She starts tickling him…
Sanky: ahh.. Shonaa… Hahahah stop it!!
Shona: Hahhah.. What r u saying.. Tell me once again.. I should listen to ur words.. Next what else.. Haa Ur my bhagavan…
Sanky: haha Shona I’m just kidding!!
Suddnwly he held
her hands.. And he starts tickling her..
Shona: (laughs) hahah Sanky leave me…
Sanky: Hahha Noo way… Kk tell sorry..then il leave u.. R else I won’t
(He keeps on tickling)

Suddenly Shona gets pain..
Shona: ahhhh.. Sanky…. It’s paining!!
Sanky: Hahha so u even started learning acting??
Shona: ahhhhh… Sanky it’s really paining!!!
(She holds her stomach.. And tears starts falling from her eyes..Sanky is shocked)
Sanky: Shona Kya hua??
Shona: stomach pain…
Sanky: sit here.. Here drink some water.. I’m sorry Shona.. (He cups her face)
Shona drinks water and she feels relief)
Shona: I’m fine Sanky.. U don’t need to say sorry..
Sanky: (cups her face) r u sure?? Shall we go to doctor??
Shona: noo Sanky I’m fine.. U don’t worry.. I’m really fine.. Ur late to office.. U get ready il bring coffee for u
Sanky: (smiles and kisses her forehead) Kk..
Shona smiles and goes out.. When she was about to get down on the stairs she feels like fainting..
She thinks.. “What’s happening to me??” Why am I so weak??
She slowly goes to kitchen and prepares coffee for Sanky.. Suddenly again she feels pain in her stomach..
Shona: ahhh…
AP and Pari are shocked..
AP: shonaa Kya hua??
Shona looks at they tensed face.. And she covers it
Shona: nothing dadi.. This coffee is so hot..

Pari: Shona who told you to do these, stop all this.. Go to ur room and stay with Sanky, until he go to office..
Pari: Kk Ma..
She goes to hall she watches Sanky and Adharsh
Adharsh looks at Shona..
Adharsh: Shona, ur so tired.. R u fine?
Sanky gets shock and looks at Shona worriedly..
Shona: haa Papa I’m fine..
Sanky: no papa.. She is not fine.. Just few minutes back.. She got stomach pain..
AP and Pari listens it..
AP: Shona u got stomach pain?Why don’t u tell me?
Pari: haa Shona I would have given u tablet..
Shona: Maa I’m fine.. Yesterday I ate lot of chocolates..may be because of that.. I’m fine Ma..
AP: whatever.. Come will go to doctor.. U can’t neglect like that
Shona: Doctor..Noo I’m scared..
Adharsh: haha Shona.. Just tablet.. Don’t get scared..
Shona: Kk papa..
Sanky: haha Kk Shona.. Go to hospital.. I’m going to office.. Take care okay..
Shona: Kk Sanky..
Sanky: (whispers) should I come to hospital??
Shona: Noo Sanky.. Dadi is there na.. I can manage.. U go to office and come soon..Nd ya I forgot we have to attend engagement How can we go to hospital.. Will go tomorrow dadi..
Dadi: Kk Shona.. But if u get severe stomach pain tel us..
Shona: Kk dadi…
Sanky: (kisses her forehead) Kk take care.. Bye!!
He leaves…

