True love never dies Episode 42 (Swasan)


hey guys i m arohi md i am posting this on nehas behalf

AP is thinking about the girl who looks like Swara…
She thinks
How should I search for her, who ever she may be, she’s the best match for Varun.. I will find out!!

At that time Pari comes..
Pari: Ma have this milk,
AP: Thankyou Pari..did Varun came home??

Pari: (smiles) yes mom.. Now a days he is busy with his new frnds..
Ap: okay.. But Pari, take care.. Now a days, this generation children are fond of love.. I trust Varun, he won’t love anyone..I won’t let him fall for anyone..

Pari is shocked..
Pari: Kyu mom.. What is the problem if he loves anyone..
Ap: Pari, I know this is sanskars second birth.. Even Panditji also said that.. Nd I trust even Swara has a second birth.. Will search for her.. She will be there somewhere..
Pari: ? but Ma.. If at all we won’t find her,
Ap: no Pari, she is there somewhere.. Until then just see that he won’t love anyone!!
Pari: okay Ma.. U take rest.. Good night!!

Pari comes out from the room.. And thinks about her words.. She thinks
Varun is already in love, he is very happy I can’t tell no now.. I should keep this as secret.. If Ma gets to know she will feel sad..

Sanky room:

He calls Bublu..
Sanky: Bublu, when are u coming?? It’s already 10:00
Bublu: just 20mins dude.. I’m on the way…
Sanky: okay!!

He cuts the call… Nd calls Shona..

Shona: (excited) hello Sanky..
Sanky: what r u doing darling??
Shona: (excited)Sanky, this house is very nice.. You know most of my classmates are here in this flat… Nd there is a big play ground over here.. Nd they are many cycles too.. It’s sooo beautiful!!

Sanky: hahaha Shona.. It’s science block.. We all r very particular about fitness.. So that play ground is ours.. Nd those cycles we arranged it, it’s soo gud to do cycling everyday.. And you know what, daily il do my jogging in that ground only…

Swara: ?really?? Woww, that’s soo good!!

They spend sometime talking,laughing…
Pari watches Sanky in call.. Nd being soo happy..
Shona sleeps while talking…
Sanky: shonaa… R u sleeping??
Shona doesn’t reply… He understood that she slept.. He smiles and cuts the call…

Pari thinks to talk to him..
Pari: Varun..
Varun: (smiles &turns back) Haaa Mom!!
Pari: I want to speak with you something which is important..
Varun: Haaa mom tell me..

Pari goes inside and closes the door, Sanky is confused..
Sanky: Kya hua mom??
Pari: I want to talk to u about Shona.
Sanky: Shona??

Pari: haa Varun.. You know right, dadi loves ur chacha soo much, after what pandit ji has said.. She has kept that in her mind, that this is ur second birth.. She is thinking that when Sanskar had second birth, then even Swara has second birth.. (She tells him what AP said)

Sanky is shocked…

Sanky: mom but.. How could they believe all this.. Maa ur not understanding Shona is my life mom.. I’m in love with her, and suppose If that, Swara too has second birth.. So u think I will accept her.. No Ma..
I only love Shona..

Pari: I know Varun.. I’m just telling you to be careful.. Don’t let ur dadi or ur papa knows it.. Will tell them later when time comes…Ur dadi is soo good, she will understand..

Sanky: okay mom…

She leaves..

After some time Bublu comes…
Bublu: hey dude!! What’sup??
Sanky: Yaar, how can these people believe these second birth and all..
Bublu: cool dude!! Now come lets read diary..

Sanky: okay!!

Diary open:
im in office, i was involved in the works..i reached home at 7:00 pm hearing my vehicle sound, swara came out… she was looking at me angrily.. i dint understand why she was staring at me like that..

i started talking to her in her style
me: swaraaaaaa I’m back..
swara looked at me from top to bottom… i was confused..

me: swara, where is that excitement in you, ur hubby is back darling

swara: achaa!! what is the time hubby??

i looked at the time..
me: its 7:00pm..swara, kyu???
swara: when did i tell u to come.. i got it.. she told me to come exactly at 6:00.. how can i forgot!!

me: woo swara, I’m sorry.. actually i was bit busy with work..
swara: achaa.. that means ur work is more important then ur wife??

me: swara I’m sorry..

swara: ?even I’m sorry, my hubby.. you deserve a punishment.. for not listening to ur wife…

(saying this she closed the door on my face)

i was shocked, thinking what happened to her… I’m in confused stage….

she opened the door, nd was peeping out.. i saw her opening the door and I asked her, “ swara, what are you trying to do?”
she replied,
I’m giving u punishment, for not listening to ur wife.. stay out for whole night!

