True love never dies Episode 47 (Swasan)


Sanky and Shona reaches home

Sanky: Shona come..
(Shona gets tensed and holds his hands tightly)
Shona: Sanky I’m soo scared. Plzz, I won’t come..
Sanky: shonaa.. Nothing will happen, come im there na.. I will be with you only!!

Shona: ??nooo plzz im scared..

Sanky: (smiles seeing her cute expressions) Shona.. I’m promising you, no one will stop us or scold us.. First they may get angry but just wait and watch They will accept u.. Don’t worry okay??

Shona: ok …
Sanky: good now come with me
He holds her hands and takes her..

Adharsh, Pari and AP are waiting for Sanky to come inside..

Near the door:
Sanky looks all of them.. While Shona hides completely back of him, by holding his shirt… Covering her face..

All 3 looks at him and gets shocked..
Adharsh and AP gets angry…

AP: (shouts) Varun??? What have U done?? How can u marry a a girl like that.. Do U know the meaning of marriage??

She cries…

Shona gets tensed hearing their shouting, and holds Sanky soo tightly..

Pari: Varun, before taking This decision, dint u think about ur dad once?? Why did u do this Varun.. If u tell us before, do u think we won’t accept you??

Adharsh looks at him angrily…

Sanky: dad I know I did wrong, but we love each other soo much.. She left her family for me.. She even attempted suicide.. She loves me soo much, even I lover her dad, I can’t live without her dad..

AP: (shouts) Varun.. I don’t want to hear single word from you.. I won’t accept this marriage.. Send her back to her house..
I don’t want her to come inside..
She can’t be ur wife..
She cries…I’m searching for ur life partner Varun… How can you bring her… Take her
Send her home..

Shona gets scared listening her words.. Her eyes are filled with tears.. She starts crying and immediately comes forward, revealing her face and starts pleasing them

All r shocked to see her, ?

Shona: ??please don’t separate us.. I can’t live without varun.. Plzz don’t send me home.. Plzzz

She cries and hugs Sanky… Sanky eyes are filled with tears to see all faces…as he knows that they r in shock… Even Bublu eyes are filled tears to see all expressins

All are shocked, surprised, and happy to see her… They were speechless…everyone eyes are filled with tears.. The only word which came from their mouth was…’Swara’
Is this true??? Was the only thing which is repeating in their minds,

They look at Shona.. Who is still hugging Sanky..

AP gets happy, as she already saw her in temple.. She was soo happy to know that Sanky married Swara..

She goes near Shona, and touches her…
Shona turns her face with tensed…

She watches AP standing in front of her.. She gets scared to face her and closes her eyes tightly…

AP strts crying, looking at Shona soo closely…

AP: swaraaa!!! (She touches her face and caresses it)

Shona is shocked and opens her eyes…

AP: (cries) u came back… I know you will come.. I’m soo happy… (She kisses her forehead) and looks at Adharsh and parineethaaa who are still in shock..

AP: (smiles) Adharsh.. Did u see her, she’s back to get her love.. I told you na Pari..
My Beti will come back… This is destiny… It will never seperate them..

She cries and hugs her more tightly…
AP: my Beti is back…. My Swara!! Adharsh.. My Swara is back !! (She starts kissing all over her face)

Adharsh and parineetha cries seeing Shona…

Shona is confused to hear the name Swara.. She looks at Sanky confusingly..

Sanky: (wipes his tears) Nd hugs both of them…
dadi.. She is not ur Swara, she is my Shona.. Whom I’m in love with.. Did u like her?? Or shall I send her back home?? ?

AP: (smiles) I liked her soo much Varun.. Nd do u think I will send her… Noo she won’t go anywhere, she will be with me only..

Shona gets happy… Her eyes are filled tears..

Shona: (wipes her tears) really??? Dadi You won’t send me back to my house ??

Dadi: Noo shonaa…

Shona: Promise??
(AP gets happy seeing her behaviour.. As she’s same as Swara)

Dadi: (cups her face) Noo Shona!! I will never send you anywhere you will be here with me..

(Shona gets happy and hugs her)

Sanky: (hugs her from back and smiles) Shona.. I told you na, my parents will love you.. Come il introduce my mom and dad..

Shona is still scared…

Sanky goes towards Adharsh… Seeing Adharsh Shona again hides back of Sanky..