Sanky reaches home..
All gets ready for engagement.. And are waiting for Shona to come..
Sanky: Shona how much time?? Come soon all are waiting for u..
Shona: haa sanky 1 min..
She comes out wearing.. Pink and red lehanga.. She Was So cute..
Sanky stares at her lovingly..
Sanky: (whispers) wow Shona.. U look soo beautiful.. Some different glow in ur face..
Shona: (blushes) Thankyou..
They all leave to the engagement place..
Laksh parents and Ragini parents welcomes Maheswari family..
Shona: hello aunty… (She hugs Ragini mom) where is ragu???
Aunty: hello Shona.. U looking soo pretty.. Nd ragu is in her room.. She is very angry on u.. U came so late..
Sanky and all look at shona’s expressions and laugh..
Shona: I’m sorry aunty.. See because of Sanky.. We r late!
Sanky: what?? Because of me?? U were the one who was late..
Shona: Noo u…
Pari: hmm.. Not because of u both.. Because of us u were late.. Okay happy??
Shona and Sanky look at each other and smiles..
Aunty: Haaa Shona.. Anyways ragu is waiting.. Go she will be happy!!
Shona gets happy and she runs inside to meet Ragini..
Sanky: uncle where is Laksh??
Uncle: he is waiting for u.. Go Sanky!!
He smiles and leaves.
Ragini is getting ready.. All her friends gathered.. Shona is so excited..
Shona: hellloooo girls!! Hiiii Ragini…. Congratulations!!
Ragini gets happy to see her and hugs her..
Ragini: Shona u came now?? Ur so late.. I thought you will come soon..
Shona; I’m sorry.. Il come soon on ur marriage okay??
Ragu: hahaha Kk come..
They all spend some time..

In Laksh room:
All guys are making fun of Laksh..
Sanky; (teases) Laksh.. U told ur dad is soo strict.. How did he accept Ragini??
Laksh: haha that’s soo easy Sanky.. If I tell him about my love when I’m student he will scold me for sure… But now I’m working.. Soo when I told him he understood me.. And he accepted happily… Hahah nice na??
Bublu: Woww Laksh… Itna smart u are…Very nice!!! I’m proud of u…
Sanky: ya ya very intelligent..
(They start teasing him)
Laksh: come on guys.. Enough of ur jokes.. Even il get a time Sanky..
Sanky: that’s what when?? By d way Laksh u forgot one thing.. My marriage is done.. U can’t tease me now.. If u want u can tease Bublu and all..
Bublu: ohh achaa?? But don’t worry.. Even Ul get a time..
Sanky: let’s see…
They all have some time talking.. Making fun!!
Engagement ceremony starts
Laksh and Ragini exchange rings.. All families greet them.. Sanky and Shona are very busy enjoying teasing Laksh and Ragini..

Dinner time:
All guest are having dinner…. Seeing all of them eating Shona feels hungry.. She goes towards Sanky..
Shona: Sanky I’m hungry.. Come lets eat.
Sanky: Shona soo soon.. Will eat at last with Laksh and Ragini..
Shona: nice idea.. Kk.. Il wait..
She goes and talk with dadi and ap..
Dadi: Shona.. Have ur dinner..
Shona: no Ma il have it later with laksh and Ragini..but u know I’m so hungry..
Dadi: heheh Shona.. Wait il feed u..
Shona: Noo dadi..
Dadi: Shona now have little to gain energy.. After sometime again have it with Sanky and all..
Shona: Woww that’s nice idea…
Dadi: u sit here.. Il bring food…
Shona : Kk dadi…
At that time some kids come and they call Shona.
Kids: Di come lets play..
Shona: not now.. I’m having my dinner.. Will play later.. But don’t worry come sit.. Il tell u a joke..
Kids : Kk Di..
Shona: Once an ant was on her way to a restaurant on a scooter,on the way she meets a elephant who asks her to give him a lift,she tells him to sit at the back.
while they were travelling, they meet another elephant asking for a lift, but the ant refuses, why???
At that time Shomi and Shekar comes..
Suddenly Shekar hears this ant and elephant words… He remembers Shona..
Laksh dad welcomes him..
They goes to greet Laksh and Ragini… Shekar gets shocks seeing Shona with kids…
They get Happy seeing her, both eyes are filled with tears..
Shomi: Shekar our Shona… She is soo happy..
Shekar: (wipes his tears) come lets go inside..
Shona with kids
Shona : why did ant refuse??
Kid 1: may be another elephant cannot fit on the scooter??
Shona: Noo.. It was a big scooty.. Anyone can fit…
Kid2: may be that elephant is enemy to any.. So it dint gave lift
Shona: Noo..
Kids: u say the answer…
Sanky listens to Shona…
Shona: Kk I’m telling… It’s because
Traffic rules say,three persons not allowed on 1 scooter.
So ant dint gave lift…. Hahahhaahaha nice na?? Loll!!!!
Kids laughs loudly…

