True love never dies Episode 45 (Swasan)

hey guys i m arohi nd i m posting this on nehas behalf

Music room:

Sanky is very worried for her, he knows that Shekar is strict, as Shona used to say him always..

Sanky: Bublu, I want to talk to her dad.. I need to go their house..

Bublu: but Sanky, this is not the right time.. Every father will react like that.. Let’s wait for some days..

Sanky: Yaa Bublu I agree.. Every father reacts like that.. But do u think taking her from here is the solution… If he has problem with me, he should speak to me.. If at all he is not convinced or if at all he don’t like me, then he has rights to take her.. What wrong we did?? Loving the person is wrong?? Arey we both love each other, why can’t they understand??

Bublu: Sanky don’t worry!! Everything will be fine!!

Sanky: how could I not be worried.. Shanas dad is so strict Bublu.. Did he beat her?? Ohh god.. How can I help her?

At that time he remembers Sunny… And calls him!! Sunny lifts the call

Sunny: hello!
Sanky: hello Sunny..
Sunny: Yaa Varun, tell me.. How r u??

Sanky: Sunny, I need ur help.. I won’t to speak with Shona once.. Plzz can u give her the call??

Sunny: (shocked) what?? But Varun, Shona is not here?? What happened did u guys had any fight??

Sanky: (shocked) what? Shona is not there.. Sunny, I think ur mistaken… Today morning ur dad came and took Shona, I think he got to know about us..

Sunny: what?? But Varun.. My dad is here.. But he dint bring Shona with him..

Sanky: ?? what?? Nooo Sunny, ur mistaken..

Sunny: Kk.. I will talk with my dad.. Nd I will call you later..

(He cuts the call)

Sanky is more worried now!!

Shekar’s house:

Sunny: dad where is Shona?? Did you went to Kolkatta today???

Shekar bit shocked…
Shekar: (angry) Yess!!
Sunny: then where is Swara dad??

Shekar: by d way how did you get to know that I went to Kolkatta???

Sunny: because Varun called me just now..
Tell me dad, where is Swara??

Shekar: soo That means, you know about shona’s relationship?? Why don’t you tell me Before Sunny.. Nd how can get soo low.. How can u allow ur sister to love someone else.. Shame on u..

Sunny: dad, Yess I know about them.. Because Shona loves him dad.. And Varun cares for her so much.. They both love each other… I want my sister to be happy.. By d way where is Shona dad??

Shekar: ?why do u want Sunny?? The moment when I got to know my son is also supporting that Varun.. I won’t tell you where she is..

Sunny is shocked…

Sunny: (shouts) dad.. Where did u leave her?? How can u leave her alone??

Shekar: your shouting on me?? How dare you Sunny… She may be ur sister, but she’s my daughter… I know what’s good and what’s bad.. Don’t worry about her, she is safe…

Sunny doesn’t like shekar’s answer… He gets worried for her

Shomi: Kya hua!? Why ur guys fighting??

Shekar: ur daughter is in love Shomi…She’s going to college to love someone.. Not for education!!
Everyone in their college knows it.. And that Varun.. He is not at all good boy.. When Sanjay warned him to stay away from Shona, that Varun made Sanjay bad in front of Shona..
He blamed Sanjay… Nd she is in love with that guy?? They all are spoilt brats!!

Sunny is shocked:

He understood that, Sanjay told bad about Varun to Shekar.. So Shekar is angry!

Sunny : dad ur mistaken, Varun saved shona’s life from that Sanjay.. You know he tried to…

Shekar: enough Sunny… What do u know about Sanjay?? He is very good!! Do u know who is he? He is highly educated and a good professor!!! You guys won’t trust people who say good …This is generation doesn’t need good!!!
Any ways don’t worry about her… She is safe.. Until she forgets that Varun.. She will be in that house..

Saying this he leaves…

Sunny is worried… He calls Sanky..
Seeing his call Sanky gets happy…

Sanky: Yaaa Sunny, is she fine??

Sunny tells him everything… Sanky is shocked !

Sanky: what?? Now how should I talk to her?? I’m becoming mad Sunny… Where is she?? This much big punishment for her??

Sunny: Sanky, don’t worry.. Il try my best to cool my dad.. You don’t worry plz..

Sanky: okay!!

It’s been 10 days…. There is no information about Shona… Sanky is restless.. He misses her sooo much… He is daily in touch with Sunny, but Sunny couldn’t trace her.. Even Sunny is worried for Shona..
Sanky thinks about what Pandit said about there will be lot of difficulties which u need to cross..

He remembers those words.. Nd becomes brave to face anything for his love…

In college:
All college gets to know about it.. All r very sad for Sanky..
College environment has changed.. It was soo dull.. Because all are sad knowing that new love birds are separated…

Sanky and his frnds are sitting… Sanky looks at shona’s pic in his mobile and caresses it..

