True love never dies Episode 43 (Swasan)


hey guys i m arohi nd i m posting this on nehas behalf

Shona and Sanky are cycling..
Shona: woww it was sooo awesome!! Thankyou Sanky for this cute ride..
Sanky: anything for you kiddoo (he winks at her)

Bublu, tries sanky’s call.. But he doesn’t lifts it seeing his call..
Bublu gets shocked..
Next Rahul calls him, seeing his call Sanky cuts it..4

Rahul: arey Bublu… This Sanky na, when he is with Shona…he is minimum not bothering us.. We should tease him…
Bublu: (pout face) nooo we should teach him a lesson…

Rahul: lol I have an Idea… Today full day, let’s separate the love birds.. Let’s tease both of them..

Bublu: woww this is awesome!!
(They look at shona’s classmates, Nd other science students and they tell their plan to them.. All agrees and give hifi to each other!!)

Sanky and Shona watches the crowd, Nd goes near them…

Sanky: guys what’s happening here??
Bublu: hey dude.. We all are planning to go for an outing..
Shona: (excited) outing???
Rahul: Yesss Shona, just imagine… Summer camp, Only with friends, campfire, singing, dancing, A night halt in tents.. It will be awesome!! What do u say??

Shona: wowwwww!!! It’s soo nice..
Sanky looks at her expressions and smile..

Sanky: hmm not a bad idea, we all can have fun.. Hey na Shona..(he winks?)

Bublu: soo guys, today at 4pm we all are starting… Nd will reach that place by 7:00… And next day morning by 6 we will start and by 9 we will reach and we can attend our college… Is that k with u all??

All shout yesssss….
All looks at Sanky and Shona, and thinks that they r trapped and smiles looking at each other…

Sanky gets call and he leaves home..

Sanky: Ma.. Pack my bag, we r going for outing…
Pari: ?outing? With whom?
Sanky: with friends mom!!
Pari: (teases) achaa even Shona is coming..
Sanky: Yaaa! Why?
Pari: haha nothing.. Nd Yaa, today I went for shopping.. I bought this shirts for you.. And this dress for Shona.. Give it to her..

Sanky: (excited) woww really, thanks Ma..
Pari: will she likes it?
Sanky: haha definitely, she will jump with excitement!!
Pari: hahahahaha…okay, by d careful Sanky.. Don’t drive fast okay!
Pari: Okay mom..

In college:
All science batch are talking about their plans..
Bublu: guys I arranged a bus.. Let’s all have fun..
Sanky: guys u all come in bus, I and Shona will come by car..
Rahul: ?achaaa.. Noo way.. All should go together that’s it.. U both r important, u should come with us that’s it.. No more discussion plzz!!
Sanky: Yaar, this is tooooo much..
Bublu: Sanky, this is the rule….
Sanky: hmm okay dude!!!

At 3:30
Shona calls Sanky…
Shona: (shouts) Sanky.. I’m ready, my friends are ready, ur friends r ready, all science students are ready, bus is ready, but you know what, our science leader, one and only Mr.Varun Sanskar Maheshwari alias Sanky….. Is not ready…
How sad??

Sanky: (smiles) achaaa… By d way Ms.shona, leave all that, il tell u a work.. Will u do that??

Shona: haa sure tell me, what’s that??
Sanky: where r u?
Shona: I’m standing near the bus..

Sanky: okay.. Now listen carefully… Okay??
Shona: Haaa okay baba… Tell me
Sanky: turn back… Come 20 steps forwards, come do quickly…

Shona: (confused) what?? But y Sanky??
Sanky: do what I say… Only 20 steps not more than that..
Shona: hmm okay..

(She turns back and goes forward..
12, 13, 14….

Sanky: Shona do quickly…
Shona: hmm Sanky, don’t disturb me..
(When she was about to go she forgets the count,?)

Shona: Sanky, I forgot my count.. I should do from starting.. Don’t interrupt me in the middle understand… She starts yelling and Shona does it…

Sanky smiles…

Shona: Sanky I did it..

Sanky: Thankgod finally….. Now tell me where r u?
Shona: Hahahaha lol funny… Before I’m at front Now I am at the back of the bus..hahahh so funny na!!

Sanky: (smiles) Yaaa very funny…Now turn to ur left side.. And Tell me what did u see?
Shona: okay…(she turns to her left side she found a her room..)

Shona: Hahha Sanky.. Ur soo funny, I can see my room..
Sanky: go to ur room, u will find a parcel.. Open that…
Shona: what parcel..
Sanky: just do it Shona…

Shona: (excited) Kk.. Just 1min…

She runs to her room…Nd finds a parcel..she opens it.. She finds a beautiful dress..

