True love never dies Episode 41 (Swasan)


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Sanky reaches home, he calls Shona…Shona lifts it!

Sanky : shona I reached home..
Shona: (angry) ?Sanky how can u kiss me like that near the bike.. You know I was soo scared..
Sanky: achaa scared for what?
Shona: wo scared for means what?? What if someone watches us?

Sanky: I did it intentionally,
Shona: ?intentionally?? But why Sanky?
Sanky: I saw my enemy at that time, I want to show him that how much I love you..
Shona: ? was Laksh at that time???
Sanky: hmm.. It was not Laksh, it was Sanjay!!

Shona: (shocked and screams) what Sanjay?? Even U saw Sanjay at that time?

Sanky: (teases) even? That means even u saw him?
Shona: (tensed) Noo I dint see.. Wo leave all that Sanky… I’m getting sleep.. Il talk to u tomorrow.. Bye, good night!

Sanky: (smiles) okay bye!! Take care..good night..

He cuts the call, Nd thinks..
Why r u hiding these matters Shona, I can see fear in ur eyes.. But don’t worry.. Il be there for u all the time.. No one can even think to harm you!!
After sometime…
He sleeps…

Shona in her room:
She cleans her room.. And was about to sleep..
She hears a door knock.. Shona thinks it was Sanky,
She talks to herself..
“This Sanky na, he always, surprises me..” She smiles and opens the door.. And gets shocked.. It was Sanjay..

She gets scared and she was about to close the door, he holds the door.. Nd pushes her inside..

Shona: sir.. What r u doing?? Plzzz go!!
Sanjay: ? (he slaps her)

Shona is shocked…
Sanjay: (holds her neck and shouts) how dare you!!! How can you tell him to come here??? You know that I hate him.. Should I punish him??

Shona: (cries) I don’t know that he will come here.. He came to surprise me.. Plzzz I’m sorry.. Plz don’t punish him..
(She cries falling on her knees)

Sanjay: (holds her hair) and drags her….
How dare he kiss you, do u know how I felt?? Ur mine… Nd how can he kiss you!!
Nd even u dint stop him…Now even don’t stop me from kissing you…

(Saying this he leans to kiss her)

Shona is shocked…
Shona: ?what are you doing?? (She pushes him)

Sanjay: now you will be mine Shona, I will see how that Sanky will marry you..

Shona: (cries) leave me… (She pushes him and opens her door to run… He holds her dress… It was torn, Shona gets shocked seeing her dress torn.. Nd runs outside…

She don’t know where to go, she looks at stairs and goes to terrace, Nd hides…

Sanjay searches for her and goes down..

Sanky room:
He gets a same dream..

In dream..
A girl.. Jumping with excitement.. And boy staring at her lovely…..wides his hand and shouts..
‘I….LOVE…. YOU’… The girl gets happy.. And runs towards Him and hugs him tightly…
The boy laughs with excitement… He holds her in his arms.. And turns her…
Girl laughs continuously and tells him to stop!!
He shows 2 lockets to her…He wears one locket to her.. and whispers..
I will be with you always… Coz I love you!! And he tells her to wear another locket to him…
She does wt he says..
He again whispers..
This will be with me always!! I want ur presence and this smile to be with me forever!! I love you….
Girl gets happy Nd hugs him…
He sees Shona Infront of him with that white dress…
He cups her face.. Nd saw her beautiful eyes…he kisses it.. He saw her lips, it was beautifully beautiful, with her cute smile signalling him to kiss.. He kisses her passionately on her lips…

Sanky smiles in his dreams…

Dream continues…
The girl and boy spend some time by laughing and running… The boy stares at a girl lovingly, seeing her happiness..
Suddenly girl shouts,
Girl: (shouts) sanskar!!!!!
The boy looks back, he is shocked to see that girl was been stabbed by knife…he finds her white dress slowly turning into red dress… With her blood..

Boy is shocked…
Boy: (shouts) swaraaa!!!!!!

Sanky suddenly wakes up.. He is shocked, his face is filled with sweat,

Sanky thinks.. Why am I calling Swara??
Nd when I’m with Shona.. I’m so happy that this dream was real, but what’s all this??
Ohh god?? What was that blood?? And Why did I call Swara?

He again sleeps..
This time he gets dream about Shona and Sanjay..

He again wakes up…

He thinks about Shona and Sanjay and thinks, why am I getting bad dreams???
Is she’s really in danger?? Will that Sanjay harm her??

