True love never dies (Season 2) Episode 1


hey guys, its arohi here
as all were asking neha to continue tlnd she has started season 2 of tnld.
so here i am posting the first part of tnld season 2 on nehas behalf
so enjoy reading…….

Episode 1.

Maheswari house:
Morning 5:00 am!!

sleep gets disturbed for our beautiful shona…by a ring from her mobile.. She gets irritated..

Shona: Sanky sweetu!! Plz lift the call..

But she doesn’t get respond from him. Nd the phone keeps on ringing!!
shona: ? sankyyyyyy!!!
But again no response….
She gets angry in her sleep as Sanky is not even listening to her…and she searches for her mobile and she lifts the call…

Shona: ?hello!!! Who is this??

Caller: (whispers slowly) Shona, open the door..

(She suddenly gets alert thinking about something)

Shona: sanky!! Where were u till now?? U know how much I’m worried.. Papa is very angry on u!!.. Kk leave all that Wait I’m coming!!

Shona wakes up, She looks at the time it was 5:00 am!!!

She gets angry and thinks… This Sanky na, now a days he is busy with his friends..
Yesterday night he went for party, he told me 1 hour… But see it was 5:00… Today he is over in my hands…

She angrily goes down and opens the door..
Sanskar looks at her angry face… And tries to cool her!!

Sanky: (covers by smiling) hello My cute princess.. Good morning sweetheart!! He gives a peck on her lips…

Shona looks at him angrily…

Shona: come here Sanky!!
Sanky: (tensed) he goes close to her…

She leans forward and checks whether he has drunk or not..
Shona: Thankgod ur not drunk!!

Sanky: (teases) ?drunk??? Shonaa ur testing me??? Don’t u trust this Varun, ur Sanky!!
Ohh my all gods in this world…did u listen this?? My wife is testing me!!how could u think Shona, that I will drink that too without ur permission!!
Ohh Noo!! When my wife doesn’t trust me, why should I live??? For whom should I live..

Shona looks angrily at his over actions!!

Shona: Sanky stop ur acting.. It’s my duty to take care of ur health.. There’s nothing like testing!! And by d way what’s the time now My dear husband…U told me 1 hour.. But see it was 5:00 now!! You should inform me na… Don’t u know that ur wife will be waiting!!

Sanky: (smiles and hugs her) im sorry darling!!! Today Rohit birthday na I just went to wish him at 12:00 but that idiot made me to stay there… U know I dint sleep the whole night!!! All friends were having drinks.. And all… But u know, I dint even touch water… ?I was telling them that.. My Shona doesn’t like drinks.. I won’t touch it until she accepts…

Shona: (happy) really?? Did u said like that??
Sanky: Yess Shona!!

Shona: sooo sweet of u Sanky.. She kisses him tightly on his cheeks) Ur soo tired na??

Sanky: Yaa Shona!!
Shona: Kk come… Take rest sometime Sanky.. See ur face.. Ur soo tired!!

Sanky smiles thinking his plan has worked..
He goes to the room.. And falls on bed.. Shona covers bedsheet on him, and on’s ac..

She looks at the time, it was 5:30… She doesn’t get sleep…she remembers something and runs going down to meet her fav dadi AP…

She watches AP sitting on her bed and reading a book…

Shona: good morning dadi!!
(She runs and hugs her and kisses her cheek)

AP: ( smiles) good morning Shona!! U woke up soo early??

Shona: dadi, ur grandson na.. He always disturb me.. I was in deep sleep, he disturbed me by calling… That’s it, my sleep is gone now… But I don’t worry.. When I sleep on my dadi’s lap, immediately il get sleep hey na dadi… ??
But I won’t leave him Sanky…. Let him sleep for sometime.. After an hour Even i will disturb his sleep… Wake me after an hour dadi…

Dadi: hahaha Kk Shona.. Ur both are soo loving couple.. U keep on fighting and the very next moment.. U both patch up again!!
I’m soo happy to see ur couple… I want
God to give all happiness to u both!!

