True love never dies Episode 48 (Swasan) last epi season1!!!


so guys i m arohi nd i m posting the last epi of tlnd season 1

5:00! Am

Dadi wakes up, and looks at Shona.. She smiles looking at her cute face…Nd wakes her..
Dadi: shonaa.. Wake up its 5..
Shona: (drowsy)5 mins plzz!!

Dadi smiles and she gets freshup.. It was 5:30..

Dadi: Shona its 5:30.. Get up,
Shona doesn’t wake up..

Dadi: hmm shonaa look at Varun, he already went for gym!

Shona what??? She wakes up…

Dadi laughs..
Dadi: good morning shonaa…Hahahaha shonaa… So funny.. I just told lie.. Now get up and get ready.. You need to do puja.. Nd u should go to ur colz too..

Shona: okay dadi..

She gets freshup.. She comes out of the room, she watches Adharsh..

Adharsh looks at her..
Adharsh: (smiles) good morning Shona..
Shona: good morning papa..

(She looks at the morning garden, it was soo pleasant.)
Shona: wowww it’s soo pleasant!! I just loved it..
(She runs out, Adharsh looks at her and smiles)
Shona goes out and looks at Pari who is plucking flowers..

Shona: (shouts) good morning Ma..
Pari: good morning Shona..
Shona: Maa this is soo beautiful.. It’s soo pleasant here.. Nd these flowers are awesome.. I love this yellow flowers soo much!

Pari: (smiles) haha really.. Even I love them soo much.. Nd Shona.. go and wake up Varun.. You both need to do puja..Nd take some notes from Varun book shelf.. After coming from ur college, Varun will get u books to read..

Shona: okay Ma…
She runs to sanky’s room..

Sanky room
Shona enters the room.. She watches him sleeping.. She goes towards him..she looks at him sleeping peacefully and smiles..

Shona: Sanky.. Get up!

Sanky: Maa.. Let me sleep for sometime!!

Shona: (caresses his hair and whispers) Sanky, I’m not Ma, I’m ur wife.. Get up soon.. See ur wife got ready soo soon…Nd u know what..i won the bet…..

Sanky Opens his eyes, Nd looks at his beautiful wife face..
He smiles looking at her…

Shona: Sanky.. Get up, see I’m ready and
look at u.. Still sleeping?? Learn some manners from ur wife.. It’s 8:00.. If u still sleep like this, when will u get ready, when will u do puja and when will u go to colleg….

When she was speaking, she feels a heavy hand on her waist..
She looks at Sanky… He smiles and pulls her on bed.. Nd hugs her…

Shona: Sanky what r u doing?? What is anyone comes..

Sanky: we r not lovers anymore to get scared of someone.. We r married now.. So don’t worry..

Shona: Sanky…but what if Ma..

Sanky: shhhh.. Don’t talk anything now.. He starts kissing her all over her face..

Shona blushes and hugs him tightly..
Sanky: Shona from today ur going to be in this room forever.. By d way tell me did u get sleep in new place??

Shona : Yess Sanky.. I slept very peacefully.. U know I had great time with dadi.. She’s soo sweet.. I liked her soo much!! Nd papa and Ma they are too good!!

Sanky: r u happy?
Shona: yaaaa sooo much!!

Sanky looks at her being happy and hugs her
Sanky: Shona I love u..
Shona: I love u too…
Sanky: it’s like dream to me Shona.. I just loving it..
Shona and Sanky looks at each other and smiles..

Shona: (Looks at the time) Sanky now get up, get ready soon..

Sanky: okay!! Just give me 5mins okay.. U wait here only..

Shona: okay!!

Shona: by d way Sanky, where is ur book shelf.. I want one notebook..

Sanky: there it is… Have fun!!

Shona checks his bookshelf and gets shocks…
Shona : (shouts) Sanky there is Noo books in ur book shelf..

Sanky: hahaha lol.. Shona when did I carry a book??

Shona: Sanky, then what r u studying??
Sanky: i don’t need any notes.. II just follow text books that’s it..

Shona: woww my Sanky is soo intelligent!!
I’m soo proud of u..

Sanky gets ready..
Shona: woww Sanky, ur ready!! Nd my hubby is looking soo cute!!!
She starts pulling cheeks
Sanky smiles…

Sanky: enough enough!! Shonaa…
Shona: Hahahaha!!

