True love never dies Episode 46 (Swasan)

Sanky gets happy and hugs him…
Sanky: Thankyou soo much Laksh.. I’m so happy today.. Thankyou..

At that time Bublu and Rahul looks at Sanky and Laksh and gets shock!!

Bublu and Rahul looks at each other and smile.. They were confused to see the 2 biggest enemies on this world, were hugging..
They couldn’t believe themself…

They go near Sanky and Laksh..
Sanky looks at them and gets happy..
Sanky: (happy) Bublu and Rahul, Laksh found Shona, he traced her.. He helped me!! I got to know where she is..

Bublu: what??
At that time Rohit comes…

Rohit: yes dude… (He places his hand on his shoulder) why, can’t we help when our college mate is in need..
(He winks at him)

Bublu and Rahul gets happy..

Laksh: Sanky.. I’m very sorry for what had happened.. I did so wrong with Shona, I’m really sorry..

Sanky: (hugs him) Noo Laksh, plz don’t say that.. Ur the reason for our happiness.. If you don’t do that.. I may not realise my love for her.. Nd today, you traced Shona.. You did the biggest help..I’m very happy!! Thankyou..

Laksh: Noo worries dude… Soo FRIENDS??? He winks?

Sanky gets happy..
Sanky: Yesss.. (He gives shake hand)

Rahul, Bublu and Rohit gets happy… Finally arts and science became one!!
They all share a group hug..

Bublu: but Laksh, where is Shona?? How did u traced her..

Laksh tells them everything..

Bublu: what?? Omg, she is in Jagadish house..

(He looks at Sanky, As Bublu can understand his tensed face)

Rohit: Yaa Bublu.. But we don’t need to worry.. She is safe.

Laksh : Sanky, it’s 12:45, she told that she will call at 1:00.. But, first lets go from here..

Sanky: okay.. Come lets go to my house..

Laksh and Rohit looks at each other.. As they never went to sanky’s house..

Sanky looks at their faces..

Sanky: lucky, Kya hua? You said we were friends ryt..?? Won’t u come to ur friend house..

Laksh: haha nothing like that.. In fact we are soo happy.. come lets go..

Sanky smiles…

They all go this house…

At that time Sanky gets call from Sunny..

Sunny: Sanky today my dad is coming, I will ask him.. Nd il inform u for sure.. Don’t get worry okay..

Sanky: Noo Sunny.. We traced her.. Shona is in Jagadish house.. With that Sanjay..

Sunny: what?? With Sanjay??

Sanky: yes!! (He tells him everything)

Sunny gets more angry on his papa… Nd he cuts the call… Shomi watches him being angry…

Shomi: Kya hua Sunny?
Sunny tells her everything… No wagon I is in shock..

She remembers how Shona was tensed seeing the minister.. This time she’s more angry on Shekar..

At that time Shekar reaches home.. Shomi looks at him angrily..

Shekar: shomi.. Give me some coffee.. I’m so tired.

Shomi:?where is Shona Shekar??

Shekar: how many times should I tell u Shomi.. She is safe.. Last week I met her, she’s very safe.. I know as her mother u will be worried.. But don’t get panic. Okay??
(He holds her hands)

Shomi : (shouts) leave my hand?? How dare you Shekar.. How can u leave Shona at Jagadish house?? Do u know because of him last time Shona got high fever.. She was scared of Shekar.. I’m with her at that time, I know how much she was scared… Nd how can u leave her in his house???

Shekar: Shomi, because of his appearance she is scared, but she is fine now!! Did u get that.. I love my daughter, I know what’s good to her..

Shomi: I don’t know all that.. I want to see my daughter ryt now.. Take me Shekar.. Take me ryt now..

Shekar: okay..

(He leaves angrily)

Jagadish house:

Shona in her room:
She looks outside the window and cries remembering Sanky…
Their happy moments.. She thinks..

