True love never dies Episode 6


Episode 6

In Shona room:
Shona is again thinking about her dream…
She’s very scared.. She don’t know what’s happening to her from yesterday..
She’s very disturbed.. She cannot close her eyes.. The moment she closes her eyes.. That dream flashes her.. She was very scared… She opens her eyes and sits!!

She get scared and calls shomi.. But she won’t respond as it is very late!!
She takes out her family pic!! At that time the locket gets into her hand…

She looks at the locket.. She gets smile seeing it.. She keeps it aside and
She looks at the family pic.. And she closes her eyes… Again the same dream disturbs her… She searches for the pic at that time she places her hand on the locket…
As soon as she touches it… She gets some strength…
She gets a new dream…
Where a guy comes close to her.. Nd wears the chain to her…he wishpers..
‘I will be with you always!! I love you’

She smiles in her sleep hearing it…nd sleeps peacefully…
Holding the locket tightly…

Sanky room:
He is sleeping… As soon as Shona touches the locket..
Sanky gets a dream..
In dream..
A girl.. Jumping with excitement.. And boy stares at her lovely…..wides his hand and shouts..
‘I….LOVE…. YOU’… The girl gets happy.. And runs towards Him and hugs him tightly…
The boy laughs with excitement… He holds her in his arms.. And turns her…
Girl laughs continuously and tells him to stop!!
He shows 2 lockets to her…He wears one locket to her.. and whispers..
I will be with you always… Coz I love you!! And he tells her to wear another locket to him…
She does wt he says..
He again whispers..
This will be with me always!! I want ur presence and this smile to be with me forever!! I love you….
Girl gets happy and kisses him!!!

Sanky smiles in his dream!!

Next day…

Morning Sanky gets up.. He thinks about the dream and smiles… He gets ready and leaves to college!!

Shona room:
Shona gets ready.. She looks at the locket and remembers the dream.. She wears the locket… And leaves for college…


Shona enters the college.. Rohit and other arts students watches her…nd starts to tease
Rohit : hey baby doll.. Come here??
Shona looks at him angrily.. But ignores him..
Rohit stops her..
Rohit: shonaaaa!! Wowww ur soo beautiful yar.. By d way how did u felt our ragging at first day.. Did u like it (saying this he keeps his hand on her)
Shona: leave me!!
Rohit: arey! Y ur so angry… By d way, I’m watching you since day 1 ur always with Sanky…what’s d matter?? Is he ur boyfriend.. ()
Shona: () yes!! He is my boyfriend.. So what?? Stop thinking about others.. And just think about ur self!
(Saying this she about to leave)
Rohit: arey!! Wait where r u going??? R U going to meet ur boyfriend.. Hahahaa lol!! By the way that idiot…
As soon as he said idiot…
Shona gets angry and slaps him..

Shona: don’t dare to call him an idiot!! Be in ur limits!!
(Saying this she moves)

Rohit is fuming with anger…
Rohit: (angry) Shona!!! Ur gonna pay for it!! I will never leave u

Shona enters the music room… She looks at Sanky and wishes him..
All gathers inside.. The keep on discussions about the programs..
And Shona starts her jokes again…

Shona: guys guys 1 sec… I will ask you one question..
Rahul: shonaaaa again u started!!
Bublu: woww Shona!! Come on ask!!

Shona: Once there was an elephant walking on the edge of a valley,full of water.The elephant fell into the water.So,what is the first thing he will do?

Sanky: oooffff!!!!

Bublu: hmm…may be he will come out from the water..

Shona: Noo!!

Rahul: I think he will check his wounds..

Shona: Noo!!
Should I say the answer??
Rahul: okay tell!!

Shona: first thing he will ‘GET WET’
Hahahhahahaah nice na!!!!!!

All others starts laughing!!!!! Sanky looks at her angrily!!

Shona: okay okay!! Shall I ask the next question…

Sanky: Shona ! Will u stop ur nonsense!! And guys plz concentrate on d work!!

