True love never dies Episode 4

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Episode 4

Sanskar sends Swara out from music room because of her funny jokes!!

Swara thinks
This Sanky na.. Why he always gives a serious look.. Today he saved my life that’s the reason I’m respecting him.. Or else I would have killed him!!

Suddenly she remembers something and runs to the music room

Music room:
Sanskar smiles thinking about shona cute expressions..

At that time Shona comes to the room.. She slowly opens the door and peeps into it!!

Sanky watches someone peeping into the room .. Nd he shouts!!
Sanky: whose is that??
Shona tensed…. She opens the door quickly..Nd gets hurt!!

Sanky.. (Caring) Careful yaar!!! What d hell r u doing there??

Shona: actually u dint tell me anything about my work! So I came to ask !
Sanky: ooff!! Come in! Sit!!
Sanky takes a chair and sits and explains!!
Sanky: listen!! Ur work is to observe us and to give an update to the principle what all we did! Like what programs we did!if the entire group went to any program.. You need take permission..
Okay clear!! And ya Meet me tomorrow morning!! Il give the permission later about our schedules!!

Shona: okay!!

After some time!!
They all reach to their respective houses
Sanky and his friend…is in his room… Playing music..
Listening to the music AP comes to Sanky room..

Sanky and Rahul gets up and takes blessings from her!

AP: sanskar beta!! Your playing guitar very well!
Sanky: Thankyou dadi..
AP: even ur chacha plays guitar very well!! You got all his habits!! (She smiles) I know you r my Sanskar!! She kisses him!!

Sanky confused he don’t know what to say!!

AP: wait il get his guitar to u..

Saying this she goes soon as she goes Rahul starts laughing

Rahul: oh god!! Sanky!! Do u look like ur chacha!! Woww!!

Sanky: shut up man!! Wt do I know.. I never seen his face!!

Rahul starts teasing him..

Annapurna brings the guitar and gives it to Sanky…
If u want it you can use it!! But take care of the guitar.. These are some memories of ur chacha.

Sanky and Rahul are happy to see such a wonderful guitar…

Sanky: woww dadi…This is beautiful!! It’s very expensive.. Oh god!! These many days.. I dint see this guitar!! Wow this is lovely!!

Rahul: yes! Sanky!! It’s superb!!

Sanky: Thankyou dadi!!! He kisses her..
AP: this guitar is very special to ur chacha.. I specially told your dad to kept it safely!! Now it’s ur turn take care of it!
Dadi: sure dadi!!

AP leaves the room

Sanky starts to clean the guitar….After cleaning.. He starts playing it… He feels some strange thing in his heart as soon as he plays it!!

Episode 2
Next day!!

Sanky goes to the music room and he keeps Sanskar guitar in his place and leaves as he has some work!!

Shona comes to the music room.. As Sanky told her to meet in d music room!

She is alone.. She sits for sometime!! Feels bored!!
Her eyes fell on the guitar.. She thinks about yesterday incident… Where Sanky is playing it.. She smiles and goes near it..
She touches the guitar..

Some current passes through her body… She feels that she has seen this guitar somewhere!!

She holds the guitar in her hand.. She slowly touches the string making sound!!

Shona automatically gets tears in her eyes…

She closes her eyes..

She hears a guy laughing…He was very close to her.. He hugs her from back.. and whispers in her ears…’SHALL I TEACH YOU’?
Saying this he blows air on her ears!!

(Shona feels someone making her sit on his lap.. Nd holding her hand and placing his chin on her shoulder…
Shona feels his touch… And smiles…

Suddenly she hears someone coming and jerks!!

But there is no one around!!

Shona: am I dreaming? (Shes confused)

She again looks at guitar and slowly touches it…

At that time Sanky comes!!
He was shocked to see her with guitar…
Sanky : (shouts) Shona!!!!

Shona is shocked!!!

Sanky: (angry) how dare you touch my guitar??? And what d hell r u doing(He holds her hands tightly… Shona feels his touch.. Nd remembers her dream!!