Shona: Thankyou dadi… I love u soo much!!!
(She sleeps on her lap, And AP starts caressing her hair.. And shona sleeps deeply on her lap)

AP smiles seeing the way she’s sleeping..

7:00 am!!

A lady goes inside a room… She watches a girl sleeping peacefully!!

Lady: Priya… Get up!! You need to goo to college!! It’s ur first day!! Get up!! Nd there is a notice that Freshers should be by 7 in the colz….get up!!

Hearing the name college, she gets up quickly!!

Priya: ?ohhhh shit!! Today is my first day!!! Ohh Priya how can you forget about it !! Thankyou Ma… Love u soo much!!

She kisses her and goes to get ready….

She gets ready and comes out!! She watches her dad, who is very busy talking with someone…
She hurriedly eats her breakfast..

Priya: dad.. Ur soo busy!!
Dad: hello Priya!! Good morning…(he kisses her)
Priya: good morning dad!! K dad I’m late to college.. I need to go… Bye..

Dad: wait…he tells his security to go with her and drop her….

Priya: ? dad, why security??
Dad: Priya ur not a normal kid, ur daughter of James Roy!! The great business man!!! Your father has lot of friends and lot of enemies too… They may harm u..

Priya: off!! Okay dad…
and she gets into the car.. And leaves for college!!


Some students are laughing, enjoying..planning to trap someone…

Guy: guys, today is the first day for fresher, we got a message from captains.. We need to Rag a person who shows their attitude!!
2nd guy: arey yar we can’t decide the person character in first seeing…. Let’s do one thing….The person who enters into that gate, he or she will be our target!!

They all laugh for the nice idea and gives hifi!!!

Suddenly they watch an Audi coming into the college!!

All looks at the Audi… And wides their eyes!! Driver gets down, and opens the door… Priya comes out!!

All looks at her from top to bottom!!! And they have an evil smile on their faces!! Nd look at each other!!!

Priya looks at the college and smiles…
Woww.. What a college… It’s soo beautiful!!
She smiles…

Students who look at her smiles Nd follows her!!

Priya goes inside the college… She watches a big wall… She smiles looking at the matter in it and smiles…
She thinks..
Ohh god! This college even has a love story too, soo sweet .. Woww dats great!!

Those guys look at her and smiles…
and calls someone informing that “we got a girl” let’s show what we are!!

The person who is listening smiles…
“Wow that’s great guys, I’m proud of u!! Nd he tells some plan to them”

All gets happy with the plan and looks at the girl and smirks!!

Priya goes near her classroom, she watches her colony girl.. (Manasa)She goes and talks to her!!

Priya: hello Di!! How r u??
Manasa: hello Priya.. U joined in this college??
Priya: yes Di..
Manasa: that’s good!! But Priya be careful.. You don’t know anything about This college!!
Priya: ? what??

Manasa: yea there is a big story for this college… They used to be 2 groups, arts and science, they were big Enemies…
Every time science used to trap arts and arts used to trap science …
They used to have competition among them… Now this two became one!! The two captains became best friends… So they stopped all this!!!

Priya: Thankgod!!

Manasa: but Priya… Don’t take it easy… Now they became kings in ragging… Laksh and Sanky became one…If the two captains target someone… That’s it they r over… They can’t escape from them… Soo I’m just giving u a suggestion.. Kk be careful!!

Priya: okay Di!! Thankyou… But what if they rag me..

Manasa: don’t worry, we have a new sir, all the students are so fear of him.. You can take his help if anyone rags u..

Priya: woww that’s good but what’s his name??

Manasa: Varun!! Varun sir!! ?
Priya: Varun sir… Okay…Thankyou!! But where will he be??

Manasa: u can ask anyy…, students, ask them where is Varun sir, all will tell u his place
Priya: Thankyou Di!!
She leaves…

After she leaves… Manasa looks at those guys and smiles evilly… Signalling that the work is done!!