He gets more tensed…
He calls her, but she doesn’t lift the call..

He thinks about how she was scared seeing Sanjay.. He thinks to meet her, Nd starts his bike…

Shona’s house:
Sanjay searches for Shona madly…He goes to terrace… Seeing him Shona gets more tensed and hides near the tank..

Sanky reaches shona’s flat..
He goes to her flat, Nd shocked to see its open…
Sanky thinks, how could she open the door like that.. Itna careless..
He goes inside and gets shocked seeing room messy..

He is more tensed… And shouts shonaa…
He looks everywhere… he gets angry on Sanjay…and He goes down to search in his house… But it was lock!!

He is more tensed… His eyes are filled with tears..
Nd keeps shouting Shona…

As it was soo calm at that time.. Shona and Sanjay both hears sanky’s voice..
Shona gets happy hearing his voice… And shouts loudly…
Shona: Sanky!!!!!! Sanky!!!

Sanjay is shocked to see her… Nd pulls her outside…he stops her calling his name by closing her mouth… Shona cries..
She bites his hand and agin calls Sanky…..

Meanwhile Sanky hears her voice.. And gets tensed.. He goes to terrace,

Sanjay gets more angry and slaps her hardly… Nd he holds her hands tightly, and rolls his hanky and puts it in her mouth.. So that she won’t shout now…

He becomes a psycho

Shona cries helplessly…Nd he looks at her torn dress.. And smiless..

Sanjay: Shona.. Now no one can help you!!
(Saying this he was about to kiss her torn place)

Sanky reaches terrace Nd gets shocked to see Shona in that position.. His eyes are filled with tears.. Nd fuming with anger..

He shouts Sanjay…
Sanjay is shocked to see him and Shona is happy to see him… She immediately frees her hand and runs towards Sanky and hides back of him…

Seeing her fear, Sanky fumes into anger and hits Sanjay tightly..

Sanky: how dare you??? Do you know what ur doing??

He gives him soo many punches on his face,

Sanjay hits him back… Sanky gets more angry!!

Sanky: how dare you Sanjay.. Do u know who is she?? She my life.. How can u hurt her???

He again starts beating him.. He faints!!

Sanky looks at Shona and runs towards her..
Sanky: Shona r u fine???
(He looks at her crying face and hugs her tightly)

Sanky: (he cups her face) shonaa plzz speak something..
Shona: (cries) thanks for saving me again Sanky!!

Sanky cries seeing her crying and hugs her more tightly…

Sanky: I came na Shona, don’t worry about anything…lets goo down.. Come!!

(He takes her to her flat… When he was about to close the door..

Shona: (tensed) Sanky plzz don’t leave me!!
Sanky: Noo Shona, I’m not going anywhere.. I’m just locking the door.. I’m here with you.. Don’t worry..
(He watches her torn clothes.. He is fuming with more anger)

Sanky: go and change ur dress Shona..

(she nodes yes and goes to washroom to change her dress)

Sanky is in shock.. He wonders what’s happening.. Nd thinks,
What if I dint reach at a time?? Thank god.. I came here… Nd That idiot how can he do that ? How can he try to kiss her?? Why is he back of her?? I won’t leave u Sanjay…

He is still fuming with anger…

Shona comes at that time…being soo tensed and scared
Sanky: (tensed) shonaa?? R u fine?

(Shona looks at his tensed face and acts being normal.)

Shona: (smiles) Yaa.. Ur there with me na.. Now I don’t have any fear..
(She hugs him and cries)

Shona: by d way Sanky, why did u come here??
Sanky: what was that question Shona? You don’t believe.. I got bad dreams that idiot Sanjay is harming you… I got tensed and I came here… Thankgod I reached at a timr..Or else.. I can’t even imagine what could be the situation…

He hugs her more tightly…
What if something happens to you.. Do u think I will live?? Noo..
I love u soo much.. Nd I know that he is troubling you from yesterday..I can see that in ur face.. But why dint u tell me??

Shona burst out crying…
Shona: how could I tell u Sanky.. He told me to break all relations with u.. If i tell u will u allow me to do what all he say?? He gave me 3 days time to break all relation with u… Or else..

Sanky is shocked..
Sanky: ?or else what Shona??

She hugs him tightly..
Shona: he told that if I don’t listen, he said that he will kill you.. I love u Sanky… I can’t see u in pain, I want you to be happy.. You should be happy all the time Sanky..

