True love never dies Episode 36 (Swasan)


It was a real long hug, where they just don’t want to let go.. She hugged soo tightly that all her broken pieces were fit back together!!

Sanky smiles seeing the way she hugged him soo tight..

Sanky: (calls her sweetly) shonaa..
Shona lost in his hug, doesn’t hear him..

Sanky: (smiles and hugs her more tightly) shonaa… do u know what is the best feeling in this world…??
‘When You Hug Someone You Love ..and They Hug You Back Even Tighter…”

I’m feeling ur love when your hugging me sooo tight shona.. I’m totally loving it.. This is the best feeling for me…Nd Will u give this hug everyday in my life..???

Shona slowly opens her eyes.. Nd realises what’s she’s doing… Nd pushes him..
And was about to leave.. Sanky holds her hands..

Sanky: where r u going leaving me Shona??
Shona: please leave me Sanky sir.. I won’t talk to u
Sanky: hmmmmm…sir..sir…sir…will u plz stop calling me like that plzz…
Shona: Noooo
Sanky: hmmmm shonaa…how many days more… Plzz I’m sorry for what I did.. By d way u already gave a big punishment by going to Bangalore without saying me…Nd leaving me… Nd till now ur continuing it… It’s not at all fare…if u keep on doing like this, U don’t know what il do..

Shona: what will u do??
Sanky: woo…(he thinks of something and smiles) Haaa… just now Divya told that she has a crush on me, so if u won’t talk to me il just go with her…
Later u should not blame me….?

(Hearing his words Shona looks at him angrily)
Sanky: (smiles& teases ) shonaa plz don’t see me like that…I’m FALLING FOR YOUR EYES…Nd it’s like your encouraging me to kiss those…

Shona :?&? pushes him…
Shona: just do whatever u want.. I won’t care!!!

(She leaves angrily)

Sanky smiles looking at her childish nature!!

Arts den:
Ragini dancing alone, she thinks about how she slapped Laksh, Nd how Laksh cheated Shona…..Nd she feels restless Nd keeps on doing the steps which Shona has taught her…
At that time Laksh comes to the arts den….
He looks at Ragini dancing.. He gets shocked seeing her steps…it was same steps how Shona did it.. He thinks how can Ragini do such a beautiful dance…
He keeps staring at her….
At that time Ragini looks at him and gets angry… She stops dancing and takes her bag.. Nd was about to go… Laksh stops her!!

Ragini: (angrily) leave me Laksh..
Laksh: what happen Ragini?? Why are you supporting that Shona.. Y did u slap me for her??? Nd how did u know what I did to Shona… I never told you.. I never told anyone except Rohit.. How could u get to know.. Nd ur dance.. Ur doing like Shona.. What’s going on Ragini?? Why were u serious on me?? Why do u care??

Ragini: Okay do u want to know the reason listen… Because I love u Laksh…and Shona is my friend.. She is my best friend..
I love u both soo much.. She’s soo sweet Laksh.. I cried when u told that u love that girl who danced with you.. At that time Shona gave me support.. She told the truth that she’s the girl who danced with u… Nd she accepted to teach me dance..
We became good frnds Laksh..
Nd how can I see her in pain… That too because of a person whom I love more..

Laksh is shocked..Nd happy..
Laksh: Ragini I’m soo happy..(he hugs her) even I love u Ragini.. That day I was just making you jealous by telling you that I love that girl… Leave all that Ragini.. I don’t like that Shona.. How dare she cheated us… So with that anger i did that…But I really don’t know that u and Shona are friends.. R else I will never do that.. I’m sorry… Plzz I won’t repeat this again..

Ragini: (hugs him back and cries)
Laksh: I’m sorry Ragini…
Ragini: it’s okay Laksh.. I can understand.. But plz never do that again.. She’s very innocent Laksh.. She trust everyone blindly.. Don’t hurt her anymore… I like her soo much!!

Laksh: (smiles) okay.. I promise..From today I won’t involve in her matters.. But Ragini.. She is science and we are arts.. That difference no one can change.. Because I hate that Sanky..I want to make our arts team win…U should not stop Me from that??

