True love never dies (Season 2) Episode 3

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Episode 3

Shona smiles and leaves..
Sanky laughs seeing her cute expressions

Priya and her friend Preeti are talking about Laksh and Varun sir..

Priya: how can a sir be soo awesome yar.. Why can’t he be a student.. I want to speak with him.. Il daily attend his classes..

Preeti: Laksh is more handsome.. He is senior too.. So I don’t have any objections like u.. Nd Priya how can u love a sir.. Hahah soo funny!!

They both talk and and suddenly watches a wall..

They read that message…



Priya and Preeti look at each other…
Preeti: ?woww Soo sweet of him na!!

Priya: Yaa.. (She looks at the name) but who is this Sanky!! Is he the leader of science??? that means Laksh and Sanky are friends.. So this Sanky and that Sanky are same??

Preeti: may be Priya..

Priya: But I guess they might have breakup.. Who will be with those idiots…

Priya: anyways leave about them, and ya I forgot to tell, I heard that anti ragging leader is Ragini and Shona.. Let’s go and meet them.. May be they can help us..

They enquiry about Shona and Ragini and they go to meet them…

Shona was about to go to music room… Priya and Preeti watches her and stops her..

Priya: excuse me Shona..
Shona looks back and gets angry seeing both Priya and Preeti

Shona: what??
Priya: Hii Shona, we heard that ur anti Ragging leader… That’s so nice of u.. Nd actually we need ur help..

Shona: Thankyou.. So tell me what help do u want..

Priya: our senior Laksh is ragging us, I’m so scared Shona. Actually we thought to tell this to principle..

Shona: ?Noo don’t do that… Ragging is just for fun… They don’t mean to hurt u…and Priya, just do what they say… Don’t be rude.. Nd they are very good at heart, even first they used to tease me but now they are my friends… They will care for us.. Don’t worry!!

Priya: Kk Shona.. And Thankyou!

Shona smiles and leaves

Preeti: she is so cute na Priya, I think she is the girl whom Sanky proposed..

Priya: may be.. But let not ask her, it’s her personal.. Leave abt Sanky..lets go to class, we have Varun sir class again!! I will sit in his class daily! He is just awesome

They leave to their class

Scene 2:

Shona, Ragini and friends are in canteen…

Ragini: guys, every time boys are having fun!! Let’s even will have some fun..

Sasha: but what fun we will do?

Ragini: hmm idea.. Let’s all go to some tour..

Shona: tour??
Ragini: ?Yaaa!! Shona, just imagine let’s all go for a vecation, that too only girls.. We can have fun..

Shona:? woww it’s nice, why should boys have all the fun? ?why not we????

Ragini: then let’s all go!! Let’s have fun!!

Shona: but il miss my Sweetu..? il tell him to come.. Okay?? ?

Ragini: Noo Shona.. No boys plz!! I know we should tease them like this.. They should know our values or else they won’t listen to us.. Let’s take principle Permission, let’s make it as industrial tour..

Shona: hehe Kk! Fyn.. Il tell this to Sanky!! Il see his expressions.. Hehhe
(She giggles)

Ragini : hmm Kk!! Il meet principle and take his permission.. Let’s all girls go for this trip..

They both give hifi and leaves

Priya class:

Sanky is in class, he is talking about rules and discipline..

A student gets up..
Student: sir from morning ur telling the same speech when will U start the lesson??

Sanky: loll! What do I know to teach u??

Students: ??what??

Sanky: (covers) I mean.. Ur syllabus has been changed.. Don’t worry il start the classes soon..

Shona goes to her class at that time Ragini meets her

Ragini: ? shonaa!! I’m soo happy!! Princy accepted!! Total, 8girls… I just managed saying fest.. He accepted… Let’s have fun!! Here keep this permission letter with u.. I booked the tickets for tonight flight!! Let’s enjoy ??

Shona: woww!! Kk…and Il tell this news to Sanky!!