Sanky: (cups her face) are u mad?? How can u take ur own decisions.. Nothing will happen to me okay..
Nd from tomorrow don’t stay here Shona, come to my house.. U can stay there…I won’t allow you to stay here..

Shona: ur house??
Sanky: Yaaa..
Shona: ?how can I stay at ur house before marriage..
Sanky smiles seeing her expressions Nd kisses her forehead..

Sanky: I want you to smile like this forever Shona.. Nd listen.. No one can seperate us.. If u fear, then it’s his +point.. You should be brave, u should face it!!

Shona: (smiles) okay…

He hugs her…
Sanky: Shona.. It’s soo late, now sleep peacefully..
Shona: plz stay here, I’m soo scared.
Sanky: (smiles) sure.. Don’t worry!!

Shona sleeps and Sanky sits beside her, and caresses her hair.. He stares at her lovingly..
Nd sleeps beside her holding her tightly in his arms!!

Next day:
Shona wakes up, she remembers yesterday scene and looks for Sanky.. But he is not there.. She gets scared.. And shouts…

Sanky comes
Sanky: shonaa Kya hua???
Shona gets relieved seeing him.. Nd hugs him..

Shona: where did u go Sanky, I was soo tensed..
Sanky: I was in call Shona… Don’t worry I’m with u.. Nd don’t think about that Sanjay.. I Will take action, I know principle very well.. and il remove him from this college.. Nd he will never disturb us okay??

Shona smiles…
Sanky: good girl..keep smiling all the time..
(He kisses her forehead) and Shona, if you face such problems again.. Don’t hide it.. Just tell me okay…
You know If u hide these things from me.. How will I know..
I’m scared Shona, I can’t see u in pain.. Because I love you soo much ?..

Shona smiles…
Shona: I’m sorry Sanky.. From today I won’t hide anything from u!! I promise..

Sanky: good..Now come get ready, il drop u in the college and il go home and il get fresh up..

Shona: okay..

(She gets ready and Sanky drops her in the college)

Sanky reaches home and gets fresh up and he goes to college, Nd talks with someone…

After some time

shona is in class, sanky messages her..

sanky : shona meet me in the music room
shona: ?sanky now i can’t, I’m in class
sanky: ?will u come or shall i come and take you..decision is urs?

shona: (angry) i will only come…
sanky: good girl!!?

she goes to music room..

shona: helllooooooo
bublu and sanky looks at her and smiles
bublu : hello shona
sanky: hello darling

shona: (smiles) ?hello.. nd sanky why don’t u understand me, i said that i have class.. how can you tell me to come out.. don’t u have manners???

sany: achaa!!! wo actually shona, i should talk to u which is something veryyyyyyyy important
shona: (tensed) what is it sanky? Is that about Sanjay??
sanky: (teases) wo actually I don’t know how to tell you.
shonna: please don’t scare me sanky

sanky: shona…. (he goes near her and whispers) i love u shona!
shona: sankyyyyyyy!!! (she starts beating him) you scared me!!!

sanky and bublu laughs loudly
sanky: (laughs) hahhahahhaa look at u!! how scared you are!!

shona : (pout face)i won’t talk to you sanky… shona is angry on you!!

sanky smiles looking at her, and keeps his hands around her neck and again whispers

sanky: shonaa, don’t keep such expressions, i just don’t know what il do..Nd I seriously have a good news,
Sanjay was shifted to other branch.. Now ur completely free.. U don’t need to worry about him okay!!

Shona: what??? Really but how Sanky??

Sanky: Don’t ask me how, we just did it that’s it.. Nd I talked to Sunny, Nd I told him about Sanjay, and I even told him That Shona will be with me..

Shona: ?Sunny?? How do u know him?? Nd I won’t stay with u.. How can I stay with u in ur house…

Sanky: shonaa.. I know you won’t come to my house…That’s why I arranged another place.., ur staying in block b.. It’s our science block.. So if u want any help, all our friends will be with u… So u don’t need to worry at all.. Okay!!

Shona: woww then I gonna get many Friends… You know Sanky, in that block I don’t have a single friend..

Sanky: (smiles) here u don’t need to worry at all… All will be with u!!

Shona: (excited) wowww Thankyou Sanky….

(She hugs him and kisses his cheeks)

Bublu: lol.. This is public place, there are some kids like me, just watch it out?

Sanky and Shona looks at each other and smiles …


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Credit to: neha

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