True love never dies Episode 34 (Swasan)

Sanky and Sunny goes to a silent place.. They were silence for few mins.. As they both don’t know how to start..

Sunny: thanks for coming Sanky,. Actually I want to speak about Shona… I know ur angry at her.. Nd I even know that ur not ready to listen to her..
U know Shona just 3 months back.. But I know Shona from 20yrs .. She may be childish, but she’s soo matured girl.. She don’t know how to hurt others, she just know to make them smile…
Shona told me what happened between u both..she always wants u all to be happy Sanky.. She never wants to trouble ur group.. Nd she dint team up with Laksh!!

Sanky: (tears in his eyes) I’m soo sorry Sunny.. I really hurted her a lot.. I just got to know the truth after reading her letter, I’m very sorry.. I just tried to contact her,
But she’s unavailable..
It just happened.. I’ve trusted that Laksh.. How could I do that..
I’m soo sorry for hurting ur sister.. Nd I’m vey sorry for not trusting her!!

Sunny: (smiles) that’s okay dude.. Don’t be sorry…I can understand ur situation..
Leave all this, I just want to talk to u about another matter.. I don’t know it’s right or wrong, but being her brother I just got to know something…

Sanky: (tensed) what’s that??
Sunny: (tensed and stammers & changes the topic) I mean did u forgive her??

(Sanky understoods that he changed the question)

Sanky: forgive?? Ohh god.. Come on plzz.. What did she do… It’s my fault.. I’m dying with guilt.. I slapped her with this hands??
How could I??
I’m restless Sunny.. I’m missed her a lot.. She means a lot to me.. How could she go like that.. How could she leave me sunny…First tell me this,
WILL SHE FORGIVE ME?? For what I did??

(Sunny smiles)

Sanky: by d way Sunny.. Is this what u want to tell me?? Ur hiding something?? I can see ur tensed face.. What happened plz tell me what u want to say??

Sunny: Yaaa There’s an other matter.. But I don’t know how to say This..

Sanky: that’s k.. Feel free..but plz tell me..

Sunny: woo actually.. (He turns back) Shona has changed soo much Sanky.. she became quiet.. She mostly wants to spent her time alone.. Do u believe this, She dint even eat a single chocolate in this trip.. From day one till today .. I’ve been only noticed her crying.. She missed u soo much Sanky… As a brother I don’t know whether I’m doing right or wrong.. But what I got to know is that…

There was silence was 2 mins..

Sanky: plzz tell me.. What u got to know..

Sunny: (he turns towards him) She’s In Love With U Sanky… ?but she dint realise that.. But I know, she’s really in love with u.. I never seen her like this before!!

Sanky is shocked and happy.. His eyes are filled with tears…

Sunny: I just told what I felt.. It doesn’t mean u to love her back.. but I just said this…

(Before he speaks a word Sanky gives a hug to him, Sunny is shocked)

Sanky: I love her too Sunny… She became soo important to me.. I realised that when she went far from me.. I love her soo much… I was waiting for her to tell this words to her… I really love her so much!
Nd Thankyou soo much for telling the truth.. Ur such a great brother..I’m soo happy today

Sunny: (happy) I’m soo happy for u both Sanky… I trust shona’s decision..Nd I trust u too.. Haha Nd Ya even I got to know that u love her by seeing ur beard!!! Hahahaha just kidding..
But Shona is very angry on u… She’s soo hurt with ur words.. Plz take care of her.. I’m leaving to Bangalore today evening.. Plz take care of her Sanky.. She will be normal if she’s with u!! I want to see that smile on her face

Sanky: (smiles) sure don’t worry…and ohh god.. I’m so happy today, Thankyou so much..

Sunny: Nd plz don’t tell her that I’ve talked to u…..she will kill me..
Sanky: haha lol!!
Sunny: anyways.. All d best.. Nd ya plzz take care of her.. Nd nice meeting u!!
Sanky: nice meeting u too… Seriously I dint expect that u will support us…

(They talk for sometime and they leave)

Sanky goes to college happily.. Bublu and Rahul all are waiting for him…
Bublu: Sanky Kya hu? What did he talked to u??
Sanky: arey Yaar… Shona loves me too.. Sunny was telling me that… I can see his love for her sister.. He is such a sweet bro!! I’m soo happy.. But Shona is very angry on me.. I just want to talk with her!!

