True love never dies (Season 2) Episode 2


hi guys
so here is the second part of tnld s2 nd i am arohi posting this on nehas behalf

Episode 2

rohit: arey dude!! awesome man… arey where did u get this spects… Lol it’s soo funny!! whats next plan??
sanky: let me introduce myself in they class dudes… il show them a meaning of professor!!

Rahul: awesome dude!! But be careful.. If any sir watches you.. Dats it ur over..

Bublu: ?hahaha lol.. No need of sir yar.. Shona is enough to make his plan flop..Hahahah u tell her first..

Sanky: haha lol.. Bublu, I know.. That’s why I told her before itself..

Bublu: Thankgod!!

Meantime he gets call from Laksh..

Laksh: Sanky, all the best for ur next plan.. Il meet u after the college gets over…

Sanky: haha sure lucky!!

Sanky again arranges his shirt properly, and gets ready to look like Varun sir…


Laksh calls Ragini and informs about their plan… Ragini gets shock hearing it.. And she runs to meet Shona…

Shona lab:

Ragini: excuse me sir, can I speak with Shona..

Sir: yes, Shona go!!

Shona gets confused seeing Ragini tensed face..

Shona: Ragini Kya hua??

Ragini: Shona, u know what’s happening, Sanky is going to act like sir, in front of juniors.. I’m soo tensed!!

Shona: hahaha lol.. Ragini why r u scared.. Actually it’s a superb plan.. Sanky wit spects… Hahah very funny na!! My sweetu is soo handsome.. Umahhh!!! ?

Ragini: ?shonaa!! R u mad?? If any sir gets to know it.. It will be a big issue…ragging itself is wrong but acting like professor is very very’s soo risky Shona.. U know about principle na.. He is a saddist… He may punish Sanky for that…

Shona: ?what?? Oh my poor husband.. Will He will be punished??

Ragini: yes Shona… U need to stop Sanky from it.. He will only listen u..

Shona: hahaha very funny Ragini… Do u think he will listen to me.. No way.. He will listen to anyone, except me..

Ragini: Shona I’m serious.. Do something and stop him plzz… (Teases) By d way Shona.. U know what we are girls….Show ur wife rights..

Shona: ?haha wife rights, very nice very nice.. Now see..

Ragini gets happy seeing her confidence..
Ragini: woww Shona.. I know you will do it.., now come do it fast!!


When Sanky was about to go… He get call from Shona..

Sanky: Shona, il call u later.. I’m going to junior class..

Shona: (shouts) nooo!! Ur not going anywhere… Stop acting as Varun sir..

Sanky is shocked?
Sanky: Shona darling.. What happened suddenly…
Shona : Sanky, ur not understanding.. If anyone gets to know it.. Princy will punish u.. Plzz don’t go!!

Sanky; hahah Shona… Don’t worry.. This plan only for today.. We will reveal it after teasing..

Shona: nooo.. I won’t accept.. Just stop it.. If u don’t stop it.. I will never never never never never never never never talk to you…

Sanky: ooff… Shona, don’t worry.. Il be fine oaky… Bye darling.. It’s so late.. I need to go.. Love u sooooooo much!!! Umahhh!! ?

Shona: ?I don’t want your kisses.. Ur not listening to ur wife na.. Ur plan is important then me na.. Okay fine.. Just leave it… Think ur Shona is dead… Byeee and Yaa listen.. I hate you!!! R u listening I hate u…

She cuts the call…Nd gives hifi to Ragini…

Ragini: ?Shona, that is Sanky, do u think he will get convinced with those words??

Shona: ?I used very big dialogues… Let’s see…

Sanky is shocked…

What the hell is she talking?? He gets angry and calls her… She cuts the call

He messages her..
Sanky: Shona r u out of your mind?? What the hell r u talking?? Should I think ur dead?? Never repeat that again..
Nd I’m acting as Varun sir.. This is the punishment for using such words..

Shona is shocked to see his message..
Shona: Ragini, our plan has been reversed.. What should I do now??

Ragini: cool him Shona..may be he will listen!!

Shona calls him… Seeing her call.. He gets angry and cuts it!!

She gets sad and message cool down..

Shona: my cuty… I’m sorry sweety, u know ur naughty and hottie , that’s why I love u my choti.. Plz forgive this beauty..??