Sanky: (smiles) shonaa.. Come front… Don’t hide.. Look he is my dad.. !!

Sanky: dad, she is ur bahu.. Shona.. Nd dad, Do u Remember her, that day u spoked with her.. ICICI bank?? Do u remember??

Hearing ICICI word Shona again hides her face.. Seeing her expressions Adharsh laughs and hugs her, with lots of love..

Adharsh: I’m soo happy for you both.. God bless you.. (He cups her face) Shona.. Don’t get scared seeing me, Hehe I won’t scold u ever.. Because ur my daughter now.. we all are there for u.. You can treat me like ur papa..

Shona gets happy and hugs him..
Shona: Thankyou papa..
Sanky and Shona takes blessing from him..
Adharsh: (blesses both of them) so Shona, did your fear gone seeing me??

Shona: (smiles) Haaa papa… Now I don’t have even tiny wala fear.. I’m soo happy..

Adharsh smiles and caresses her hair and blesses her!!

Sanky takes her towards Pari.. As soon as she go near Pari,
Pari hugs her…
Pari: I’m soo happy Shona.. (She kisses her cheeks)
She looks at Sanky and holds his ears..

Pari: Varun, why dint you show Shona to me before.. Nd how can u marry her without us..

Sanky: mom what should I do, situation was like that.. I couldn’t do anything!!

AP: Pari, will talk about this later, first let them have dinner..

Pari: haa ma.. Okay!!
AP: Shona and varun.. Go and get fresh up.. Let’s all have dinner together..

Shona looks at Sanky, Nd signals him as she doesn’t have any other dresses to wear..

Sanky: (signal)? ohh Yaa I forgot, I dint think about that.. Or else I could have buy more dresses.. Now what shall we do..

AP notices them signalling…
AP: Varun Kya hua beta?
Sanky: dadi, actually she don’t have any dresses.. Just give me 1 hour time.. Il come now.. Il bring some dresses, I guess shops wil be open!!

Shona gets tensed and holds his hands…
All looks at her shockingly..

Shona: don’t go Sanky.. Plz, il stay like this no problem.. But don’t go now..

AP: (laughs looking at her) hahah shonaa.. Im so happy that u love Varun so much.. Don’t worry he won’t go anywhere..
Nd haa wait.. There were soo many clothes in Swara’s soon.. I will get it..
(She goes to terrace to get it)

Pari and Adharsh smiles looking at her..
Pari: shonaa.. You come with me.. Nd Varun, you can go tomorrow.. Now don’t go anywhere.. U go and get ready..

Sanky: okay mom..

Pari takes Shona with her..

Adharsh : Sanky, go and get freshup..
Sanky: okay dad… (he was about to go but stops) dad, I’m sorry.. I know ur angry on me.. But I couldn’t see Shona suffering in Jagadish house.. So I married her..

Adharsh is shocked..
Adharsh: Jagadish???
Sanky: haa dad.. Shona is afraid of him.. (He tells him how Shekar has kept her in his house and all)

Adharsh: (worried) ohh god!! Why did u went there alone Varun.. What if anything happens to u.. He is not at all good.. Thankgod u both are safe..

He hugs him..
Adharsh: leave all that.. Nd I’m not at all angry on u.. Because u brought Shona home.. I’m soo happy.. Go and get freshup..

Bublu: okay Sanky.. I’ll meet u tomorrow.. Take care.. By d way congrats dude..
Adharsh: Noo Bublu.. Let’s all have dinner together!!
Bublu: okay.. Uncle!!

AP room:
Shona wears a night suit of Swara’s.. She comes out from washroom..
Pari and AP looks at her
Pari: Maa she is same like Swara na.. How is this possible?
AP: I told u na Pari.. This is their second birth.. They can never be separated!

Pari: I’m soo happy…(she goes near Shona and caresses her hair)
Pari: shonaa, are u comfortable? Did u like it?
Shona: (smiles) haa Ma.. I liked it very much.. Thankyou..

Pari: okay il wait down.. U get ready and come soon..

Shona: okay!!

After sometime..
Shona gets ready… Nd looks at AP..
Shona: (smiles) dadi I’m ready!!

AP: (smiles) ur soo cute.. (She again kisses her forehead)

AP: Shona.. Come lets have dinner now.. She pulls her hand.. Shona’s bandage comes out…
Shona: ahh!!

AP gets shocked and looks at the wound..

