True love never dies Episode 44 (Swasan)


hey guys i m arohi nd i m posting this on nehas behalf

It was 3:00am

Sanky and Bublu reaches home.. They r really in shock.. They couldn’t believe them self for what all happened..

When they were going to their room, Sanky watches AP sitting in the balcony alone..he goes to her..

Sanky: dadi, what r u doing here at this time?
AP: (smiles) Sanskar beta, you dint sleep still..
Sanky: dadi wo actually we went out… By d way tell me what r u doing here?
AP: I’m just thinking about some past incidents.. Dats it.. Don’t worry!!

Sanky and Bublu looks at each other..Nd Bublu signals him something…

Sanky: dadi, today I found 1 pic, (he takes out Swara’s pic) who is she dadi???

She looks at Swara pic and gets happy..
AP: (happy) she’s ur chachi Swara.. My favourite bahu and daughter.. She’s soo loving girl..

Sanky: can u tell me about her, I mean how she used to be??

AP: (smiles) she is soo naughty, she loves to tease ur chacha soo much.. She loves chocolates more.. If she gets a chance to speak she will never stops it.. But no one gets bored of her.. She makes everyone laugh..with her stupid jokes..

(Sanky and Bublu looks at each other shockingly.. As her character is same as Shona)

Sanky: ohh so sweet of her dadi.. Nd by d way dadi I forgot to tell you.. You know tomorrow we are inviting minister to our colz.. I’m soo happy!!

Dadi: (happy) really?? That’s soo great Sanky.. By d which minister??

Sanky: Jagadish Narayan!!

AP is shocked!!
AP: what???

Sanky: Haaa dadi..
AP: (cries holding his face) Noo Sanskr Don’t go, he is very dangerous.. He is our enemy, don’t go beta.. I won’t allow you to go..

Sanky is shocked..
Sanky: but why dadi??
AP: (she shows Swara’s pic) he used to be back of ur chachi.. You don’t know Sanskar, he used to torture her soo much.. Poor girl, she used to cry alone.. He killed Swara’s family, she is sooo scared of him…
and You know I used to think Swara and Sanskar love each other… But I was wrong..
It was more then love…. she sacrificed her life for Sanskar…
(AP cries)

Sanky: what?? Did he killed her?
AP: nooo.. He made her kill herself!! She killer herself as she doesn’t want to kill Snaksar with her hands!!

Sanky: what?? Dadi can you please tell me how did chacha Nd chachi died???

AP: (cups his face) sure Sanskr..

One day Sanskar has went to US… They both used to miss each other soo much..
Sanskar used to call her everyday.. They used talk for hours… He loves Swara so much.. And that Jagadish has planned soo much to disturb Swara in that 4 months.. But Sanskr was a step ahead of him..
He kept many securities… He dint give that chance to him!
4 months were like 4 years… One day Sanskar reached India… He will be coming within 2 hours.. That too it was 31st December, Swara planned soo many things, she wants to start her new year with Sanskar..
she was soo happy.. She learned cooking.. Nd that day she prepared all his favourite dishes…
We all r getting ready to go to airport… But we dint expect that it will be the last day for them..


Swara in her room… She’s getting rEady as she wanted to look beautiful… She keeps that watch which Sanskar gave her… And she keeps that locket chain as a bracelet to other hand…meanwhile e Kavitha entered..

Swara: hello Kavitha!!
Kavitha: (smirks) hello Swara, I guess ur so happy!!
Swara: yes Kavitha im so happy, Sanskar is coming back!! It’s been 4 months since I saw him..

Kavitha: ohh really… That’s great.. Nd Swara I’m sorry, actually I heard ur past..

Swara is shocked..
Swara: past??
Kavith: Yaaa I heard that ur dad and bro was been killed.. By that Jagadish..
Swara: (eyes are filled with tears) how do u know Kavitha??

Kavitha: Adharsh told us.. The day when u came home.. All knows about ur past even Sanksar too.. Nd ur very lucky Swara, ur dearest hubby met that Jagadish and he gave him warning..

Swara: (shocked) ?what??? Sanskar met Jagadish??? When Kavitha??

Kavitha: the day when Jagadish posted ur pic in newspaper… (She shows her the newspaper)

Swara is shocked… She remembers how Sanskar pulled that paper from her and how he worriedly went to his room..
She understood everything…

Kavitha: he pity you Swara, do u remember, how he used to scold you and he should hate you.. But how cum suddenly he started loving you??

