True love never dies Episode 35 (Swasan)

Next day morning:

Sanky wakes up… He messages Shona.. Good morning..

As usual she dint reply him… He gets ready and goes down..
He is very happy.. He clearly got to know that Shona loves him.. By yesterday’s call..

He is in soo happy mood.. He wakes up early.. Gets ready and He goes to kitchen, Pari has just started doing her kitchen work..

Sanky watches her and thinks Shona in that position Nd laughs…
Oh god.. Shona doesn’t know how to do these all.. As She doesn’t know how to cook.. I don’t know how she manage these all after the marriage..haha soo funny

He smiles and back hugs Pari..
Sanky: good morning Ma..
Pari: (smiles) good morning Varun.. U woke up so early? What’s the matter..
Sanky: I’m soo happy today mom.. Nd I’m soo hungry too..plz prepare breakfast Ma!!
Pari: Varun its 6:00am.. Ur asking breakfast soo early?? P
Varun: what it’s 6:00… Hmm Im sorry.. I thought 9 Nd I got fresh up too.. ?

Pari: (laughs) Don’t worry Varun , just give ur mom 10mins.. Il make dosas for u.. U dint have ur dinner yesterday.. Come sit..

Sanky: hmm okay.. Il see how beautifully my mom makes dosas..

Pari smiles.. Nd starts making dosas.. He smiles seeing the way she rounds the dosas… On that pan.. He wides his eyes?

Sanky: mom.. How can u get that so correctly?? Woww baapreyy ur soo talented..
Pari: (smiles) Sanky.. This is not soo tough!!

She gives that dosas to Sanky and he starts eating it..
Sanky: mom I have a doubt.. Will u answer me?
Pari: ha Varun sure..
Sanky: Ma if suppose, if suppose I get married.. Nd if my wife doesn’t know how to make dosas and if she doesn’t know how to cook.. Then what will u do???
Will u punish her?

Pari burst out laughing..
Pari: Varun?? Ur talking about wife?? Haha What happened to u??

Sanky: mom plzz answer my question..

Pari: (smiles) Varun.. I won’t show such difference.. If she don’t know cooking, I don’t have any problem.. I will treat her same like I treat u.. Ur my son.. Nd she will be my daughter…. Nd I love to cook for my family..

Sanky: (gives a smiling blush) woww mom, ur soo sweet.. (He pulls her cheeks)

Pari gets happy and lost in her thoughts..

Sanky: mom.. Hello parineetha darling.. What r u thinking???

Pari: (lost in her thoughts) I’m thinking about Swara..
Sanky: ?Swara?? U mean chachii..

She suddenly comes out from senses..
She looks at Sanky..

Pari: haa Varun, when u asked this question, I remembered ur chachi.. U know she’s soo funny.. Those days are soo memorable..

Sanky: (thinks about her acts in the diary and smiles) what soo memorable mom?? Tell me few..

Pari: the most funniest thing is that Even she doesn’t know cooking Varun… Haha lol.. Just imagine ur chacha struggle at that time, it was soo funny!!

Sanky: (shocked ) what?? Chachi doesn’t know cooking??
Pari: haha Yaa Varun.. I still remember my first meet with Swara, u know actually I was soo shocked.. When I got to know that ur chacha Sanskar, is in love..
So I was soo excited to see Swara..
U don’t believe Varun .. The first time I’ve seen her in airport.. She is the only girl who is shouting with happiness while receiving us…all r looking as if we r celebrities..
She’s is sooo cute and pretty.. I felt like pulling her cheeks.. Sooo cute..
The first day itself, I understood she is the best medicine for Sanskar…

Sanky smiles…
Sanky: woww really?? Tell me what happened next…

************flashback starts************

Early morning at 3:00
Ap, Swara and Sanskar are eagerly waiting for Adharsh and parineetha…

Sanskar: Maa.. I’m going to airport to receive bhai and Bhabi..

Swara: sanskar even I will come.. Plz plz..
Sanskar: Swara its not good at this time.. Nd airport is too far from here..

Swara: Noo plzz.. I will come..
Sanskar: Swaraa I said nooo… Listen to me

Swara: (angry) nooo I will come..
Sanskar: Swara..noooo

Swara gets an idea, Nd slowly goes towards him.. She holds his hand and asks him soo sweetly..