Ragini: (smiles) okay..Nd even u should not stop me from talking to Shona..
Laksh: (smiles) okay..
They both smile looking at each other..

shona is in her class, she thinks about the hug and smiles..
sasha watches her smiling..

sasha: shona what happened to u? yesterday u were crying and today ur smiling.. whats the matter?

shona: I don’t know sasha, but I’m very happy.. i feel so safe when I’m with him.. shasha tell me one thing, how will we know that we r in love?

sasaha : (shocked) shona r u in love ?? y are you asking me like that?
shona: (smiles) i don’t know sasha, but plz tell me na..
sasha: okay baba.. but before that i will ask you something just tell me..

shona: whats that?
sasha: you went to bangalore na.. did you ever rememebred me, or any of our friends?
shona: (thinks) frankly no sasha, u know i always used to think about sanky.. his happy moments, how he doubted me.. 24 hours… i could only see him.. you know its so painful for me to stay away from him

sasha: (smiles) shona.. if suppose Sanky was close to someone else.. can u see it?

shona: (shocked.. her eyes are filled with tears) no shasha, he is only my friend i can’t see him giving importance to others..(she keeps a pout face)

sasaha: (laughs loudly) shonaa darling.. so u got ur answer.. these r all the symptoms of love.. u r in love with him.. you love him shona.. nd even i can see that love in his eyes..he loves u too..
leave what all happened.. just forgive him, nd start a new relation with him.. we will love to see the new couple..

shona smiles hearing what sasaha said..

shona: sasha am i in love? oh god i couldn’t believe this.. is this feeling is love???
(she thinks about all the time they spend together, she closes he eyes and just listens to her heart… where she can only see Sanky .. she opens her eyes..

shona: yes sasha.. I’m in love.. thank you so much!!

sasaha: go and tell ur feelings to sanky too.. he will be very happy. go shona..

shona: noo sasha.. you know its very nice like this.. the way he is showing his love to me, the way he is convincing, its so nice.. nd i want to give him the best surprise.. i want to tell my feelings in such a way that he will never forget it in his life..i want some time for it to think for a best proposal..

sasaha: haha soo ur going to tease him now..

shona: (smiles) yess..

sasha: all the best shona.. any help just ask me…

shona: okay.. il go home now.. nd don’t tell these all to Sanky plz..

sasaha: okay fine..
Shona: bye Sasha..

She leaves… Nd she goes out..
Sanky and his groups are on their bikes.. Sanky is waiting for Shona…
Finally he watches her leaving… At that time he watches even Divya…
He smiles.. And shouts!!

Sanky: hello juniors (He claps)
Shona and Divya looks at him..

Sanky: here here!! Come come…

Rahul, Bublu and others smile..

Divya goes at him happily where
Shona looks at her angrily.. Nd goes towards him…

Sanky: (stares at her) hey what’s ur name??
Divya: I’m Divya sir.. 1st year computer science..
Sanky: good!! What about you.. (He looks at Shona)

Shona: (angrily) I’m Shona.. 1st year electronics!!

Sanky: good… By d way where r u going??
Shona: why do u want?

Sanky: Yaar…. I’m ur senior.. U need to answer what all I say.. Come on speak up!!

Shona: after college I have an habit to go home..

Sanky: (looks at her top to bottom) achaaa…. Really??? Wow guys did u hear, today we have learnt a new lesson.. After colz we all should go home okay??

All started to laugh!!!
Shona looks at him angrily…

Shona: sir I need go!!
Divya: sir plz excuse us.. Even I need to go…

Sanky: Divya shall I drop you???

(Shona and Divya both are shocked.. Shona is fuming with anger, while Sanky smiles seeing her anger)

Divya: sir I’m on cloud 9.. Thankyou soo much!!

Shona turns back to leave.. At that time she gets a call… It was Sanjay…

Sanjay: Shona, where r u??
Shona: sir..I’m going home..
Sanjay: meet me in the library..
Shona: library?? At this time??But why sir..
Sanjay: shonaa do what I say…
Shona: okay sir I’m coming.. (She cuts the call keeping a tensed face)

Sanky listens to her conversation…

Sanky: ?who is that Shona??
Shona : (angrily) why do u want?? Ur going to drop her, soo go… Don’t think about me..