Shona in class:
She’s soo quiet.. She lost all her charm.. She was like a statue.. All lecturers were just shocked to see a sudden change in Shona.. As they all only know that Shona is the girl who is soo active in class.. But today she was soo opposite

After the class:
Sanky and Bublu are waiting for Shona im the canteen
Shona Comes from the class…to the canteen..
She was just lost in her thoughts, and walks without noticing anyone..

Sanky and Bublu are shocked to see her lost somewhere!!

At that time..
Sasha calls Shona.. she doesn’t respond!!
She runs towards her…
Sasha: shonaaa…(she jerks her)
Shona: (comes out of her sense) haaaa Sasha, Kya hua?
(Sanky looks at them)
Sasha: I should ask u Shona, what’s going on with u? why r u soo dull? What’s happening to u??

Shona: (confused) what happened? I’m fine na.. Why all are saying like this, I’m fine yar..

Sasha: ohh really?? hmm Kk come lets order our food..
Shona: Noo I’m not hungry, u carry on..

Sanky thinks about Sunny words…looks at her so caringly and thinks to talk to her and goes to her..

Sanky: (tensed and happy) Hii r u??

Shona looks at him and hides her face back of Sasha..

Sanky gets sad seeing the way she’s hiding..

Sanky: (he holds her hands) shonaa.. I’m sorry..I’m really sorry.. Plz talk to me.. Plz don’t ignore me like this!

Shona: doesn’t look at him.. Nd holds Sasha hands tightly!!

Sasha signals Sanky to leave her alone for sometime..

Sanky eyes are filled with tears.. Bublu takes him to his class!!

Shona cries as soon as he leaves..

Sanky in music room: he thinks
Shona when I got to know that u love me, I couldn’t wait Shona.. I want to confess my love.. May be if I tell my feeling to u, u may change.. I know ur angry.. But I know how to make u cool.. (He smiles and goes to the corridor and stands opposite to her class window..)

Shona looks at him, but turns her face and doesn’t look back..
He keeps on staring, but she completely ignores him..

He gets an old idea, like how he used it before.. He smiles and goes to her class..

Sanky: excuse me mam!!
Mam: yes Varun..
Sanky: mam I have work with Shona, plz send her..
Mam: Shona go…

(Shona gets tensed Nd goes..while Sanky smiles at her)

Out side the class..
Sanky: Shona y r u not looking at me??
Shona: why should I look at u sir??

Sanky: Sir???
Shona: yes…

(Sanky is shocked.. He just stares at her shockingly hearing her calling sir.. He gets angry..he holds her hands Nd takes her to an empty room..

He pins her to the wall.. Nd looks at her, while she looks down..

Sanky: Shona.. Look at me..
Shona: sir plz leave me..
Sanky: (goes more close to her) am I sir to u??
Shona: yes.. Ur my senior.. That’s it..
Sanky: that’s it?? Say this looking at my eyes!!
(But Shona doesn’t looks at him.. Nd weeps silently)
Sanky: (he gets sad seeing her crying) shonaaa I’m sorry.. I’m really sorry..if ur angry beat me.. (He cups her face)

Shona: why should I beat u.. Who am I to u sir??

Sanky gets angry and pulls her closer…

Sanky: Your my LIFE Shona..

Shona is shocked Nd looks at him shockingly

Sanky cups her face….

Sanky: yes Shona.. I love you.. Are you hearing it.. I LOVE YOU SHONA..

Shona eyes are filled with tears,

Sanky holds her face and starts wiping her tears.. He looks at her lovingly and Nd hugs her, tightly…

Sanky: I know Shona, that you love me too.. Nd how could u leave me Shona.. These many days?? Don’t u know Tht u should call me?? Don’t u know that this idiot will be waiting for u?? U know how much I missed u..

(Saying this he hugs her more tightly)

Shona: feels his hug, Nd closes her eyes tightly, Nd remembers how he scolded her and gets angry Nd breaks the hug.. Nd pushes him!!

Shona: ? but I don’t love u sir.. Plz leave me.. Let me live my life alone.. I don’t want any one’s friendship.. Noo need to be wit me.. I’m very happy being like this..
Plz leave me…

Sanky: Shona.. I’m so sorry Shona, I know that i was soo rude to u.. I’m really sorry.. Plz forgive me..

Shona: She turns her face)

Sanky: Shonaa… (He makes her turn her face) don’t u love me??

Shona: Noo!!
Sanky: (goes close to her Nd holds her more closer) I know Shona, that u love me..
Shona: (cries) Noo I don’t love you, but I hate you

Sanky: (cries) Shona il kill u if u use that word again.. I can’t see you hating me..? I love u Shona..! I want to be with u forever.. Ur mine Shona.. I love u soo much..