At that time a girl comes into the music… As soon as she comes all looks at her stunningly…
Bublu: woww she’s soo hot!!

Shona looks at her dress and wides her eyes!!!

Girl: hi I’m a new student.. I’m Tasha!!! I m from science group…I just heard that anyone can participate in music.. Actually I love music.. I want to get a chance!! Can you give me a chance plz!!

Bublu: Yaa sure!! Ur a science batch.. That’s enough!! Come on plzz..
Sanky: Yaa come in!!

She becomes friendly with everyone…
Sanky and Tasha gives her trail to the music… Sanky loves her voice and appreciates her!!

Shona feels jealous seeing Sanky being close to her!!

Bublu: Sanky!! Did u forgot you need to go and see the arrangements!!

Sanky: Yaa I forgot… Shona come…
(At that time Tasha interrupts..)
Tasha: shall I come??
Sanky: hmm ya sure..(saying this they both leave the room leaving Shona)

Shona eyes are filled with tears… But hides it!!

She goes to the washroom…nd cries!!!
She don’t know what’s happening to her!
She felt that someone is snatching her life from her!
She goes to her house!!

Maheshwari house!!

Ap is sleeping.. Nd flashback continues!!

When Swara was about to tell AP about the kiss…and when AP goes to get coffee for Sanskar…

Sanskar: (angrily) Swara what r u trying to do?
Swara: Sansakr I’m just trying to tell to the truth!!
Sanskar: Swara!! I warn you!! If ma get to know this! I will throw you out of this house!! Mind ur tongue..
Swara: achaa really!! Okay but what if you tell her truth??
Sanskar: are u crazy??? Why will I tell her
Swara: in case if u say?
Sanskar: okay fine!! If at il say I will do Wtever u tell me..
Swara: (excited) really??? Then will u take me out??
Sanskar: Yaa sure… But don’t get excited… I will never tell that to ma!! Nd if u say her I will throw u out…

Saying this he leaves!!

After some time!!

Swara goes to shopping.. At that time she watches the gunda.. She gets afraid and hides from him.. Her heart is beating faster.. As soon as he leaves she runs to home and goes to her room… Tensedly!!

She closes her eyes.. Nd gives support to herself!! And she thinks about Sanskar and his kiss.. She feels happy… But She feels disturbed..she thinks this is not correct!! She cries thinking about her parents!!

At that time AP comes to Swara’s room!
And looks at her being calm!!

AP: Swara Kya hua? Are you thinking about something?
She looks at her and gets shocked!
AP: Swara?? Ur crying? But why?
Swara hugs her!!
Swara: ma!! I’m so scared!
AP: scared? Kyu beta?
Swara looks at her and sleeps on her lap!!
Swara: I don’t know Ma!
AP: don’t worry Swara! We all r with u!!
You know.. I’m very happy with ur presence… I don’t need to feel lonely… U r with me.. You know it’s been ages since my son took me out!! He became busy with his work…

By d way swara today I cooked ur favourite chicken lollipop !!
Swara: excited.. Chicken lollipop !! Yummy!! Challo lets have it then!!

AP smiles!!

They both sit near the dining table.. And Swara starts to have her chicken lollipop

She hears sanksar car sound… Swara gets a plan…she tells AP..

Swara: Ma!! Sanskar is coming! Just act as you very angry on him!
AP:but Swara? Kyu?
Swara: (smiles) Ma just for fun!! See now I will tease him..
You know yesterday when u went out.. I became alone.. He taunt me so much! Nd u know what he did to me??

AP: what did he do?

Swara: I can’t say that Ma!! Let him tell!! You just do what I say.. Nd u will get the answer from his mouth!!!
After knowing the truth you can give him any punishment!!

AP:(confused but smiles) okay fine!!

Sanskar comes in…. And looks at AP… She’s very angry!!

Sanskar gets confused!! He looks at Swara..
She winks at him… And signal him that ur finish!!

Sanskar is shocked…

Sanskar: (doubtedly) Ma!!
AP: don’t talk to me Sanskar! How can u do that to Swara?? She’s a kid and I shame on u..