Sanky: come on!! Speak up damn it!!!

Shona: (speechless) sir..I’m sorry for touching ur guitar…Nd Vo actually u told me to come and meet!!

Sanky leaves her hand!!

Sanky: (shouts) never ever touch my guitar understand???
Be in ur limits!!!
Shona eyes are filled with water….Sanky watches her tears and stops scolding!!

Sanky: (angrily) by d way… at 12:00 we r practising music.. Here is the permission letter.. You just go and get sign from principle..
Shona nodes yes!!

At that time Rahul comes…

Sanky: (looks at Swara) now u can leave!!

Shona slowly walks out thinking about the dream… Nd Sanskar touch!!
She wipes her tears!!

Sanky holds the guitar and suddenly he watches the name SWARA.. Written on guitar..

Sanky watches that and says SWARA?

Shona: Yess!!!!
(immediately turns back as soon as he calls Swara)

Sanky: are you Swara?? No na!! Then why are you looking Back!! Go out quickly!!
Shona: I’m sorry!! Actually I thought u called me!!

Shona leaves..

Rahul: who is Swara?
Sanky: don’t know yar.. That name is written on this guitar!!
Rahul: ohh may be she is ur chachi

Sanskar smiles!!

Seniors again come to the class…. All juniors wishes them..
Sanky looks at Shona but she’s very quiet!!
Shona was thinking about the dream!!

Sanky: guys!! Today afternoon will start our practise.. So those who r selected plz stay back!! And he again looks at Shona!!
(She was looking outside the window)

Sanky feels sorry for scolding her!
And goes out…

Break time
Sasha: Shona Kya hu?? Ur soo dul??
Shona: me?? No I’m fine!
Sasha: Noo yesterday ur so excited but today ur not at all happy..

Shona comes out of her trance and smiles!!
Shona: no sasha!! Ur wrong I’m comepletely fine!!

Bublu looks at Shona..
Bublu: Shona!! Come here!!
Sasha: okay Shona! You go il be in library!!
Shona: okay!!
(She goes and talks with Bublu.. All Bublu frnds greets her)

Bublu: do want to eat anything?
Shona: Noo I brought my snacks!!
Bublu: wow what did bring..
Shona: dairy milk silk!
Bublu: wow gud you have it!

Shona sits on the chair comfortably and starts eating her chocolate like a kid!!

All looks at her shockingly…

Bublu: Shona! One more joke plz!!
Shona: (smiles) sure sure!!

Shona: eats a chocolates and ask them a question

Shona: The elephants of the jungle were playing basketball. There was one ant in the midst of all this. What was he doing?
One guy: is he watching the game?
Shona: Noo!
Another guy: is she elephant girlfriend??
(He laughs saying this)
Shona: Noo!!
Okay! Shall I tell d answer!
Bublu: okay!!
Shona: He was the referee.

(All starts laughing loudly…Shona gives hifi to the everyone)

At that time Sanky comes… He looks at Shona who is totally involved in her chocolate and laughing wholeheartedly

He stares at her lovingly.. He goes near her and acts like he is still angry at her..

Shona wides her eyes!!
She closes the chocolate and keeps it in her bag!! And she runs from there!!

As soon as she leaves Sanky smiles…

AP in her room and looks at the Swasan pic


Weeks passes… They hatred on each other increased.. While AP and Swara became best friends.. They both use to spend their time together!!

Swara: good morning ma!
AP: good morning Swara!! Come have breakfast!!
Swara: first chocolate later breakfast
(She takes out the chocolate and eats it)
AP smiles looking at her..

At that time Sanskar comes down.. He stares at Swara angrily..

AP: sanskar come have ur breakfast??
Sanskar looks at Swara..
Sanskar: Swara?? Do U think ur a kid?? How can u eat chocolates like that? That too early in the morning!! R u not educated.. Shame on u!!

Swara: (angrily) that’s non of ur business!

Sanskar: (angrily) whatever!!! Maa I’m not hungry…Nd I have lots of work!! Bye!!