She turns back…
Sanky: ?shona im asking u that Sanjay??

Shona doesn’t reply but goes angrily from there.. Thinking why does he want… He’s dropping Divya na.. Let him go.. Why is he bothering me..

Sanky gets angry…

Shona enters the library.. It was all silent, she gets tensed and calls Sanjay sir.. Where r u??

She calls him… But he cuts the call… Nd sends her the message saying wait there for 15mins I’m coming…

Shona gets angry seeing his message and sits there… After some time he comes…

Shona: sir why did u call me??
Sanjay: Shona, I spoked with ur dad.. He said me to give some important questions to u.. As u missed 1 week class..

Shona: but sir..
Sanjay: I’m not telling u Tution Shona.. I’ll just give u some questions from previous papers.. U just do those…

Shona: okay sir..
Sanjay: those papers are here somewhere in these rack.. Will u help me to search it!!

Shona: okay sir..
(They search for sometime Nd finally they get it)

Sanky: here are the papers.. Do these okay.. Nd if u practise this it’s more than enough..
(He comes more closer to her… Shona gets tensed and keeps on moving back..he keeps on going front)

Shona: (tensed) okay sir.. I will do it!! Bye I’m leaving..

He suddenly hears a sound near the door…
Sanjay: (tensed) wait.. (He keeps is hand on her shoulder) not soo soon.. U stay come just now.. Until then just check all the years papers are there r not..

Shona: sir??? It’s so late!!
Sanjay: ?do what I say!!
Shona: okay…

At that time she feels a heavy hand on her shoulder and looks back.. It was Sanky..
Sanky: ?shonaa come…(he takes her from there and hides in the corner of the book rack!!

Sanjay goes towards the door.. Nd goes out and checks in the corridor.. No one is there… He smiles and again come inside the library…

He was shocked too see her not there..
Sanjay: shonaa.. Where r u ?

Sanky looks at him angrily…
Shona: (whispers) what r u doing here?? Go with that Divya na?
Sanky: ?shhhh.. Don’t talk anything now..I will kill u if I heard a sound from u..

Shona: ? she stays calm…

Sanjay searches for her and goes to a corner place.. Meanwhile Sanky looks at the door and runs outside holding shona’s hand. Nd they escape…

Sanky starts his bike..
Sanky: Shona come… Hurry up!!
Shona: Noo I won’t sit on ur bike…
Sanky: ?shonaaa!!!
Shona: what r u doing here Sanky?? Y did u come??
Sanky: ?Shona I said sit!!
Shona gets scared and she sits.. He starts his bike and stops near her flat!!

Shona gets down… Nd starts yelling at him..
Shona: Sanky what r u doing??
Sanky: ?holds her arm) Shona r u out of ur mind!! How can u go alone at that time when no one is around.. Don’t u know that u should not go.. Dint u notice how he is behaving with u???

Shona: what problem do u have Sanky?? Y do u care for me.. Go and take care of that Divya..why do u need me.. Goo

Sanky: because I love u Shona.. I can’t see him around you.. Nd I don’t like his behaviour.. His intentions are very wrong… Soo Stay away from him…

Shona: (smiles but hides her smiles) I don’t know what ur talking about… Nd i don’t love u…anyways I’m leaving.. Bye

Sanky looks at her face and smiles…

Sanky: soo Shona, I don’t understand, if u don’t love me why r u jealous of that Divya??

Shona: Noo way!! I’m not jealous.

Sanky: achaaa!!
Shona: Yess…

Sanky: by d way Shona.. U forgot onething.. U started calling me Sanky…

Shona: ?what?? Noo I dint call u like that..

Sanky: (smiles) okay.. Listen.. Leave all that…Il call u in the night pick up the phone.. R else… Haaa I will talk with Divya… Whole night!!! Option is urs… Later don’t scold me..

Shona looks at him angrily…

Sanky: (winks at her) soo tonight.. @11:00 don’t forget to pick my call… Il be waiting!! Byeee…

He leaves….
Shona: (smiles and thinks) i love u too Sanky.. But I won’t lift ur call…. I know u won’t speak with her…I have that trust on u!!