Shona: (excited) Sanky!!’ Woww this is very beautiful.. Is this for me??

Sanky: yaaaa!! Did u like it??
Shona: Yess.. It was awesome!!

Sanky: Mom bought it for you..
Shona: (excited) really?? Woww soo sweet of her!!! By d way Sanky, how did you keep this parcel here when u are at home..???

Sanky: who told you that I’m at home??
Shona: then where r u??
Sanky: look back….
Shona turns back.. Nd finds Sanky standing near the door…

Shona: (happy) Sanky.. When did u come??
(She hugs him) Nd this dress is sooo pretty!! Thankyou soo much..
(She kisses him tightly on his cheeks)

Shona: this is not for u, give this kiss to ur mom, behalf of me… Okay???
Sanky: (teases) achaaa!!! Then where’s my return gift?
Shona: for what?
Sanky: I brought this gift here.. So u should gift me something na..

(He goes towards her.. Nd stares at her lips)
Shona: (tensed)Sanky, don’t scare me…

Sanky: (smiles) Nd goes more close to her..

Shona: (stops him) Hahha Sanky…plz stop it…

Sanky: hmm Kk but don’t forget, this full day is my day, I will get my written gift somehow.. ?

Shona: achaaa lets see!!

(Both look at each other and smiles)

They went down..
Bublu: guys come lets all get into the bus..

Shona: (laughs) Bublu last window seat is mine…
Bublu: Noo way it’s mine…

both looked at each other and started running

Shona: (reached) Yess… It’s mine!! (She starts laughing)

Sanky and others watches them and laughs…

They all have fun in the bus by singing.. And playing some games
They all reach the place..

All girls took Shona to a side.. And boys took Sanky to a side..

Sanky: guys, it’s soo boring.. U all stay here I will Shona and I will come..

Rahul: hello dude.. Noo way.. U should stay here that’s it..
Sanky: Rahul why r u targeting me?? Let me spend some time with her..

Rahul: u can spend later.. But today only with us..
Sanky looks at him angrily..
He takes out his mobile and starts talking with Shona…

Shona tent:
She’s talking with Sanky.. Sasha comes Into her tent.. And snatches her phone..

Sasha: Shona, today ur not talking with Sanky… I won’t allow you..
Shona: ?why??
Sasha: you should spend some time with us..

Sanky listens to Sasha and gets angry..

He thinks why all r targetting us.. Something is happening..

.. They won’t allow them to meet…
Not even at dinner.. And camp fire!

Sanky looks at Bublu and Rahul angrily, while they keep laughing.. He understoods everything..

At night:
While all are busy in dancing and busy in campfire …
Sanky watches Shona dancing… He stares at her.. Shona notices him and waves hand..
Sanky signals her to come aside..Nd he goes near his tent…

Shona dances… Nd slowly without anyone noticing she goes to meet Sanky..

She goes towards his tent and searches for Sanky..

Sanky looks her and pulls her..
Shona: Sanky, Thankgod.. I’ve seen you.. You know my friends na they dint allow me to meet u at all..

Sanky: This was all planned Shona.. Come lets go from here.

(He holds her hands and takes her to a lonely place)

They was a small lake, they sit there and Sanky sleeps on her lap.. Nd
starts talking..

Sanky: Shona.. You know I missed u soo much.. I came here only to be with u.. But these idiots.. Wasted my time..

Shona: (caresses his hair) Hahahaha I can see ur struggle.. I saw ur love… You know even I missed you.. But Sanky, why do u love me soo much??

Sanky: (looks at her face and cups it) I don’t know Shona.. But I love u soo much.. You know I can’t stay without u not even a sec…
I always think about u..

Shona: (smiles and kisses his forehead) I love you Angry bird.!!

Sanky: (smiles) I love you princess..

Shona: princess??
(He holds her hand and entangles his finger)
Sanky: Yaa u love that name na.. So from today I will call u princess.. Ur my princess, my queen.. Everything…
(He kisses her hand)

Shona: (smiles) it’s very nice, not name.. But the way u called me it’s soo nice.. She hugged him tightly..

Sanky stares at her lovingly…

Shona: u changed my name na.. So even il change ur name..

Sanky: achaa.. What’s it!!

Shona thinks…
Shona: hmm il call u Cutie, sweetie.. Okay?
Sanky: Noo.. Call me Varun..
Shona: Varun??
Sanky:: Yess… U know I started loving that name so much.. My chacha kept that name for me.. So call me Varun..