AP: (worried) shonaa.. What happened??

AP understood that she cut her hand, as Sanky told them that she attempted Suicide…(she remembers how Swara killed herself for Sanksar Nd she starts crying)

AP: why did u do this Shona? What if something happens to u?? Kyu Shona?? Why do u love him so much? You will kill Yourself for him??

Shona: haa ma.. I love him soo much.. I thought my dad won’t allow him to meet.. Soo..

AP cries and hugs her…
Noo Shona we all r there for u.. Plz don’t do such things again!!

Shona gets overwhelmed seeing their love..

Shona: I’m fine dadi.. Plz don’t worry!!
AP: don’t worry?? Did u see how deep it’s been cut..

Come here, I will bandage ur hand…
(She applies ointment and bandages her hand)

Shona looks at AP lovingly.. She can see her tears..

Shona: dadi ur crying?? Plzz don’t cry.. I’m fine…(she wipes AP tears)
Dadi: (smiles seeing her care) I’m soo happy to see u Shona, ur perfect for Varun..

Shona smiles… Dadi come lets go now.. Sanky will be waiting for me!!

They go down..

Dinner table:

AP: Shona come sit here.. (She serves her)
Bublu calls her making sound.. Shona looks at him..

He takes out a big chocolate…Nd starts teasing her by opening the cover..

Shona: ? (she thinks)
Is he eating the full chocolate without Giving me??
She looks at him angrily..

AP: Shona come have ur food..
Shona: haa dadi.. (She starts eating very slowly, as her full concentrate is on chocolate..)

Sanky comes closer to her and whispers,
Sanky: (teases) shonaa faster.. Ur eating like a snail.. Soo slow…look at me, I already completed..

Shona looks at him and whispers..

Shona: Sanky, How can I eat when Bublu is eating chocolate in front of me??

Sanky: (what)??? He starts laughing loudly…

AP, Pari and Adharsh looks at him confusingly..

Sanky: (laughs) shonaa… Ur soo crazy!!

Adharsh: (smiles) Kya hua Sanky??

Sanky: Papa, Bublu is teasing her showing chocolate..

Pari: (smiles) chocolate?? Shona you like chocolates??

Shona: (smiles) haa ma.. Look at Bublu, how he is eating it without giving me..
(She keeps a pout face)

Pari: (teases) Bublu, why r u teasing Shona?? Don’t ever tease my bahu.. I will beat u!!

Shona smiles and winks at him…

Bublu: (laughs) this is too much aunty, u started supporting ur bahu… what did I do?? Is it wrong to eat a chocolate??

Shona: yes, how can u eat without giving me?? I will punish you..

Sanky: shonaa leave him.. I will buy a big chocolate okay!!

Shona smiles…
Adharsh looks at her acts and smiles..

Ap stares at her lovingly, she remembers how Swara used to eat chocolates… She gets happy and kisses her cheeks…
Shona is shocked…

AP: ur dadi is there na.. I will daily give you chocolates.. Soo many chocolates.. Okay??

Shona: (excited) really dadi???
AP: haa Shona.. But Now first have ur dinner. After ur dinner il give u chocolate okay!

Shona: (smiles) she starts having the dinner..

After the dinner:

Adharsh: soo Varun, you know I have lots of plans regarding ur marriage, I always used to think.. Varun marriage should be like this like that… But you did ur marriage secretly without us..
So what I thought is this, let’s again do it.. This time very grandly!! What u say??

Sanky: haa okay dad.. Actually it’s a good idea

Shona gets shock and her eyes are filled with tears..

AP looks at her face..Nd gets tensed..

AP: Kya hua Shona.. Ur crying?? Don’t u like this idea??
Shona: (wipes her tears) wo actually it’s nice.. But.. The marriage what had happened to me today, it’s so beautiful.. I just loved it.. I felt so happy when Varun wore this chain to me.. Nd this sindoor..
This is the best gift in my life.. This marriage is enough for me.. I’m soo happy..
If u do grandly also I love it… I don’t have any problem..But Plz don’t tell me to remove this chain at all.. Not even for a day.. It’s very special for me..

All gets emotional hearing her words…
Sanky eyes are filled with tears…
Sanky: shonaa.. (He hugs her)

Adharsh: shonaa beta!! If u don’t like it.. Okay let’s not do it..

Shona is shocked again..
Adharsh: haa Shona, tomorrow let’s keep a small reception party at home itself..