Swara: sanskar, plzzz.. I want to receive Bhabi… I mean Di.. Plzzz

Sanskar: Swara its risk..
(When he was about to talk, Swara kisses him tightly on his cheeks which made Sanskar mute…Nd Ap shocked..

Swara: ?shall I come plz??
Sanskar: (looks at her lovingly) Nd nodes yes..

Swara winks at smiling AP.. Nd excitedly runs out..

Sanskar: (touches his cheek Nd smiles and thinks ‘pagal Ladki’)

Swasan goes to airport and waits for Adharsh and Pari…flight got delayed.. They were waiting near the parking place.. Standing in front of the car..leaning on the car..

Swara: sanskar, when will they come.. I’m soo sleepy.. Nd it’s soo cold

Sanksar: acha.. If u tell the word sleep I will kill u.. I told u, not to come.. U could have slept peacefully at home.. U won’t listen to me.. Now see look at ur eyes..

Swara keeps a pout face..

Sanskar: hmm k Swara I’m sorry.. Plz change those expressions & Come sleep on my shoulders, il wake u when they come out.. Okay??

Swara: (smiles) ur sooo sweet Sanskar, she gives a side hug, by placing her hands around his waist… Nd sleeps on his chest.. Hugging tightly..

Sanskar: (smiles) I like it, when u hold me like this..Swara (He kisses her head)

Swara looks at him and smiles…
Swara: sanskar tell me something na.. I don’t want to sleep, leaving u alone..
Sanskar: Hmmmm, I love you..
Swara: (pats her hand on her head) Sanskar, how many times will u tell me?? U don’t need to say, I know that u love me,
( she hugs him more tightly)

They both talk for sometime.. Nd after 1hour Adharsh and Pari comes..

Sanskar: Swara they landed, come lets wait there..
Swara: (excited) wowww I’m so excited Sanskar..
Sanksar: shhhh.. Be silent okay!!
Swara: Sanksar, how can I be silent at this time..

Sanskar: oof okay..
(Finally Adharsh and parineetha comes)

Swara jumps with excitement,
Adharsh: hello Sanskar, hello Swara…(he hugs both of them)

Pari: Hii Sanksar.. How r u??
Sanksar: Hii bhabi… Miss u soo much!!
(He hugs her) Nd Bhabi here is my darling… Swara….Nd Swara here is your di…

Swara: (happy Nd shouts) hello di.. (She hugs her)

All watches Swara…
Sanksar: Swaraa…all r looking at us, shhh stay calm..
Swara: let them look Sanskar, I don’t care…Nd you know I’m soo happy today, come come lets go home..Ma will be waiting for us..

Pari looks at Swara.. Nd smiles..

In car:
Pari: woww Sanskar, ur Swara is soo cute.. Nd u know I was shocked to know that ur marrying.. Whenever I used to use the word marriage.. You used to change the topic.. This is really unbelievable…

Sanskar: (blushes) Bhabi.. Ur teasing me?? I thought ur coming… Nd I thought that you will be my team.. As ur husband always supports Swara.. But now.. Even ur changing the party…

Pari: smiles…
Swara: hello Mr.sanskar Maheswari… Don’t be jealous..
SAnskar: I’m jealous??? (He burst out laughing) Hahahhaaha what a joke… Nooo way!!
Swara: haha so funny.. Don’t cover up..
Sanskar: why should I be jealous for this matter Swara ??
Swara: ahahaha don’t cover up.. I know ur jealous.. Ur even jealous of that Vivian..

Sanskar: ?hello madam!!! Vivian is not the topic now..

Swara: for me he is only the topic.. Pari Di…u know what… When Vivian came.. You could have seen Sanksars face… Hahahaha lol….he is really soo cute with that jealous face… (She pulls his cheeks)

Pari : (smiles)
really Swara… You could have taken a pic with that expression na!!

Sanskar: achaaa Bhabi.. U dint see This madam face.. When I was acting like talking to my girl friend.. She was literally crying… She called me 100 times… You know what dialogues she used
(He acts saying her words).. “Ur only mine Sanskar ..I can’t see u with anyone…. Nd il kill you if u look at anyone!!”

Pari and Adharsh burst out laughing…

Swara: ?Noo don’t lie.. I never said those words!! Pari Di don’t trust him!! He is a lier

Sanskar: ? u don’t lie Swara, I still remember those words..

