True love never dies Episode 38 (Swasan)


hey guys i am arohi n i m posting this on nehas behalf

Sanky and Shona looks at each other and leaves…

Arts students watches the wall.. Nd they make fun of Sanky…
Rohit: Laksh.. I never thought Sanky is such a romantic!! The way he proposed is awesome.. I said na something is between them…
Laksh: (smiles) nice pair…Kk guys leave it yar..they r love birds… Let’s not involve in Those matters.. Let’s practise now…

They leave…

Sanjay also watches this and gets angry!! He gets very angry, Nd leaves!!

Ragini too watches that wall.. Nd gets happy..she calls Shona..

Shona: hi Ragini…
Ragini: wow Shona.. I’m soo happy for u and Sanky!! Congrats yar.!!
Shona: (blushes) Thankyou…
Ragini: have a nice time… Il talk to u later..
Shona: (smiles)okay bye!!

Shona cuts the call…
She is soo tensed, as she don’t know what to wear..Nd she blushes thinking about his proposal.. How he expressed his love..How he teased her about hallucination..
She thinks Sanky.. Why do u love me soo much?? I’m soo happy u did soo much for me.. But I dint do anything for u.. But Shona, u need to do something, surprise him na..
But how should I surprise???
She gets a plan and gets happy..

At that time she get sanky’s call…
She feels so shy to talk to him and cuts it..

Sanky is confused as he doesn’t know why she cut the call.. He again calls her, Shona again cuts it and she keeps a message..

Shona: Sanky plzzzzzzz don’t call me, I’m shy to talk to u..

Sanky reads her message and smiles…
Sanky: (teases) Shona I can’t read ur message, my phone has a problem..

Shona reads his messages and gets shocked?..
Sanky again calls her… Shona lifts it but she doesn’t speak

Sanky: shonaa
(She doesn’t reply)
Sanky: shonaaa… R u hearing me??
Shona: (smiles) Haaa
Sanky: (teases as he understood that she’s shy) shonaa.. What message did u send me just now.. Can u plzz tell me?? I couldn’t read it…

Shona: (giggles) nothing..
Sanky: (smiles) achaa…okay fine..Soo evening 7:00pm…get ready.. Okay?? Il come and pick u up..
Shona: okay!!

He smiles and cuts the call…

Shona room:

She gets busy with her plan
After some time.. She gets ready.. Wearing a cute white short dress!

Sanky comes to her house Nd messages her..
Sanky: Shona I’m waiting down.. Come soon!!

After some time Shona goes down.. She looks at Sanky and runs towards him,

Sanky looks at her and gets dazzled seeing her being so cute!! Her long black silky hair that was moving rhythmically on her back with the strong blows of wind. Her lively eyes indicating her showing a pure smile on her pouty lips…

Sanky: woww beautiful!!
(Shona blushes)

Sanky: (watches her blushing and smiles) shall we go?
Shona: (smiles) okay!!
(He places his hand on her shoulder and makes her sit in the car and they leave…

there was a pin drop silence.. Shona is soo shy to talk to him ‘
Seeing her silence, Sanky starts talking..

Sanky: Shona, where shall we go now??
Shona: (confused) you said that we will go to beach!!
Sanky: (smiles as finally she spoke) haa Yaa.. But what about dinner?? Will go to any beach side restaurant okay??
Shona: restaurant??
Sanky: (teases) haa will be good.. Nd u know there will be special arrangements like candle light dinner.. For special person like us!! ?(he winks)

Shona: (excited) you like candle light dinner???
Sanky: (confused) haa Shona.. I love it!!
But y are u asking me like that??
Shona: because even I love it..
Sanky: (happy) really okay then Challo lets go to any restaurant!!

Shona: Noo Sanky.. Will have dinner later, but first lets go to beach… I just want to enjoy that air, that sound of the waves..Nd most important I want to spend some time with u!!! Later we can have dinner..