All guys smiles evilly and calls the same person who gave idea!!

Guy: Laksh!! Ur amazing dude!!!! What an idea Sirji…. ????????

Laksh: ?thanku thanku!!! I’m soo proud of u guys!! Il tell this plan to Sanky too!! He should now act as Varun sir!! Lol so funny!!
And Let’s show the taste of our ragging to that sweet girl…
He smiles and cuts the call!!


7:30 am!!
Maheswari house:

AP: Shona beta, get up.. It’s already 7:30.. U told something that you will disturb Varun sleep!!

Shona wakes up.. She wishes AP… Nd when she was about to go her room.. She watches Pari in kitchen.. She smiles and goes near her and hugs her from back..

Shona: good morning Ma!!
Pari: (smiles) good mrng Shona!! What my sweet kiddo is doing here at this time??

Shona: just now I woke up Ma!! Nd I saw u.. Nd I came to greet u.. (She hugs her tightly and kisses her cheeks)
Pari: haha Shona, now a days ur becoming soo naughty?? go and get ready for colz.. It’s already 7:30!! Nd come down soon..I did ur fav breakfast..

Shona: ( she smiles) woww..okay Ma!!

She goes to her room..
She watches Sanky still sleeping… She smiles… She goes to washroom and starts singing loudly…
To disturb his sleep…

Sanky hears the loud noises and he gets irritated by her voice… He keeps pillows near his ears…

Shona comes out from bath and gets ready by singing more loudly… And looks in the mirror at his sleep getting disturbed she smiles seeing him disturbed and sings more loudly…

Sanky: (irritated and shouts) shonaa will u plzz stop ur songs early morning?

Shona: arey what did I do now?? I was just singing songs.. Is that wrong??

Sanky: ?that’s not wrong, but disturbing other sleep by ur singing is wrong!! Ur irritating me with ur voice!!

Shona: (achaaa…really, do u remember onething Sanky, just go to flashback.. Someone used to say that I sing very nicely… But today same person is saying that he doesn’t like my voice.. U changed Sanky… U don’t love me?? I hate u!!

(She acts like crying)

Sanky is shocked… And he sits immediately.. And watches her crying..

Sanky: shonaa.. I dint mean that… I always love ur voice darling.. Ur awesome!! Plzz don’t think like that.. Ur my life Shona!! I love u soo much!! How can u think that I don’t love u… Plz never tell like that Shona!!?

Seeing him worrying, Shona starts laughing loudly!!

Shona: Hahahaha Sanky… Look at u.. How scared u are!! Do u think I was really crying!! Hahahah… Noo I was acting… Nice na??

Sanky looks at her angrily and pulls her on the bed…

Sanky: how can u joke in these matters Shona.. Never plzz.. U know how much I was scared.. I can’t hear those words from u Shona!!

Shona: (holds her ears) I’m sorry Sanky.. I will never repeat it again!!

Sanky: (smiles and hugs her and sleeps) it’s Kk sweetheart!! Come sleep for sometime..
(He kisses her forehead and hugs her more tightly)

Shona: but Sanky, it’s late.. We need to go to college.. Come get up!!

Sanky: Noo..
Shona: ?Noo?? What no??
Sanky: Shona.. Im not going to college

Shona: ?what?? Sanky how can u take that many leaves… This is 4th leave in this week.. Don’t u know that you will miss classes.. How will u get knowledge when u stay at home??

.sanky: ooff I’m soo sleepy shonaa….plz don’t start ur lessons now…I don’t feel like going to college…plz Shona!!

Shona: Kk u take rest Sanky… I will go to college.. I have an important class today!!

Sanky: Noo.. Don’t go!! When Sanky is not going to colz.. How can shona go, how can u leave ur husband alone??
What kind of a wife u are?? ?

Shona: Hahahaha soo funny!!! Stop judging ur wife… Anyways u take rest.. I’m not going to college but At least I will help Ma in the kitchen..

Sanky: (smiles) that’s like a good girl!! (He gives a peck on her lips)
Wake me at lunch time darling!!!

