True love never dies Episode 37 (Swasan)


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They sleep peacefully in each other embrace

Sanky wakes up, he looks at Shona who is sleeping peacefully… He looks at her and smiles.. Nd kisses her forehead.. Nd whispers,
Sanky: good morning Shona!! Today get ready for the surprise, I want to confess my love very simply, in front of the entire colz…
Be ready….

He wakes up and gets a plan… He looks her mobile and deletes the messages and the outgoing call.. Meanwhile
Shona wakes up.. She thinks about yesterday’s incident.. Nd turns to other side to see Sanky… But to her surprise, he’s not there..
She wakes up..

Sanky hides seeing her, Shona searching for Sanky in washroom and kitchen.. She looks at the main door, it was closed..

She thinks where did Sanky went??
She opens the main door, Nd she goes out towards lift side…Sanky slowly goes out Nd goes to next floor towards stairs… He watches her searching for him, Nd smiles..

He messages her…
Sanky: good morning!! Why dint you lift my call yesterday???

Shona looks at the message and gets shocked… Nd replies him..
Shona: when did u leave my house?? Nd how can u go without informing me??

Sanky smiles the way she’s messaging Nd replies her..

Sanky: r u drunk?? When did I come to ur house??

Shona is shocked… Nd call him immediately.. Sanky smiles and lifts the call..

Sanky: Hellooo shonaa!! Haaa wow Shona darling, u called me?? I can’t believe this I need to party hard!!

Shona: Sanky, don’t u remember anything?? Ur were drunk last night, Nd u came to my house..

Sanky: what?? When did I come.. Nd how can u think that I’m drunk??? Shona r u alright???

Shona: don’t lie.. U came here, and U slept here…don’t u remember??

Sanky: (laughs loudly) what?? ohh god!! I slept that too at ur house?? R u dreaming Shona??? I think ur drunk? How could u Shona.. ?

Shona confused…
Shona: ur lier… How could u Sanky? You know after a long time I had a peaceful sleep, that because your with me.. Nd how can u lie like this.. How can u go home without informing, u know I was soo worried!!

Sanky: (smiles) shonaaa.. Get ready quickly.. I will give u only 5mins time..

Shona: (confused) where??
Sanky: something happened to u, I should take u to doctor.. Come now hurry up!!

Shona: (shocked) I’m serious Sanky.. Anyways did u reached home safely?

Sanky: shonaa, I’m serious now.. What happened to u? Nd listen.. Yesterday after I called you.. I got angry when u dint lift my call.. So I slept… That’s it.. I don’t come to ur house.. Got it??

Shona: achaa… Check ur call list.. At 1:00.. I called u, Nd I met u near my house… If u have any doubt ask Bublu..

Sanky: ooff.. U check ur mobile, and u ask Bublu… I can’t tolerate this anymore.. Morning morning.. U making me mad…byeee..
(He cuts the call… Nd watches Shona’s expressions)

Shona: this Sanky na… Ooff.. Wait if at all im right, I will kill him..

(She checks the message and call lists and get shocked… )
Shona: after 11.. I dint call anyone?? Nd no messages.. What’s happening??? Wait il call Bublu…

She calls him…
Bublu: omg.. Is this true… Shona u called me after a long time.. Thankyou shonaa.. I’m soo happy…so we r frnds again..

Shona: shhh listen… You told that you will come early in the morning, why dint u come??
Bublu: (teases) what?? I told you?? When Shona??

Shona: yesterday Bublu.. Sanky was drunk, you told that his mom will get worried seeing him like this.. Nd u made him to sleep in my room… Don’t u remember??

Bublu burst out laughing..
Bublu: omg!! Shona what’s happening?? R u dreaming?? What a joke.. What a joke…Noo Shona.. Ur wrong.. Something happened to u..

Shona gets angry and she cuts the call..
Nd thinks…
Shona what’s happening to u?? I think, it was ur dream… But it’s soo realistic, I thought it was real..

She keeps a pout face and goes inside..

Sanky smiles at her.. Shona goes inside the kitchen.. Nd Sanky goes and hides in her balcony…

Shona comes to her room.. Nd she selects a green colour top and black jeans.. Nd goes to the washroom..