Sanky: hmm come Shona lets go…

They go down..talking to each other and smiling..

All looks at them.. Nd gets happy seeing both of them…

Shona and Sanky does puja together…Nd they take blessing from everyone and leaves for college..

Sanky: ur exam will start at 12:00, u have 2 hours time.. Nd Shona all the best!!
Shona: Thankyou Sanky.. Nd all de best to u too.. Do ur lab exam well!!

Sanky: okay!! My exam at afternoon.. Il be in music room.. When ur exam gets over come to music room okay??

Shona: okay!!

She leaves…

Sanky messages Laksh.. Nd smiles

Shona goes inside… She looks at the wall.. Nd touches the letters which Sanky wrote..
When she turns back.. She gets shock seeing arts batch, Laksh and his group..

Shona gets tensed..
Laksh: hello Shona, I heard u and Sanky married?? Congrats yar..

Shona looks at him angrily… When she was about to go..

Laksh stops her and holds her hands… Nd twists it back.. Nd ties it…

Shona is shocked..
Shona: Laksh leave me what r u doing??

Laksh: shonaa just shut up…

(He ties her mouth)

Shona cries…

Laksh: ur my target shonaa, it will fun to trap u in our den… Now il see how Sanky will save you…

Saying this he closes her eyes with cloth…he lifts her and takes her to arts den…

Arts den:
He removes her cloth from her mouth..

Shona starts scolding..
Shona: Laksh how dare you?? Sanky will not leave u.. He will kill you… Leave me Laksh…

There was pin drop silence..
Shona: Lakshhh laksh… Plz leave me I have exam!!

She cries….

Laksh looks at her and smiles… He frees her hand..

Shona immediately opens her eyes and gets shock seeing the den.. Nd people at around her.. And Sanky standing in front of her..

Shona gets happy and hugs him…
Shona: Sanky… I’m so scared.. Thankgod u came..Nd what r u doing here in arts??

Suddenly all starts shouting and throws the colours papers on them..

Shona gets surprised… Nd looks at Sanky…

Laksh: hey Shona.. Congrats.. (He pulls her cheeks)

Shona: ?
Ragini: congrats shonaa.. She hugs him…

Sanky: shonaa, you know what arts and science became one!!
Now we all are friends!!

Shona: (excited) what??? But how Sanky??
Sanky: you know my friend lucky alias Laksh, traced you.. When u r in Jagadish house..
He helped me a lot.. Because of him we r happy today…

Shona: what? She looks at Laksh..

Shona: (teary eyes) Thankyou Laksh… Thankyou so much..

Laksh: Noo worries Shona!! Soo FrIends??

Shona smiles and gives shake hand..
He hugs her…

Laksh: soo Shona, congrats for u and Sanky..

Nd here is the very small gift from all of us..
He takes out two rings..

Shona and Sanky gets surprised..
Sanky: lucky, why all this??
Laksh: come on Sanky.. Ur the first married couples in this college.. Soo we need to celebrate it..

Arts and science are one because of u both.. So come on take it..

Arts and science group gets happy.. And they are in full josh!!

Shona and Sanky exchanges the rings.. They look at each other and smiles…

All gets into the party josh.. Colz is full of fun..

Shona: guys what about my exam??
Laksh: hahaha lol.. Shona, we don’t have any exams now.. It was our plan!!
He looks at Bublu and they both gives hifi…

Shona: Laksh… (She starts beating him)

They all share a beautiful time together..

Rahul: guys, I have a doubt!!

Laksh: what’s that Rahul..

Rahul: we all became one… But guys we are following our rule in our college.. Actually it was awesome thing..
Like.. If science enters arts, it’s fun to trap him/her… Same with if arts enters science, we used to have competition, all juniors used to have that terror..
Actually these was all one of the sweet memories..
It’s our college specialty… All are very s ares to join in our colz.. Becz of this..
Now we became frnd I guess we will miss it..
Now we can’t tease anyone!! We can’t have that fun back…

Laksh and Sanky thinks about those memorable days…

Laksh: Yes Sanky he is ryt!! We will miss that fun..

Sanky: (thinks) guys, we became friends Nd ya we can’t do those things again to our juniors.. But guys.. I have a plan.. Now we can do that together…. Our juniors will have that same fear..

Laksh: what’s that Sanky??
Sanky: (smiles) RAGGING!!!