Shona: (smiles) okay Sanky!! Have a nice sleep.. Good night!!

Sanky: good night??
Shona: Haaa yesterday I dint wish u na.. That’s why wishing u now.. Nd ur sleeping na.. Soo good night!!

Sanky: ?ooff!! Shonaa… Ur mad!!

(He turns other side and sleeps)

Shona leaves down… As soon Shona goes down, Sanky gets happy as he can sleep peacefully now!! Without any disturbances.

As soon As he close his eyes.. He gets disturbed by a call
This time he calls Shona…

Sanky: shonaa!! Plzzz pick the phone..

But she doesn’t come… He gets angry and he lifts the call.. It was Laksh

Sanky: ?hello!!
Laksh: Sanky, we got a fresher… Let’s show our skills in ragging dude..
Sanky: (smiles) woww lucky that’s great!!
Laksh: soo Sanky.. From today u should act as Varun sir.. Be ready… And Come soon yar… I’m waiting!!

Sanky : sure I’m coming now…



Priya goes to her class.. She makes frnds… All starts talking about seniors… Nd they all are so tensed.. As they don’t know how to face them…

First class started…
Some seniors stood outside to rag them, And after sometime class ends..
They smile and they go inside…

They look everyone… And ask them their SD…a senior goes near Priya and stops..

Senior: hey u beautuful…Get up!! What ur name..
(He asks her in attitude way)

Priya gets angry seeing his attitude.. And starts scolding him..

Priya: how dare u.. Talk properly!! Don’t try to take advantage being senior..
Senior: achaa!! Really??? Nice meeting u…

He smiles and leaves… As his first plan got success…As he wants that answer from her…

He leaves and tells Laksh.. That work is done…
Laksh smiles and he tells them about second plan!! Nd he tells that Sanky will be in this plan… (He winks?)

Maheswari house;

Shona: Maa I will help u… I’m not going to college today… I’m free!!
Pari: woww so I can spend some time with my cutie…but Shona, u don’t need to do anything… Just sit here and eat breakfast come…

AP: Shona.. But before that have this chocolate..
Shona: Thankyou dadi..
(She gets emotional, she remembers her dad, how he used to give her chocolates while scolding…AP notices it and consoles her)

Shona: when u all are with me, I don’t have any worries dadi..

They all smile and keep talking… Pari searches for scissors

Shona: Ma what r u searching??
Pari: I don’t know where I kept the scissors

Shona: it’s in my room, wait Ma Il get it…

She leaves…

Shova room:

Sanky gets freshup.. He looks at the mirror… He tucks his shirt.. And he talks to himself..

Sanky: so Sanky get ready to be Varun sir!! ? he combs his hair…

At that time Shona enters… She looks at Sanky and tells him to move.. And takes scissors from shelf.. When she was about to go.. She looks at him and gets shocked..

Shona: Sanky.. What’s this?? U told u want to sleep… Where r u going again??

Sanky: shonaa darling.. Get ready, we are going to college..

Shona: college??? Sanky.. What’s happening?? U told u don’t want to go..

Sanky: (teases) Shona how can u keep many leaves… Don’t u know that you will miss the classes.. How will u get knowledge when u stay at home?? Grow up kid??! ?

Shona: ? what?? how dare u use my words…
(She starts hitting him)

Sanky: Hahha Shona, I’m just kidding… Actually we got a fresher to rag.. Soo darling.. We r into new plan!!
(He kisses her cheeks)

Shona: new plan?? But Sanky… Who is that person??

Sanky: I don’t know.. But from now I’m Varun sir… (Saying this he takes spectacles and keeps it)

Sanky: (smiles) how is it??
Shona: (? Wowww ur really looking like a professor!! Amazing!!

Sanky: Thankyou sweetheart!! Anyways come be quick… Let’s go now…

Shona: (smiles) okay!!!