As soon as she goes… Sanky comes to her room.. Nd looks at her dress… With look…He opens her cupboard and Nd Selects a yellow top with blue jeans… He smiles Nd replaces with that old one…

Shona comes out with her bathrobe…
As soon as Shona comes out he again goes and hide in her balcony…

He gets mesmerised seeing her in bathrobe, and wet hair… He stares at her lovingly!!

Shona looks at her dress and gets shocked…
I’ve selected green.. How did this yellow come from… Shona.. What’s happening to u??
She opens the cupboard but she doesn’t find the green top… Shona is more shocked now Nd thinks..

Shona i think Sanky is ryt, u need to go to doctor.. My poor brain, is not feeling well I guess..
(She keeps a pout face)

Sanky laughs seeing the way she’s speaking to herself!!

Shona was about to change her dress… At that time Sanky watches her angrily and stands in front of Her…

Shona: (looks at him) ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
(She runs into her washroom..)
Shona slowly opens her Door and peeps her head out and looks for Sanky…

Shona: Sanky… Sanky r u there?? R u real??

(He doesn’t reply)

She comes out with that bathrobe… Nd looks for him… But she doesn’t find him…
She smiles and think…
Shonaa ur really mad… I know you love him… But how can u imagine him being with u.. This is too much… I think this is the first stage of hallucination…

She was about to change her dress again.. But stops and looks back.. Nd thinks..
What if he is really here?? Ohh god…Shona u can’t risk… She takes her dress and runs into washroom..

Sanky smiles
Sanky smiles seeing her Doings)

She comes out.. And Drys her hair with the towel… Nd starts doing her makeup…

Shona: wowww Shona, ur soo beautiful… Ohh god!! Why did give me this much beauty?? Oof.. Soo much beauty…Thankyou soo much god..

(She keeps on talking to herself sanky watches her and comes out and sits on her bed… Nd keeps staring at her lovingly)

Shona suddenly watches him and looks at him shockingly…… She was shocked for a minute seeing him….But suddenly She starts laughing loudly….
Shona: ohh god!! This hallucination is very dangerous… Once it started, it won’t leave us… See again.. I’m watching Sanky here…

This Sanky na… He is disturbing me soo much.. And how dare he talk with that Divya.. (She looks at Sanky and speaks with him thinking that she’s dreaming)

Shona: hello.. Mr. Varun… If at all I see you with that Divya.. I will kill you.. What… Kill you… Okay?? Soo don’t dare to talk to her…okay???Don’t think that Shona can’t do anything..
(Sanky smiles… Nd nodes yes…Shona looks at him smiling)

Shona: (smiles) arey Yaar… Such a cute smile…. (She pulls his cheeks)
ohh god!! In this world they are many guys, but why did I fall for this angry bird??

(She smiles and messes his hair with her hands…Nd pulls his cheeks… Sanky enjoys it and looks at her admiringly)

She keeps on talking.. Sanky smiles at her… He is just loving her more seeing her cuteness…
She keeps on speaking with him….
He smiles and goes towards her nd hugs her from back…

Shona: (smiles) hahaa lol… Why am I feeling that he is hugging me?? Oh god.. I think this is second stage??

Sanky: (smiles) ohh then shall I show you what’s the third stage???
Shona: third stage??? I think this is the third stage… How can a person whom we r dreaming can reply for what I’m speaking…I think this is third stage…ohh god please help me!!

Sanky looks at her cuteness… Nd kisses her neck… Shona closes her eyes..Nd thinks..
It’s confirmed… This is final stage… How can he kiss me?? I should go now to doctor!! She looks in the mirror..
Sanky is still kissing her…
Shona: Sanky it’s enough!!! Plz stop it…
Sanky: (smiles and nodes no….)
Shona: (she closes her eyes) I said goo goo goo……….

(Sanky smiles and leaves her and goes out)

(She opens her eyes and sees his absence..)

Shona: I’m really dreaming?! Mad girl…
(She smiles and goes out….

Sanky room:
Pari: Varun where r u whole night…
Sanky: I was with Bublu Ma…
Pari: hmm okay… So tell me, when r u bringing Shona..
Sanky: (smiles) hmm…il bring tomorrow okay.. Today im going to propose her in front of the college.. I know she will accept it too…(he blushes)

Pari: (shocked) in front of the college?but how Varun?
Sanky: it’s so simple Ma.. I won’t spell anything.. But whole college will let to know that I love Shona.. I’ve planned it differently.. Il tel u later okay..