Sanky smiles reading her message.. He thinks
This Shona na.. She’s soo crazy. He smiles and leaves without messaging her..



a senior waits for priya in the corridor, he watches priya, and her friend going….she watches him and gets scared..

senior: hey you come here

she angrily goes towards him..
priya: yes what do u want??
senior: how dare you scold me? now tell me sorry, or else i will call laksh..

hearing the name laksh, she get so tensed.. but she gets bit brave thinking about varun sir..

priya: just get lost.. I’m not scared of anyone..

senior: acha.. then lets see..
(he turns back and shouts calling laksh… priya gets tensed..

there comes our hero.. laksh with his goggles.. priya friend look at him and gets mesmerised seeing his style..

frnd: (whispers) priya he is soo handsome na??

priya: shhh .. its not the matter of looks.. just see his attitude.. i hate such kind!!

her friend just stares at him..

laksh: what’s happening my frnd, who is that girl who scolded you?

frnd: she is the one laksh!!

Laksh looks at her from top to bottom…

laksh: soo u, how dare you??do u know about us.. don’t u want to study in this college?? just be in your limits..or else..

priya: im not scared of anyone..

laksh: acha!! tell me ur sd?
priya is silent..

laksh: (shouts) come on

priya: my name is priya, my father name is james roy, he is a industrialist..

lakhs: wait a min.. Did I asked u about ur father?? U girls will never change and by the way…r u the person, who came in Audi with securities..

priya: yes!!

lakhs: from tomorrow, u should come in bus.. no audis allowed in this college.. ur dad may be rich, but ur not… so from tomorrow if i see u in the audi.. i will not leave u.. understand??

priya: okay!!

laksh: good girl!! and one more thing.. if u guys complaint this to any faculty…then u gonna pay for it!!

laksh watches sanky coming.. he smiles!!

sanky smiles and starts shouting in the corridors

sanky: hey guys what r u doing here, go back to ur classes..

laksh: (acts) ohh shit, guys varun sir is coming.. (he looks at girls)

laksh: hey girls.. if sir ask.. tell that we r ur friends okay??

piya smiles and thinks to teach them a lesson!!

sanky comes near them…

at that time ragini and shona passes.. they watches them and stops…

sanky: laksh, what r u doing here???? again ragging??
laksh: ono sir.. they r my friends.. we r just talking to them..

sanky: ohh really?? (he asks priya) is he ur friend??

priya: (smiles) no sir, he is ragging us.. he told us to say friends.. or else he told he will give us punishment..

she cries and holds his hand…

shona gets angry seeing her holding Sanky hands.. lakshh notices swara and smiles…

sanky angrily shouts

sanky: laksh, go to ur classes now.. how dare you tears girls.. u will pay for it in my class

he leaves and hides near the pillar

Laksh: Priya how dare you Tell to Varun sir….U gonna pay for it… Just wait and watch…

Priya: I don’t care..

He holds her hands and twists it…

Ragini is shocked…she gets angry!!

Laksh: just be like a junior.. Don’t show ur stunt…

Priya: ?I’m sorry plzz.. Leave me..

Laksh: (leaves her and warns her not to repeat again)

Sanky smiles seeing Laksh teasing… and smiles at that time he watches shona and raging both r very angry..


Shona and Ragini talks..
Ragini: how dare he twisted her hands.. Il teach him a lesson..
Sanky: how dare she holds sanky’s hand.. I won’t leave her…

They both talk with anger and leaves..

Laksh and Sanky gang meet in music room… They keep on laughing seeing Priyas expressions..

Laksh: Hahahaha!! Lol she’s soo funny dude!!
Sanky: Yesss!!! Very funny!! ?
Laksh: sir please leave me… Hahahaha!!!!

Laksh: (laughing)by d way Sanky, when Priya touched ur hands, did u notice shona’s face… Hahahaha sooo funny!!!

Sanky: (laughing) what seriously, I dint see her expressions.. Ohh no Yaar, I missed it.. Nd Laksh did u see Ragini face when you twisted Priyas hand..
She was soo angry on u…

Laksh: hahahahaahha!! What really??? Ohh god!! This is really awesome!!
(They both laugh continuously thinking about Shona and Ragini)

Bublu: (laugh) loll!! Guys plz stop it I can’t laugh more!! My poor Shona….

They laugh whole heartedly!!

Laksh: Sanky.. Let’s stop focussing on Priya and let’s tease our girls.. What u say?? It’s soo wonderful to see them jealous..

Sanky: awesome dude.. This is gonna be really awesome!!

They both give hifi and winks for their plan…

Sanky : anyways I have to go to class now… Our juniors are waiting for me?

Snaky goes to junior class..


Junior class :

All juniors are waiting for next class sir..
At that time Sanky enters…

All stood up and wishes him.. All girl are stunned to see such an young and handsome sir, including Priya.. She dint notice him clearly near the corridor

Priya: hey girls he is soo handsome na??
Girls: yes Priya!!
Priya: what a style.. I’m flat girls.. I think I’m in love with him!!
Priya frnd: Laksh is more handsome!!
Priya: shut up yar.. Varun sir is so cute..