Shona: (cries). Don’t talk to me sir, plzz leave me.. I hate u.. I hate u soo much.. U dint trust me.. I hate u.. Shona will never talk to u Sanky sir..

(She leaves crying)

Sanky : (shouts) Shona, Shona don’t goo plzz!!

He cries remembering her words.. He thinks.. I have many ways to make u forgive me Shona.. I won’t let u stay alone.. I will make u normal again.. I want to start a new life with u..

He smiles and leaves to his class..

Shona goes to the restroom and cries remembering sanky’s confession, but somewhere in her heart she feels happy…
I hate u Sanky.. I don’t need u..
(She cries loudly)

Sanky class:
Bublu finds him being happy..
Bublu: Sanky ur so happy, what happened?
Sanky: ya I’m soo happy.. I confessed my love to Shona.
Bublu: ?woww, did she accepted?? Ur happy that means she accepted.. Omg I’m soo happy for u both..
Sanky: cool down dude.. I said my feelings, she said that she hates me..

Bublu:? she hates u… My dear devadas.. Being in love I think u forgot the meaning of hate..
She hates u man, that means she don’t love u..

Sanky: dude, don’t think that I’m a kid.. I know what she meant.. But she was saying that in anger.. I know Bublu that she loves me… We need to do something, i couldn’t see her like this, did u see her face… It was soo pale.. I want to see her smiling..

Bublu: don’t worry dude.. We r here.. She will be normal again..

Sanky: you know what, she started calling me sir.. How could she call me like that..

Bublu: sir?? (He gets an idea.. Nd tells his plan to Sanky) Sanky this is the only way.. I think This word ‘Sir’ is helping to u..
(He laughs loudly)

Sanky: woww this is awesome, so she will be with me always.. Okay let’s do the arrangements then..

Shona is in class…
At that time, PT sir.. Sanky and other seniors enters the class

Sanky looks at Shona and smiles while she looks at him angrily..

Rahul: (shouts) Yaar seniors have come to ur class.. Don’t u guys don’t know respect!!

Sanky: (looks at Shona) now a days.. All juniors got horns.. Now I became a strict senior.. Come come stand up.. Nd wish us..

All stood up and wishes them…

Bublu: oaky okay sit down!! We have some news for u… PT sir will tell u…

PT sir: students I’m soo disappointed with all of u .. From 2 weeks u all are not participating in anything..
That’s fine, now i want this science group to top!
I will send the activity list to ur incharge!! Nd I want a new incharge who takes the initiative.. (He looks at sanky)
Varun u select the incharge…

Sanky smiles looking at Shona, as she is tensed…

He looks at everyone and walks to each one of them and finally comes towards Shona..
He seriously goes towards and tells her to get tapping her bench..

Shona angrily stands up..
Sanky: (he looks at her, as if she’s a stranger) what’s ur name??
Shona: (doesn’t reply..)
Sanky: (looks towards PT sir…) sir…look at her she’s not..
Shona: (tensed and angrily) my name is Shona..
Sanky: (smiles) good.. So guys from today Shona will be the new incharge!!

All claps for her..
PT sir: so Shona, u should encourage ur team and u should follow what all Varun tells you..
Shona: okay sir..

Sanky: soo guys, from today this Sanky is soo strict.. Because someone reminded me that I’m a senior to u all… Soo I love being senior, I love to listen the word ‘sir’ from all of u….Nd Yaa I never ragged u guys.. But from today.. Ur bad luck started… Ur gonna see a new Sanky….
(He looks at Shona)
soo Shona, after the college meet me in the music room..

Shona: nooo I won’t co….

Sanky interupts…
Sanky: guys, I forgot to tell u onething, if at all I tell something, don’t tell Noo, I can’t, I won’t,
That will pissed me a lot..
I don’t know What il end up with… Soo just listen to me whatever I say…

Sasha and other student smiles understanding what Sanky means… So they all teamed up with Sanky..

Students: sir plz don’t punish us.. We will do whatever u say…

Sanky: good I hope u alllllll listen me…

(Saying this he looks at Shona and winks at her… Shona is more angry)

Sanky leaves the classroom

After the college he waits for her in the music room..
But Shona doesn’t comes to the music room..
He gets sad… Nd goes out, Sasha tells him that Shona went home…

Sanky: Yaar.. How should I talk to her, she’s not at all listening to me.. Now I can understand.. How she felt when I ignored her..
He goes home… Nd calls her… Her phone rings but she doesn’t lifts it..