All looks at him shockingly..
Rohit: ragging???
Sanky: Yess.. We have that right Coz we r seniors.. Will rag the guys.. All should get scared of our colz.. But guys it should be limit… Our juniors should get scared seeing us but, they should enjoy this college Like we do
What u say??

Laksh smiles…
Laksh: woww it’s superb… We gonna rag our juniors together!! Awesome!!

Shona: hah then me and Ragini will be anti Ragging squad!!

Sanky: what?!
Shona: Haaa if at all they plan something against u.. They will tell us.. So that we can alert u guys!!
Hahahhaaha funny na!!!

Ragini smiles looking at her…
Laksh: Hahahah Shona.. It’s a nice one!!
Sanky: Hahahah shonaa awesome!!!

All gets happy with the plan…Nd they all enjoys the party in colz..

Sanky: guys today dinner party at my house.. I’m inviting everyone.. Don’t miss it okay!!

All shouts Yess!!!

Sanky: okay then we need to go now.. Will meet in the evening..
Laksh: okay dude…
Bublu: Sanky, will come after 1 hour..

Sanky: okay Bublu…

They leave to MM:


MM house is filled with guests, relatives and mainly college students.. It was really a grand reception..

Ragini, Sasha reaches MM and they start their makeup to Shona..
Laksh, Bublu Rohit and Rahul.. Helps Sanky…

After getting ready,
Shona and Sanky comes down.. Where all starts admiring them..
Adharsh introduces both to his friends..
AP looks at them and gets happy..

Shona becomes overwhelmed seeing this beautiful decorations..
She thinks of her parents and misses her family..

Sanky observes her..
Sanky: Shona, I know u missing ur family.. So I have a surprise for you..

She turns back and gets happy seeing Sunny..

Shona: bhai.. (She hugs him) Ma and papa??
Sunny: Shona I’m soo happy for u… Nd Maa told me to gift u both this bracelets..
(He wears gold bracelets to both of them) Nd Shona don’t worry about papa.. It takes time.. But he will accept when he gets to know that ur very happy..

Shona: I’m soo happy bhai..
(She holds his hand and takes him towards ap, Pari and Adharsh.. Nd introduces them)

All gets happy seeing him..

All gets happy taking selfiees, photos.. Group photos.. It was a grand reception..
Reception was over..

All wishes Sanky and Shona, and they leave to their houses..

After all went..
Pari takes Shona to her room and makes her wear saree…
Pari: (teases) Shona, today is ur suhagraat..

Shona: Maa!!

Pari and AP smiles and they send her in..
The room was decorated with lots of flowers..
Shona: (excited) woww these many flowers??
Sanky comes to the room he looks at her and smiles..

Shona: Sanky, did u see these, it’s soo nice na!! These flowers..
Sanky: (smiles and sits beside her on bed) Yess.. But u know what I hate flowers..
Shona: ?you hate flowers?? Why??
Sanky: (teases) Yess..because I’m not a girl.. I know all boys will hate flowers..

Shona: ohh really??? By d way Sanky.. U forgot one thing.. If boys hate flowers why did u guys prefer flowers when ur proposing someone???

Sanky: ahahha lol.. It’s so funny question like u…That’s because u girls love it..

Shona: achaaa!!
She starts beating…

Sanky: arey what wrong did I say?? It’s true fact!!

Shona: but I love flowers, when ur wife love flowers.. Even u should love it.. That’s it!!

Sanky laughs loudly…
Sanky: hahahhaaha lol… This is 3….muchhhh!!

Shona: ? what 3 much? leave all that.. (She gets excited) Sanky you know I have some list.. Promise me that you will follow that to me??

Sanky: Yaa darling sure tell me..
Shona: you should daily take me out for a long ride.. Okay??

Sanky: offoo Kk!!

Shona: you should daily give me a chocolate and u should praise me always okay??

Sanky: ooff Kk!!

Shona: Sanky.. This is very important.. You should never ever ever ever ever talk to any girl.. Nd u should not rag them okay??

Sanky: ?but Shona, how is that possible?? Like in colz they will be many beautiful girls like u… I mean girl like u..

Shona: ? I said Noo.. I will kill u if I see u with anyone.. Mainly with that Divya.. Understand??

Sanky: Kk madam ??

Shona: woww soo sweet of u.. She kisses him..

Sanky: (smiles) Shona with this kiss.. You always make me crazy..