(They both start fighting)

Adharsh and Pari looks at each other and smile)

Adharsh: okay okay fine now plz stop fighting..
Pari: woww such a sweet cute couple..

Adharsh: by d way Sanskar, why did u bring Swara at this time.. She could have taken rest at home..

Sanskar: u ask her bhai.. I was telling her the same thing… But when did she listen to me?? Even I don’t like her coming at this time.. But she was making me convince..

Swara: ?achaaa if u don’t like me to come.. When I said shall I come.. Why did u node yes!!

Sanksar: arey.. That’s because u convinced me in such manner.. I was dumbstruck.. I was completely not in my senses.. Even I don’t know how I told yes..

Swara laughs remembering the kiss..

Adharsh : (confused) how did she convinced u Sanksar??

Sanksar: (blushes and holds his cheeks Nd stares at Swara lovingly) bhai , this girls na…they can get everything with one kiss!! Some magic… They will makes us fall for them!! (Saying this he winks swara?)

Swara blushes…

Adharsh and Pari understands what he meant….Nd smiles!!

(They all share some time Nd reaches home)
It’s 6:00 am!

AP welcomes them…
(She hugs both Adharsh and Pari)
AP: it’s been so late.. Go and take rest, u might feel tired …
Pari: Noo Ma.. I’m not at all tired.. I’m soo happy.. Seeing u all.. Come il help h in kitchen..
AP: okay.. And Swara and Sanskar even u take rest.. I dint sleep the whole night..

Swara: Noo Ma.. Even I’m not getting sleep.. Even I will help u in kitchen!

Sanskar: ?Swaraa u said that ur getting sleep.. Go and sleep!!
Swara: I said that long back Sanskar.. Now I’m not getting sleep..
AP: hmm plzz don’t start fighting early in the morning..

Pari: Maa they already started fighting.., they were fighting till we reached home..

AP: (smiles) okay fine.. Sanskar and Adharsh go and freshup and come for breakfast!

Sanskar: il sleep for sometime mom.. Wake me when the breakfast is ready!!
He leaves…

AP is preparing chapatis.. Pari is helping her..

Swara: Pari Di plz teach me how to make this rotis..
Pari: sure Swara..
(She tells her how to make it)

Swara does the roti and laughs looking at its shape..
Swara: Di.. Did u see this shape it’s like Amoeba.. (Saying this she bursts out laughing)

Pari and ap laughs looking at it..
Swara: (smiles) Ma.. I will give this to Sanskar..
Ap: Swara beta… R u showing ur talent on my son?? Soo sad of him

Swara: hahaha mom.. Don’t worry about the shape, Nd perhaps shape doesn’t matter..

Ap: haha okay.. U prepare it for Sanskar, I Nd Pari will prepare for all of us.. Nd I will prepare curry too..

After breakfast got prepared
Ap: Swara go & get freshup, and wake up Sanskar…
Swara: okay Ma…
(She leaves to her room and gets fresh up nd goes to Sanskar room)

She looks at Sanskar, Nd goes towards him..Nd whispers in his ears..

Swara: sanskar… Get up.. It’s already 8:30 get up Sanskar…
Sanskar: swaraaa plzzz let me sleep for sometime.. (He turns the other side)

Swara: (smiles and sleeps beside him) Sanskar…. U look soo cute when ur sleeping, ur a sleeping beauty… No no sleeping beauty is for girls… Hmm ur sleeping handsome.. Hahaha woww nice name na…(She pulls his cheeks)

Sanskar smiles and opens his eyes… He looks at her and pulls her towards him…

Sanskar: Swaraa, am I sleeping handsome for u??
Swara: Yaaa..
Sanskar: (he makes her sleep on his chest and hugs her) hmm Swara.. If I’m sleeping handsome.. Then ur my sleeping beauty..

(they both look each other and smile)

Swara: sanskar now get up.. Let’s have breakfast..
Sanskar: Noo let me sleep for some more time.. Nd even you sleep for some time..ur tired na..
(He hugs her tightly and sleeps)

(They both hug and sleep for few mins After some time ..

Swara: sanskar, you know what, today I specially made breakfast for u..

Sanskar: (he looks at her surprisingly) really?? Woww.. Swara..Then definitely I should eat..

Swara: (excited) Yess.. Now come.. Get ready and come soon.. Il wait for u down..

