True love never dies Episode 39 (Swasan)

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Next day:
Pari wakes Sanky…
Pari: Varun.. It’s 9:00 and still ur sleeping??? Get up.. Enough of sleeping!!
Sanky: mom.. Plzz let me sleep for sometime!!
Pari: hmm okay Varun.. But We are going out.. Take care of the house okay!!

Sanky remembers about how he told Shona to get ready as he is going to introduce her to his family!he suddenly wakes up..

Sanky: mom!! Where r u going??
Pari: we are going for a marriage function.. It’s very far from here.. May be we will return in the night..

Sanky: what?? Night… But mom.. How could u go like Tht.. I thought to introduce Shona to all… You know what yesterday she accepted me.. We started a new realation… I thought to introduce her..but Ma what’s all this..

Pari: (happy) Varun.. Is this true?? Did she accepted u.. That’s soo good…I’m very happy.. Don’t worry, will meet later okay! We all can spend some time with her!! What u say??

Sanky: hmm okay mom!!

Pari: hmm now u get up.. Nd come have ur breakfast!!

Sanky: okay mom!!

Pari smiles and leaves…

Sanky smiles thinking about Shona and remembers all d time he spent with her and smiles!!
He calls her…

Shona still on bed.. Sleeping peacefully.. Her phone starts vibrating.. She places her hand under her pillow and searches for her mobile.. Nd she lifts it..

Shona: (sleeping) hello!!!
Sanky: (smiles) good morning Shona darling! Still sleeping??
Shona: (smiles in her sleeps) good morning Sanky! Nd ya Just now I woke up! What about u.?? I know even you woke up just now na??

Sanky: (teases) nooo… Ur wrong!! I woke up at 5:00.. I went for my jogging.. Nd I completed my workouts.. Nd I had my breakfast.. Nd now talking to u… See am I not a good boy?? Look at u??? Still sleeping…

Shona: ?what u did those many works?? We both slept at a same time.. Nd how could u woke up soo early?? Ur soo great Sanky!! I’m very proud of u??

Sanky : (smiles) Yaa I know that I’m a good boy, now come get up and get ready.. Nd even u become a good girl!! Il pick u up..

Shona: Just give me 10mins Sanky..

Sanky: okay.. Byee!!

(He cuts the call and smiles looking at her innocence and madness!!)

After he cuts the call he messages his frnds to come home!! As they all can spend some time!!

After some time…
Bublu, Rahul and his frnds comes home..
And they start playing play station!!
And they get involved in it!!

Shona is getting ready at that time she hears a knock on her door she goes and opens it.. It was Sanjay..

Shona is shocked to see him
Shona: (tensed) sir.. Do u want anything??
Sanjay goes inside angrily and locks the door… Shona is tensed..

Shona: sir..
Sanjay: (angrily) where r u going Shona??
Shona: (tensed) sir.. I’m going out with frnds
Sanjay: (holds her hand) are you going to meet That Varun.. I will kill you if u meet him…
Shona: (shocked and gets angry) Yess.. I’m going to meet him, what problem do u have???

Sanjay: (holds her hands tightly and shouts ) ur not going to meet him understand??
Shona: (pushes him) what’s ur problem sir??
He holds her hands and pulls her towards him..
Sanjay: (screams)because I love u Shona.. I don’t want you to be with him.. Did u get that???
Shona is shocked…her eyes are filled with tears..

Shona: sir what are you talking?

Sanjay: don’t u understand Shona, I said I love you.. Few months back..I’ve seen u in a family get to gether, u made me crazy…Nd u know onething, I’ve joined this college only because of u… I shifted my family beside ur house because they can communicate with ur father…Nd now, how dare you love that Varun..
How can u love him Shona…
(He holds her arms sooo tightly pinching it)

Shona cries with pain and pushes him..