“Why do I love you soo much Sanky.. It’s so difficult for me to stay without u…I can’t live without you Sanky .. Nd I hate my papa.. How can he believe that sanjay.. I hate him..he left me alone in this house.. I’m soo scared seeing him.. He dint even bother me..
(She cries)
She remembers the flash back, what happened when Shekar taken her from her flat…

FB starts:
After Shekar taken her from flat.. He stops the car, near Sanjay flat.. Sanjay gets into their car.. Shona is shocked to see him..

Shekar: Thankyou Sanjay, Thankyou so much for informing me about Shona..

Sanjay: don’t worry uncle, I care for Shona, because she is ur daughter..

Shona looks at him angrily..

Sanjay: (smirks) uncle, if Shona is in love.. I don’t have any problem.. I would have supported her, but that Varun.. He is very bad guy.. This college is seperated with 2 groups arts and science.. He is the leader of science.. Everytime when I see him.. He keeps on fighting with someone.. He is not at all good.. I never seen him attending the classes, Nd how can Shona falls for him??

Shekar: looks at Shona angrily…

Sanjay: Nd uncle you won’t believe, I told Varun to stay away from Shona.. He got angry and beat me.. See look at these wounds..

Shona: ? how dare you Sanjay.. How can u tell all lies.. Tell papa what you did??
Papa, he is saying lies.. This Sanjay that night he tried to…

Sanjay gets tensed..
Sanjay: see uncle.. Even she’s trying to support that Varun… This love is blind.. How can girls get trapped in the name of love soo easily…

Shona: papa…
Shekar: shutup!! Just shut up Shona.. Enough.. I don’t want to hear anything from u.. I won’t allow you to love that Varun.. Enough of ur education.. Come lets go home..

Shona is shocked and Sanjay is tensed..

Sanjay: home??
Shekar: yes she will be with me..
Sanjay: but uncle, you don’t know about varun.. He is a spoilt brat.. Nd do U think that he won’t come to ur house?? Ur wrong uncle.. He will come for sure.. He will create problems for u.. U don’t know about him..

Shekar thinks about his words..

Sanjay: Nd you even told that ur going to Singapore next week for some work.. At that time he may do anything…

Shekar gets worried… Shona is shocked to see how Sanjay is changing her dad mind…

Shekar: ya ur right Sanjay.. Now what should i do..

Sanjay: uncle if u don’t mind, I have an idea..

Shekar: what’s that..
Sanjay: you can let her stay with my badepapa and Badima… They will treat Shona nicely.. Nd as he is the minister.. Sanky can’t trace her.. Nd after coming from Singapore u can take her..

Shona is shocked…

Shekar thinks and nodes yes..
Shona: (cries) papa, plzz Noo.. I won’t stay in that house.. Plzz..

Shekar: Shona.. This time I’m not going compromise.. I’m just doing for ur good..

He takes her to Jagadish house… Seeing him.. She gets the same dream and gets scared… She holds her dad tightly.. Nd cries..
Shekar: shonaa, don’t worry.. Everything will fine! Just 15days, il take you to our home again..

Shona: (cries) nooo papa, I’m scared of him plzzz… Don’t leave me alone.. Plzz!!

Jagadish wife comes and takes her to the room…
Shona looks at Shekar helplessly and cries…

Shekar feels bad to see Shona like that.. He feels bad to leave her alone.. But he needs to do it.. Because he wants her daughter to be safe from Sanky…
He wipes his tears..

Shekar: Sanjay, plz take care of her.. Il come again to see her..
Sanjay: don’t worry uncle.. Everything will be fine..

Shekar leaves…
Shona cries.. Sanjay comes Nd looks at her and smiles

Sanjay: my dear Shona.. How is this twist?? Get ready to be mine.. I already changed ur dads mind.. Nd I will slowly convince him for marriage.. Nd this ur not going to stay for 15days… But for lifetime… You will get everything here… Just adjust yourself in this house… Nd last think… Forget that Sanky… He can never get you…

Shona gets angry and slaps him…
Sanjay gets angry… And holds her hair…

Sanjay: this is final Shona.. No one can help you.. Not even ur dad.. I’m being good doesn’t mean I’m good.. Im just acting.. Understand

Shona: (shocked) I will never marry u And please leave from here… Don’t talk to me..
(She keeps shouting)

Sanjay: (smiles) okay.. U need some rest…Take care darling…
(He leaves)

Days passes..
She doesn’t talks with anyone.. Sanjay keeps coming, but she doesn’t reply anything to him… Nd before going to Singapore Shekar comes and tries to talks to her.. But she even doesn’t talk to her..