She smiles and goes back to her room

Sanky and bublu in his room… nd he keeps on thinking about the hug.. how she hugged him tightly.. Their happy moments..

bublu: my dear devdas.. what r u thinking??
sanky: I’m feeling her love bublu.. how could she love me so much.. she’s not realising it.. but i can know the answer seeing her eyes..

at that time he remembers what that pandit said him about his astrology and starts laughing..

bublu: sanky.. plz don’t show all ur emotions at a time.. I’m getting tell me why r u laughing?

sanky: 15 days back, a pandit ji came and he saw my hands.. u know what did he say.. he said that its my second birth.. hahahhahaa lol…
nd u know what he said more… i came to this world to get back my love it seems .. nd i will get my love with all difficulties.. Isn’t it funny??
this is all trash!!
my dadi was like.. ya my sanskar is back.. i should search my swara.. haha lol…soo funny na!!!

bublu: what????? hahahahaa yaa so funny

sanky: k let us think that what panditji said is right… but I’m in love with shona.. i can imagine my happy future with her.. nd i know that she loves me too.. so what difficulties i will face in my life with her love.. nd how can swara can come again.. its because of jeans.. I’m looking like sanskar chacha.. but how can swara come yar…

bublu: Sanky.. these elders na.. they will believe all this.. .okay leave all that now.. lets read the diary yar.. I’m soo curious about it..

sanky: okay fine..

he opens the diary…


Today I’m so happy.. Because it my wedding… Our wedding day finally arrived…
Everything has happened in such a quick manner…
We dint invite any of them.. Coz if we do that it may be problem for Swara.. Our marriage is only between family members.. I feel they blessings are more than enough for me and Swara…

I’m soo happy, I was waiting for this day… But something is bothering me..
I’m soo scared of that Jagadish… I gave him my wedding card.. I know he will come to stop this marriage.. But somewhere I felt that he will be scared of that recording.. So may be he won’t come.. I’m in confusion..

But I can’t be soo careless regarding Swara’s matter… So without her notice, I kept security all around my house, all around my colony… To protect her… I want to know his each steps…
Adharsh bhai was helping me in my plan…

Finally rituals started…..I was soo scared to sit on that mandap… As it was soo new to me.. I was eagerly waiting for Swara to come… I want too see my Swara in wedding attire… I know she will be pretty..but I was soo excited to see her,

Finally, I still remember that moment.. I could hear a sounds of an anklet..signalling me that she’s coming…
I looked up… They she is…
Wearing a beautiful red bridal saree.. Her face was covered with her pallu…
Oh god.. I cannot see her But I can see her big eyes… I smiled at her…
She was really sooo calm.. I thought that she’s very tensed like me and I slowly started teasing her..

Me: Swara are you alright?? Ur soo I dreaming??

Swara: (smiles) Hehe I’m not calm Sanksar… Actually I’m trying to be calm.. Atleast for today..but u spoiled it by asking this question.. Now I can’t control my laugh!!
(She started laughing…)

Ohh god!! She’s soo crazy yar… ?

Pari Bhabi and Ma.. Were telling her to be quiet..

I can just hear her laugh.. Which is giving me support at that time…

Finally I made Swara mine forever by spreading lightly, a red powder, ‘sindoor’ on her head. It is a symbol of love. I also tied a “mangalsutra” around her neck. It’s a gold and black beaded necklace with a diamond pendant, which heralds love and purity.
We took the 7 pheras..
It was simple and picture-perfect wedding!
I was very happy.. Finally Swara Mehra has become Swara Sanksar Maheshwari..
We had lots of photo shoots… She was looking so stunning with that bridal dress…

After the marriage.. Nd dinner.. We all are talking and having some fun… At that time I got a call… I lifted up, to my shock, it was that Jagadish!

Jagadish: happy married life Mr&Mrs Sanskar!! don’t think that u won Sanskar, I will never leave that Swara.. U may keep many securities…but it’s not yet over Sanskar.. It was just started now..