Kids: Woww Di… Ur genius…
Shona: Thankyou Thankyou…
Sanky laughs loudly…
Sanky: Hahahah lol…. Shona is that a joke?? By d way.. These kids are best for ur jokes.. Only they will get laugh… Hahahahaha lol!!!!
Shona: why r u jelaous of my jokes??
Sanky: jealous?? Hahahah this is another big joke… Hahahahhahahahaha
Shona starts beating him…
Sanky stares at her cute expressions and pulls her closer and wishpers
Sanky: Shona.. I still remember… The day when u first said these ant and elephant joke.. U know I thought ur soo mental.. And I even thought to stay away from these mental people..
But today that mental girl became my life partner.. Isn’t that pretty cool
Shona Smiles and hugs him…
Sanky; I love u Shona…
Shona: love u too…
Shomi and Shekar looks at them.. And suddenly Shona watches them.. She gets tears.. Sanky looks at her staring and looks back.. It was Shekar and Shomi…
Sanky: Shona.. Why r u crying?? Go and talk..
Shona: will they forgive me??
Sanky: they r ur parents Shona..
Shona goes towards them..
Shona: Ma.. (She hugs Shomi)
Shomi: Shona beti… How r u??
(She kisses her)
She goes towards Shekar but he turns back and wipes his tears..
Shonaa gets sad…
Shona: dad I’m sorry.. Plz talk to me..
Shekar doesn’t reply… Shona hugs him from back and cries…
Shona: dad I’m sorry.. I miss u soo much.. Don’t u want to talk to me?? Why r u giving me this much punishment?? I’m so happy papa… Sanky is very good..he loves me soo much.. His family loves me lot.. Sanky loves me…
Shekar turns and puts his finger on her mouth..
Shekar: I know shonaa.. I know everything.. Sanky is very good.. And I should say sorry for u.. I dint understand ur love.. Plz forgive ur dad..
He hugs her…
Shona is confused…
Shona: dad u forgived me??? Is this true??
Sanky: haha Shona.. Yess ur dad forgive u long back.. It was my surprise to u.. Hey na uncle??
Saying this he hugs Shekar…and gives hifi…
Shona: what??
Shekar: haha Shona.. This was all sanky’s plan.. 2 months back.. He came to me.. And he talked about how u missed me.. He always used to call me until I get convinced.. I’ve seen his love for u.. He is best Shona.. I can never get such a husband for u..
Shona gets happy..she angrily looks at Sanky for hiding the truth..
Shona: Sanky?? She runs and hugs him… Thankyou snky.. Thankyou soo much.. This Is the best surprise.. Il give a best gift to u..
Sanky: really what’s that??
Shona: hmm… I won’t tell…
Shekar: hahaha Shona…
He blesses both of them…

Meantime ap comes towards Shona..
Shona: dadi.. My dad and mom… They forgived me…
Dadi talks with them…
Dadi: Shona come have ur food I forgot about it…and shestart feeding her..
Sanky: Shona ur eating now..
Shona: il eat again later..
Sanky: achaa!!! Let’s see…
She starts feeding her.. Shona keeps eating..
Shona: dadi it’s enough.. Again I should eat na..
Dadi: no problem Shona.. Eat now.. U can eat again.. Later.. Here have ur fav chicken…
Shomi: Shona ur troubling Dadi…
Dadi: haha not at all…. I’m blessed to feed her.. She is my Shona..
Shekar and Shomi gets happy hearing her words
Shona: I love u dadi…(she kisses her)
Sanky: hmm.. Shona il be with Laksh.. After eating come there…
Shona: Kk Sanky…
Sanky leaves…
Suddenly Shona gets vomiting sensation..and she runs inside the washroom..
Ap and Shomi gets shocked and they follow her..
Ap: Shona Kya hua is it not nice??
Shona: no dadi… I don’t know why.. From 1 week I feel this vomiting sensation, stomach pain…
Ap gets shocked.. Shomi and ap look at each other and gets happy…AP remembers Shona asking mangoes.. She gets happy..
Ap: (excited) shona… (She kisses her cheeks)
Shona is confused…
Shona: Kya hua dadi???
Shomi: Shona it’s a good news… these are symptoms of pregnant.. I think ur pregnant..
Shona: what??I’m pregnant?? Is This true??
Shomi: let’s go to doctor tomorrow morning for a confirmation..
Dadi: it’s pakka confirmed.. No need of Doctor.. Il tel this to everyone..
Shona: Noo dadi.. K u tell everyone it not with Sanky… Il tel him..plz dadi.. First lets conform it.. I can’t make u all sad if it’s not true..
Dadi: Kk…
Dadi goes out Pari asks her where did she went…dadi is so excited and tells pari about it.. Pari gets happy and she tells to Adharsh..
Adharsh gets happy and he tells to Shekar and both congratulate each other..
All elders go to Shona and congratulate her..
Shona : but.. I’m not sure… Don’t get soo happy
Shomi: Shona.. But we are sure.. Tomorrow will go to doctor for ur clarification.. Okay..
Shona nodes yes…
Pari: why tomorrow… Shona Richa aunty is doctor na.. Will take her help when we go home.. She is enough na
Shona: nice idea mom..but plz don’t tell to Sanky..
All laughs looking at her face..