Sanskar: ma listen! I just did that to teach her a lesson!!

AP: (confused) what??
Sanskar:haa ma!! I know kissing her is wrong thing but I just want to show her that Sanskar Maheshwari can do anything to shut her nonsense!!

AP is shocked… Swara is happy, as he said that with his mouth!!
AP: sanskar??? You kissed her?? Do u know what r u doing??
She looks at Swara.. As soon as she looks at her.. Swara acts as if she’s crying!!

AP: Swara..I’m sorry.. My poor girl!! You could have tell me!! Is that the reason ur crying inside the room!!

Swara: (hugs AP) haaa Maa!!

She looks at Sanskar and winks!! Sanskar is fuming with anger.. And gets to know her plan!!

Sanskar: Ma! Don’t melt for those tears!! These r artificial!!
AP: shut up Sanskar!! You did wrong!! Say sorry to Swara!!

Sanskar: what???

Swara: ma no need of sorry!! Im so bored at home!! Last all go out.. Tel him to spare some time for family !!
(She looks at AP and smiles)

AP: (understoods that Swara is doing this for her and gets happy) haa Sanskar!! Today u need to take us!! That’s it!!
Or else ur Ma won’t speak with you!!

Sanskar: (angry) okay fine!!

(He angrily goes to his room)

Swara smiles… AP looks at Swara and goes near her..

AP : I’m sorry for what Sanskar did!!
Swara: don’t worry ma!! Dats Kk..

She leaves to her room… AP gets happy..

After sometime Swara and AP gets ready!!
Sanskar comes down..

They all went for dinner..

They all r ordering food!!
Sanky looks at her angrily..

Waitor: gud evening sir.. Ur order plz..

Sanksar : I want paneer..
Swara: (excited) even I want paneer
Sanskar: (angry) paneer cancel.. I want butter chicken..
Swara: (excited) even I want butter chicken!
Sanskar: butter chicken cancel.. I want allow tikka
Swara : even I want allo tikka!!

Sanksar: Swaraa!!! U order what u want!! Don’t order what I say..
Swara: (pout face) I’m doing that only!!

AP smiles looking at them…

AP: okay fine!! Stop fighting.. Il order the food!!
AP orders the food…

After some time food comes and they start eating..
Shona keeps on talking while eating… Sanskar feels irritated with her stupid jokes!!

After the dinner..

Swara looks at the pool place…where kids are playing!!
Maa! I want to play in that pool..
Sanskar: (angry) Swara that’s kids pool.. How crazy u are..
Swara: so what Sanskar.. You know I love water soo much.. I love swimming too…
When she was talking… Sanskar takes a glass of water and pours the water on her!!

Swara and AP is shocked!!!
AP: sanskar what did u do?
Sanskar: she told she like water.. So I threw the water on her.. Now plz don’t support her..
When he was speaking..
Swara Pours the entire water bottle on his face…

Sanskar: (angry) swRaaaa!!
Swara: ohh!! Sorry actually if suppose I’m swimming i like splashing water on others.. So I did this..
(She laughs and gives hifi to AP)

AP smiles..

Sanskar: Swara!! I won’t leave you today !
Sawara runs seeing his anger!!

Sanskar runs towards her and holds her… Sanskar: how dare you Swara!!
Swara: laugh loudly….plzzz Sanskar!! Okay I’m baba… Please please.. Leave me!!
Sanskar: a big nooooooo
Swara: what?? You won’t leave me??
Sanskar: Yess!! I won’t leave you…
Swara: acha!!!
Swara looks at him lovingly …. And keeps her 2 hands around his collar.. And kisses his cheeks tightly…

Sanskar is shocked… And looses. His grip on her…
Swara gets down and runs….
Sanskar is speechless…

Swara looks back and winks at him!!!

Episode ends!!

Freshers party!!
Sanky scolds Shona.. In front of everyone!!

Sorry if any grammar mistakes

Credit to: Neha

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