Shona: you know even I loved that name.. I love you Varun..

Sanky looks at her And smiles… He cups her face,

Sanky: Shona, where is my return gift??? You know I’m waiting for that since morning..
Shona: (smiles) she bents down to kiss it…
Her fringe covers her face…
Sanky keeps her fringe back of her ears..
Shona smiles and kisses his lips…
They share a passionate kiss!!

After the kiss.. They talk for sometime.. Nd spend sometime..

At that time they watch Laksh and Ragini.. Nd gets shocked..
Even Laksh and Ragini are shocked…

Ragini: (goes towards Shona and hugs her)

Shona: Rajni what r u dong here??
Ragini: I came to meet my grandparents.. And I thought to introduce Laksh to them..

Shona: wow that’s soo great..

Laksh stoods at a corner.. As he doesn’t want to talk to them..

Sanky watches him and both Behave like a strangers…

Ragini: okay Shona.. Will meet tomorrow in the college.. Bye.. And guys you both are cute.. Very cute couples..

Shona: even u both are cute..
Ragini: Thankyou..

(They leave)
Laksh looks backs at them.. Nd thinks..

Sanky really loves her soo much.. Strange.. (He smiles.. As he is also happy for them)

Next day:
They all reach home… And Sanky sleeps.. As he dint sleep the whole night…

He tells Pari.. About the trip.. How Shona was happy seeing her dress..

Pari: I’m happy that she liked it..
Sanky suddenly kisses her on her cheek..

Pari: (smiles) Kya hua Varun?
Sanky: Maa.. She told me to give this to u as a return gift..

Pari starts laughing…
Pari: hahah crazy girl..
(She leaves the room)

Bublu comes home and they start reading the diary…
Diary open…

We had a wonderful time.. That was one of my most memorable day..
Coz I’m going to become chacha.. I’m soo happy goras harsh bhai and Bhabi…

At that time I got a call, I got an other great news, I got an important tender, which I worked a lot for it..
This is really an awesome news, I was on cloud 9…
I just want to share this news to everyone..
At that time I saw Swara… I was soo excited to share this news to her, I went towards and hugged her soo tightly…

Me: Swaraa today I’m sooo happy…
Swara: (excited) even I’m sooo happy Sanksar, I’m going to become chachi, I will become his teacher, I will teach him rhymes, I will teach him alphabets..Coz I’m a teacher na..

Me: Swara.. You know what I’m double happy??
Swara: double happy??
Me: Yess daring, I got a tender, I worked hard for that.. And today I won it..
Swara: (very happy) what?? Congrats Sanskar… I’m soo happy for you..

(She hugged me soo tight)
Me: Swara, ohh god.. I’m very happy..
Swara: sanskar come lets tell this to everyone.. They all will be happy..
Me: come lets go..

We went down and told everyone about the tender all were very happy..
Adharsh: congrats Sanksar, I’m so proud of you.. And get ready to go to US..

Swara is shocked..
Swara: US??
Me: Yaa Swara, it’s a US tender.. It’s 4 months project..

Her face expressions were changed.. Her eyes filled with tears…I know she don’t like to leave me alone.. Even I can’t leave her alone.. But I cannot take her, because of visa problem.. When I was about to console her.. She started talking..

Swara: dats k Sanskar, I can understand.. This is ur dream.. Don’t worry about me.. All r with me.. And Mainly I should be with Di.. She’s pregnant na.. I should help her..

Listening her worlds, I felt some relief..
We went back to our room..

She became silent.. She started doing her works.. By moving here and there.. She’s just involving in work..

I understood that she’s sad… I went towards her and hugged her..

Me: Swara, Kya hua??
Swara: (sad) nothing.. (She hugged me) take care Sanskar, how can I be without you.. That too for 4 months..

Me: (my eyes r filled with tears) even I can’t stay without you Swara.. I love you soo much.. But don’t worry, I will daily call you.. Okay??

Swara: (pout face) okay!! When you come back.. Bring many chocolates okay.. I love foreign chocolates.. Hahah Kk!!?

I smiled looking at her.. Ohh god!! She is soo different..till now she was sad.. Nd suddenly started to laugh..

Me: sure darling… (I kissed her) by d way Swara, tomorrow I will spend my full day with you okay??

Swara: really?? Woww
Me: Yess.. Will go somewhere out..
Swara: ? sure… Love u soo much Sanskar..

She gave a peck on my lips and We slept hugging each other…

Next day:
I woke up soon and find her sleeping peacefully in my arms.. I kissed her forehead.. Nd stared at her for sometime.. I relented Jagadish.. I felt worried… But I’m not gonna easily leave it.. What if he hurts Swara…
So I made some arrangements… I’m in my safety…

I waked up Swara.. And told her to get ready.. Today I want to spend This full day with her..