Shona: Maa you stay with us for some days na plz..
Shekar: but Shona…
Adharsh: yes Shekar ji… Plz stay na.. Shona really missed u soo much..she will be happy…
Shekar: (smiles) okay…
Engagement gets over… Sanky and Shona wishes Laksh and Ragini…and they leave..
Pari calls Richa…neighbour of Maheswari family …who is a doctor..
She checks Shona and she confirms that she is pregnant..
All ladies he’s happy and they kiss Shona congratulating her…
Richa: she is second month… Take her other…
Pari: Thankyou doctor…
Shomi: Shona, u need to be careful at this time..
Pari: yes Shona.. Whatever u want you just give a clap.. Il come and il serve u.
AP: haha Shona.. Look at ur face..
Shona: why r u all soo caring.. I’m fine na.. I’m pregnant..I’m not sick…
At that time Sanky comes…Shona suddenly changes the topic…
Sanky: so ladies what’s going here??
Shona: nothing.. Why did u come here.. Go to ur room
Sanky: why??
Shona: Sanky go na… When ladies are talking don’t u know that u shouldn’t disturb..
Sanky: acha?? Then I won’t go from here..
Shona: plzzz goo…
Sanky: tell me what’s going on here…
Shomi: Hahahah il tel u Sanky…
Shona is shocked…
Shona: Maaa….
Shomi: u gave surprise na.. So Shona is planning to give u surprise..
Shona gets relived..
Sanky: ohh really?? What’s that Shona… Tell me na..
Shona: did u tell ur surprise before?? No na?? Then why should I tell.. What for sometime.. Noo goo from here…
She pushes him….
Sanky: mental…
He leaves…
All ladies start laughing…
Sanky goes near Adharsh and Shekar… They r in lawn enjoying with drinks..
Sanky; papa.. These ladies are hiding something…
Shekar: haha what happened Sanky..
Sanky: uncle.. They r planning for surprise..
Shekar and Adharsh looks at each other and smiles..
Adharsh: wait for the surprise Sanky
Sanky: ohh soo even u both know it… And ur not telling me.. All became one.. Kk fine..
Sanky goes to his room…
Pari: Shona now go and sleep…take rest..its 11…
Shona: k Maa….good night everyone
She leaves…