All gets happy including Shona..
AP: haa this is good.. Let’s keep a reception!!
Pari : Haaa shonaa… Did u like this idea?

Shonaa gets happy and hugs Adharsh…
Shona: Thankyou papa!! I’m soo happy today.. I really got such a beautiful family..

All looks at her and smiles…

Bublu: (remembers something?)but uncle Tomorrow Shona has exam, even I have a practical..

Shona: What exam Bublu, I dint read anything..
Sanky: Bublu, what practical we have??

Bublu: (confused) woo actually, Sanky do u forgot we have computer lab exam..

Sanky: ohh really.. May be I forgot..

Adharsh: no problem Shona, just attend something.. Instead of leaving it.. Nd Morning u attend ur exam and evening..reception.. Nd invite all ur friends too..

Sanky and Shona smiles..
AP: okay it’s late now.. Go and sleep..u might feel tired..

Bublu: okay Sanky, il leave now will meet tomorrow..
Sanky hugs him..
Sanky: Thankyou dude…

Bublu leaves…

Sanky: shonaa Come.. (he places his hand on her shoulder)

Pari: where r u taking her Varun??
Varun: to my room?

Ap smiles..

Pari: not soo soon.. We have some formalities…Tomorrow after reception, Nd after the puja, then ur suhagraat..

Sanky: ? what?? mom!! This is too much..
Shona smiles seeing his expressions..

Ap: shona, today u sleep in my room!!
Shona: (smiles) okay dadi..

Sanky looks at her angrily.. While Shona keeps smiles.

Sanky: ?Ma, can I atleast talk with her for sometime..

Pari: haha okay..
Sanky: Thankyou.. (He holds her hands and takes her to the lawn)

ap, Adharsh and Pari smiles looking at him..

Shona and Sanky walk hand in hand..
Shona: Sanky, I just loved ur family soo much.. They are soo caring, and dadi she is soo sweet..

Sanky: (smiles) shonaa I told you na.. They all will accept you..

Shona: (hugs him) I’m soo happy today.. Today I can sleep happily.. Thankyou soo much for everything Sanky..
(She hugs him more tightly)

Sanky: Thankyou for coming into my life Shona.. Without u, my life is incomplete!!
I love u soo much..

Shona: I love you too…

(Both look at each other and smiles)

She holds his arms and sleeps on him, while Sanky playing with her fingers..

At that time Sanky gets a call..from Laksh..
Sanky gets happy seeing his call..

Sanky: hello lucky!!

Shona looks at him confusedly..
Shona: lucky?? Who is lucky Sanky?? Don’t tell me that she’s a girl.. I will kill you !

Laksh smiles hearing her voice..

Laksh: .. Dude I just want to tell u an important matter.. Plzz don’t tell Shona about our unity…don’t tell her that lucky is Laksh..

Sanky: (confused) why??

Shona: ?Sanky I’m talking to u…
Sanky: shonaa.. Don’t disturb me.. By d way He is my classmate..
Shona: ohh.. He… Means boy!! Okay fine continue..

Laksh: hahaha lol.. She’s soo funny.. By d way Sanky coming to matter.. I told Ragini about u guys, she was soo happy.. So we all planned a surprise.. Don’t let her know okay??

Sanky: (smiles) achaaa.. Okay!!

Laksh: have a nice day dude!! Bye..

(He cuts the call)

Sanky looks at her…
Sanky: my dear princess now tell me what’s ur problem??
Shona: (confused) my problem?? What’s it??
Sanky: what if lucky is a girl name?? What will you do??

Shona: I will kill you..
Sanky: (teases) achaaa!! But why will you kill me??

Shona: because ur mine.. I don’t want you to talk to any other girl.. Nd by d way Mr. Varun.. I’m ur wife now.. You need to follow my rules!!!

Sanky remembers the diary, how Sanskar described Swara has..he looks at Shona na smiles as she is behaving like her!!

He stares at her lovingly…
Shona: Sanky why r u looking like that??
Sanky: I feel like kissing you Shona..
Shona: ? i will tell Ma.. If you try to kiss me..
Sanky: ohh really??
Shona: (smiles) Yaaa!!
Sanky: but u can’t do anything sweetheart!!
(Saying this he holds her waist and pulls her on his lap..)