I was shocked..
What??? ?this was my expression…

Swara: don’t try to cool me with these expressions.. Punishment is punishment.. Stay out!!

Me: (teasingly) hello excuse, Ms.swara… Who r u?? Who r u to tell me to stay out, This is my house understand???

Swara: hello Mr.sanskar Maheswari.. There’s a small correction.. I’m not Ms. Swara!! I’m SSM… Ur wife..

Me: SSM???
Swara: Yess… Swara Sanskar Maheswari… I made it short as…SSM… Nice na?

I was soo surprised to see her, just now she acted as being angry.. But now, she again came back to her original character by saying her name.. I took this as a chance to cool her..

Me: wahhhh!! What a name?? Awesome darling,
Swara: (excited) ?really??
Me: Yess SSM, (I pulled her cheeks) what a creativity?, It’s awesome, will u plz give some of ur creativity to me?? Plzz?

Swara: ? really, sure definitely , il teach you okay!!

Me: come then let’s go inside.. I’m very excited to learn…

Swara: (she wrapped her hands around my arms) sure Sanskar, come lets go inside..I would love to teach, and you know you need to learn these by step by step.. Okay!!

Me: (smiling) okay sure…

She forgot about the punishment.. And we were laughing and talking…
We went to our room…as soon as we went… She started her lessons..

Swara: sanskar you know first step is , you need to keep ur mind cool… Don’t think about anything.. When you want to create something.. That idea should come directly into ur mind.. Okay??

I was hell shocked… To hear her class…is she thinking I’m a kid??

Swara: sanskar.. R u listening??
Me: Haaa Swara, u carry on… I’m listening…

I started checking my files, I can’t bear her nonsense anymore..

Swara: okay.. First of all.. You need to know the meaning of creativity,
Creativity means, it’s an idea which we need to implement something new… Okay..

Me: oooffff….
Swara: Sanksar r u listening…
Me: Yaa Swara…

I was involved in checking my files..and I don’t listen why she was saying… Suddenly I saw a shadow Infront of me..
It was her..

Swara: ? Sanskar, I’m speaking with you, r u listening or not..
Sanskar: haa Swara.. It’s very nice..
Swara: achaa then listen this… You know our president was going on a flight and suddenly he jumped from aeroplane..

I dint listen what she was telling and I just nodes my head..
Me: achaa Kk.. Next!!

Suddenly I realised what she was speaking,
Me: what??????(I looked at her confusingly)
Swara: ? now I understood, ur concentration is not here… I hate u Sanskar..
Me: ooff Swara… (I kept my files to a side)

Nd pulled her on me and made her sit on me..
Me: Swara, y do u always show ur anger on me..
Swara: I’m showing my anger, it was you, who don’t listen to me.. You know I was speaking continuously..ur not even bothering me.. And Yaaa.. I told you to be out, why did u come inside..

Me: (teases) Achaa Swara, do u have any memory loss…. Ur the one who brought me inside…
ohh god, I asked for a wife, and you gave me a memory loss patient.. Soo sad Sanskar…

Swara: achaa
(She started beating me… At that time We heard someone shouting..)


We are shocked…we heard Ma shouting..

Ma: parineethaaa????

We are again shocked… And rushed down.. We saw Bhabi who was on the floor lying…
I rushes towards her, and lifted her.. And placed her in the room..

Swara had called doctor, and I informed Adharsh bhai… We all are very tensed to see her like that..

Doctor checked her, and finally said that she’s pregnant, and she’s 5th month now..

Doctor: she dint noticed this.. She should be very careful now.. Nd plzz have these medicines daily.. How dint u noticed it.. It would have been a miscarriage..

All r shocked…
Doctor: but don’t worry.. Everything is fine now.. Baby is healthy!!

We all are very happy.. For this great news.. Oh god!! This was really soo good news..
I could see all faces, all r very happy..
Nd Ma she was on cloud 9now..

Swara: Di I’m very happy, wowww congrats!!

Pari smiles..
Ma: Pari.. God bless you… (She kissed her) and starts giving sweets to everyone…
And Adharsh bhai excitement was out of control..

Adharsh: woww, we are going to hear a baby sound soon.. Nd I’m going to become a papa… Woww!!