Shona: (angry) Mr.sanjay, don’t dare too touch me… If Sanky gets to know he will not leave u… Please leave me.. I hate you…
Nd how can u love ur student??? Are u out of ur mind!? I will tell to my papa, he will not spare you…just go from here..
(She shouts on him)

Sanjay gets angry seeing her shouting and slaps her…Nd holds her hair tightly…
(He becomes a psycho, Shona is shocked to see his side)

Sanjay: I warn u Shona, you don’t know about me.. I don’t care about anyone, I only care about myself, my happiness.. If at all I see you with that Varun.. I will kill him Shona.. I will seriously kill him..
Don’t give me that chance.. Just remember that

.shona is shocked and speechless…at that time Sanky calls her…

Sanjay gets angry seeing his call.. Nd signals her to talk.. Nd he keeps a loud speaker..

Sanky: shonaa, I’m starting… Il be there within 15mins… Be ready okay!! Bye.. Love you!!

Shona eyes are filled with tears hearing his voice…she looks at Sanjay angrily and speaks with Sanky..

Shona: I love you too Sanky… I love u soo much!!

Sanjay gets more angry!!! Nd he cuts the call…

Sanjay: (shouts) how dare you Shona…Dont u take my words serious… Do u think I’m joking.. Just wait and see..
You will understand…

(He takes out his phone and calls someone saying to kill him)

Shona is shocked…
Shona: (worried) what r u doing?? With whom ur speaking???

She thinks about Sanky and takes her mobile form his hands and starts calling him.. He pulls her mobile…

Sanjay: just wait for sometime darling.. Not soo soon… Let me have some time for u..
(He smirks and goes closer to her and touches her body romantically )

Shona: (tensed) take ur hand.. Leave me!!!
(She tries to free herself, but he hugs her so tightly)

Shona cries and thinks about Sanky… Nd calls him in her mind..

At that time Sanjay gets a call saying that, we got hold of him.. What should we do now??

Sanjay: (smirks) kill him!!
Shona is shocked… She starts pleasing him…

Shona: (cries) noo..please don’t kill him…Please leave him.. I will do whatever u say.. Plzz leave him..I beg u.. Plzzz!!!

Sanjay: oh my poor baby.. You know I love you more when u cry.. I love to give u pain.. (He keeps his hand on her shoulder and pulls her more closer)

At that time Shona gets call from Sanky… She gets happy to see his call..
She snatches the phone and picks the call

Sanky: Shona I’m waiting..come down soon!!
(He cuts the call)

Shona looks at him shockingly… Whereas Sanjay laughs at her loudly..

Sanjay: Hahahhaaha I dint do anything.. I just showed u an example.. But remember, I can do anything to him… Stay out of him okay?? Go now, and tell him clearly that u don’t love him.. Or else I will kill him…
Understand… (He screams loudly)

Shona cries and nodes yes!!! He leaves…

Shona cries sitting on her knees and thinks..
I won’t let anything happen to u Sanky.. U should be happy always.. I love u soo much!!
She cries hardly thinking of him….remembering all the moments she spent with him!!

She again gets call from Sanky saying her to come soon.. Shona wipes her tears and thinks
Sanky I’m very sorry.. Only Today I will be with you, I want to spend some time with u alone..Because from tomorrow I can’t be with u.. She cries remembering Sanjay words and cries more hardly… and finally goes down..

Sanky is standing side of his bike..waiting for her.. He watches her coming…Nd gets happy…
Shona watches him from far and gets emotional seeing him and runs towards him and hugs him…
Sanky smiles..Nd hugs her back..

Sanky: (teases) arey Shona.. Kya hua??
Shona: (acts being happy) nothing.. Just wanted to be with u…
Sanky: (smiles and looks at her face) you will be with me forever.. By d way Shona, u look so tired.. Are u fine??
Shona: (smiles) Yaaa!!!

Sanky: okay come lets go..

Shona sits on his bike, and Sanky started his bike..Nd they leave…

On the way:
Shona hugs him tightly and cries…Sanky feels that something is wrong with her..