Shona: ?Sanky, I will shout now!!
Sanky: ur my wife… I have all rights on u.. I can do anything now!!
(He leans forward and bites her lower lip..

Shona: (Smiles)
Sanky: (stares at her lovingly) I love you Shona..
He starts kissing her.. They share a passionate kiss!!
They broke the kiss.. Shona gets shy and hides under his chest..

Sanky hugs her tightly…

They spend sometime talking…
They hear Pari voice..

Shona: Sanky, Maa is calling.. Il goo now..
Sanky: hmm okay.. Goodnight!! Tomorrow get ready, We need to go to colz!! Nd wake up soon okay, don’t wake up at lately as u always do..

Shona: ?how mean you are!!! I’m not like you.. I always get up early..

Sanky: (teases) Hahahaha loll very funny!! Plz don’t tell this outside… They will laughs at u..

She beats
Shona: let’s see tomorrow, you will wake up soon..
Sanky: ok done??

Shona: okay.. Bye good night..
(SHe kisses his cheeks Nd leaves)

Sanky smiles and goes to his room, Nd Shona goes to dadi room..

Dadi room:

Shona looks for dadi, but she’s not there.. She sits on bed and thinks about Shekar and his words..
She cries remembering her parents.. At that time dadi comes…

Dadi: shonaa I brought these clothes for you?? If it will fit you, you can wear it..

Shona: (excited) dadi.. These many dresses??? Is this for me??
Dadi: (smiles) Yess Shona..
Shona: but whose dresses are these??

Dadi: these are my Swara dresses.. She loves these dresses soo much.. That’s why I kept her dresses like that.. Now u can wear it!!

Shona: woww soo nice dresses, these are wonderful…
She takes a dress and keeps on her by jumps on bed..

Shona: (excited) dadi, how is it?? Is it nice for me??

Dadi: (smiles) Haaa shonaa… It’s very nice!!

Shona: (excited) really?? Wow Thankyou soo much!! But dadi who is Swara??

Dadi becomes silent.. She stares at her lovingly., Nd caresses her face..

Dadi: I will tell you when time comes..

Shona: okay Noo problem!! Leave all that.. Seriously I loved these dresses.. You know dadi, when my dad bought me any dress.. I used to wear it 10 times.. My mom always used to scold me..

(She again becomes silent remembering them, her eye are filled tears)

Ap: Shona, Kya hua?
Shona hugs AP..
Shona: I miss my dad soo much, will he ever forgive me? You all understood that I love Sanky so much, but why my dad not understanding it..

AP smiles and makes her sleep on her lap.. Shona looks at her…

AP: (caresses her hair) this is destiny Shona, you both are meant to be together.. Nd don’t worry ur dad will realise it!! He will come to u.. It takes time, but you need to wait!

Shona smiles… Nd stares at her lovingly..

AP: Kya hua? Why r u staring at me?
Shona: I don’t know dadi.. But listening to ur voice I’m getting sleep.. It’s sooo sweet!!

Ap: haha really??
Shona: Haaa dadi..
Ap: haha.. Kk leave all that now come sleep.. Tomorrow you have to go to college..
Shona: haa dadi.. Nd plzz plzz wake me soon.. I should get up before Sanky wakes up.. You know he was teasing me that I always wake up late.. I want to show him that I will wake soon…

Ap: don’t worry Shona.. I’m there for u.. Il wake u soon.. Okay!!

Shona: Thankyou dadi.. She kisses her and sleeps…

Adharsh room:
He thinks about Swara… He hears a door sound and looks it was Pari..

Adharsh: Pari I couldn’t believe it, a girl same like Swara… How is that possible?? Nd not only face but her mindset is also same like Swara.. How?? I’m so happy!!

Pari: even Varun is like Sanskar na.. May be what pandit said is ryt…I think it’s their second birth.. Even I’m soo happy Adharsh.. The day Sanskar died… Next day I gave birth to Varun.. We don’t need to miss them Adharsh.. They came our son and bahu… We are soo blessed..

Adharsh: my Swara is back.. I’m soo happy.. She should be happy.. I’m soo lucky Pari.. When I was with Aditya, I became brother for Swara.. When she married Sanskar I became jiju for her.. Nd now I became father in law..
Am I not lucky??
I will give her all happiness.. She’s my kid now.
He gets emotional and hugs Pari…

Pari too gets happy and emotional..

Episode ends!!

Shova reception

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