Sanskar: okay but Yaa wait 1 min..
Swara: what??
Sanskar: i want a kiss.. I want the same type of kiss which u gave me yesterday..
Swara: (smiles) Nd kisses him tightly on his cheeks…
(Good morning Sanskar)

Sanksar: (smiles) good morning Swara.
(He kisses her forehead)

She smiles and goes down..

Breakfast table:
Sanksar and Adharsh sits in their places..

Sanksar: (shouts) swaraaa darling…where is ur dish??? I’m so excited to eat what u prepared!! Come soon!!

Swara: 2mins Sanskar, I’m getting it…

Pari and Ap smiles thinking about Sanksars expressions..

Pari serves the rotis to Adharsh.. Swara comes and serves to Sanskar…

Sanskar shocks to see the rotis…
Adharsh laughs looking at Sanskar… Sanskar looks at him angrily..

Sanskar: (confused) Swaraa what is this??
Swara: rotis Sanskar.. U know Di thought me how to do it.. Nd I prepared it for u.. It’s nice na??

Adharsh: (teases) Haaa Swara.. Ur superb… Look at those shape.. No one can get that.. Pari learn from her..

Swara: haha it’s like amoeba na??
Sanksar: (teases) it’s like world map Swara!!
Swara: (excited) what world map?? Woww Swara ur soo talented.. Anyways leave that Sanskar come eat fast..

Sanskar angrily looks at her and eats it..
Swara: sanskar u want another one??
AP: (smiles) Swaraa leave those rotis..Nd Sanskar have this one!!
Swara: ?Kyu mom!! I made this for Sanskar.. (She keeps a pout face)

Sanksar: (sees her sad face) Maa dats k.. Actually I loved it.. Swara bring 1 more..
Swara: (happy) really??
Sanskar: Haaa Swara.. It’s very tasty!!
Swara: then daily il prepare a new variety for u Sanksar..

Sanksar: (shocked) what?? Daily??
Swara: yaaaa..
Sanskar: ?good continue!!

Ap, Pari and Adharsh smiles seeing Sanskar expressions!!

Adharsh: okay fine.. We r going to office and evening get ready.. Let’s all go out..
Sanskar: wow that is best idea.. R lse I should worry.. For dinner.. I don’t know what dish Swara will prepare!!

All bursts out laughing..
Sanksar and Adharsh leaves home..


Pari and Swara are talking..
Pari: Swara.. Here I brought these for you.. (Nd gives a packet, some tops, dresses,accessories)

Swara: (excited) woww… Thankyou Di… (She hugs her)
She looks at it and gets soo happy…

Swara: di… This red skirt is really awesome!!
How do u know that I love skirts..

Pari: I just liked this skirt.. So I bought , I don’t know that you will love it..

Swara: it’s awesome..
Pari: Swara now we r going out na.. Wear this skirt.. Sanskar will be stunned to see u in this skirt..

Swara: (happy) Haaa Di sure..

She wears the red skirt.. With black cute top..Nd gets ready…

Pari: woww Swara.. Ur really very very cute..

Swara: Thankyou Di…

After sometime Sanskar and Adharsh comes…
Swara comes down wearing that skirt…

Sanskar gets mesmerised seeing her beauty.. In that cute dress…

Adharsh: woww Swara.. Ur soo cute..
Swara: Thankyou jiju.. Di bought it for me!!

Sanskar just stares at her lovingly..

Sanskar: okay guys Come fast.. Il keep the car ready.

He looks at Swara and signals her to come out.. He leaves out..

Pari looks at them and smiles

Adharsh: haa Sanksar just give 5 mins time..

Pari goes towards Swara and tells her to go.. As Sanskar is waiting for her..

Swara confused and goes out…Nd searches for Sanskar..

(Sanskar grabs her by holding her waist and holds her tightly)

Swara: (shocked) Sanskar.. What r u doing??
Sanskar: woww my darling is soo cute today.
Swara: (happy) really?? I love skirts Sanskar.. Is this really nice?? Am I looking pretty??
Sanskar: Yaaa it’s very nice.. Nd ur soo pretty That I just feel like kissing you..

(He grabs her waist more closely, looks at her eyes.. Nd kisses those eyes…Swara gets tensed…
Swara: sanskar…
Sanskar: Swara u can’t stop me now…he smiles Nd He stares at her red lips, and kisses her lower lip..

Swara blushes…Nd hugs him.. They hug each other for sometime… They get interrupted by sounds..
Swara: sanskar all r coming..
They break the hug..