She runs at that time she notice Sanky in junior class.. She gets excited and goes inside the class very excitedly
All juniors looks at her, while Sanky smiles looking at her and thinks to tease her by acting as a sir!!

Sanky: hello!! Don’t u have manners? How can u come inside without taking my permission?? OUT!!

Shona is shocked… ?And looks at him angrily! ?

Shona: ?sorry sir…
(She goes back and again takes permission. )

Shona: ?sir can I come inside??

All students laughs at her funny acts!!

Priya whispers
Priya: Preeti she is soo funny na?
Preeti: Yaaa.. She is so funny and very cute!
Priya: look at my Varun sir.. Though she is cute, he is strict even with her too.. That’s why he is soo special? some sirs na they will take advantage seeing such cute students!!

Preeti: haha very funny!! All boys are same, just see even ur Varun sir is same!!

Priya: Noo way… ?

Sanky: hmm Kk Shona!! Now tell me why did u come here?? That too in junior class, did u came here to rag ur juniors?
(He winks at her)

Shona: ?I’m an anti Ragging leader!! I will never rag my juniors.. Varun sirrrr…?

Sanky: achaa grt.. Then tell me why did u come here??

Shona: sir I came to meet you..
Sanky: (teases) ohh really?? Tell me why do u want to meet me?

Shona understoods that he is teasing and she gets a plan..

Shona: actually sir, principle told me to give u this letter..

Sanky: ?what letter??

Shona: tour permission letter.. ?

Sanky: ?tour?? Who is going?? Is he sending me?? (He gets excited)

He takes the letter from her and starts reading it and gets shock!!

Shona: no sir, it’s girls who all are going.. Trip to Bangalore.. My sweet home town.. It will be very nice.. That too without boys.. It will be soo awesome.. (She smiles looking at him)

Sanky: ?tour? Wit..wit..with whose permission ur going?

Shona: with principle permission.. See he even signed the letter!!

Sanky looks at her angrily… While Shona winks at him?

Shona: (smiles and teases) this is what I thought to tell u.. That’s why I came here..Thankyou sir…

When she was about to leave.. Sanky stops her..

Sanky: Shona wait.. (He was about to hold her hand) but he looks at the class and leaves her hand..

Sanky: haa woo… Meet me in the library after the class.. (He signals her to meet angrily)

Shona laughs looks at his anger and nodes Noo while leaving

Preeti notice both of them and gets doubt!!

Preeti: Priya I think, something is going between Varun sir and Shona!!

Priya: ? just shut up!! Shona already has boyfriend!
Preeti: Yaa but I think, Varun sir is bit possessive.. Did u notice when she said about tour, his expressions were changed..
Priya: ?ur face!!

At that time Shona leaves… Sanskar looks at her angrily… And thinks In his mind
“How can she go leaving me.. Nd she dint even tell me anything”! How can only girls go alone? That too how will I allow this mental to go alone? I should stop them

Sanky: guys, will continue the class tomorrow..

He leaves..

He searches for Shona.. Laksh notice him

Laksh: Sanky Kya hua??
Sanky: I’m searching for Shona..
Laksh: hmm my dear Sanky, Shona will always be with you in ur house, again why are you searching for her even in the colz.. Ur becoming romantic day by day..

Sanky: lucky!! Just stop it!! U know what Shona, Ragini and all are going to Bangalore trip..

Lucky: what? ? Ragz dint tell me

Sanky: that’s what even I’m worried.. How can they plan leaving us.. how can girls go alone, that too Shona na, she don’t know how to behave outside, she becomes so childish when she comes can I allow her..

Laksh: haa Sanskar, let’s not accept!

They both stay on there words

At that time they watch Shona, Sanky angrily goes to meet her..

Shona: Sanky, I’m so excited!!
Sanky: ?Shona where are you going?
Shona: to Bangalore

Sanky: with whose permission you are going?

Shona: principle.. ?
Sanky: principle ???? who the hell is he?? ?You should ask me, because I’m ur husband..