Sanky: Shona… Kya hua??
Shona: (sad) nothing..
Sanky: are you scared of meeting my parents?? But Shona don’t worry.. My parents r not there.. They went out.. Soo don’t think about anything okay??

Shona: okay..

(They reach the home… Shona wipes her tears)

Sanky: soo Shona, here is our sweet home.. After our marriage ur going to come here..(he winks?)

Shona smiles and looks at the house… She feels she had seen this place somewhere.. Nd stares at the place, she goes towards the garden.. Nd smiles looking at the birds and all)

Sanky: (smiles looking at her smiling)Shona.. Did u like this place?

Shona: Yaa..soo much..actually, I’ve seen this place somewhere.. This garden, this birds.. I feel i came here sometime..

Sanky: really??
Shona: but I never came to kolkata.. This is my first time..

Sanky: (smiles) Shona, sometimes, we feel like that.. Come lets go inside!!

They go inside…
Shona feels the same place..she looks at the house with more affection… She looks around and goes to the right side, nd she finds the temple.. She closes her eyes.. Nd prays give lots of happiness to Sanky..

Sanky smiles looking at her..Nd takes her to his room…

She watches Bublu, Rahul and all playing with play station…Nd having lots of fun..

Bublu: (happy) hello.. Shonaa!! Come lets all play a game.. U love to play these games na so we arranged it for u.. Come!!

Shona: Noo Bublu, I don’t know how to play.. U guys carry on!!

Bublu: Sanky.. Come lets play..
Sanky: okay.. Come lets see who will win..
Come Shona.. Let’s win it!

Shona smiles…
Sanky sits on his bed, leaning to the wall..Nd starts playing it..

Shona watches him being soo happy.. Nd stares at him lovingly…
She goes near him and holds his arms..Nd sleeps on his shoulder..

Sanky feels something fishy…
Sanky: shonaa.. Kya hua?? Ur thinking about something..
Shona: Noo.. I just want to be with you..
(She holds him more tightly and sleeps on him)

Bublu watches them and thinks to leave them alone.. And signals Rahul and other friends!!

Rahul: Bublu, let’s watch cricket match yar.. This game is boring!!
Bublu: Yaa guys, Sanky and Shona.. U guys Be here.. Will go down.. Okay? Have a nice time…
(He smiles and leaves)

They all went down, and they start enjoying by watching tv…

As soon as they went, Sanky looks at her.. And holds her chin..

Sanky: shonaa.. Kya hua?? Ur hiding something from me na.. I can understand that.. My Shona doesn’t like silence.. She only knows laughing.. But today she is soo calm..Tell me what happened?

Shona: (burst out crying and hugs him) I don’t want to leave u Sanky.. I can’t live without you.. I love you soo much!!

Sanky is shocked..seeing her tears and cups her face
Sanky: Shona I will be with you always.. Why r u thinking like that.. Don’t get those ideas into ur mind okay.. Ur my life Shona.. I won’t let u go anywhere.. Did u get Tht!!

He places a peck on her forehead..
Sanky: don’t cry Shona, I can’t see u like this.. I hate those tears in ur eyes.. I always want u laughing…

(She remembering Sanjay telling her how he loves her crying and gets scared thinking of him and holds Sanky tightly saying “I love u Sanky”

Sanky smiles…Nd hugs her back and replies.. I love u too Shona…

She holds his face, Nd kisses his cheeks…
Sanky smiles… Seeing her gesture.. He feels soo happy with her kiss…Nd cups her face and he too kisses her cheeks..

He stares at her lovingly.. As he love watching her…
Shona: (lifts her chin) Sanky.. Kiss me!! I want a kiss which I should never forget in my life…
Sanky is shocked but get happy and smiles..