My smile has been vanished to hear his voice..
Me : excuse me..
(I excused myself and went to the corner to speak with him)

Me: what’s ur problem, Jagadish… I’m warning you stay away from her.. R else I know what to do…

Jagadish: u both were safe only because of that audio.. R else today it might be ur death date.. By d way, let my elections get over then I will show u what I am!! Meantime have a happy married life… He laughs loudly!!!!

He cuts the call!!!

I was very tensed… Nd I thought to speak with police..

Me: Maa..I have some work..
Ap: sanskar, where r u going now??
Me: Maa il be back in an hour..don’t worry.. Il Come soon..

Swara stopped me by touching my hands..

Swara: sanskar, where ru going now?? Plz don’t go…
Me : Swara, don’t worry, just an office work.. Just 1 hour okay!!
Swara: come soon okay..
Me: (smiled) Yaa sure.. U take care!!

I went to meet the police..
Police: sanskar.. As u expected, he came here, but seeing all the securities he went back.. Don’t worry Sanskar, he won’t harm u until that cd is with u.. Don’t think about anything…

Me: Noo I’m bit scared, I can feel his warning in his voice..
Police: okay.. Il keep few securities in ur house.. Take care!!
Me: Thankyou sir!!

I went back home…
Ap: sanskar ur soo late.. Go to ur room.. Swara is waiting in ur room..

Pari: haa Sanksar, today is ur suhagraat na..(she teases him)
Me: Bhabi plz don’t embarrass me!!

(I went to my room)

When i opened door. I was shocked.. It was decorated beautifully with flowers..
And on wall there was a decorated card which had Swara Sanskaar written on it.

I came inside.. As soon as I came.. She started teasing me..

Swara: bhooooooooo!!! (Hahahhaaha) Sanskar ur scared!!
Me: (smiled) swaraaa…
(She was soo beautiful in her cream and gold border saree, with flowers on her head.. She was looking like a Kerala Kutti)

Swara: (hugged me) Sanskar, why are u soo late..?? Don’t u know today is our suhagraat.. Don’t u know that you should be with me??

Me: (cupped her face) Swaraa I’m very sorry.. Bit busy in works…
Swara: (smiles) it’s okay.. I can understand!! Now come go and get fresh up.. Ur soo tired na.. Let’s sleep..
Me: (teasingly) but Swara, today is our suhagraat.. Did u forget??
Swara: (blushes) stop it Sanksar, first go and get freshup!!!

She sent me to the washroom… I got ready and came out at that time she was, deeply in thoughts

I was just admiring her beauty…
Me: Swara, what r u doing??
Swara: sanskar, I have lots of doubts, I need to ask u..
Sanskar: what was that??

Swara: sanskar, why do u have such a big name??

I was shocked to see her question??
Me: is that a big name??

Swara: Yaaa… Sanskar Maheshwari.. Don’t u think it’s a big name??

Me: Noo I don’t think…do U think??

Swara: haa Sanskar… Because my name is linked with ur name..

Me: what???

Swara: … If any one ask ur name what will u say??

Me: what kind of question was that Swara?? do I need to answer your questions? And that too such a stupid question?”

Swara: plzzz tell me na…
Me: hmm…I will say that my name is Sanskar Maheshwari

Swara: good, now u ask me what’s my name??

Me: what?? R u crazy??
Swara: plzz ask me Sanskar!!

Me: hmm Kk… What ur name??
Swara: my name is Swara Sanskar Maheshwari…
Look at this name Sanskar, don’t u think it soo big???

Me: ?
Swara: why can u keep ur name as only Sanskar.. See because of u I’m struggling.. With Such a big name… It takes 1 minute to tell my name.. Ohh god!!!!

I Understood that she’s teasing me… So I thought to tease her back!!

Me: Swara u dint understand one thing… Because of me.. Ur got such a beautiful name..

Swara: what??
Me: Yaaa… See Swara Sanksar Maheswari… It’s good na!! Such a pretty name…

Swara: really?? Do u feel like that…

Me: ya u know my name has lots of fans…

Swara: (hahah lol very funny… Plz don’t tell outside..

Me: (I hold her hands and started twisted her hand) achaaa then y did u Married me if my name has a problem with u…

Swara: hahah because now I realised that ur name is soo Big!! So I thought to change ur name..