Sanky: (smiles) sure..

They leave to the beach:

As soon as he stops the car, she gets down and starts running inside the mud..

Sanky smiles looking at her.. Nd follows her.. Nd stares at her… He was so happy inside seeing her playing like a kid…he goes towards her and puts his hands
around Shona’s waist
Shons feels his touch and says Sanky and turns around.
Sanky stares at Shona…He puts the strand behind her ears and says” YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL AS. ALWAYS”

Shona starts blushing and says
Shona: “sanky you too look handsome and
charming as always, and I’m soo happy that u shaved ur beard..and and this place. This place is so beautiful.”

Sanky smiles at her
Sanky: shonaa come lets sit there..
(He gives his hand…Shona smiles and holds his hand… They both walk hand in hand and Shona stares at him)

Sanky: shonaa why r u staring at me??
Shona: (smiles) u look so new today.. I just want to keep on staring at u..
Sanky: (teases) really??
Shona: Yes Sanky.. (She sleeps on his shoulder)
Sanky: (caresses her hair) I’m soo happy today Shona, I confessed my love to u in front of the college.. I used to scold all the lovers.. But today ur love has changed me.. It gave lot of braveness!!!

Shona: (smiles) by d way Sanky, u forget something I still dint accept ur proposal yet…

Sanky: (smiles and teases) U already accepted Shona.. Don’t u remember last night, u were hugging me tightly.. Nd u confessed ur love to me…

Shona is shocked…
Shona: so u heard everything.. Nd Sanky how can u tease me like that.. You know I really thought that Im suffering from hallucination…
(She started beating him)
Sanky: (laughs and keeps his hand on Her waist and pulled her closer)
I’m sorry sweetheart…I just want to give u a surprise.. So I did like this!!

Shona: (smiles and hugs him tightly) I loved ur surprise soo much!!

Sanky smiles and they both lie on the sand..

Sanky: (smiles) Shona..
Shona: Haaa!!
Sanky: u remember last time we came here to this same place.. At that time, ur my friend… And now you became my life.. This journey is soo beautiful na??

Shona: (smiles) Yess… But Sanky when did u started loving me??

Sanky: (looks at her) the day when u left me.. I became restless Shona.. That day I realised my love for u… Nd by d way madam, what did u do… How can u leave me like that..??

Shona: (hugs him) I’m so sorry Sanky, I thought u hate me.. I thought u will never trust me.. So I went..

Sanky: (hugs her) I’m so sorry Shona.. I just hate that Laksh.. I’m really sorry..

Shona: leave all that…I’m so happy.. Nd I promise I will never u leave u again!!
Sanky: (smiles) by d way Shona.. U forgot something..
Shona: (confused) what’s that??
Sanky: (teases) you dint tell those 3 words yet.. I’m waiting to hear!!
(Shona blushes and hugs him hiding near his chest…)

Sanky: (laughs& teases) arey! Ur blushing?? Why are you blushing Shona?? By d way do u know onething, a person smiles when his/her lips smile… But a person blush when his/her heart smile..
So tell ur heart to stop smiling and tell me those 3 words!!

Shona: (smiles) ohh really?? But when my heart is smiling.. How can I stop it? I think it won’t listen to me…

Sanky: (teases) ohh really?? But ur heart wil listen to me.. Shall I make it to confess??

Shona: (teases) achaa really!! Let’s see…

Sanky: (smiles) okay wait here!! Il Come just now..

Shona: but where r u going??
Sanky: 2 mins shona
Shona: okay..come soon!

Sanky goes near his car and gets his guitar…

He goes towards her, She saw Sanky standing in front of her holding his guitar

Sanky: This is specially for you my sweetheart!!

He starts singing a song..

Sanky: Tu Hi Meri Hai Sari Zameen

Chahe Kahin Se Chalun

Tujh Pe Hi Aa Ke Rukun

Tere Siva Maun Jaun Kahan

Koi Bhi Raah Chunu

Tujh Pe Hi Aa Ke Rukun

He goes near shona and winks at her.. Shona starts blushing again..