Shekar: shonaa.. I know ur angry with me.. But I’m doing this for ur happiness… Varun is not correct for u.. This is all attraction Shona.. If u stay away from him, you will forget him soon.. I’m going to Singapore, take care Shona..

(He holds her hand… She jerks it)

Shekar feel sad..
Shekar: Shona, don’t u talk to ur papa??
She doesn’t Respond..

Shekar: Atleast tell bye to ur dad Shona, I will miss u soo much..

She doesn’t look at him…

Shekar: okay.. I know ur angry.. I will come again after 1 week.. I will take you from here.. But Shona, I’m very serious regarding Varun matter… I will never accept him..forget him Shona..

He kisses her forehead and leaves…

Shona cries when Shekar leaves…she feels alone now.. She somewhat felt secured when he is around her.. But when he left, she again felt that she’s in hell..

FB ends..

After 1 week..
Today Shekar is coming from Singapore.. Nd today he will take her from this place..

Shona agin starts crying… She knows that Shekar won’t take her, as Sanjay won’t allow him to take here.. He somehow stops her..
Make remembers thinking about Sanky and cries..

She thinks papa I hate you.. You seperated me from Sanky, I will never forgive you.. I know you will never allow me to meet him.. Nd I love Sanky , I’m sorry Papa.. I don’t have other option…

She thinks about Sanky…
I’m sorry Sanky, my papa won’t allow me to be with you.. Nd I can’t marry someone else.. I love you soo much.. Nd I want u to be happy… I’m sorry for doing this…

She looks at a drinking glass and falls it down.. The glass breaks.. She takes out a glass and cuts her hand…

Blood started to flow from her hand… She feels drowsy and falls on the ground…
She remembers all the moments she spent from her childhood days, all the moment she spent with Sanky… She cries…Nd faints…

Mean time… maid goes to a room where Shona is.. She looks at Shona, she was lying on the ground..

Maid goes towards her and touches her..she was shocked to see the blood and shouts…

Sanjay and his bade Ma comes.. They were shocked to see Shona in that position… They call the doctor.. And he treats her… Immediately..
Doctor: nothing to worry.. She’s fine!! We treated her at right time, or else it would be difficult…

Doctor leaves

Sanky room:

Sanky feels something bad is happening.. He gets tensed and worried..

Sanky: lucky it’s 1:00.. Y dint she call yet??
Laksh : wait Sanky.. She will call don’t worry..

At that time Laksh phone rings.. Laksh gets happy seeing her call… Nd lifts the call..Nd keeps loudspeaker..

Laksh: hello…
Maid: sir, I’m sorry actually Shona madam attempted suicide.. (She tells them everything)

Sanky and all others are shocked… Sanky’s eyes are filled with tears, he was on his knees listening to the news.. He was completely in shock..

Laksh: what?? Suicide?? How is she now??

Maid: she’s fine.. At right time, I reached or else it would be difficult..Doctor just went now.. He said that She is fine now..

Hearing the word she’s safe, Sanky comes back to his senses.. He wipes his tears..He immediately takes the phone from Laksh… Nd speaks to her..

Sanky: can you plz do my a favour.. I want to talk to her.. Plzzz!!

Maid: sir.. But she’s not in her senses.. She’s sleeping!!

Sanky: Just keep the phone near her ears.. I want to talk to her.. Plzz

Maid: okay sir, 1min..

She goes to the room.. She watches her sleeping…
Maid : sir talk to her…

She keeps the phone near her ears..

Sanky: ?shonaa what did u just do?? How can you do this Shona?? I will kill you if u again try to do these stupid things!!