Shona : really?? Woww.. Sanky, in this happy time I will tell u a joke okay??

Sanky: hmm okay tell me??

Shona: k listen carefully!!
An elephant married a mousquito.At night mosquito ran away. Why?

Sanky: ? what’s that question??
Shona: tell me na??
Sanky: hmm I think it’s arranged marriage.. After seeing elephant size may be it ran away..

Shona: noooo! Should I say??
Sanky: Haaa tell!!
Shona: Because elephant had turned on the good night mat.

Hahahahahahahhaa sooo funny na!!!

Sanky: (smiles) ooofff!! Shona is this a joke??

Shona: ur forgetting ur rule?? U should praise me all the time..

Sanky: ? ohh Shona.. Wowww Shona what a Joke… It’s awesome!! Tremendous!!!

Shona: Thankyou Thankyou… Nd Sanky one more joke okay??

Sanky: shonaa plzz not now.. Plzz
Shona: Hahahaha Kk.. (she sleeps on his lap)

Sanky: (caresses her hair)
Shona: Sanky!!
Sanky: haa Shona..
Shona: I have a doubt…why dadi is calling me Swara?? Who is she??

Sanky: (he looks at her lovingly as he knows that she is Swara) should I tell you??
Shona: Yaaa!!

Sanky: (teases) actually Shona, I’ve hided something from you..

Shona: ?what is that??
Sanky: shonaa.. I will tel u… but u should not scold me or beat me..
Shona: Plzz don’t scare me Sanky..

Sanky: (teases) actually she’s my first girl friend!!

Shona: ?what??? (She gets up from his lap)
Sanky: haa Shona, you know we both used to fight soo much..
Nd u know she loves mee sooo much…

(He looks at her tensed face and kisses her cheeks and smiles but hides his smile)

Sanky: Nd u know Shona, she used to care for me soo much..

(He again kisses her another cheeks)

Shona is shocked and tensed….

Sanky: my dadi loves her sooo much!! Nd you know what even I love her soo much!!

Shona: (eyes are filled with tears) why dint u tell before..

Sanky: I thought to tell u..
Shona: when u live her soo much, why did u breakup??
Sanky: ?because she got married..
Shona: married?? With whom??

Sanky: with…. My chacha!!!!!
(He laughs loudly)

Sanky: Hahahhaaha loll… Shona look at u how scared u are… Shonaa darling.. Swara is my chachi….

Shona: ? Sanky… How dare you tease me…
She started throwing pillows on Him

Sanky: hahaha Shona I’m sorry.. I was just kidding..

Shona: I will kill u Sanky…
She started beating him..

Sanky holds her hands and stops her…
Shona: leave me..
Sanky looks at her lovingly…
Sanky: nooooo (he goes near her and starts kissing her nape)

Shona: (smiles) Sanky… Leave me…
Sanky smiles and starts removing her saree..
shona smiles, she knows what was going to happen, she was not ready to face him. She hugs him tightly with shy…

Sanky smiles… He bent down and picked her up in his arms. Shona hid her face in the crook of his neck. .

Sanky took her towards the bed. He made her lie down on their bed, shona was started breathing heavily.
Sanky kissed her forehead seeing her tensed face…
Both of them were staring in each other’s eyes all this while
Sanky moved towards her and whispers

Sanky: Shona sometimes u really test my patience

She was blushing, her cheeks became red..
Sanky kisses her forehead and whispers I LoVe you..Nd hugged her soo tight, and tells

Sanky: Shona ur mine forever!!

Shona: (smiles and kisses his cheek)

Sanky smiles and starts opening her jewellery…

He took her necklace, and kisses her on her neck…
Shona looks at him tensedly…

Sanky removes her earnings and kisses her earlobes..

She gets shy and she clutched her hands on him..turning to other side

He opened her blouse dori.. And stars kissing her bare back..

He turned her towards him and looks at her lips, Nd smashed her lips into hers..
They kisses each other passionately… They were breathing heavily…

They covered themself with the blanket, Nd they started to make out love passionately)
They both slept peacefully in each other arms!!

Episode ends!!

*********** season 1 ends**********


Will Shona gets to know about her second birth??
Will Jagadish or Sanjay again come backs in their life,?

Will shova be like this happily??

Season 2 form April
Thankyou for all ur support!!

Credit to: neha

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