In room:
Shonaclmes to the room.. She watches Sanky.. She gets a plan
Shona: Sanky once go out…
Sanky: what???
Shona: haa once go out…
Sanky: but why??
Shona: haa wo… I should change my dress..
Sanky: change..but Shona ur already in night suit…and why should I go out.. Ur my wife only na..
Shona: Sanky.. Stop joking and goo plzzzz!!
Sanky: Arey what’s going on??
Shona: nothing she pushes him out and closes the door..
Sanky is confused… Meanwhile Shona completes her work and opens the soon as she opens..Sanky goes inside…he looks at Shona.. And he smiles seeing her acting and he back hugs her..
Sanky: Shona what’s going on??
Sanky: achaa.. U said u want to change ur dress.. But ur in he same night dress still…but u closed the door… What’s going on cutie?? So ur planning for my surprise?? No need to do all these.. Give me what surprise ur planning..
Shona: surprise?? Hahah nice joke.. No surprise nothing… I’m getting sleep.. Don’t disturb me..
She goes to washroom smiling and she washes her face..
Sanky: Shona where is the gift.. Give it na.. This suspense is killing me..
Shona: hmm Sanky.. There is nothing like that.. Just think practically.. We came from function.. And now it’s 11.. I dint went even to a shop.. And from where should I buy the gift.. Ur thinking more.. Nothing like that baby…
Sanky: ohh Yaa ur right… Kk..
(He lays on the bed to sleep)
Shona: (smiles and sleeps beside him) good night Sanky…
After sometime
Sanky: Shona.. But when there is no surprise, what r u ladies talking about?? Ur hiding something.. If it’s a gift give it to me..
Shona: (teases) Sanky… No gift nothing.. Now sleep..
Sanky angrily turns back..
Shona smiles…

At 11:55….
Shona goes towards him and hugs him…
Sanky pushes her…
Shona: Arey what did I do now??
Snky: nothing…
Shona: (she gets up and goes to the other side of bed and sleeps beside him cupping his face)
Shona: Sanky.. Thankyou so much.. I never thought this day will be my most happiest day..and haa ur right.. I have a surprise for u.. Do u want to know it.. Idi be angry like this I won’t Tell u
Sanky: (smiles) Kk sweetheart… I’m sorry.. Tel me what is that surprise…
Shona smiles and she opens the desk..and she gives a paper..
Shona: surprise in this paper…
Sanky gets happy and he sits.. And opens the letter..
Ur surprise is in ur shelf.. Find it out..
Clue: which is related to our past”
Sanky gets confused… He happily goes bad checks his shelf…
“Something related to past what is that?”
He suddenly looks at the diary… He smiles and opens the diary… A paper fells from it…
Shona gets shy… She closes her face…
Sanky opens the letter…
” congrats… Ur going to become father Mr.varun Sanksar Maheswari
Sanskar is shocked, happy excited.. His eyes are filled with tears of joy…
He looks at Shona… Who is blushing…
He runs towards her and hugs her…
Sanky: shonaa is This true??
Shona: Yess!!! (Blushes)
Sanky:: Woww this is the best surprise… I’m soo happy… Thankyou Shona..
He kisses her… Il tell this to everyone.. Ma,papa dadi.. Uncle and aunty all will be happy na..
Shona: everyone knews it sanky…
Sanky: soo u all hide the matter… Hahaha wow.. I’m soo happy..
(He again hugs her)
Shona: I want to see this expression or ur face Sanky.. So I told not to tell anyone.. Did u liked it??
Sanky: I loved it…(he gives. Alex’s on her lips). Kk tel me.. What u want?? I’m soo happy Shona.. Ask me whatever u want.. Il give u anything..
Shona: take me out Sanky… A long ride..ryt now..
Sanky: (smiles) come…
They both go out for a long ride in car… They spend some time..
Suddenly Sanky stopped the car seeing Jagadish house…
Shona: Sanky why did u stopped…
(She looks at Jagadish house)
Sanky: Shona he is the one who killed us.. And this idiot is living happily.. We should do something to him..
Shona: Sanky.. Because of him.. We are died, but we got this second birth because our love is true.. Our love never dies… We dint do anything to anyone so god blessed us giving second life…. And because of his crimes god will punish him one day….I couldn’t do anything when he killed my parents.. But I thought to kill him when he hurt u…. But I couldn’t…But now I’m happy.. We got our happiness back.. And this baby is gift, for our love.. That’s enough.. I’m happy.. Im very happy..
(She hugs Sanky)
Sanky: soo what will we do now??
Shona: (smiles) leave him Sanky…he will be punished one day.. We don’t have any rights to hurt him…
Sanky smiles… And he turns the car…
They leave…
“If we forgive others, God will forgive u”
Il give a small epilogue on one Sunday.. When I get time…
Thankyou for liking my story…

Credit to: NEHA FF LOVER

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