Swara is shocked…

Kavitha: he don’t love you Swara, he just has that soft corner for u..
(She looks at Swara, who was crying.. She smiles evilly)
I’m so sorry swara.. It doesn’t mean to hurt you.. I just told you what i felt…

(Swara thinks about everything, how he left her alone, how he worried for her, his proposal.. Their date..)

Kavitha: (smiles Emily) swaraa, I know you are soo sad now, but

Swara interupts..
Swara: Noo Kavitha.. I’m not sad, I’m so happy today.. His love is true.. Now I understood everything, he warned Jagadish but he dint tell me, because he knows that I’m scared of him.. He protected me from him…
I’m soo happy… He did soo much for me..
Thankyou for telling me the truth..

(She hugs Kavitha… Kavitha is shocked)
She thought to make differences between them, but Swara taken that positively)

She is completely speechless…Nd Swara is sooo happy now.. Her love for Sanskr has increased soo much.. She’s eagerly waiting to meet him…

Adharsh: Swara, r u ready??? Come we need to go quickly!!
Pari: even I will come Adharsh..
Adharsh: Pari.. Noo, it’s risky.. This is ur 9th month.. Nd u shouldn’t travel long distances..
Pari: plzz Adharsh.. I feel soo bored here!!
Adharsh: hmm Kk.. Come!

All gets ready and goes to airport… Meanwhile Kavitha calls someone and tells them something…

All reached airport:
Sanskar comes out all are happy to see him… Mainly Swara, her eyes filled with love, tears, joy….this time seeing him she became soo silent.. Nd she starts feeling shy to face him…

Sanskar: hi mom… (He hugs AP and takes blessings from her)
He looks at swara, who is hiding back of AP with shy…

Sanskar gets happy seeing her after 4 months… He smiles looking at her shyness!!

He hugs Adharsh and Pari…
Pari: arey, Swaraa ur soo silent.. I mainly came here to see ur naughtiness.. Like u did when we came.. But today he soo silent.. What happen??

Sanskar: (he goes towards her and places his hand on her) Bhabi.. This is because Swara is shy!!

Swara keeps blushing and hugs him…
Sanskar is sooo happy that his life is back.. He hugs her more tightly and kisses her forehead..

All looks at her and laughs…
AP: sanskar, Challo lets go now.. You know Swara learnt cooking, today she made all ur favourites..

(Sanksar looks at her and smiles)
Sanskar: really Swara?? Woww I’m so excited now!!

Sanskar sits beside Swara, he places his hand on her.. Swara stares at him lovingly..

Sanksar: (whispers) why my darling is staring at me???
Swara: (smiles) I love you soo much Sanskar..
Sanskar: (looks at her and smiles) I love you too Swara!!

She holds his hand tightly and sleeps on his shoulder..

Adharsh was driving..
At that time a car comes in opposite direction..and when it was about to dash.. Adharsh gets alerts and reverse the car… Nd he hits the tree…

All fella down…
All are safe, but worried for parineethaaa…
Adharsh: Pari r u fine???
Pari: Yaaa I’m fine!!

Swara: Di…
Sanksar: Bhai lets take Bhabi to hospital..

When they were about to go…
All are shocked… To see Jagadish standing… With his goons…

Mainly Swara is shocked…She holds his hand tightly..
Sanskar is tensed seeing Swara’s face..
Sanskar: Swaraa!
Swara: sanskar I’m not scared anymore, u are with me.. I got to know everything.. Kavitha told me.. I’m not scared of that Jagadish.. I will face him.. I will protect my family.. (She hugs him tightly)

Jagadish comes near Swaraa…he looks at her face seducingly…

Sanskar signals Adharsh to take Pari and Ma home…
Adharsh first denies but later accepts and he informs police..

Jagadish: woww Swara, finally ur married.. I hope u had a lovely time with ur husband..
(He was about to touch her)

Sanksar comes in front of her…
Sanskar: don’t dare to touch her…

Jagadish looks at him angrily…
Jagadish: dont dare to come in middle…

Sanksar: how dare you!!
Jagadish gets angry and touches his collar..
Sanskar gets angry and slaps him hard…

Jagadish gets angry Nd signals someone…Meantime a goon hits sanskar on his head… Sanskar falls down!!

All r shocked..

Swara: (shouts) Sanskar????

