True love never dies Episode 5


Episode 5
Flash back continue…

Swara gets tensed seeing his anger.. Nd stops… Sanskar goes near her…. Gives and angry look and snatches the photo from her…
Sanskar: (angrily) Swara!! Get ready to bear the pain!!

nd was about to leave…

Swara starts to laugh!!!
Swara: ohhhh God!! Mr.sanskar Maheshwari… The great business man is cared of his photograph!!!
Hahahaha loll!!! This is really soooo funny!!!!

Sanskar gets angry and looks back at her!!!

Swara keeps on laughing…
Sanskar feels irritated and goes back to her…

Sanskar: Swara!!! what’s soo funny in it????
Swara:(laughs and looks at him) ur pic is soo funny!! By d way Mr.sanksar!! You look soo cute!!

Sanskar really pissed off with her act!!

He holds her hand pulls her close to him..

Sanskar: Swara how dare you make fun of me??
Do u think I can’t do anything to u??

Swara: (laughs but hides her smile) haaa!! You can’t do anything to me!!

Sanskar holds her tightly and holds her waist nd pinches it tightly…

Swara : “Sanskar please leave me..” It’s hurting!!
Sanskar: No…..(Harshly )
Swara : “What..!!” she shouts
Sanskar : “Don’t shout Swara ..”
Swara: You leave me first then I won’t shout.. (She tried to make a compromise deal with him)
Sanskar: I will leave you.. But I want you to know something first
Swara: “What??”
Sanskar: You really wanted to know.. he rise his eyebrow
Swara: If you will leaves me.. Then I wanted to know.. And by the way what..…” her talk been stopped when he lend and capture her lips with his lips..

Swara was shocked

She doesn’t know what to react.. Its was sudden act by him and her eye become wider..her eyes are filled with tears…
She was standing numb and he was still exploring her lips.. She closed her eye tightly and hope he will stop soon.. She didn’t took part in the kiss and was gripping his collar tightly because her knee becoming weaker for each second..

He broke the kiss and gasp for some air.. He looked at her evilly..
Her eye is still closed.. She was shocked to see his act!! She doesn’t know how to react!!

Sanskar: (husky voice) Swara?? Open ur eyes!!
Swara was scared.. She dint opened her eye!!

Sanskar pulled her angrily again…
Swara opened her eyes immediately to see his grip on her!!

Sanskar: so did you get to know my answer.. (He angrily pulled her closer) don’t try to pull ur stunt on me!! This will be my reaction…this kiss will teach u a lesson now!! next time you will see my another side!! Be careful!!!

He pushes her and leaves…

Swara is she’ll shocked… She was speechless!! But somewhere she blushes to think about the kiss!! She thinks about Sanskar, their fights, now the kiss… She smiles….She felt that she got some hope to live after the tragedy that happened in her life..

She went inside her room…

Sanskar room:

Sanskar is disturbed after the kiss.. He feels some current passing on him..
He thinks
Sanskar how can u do that!! How can u kiss a girl.. He was disturbed!!!
He thinks about her fun, and gets angry..
Swara!! You need this!! You need this pain!!

He switch off the light and sleeps!!

Next day morning!!
Sanskar is sitting on the breakfast table!!
AP is waiting for Swara to come!!
AP: arey what happened to Swara!! She dint come yet!
Sanskar looks towards her room.. Nd remembers the kiss and smiles..

Sanskar: I guess she won’t come now!! I thought her a lesson… Nd smiles evilly!!
AP: Kya???
Sanskar: nothing ma!!

Swara room:
She gets ready and looks at her face in the mirror..
She wears earings, lipstick.. And gets ready..
She thinks about the kiss and smiles!!

She goes down…
Ap: Swara!! What happened? You woke up so late? Are you alright?
Swara: (laughs) haa mom!! I’m fyn!! Don’t worry!

Sanskar looks at her… Swara notices him looking and winks at him..

Sanskar is confused!
He thinks how can she go soo cool!!

Three of them are having breakfast!!
Ap: by d way Sanskar! Yesterday who messed up ur room??
Sanskar: it’s Swara ma!! She’s becoming childish day by day!! So i shut her mouth!!
Saying this he looks at her angrily)
Swara looks at him angrily!!

AP: Swara!! You did that?? But y Swara?
Swara: Maa! Ya I agree I did it!! But do u know what ur son did?? You cannot even imagine about it?? He kis….

Sanksar is shocked…he interrupts..