He smiles and grabs her waist making her fall down on the bed, he was top on her, he looks at her hands… Nd kisses it.. Entangling his fingers inhers…Nd he looks at her lips and starts biting her lower lip…
Shona smiles making her hand through is hair and they start kissing… That was slow, warm and later turned in to hungry and passionate kiss…
After some time they broke the kiss…
She feels so protective In his kiss… Nd hugs him more tightly, cuddling each other on bed…

Sanky: (smiles) Shona.. When r u coming to this house permanently!!

Shona looks at him confusedly..
Sanky: I just want to make love to u every sec, every min, every hour and everyday..
I never knew that it will be soo beautiful…

She places her hand around his neck.. And gives a peck on his lips…
Shona: I’m always urs Sanky.. My body, my soul everything is urs.. U have all right to do anything!!

He leans and kisses her neck, and keeps her hair on one side, and was about to kiss her shoulder, but gets shocked seeing the red nail mark on her shoulder…

Sanky: (shocked) Shona, what happened here??
Shona: (tensed) wo Actaully, I scratched it in my sleep..
Sanky: what?? How u can scratch like that.. (He gets bit worried seeing that mark) Be careful!!
Shona: okay..

Sanky kisses her mark.. Nd tells her to be careful..
He holds her hands, Nd starts kissing it and he again finds a red patch mark and on her hand…
It’s not the nail mark but it’s like someone purposely did it..

Sanky is more shocked now…he sits
Sanky: (worried) Shona.. What happened here??? What is this red mark..

Shona: (tensed) in sleep I scratched it!!

Sanky gets more shocked to know that she is telling a lie.. As he can clearly know the difference..

Sanky: Shona r u telling truth?? (He lifts her chin…What happened??

Shona gets tensed
Shona: shhhhh… She kisses him on his lips.. To diverts his mind

Sanky: (smiles) I love u Shona..
(He kisses her again with more passionately)

It gets disturbed by a call from shona’s mobile..
They broke the kiss…Shona gets up.. Nd checks her mobile.. It was Sanjay… She gets shock seeing his call..

Sanky: (smiles) who is that idiot who is disturbing us??
Shona: my classmate.. One sec Sanky…

(She lifts the call)

Sanky holds her waist and hugs her more tightly while Shona starts speaking with Sanjay..

Sanjay: Shona enough of meeting ur boyfriend.. Now come home.. I just want u to be here within 15mins… Or else I won’t spare u..

Mean while Sanky.. Looks at her cute face, and starts kissing her cheeks, her forehead, her nose…

Shona stops him by holding his hands…
Shona: I’m coming.. Just give me 15mins time…

Sanky is shocked… Nd Shona cuts the call..
Sanky: ?Shona.. Don’t tell that ur leaving now??
Shona: Sanky, Actually we have a project, I need to go.. All r calling me..

Sanky: (pout face) shonaa.. How can I stay without u.. Plzz stay back na!!

Shona: please Sanky.. It’s important!!
Sanky : okay fine.. Keep on Texting me okay.. (He kisses her cheeks) come il drop u..

Shona(worried) Noo Sanky… I will go.. It’s so near.. U don’t worry.. I will go!!

Sanky: (smiles) okay.. Take care.. Complete the work soon and Come here okay..??

Shona: (caresses his face) okay.. But even You take care okay… Be very careful.. Drive very slowly and just take care of ur self, I can’t live if anything happens to u.. Nd I miss u soo much!!

Sanky: (shocked)shonaa…Where am I going?? Am not going anywhere baba… Stop worrying about me.. Ur telling me as if Im going somewhere very far from you..
Noo Shona.. I can’t even imagine!!

(He hugs her.)
And Ur soo different today.. R u really alright???

Shona: (smiles) haa Sanky.. I’m fine..
(She gives a peck on his lips and leaves)

Sanky feels some thing is going bad with her, Nd gets more worried with that red marks!!

Episode ends!!

Sanky nightmares about Shona is in danger…

He notices Shona being scared of Sanjay… Nd thinks to eye on him!!

Will he get to know his plan?? Will he save Shona??

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