AP and Adharsh are Also shocked… Adharsh tries to go near Sanskar.. But those goons stops him…

Adharsh: Sanksar…..
He tries to fight with the goons.. But they don’t allow him to go near Sanskar..
(He sits on his knees and cries)

AP and Pari too cries…

Swara: (cries) Sanskr, Sanksar plzz get up…
She gets angry and starts beating him…
Jagadish gets angry and slaps her hard..

All are shocked…
All shouts Swara…

He starts beating her continuously…
Jagadish: how dare you marry him?? I won’t spare you both.. I will kill him Infront of u..

He signals his goons to wake him up…

One of the goon pours water on him and wakes him…
Sanskar slowly opens his eyes and looks at Swara who is in hands..

Sanksar: swaraaa!!!

Swara gets happy seeing him opening his eyes.. Nd frees herself from him and was about to run towards Sanskar…

She falls on the ground and hugs him..
Swara: (cores) sanskar… Plz wake up…
I love u Sanksar…
Sanskar looks at her and caresses her face..

Sanskar: I love u too Swara

Jagadish gets angry at them and takes a knife… Adharsh, and Ap looks at Jagadish with knife and gets worried… They shouts Sanksar and Swaraa..

By that time he stabs sanskar with knife…

Swara: Sanskar…..

Sanskar: (cries with pin) ahhhh!!! Swaraa go from here…

AP, Pari and Adharsh all are shocked… Tears started rolling..
AP: sanskar!!!!!

Swara hands are filled with blood.. She gets scared seeing the blood and starts crying…

Jagadish looks at her and drags her again by pulling her hair….

Sanskar: (worries) Swaraa!!!
(He looks at her helplessly..)

Jagadish: Wahh!! What a great lovers…
It won’t be good if I kill u both… First il maku u to kill him… Later I will kill you…

Swara is hell shocked…

Jagadish: places gun in her hand… And tells her to shoot him…

Swara: (cries) noooo!! I will never kill him.. Because he is my life..

Jagadish holds her neck tightly… and shouts to kill him…

Swara cries…

Jagadish: Swara if u won’t kill him, I will kill… Nd Sanskar do u want me to kill Swara first…

Sanksar looks at him and gets angry..

Sanksar: Swaraa shoot me!!!

Swara: (shouts) noooo!! I can’t shoot you…

Jagadish: Swaraa il give only 2mins… Decide something.. If u won’t shoot now, I will shoot all ur family members.. Do u want them to die? Like ur papa and bhai..

Sanskar: Swara shoot me!!!

Swara looks all of them… She remembers how he killed her father and brother, how AP treated her like mother, how Adharsh treated her like sis… How she spent her life with Sanksar, she cries rembering all that…

Sanskar looks at Swara and signals her to shoot…

Swara nodes Noo… I can’t see him killing u all… I love u soo much Sanskar… He killed my papa and bhai… I still dint come out from that… And now I can’t see this family suffering because of me….because I love u all soo much…this is happening because of me..

Saying this she slowly starts going back… Pouting gun towards her…

Sanskar is shocked…
Sanksar: (cries)swaraaa… Nooo!! Don’t doo that.. Don’t worry about me… I will be fine… Don’t do this to me Swaraa!! Swaraaa r u listening….

Swara cries and just keeps going back….

Swara: I love you Sanksar… If I have next birth..I will be ur wife again..
She keeps going back…

AP, Adharsh and Pari all looks at Swara and shouts…

Swaraaaa don’t do that….

Jagadish looks at her, Nd smiles… Woww what a love on ur family…

Sanskar struggles to save her, but by that time Swara shoots herself and falls from the cliff!!!

Sanskar: swaraaaaa!!!!!! (He is shocked to see her dead)

Ap cries calling swaraaa

Adharsh hugs Pari and cries!!!

Jagadish: wow she made my work easy…happy death day Mr&Mrs maheswari… He shoots him…


ap, Adharsh and Pari shouts Sanskar!!!

Snaksar remembers all the time spent with her and his family and dies!!!

Adharsh gets angry and takes a rod nearby and hits Jagadish on his head….

Jagadish falls down shouting ahhhhh!!
He hits him again and again….

Seeing him hitting his goons try to kill him at that time police reaches…

They arrest all of them…
Pari starts crying with pain…

Doctor checks Sanskar and tells them that he is dead….

Flash back ends

AP cries telling them the FB… Sanky and Bublu also cries..

Ap: Swara killed herself.. She loves Sanskar soo much… I cannot forget that day in my life!! I missed both of them!!

Snaksar: what about that Jagadish?? How did he survived?

