True love never dies- Sarud (Saras and Kumud)-episode 4


Guys my 4 th update

It’s afternoon.
Kumud and Kusum went out 4 shopping..
Kusum wow did. This is too good,di I want it. Pls.
Kumud par Kusum
Kusum makes a puppy face
Kumud ok baba. I’ll buy it for u.
Kusum Thank you do. I luv u.-
Kumud I luv u too.

Kumud buys the dress for her.

They then go to a coffee shop.
Just then Danny is with his friends near the same coffee shop.

Danny sees Kusum in the coffee shop and he falls for her. Hum tere bin ab rahe nahi sakte plays.

Just then he get a call from Saras, Danny where r u?
Bhaiya I am in a coffe shop near Centre Square.

Kusum Di I’ll just come 10 mins, ok.
Kumud ok. Come fast

Kumud then Remembers her moments with Saras.
She says. Kahi mujhe pyaar toh nahi huva?

Saras in his office.
Saras to himself says My work is over. I think I must go to Danny. Or I would meet Kumud.
He remembers his moments with Kumud.
O God Saras. U r falling in love.
I can’t believe this.
First I must tell this to Danny and Mom.

He rushes to meet Danny. Danny is in the same coffee shop where Kumud is..

Saras reaches there and says Danny.
Danny…. Bhaiya.
Saras.. I wanna share a important matter.
Danny.. what is it BHAIYYA?
Saras….. I am in love with someone.
Danny…. what. Bhaiya I am so happy for u.

Saras but I only met her once…
Danny.. wow love at first sight. How romantic.
Bhaiya actually i wanted 2 say u the samething.

Saras. We both fell in love.. Celebration toh banta he
Saras looks around for the waiter and he sees Kumud.
He says Danny come with me.

Ok bhaiya.
Saras and Danny go and sit in the table where Kumud is sitting.

Saras hey.
Kumud hi .
How r u

I am fine. This is my brother Danny.
Danny hello
Kumud hi Danny

SARAS Can I get ur mobile no..
Kumud(shy) ok and says Her no.
Saras thank u.
Kumud welcome.

Saras bye
Kumud pls sit with us.
Danny us?
Kumud actually i came with Kusum.

Just then Kusum comes.
Dii I am back.
Kusum come.
Danny is shocked.
Kumud Danny this is my sister Kusum.

Kusum hi
Danny huh. Sorry hi

Kumud I am sorry. We must leave now. Bye
Saras Bye. See u
Kusum bye
Danny bye

Precap : suspense

Sorry Guys I am rushing it but I can’t write more 20 episodes. Or I must write short episodes. Sorry

Credit to: Gayathri

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    samud r thinking of each other.danny in the same coffee shop n fell in luv with kusum at 1st sight.hum tere bina on background 4 sweet.saras also came there n he shared with danny abt his luv.danny too shared it with saras.surprisingly they met kumud n went near her.the biggest surprise was they realized that danny’s luv kusum is kumud’s sister.cant wait 4 their luv story to start.waiting 4 the next part eagerly.plz post it soon

  2. jasmine Rahul

    I used to live in mamanglam.but now i’m staying in bahrain.I studied in St.Teresa’s college

  3. jasmine Rahul

    do u write any other ff?

  4. It’s very nice ??

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