He cries….
Sanky: shonaa… I love you Shona.. How can you think of leaving me..
I’m there for you… I’m coming Shona, today at any cost… I will take you from there.. R u listening ? I’m coming now.. I will face everyone.. It may be that Jagadish, Sanjay and it may be ur dad too.. Il face everyone..
He kisses his phone… I love you Shona.. I love you So much..

He cuts the call..

Laksh and others console him…

Laksh: Sanky, she’s fine.. Don’t worry..
Sanky: (cries) how can she do that Laksh.. How can she thinks to leave me alone..
I can’t let her suffer anymore Laksh.. I will bring her..

Bublu: but Sanky, how can you bring here..

Sanky: I don’t know. But I want to meet her!!

Laksh: okay come lets go..

They all leave to Jagadish house…

Shona room:

After sometime
Shona wakes up from her sleep.. She feels a pain in her hand.. She looks at it.. She looks around the room… Nd thinks
I dint die?? (She starts crying again)

She remembers sankys words… How he talked to her..
She thinks that it was dream and starts crying again..

At that time Sanjay reaches..
Sanjay: ? Shona what’s all this??

She gets scared and hides here self in the bedsheet…
Sanjay looks at her childish act and gets more angry an leaves the room without talking to her…

Sanky reaches Jagadish house..
Laksh calls maid.. She comes out and signals them the room, where Shona is…

Laksh: Sanky take care..
Sanky: okay..
(They were many securities.. Maid involves them in her talks..Nd diverts their mind.. Sanky slowly climbs the walls and reaches the balcony..

He signals Laksh to leave.. As if any one notice him.. He will get into trouble..Laksh smirks and leaves…

He slowly opens the balcony door.. Nd he watches Shona sitting on her bed and crying… Sanky gets happy seeing her..
And calls her name..

Sanky: Shona..

Shona gets shock hearing someone is calling… She stops for a sec and again burst out crying….she doesn’t look at him..

Sanky: (smiles with lots of love seeing her childish acts) shonaa, ur angry bird is back.. Why r u crying??

Shona is more shocked now.. She looks towards the balcony door.. Nd gets shock seeing Sanky standing in front her..

She gets happy seeing him.. She felt that her life came back again.. She runs to him and hugs him…

Sanky gets more happy seeing her and hugs her tightly.. And starts kissing her all over her face.. Nd hugs her tightly.. They were in each arm.. It was like dream to them..
Shona is soo happy!!

Shona: Sanky is this true?? Am I really seeing you?? Or is this my hallucination??

Sanky: (smiles) Noo Shona.. I’m back.. I will never let u go..
Nd hugs her soo tight…He suddenly remembers something.. Nd breaks the hug and looks at her hands..

Shona gets tensed and hides her hands back..

Sanky: Shona show me ur hand??

Shona: (with teary eyes) nodes nooo..

Sanky: ? (holds her hands and looks at her wound and gets shock) what is this Shona?? How can you take this decision..

He caresses her wound…
What if something happens to you? Do u think I can live happily.. No Shona, I can’t Shona… You know I love my life Shona, because it gave me you..I love you because ur my life….and how can u think of leaving me??
Never Shona, never ever do that again… Understand??

Shona: (cries and hugs him)
Shona: (cries) Sanky… I thought you will never know where I am.. I thought my dad won’t accept us.. Nd that Sanjay.. I hate him… Nd I hate my papa too.. How can he leave me here?? He is trusting Sanjay..
So I thought to die..

Sanky: I came na.. Don’t worry about anyone!! I will never let u go anywhere.. You know I missed you sooo much..

He kisses her forehead tightly.. Shona gets happy and kisses his cheeks tightly…

At that time she hears someone noises.. It was Sanjay, Shekar and Shomi…

Shona: (shocked) Sanky.. My papa came.. Plz goo from here.. He will beat u.. Plzz go Sanky…

Sanky: Noo.. (He hugs her) I’m ready to face him Shona..whatever it may be.. I won’t leave u alone here…

Shona:? Sanky I’m soo scared.. I can’t see him beating you plzz go.. Nd that Sanjay he will kill you..