Shona: ohh ur my husband na.. Now I should take ur permission.. Okay!!
(She holds his face and pulls his cheeks)

Swara: my dear hubby!!, can I go to Bangalore with my friends?? Plz??

Sanky thinks…
Shona gets excited waiting for his reply..
Sanky keeps thinking deeply taking so much time to tell his answer and finally nodes a big nooooooooooooooooo!!

Shona gets sad..
Shona: ? why shouldn’t I go?
Sanky looks at her sad face and hugs her from back..

Sanky: shonaa!! How can I stay without you.. That too for 3 days.. I can’t.. ? I will miss u!!

Shona: just three days na!! Plzz!!
Sanky: shonaaaa… Hmm Kk!! Then let’s all go together!! We all can have fun!! Is that okay?

Shona: ?noooo!! No boys Plzz!! I won’t allow

Sanky: ? then even I won’t allow!!

Shona: plzzzz!! (SHe cups his face)

Sanky: (melts) shonaa.. Suddenly why did you plan this program?? That too without us??

Shona: ?why should boys have all the fun Sanky!! That’s why we decided,even girls should have fun!! Hahaha nice na!!

Sanky: ? it’s like ur face!! U and ur stupid ideas…I don’t know anything Shona!! I won’t allow u..

Shona gets sad and keeps a pout face!!
Sanky again melts seeing her and hugs her…

Sanky: Shona.. Kk fine!! Goo…

Shona gets excited…

Shona: ?what??? Seriously?? Thankyou Sanky!! (She kisses his cheeks tightly)

Sanky smiles…
Sanky: but one condition…
Shona: what??
Sanky: not 3 days.. But only 2 days Kk??

Shona: ?Kk Sanky!! (She hugs him) you know even I can’t stay without u for 3 days… I will miss u soo much!!

Sanky smiles and hugs her back..

Sanky: (smiles) I love u Shona!!
Shona : (smiles) I love u too..

They both hug for sometime

Shona: come lets go now.. Tonight I’m leaving!!

Sanky: ? today?? How can you give so many shocking news at a time Shona! Ur leaving today?? ?

Shona: Yaaa!! I’m sorry!! ?

Sanky: hmm Kk!! Dats fine!! Come First lets go home.. You should Take papa’s permission first.. I bet he won’t send u!!

Shona: haha so funny!! He is my papa.. He will send me!! He trust me so much than u!!

Sanky: (teases) ahahaha very funny!! Plz don’t tell this To anyone!!

Shona: ?

Sanky: hmm Kk come lets go…

Shona: wait, il tell Ragini and il come again!!

Sanky: hmm Kk come soon il wait for you near the parking!

Shona: Kk Sweetu…. (She pulls his cheeks)

Sanky: (smiles and stares at her lovingly)

Parking place..

Sanky waits for Shona on his bike…
He watches Shona coming…

Sanky: how much time will u take?? Come soon??

Shona: I’m sorry!!

Sanky: hmm Kk come sit…
Shona: Sanky, wear ur helmet..
Sanky: ? Shona… Don’t behave like mom!

Shona: Sanky, what if police holds u.. Wear it na.. Plzzzzz

Sanky: ooofffff god!!!! Kk… He wears helmet!!

They leave…

At that time Priya and Preet come outside… Even they leave…


Sanky bike and Priya car stops nearby…

Shona: Sanky, why did u bring in this way??
Sanky: shonaa.. Let’s go for a ride.. Tonight ur leaving na..

Shona: ? Wowww Sanky!! Thankyou soo much!! Let’s have an icecream okay??

Sanky: (smiles) okay sweetheart!! But only thanks??

Shona: ?what do u want Sanky?

Sanky: (smiles) I want a tightttttt wala hug!!!?

Shona gets happy and hugs him sooo tightly!! Sanky holds her hands and smiles at her…

At that same time Priya watches Shona…

Priya: (excited) hey Preeti Shona yar… I think he is Sanky!!
Preeti: Yaaa may be… They r soo cute na.. How romantic…But I can’t see his face…

Priya: let’s follow them..?
Preeti: okay!!