Sanky: Tum Mile To Lamhein Tham GayeTum Mile To Sare Gum GayeTum Mile To Muskurana Aa GayaTum Mile To Jadoo Chaa GayaTum Mile To Jeena Aa GayaTum Mile To Mene Paya Hai Khuda

He stops singing keeps his guitar down and pulls Shona close to him.
He caresses her cheeks and then looks into her eyes and takes out a red rose from his pocket…

Sanky: my dear sweetheart…your smile making my darling look more Pretty…

Shona keeps on blushing!!!

Sanky gives another red rose..

Sanky: my dear sweet heart..this one for making my darling realise her love for me.. Nd gave me a place in ur heart…Thankyou soo much!!

Shona eyes are filled with tears of joy.. She takes the rose from him and smiles..

Sanky takes another rose..
Sanky: (keeps moving back) my dear sweetheart this one is very important okay.. This is given by my heart.. Which wanted me to say these words to u… Behalf of him!! (He winks) ?

(He goes bit far from her… Shona confused, as she doesn’t understand)

Sanky smiles at her and wides his hands…Nd shouts loudly….

Shona eyes are filled with more tears… She was soo happy to listen those words…. She smiles and shouts…

Sanky gets happy hearing her words… While She runs towards him… Very happily….

Sanky looks at her and running.. With that white frock.. He remembers his dream and smiles and thinking it had come true!!

Shona hugs him tightly… Nd even he too hugs her back!!!!!
Sanky: I LoVe u Shona!!!
Shona: (looks at him) I love you too… U made my heart fall for u…?(she winks)

Sanky laughs with excitement… He holds her in his arms.. And turns her…
Shona laughs continuously and tells him to stop!!

He gets her down… Nd gets mesmerised seeing her cute smiling face… He remembers the dream and He cups her face..
He looks her beautiful eyes…and he slowly kisses it..
Shona blushes…
He stares at her lips, it was beautifully beautiful, with cute smile signalling him to kiss..
He goes close to her….

Shona feels shy and slowly steps back…

he grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her closer…Nd whispers…

Sanky: (smiles) my heart is telling me to kiss you now.. Will your heart gives permission for that???(he winks at her) ?

Shona blushes hardly…signalling him to kiss…

Sanky cups her face… Nd stares at her lovingly and He kept his hand on Shonas waist and pulled her more closer and she closed her eyes and lifted her head up in anticipation of a kiss and he understood it and smiled and then took her lips into a kiss which started softly and turned into a passionate and loving one.
It was a passionate long kiss….

After sometime they broke the kiss…
Shona’s eye are filled with tears…Shona slowly caressed his cheeks and face with love and trying to believe that he is only the one who is in front of her.
He wipes her tears and slowly kissed her forehead and then her eyes and slowly he reached the lips and kissed again
Shona gets shy and hugs him… He hugs her more tightly…and whispers!

Sanky: u made my life beautiful Shona!!
Shona smiles and hugs him more tighter…

Shona: I love u soo much!!! This was my first kiss.. You know I never kissed anyone!!

Sanky: (teases) ohh really… But this is my daily habit.. I daily keep on kissing everyone!!

Shona is shocked…Nd breaks the hug..
Shona: ?what??
Sanky laughs seeing her expressions…

Sanky: Hahahaha shonaa… Not only for u…Even this is my first kiss darling.. Ur my first love!!

Shona smiles and hugs him..
Shona: soo ur teasing me??

Sanky: (smiles) okay!! Fine leave that.. Come lets go for dinner!!

Shona is shocked..
Shona: dinner??
Sanky: Yaaa… Why r u giving such a expression as if I’m going to eat u.?

Shona: (covers) wo actually I want to play in the water..