Sanky: (cups her face) shonaa, that Sanjay does not have that much scene.. He is afraid of me.. That’s why he was hiding here instead of facing me… Nd ur scared of him?? I’m there Shona.. Don’t worry.. I’m ready to fight for my love…

Shona eyes are filled with tears… At that time they hear the door sound… Shona gets more tensed and hugs Sanky sooooo tightly…Nd closes her eyes..

Shekar, Sanjay and Shomi opens the door and gets shock seeing Sanky and Shona..

Shekar: (shouts) shonaa????

Shona gets more tensed hearing shekar’s voice and hugs sanky’s shirt tightly.. Seeing her scared, Sanky too hugs her tightly…

Shekar: ? shonaaa, come here.. How dare you do this???

Sanjay is in shock.. Shomi gets happy seeing Shona and Sanky together.. As she trusts Sanky soo much!!

Shekar gets angry and goes towards her and tries to pull her, but Shona holds him more tightly..

Shekar gets angry on Sanky..
Shekar: how dare you Varun… Leave my daughter..

Sanky: nooo!! She may be ur daughter but she’s my life uncle..I will never leave her.. I love her soo much uncle.. Why don’t u understand us..

Sanjay: (shouts) Varun!!

He looks at him angrily.. Seeing his anger Sanjay becomes silent..

Shekar: (shouts) Varun!!! I will never accept you..

Sanky: I know uncle, that u won’t accept me.. But I came here to take my Shona with me, to my house.. Shona once said me that she don’t like to stay at my house until our marriage.. Nd I want to marry her.. And I want to take her to my house… Nd I want her to be safe in my house.. In front of me.. Instead of being here..

Shona gets happy listening to his words, and breaks the hug, and looks at him…

Sanky: (looks at Shona lovingly) Shona, Will you marry me?? Will you come to me?? Will u come to my house?? No one can seperate us Shona..

Shona gets happy..
Shona: Yess Sanky.. I only want u..I don’t want anyone, I don’t want my dad too.. He left me alone here.. I hate him.. Take me Sanky.. Take me from here plzz!!

She hugs him more tightly…

Shekar: ? shonaaa!!
Shona: plzz dad.. I love him soo much.. Plz let me go..

Shekar: nooo!! I will never accept.. Nd if you want to go.. U can goo… But never again come in front of me.. I will never see ur face…

Shona gets angry..
Shona: ? okay papa… I know I’m doing right, because i trust Sanky soo much… But one day u will understand that This Sanjay intentions.. Then that day you will forgive me.. I’m going dad with my Varun.. Bye dad…

She holds sanky’s hand.. Sanky is happy that she’s ready to come with him..

She goes towards Shekar and leans down and takes blessings falling on his feet and stoods up and kisses his cheeks..

While Shekar stands like a statue.. Nd his eyes are filled with tears..

Shona: I love u papa.. Take care..

(She cries and goes towards Shomi)

Shomi: shonaa, don’t cry beta.. Ur mom has no problem with Sanky.. Coz I trust him..
She hugs her and blesses her…

Sanky takes blessings from Shomi…

Shona goes towards Sanjay.. And looks at him angrily.. And Slaps him..

All r shocked…
U will suffer Sanjay..
Sanky too looks at him angrily and takes Shona…

Shekar cries seeing her leaving.. But he still have that anger on her, as she choose Sanky over her dad!!

Sanky and Shona goes down, at that time Sanky watches Jagadish coming towards the door… Seeing him Shona hides back of him..
Sanky looks at him angrily and remembers the flashback which AP tells him..

Jagadish: Shona where r u going?? Nd who is he?? (He tries to stop him)

Shekar: Jagadish ji.. Let her goo!!

Shona looks at him.. Nd cries… Sanky holds her and takes her…

Finally they leave..
He calls Laksh and tells him that all is well.. Nd tell him that he decided to marry Shona..

Laksh: congrats dude !! Nd I’m sorry.. I couldn’t come at this time.. I came out for some work…But il meet u tomorrow

Sanky: no worries and Thankyou soo much..

Laksh: take care sanky!! Any help u ask Rohit he will help u..