Priya and Preeti follows them..

Sanky stops near the ice cream parlour!!

Priya and Preeti are excited to see him!!

At that time Sanky removes his helmet, seeing his removing his helmet they get happy…
Sanky turns his face… Priya and preeti are shocked!! ?

Priya Preeti look at each other and shouts
Varun sir?

Both are speechless…

Sanky gets down and brings icecream..

Sanky: ?Shona, here is ur chocolate icecream and for me butterscotch

Shona: woww?? Thankyou!!
(Both starts having it, Shona looks at Sanky lovingly the way he is eating butterscotch!!

Shona: ? Sanky, I want butterscotch!!
Sanky: ? but u like chocolate na..
Shona: but u like butterscotch na..

Sanky: (smiles) haha Kk here take it!!

They both exchange their icecreams and starts eating it… Teasing each other and having fun…
After eating…

Shona: Thankyou Sweetu…. She kisses him tightly on his cheeks!!

Priya is shocked…?

Pretti: what’s all this??

Priya: I’m speechless!! How can Varun sir and Shona be like this??

Preeti: will find out in colz… At that same time Laksh and Ragini comes and stops near them..

Priya :Preeti Look ur Laksh came..

Preeti: ? but who is that girl??

Laksh: Sanky!! It’s so nice for us to meet here…
They all speak together.. Enjoying!!!

Sanky: okay dude!! I need to go now..
Laksh: okay Sanky!! Bye lets meet tonight.. He looks at him and winks..

Sanky smiles and leaves…while Ragini confused

Ragini: why did u wink at him?

Laksh: it’s secret.. Why should girls have all the fun??
He winks at her… Ragini looks at him angrily!!
Ragini: if u go to any party in the night without my permission I will kill u?

Laksh: (teases) ur going na.. U go.. Why do u bother me!!

Seeing Sanky coming near the car.. Priya and Preeti hides…

Meanwhile Laksh shouts to tease Ragini…

Laksh: byeeeeee Sanky!!!!!!! Let’s meet tonight!!!

Priya and Preeti are shocked… Sanky?????

Priya and Preeti gets sad…

Priya: is he not sir? Even he is teasing us??
I’m soo disappointed!! ?

Preeti: mee too!!

They leave….


Ap starts packing Shona luggage..

Ap: Shona, careful okay?? Don’t skip ur meals.. Take care!! Here ur chocolates…

Shona: Thankyou dadi?… Nd don’t worry dadi.. Il take care of my self.. But take care of Sanky okay??

Ap: haha oaky!!

Adharsh: Shona, keep this money with u.. Be careful oaky?? Daily call me..

Shona: okay papa… (She hugs him!!!) il miss u papa..

Adharsh: (smiles) miss u too Shona!!
(He kisses her forehead)

Pari too tells her to be careful…

They leave to airport!!

They r waiting for others to come…

Sanky: Shona, careful… Don’t eat more chocolates.. Il miss u.. Ur leaving me alone!!?

Shona tearful eyes..hugs Sanky!!
Shona: Il miss u Sanky.. Only this 2days.. I won’t leave u again… Oaky??

Sanky: (smiles) okay!!

Shona:Don’t roam at nights okay!! Take care of ur self!! Il miss u Sweetu…it will be late nice if u Come with me..

Sanky: ? really?? should I come with u?? I’m ready Shona!!

Shona: (wipes her tears) Noo!! Why should boys have all the fun… U don’t come we will go!!

Sanky: ooff… Kk!! Bye Shona… Call me when u reach.. (He kisses her cheeks) take care!!

At That time Ragini and Laksh comes.. And other frnds too come..

They leave…

Sanky and Laksh look at each other and smile… And give hifi to each other!!

Episode ends!!


Shona watches a house from the hotel room
She feels some connection with it.. And feels disturbed!!

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