True love never dies- Sarud (Saras and Kumud)-episode 5


My 5th update..
Kumud and kusum reaches home.
Kusum suddenly gets a call.
Is she alright.
Where is she now
Alright I am coming bye

She runs to Kumud and says dii
Amanda is in hospital she had an accident.
I have to go di.

Kumud Ok Kusum.
But come home before its too late

Kusum leaves.

On the otherside.
Danny asks
Bhaiya who is that girl?
Saras who
The one who we met in coffee shop.
It was Kumud.
I know but. Who is Kumud?
The one whom I love.
Really that was my hone wali bhabhi
What bhaiya
Vaise who is ur girl
Actually bhaiya Kumud bhabhi ki been
what Kusum?unbelievable
Danny perfect match

They both hug each other.

Kumud is cooking something.
Her phone rings

She takes it.
Hello Kumud
Sorry I didn’t understand whose this
Kumud I am Saras.
Oh hi
I called u to ask Can we meet.

Kumud hesitates
Pls Kumud
Ok where must I come
I’ll message u the address.
Ok bye

Few hours later.
In a hotel.

Can u pls tell me where
Mr. Saraswatichandra Vyas

Are u Kumud.
Ma’am sir is waiting 4 u.
Pls come

She comes to a room
The door gets locked.

Kumud call Saras
Mein yahan hoon Kumud
Kumud turns

The room is decorated with rose flowers and aroma candles.

Kumud goes near to Saras
What’s all this Saras?

Saras kneels down
Kumud is shocked.
Saras take out a ring from his pocket.
He forwards the ring towards Kumud and ask WILL U MARRY ME?

Kumud Saras tum he
Saras interrupts

Say yes or no Kumud

Kumud closes her eyes 4 sometime and then opens her eyes
And says YES

Saras gets happy.
He is going to hug Kumud.
But Kumud says something

Saras I love u but I want to share my past with u
Saras Past?
Kumud yes
Haan Saras.
My past. Which I would never forget.
I lost my mom dad .
They died before 5 years in an accident..

Flash back starts

Vidya sagar , guniyal ,kumud and kusum
Are shown they r happy.

Kumud says baapu mein aur Kusum shehar mein jaa ke padaayi karna chahte hein

VS gets angry.
Kumud I said u na that u r not going to study anymore.

But baapu I
Kumud no means no

Par baapu

Kumud zubaan band.

He goes out in anger

After sometime a man comes and says Vidya sagar Bhai ka death ho gay a
Accident mein
Unka body ala raha hein

Guniyal Kumud and kusum burst out in tears.

At 2 days a Vs’s funeral is shown
Village people say guniyal to get ready

Chita is burnt
Guniyal jumps into VSs chita and dies
(Sati system)

Flashback ends

Kumud is in tears,
Saras go and wipe her tears .

Kumud what is ur fault?
It’s all right
I have also lost my father. I understand ur pain

Saras asks then with whom died u live
Kumud Maayi(dugba)

Saras No problem.
I love u Kumud
U r the most important one 4 me now.

Kumud Saras I love u too

They hug each other.

Precap: Kumud and Saras go to Kusum and Danny

Guys I know it’s an awkward episode.
It’s unbelievable but sorry if it’s too bad.
Pls comment.if u r losing interest say me. I would end this ff. Pls be honest. I need it support. Guys I am sorry

Credit to: Gayathri

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    wow…saras proposed Kumud in a decorated room.Kumud accepted him.Her past was painful.her father died n mom died due 2 sati system.very sad.waiting 4 samud romance.plz dont end this ff.i luv this

    1. Thank u JAZ.

  2. jasmine Rahul

    plz update soon

  3. It’s nice…Plz don’t stop … I was quite busy so I don’t read …

  4. jasmine Rahul

    plz update

  5. jasmine Rahul

    Where r u?

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