Rahul: Sanky, did you get anything about her??

Tear falls from sanky’s eyes..

Snaky: nooo.. Not even a single clue..its been 10 days since I talked to her.. I’m dying inside…
I’m a bad lover Rahul.. I couldn’t help her.. I couldn’t even trace her.. I thought to speak with her dad, but he went to Singapore for some office work..
How can he do this?? He is trusting that Sanjay.. Did he think about his daughter??
Why all dads do such mistakes??

Rahul: don’t worry Sanky.. She will come soon..

Sanky: when Rahul?? How many days more?

Rahul: why do u love her soo much Sanky?? I never seen my one like you.. You both are true lovers..

Bublu: Yess, they are…

Sanky: I can’t sit like this Bublu.. I need to do something..

Rahul: tell me Sanky.. Will do anything… Our science batch is with you…lets all think..

Sanky: I know a plan… I think that Sanjay knows where is Swara.. He is our first target… Let’s keep an eye on him..

Rahul: sure… Tell me what’s ur plan..

Sanky: let’s observe his movement… Every single movement.. I want to know.. Where is he going? What is he doing?? Everything… Only Sanjay will know the answer…Nd I’m 100% sure that Shona is here somewhere.. As She’s not in her house and not even in her cousins house.. So she’s not in Bangalore…. her dad kept her in some other place..

Bublu: Yaa ur right..

Rahul tells his plan to some other science students…
They all smile and wishes luck for their first plan… Nd share a group hug

Laksh and Rohit hears their conversation… Nd they go to their dance floor..

Laksh sits silently and thinks about Sanky and Shona..
How they both used to smile when they are together.. How he care for her.. Nd now how he feeling alone…
and smiles…

Rohit: Kya hua dude??
Laksh: I’m thinking about Sanky and Shona!
Rohit: what??

Laksh: I’m soo happy to see Sanky like that..
Rohit: ?what??
Laksh: Yaaa.. Did u see his face, he is like Devdas.. Nd I noticed him.. He is missing Shona soo much.. I’m happy for that..

Rohit: laksh ur really happy?

Laksh: yes.. I’m happy because, I got to know that Sanky loves Shona soo much.. I’m happy because.. His love his true… I’m happy because he is trying his best to trace her.. I’m happy for his plans.. And
I will be more happy even if we help him..What do u say guys?? ?

All looks at him shockingly..Rohit gets happy..

Some other guy : but Laksh.. We r arts.. Nd he is science…

Laksh: guys we all are the students of Arts & science…Nd he is our college mate.. He is in need.. I can know his pain.. Because even I’m in love..
This arts vs science we kept it.. But if we don’t help our college mate when he is in trouble… We are just waste to be a member of this college..

Rohit: (excited) woww.. Laksh.. You know even I felt sad for Sanky.. Even I thought to help him.. But the word arts stopped me.. Now I’m soo happy…

Laksh: (laughs) we did many things.. We even choose wrong path to defeat them.. But guys now let’s be true.. Our only goal we should trace Shona.. I just want to see that happiness in sanky’s face.. So what do u say guys???

All accepted.. And shouts yes!!!!!! They share a group hug!!!

Rohit: so Laksh, let’s follow sanky’s plan.. Let’s follow that Sanjay..

Laksh: Noo Rohit.. Sanky’s plan is superb, it’s very important to notice that Sanjay doings.. Already science batch is doing that, let’s not waste time.. Let’s think of other plan..

Rohit : okay?? But what’s ur plan?
Laksh: as Sanky said, Shekar trusted that Sanjay.. And Ragini once told me that Sanjay is back of Shona… Nd even tried to abuse her…

Rohit: ?what??

Laksh: Yaaa.. So that Sanjay won’t leave this chance.. He moulded Shekar in his hands.. So may be Shona was been kept in a place where Sanjay knows well.. Because Shekar doesn’t know anything about This city

Rohit: how can u be sure.? She may be in Bangalore also..
Laksh: because just now Sanky said na.. That Shona is not even in her relatives house.. So I think she is here.. Somewhere in This city..

Rohit: Yaa ur right..

Laksh: soo guys, our first plan is let’s know about Sanjay relatives.. Nd his details..

Rohit: okay guys!!

They leave to work on their plan…

Music room:

Bublu: Sanky, Sanjay is not in Kolkata.. He is nowhere.. Not even in flat..

Sanky: ?what??
Bublu: Yaaa..

Sanky: (worried) then I think she is with him.. okay let’s go for second plan..
We need to trace his call.. This is our last plan to.. We will get an answer..

Bublu: wow this is awesome.. But.. How can we trace his call..

Rahul: (smiles) don’t worry dudes.. I have a frnd in my cards club.. He will help me..

Sanky: (happy) woww then do that quickly Rahul..