Sanky: sure!!

(He cuts the call)

He takes her to the shop and buys her a dress, Shona goes to the dressing room Nd changes her dress..

He wants her to look beautiful…

Next He takes her to the temple..

All Science batch are there..
Rahul: Sanky everything is ready!!!
Sanky smiles…

Shona is shocked to see the arrangements..

He informs Bublu and tells him what happened, Nd tells him to inform his parents.. As he is doing marriage without them.. But they anger will go when they see Shona..

Bublu: (smiles) Nd nodes yes…

Shona is soo happy.. Nd is in shock too..

Shona: (happy) sanky, is this really true?? Did I really came out from that hell?? And really ur going to marry me?? Nd these arrangement.. For our marriage woww!!

Sanky: (cups her face) yes Shona.. Ur going to become Mrs Varun..

Shona gets happy and hugs him.. Nd cries..
But what about my papa?? Nd I miss my family..

Sanky: he will accept u Shona.. I’m there na.. He loves u soo much.. I can see those tears in his eyes.. He will forgive u soon..
I know ur going to miss ur family… But I promise u Shona.. My family is there for u.. They all will love u.. You will be happy with all of us..

Shona: really?? Will they love me?? But Sanky, I think they will scold you.. For marrying me like this..

Sanky: (smiles) Noo Shona.. Just see, they will be very happy..

Shona smiles… Nd hugs him…

They go inside the temple…Pujari starts his mantras..

Sanky puts sindoor on her head.., Nd wears her mangalsutra…

All starts clapping for them…and starts throwing flowing on them…

Shona eyes are filled with tears.. As now no one can separate them..

He whispers in her ears .. While wearing the chain.,
Sanky: ur mine now Shona.. U became Mrs. Varun Sanskar Maheswari..

(Winks at her) ?

And they take that 7pheras..

Shona smiles..
Both are about to exchange the garlands..
All his friends… Teases them.. By lifting Sanky…

Sanky: (laughs) guys, plzz put me down..
Shona: (smiles) arey how can I wear this garland on him…

Rahul: jump Shona!!
Shona struggles to wear the garland…
They tease her for sometime.. And puts Sanky down…

Finally they exchange garlands…

Pujari blesses them…

Sanky holds shona’s hand.. While she stares at him lovingly..

It was simple and beautiful marriage…

All his friends are happy for them.. And they congratulates them…

Finally they leave to MM:


Bublu goes to sankys house… He sees Adharsh, AP and Pari sitting in hall…
Pari looks at him..

Pari: arey Bublu.. Come inside… Where is Varun??

Bublu gets tensed as he don’t know how to say..

Bublu: aunty actually..

Adharsh: Kya hua Bublu??
Bublu: aunty I got a call from Sanky, he told u all to inform that.. He married Shona, and he is bringing her home..

All are shocked.. AP is more shocked.. Nd looks at Pari shockingly..

Adharsh: what r u talking Bublu???

Bublu tells them everything.. How Sanky is in love with Shona, how Shona dad took her, how he went and married her..

All are in big shock…AP thinks of Swara and gets more angry.. She started yelling..

AP: how can he do that?? This is marriage.. Not a game.. Without everyone blessings how can he marry?? Who gave him that right??

Adharsh: Yess Bublu… How can he take such decisions?? Nd how can u let that happen?? Ur his best friend na.. Why dint u stop him??

Bublu: uncle.. He loves Shona soo much.. He became mad these days.. Nd Shona is soo gud..

AP: I won’t accept this marriage and I won’t let her come inside.. How can he marry someone else..?? I won’t forgive him..

She cries sitting down..

Adharsh: ma… Plzz!! Let him come.. Will talk to him.. Will stop the marriage..

Pari: but he already married Adharsh! How will u stop this marriage??

Adharsh: how can he marry without informing us Pari.. We treated him like friend na.. He dint even tell us.. How can he marry alone!!

At that time they hear his car sound…

All looks outside..

Episode ends

Sanky brings Shona inside…
AP cries and hugs Shona.. Nd she starts caressing her..

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