11:00am ..
She got ready and went for a long was the best long ride with her.. Before I used to scold her when she used to start her nonsense… But this time.. I enjoyed it a lot.. I stared at her..
She was beautiful.. Nd I have soo many surprises for her.. I hope she will like it…

Nd we stopped near a restaurant for lunch..
We had a heavy meals.. And went to the garden place..

That place was beautiful… It was filled with yellow flowers.. She loves yellow flowers soo much..
She started jumping with excitement…

Swara: wowww Sanksar, this is very beautiful… I’m in love with it…

Me: Swara.. U stay here I will come just now..

Saying this I went bit far.. And I signalled someone..
That boy went near Swara, and placed box in front of her..

Swara: what this??
Boy: sir told me to give u.. And this letter..
Swara: letter??

She tooled out and read..

Swara, i know you will miss me for 4 months.. From today this will be ur best buddy, which will entertain you?

She was confused.. And opened the box..
It was a puppy… Swara was shocked.. I can see her happiness in her face..

She started playing with the puppy..
She started asking the boy about me..

Swara :where is sir??
Boy: there he is.. (He pointed his finger towards me)

Swaraaaa happy seeing me.. And started running… She came and hugged me so tightly with lots of love..

Swara: sanskarrrr… Thankyou for this wonderful gift….I love you soooo much…
(She kissed me on my lips)

Me: Swara I love you too… Nd il miss you soo much..
(We again hugged soo tightly)

Page ends…

Sanky is shocked… He remembers the same dream..
Where he got the same dream about a boy presenting a puppy to the girl.. Nd how girl hugged that boy and kissed him..

He was completely shock..

Bublu: Sanky Kya hua??
Sanky: Bublu.. I’m so confused.. You know I got this same dream.. same incident happened in my dream too.. Ohh god!! How could I get the same incident..

Bublu: Sanky sometime it please turn the next page.. It’s soo interesting…plz turn it..

Sanky: okay..

He turns the page:

Diary next page..

She was soo happy with it.. She was Jumping with excitement.. She went near the puppy and started playing with it..And I was staring at her lovely…..she was sooo cute.. I wide my hands and shouted ..

Me: swaraaaa…I….LOVE…. YOU’…
Swara was happy.. And runs towards me and she hugged me again tightly…

I started laughing with excitement… I hoeld her in my arms.. And turned her…
She started laughing continuously..

Swara: Hahahaha Sanksar.. Plz stop na.. All will be looking at us..

Me: Swara, I’m soo happy today.. I want to see this smile always…

Swara: sure.. I will always keep smiling for u..

Me: Swara I had another gift for you..
Swara: what’s that??
I showed her 2 lockets…I wore one locket to her.. and whispered

Me: swAra I will be with you always… Coz I love you!! Your my life… Don’t worry… I may be far from you.. But u will be always in my mind..

And i told her to wear another locket to me..

Swara: (confused) okay..
She wore that locket to me…
Swara: but why this locket Sanskar..

I again whispered..
Me: This will be with me always swara.. I want ur presence and this smile to be with me forever!! I love you….I love u sooo much

She was overwhelmed.. Nd hugged me..

I cupped her face.. Nd saw her beautiful eyes…nd kissed it.. I saw her lips, it was beautifully beautiful, with her cute smile signalling me to kiss.. I kissed her passionately on her lips…

Page ends..

Sanky is hell shocked now.. Even Bublu..

Bublu: Sanky.. How dare you??
Sanky: what??
Bublu: u read this diary before na.. Nd u told the same story as if you really got that dream??

Sanky: Noo Bublu.. This was the same dream I got.. Ohh god?? What’s happening to me?? Nd I still remember.. I called her Swaraa… But why did I called Swara in my dream??

Bublu: (thinks) Sanky I think what that Panditji said is right.. May be this is ur real birth.. Just think this incidents were coming in ur dreams, that means destiny is reminding you..

Sanky stood up shockingly..

Sanky: dude how is that possible?? Okay if this is my second birth..
Nd how could I see Shona in that dream??
I should see that Swara na..

Bublu: Yaa this is also the point.. Sanky lets read the other part too.. May be we can get any clue..

Sanky: okay..

Diary open..

We enjoyed a lot.. That was the most best time I spend with Swara..

That night we reached home, Swa……………

(The diary was incomplete)

Bublu: ohh god!! It’s incomplete…
Sanky: I think chacha wrote until here..

