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hi guys… thanks for the comments.. but less a bit… show your fandom power guys.. because is in your for writers like we.. see, swasan always get more more comments.. so they get confident and write more… please guys, show your power then only writes like we will like to write… so please…


Laksh is seen lying on bed and looked irked and sleepy..
Laksh :(crying) is she a girl? ghost!
some scenes of RagLak shows like : ragini dancing with her dad while grabbing his collar, fighting with her cousin, mansi.. Laksh dancing on bed while lying down, in a pop style way.
Laksh :(saying while the scenes played) in this 5 months in love with her, (clips: ragini acts like crying beside Shekar, Ragini shakes laksh and Laksh took push ups) I cannot spend time with friends, I can’t eat the food I liked..(clip: again scene of Ragini and mansi fight, Laksh takes his foot up in kitchen table while Ragini got closed to him in irked, ragini speeds a bike while l sees laksh sitting behind her) I can’t watch the movie I liked, at last, I can’t play futsal.. (clip: ragini stands close to him boldly, Ragini took selfies of her, raglak hug while Laksh cryed signing for know in his hand) oh my god!

ragini screamed out loud. the scene changes to ragini..
Ragini :(while the clips played) everybody didn’t understand my ambition.. (ragini sitting down making a face, hugging her father, Ragini saying it to her uncle,) seeing a perfect match for me then straight marrying on Madagascar forest, as I wish.. (clip: Ragini seeing Laksh, she was standing and smiling, she’s making a cute face)
the scene changes to laksh’s father dp looked on.. then his friend karthik and dp..
karthik :(standing infront of room) friend, do to do whatever you want to but please return the vadai to us..

the scene changes to ragini.. she was combing her hair while shekar doing repair on a old radio…
Ragini :(shying) I got the boy, dad!
Shekar looked surprised and shocked..
a song named un kural plays.. while Laksh dances for ragini in melacca, Malaysia.. Ragini shyingly walks away.. then ragini blinked her one eye, smiling…
scene changes to mansi and Laksh..
mansi :(boldly) hey, where are you going?
laksh :(showing his teeth) for pee!
the scene changes to office of laksh and karthik..
karthik :Try?
Laksh nodded..
karthik : any advice?
Laksh : no.
the scene changes to karthik saying ‘chi’ at laksh..
the scene changes to Rajeev..
rajeev : there is no change to live with self respect..
(clips :ragini got on Laksh, ragini turned back and looked at laksh while wearing a green saree)
Ragini :(view) everything goes well..(clip: ragini says it to her father)
the scene changes to a building sight, laksh and karthik standing there..
karthik :(seriously) he’s playing, clearly..(clips: ragini seeing nikhil and smiles, nikhil’s face is shown, Ragini introduced nikhil to laksh)

the scene changes, now a serious ragini walks straight… laksh and karthik fights with nikhil.. a song named ennai kollathey plays..
ragini :(having a slipper on her hand) this is for loving you..
ragini beats herself with the chappal while Laksh tries to stop her… Laksh is crying while sitting down.. Ragini cries infront of laksh.. laksh turned.. a flashback, where Ragini yells at laksh, crying…Laksh is inebriated.. a airport is shown, laksh is searching ragini.. laksh talk to ragini while Ragini cries.. ragini cries sitting near a lamp post. Ragini looked at laksh with one eye..Ragini smiles at him.. laksh smiling.. Laksh and ragini came closer for a kiss.. ragini hugged Laksh..Laksh console Ragini while hugging infront of a hospital… Ragini cries in cannot control.. laksh SLAPPED ragini…


so guys, do you like it? how’s it? comment me and let me know! bye

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