True love never dies – raglak ff part 1

Hey guys !!! I ‘m really happy that I got such wonderful response. Actually I started writing this ff in wattpad and I didn’t get much response so I thought I could drop it but seeing such marvelous response here , I ‘ll continue writing this ff .

Actually for the first few parts there ‘ll be of ragsan part a bit more but in the upcoming chappys I ‘ll give full raglak romance

Now enough of my useless talks let’s get into the story

A beautiful garden is shown which is decorated beautifully with red and white roses and with red coloured curtains. The lights perfectly added beauty to that garden . All were running here and there . A man who was perfectly dressed in golden sherwani , with one day stubble who was looking stunning and handsome was anxious and checking out all the arrangements done .

Mam : sanskar bhaiya , where are the covers ??? It’s not there ??? And you!!! You didn’t get ready for princess ‘s marriage ???

Swara : relax lucky. ( Yeah , the stunning guy is our lakshya ). You are worried as though it’s your marriage !!!!

By hearing that statement laksh was dragged into his thoughts ……..

The Gadodia mansion was decorated as though even Gods would be pleased . It perfectly depicted as heaven .

Shekar : sumi , come here see lucky ‘s family has arrived .

Laksh got down from car . Dadi took arthi and shekar and sumi welcomed their parents and all went inside . Laksh was anxiously waiting for the love of his life . His love , his sweetheart , his ladoo , would be MRS. Ragini lakshya Maheshwari.

Oh yeah ragini is his sweetheart .

Shekar and sumi are Ragini ‘s mom and dad .

Laksh was continuously seeing the staircase for his love to come .

Swara nearing laksh ‘s ears : arrey laksh , what are you doing ???

( No response )

Swara : luckyyyy!!!!

( No response )

She signalled sanskar to see his chotu was engrossed in his ragu ‘s thoughts. .

Sanskar : luckyyyyyyy !!!!!!

(Again no response )

He was irked and noticed something nearby . He thought of something and smirked naughtily.

Sanskar : lucky baby , see me now or else the consequences ‘ll be unbearable . Check out what you want ???

( As usual lucky was in his lady love’s thoughts that he didn’t listen to his brother’s warning .)

That’s it

Laksh : Bhaiiiiiiiiiiiiii !!!!!!!!!
( Shouted at the top of his lungs )

Everyone were numb to react but after sometime everyone bursted into loads of laughter .

You guys are curious to know what happened right???

Moving back into the fb :

Sanskar saw a bottle full of coconut oil nearby . Since his brother didn’t listen to him , he poured the oil on his head .

Hahaha every sweet sanky nah ???

Sanky rocked lucky shocked !!!!

Fb over

All were laughing , lucky was tensed as well worried about his appearance .

Sanky : awww mera bacha !!! Pulling Lucky’s cheek , I ‘m sorry baby. I gave u warning but u didn’t listen to it thinking about my saali so I had to do it ….. Sorry lucky !!!! ( By pulling his ears with a sad pout ) .

Lucky : wait I ‘ll tell to my bhabi.

Sanskar : no no lucky , I ‘m really scared of her , u know right then why are you doing like that???

Laksh : I know , by doing this only u ‘ll come into the right track Bhai .

Suddenly sanky started laughing , he was laughing too much that his stomach started aching.

Sanky while laughing : mera bacha , are you a school kid to complain to others ??? And I ‘m not scared of swara . See it was she who showed me an anxious lucky !!!

Laksh : bhabi ( with a pout )

Swara : see i ‘ll support lucky only sanskar . You are a bad fellow .

Sanskar with a pout : this is not fair swara , when your lucky came u got to his side . You are bad . I ‘m alone now .

Who told you are alone ????a voice came from back .

All turned to that side . Lucky was dumbstruck to see his lady love standing in front of him with heavenly beauty. She was wearing blue lehenga with golden border and was wearing jewelleries perfectly matching her lehenga . He was like goddess mahalakshmi in front of him with her spellbound beauty and charm .

” See i support my sanky . You are not alone sanky . I ‘m there ”

Sanskar : I ‘m happy that you are supporting my dear . And you are looking

Laksh : beautiful !!!

Ragini saw lucky and both were lost in each others eyes .

Tere sang yaara song in the bgm .

Both were looking at each other lovingly .

Laksh gave his hand and ragu kept her hands and both reached the mandap and sat down .

The priest chanted the mantras and all rituals were completed perfectly.

Laksh tied the mangalsutra around ragini ‘s neck ( tamilian culture ).

The garland from goddess portrait fell down on their necks .

Both Ragini and laksh were stunned and looked into each others eyes . Their eyes conveyed many emotions which they couldn’t figure out.

The chapter ended with both of their eyes looking the other lovingly .

So here is the first chapter . I know it is a short episode but next time I ll upload a bigger one . I know it’s boring but please read , vote and comment !!!

With lots of chocolate and love,


Varshni .

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