They leave for dinner… They share some family time..
While returning..

Swara looks at an icecream stall

Swara: sanskar.. I want that icecream!
Sanskar stops the car…
Sanksar: okay come lets all have it..

All agrees…
They get down.. Nd have icecream.. At that time a guy watches Swara.. Nd stares at her continuously..

Swara notices him staring and gets scared and goes back and hides behind Sanskar..

Sanksar: Swara Kya hua??
Swara: that guy is staring at me…
Sanskar: (angry) who???

He turns back… At that time that person comes there..Nd hugs Sanskar…

(He is Sanksar friend)

Frnd: Hii Sanskar.. How r u dude.. After a long time??
Sanskar: hey hi.. I’m fyn.. How r u??

His frnd looks at Swara…
Frnd: did u come with ur family members..
Sanskar: Yaa… He introduces everyone.. My mom.. My bhai, my Bhabi… Nd coming to Swara…

Frnd: is she ur sister?? She’s soo cute..
SAnskar: (shocked)
Swara and all other starts laughing…but control their laugh..

Seeing them laughing Sanksar gets angry..
Sanskar: nooo.. She’s my fiancée.. We r going to get married this Saturday..

Frnd: (shocked) fiancée?? Ohh I’m sorry.. Actaully she’s like a kid.. So I thought she ur sister.. I’m sorry Sanskar..

Sanskar: ? she may look like kid.. But she’s 22.. Okay..

Frnd: okay bye..
(He leaves)

As soon as he leaves
Swaraa laughs loudly… Ohh god… Maa look at his face…

All laughs at him…

Sanskar: ?Swaraa.. From tomorrow.. Start wearing churidhars… I can’t tolerate this… How dare he say That?? Am i looking like ur brother…

Swara burst out laughing…
She starts teasing him….Nd they again start fighting…

*********fljshback ends**************

Pari: it was soo funny being with them varun.. I just love both Sanksar and Swara..whenever I see you I always think that Sanskar has born again, in my womb… Nd I just want ur wife to be like that Varun.. She should be so active, Nd loving girl..

Sanky thinks about Shona and lost in her thoughts..

Sanky: mom..u know what even Shona is like that… She is soo childish.. U will love her mom.. Nd she’s very lucky to get u as her mother in law..

Pari is shocked…

Pari: Varun ..what r u talking!?? Who is Shona?? Why will she be lucky..

Sanky is shocked as he told the truth…

Sanky: Haaa mom.. Woo Actaully, nothing…

Pari: Varun r u hiding anything from ur mom??

Sanky: hmm mom.. K I will tell u but don’t tell anyone okay…

Pari: what’s That??
Sanky: ?ur son is in love mom!!

Pari is shocked….
Pari: love?? Varun… Who is she??

Varun: Shona mom… She’s very good.. I love her soo much.. She’s here (he shows his heart)

Pari is surprised…
Pari: Shona?? The day she spoke with u on the phone.. Is she that girl??
Varun: Yaa mom!!

Pari: (happy) bring her home Varun.. I want to see her.. My son who never talked with any girls.. Now is talking about that girl.. Then she’s soo special… I don’t have any problem if u love anyone… Bring her home Varun..

Varun: not soo soon mom… She still dint accept me.. Let her tell those 3 words.. The next moment I will bring her home

Pari: what?? She dint love u still.. She dint love my son??

Varun: Noo mom.. She loves me soo much.. But she’s bit angry on me.. Don’t worry.. Everything will be fine.. Just give me 1 week time.. I will bring her..

Pari: I’m soo happy Varun.. So This is the reason you asked me about cooking???

Varun: haa Maa.. Actaully she don’t know cooking.. Nd u know she only lives on chocolates.. She loves chocolates soo much…

Pari: (remembers Swara) I don’t have any problem Varun.. by d way So this is the reason, this beard.. Waking up early….

Sanky hugs her..
Sanky: maaaa..Enough of teasing.. Il cut this beard when she accept my love.. That’s it..
Anyways bye.. I need to college..