(Saying this he leaves)

After the breakfast Swara goes to terrace while going..she looks at Sanskar room which was opened.. She thinks about his scoldings and thought to mess up his room and thinks to go inside his room..
She was walking in the room and suddenly her leg slipped but before she fall down she hold the wardrobe for support but unfortunely her arm brush with the wardrobe woods..
“ouchhh” she cried in pain.. She looked at her arm and the marks.. Its becoming red.. She touch it slowly and hissed in pain.. She stand in front the mirror and look through the marks clearly from it..

Sanskar!! Even ur room is anti to me!! I won’t spare ur room…

She opens his wardrobe.. Takes his clothes and spreads it on floor!!
She makes the room full messy… She looks around the room gets happy and leaves

Afternoon Sanskar comes to his room..
And gets shock to see the room messy.. He angrily goes out!!

Sanskar: ma!!! Why is my room messy???

Listening to his words Swara falls down from sofa!

Sanskar looks at her angrily..
Ap: sanskar? What happened? Why is ur room messy!!
Sanskar that’s what I’m asking!! (Saying this he looks at her angrily)

Swara: ma! This is too much!! Since morning I was here.. How can he blame me!
Ap: ha Sanskar… This is so bad.. You can’t blame her always!! Anyways u guys keep on fighting! I have lots of work.. I need to go out!!

Sanskar goes angrily to his room…

Sanskar looks at her angrily while Swara winks at him!!

Snaksar gets angry…

Ap leaves…

Swara slowly goes towards his room.. She was standing at his room’s doorstep!!
She open the door carefully without making noise..then she snaked her head and watches his laptop… She bends bit forwards… At that time someone pulls her hand from inside and closes the door…

Swara is shocked to see Sanskar..

Sanskar twists her hand..nd pulls her towards him..
Sanskar: how dare you Swara!!! How can you come inside my room!! Without my permission!!
Swara: come on Sanskar! I don’t have that need!!
(She tries to escape.. But he holds her grip tightly..)
Sanskar: I won’t leave u Swara.. First clean my room..
Swara: Noo!! I won’t clean..why should I.. I dint messed ur room!
Sanskar takes Swara near his laptop and shows her the cam video.. How Swara messed his room.

Swara is shocked…

Sanskar: now come on clean it!! If you don’t I will show this to ma!!
Swara: tensed..plz plz don’t tel ma!
Sanskar: good!! Now come quickly clean it!!

Swara looks around and runs immediately out of his room..

Sanskar gets angry!!

Sanskar: Swara stop!!
Swara laughs… And runs!!
Come on Sanskar… I’m not scared of ur blackmails!!
You can’t hold me… Yess!! Today I irritated u!! Yes!! Yes!!

She runs laughing… Sanskar gets more angry..

Sanskar: Swara! Today I will not leave u!!

He runs back of her..

They both runs to every room!! They run towards terrace..
Swara stops seeing the wall..
Sanskar smiles seeing her trapped…

Swara: (tensed) Sanskar plzz!! I’m sorry… Plz don’t take it personally.. Leave me!!
Sanskar: acha!!! Noo way..
Swara: sanskar I got ur secret.. If you don’t leave me I will keep it in facebook!!
Sanskar: achaa what’s that?
Swara takes out his childhood photo..

Sanskar is shocked..
Sanskar: (angrily) Swara?? Give it to me?

Swara tries to escape but he holds her from back…

He hugs her tightly.. Nd tries to snatch the kid!! But Swara doesn’t give him his pic!! Swara laughs!!

Sanskar: (shouts) Swara if u won’t give it.. U gonna pay for it… I will not leave u Swara..

Swara gets tensed seeing his anger.. Nd stops… Sanskar goes near her…. Gives and angry look and snatches the photo from her…
Sanskar: (angrily) Swara!! Get ready to bear the pain!!

nd leaves…

Episode ends

Ragini and Swara meet!!
Ragini talks sweetly to Swara…

Is this arts plan to trap Swara? Or Ragini really good with Swara?

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