Pari: hmm okay.. Bye… But bring her tomorrow okay.. Don’t forget!!

Sanky: sure Ma…

Sanky leaves..

In college:
sanky goes to the college and thinks for the idea.. he suddenly watches a wall.. which is the centre of attraction… he gets an idea and smiles..

sanky: bublu i want paintings yar..
bublu: (shocked) paintings? don’t tell that ur going to draw her face..
sanky: haha soo funny.. I’m not so talented, i won’t draw but il just write a very tiny matter…get me na plzz..

bublu: okay, but now ur going to write?? all will be coming at this time..
sanky: noo bublu, not now.. but before colz gets over (he tells his plan and winks)

bublu: woww thats awesome man..
sanky: (smiles) thankyou thnakyou.. nd u remebr what u should do right?
nd don’t forget roses yar, Nd that too yellow.. She loves yellow…

bublu: okayyyyyyy don’t worry…

shona goes to hospital… she is so worried for her!!

doctor: yess..whats ur problem?
shona: hallucination mam!!
doctor: what??
shona: (she tells her everything)
doctor: from when ur experiencing such things?
shona: from yesterday night…
doctor: r u sure that he is really not in ur house?
shona: wat do u mean?
doctor: i think may be he is teasing you…
shona: (laughs loudly) hahahahaha lol… even i thought same.. but I’m wrong.. he was at his home.. I’ve called him… nd my door was been closed too.. if he is in my house.. how could he go out??

doctor: hmm okay.. .. anyways.. if it repeats then u can take treatment..
shona: treatment??? am i alright doctor?? did i have any dangerous disease.. plzz save me.. I don’t want to die soo soon..

doctor: ooff…Ms shona.. don’t worry.. there is nothing to worry.. u will be alright.. nd ur perfectly fine.. there is no such hallucination in you…

shona: (shocked) what??
doctor: yes…
Shona: Noo doctor, may be ur mistaken.. I have hallucination… Just check me again…
Doctor: Shona plz don’t waste my time. nd u may leave now
shona; okay .. thank you

(she leaves)

shona enters the college…. she thinks what doctor is she?? I think she don’t know the meaning hallucination…she looks for sanky around but she doesn’t find him..
she goes to her class… nd keeps waiting for his message..

after the class.. shona goes to music room to search for him…
she goes inside.. but doesn’t find him…
she turns back and gets shocked to see him standing and looking at her…

shona: (tensed) don’t think that i came for u ?? i had some work here so i came..

sanky doesn’t speak with her but just stares at her..

shona: hello… what r u looking??
sanky just stares at her…

shona: sanky I’m talking to u.. why r u not answering me?

at that time rahul comes inside..
rahul: shona.. what happened?? with whom ur talking??
shona: rahul I’m talking to sanky..

rahul: what r u mad?? where is he?

shona: (shokced) what?? he is not here?
rahul: nooo…
Shona: look here Rahul.. He is here standing in front of me..
Rahul: shonaa…just now i saw him in the class. nd shona r u alright??

shona: (looks at sanky) rahul… sankky is here.. r u not seeing him

rahul: r u mad??? where is he shona..?

shona: wait wait.. il go to his class..
rahul: okay go and see..
shona: runs to his class to see sanky..

as soon as he leaves… rahul tells sanky to go quickly using their short cut…sanky goes to his class using short way.. nd behaves normally…

shona reaches his class and gets shocked seeing him…
sanky looks at her and acts being normal..

sanky: hiiii darling…. u in my class?? am i dreaming?
shona: sanky where were u until now?
sanky: I’m here in my class.. what happened?
shona: did u went to music room?
sanky: not yet… il go now… but by d way y r u asking me that..?

shona: nothing (she leaves)
Sanky smiles…

shona is in class.. Just thinking what had happened..
After that she goes out..
All smiles looking at her… Shona is confused..

A girl watches her and goes to her…
Girl: hello r u Shona??
Shona:(confused) Yess.. But how do u know me??
Girl: (smiles) and she takes out a yellow rose from her bag and gives it to her…
Shona: (smiles) Thankyou soo much… But why r u giving this to me..
Girl: ur soo lucky… …And all the best..
(She leaves)

Shona is shocked.. She smiles and leaves…

She goes to canteen… All looks at her and shouts…
Nd all comes to greet her and gives her yellow roses…

Shona is shocked….
Shona: what’s happening??? Can u tell me why u all are giving this to me??