(He leaves)

sanky goes to college, bublu and rahul comes..

rahul: arey sanky u look so happy today, kya hua??
sanky: I’m happy thats it.. i don’t know why.. bt I’m very happy…

at that time.. Shona comes to college, wearing a blue denim jean and a cute top… nd with simple ponytail.. she looks so cute.. everything is perfect but a smile is missing in her face.. though she’s somewhere happy.. but she’s not able to smile that wholeheartedly…

sanky stares at her lovingly.. shona watches him, but turns her face… sanky laughs seeing her actings…

at that time sanjay watches shona and sanky’s eye lock moments.. he gets angry and stops seeing her coming in that direction.. nd stops near the tree…

sanky looks at sanjay.. nd thinks why did he stopped seeing shona.. his looks at him doubtedly…

seeing shona coming close to him.. Sanjay places his legs in front of shona.. nd shona slips & falls… at that time taking this as chance sanjay holds shona..

shona looks at him and gets shocked…even sanky is shocked to see his reality..

sanjay holds her, nd keeps his hand around her waist.. nd presses it.. shona eyes are widened to see his sudden move… ?she gets tensed.. nd pushes him..

shona: sir.. what r u doing??
sanjay: (covers the topic) shona, can’t u walk properly?? don’t look here and there.. just look front and walk.. understand??

sanky gets angry.. he closes his fist tightly,

shona: (stummers) I’m sorry sir..
sanjay: okay thats fine.. nd yaa.. you look good today..
shona: (shocked) what??
sanjay: i mean, u look so neat with this ponytail.. daily wear this ponytail.. i liked it.. i want my students to be neat and clean like this.. okay??

shona: (confused and uncomfortable) okay sir..

sanjay: by the way why dint u come these many days.. ur brother told me that u got fever, now how r u feeling..( he touches her forehead)

shona feels uncomfortable… sanky gets more angry and walks towards her.. seeing him coming, sanjay tell shona to go to her class..

shona gets relief and leaves…

Sanky gives an angry look towards Sanjay and goes towards Shona and calls shona.. but she doesn’t look back..

sanky: shona wait there…

(sanjay keeps looking at them…)

shona doesn’t look back but simply walks avoiding him … sanky goes towards her and pulls her hairband from back..

shona: (angry) what r u doin sanky sir?
sanky: (angrily) i pulled ur hairband..
shona: give back my hairband..
sanky: nooo i won’t give it to u… by d way, i like when u leave ur hair.. u look more good like this.. i don’t want u to wear this ponytail for anyone..
(he tells this looking at sanjay)

sanjay gets angry and leaves from there…

shona: sanky, plz give me my hairband..

(sanky is shocked.. as shona called him with his name)

sanky: (happy) what did u call me just now??? dint u call me sanky?
shona: (tensed) no i dint call u like that.. I’ve said sanky sir..
sanky: dont lie.. i heard u saying sanky…

shona: (angry) noo..i dint call u like that..
sanky: okay.. fine.. just give me 2 days.. i will make u call sanky,

shona: u can’t.. I’m shona.. she will never call u like that..
(she was about to leaves angrily but sanky stops by holding her hands)

sanky: (goes close to her and whispers) my dear cute junior, today 2nd hour u need to be in the library.. Did u get that??

shona: ?i won’t
sanky: u should…
shona: No I won’t…
sanky: exactly at 10:30.. In library.. Il be waiting..
(Saying this he smiles and leaves)

At 10:15
Sanky knows that she won’t come so he sends PT sir..

Shona class
Pt sir: Shona , come and meet in the library..
Shona: okay sir..

She goes to library.. But she finds no one.. She sits on the chair..
At that time Sanky and Bublu comes
They watches Shona.. She looks at him angrily ..

Sanky and Bublu.. goes near her..

Sanky: (sits beside her) helllooooooo.. (He places his hand on her) Bublu did u look at her cute face.. She’s soo cute na??

Bublu: (smiles) yaaaa very cute.. (He pulls her cheeks)

Shona looks at him angrily..
Bublu: (teases) Sanky I’m so scared seeing her eyes..
Sanky:? Bublu, don’t talk anything about her or her eyes.. Those are mine.. Hey na Shona??
(He winks at her)

Shona remembers their happy time and she started to cry..

Sanky and Bublu notices her tears…

Sanky: Shona we r very sorry.. Plzz forgive us.. I know we hurted u.. Plzz we r sorry..

Bublu : shonaa.. Plz forgive na.. We missed u soo much…. sorry Shona.. (He holds her ears)

Shona: (angrily) stoods up.. Why did u call me sir?? If there is no work tell me il leave..