Sanky: (smiles) okay sure…come lets go!!

Shona and Sanky both hold each other hands… Nd goes towards the sea and starts playing with water by tapping their foot..

They play for sometime…

Shona: Sanky.. Now come lets go.. I’m so hungry..

Sanky: sure Challo…
Shona: but I can’t come with this’s soo wet!!
Sanky: hmm what shall we do now??
Shona: let’s go home.. Just give me 5 mins time.. Il change it very quickly!!

Sanky: (smiles) okay fine…

Shona smiles and thinks… Finally my plan has worked!!

They reach home:

Sanky: shona go quickly.. Nd come soon..
Shona: Haaa Kk…just 5 mins!!

Shona goes to her flat.. Sanky waits for Shona…
After long time he messages her..

Sanky: Shona how much time?? Come soon…

Shona smiles reading his messages.. But she doesn’t reply him..
Sanky waits for few mins.. Nd calls her.. She doesn’t lifts it.. After half an hour…”

Sanky gets worried and thinks arey what happened to her, why is she not responding to my calls and messages..
He looks at her balcony.. The windows were closed.. He gets more worried and thinks…

Shona looks at him waiting… Nd thinks
Arey yar idiot.. Instead of coming up.. Look at him how he was standing.. This Sanky na.. He will never understand me.. Now what should I do?? I though he will come up and will be surprised….But everything is flopped now…She gets angry and calls him..

Seeing her call Sanky gets relieved..Nd lifts it!!

Sanky: Shona, how much time..I’m…..
(Before he speaks she interupts him)

Shona: Sanky.. Ur such an idiot.. How long will u wait down..??Don’t you know that if I’m not lifting the call.u should come up.. Ur tooooooo much Sanky!!

Sanky: (worried) shonaa r u alright?? What happened?
Shona: Come up Sanky!!
Sanky: Shona we r already late.. U come down soon..
Shona: Sanky I know that we are late… First u come up!! I have a surprise for u..

Sanky: (smiles) surprise???
Shona: Yesss!!!!
Sanky: (teases) what surprise Shona??
Shona: ?(angry) did u tell ur surprise to me before.. No na.. Then y ur asking me now??

Sanky: ooff okay I’m coming!!

She cuts the call..
She immediately comes to the hall, and closes her room door!!

Sanky goes to her flat and knocks the door..

Shona smiles and she hides back of her door.. And shouts.
Yesss… Come in!!

Sanky goes inside…as soon as he goes inside.. Shona shouts
Shona: bhoooottttt!!! (And she starts laughing)

Sanky gets stunned seeing Shona in blue frock.. She changed her hairstyle by waving it into curls.. He was just admiring her beauty…

Shona: hellloooooo Sanky!’

He comes out of his senses…

Sanky: hmm soo Shona, Is this the surprise ??
Shona: nooo Sanky!! There’s an other one!!
Sanky: (excited) what’s that??
Shona: (excited) come il show u…
(Saying this she closes his eyes)

Sanky: Shona what r u doing??
Shona: shhhh… Be quiet!! Just follow me.. She takes him inside her balcony..Nd takes out her hands from his eyes!!

Sanky opens his eyes and gets shocked and happy seeing the balcony.. There were 2 chairs… and candles.. Nd a bowl of so many yellow flowers.. It was a perfect candle light dinner.. It was too gud and romantic!!

Shona: (excited) a small surprise from my side Sanky..
Sanky: (stunned) woww so nice.. But when did u arranged these all…
Shona: evening Sanky…
Sanky: wowww.. But Shona.. U told that will go to restaurant.. And dinne….
(She interupts)
Shona: Noo, we r not going anywhere out.. We will stay here! You know I’ve arranged the dinner too.. Let’s have a nice time Sanky!!

Sanky: (surprised) wowww awesome.. Dinner with you, that too at ur home.. That too with this ambience….Superb darling!! ? such a romantic surprise!!

