True love never dies ( Different ff) Episode 1

Hello ppl…this story is totaly based on swara and sanskar…the story says that swara and sanskar are studying in the same college. Swara stays with her sister Ragini as dere parents died in an accident. Ragini is a school teacher nd very good in nature. Here swara works as a waitress/maid at a coffee shop as par time job
The episode starts with Swara getting irritated as she is unable to find her diary while Ragini is preparing breakfast for them
Swara:where can my diary goo? I kept it in my bag
Ragini:its ok swara…il buy a new diary for u but now for god’s sake go nd get ready for college or u’l get late.
Swara:but my diaryyyyy

Ragini:what is so important in it
Swara:di it has got the complete character analysis of mine…its very important and precious for me nd papa had gifted it to me on my 18 th birthday
Ragini:(angrily) swara if u don’t get ready in 5mints then Il leave u
Swars gets scared nd leaves
At college swara is still tensed when suddenly her best friend shirsha gives her an offer of bunking classes nd going for a film
Swara:i m not coming
Shirsha: why?
Swara:not interested

The college gets closed at 5pm after which Swara leaves for her job.
Whenever she goes in that coffee shop she feels special as all the co-workers and the manager is very good. But today all the time she thinks abt her diary
Swara(in her mind) how can i loose my diary…papa gave it to me,how can i loose it?
She comes back home at 10pm…but everyday she finds someone following her…dis had been continued for d past 2 years but the person just follows her nd doesn’t do anything,dats why swara did not bother herself abt all dis but today unfortunately she lost her temper. She turned around to see the person standing quite far away in the dark and couldn’t see his face
Swara:what is ur prblm Mr.? Why do you follow me everyday?
He doesn’t reply
Swara:(angrily waved her hands) hello cant you hear? R u dumb?
Suddenly the person started walking towards her…Swara was all ready with her peppermint spray nd a hard punch…but those were not needed.The person just came towards the light revealing his face nd saying swara dat its already late good night. And so he leaves leaving swara speechless
Swara was stunned to find the coolest hottest dude of there college Mr.Sanskar Maheshwari stalking her for last 2 years.

Swara:(in her mind) what does he want frm me?
After returning home,she didn’t speak to her sister nd went to sleep directly,even though she was wide awake till 2am thinking abt her missing diary nd d shocking incident on the road

The next day too almost passes with swara sulking the whole time. At last irritated with her college lecturers she goes to there college terrace to bunk the class. Swara stands at one corner and looks down…when suddenly someone speaks
‘Bunking classes?’
Swara gets a little tensed but then as she turns around she finds dat handsome,breathtaking face looking at her,for a moment she gets mesmerized but then she looks at the ground to save herself frm his stare
Swara: what do u want sanskar?

Suddenly sanskar takes out a paper sort of thing from his pocket nd says ‘i was searching for this girl’
Swara looks up to find sanskar looking at a picture
Swara:which girl?
Sanskar turns the photo towards her and says ‘This girl’
Swara gets horrified to see her picture wearing her maids dress
Swara looks at sanskar in horror while he just looks at her blankly
Swara:where did u find…give it back to me…

With this she tries to snatch the photo from his hand but he already removes it
Sanskar: why r u soo concerned abt this pic?
Swara: bcoz if anybody gets to know dat the first girl of the college is a maid/waitress then my image will get destroyed before every student…nd our college doesn’t allow students to do par time jobs

Sanskar looks at her appalled
Swara:plzz give me that picture…i don’t want anybody else to know abt this…she stops for some second and asks him…what do u want from me?
Swara was almost on the verge of crying when suddenly Sanskar comes near her nd cup’s swara’s face and looks at her eyes intently
Sanskar:i want you swara…

To be continued…

Frnds i hope dat ul like my ff nd Il finish dis dis ff in 4-5 episodes as it is a short story…hope that u all will like it?

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  18. Guys this is not my fiction, I think tellyupdates got confused with my title..
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