She goes and gives scissors to Pari.. And she comes to her room and gets ready…

Sanky and Shona are done with ready… They both are in opposite corner of beds…

Shona smiles evilly looking at him and takes her bag…
Sanky sees her smiling and winks taking his bag….

They both slowly walks and suddenly starts running!!!

Shona: this time I’m first!!!!
Sanky: Noo way… I’m first…
Shona: hahaha im Shona…nooo one can win over me….
Sanky: Hahahaha really… If ur Shona, I’m Varun… Ur husband… U can’t win over me sweetheart…

They run shouting and laughing…
AP and Pari and Adharsh watches them and laughs!!! Seeing their fun!! As they always used to keep that race..when they are going to college…

Sanky reaches the house temple and winks at Shona..

Sanky: sweetheart I’m first!!
She looks at him angrily…
Shona: don’t worry… Tomorrow I will win…
Sanky: Hahahaha lol!! Ur saying this from many days…

She looks at him angrily…
Finally they pray God..after the prayer…they both leave!!!



Sanky and Shona reaches college..
Shona: bye Sanky.. (She pulls his cheeks) i have lab now.. After lab I have an other class…and after that I have another class also… And after that… I have 2 classes… Omg too many classes today!!

Sanky: Shona darling… After the lab.. U call me.. And il tell u something…

Shona: (excited) what will u tell me Sanky??

Snaky: (smiles) do u want mee to tell now??

Shona: (blushes) Yess…

Seeing her blush he goes near her… Nd holds her hand…

Shona: Sanky, tell me what u want to tell me??

Sanky: after the class… Come to music room.. Without attending any classes okay??

Shona: why??
Sanky: what why?? U will be in lab for 1 hour.. And after lab again u will attend classes…What should I do until then… I will miss u…so after lab directly Come to music room… Don’t attend classes… Listen to ur husband words?

Shona: (smiles) achaa!! okay!! Bye Sanky…(she looks here and there and kisses his cheeks and runs)

Sanky smiles and goes to meet his friends!!

second plan:

lunch break..

rohit, bublu and rahul are in canteen.
they watches priya coming and smiles….

priya sit in a canteen along with her friends..

rohit : hello excuse me?? come here..

Priya goes near them

rohit: r u same girl, u scolded my friend in the class?
priya: (tensed) yess!!

rohit : achaa!!! how u scolded him, in the same way tell him sorry too..

priya: noo way!!!! why should i tell him sorry?

bublu: u should tell him sorry.. u don’t know about us.. dint u hear about laksh and sanky ???

rahul: guys she’s fresher na, she might not known about them.. hahhaahaa!!

(they make fun of her)

Priya gets tensed hearing laksh and sankys name… she remembers what her friend told her.. she starts biting her nails.. when she was about to say sorry.. at that time rohit signals bublu something…

bublu: (tensed) guys.. shhhh!! varun sir!!!
(he acts being afraid)

rohit: what?? varun sir? omg!!… if he sees us thats it we are over!!

priya hears the name varun sir and gets some relief seeing they fear….

rohit: hey u.. go from here.. quickly!!

sanky comes to canteen and starts scolding one guy…
sanky: hey u, why dint u come to my class yesterday??? And I’ve seen smoking yesterday.. what was that?? how can u smoke in the college.. U idiot..this is what ur learning in college??

he starts beating him…

priya hears the sound and she looks back… all the seniors in the canteen suddenly stood up seeing varun sir.. And wishes him…

priya: gets shocked seeing senior fear…she smiles and leaves…

she looks back for varun sir.. but she doesn’t find him…

she thinks..
i think all are scared of this varun sir.. thank god!! if anyone again teases me.. i will complaint about them..

she gets happy and leaves!!! as soon as she leaves all starts laughing, they go near sanky and hugs him..

rohit: arey dude!! awesome man… arey where did u get this spects… Lol it’s soo funny!! whats next plan??
sanky: let me introduce myself in they class dudes… il show them a meaning of professor!!

he winks…

episode ends!!!

Credit to: neha

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