Me: achaa… Who r u to change my name?? No one can change my name.. So by marrying me I’m giving u That punishment.. That will be a life time punishment for u…

Swar: achaaa… Then I will also give u punishment…(she started beating me with the pillows)

Me: swaraaa… Stop it!!!
Swara: nooooo…
Me: achaa… Ur over now…

She got tensed… Nd started running outside!!!

Ma, bhai and Bhabi are shocked…

Ma: Swara Kya hua??
Swar: Maa plz help me.. See what ur son is Doing??

Me: Maa leave her… She’s over today..

Ap: arey Sanskar, plz tell me why happened…

Swara started laughing loudly…

Swara: Maa I will tell…
Me: Noo will tell…

Adharsh; oof someone tell na!!

Me: Maa… She’s teasing me for having such a big name?? Why did u keep that Name Ma…

All started laughing…
Ap: ohh god!! Plzzz Sanksar… Stop fighting for such a small thing… It’s soo late go and sleep!! Nd Swara ur not a kid anymore… Now ur a wife.. U have lot of responsibilities now…

Swara is shocked…
Me: Swaraa… Hahaha lol.. Soo funny… Do u know what’s the spelling of responsibilities?

Swara: started beating me again…

Nd I started running to my room… She followed me…

I quickly grabbed her hand… Nd pulled her on bed!!!
I was staring at her beautiful face…

Me: Swara ur soo beautiful today…
I leaned towards her and was about to kiss her…

Swara: Sanksar, I forgot we r talking about ur name…

(Saying this she again started beating me… I was soo shocked to see her childish nature….)

I still remembered that day, we had lots of fights for small matters…
I guess no body in this world will have such a suhagraat!!!

**** diary closed*******

sanky closes the diary…Nd both laughs loudly…
sanky: its soo beautiful na bublu.. such a cute couple.. they both love each other soo much!! nd chacha is so caring for swara.. so sweet of him..

bublu thinks about something…
sanky: bublu what r u dreaming?

bublu: sanky while reading this diary.. i feel that it is so similar to you and shona…. have u noticed it??

sanky: what?

bublu: yaa dude.. just think about their story.. swara is so scared of that jagadish, nd she hide herself on that terrace of that new construction house.. nd she has an habit of hiding herself on the terrace..

coming to ur story.. seeing that jagadish minister, even shona went and hide herself on the terrace..
dont u think that there is some connection?

sanky is shocked and confused..

bublu: why is shona scared of him? nd sanky did u notice an other thing, sansakr has started loving swara, he started realsinghis love for her, when swara was missing..
nd even in ur story.. u started realising ur love when shona left u..
something is going on dude..

sanky: nothing yar.. its ur imagination.. anyways leave all that.. he remembers shona and calls her

shona in her room:
she thinks about the hug and smiles… she’s soo excited that she is in love with Sanky… at that time she gets sanky’s call.. she smiles looking at the call but she doesn’t lifts it.. As she’s teasing him..

sanky: yaar she’s not lifting my call.. I told her that I will call her…but why did she dint lift… come lets go to her house..
bublu: house?? at this time?
sanky: yaaa.. i want to meet her dude.. help me na

bublu: sanky… if u go to her house, she won’t come out.. coz she’s angry.. but if u do something which makes her worry.. then definetly she will come out.. did u get my point.. (he winks at him)

sanky: yaar…. so lucky to have u as a frnd bublu.. soo good u are!! I’m so proud of u

bublu: stop praising me dude…. now come lets start our plan..
After few hours…
they go to shonas house.. nd waits in car…

he sends message to shona:
sanky : shona y dint u lift my call?