Rahul: Yaa k.. But I need 1 day time.. I should ask him na..

Sanky: okay..

Rahul: Sanky did u see, my cards are helping you.. You always used to scold me?

Sanky: Rahul is this the time to tease me..??

Rahul laughs and leaves…

Sanky reaches his home.. And goes to his room..

He thinks about Shona,
Where r u Shona? I’m missing you soo much.. Plz come back.. I want to see you..
Where r u??

Laksh place:
Anith..(Laksh frnd)

Anita: Laksh.. Do u know who is Sanjay??
Laksh: (confused) who is he?

Ajith: he is the relative of the minister.. Jagadish Narayan!!

Laksh, Rohit and others Are shocked…
Laksh: what??

Anith: Yaaa, when I’m finding his detail.. I saw his full name..”Sanjay Narayan” I got doubt.. And I enquired then I got to know that Jagadish brother son was this Sanjay…

Laksh: this is soo shocking.. Did he kept Shona in his house?

Anith: but I don’t think so.. How can Shona be here in ministers house??

Laksh: who knows.. May be he might think that this is safest place.. We need to find out..

Rohit: I have an idea, my house maid, works in his house too.. Shall we take her help??

Laksh: woww this is superb, come lets ask her..

They all go to that maids house.. Nd knocks her door… She comes out..

Maid: sir, what happened??
Rohit: ayama, I need ur help…

She nodes yes…
Rohit : ur working in Jagadish house na, did u find any new girl in that house??

Maid: (thinks) Yess.. Just 10days back.. Sanjay sir has brought a girl.. That girl’s father also came..

Laksh and Rohit are shocked..
Laksh: is she still in that house??
Maid: yes.. I used to give her food.. Whenever I see that girl, she always used to cry.. May be some love problem..

Laksh: did they trouble her??
Maid: Noo, no one talks to her.. Only Sanjay sir will be meeting her sometimes.. Nd that girl’s father will come to meet her.. That’s it..

Rohit and Laksh are happy to know that finally they traced Shona..

Rohit: can u do us a favour??
(He tells her what all happened)

Maid: now I got it.. That’s why the girl used to cry so much…. I will help..!!

They get happy..
Laksh: (gives her a mobile) whenever it’s possible.. Just call us.. We need to talk to Shona.

Maid : everyday at 1:00 pm.. I will take lunch to her room.. At that time il make her talk..

Laksh: Thankyou soo much..

They leave..

Laksh: I’m soo happy.. Finally we helped him.. Tomorrow lets make Sanky talk to Shona.. He will be soo happy na!!

Rohit: Yess Laksh..
They both hug…

Next day:
Sanky goes to college.. He looks at wall.. Nd stops.. He remembers how he proposed Shona…. He remembers all their moments.. He smiles thinking about it..

At that time he feels and hand on his shoulder.. He looks back..
It was Laksh…

Sanky: Laksh?? Tum?
Laksh: (teases) I heard that Shona’s dad has taken her, is that true??

Sanky looks at him angrily..
Laksh: (smiles) ohh I pity u Sanky, look at ur face, how sad it is..
(He starts making fun of me)

Sanky: Laksh, plz not now.. I’m not interested to talk to u,I’m not interested to talk with anyone..

(He was about to go)
Laksh stops him.. Sanky looks at him angrily

Laksh: are u not interested to talk even with Shona??

Sanky: ?nooo..but stops realising what he said..

Sanky: Shona??

Laksh laughs looking at his face..Nd hugs him…

Laksh: Sanky.. Look at u???

Sanky is shocked to see Laksh hugging him..

Laksh: why do u worry, when ur friend is with you.. U know we arts are bit fast, that’s why we traced Shona before u do..

Sanky: (happy) what u traced Shona??

Laksh: Yess dude.. We got to know where she is

Sanky: where is she??
Laksh: Sanky, she’s in minister Jagadish house..
Sanky: what? Jagadish house?? R u serious ? She is scared of him.. How is she there??

Laksh: he is sanjay’s badepapa.. I don’t know how she went there.. But she’s in his house..

Sanky gets tensed, Nd worried.. As he knows that Shona is afraid of him..

Laksh: (looks at his tensed face) Sanky, don’t worry.. She is fine.. Nd at 1 you can talk to her..

Sanky; (happy) really??
Laksh: Yaa.. Don’t worry Sanky.. We r there!!

Sanky gets happy and hugs him…
Sanky: Thankyou soo much Laksh.. I’m so happy today.. Thankyou..

At that time Bublu and Rahul looks at Sanky and Laksh and gets shock!!

Episode ends..
Sanky talks to Shona…
He goes to meet Shona…

What happens next??

guys neha is finishing this ff on saturday @ fb
she will post an os on sunday

nd dont worry she already started writing another ff

Credit to: neha


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    • arohi

      neha told me she is my friend
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