Shona: (excited) Thankyou.. By d way, how was the decorations ?? Did I decorated well??
Sanky: (smiles and hugs her from back) it’s so beautiful like you Shona.. I just loved it..Thankyou Soo much.. (He kisses her cheeks)

Shona: (smiles) soo shall we have dinner now??

Sanky: (smiles) sure!!
Shona: sure… So Mr.varun, welcome to shona’s restaurant!!

Sanky: ohh wow.. Dat sounds good!!
Shona: sir, come have ur seat.. Plz be comfortable!!

Sanky: hahaha lol!! Ur behaving like a waitress..
Shona: yes I’m ur waitress now.. So sir what do u like to have??

Sanky: (teases) ohh if ur waitress then who will be my girl friend.. Okay..wait then il call Divya.. And u can be waitress for both of us..(He takes out his mobile)

Shona: (angry)? she beats on his head..
My dear Sanky.. Don’t try to be smart!! I will kill you..
(She holds his neck)

Sanky: (laughs) arey what did I do.. I just said that I need partner!!

Shona: (angry?) u don’t need to worry…I will be ur partner!! Happy???

Sanky: haha chill baby!! I was just kidding!!
Shona: haha I know !! Anyways here take this card…
(She gives a menu card to him, where she prepared it by herself..)

Sanky: (lifts his eyebrow) Shona.. nice greeting card!! U decorated nicely!! Thankyou yar…

Shona: ?(shocked) my dear Sanky, this is not greeting card, it’s menu card!!

Sanky: what?? Ohhhh woww I have this menu card facility too.. BY d way Shona,do i get all this items here in ur restaurant???

Shona: (excited)Yesss!!

Sanky read the menu card… Nd smiles…Woww Paneer butter masala, biryani, alloo tikka…etc…..Woww Shona…im really proud of u, im very very proud of u seeing this arrangements.. But Don’t tell me that u cooked it??

Shona: hahahaahhaha very funny… Sanky I’ve ordered this food.. U know I don’t know cooking.. Nd I don’t want to spoil my energy by cooking it and I don’t want to spoil ur energy by eating that.. But Sanky don’t worry, I will learn cooking.. Nd I will cook ur fav dishes after our marriage okay??

Sanky stares at her lovingly…
Sanky: my dear darling, u don’t need to learn cooking… Okay??? Nd Now stop being a waitress, nd be like my darling.. Come join with me..

(He drags the chair beside him, Nd makes her sit and he started feeding her with his hands…)
Shona: first u eat na..
Sanky: okay.. U feed me…
Shona smiles and feeds him…they started having dinner…They eat slowly but heartily. Enjoying each other company!!

After the dinner..
Shona: (excited) how was the dinner Sanky??
Sanky: I loved it.. Specially having with u..
Shona smiles…
Shona: Sanky u stay here.. Il just keep these in the kitchen.. Wait here okay!! Just 5 mins!!

Sanky: come soon.. Only 5 mins.. Il give u punishment if u won’t come at 5 mins..

Shona : achaa lets see.. (She smiles and leaves)

Shona goes.. Sanky waits for her for 5mins.. He smiles and he moved to the kitchen.. Seeing her arranging the stuffs,
He stares at her lovingly standing by leaning to the door…
he moved and grabbed her waist from back and pulled her into his arms..and whispers..
Sanky: (smiles) time for punishment Ms.shona!!

Shona: ?I’m sorry Sanky.. I dint check the time… (Sanky interupts)
And kisses her neck and shoulder….

Shona: (tensed)Sanky!!
Sanky: shhh!!!!! (He turns her front, Nd cups her face.. Nd keeps staring at her and he whispers)
” You are driving me insane” Nd the next moment he smacked her lips and starts kissing her while she responded with equal fervor. The kiss was so intense that she started feeling weak in her knees to which He held her more tightly through her waist.