Sanksar: Maa actually.. Today I will come home late!! (He diverts the topic) bye ma!
(He takes out his bag and when he was about to go)

Swara: ma!! Actually you forgot… I was telling you something!!
AP: what was that Swara?
Swara: Ma! Ur son!! He kis…
Sanskar gets angry.. He again converts it!!

Sanskar: Maa! Can you get me some coffee??
AP is confused…
Ap: (confused) okay!!
Swara: Maa!! Plz don’t go?
Sanskar: Maa! Plz go..
Swara: ma! Wait even I’m coming…
Ap goes to get coffee..Nd Sanskar stops Swara!! He takes her near to the wall and pins it!!

Sanskar: (angrily) Swara what r u trying to do?
Swara: Sansakr I’m just trying to tell to the truth!!
Sanskar: Swara!! I warn you!! If ma get to know this! I will throw you out of this house!! Mind ur tongue..
Swara: achaa really!! (She winks and leaves)
Saying this Sanskar leaves to office…

Scene 2
Sanskar is in car… He was in d traffic..
Suddenly a gunda with long hair.. And his group .. Searches for a girl.. They carry a photograph and they start asking everyone…’ DID U SEE THIS GIRL ANYWHERE’?
When they were about to show that pic to Sanskar..
He moves…

Flashback ends!!!

Shona goes to principle room to take the permission from principle..
At that time Ragini enters the cabin..
Ragini is an incharge for arts group..

Principle: so you both are new inchargers? Ryt??
Rag and Shona: yes sir!!
Princy: good!! So what was ur program for Freshers day??
Shona and ragz explains their program..
Princy: okay fine! I accept ur programs!! And I want to invite one guest.. He is a politician… (He looks at Shona and tells her… Science group go and invite him for the Freshers…here is the appointment letter… Nd he looks at ragz… Let’s arts group take care of programming…

Shona and ragz looks at each other.. And accepts!!

After coming out from princy room..
Ragz : Hii!!
Shona looks at her…
Rag: hi! I’m Ragini
Shona: I’m Shona!!
Rag: see we don’t have any enmities.. Let’s be friends!! We are volunteers and we need to be friends!
Shona: smiles..
They both leave!!

Shona enters the music room.. And tells Sanky about everything!!

Sanky: okay fine! So guys lets go to meet the minister!! And Shona you come with me!!
Shona: okay !
Sanky, Bublu and Shona goes to meet him…
Security stops them and checks the appointment paper and sends them inside..

Shona, Sanky and Bublu are waiting near the hall..
A man comes.. He was old.. With long grey hair..
He comes near them… Nd Shona eyes fells on him..
She suddenly gets flashes

‘ someone is following her.. He holds her… Nd slaps her.. He holds her hair and drags her!!!

Shona comes out of the flashes!! and gets afraid looking at him..

She’s full sweating!!

She looks at Sanky and holds his hands!! Sanky is confused.. To see her tensed soo much!!

The politician comes near them..
Shona immediately hides behind his shoulder..

Sanky looks at her.. Her eyes are closed with fear.. She is sweating!!

Sanky: Shona!! Kya hua?
Shona: Sanky lets go out!! I’m so afraid!!!I don’t know y!!
Sanky: what?

Politician: so u are from university of science and arts?
Sanky: yes sir!!!
(He looks at Shona who was hiding behind him)
Politician: who is she?
Sanky: she’s our classmate?
He sees her face…
Politician: I’ve seen this girl somewhere?
Okay anyways! Il come to ur college!!

(Sanky talks to him and thanks him)

Politician: why she is hiding from me!
Sanky: actually she is scared. Ur a great person.. So bit scared of meeting you!!
Politician: smiles!!! Nd he looks at her.. Shona hides her face again.. Nd holds Sanky shirt tightly!!

THey come out!!
Sanky: (angry)Shona Kya hua?? Why r u so afraid?? Don’t behave like a kid!! Wt if he don’t accept seeing ur behaviour??
Shona cries..
Bublu: Shona Kya hua??
Shona: (shivers she thinks about the dream) I’ve seen him somewhere!! He is following me!! He slapped me!! He is dragging me!!
I’m scared!!
Sanky and bublu are shocked!!

Sanky: come on Shona!! Ur dreaming!! Anyways come!! Let’s go!!

They all leave..

Episode ends!!
Some moments flashes on Sanky dream!!

Credit to: Neha

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