(He started turning papers it was all empty.. When he was turning he could see a photo which is stocked in one page.. But Sanky doesn’t notice it.. Nd closes the diary..)

Sanky: Yaar.. We dint find any clue..

(Suddenly he thinks about that pic and opens the diary)

Bublu: Sanky Kya hua??
Sanky: I saw a picture man…
(He started turning the pages… And turns an other page.. It was a picture of Swara.. With her bridal attire)

Sanky and Bublu are more shocked..?????

Sanky: shonaaa??
Bublu: Shona pic in this diary?? That too with This bridal attire??

There was some message written under it.. But it was torn..

Sanky: (shocked) Shona pic?? Why is her pic in it?
Bublu: let’s ask ur mom.
Sanky: okay..
(He cuts that pic and both went down and saw Pari was going to sleep)

Sanky: mom I need ur help
Pari: haa Varun.. What’s that??

He takes out the pic and shows Pari..
Sanky: mom why is this pic here??
Pari was shocked to see Swara’s pic..

Pari: (her eyes are filled with tears) varun.. Where did u get this pic.. You know I love this pic soo much.. Swara looks soo cute in this..

Bublu and Sanky ????? are shocked..

Both at a time screamed..

Pari: haa Varun.. She is ur chachi.. Swara!!
She’s soo cute na..

Varun: mom plz don’t joke..
Pari: (confused) joke?? Noo Varun she is really ur chachi.. Hah u thought some girl or what??

Varun: Swaraa??
Pari: if you don’t trust me.. Go to ur chacha room.. Which is on terrace.. You can find their pics..

Varun: but Maa.. How could this possible, she is Shona….

Bublu stops him…
Bublu: stop it Sanky.. Enough of ur bet.. You won it na.. Come lets go to ur chacha room.. (He covers something)

Sanky: okay..
Pari: keys are in the self.. And don’t make the room messy.. Ur dadi will scold u again..

Sanky: okay mom..
Pari leaves

Sanky and Bublu runs to Sanksars room..

He opened the door and goes inside.. As soon as he entered.. Both are shocked to see a big photo frame of Swasan…

Sanky eyes are filled with tears… He looks at all photos of Swasan…

Bublu: Sanky, this is really ur second birth… Nd not only you, even Swara..
Look at her… Everything same to same.

Sanky: (happy) Shona is Swara?? I can’t believe this??

He touches her photos with lots of love…

Sanky: I want to meet That Panditji Bublu…

Bublu: now??
Sanky: Yess.. Plz come..

(They both leave to meet that Panditji)

Pandit house.

Sanky: sorry for disturbing u at this time..
Pandit: that’s k beta.. Plz come inside..

Sanky: can u tell my astrology again??
Pandit: (smiles) (he looks at his hands and again tells him…)
This is ur second birth.. Your love was incomplete in ur first birth.. So you came agin to get back ur love..

Sanky: I came again.. But what about her??
Pandit: (laughs) when u came, even she will come… This is destiny… Where ever u both are.. Destiny will bring her close to you.. U both r meant to be together..
But I already told.. U should cross all ur huddles…

Sanky: if at all this is true.. Why am I not remembering my first birth??

Pandit: haha destiny will remind u in the form of ur dreams.. Ur love is true.. So u both came back..
True love will never die!!

Sanky and Bublu both are shocked…

Sanky: Thankyou..

(He leaves from there)

Sanky: (with teary eyes) Swara is Shona?? Is she came back to get me?? Bublu I don’t remember anything..

Bublu: Sanky whatever it is.. Shona is with u..she is urs forever..

Sanky: now I understand.. That song, that locket, that puppy, that kiss… Everything has happened in both past and present.. destiny brought us together..

Bublu: ur love is true Sanky… As that pandit said!! Now I understood… Why u love Shona soo much!!
Nd Shona is not only look alike of Swara, but her habits are also same.. I already told u before..

Sanky: (smiles) Yess!!! Nd Bublu plz don’t tell this to Shona, let her too realise day she told us, that she sang that song because she got that in her dream..

Bublu: Yaa snaky..may be even destiny is reminding her..

Sanky: I want to meet her Bublu..
Bublu: Sanky it’s too late now.. Meet her in the morning..
Sanky: okay.. But Bublu I want to know how Sanskar and Swara died?? Nd omg!! Now I understood why Shona is scared of that Jagadish.. Is he the same one?? We need to find out?

Episode ends:

Sanky happily goes to meet Shona.
Someone knock her door,
Shona happily gies and opens it.. But gets shocked seeing that person..

Who is that Person??

Credit to: neha

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