Some guy: ur soo lucky.. Wish u both have a happy life..

Shona: what??? What r u talking..

He smiles and leaves…

Sasha smiles..
Shona: Sasha why r u smiling??
Sasha: nothing Shona, these roses are soo pretty na…
Shona: (confused) Yaa soo pretty, but y they r giving this to me..
Sasha: (smiles) I don’t know!!

Shona: okay Sasha.. I’m going to restroom.. Will u come with me??
Sasha: u carry on.. Il stay here..Shona: okay!!

(She goes to restroom… While Sasha message Sanky.)

Rest room:
Shona goes to the rest room and finds no one..
She washes her face… At that time she watches Sanky standing near her… Nd smiling…

Shona: hmm again hallucination… Sanky why r u disturbing me like this?? You know all r laughing at me.. Nd that doctor.. How dare she says that this Is not hallucination… Now she should see me in this position… Then she will get to know… and these flowers.. I think all got to know that I became mad…so all r giving me this flowers…

Sanky smiles and asks her shockingly..

Sanky: (smiles) Shona u went to meet doctor??
Shona: Yaaa, because of u…
Sanky: (smiles)
Shona: something is happening to me.. Does love effects the person this much???

Sanky: (goes close to her and hugs her) Yess.. It effects soo much…. And it also makes to do anything for them..

(She keeping talking with him thinking that it’s hallucination)

Shona: (smiles) Yess.. Ur right…Even I feel the same…
Sanky: shona u know what it also gives strength to tell them our feeling..
Shona: (excited) Yess.. Even I feel the same Sanky..

Sanky: (smiles) so do u want to know how I expressed my feelings??

Shona: (confused and smiles) how Sanky??

Sanky: go out and look at the wall… Nd you will get to know, and you will answer for y all r giving these flowers!!

Shona: what???

Shona is shocked… She blinks her eyes.. She finds Sanky looking at her… She again washes her face.. At that time he leave… Shona opens her eyes and finds him missing…

Shona: ooff Shona… U became mad!!

She goes out…

Everyone who watches her… Smiles at her and gives her the rose…
Shona is soo confused… She goes to her class

As soon as she goes out.. All starts to congratulate her…Nd throws those rose petals on her…

Shona: (laughs and enjoys) Kya hua guys??
Frnds: shonaaa woww ur soo Lucky.. Sanky loves u… Our science leader, handsome hunk of our college… Proposed you… Woww!! Amazing…

Another girl: wowww his love is soo true…

Shona: how do u know.. I never told u guys..

Frnd: hahaha Shona.. Entire colz knows it..

Shona: what?? But how??
Sanky: dint u watch it??
Shona: (confused) what should I watch..

Frnd: arey idiot… Go and see the wall.. You will get to know..

Shona: what??
(She remembers what Sanky said her in washroom.. )
Shona: omg!! Is he reall?? How can he come to ladies washroom.. that means he is real.. It’s not hallucination…

Sasha: (smiles) arey dumbo… U thought to surprise him.. But he surprised you.. By proposing in his style.. Go and see it..

Shona gets happy and she runs… Nd reaches the wall.. Nd gets shocked too see it…
It was written…



NOTE: plz bless us with this yellow rose by giving it to her… It’s her fav rose!!

Shona is shocked…. Her eyes are filled with tears…

She watches everyone who are reading it.. All smiles and praising him for being such a cute & great lover!!
Shona smiles hearing their talks…she gets soo happy..
All gives her those flowers… Shona wipes her tears and happily takes the roses from them…

At that time she receives a message…
She looks her mobile…it was Sanky…


Shona is soo happy.. Tears doesn’t stop from her eyes.. She gets overwhelmed seeing his love.. Nd replies him

Shona: YES!!

She again receives a message..

Sanky: THIS TIME… It’s not ur HALLUCINATION…. My dear darling..

Shona understoods that the hallucination was his plan… Nd smiles.. Nd replies him back…


sanky smiles seeing her message…Nd watches her being soo happy from the distance.. Nd wipes his tears..Nd thinks..
Finally.. I could make u smile Shona… I love you soo much…
He again sends her message:

Sanky: @6:00 pm.. In the beach.. Il be waiting for u…

Shona smiles seeing the message…Nd watches him from far… Nd smiles..

They both keep staring and finally leaves..

Shova first kiss!!

Credit to: neha

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