Girls: haha Priya This is attraction…
Priy: whatever.. He is just awesome!!

They look at him so lovingly…

Sanky: sit.. By d way students.. Let me introduce myself..
I’m Varun.. Varun Maheswari!!

Priya smikes She gets soo happy seeing him.. She stares at him lovingly..

Sanky: guys, u all may think that.. Varun sir is soo soft, handsome and very hot? But guys ur mistaken.. I may be soft outside.. But I’m very strict.. Just ask ur seniors they will tell u..

Priya whispers to her friend…
“Yes he soo strict.. All seniors are soo scared of him”

She smiles looking at him…

Sanky looks at Priya, he gets smile seeing her and turns towards the board smiling..

Sanky: soo guys, today il tell u about my rules.. I want pin drop silence in my class..

Students: Yess sir…

At that time he gets call from Shona..

Sanky: excuse me guys..

(He goes out and lifts the call)

Shona: Sanky I hate u.. U did what I told not to do.. I hate u.. I won’t talk to u in my life..

Sanky smiles

Sanky: Shona, I’m sorry.. We can’t stop in the middle.. So I did it!! Just understand..

Shona: (cries) don’t say anything to me.. I dint like that girl.. I hate her and I hate u too.. U don’t care me.. I hate u…

Sanky:(smiles and hears her words lovingly ) Shona meet me.. Right now!! Ur hubby wants to see u!!

Shona: ?nooo… I won’t meet u, I hate u..

Sanky: if u won’t meet me, I will make u to meet me..

Shona: achaa!! Do whatever u want.. But I won’t meet u.. Bye
(She cuts the call)

He smiles seeing her childish acts!! He gets an idea… He looks at a guy..

Sanky: hey you, come here!!
Student: yes sir..

Sanky: go to computer lab.. And call Shona maheswari.. Say her that principle told you to be in library..

Student: Yess sir..

(He goes to lab, he watches another sir in lab)

Student: excuse me sir..
Sir: yes
Student: sir, principle is calling Shona Maheswari..
Sir: Shona, ur becoming busy at by day.. Go, principle wants to meet u..

Shona wonders why principal is calling her.. She goes out.

Shona: why sir called me?? (She asked the student)

Student: don’t know he told u wait in library..

Shona: (confuse) okay!!

She leaves…

After the class.. He goes to library.. He watches her playing with books..

Sanky goes near her and pulls her to the corner.. Shona is shocked to see him..

He smiles and blocks her… Nd starts kissing her nape..

Shona: ?Sanky, leave me..
Sanky: nooo!!
Shona: Sanky… Now Princy will come, what if he see us here.. Leave me..

Sanky: haha lol.. From when did u became frnd with principle.. He is inviting u to library??

Shona: what??
Sanky: hahaha Shona it was my plan sweetheart..

Shona: ?how dare u Sanky.. I hate u!!

Sanky: haha lol!! Shona.. Instead of saying I hate you… Why can’t u tell I love u.. It will be soo sweet na!!

Shona: Noo.. I won’t say!!
Sanky: hmm Shona, what’s ur problem??
Sanky: ?what’s my problem?? I told u not to go, but u went… And how dare she hold ur hands..

Sanky: (smiles) soo Mrs Varun is jealous??

Shona: ?jealous??? Noo way Mr. Varun!!

Sanky: achaa!! (He goes close to her) u know what Shona.. I love u soo much when ur jealous..
(He hugs her)

Shona: Sanky, leave me…

Sanky: nooo… By d way Shona, what was those dialogues… Should I think ur dead… I will kill u if u use that words again..

Shona: though I used those dialogue.. U dint even bother me.. (She keeps a pout face)

Sanky: hahaha lol.. Shona.. My sweety, my beauty… And what all u used in the message… Haaa hottie… Naughty..
Lol.. Soo funny..Nd u know what… Ur my brighty..?

(He kisses her cheeks)

Shona: don’t try to copy me Mr. Varun.. Try something different..

Sanky: my dear wife… U dint use the word brighty.. But I used it.. If u want u check it..
I’m not copying u okay??

Shona: ? leave me..
Sanky: give me a kiss.. Then il leave u..
Shona: nooo…
Sanky: okay I will kiss u…
(He leans and kisses her lips..

Shona smiles
Shona: Sanky ur soo shameless..
She smiles and runs…

Sanky laughs seeing her cute expressions

Episode ends!!!

Credit to: neha

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