In that mean time, Swara brought a book and pen.. I was soo confused now

Me: Swara, why did u bring a book now??
Swara: sanskar, I’m soo happy… I will write all names, and let’s decide a beautiful name for this sweet baby..

All looked at each other and smiled seeing her childish nature…

Me: okay nice idea, even I will help you..
Swara: ? nooo.. I should only select..I became chachi now..
Me: what.. Haha.. Even I have that right to select a name for baby… Becz even I became chacha now..(I snatched that book from her)

Swar: Noo I will only select…(she again pulled that book)

Pari: hmm. Swara and Sanksar you both have right, so u both select names.. Sanksar u select a boy name and Swara u select a girl name…

Swara: woww this is superb…
okay.. Hmm.. (I was thinking what name should I keep)

Me: Sunil ?
Swara: Sunila

Me: Anil
Swara: Anila

All started laughing seeing us…
I was angry, whatever I’m saying she’s adding ‘a’ in the ending…

Me: Swaraa, this is cheating.. Is this ur creativity.. Think something new… Ur a copy cat!!

Swara: ?what?? Me copy cat… Ur a copy cat.. U snatched my idea of selecting names… So ur a copy cat..

(Achaa… She’s playing with me.. So I got an idea)

I said ‘Salman Khan’ ? now tell me a girl name..

Swara : hmm ‘? Haaa… Salma Khan!!
Hahahaha haa loll…. Nice name na…

Me: it’s like ur face…

Adharsh: ?guys, plzz be serious.. I getting tention plzz…

Swara started laughing seeing Adharsh bhai face..

Swara: jiju ur soo funny!!!

Me: okay Swara let’s be serious… Hmm let me think… Hmmmmm? ‘VARUN’

All get happy hearing that name..
Pari: woww this is really awesome… I liked it a lot.. Let’s keep Varun..

Adharsh: but what if it’s a girl
Swara: will keep ‘Varuni’

Me: ? what was that name Swara.

All started laughing…
We had a wonderful time.. That was one of my most memorable day..
Coz I’m going to become chacha.. I’m soo happy!!

Diary closed….

Sanky: woww!!! This much discussion for my name.. I’m soo happy.. Chacha selected my name.. Soo sweet of him…

Bublu: haha Yaa..

Sanky thinks about something…
Bublu: Kya hua..
Sanky: Bublu today I got a dream.. Do u remember, I told you one day I was kissing Shona in my dream..
Bublu: haa ya.. Now what happened, don’t tell that she’s not Shona..??
Sanky: stop ur fun, she was Shona only, but I don’t understand onething.. In that dream I called Swara.. Instead of Shona.. I’m soo confused…

Bublu: ?what??
Sanky: Yaaa..
Bublu: Sanky Yaa I forgot… Today I saw Sanjay… Yaar why did u beat him soo much?? Did u see him? I was shocked to see him..

Sanky: he deserves that man… How dare he touch her.. I won’t spare anyone if anyone does anything to Shona… I really love her so much!!

Bublu: this much love in a short time.. Great yar… I’m proud of u…

Sanky thinks about her and smiles…

Finally they sleep..

Next day:


Sanky wakes up, he messages Shona ‘good morning’ and goes for jogging!!
He was busy in jogging, and he feels tired… And takes a long breathe..

At that time he hears a cycle bell sound..
He looks back it was Shona, with her cute short night Jump suit.. She looks so pretty..

Shona: (smiles) helloooo… do u want a lift??
Sanky: (stares at her lovingly) Yaaa
Shona: (smiles) come sit!!
Sanky: (smiles) hey kiddoo!! do u think u can carry me..
Shona: Yaaa Sanky… I’m soo strong..

Sanky: achaa!!
(He sits back of her)

Shona: soo shall we go now??
Sanky: Yaaa

When she was about to start, Sanky hugs her from back..
(Shona blushes and looks back)

Sanky: arey goo.. What r u waiting for??
Shona: (blushes) if u hug me like this, how can I goo…

They both look at each other and smiles..

Sanky: Hahahaha kiddo… Ur soo sweet.. Anyways, come il drive it.. I sit back..

Shona: wow this is more interesting…but I will sit front okay!!

Sanky: (smiles) okay come.. He made her sit on that front rod, and he starts cycling… They enjoy that cycle ride by laughing…
All looks at them.. And starts gossiping…

Woww they are soo cute… Shona is soo lucky yar… All science students are soo happy for these two love birds!!

Episode ends!!

Diary part ends!!! Nd Sanky finds Swara’s pic and get shocks!!!

Credit to: neha

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