After what seemed lyk eternity they broke the kiss ,panting hard and breathing heavily. Shona looked at him and quickly turned to move to her room…
when he caught her by her waist and lifted her in his arms.
He carried her to the room while not breaking the eye contact.

Shona: (blushes)Sanky, what r u doing???
Sanky : (hahaha Shona, why r u soo scared of me??
Shona: I’m not scared Sanky..
Sanky:(smiles) achaa!!! Nd ya I forgot to say…Shona, tomorrow morning get ready..

Shona: (confused) where??
Sanky: to my house..
Shona: (shocked) to ur house?? Noooooo Wayyyyy…..I’m soo scared of ur papa
Sanky: hahaha lol!! Why scared…??
Shona: I don’t know but I’m very scared…

Sanky smiles and kisses her cheeks!! And touches her hands..and gathered her in his arms and tangled their fingers. Nd talks to her caringly..

Sanky: Shona darling… U don’t need to get scared, Becz all are very good!! Nd u know I told my mom about you… She’s really very happy..

Shona: (shocked) ?what u told ur mom??
Sanky: Yaaa I told her..

Shona: (tensed) what did she say??
Sanky: she told me to bring u home.. She wants to see her baby.. Nd She will be very happy.. If u come!!

Shona: she thinks.. Okay fine!! I will come.. But u should be with me only!!

Sanky: (laughs) hahaha Shona… Look at ur face.. How scared u are!!

He looks at her tensed face and kisses her forehead
Sanky: Don’t worry.. I will be with u okay??

Shona smiles and hugs him…
Shona: I love u Sanky!
Sanky: love u too Shona… (He hugs her more tightly)

They share a long and passionate hug…at that time Sanky gets a call.. It was from his dad!!

Adharsh: Varun..where r u?? It’s 12:30.. U dint reach home yet..

Sanky: ha dad, I’m coming…

(He cuts the call)

Sanky: okay shona, I need to go now!!
Take care… Nd Thankyou for ur wonderful surprise and for making my day beautiful…and Thankyou for this beautiful kiss too.. (He winks?) love u Shona!!

Shona: (blushes and hugs him) love u too…drive slowly okay.. Nd message me when u reach!!

Sanky: sure…Bye!! Good night.. He gives ha peck on her lips and leaves!!!

Sanky leaves… And goes down.. At that time Sanjay watches Sanky coming from shona’s floor and gets angry…

Sanjay: varun..

Sanky looks back and watches him and gets shocked..

Sanky: why r u doing here??
Sanjay: what r u doing here?? By d way this is my flat…
Sanky: ohh so u stay here.. That’s good.. Nd By d way I don’t have an habit to answer to a stranger question!!

Sanjay gets angry…
Sanjay: I’m ur sir Varun.. Give some respect… Nd what was all that stuff in the colz.. How can u propose Shona in front of the colz.. Nd what r u doing here at her flat at this time??

Sanky looks at him angrily and just walks from there..

Sanjay stops him..

Sanjay: Varun I’m asking u something
Sanky: hmm k u want to know the answer then listen… Yes I love her, Nd she loves me too.. We r in relation… What problem do u have now?? Nd ya listen… I know ur back of her… So just stay away from her or else.. U gonna pay for it…

He angrily leaves form there… Sanjay gets angry listening to his words and thinks how can Shona love him… Then what about me???
He fumes with anger and goes back to his room…

Sanky reaches his home.. He gets fresh up and thinks about the time he spent with Shona…
He smiles and calls her…

Shona gets hoppy seeing his call.. Nd lifts it!!

Shona:(happy) sanky.. Did u reached home safely??

Sanky: Yess darling.. What r u doing??
Shona: just lying on the bed and..
Sanky: (teases) thinking about me right???

Shona: (blushes) Yess…
Sanky smiles…

They both talk the whole night…laughing, fighting…

Episode ends

Sanjay blackmails Shona!

Credit to: neha

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