She doesnt reply him…

Sanky: until u lift my call..i won’t go home..

shona is shocked to see his message.. she thinks, where is he now at this time.. nd gets worried..

at that time, bublu sends her message

bublu: shonaa plz talk to him na, he is fully drunk.. he is not going home too..he is saying that, he wants to speak with u… plzz talk to him shona..

shona is more worried.. she thinks how can he drunk.. when did u started drinking sanky… she starts crying.. nd calls him..

sanky and bublu gets happy seeing her call… sanky lifts the call and acts as he’s drunk!!

sanky: (teases) shonaaaaaa darlinggggg ur talking tooo meeee???? Why dint u lift my call.. I told u to lift na!!!

shona: (crying) sankyyyy when did u started drinking, you hate drinks na.. why are you doing this sanky.. plz goo home.. it’s already 1.

sanky: nooooooooooo i won’t gooo. until u meet me now
(he looks at bublu and winks)

shona: meet? sanky, do u know whats the time.. its 1:00.. how can i meet u at this time?
sanky: I’m waiting for u down shona.. I’m here only..
shona: (shocked) what????

sanky: im waiting for u long back… come shonaaa… i want to see u…

shona: Sanky plzz go home.. I can’t meet you now..

Sanky: nooo I won’t goo…il stay here whole night!!
Shona: (cries) okay I’m coming!!

(she runs down.. seeing her coming he acts as he is drunk.. holding the bottle..)

she is shocked to see sanky in such state)

shona: (cries) sanky, what r u doing?? (she cups his face) how can u drink sanky.. why are u behaving like this.. When did u started this habit…look at you what is this beard…she cries looking at his face)

sanky: what should i do, my girl friend is not talking to me.. She’s not lifting my calls.. She’s totally ignoring me..(He keeps a pout face)

shona: go home sanky.. ur drunk..bublu take him home…

Sanky: noooo.. I won’t go.. Il stay here.. I won’t goo…

Shona: Sanky plzz go.. It’s soo late!!

Sanky: nodes a big booooooooooo
Shona: Sanky.. U saw me na.. U met me Now goo home..

Sanky: noooo now I to see u whole nighttt….(he looks at Bublu and winks)

Shona: what??

Bublu: (smiles) Haaa Shona.. U know if his mom sees him like this, he will get into trouble.. I can’t take him to my house.. Like this..

Shona: what..??

Sanky acts as if he falling… Bublu holds

Shona is shocked to see him like That.. Her eyes are filled with tears..

Shona: Bublu… Come lets take him inside..

She makes him keep his one hand on her shoulder.. Nd takes him inside..

She makes him sleep on the bed..

Shona: Bublu, u both sleep here, I will sleep in the hall… Plzz take care of him..

Bublu: woo Shona, I got call form my dad.. I should go now.. Plz I take care of him..

Shona: what me??

(Sanky smiles while sleeping)

Bublu: haa Shona.. Tomorrow morning I will come soon.. Nd I will take care.. It’s already 1:30… Take care of him okay.. Bye!!

He leaves… As soon as he leaves Sanky acts as if he is sleeping..

Shona goes towards him and cries…caressing his head…
Shona: why did u do this Sanky… Plzz don’t again repeat this.. I can’t see u like this..
She cries bending down her head…
Sanky opens his eyes and looks at her with lots of love..
He again closes when she gets up…

Shona: look at you Sanky, what’s that beard and all… Plz shave it!! I know ur doing that for me.. I know I’ve hurted u soo much.. But I was more hurted.. How could u trust Laksh Nd not me.. Is this the trust u have on me..??
(She looks at him.. He was sleeping peacefully)
She sleeps on his shoulder,
Shona: i feel soo secured when Ur around me… I forgive u Sanky.. I’m soo happy now.. As I realised my love for u… I will never leave u again… Cause I can’t live without u.. She hugs him tightly…I love u Sanky..
(She smiles… )U know I was just acting.. I want to give a surprise to u.. So wait till the time comes… Until then I will be like this..
(She laughs) I’m a good actor na??

She thinks that he is not in his senses.. Nd opens her heart out!!

Sanky smiles listening to her confession…

Shona sleep happily on his shoulder..Sanky turns towards her and looks at her.. Nd caresses her hair..

Sanky: soo Shona… U were acting.. Woww.. But darling I can’t wait until ur time come… Sooo tomorrow get ready.. To be mine forever.. U keep on thinking about the surprise.. Meantime I will surprise u..
He stares at her and places a peck on her forehead and sleeps hugging her!!

They sleep peacefully in each other embrace

Episode ends!!

Shova confession

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