Sanky: hmm.. Again sir.. Okay fine… Shona, we have practice now.. Come lets go to music room..
(He holds her hands and take her)

Shona: Noo.. I’m not coming.. I don’t want to sing..

Sanky: (shocked) what??
Shona: Haaa..plz leave me!!

At that time.. A new girl comes to the library.. Her name is Divya

Divya: hello excuse me..can I meet Sanky sir..
Sanky: Yess who is that??
Divya: sir I’m Divya..Actaully I love singing.. Plz can u give me a chance to sing a song with u..

Sanky looks at Shona and smiles…
Sanky: shonaa.. This is the last time I’m asking.. Will u sing with me now??

Shona: ?noooo

Sanky: okay fine… Divya plz come in..
Divya: wowww Sanky sir.. I’m a big fan of u.
Sanky: come show me ur singing skills, come lets go to the music room..

(Saying this he leaves)
Shona gets jealous, she sits there and cries Nd leaves to her class room

Sanky watches her crying and feels bad.. Nd thinks, I’m sorry for hurting u again.. But I need to do this Shona, I should make u realise that u love me too..

He leaves..

Shona after the class

Shona and Sasha goes to the canteen
At that time they hear songs from music room..

Shona gets angry as Sanky is singing with her.. She angrily goes near the music room.. Nd was about to go.. But stops near the door.. Nd cries standing there..

Sanskar watches her crying from window.. He signals Divya to go..
Divya opens the door… Shona gets tensed and runs and hides back of the door…Nd closes her eyes tightly…

Shona opens her eyes and gets relieved seeing Divya going out.. She gets happy and she slowly walks crossing the music room..

Suddenly she hears sanky’s voice..

Sanky: I saw u…. Come in for a sec..
(He pulls her inside)

Shona: Sanky what r u doing, are u out of ur mind??
Sanky: (holds her closer) what r u doing here.. If u don’t like to come?
Shona: haa woo actually…this is colz.. It’s not ur house.. I can go wherever I want..
(She was about to turn back)

Sanky: If u try to go I will kiss u…

Shona is shocked..
Shona: I will kill u..
Sanky: I will seriously kiss you.. (Goes a step closer)

Shona turns back angrily… Sanky goes close to her
Sanky: do u want me to do that??

Shona pushes him…
Sanky angrily holds her hands and pulls her…he pins her to the wall And goes close to her.. Looking at her lips… He leans down to kiss.. He was close too her, as there is no air to pass…
But stops without kissing it..

Sanky: I won’t kiss you until you give me that permission Shona.. (He cups her face.. )
Still how many days Shona.. When will u come back to me.. I want to start a new life with you..

Shona: (tear falls from her eyes) I hate u Sanky sir..

Sanky: I know that u love me Shona..
Shona: ?Noo I don’t love u

Sanky: if u don’t love me, why did u called me yesterday.. Why were u crying? Why were u worried for me??

Shona doesn’t answer.
Sanky: because you love me Shona, because you care for Me..

Shona turns her face…
Sanky: (turns her face towards him) I know Shona.. I did wrong.. I’ve realised it.. Nd did u see my face.. Did u see my beard.. It’s just because of u..
Today my mom told me to shave it.. But u know what I told her..
I told her that, if Shona accepts my love then I will shave it..

Shona: ?what??
Sanky: (smiles seeing her expressions) Haaa Shona.. I’ve told about us to my mom.. She was happy, she told me to bring u home one day..

Shona: I hate u Sanky sir.. Don’t talk to me..(she cries)

Sanky goes more closely to her…
Shona: leave me…
Sanky: okay tell me if u don’t love me…Why did u come for me? Why were u crying standing outside??

Shona: (cries) don’t talk to me

Sanky moves close to her

Shona: don’t come. (She goes a step back)

Sanky angrily goes and hugs her…

(He hugs her tightly… He closes her eyes tightly to control his tears…

Sanky: I love you Shona.. Plzzz talk to me:.. I love u soo much..

Shona cries and feels so much comfort in his hug.. She feels that she’s soo safe in his arms..
Shona : I hate u…(Nd she hugs him back)

Sanky gets happy and hugs her more tight… Shona too hugs him tightly…Nd he kisses her forehead…Nd hugs her back more tightly…

It was a real long hug, where they just don’t want to let go.. She hugged soo tightly that all her broken pieces were fit back together!!

Episode ends:

Swasan marriage

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