AP: he lost his memory it seems.. He don’t remember anything.. He is Justin’s his live present!! He became a minister!!! I hate him Varun… He killed Sanskar… He killed my son..

(She cries hugging him)

They go to their room..
Bublu: what a love story Sanky?? It was soo touching.. he loves her soo much!!
Now I 100% believe that ur love is true..!! Hatsoff man!
And 31st Dec you both died, and 1st Jan you came back.. Wahh.. This is really awesome!! But how cum Shona be junior to u..

Sanky: it’s unbelievable..I think may be she joined lately in the school.. And ohh god This is my second birth.. But Bublu.. I don’t remember anything.. But somewhere I’m soo happy in my heart !! I just want to find out whether even Shona feels like that!!

At that time Sanky gets a message from Shona..he gets happy seeing her message..

Shona:good morning!

Sanky calls her…
Shona: good morning Sanky!
Sanky: (doesn’t speak anything, as he just want to hear her voice)
Shona: (confused) Sanky.. R u still sleeping, okay sleep for sometime.. It’s still 5:00am.. Il call you later okay!!

Sanky: Noo Shona, speak something, I just want to listen to ur voice!

Shona: hmm what should I speak,

Sanky: Shona, il ask you onething.. Don’t get panic okay??

Shona: what’s that??
Sanky: why are you scared of that Jagadish minister?

Shona is shocked..
Shona: why r u asking about him??
Sanky: I just want to know, tell me Shona!
Shona: I don’t know Sanky, as soon as I see him… I get some flashes like… He is dragging me, Nd beating me.. Hurting me.. I feel sooo scared!! I hate him soo much…

Sanky eyes are filled with tears… Now he truly believes that he came back to get her love..

Sanky: tell me onething.. In these days, did u ever got any sort of dreams.. Something which touched ur heart..

Shona: (thinks) haa Sanky.. Now I days I’m getting a dream.. That a guy holding me and making me to sing a song by holding my hands… That day I sang a song did u remember, that one..
I feel soo happy when I get that dream.. Nd in fact it became my fav dream too? Hahahaha very funny na!!

Sanky: (listens to her smile lovingly) I love you Shona.

Shona: love u too Varun!

Sanky: I wan too see you Shona..
Shona: now??
Sanky: Yess!! I’m coming now..
Shona: (smiles) okay.. Il be waiting!!

He cuts the call.. And tells Bublu..

Sanky : Bublu,today il surprise everyone at home..
All will be happy seeing Shona, Nd dadi.. I bet she won’t leave her at all..

Bublu: I’m soo excited Sanky, I want to see their happy faces..

Sanky: come lets go..

Bublu: okay!!

Shona room:

She gets fresh up, she wears white churidhar as Sanky loves white…
She gets ready… Nd waits for Sanky.. She hears a bell sound..
She happily runs and opens the door… But was shocked too see that person…
It was SHEKAR shona’s father!!

Shona: papa!!!
Shekar looks at her angrily and slaps her…

Shekar: why did I send u here Shona, to study, but what r u doing?? Ur in love? How dare you??

Shona is shocked…
Shona: papa,
Shekar: ?shut up… Nd what was that painting on colz wall?? Is this what ur learning?? Nd how can you love that Varun… He is such a guy.. Thankgod Sanjay told me or else I don’t know what would happen..

Shona: ?Sanjay, papa don’t trust him, you know what he did to me??

Sanky: (shout) shut up Shona, I know about everyone.. Don’t tell me anything!!
Now come pack ur bags… It’s enough what u studied… Come be quick ‘

Shona: (cries) Noo papa, I won’t come leaving Sanky… I love him soo much.. Plzz leave me.. I won’t come with u!!

Shekar gets Angry and slaps her again..

Shekar: enough Shona..just do what I say…
He scolds her and takes her down forcefully…

All science students looks at her and gets shock…they immoderately calls Sanky..

Student: Sanky, Shona father is taking her..
Sanky: what??
Student: Yaaa, I think he got to know about u guys, he is taking her forcefully..

Sanky is shocked…
Shona cries in the car.. At that time she watches Sanky going…
She looks at him and cries… But Sanky doesn’t look at her…

Sanky reaches her flat… All tells him what happened… His eyes are filled with tears.. He tries calling her number, but her mobile is at her flat itself.. Sanky takes her mobile and cries!!

Episode ends!!
Sanky talks with Sunny!!

Credit to: neha

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