Sunny calls Sanky..
Sunny: Sanky we left to Bangalore.. U take care of her.. Plzz
Sanky: Yaa sure don’t worry… But she’s not lifting my calls Sunny.. I’m trying from afternoon.. I know she will feel lonely at this time..
Sunny: Yaa Sanky… I’ve called her just now.. She said that she’s came out for a walk.. Nd she’s n nearby park..
Sanky: walk?? Thankyou Sunny.. Don’t worry il take care of her..

(He cuts the call and gets happy..Nd thinks to meet her…

Sanky calls her again but she cuts it..
He leaves to meet her

He watches Shona sitting in a park nearby.. Nd lost in her thoughts.. Nd crying..

He calls her again… Shona notices his call and cuts it angrily..

He again calls her.. She again cuts it..
(He watches her cutting the calls and gets sad)

He again calls her, she again cuts it…

He walks towards her
Sanky: how many times will you cut the call Shona?
Shona gets shocked seeing him and stoods up angrily… Nd turns her face to leave..

Sanky holds her hand… Nd pulls her towards him…
Sanky: why r u cutting my calls??
Shona: because I don’t want to talk.. Because I hate u..

Sanky: (goes close to her) but I love you Shona.. (He caresses her face) I can’t live without u..

Shona: (shouts)!but I hate u Sanky.. How many times should I tell you.. I don’t love u.. Plz leave me alone.. Nd I can’t forgive u… U dint trust me.. How could u not trust me?? How can u think I love that Laksh.. How could u Sanky..

She cries sitting on her knees… Sanky eyes are filled with tears…

He sits beside her, his eyes are with tears..
Sanky: shonaa..plzz don’t cry.. I can’t see u like this plz Shona..
(He cups her face and wipes her tears, he places a kiss on her forehead!!

Shona gets angry and pushes him…

Shona: stay away from me Sanky… I hate u… Stay away from me…plzzz!!

(She gets up and when she was about to leave Sanky again holds her hand Nd pulls her towards him)

Sanky: (angry) okay fine.. Don’t talk to me… But tell me this..why dint u come to music room in the evening??

Shona: (angry) I don’t like to come.. Nd someone told me that not to enter into music room anymore!!

Sanky: (holds her face) Yesss!! Now I’m telling you to come.. By d way Shona, I’m ur senior now.. U should do what I say, or else…

Shona: (angry) or else what??
Sanky: (teasingly looks at her) il tell u tomorrow in the class..
Shona: okay.. I’m not scared of ur punishments..
Sanky: achaaa really…soo get ready my cute kiddo… (He pulls her cheeks)

Shona: okay bye…(she turns to leave)
Sanky: okay Challo lets go..
Shona: where r u coming??
Sanky: (smiles) I’ll drop u home..
Shona: nooo..I can go alone, I don’t want u to come back of me..

Sanky: (angrily) shonaaa did u check the time.. How can u go alone..

Shona: (shouts) I can goo.. I don’t care if something happens to me.. U don’t need to worry about me..u just stop following me

Saying this she walks…Sanky just follows her…

Shona: (looks back) I said I can go alone

Sanky: who said I’m following you.. This is public road.. Even I have rights to walk on it.. Nd by d way.. I left my bike near ur flat..

Shona: (just looks at him angrily) Nd keeps on walking…

Sanky smiles at her…Nd thinks
Shona.. Till now ur silent, but now ur slowly changing.. I’m waiting for the day,to see u smiling whole heartedly.. I want to make my dream come true.. I want u to accept my love in such a way…

(He smiles and just follows her like an hutch dog)

Finally they reach home..
Shona just walks inside without saying him goodnight..

Sanky: (shouts) shona I’m leaving…look back plz..
Shona doesn’t answer anything…

Sanky: (angry and shouts) okay bye.. Il drive fast..r u listening.. Il go on 100 speed!!
But she still doesn’t turn back…

Sanky: okay bye…good night darling!!
(He sits on his bike and drives fast in front her)

Shona looks back crying… She prays God.. To make him reach safely..

Shona gets worried, as she wants to know whether he reached home or not..
She thinks to call him, but her ego stops her to call him..

She messages Sasha ..
SHona: Sasha can u do me a favour?
Sasha: Yaa Shona tell me..
Shona: can u plz find out whether Sanky reached home or not??

Sasha: (smiles) okay fine..

Sasha calls Sanky:

Sanky: hello..
Sasha: Sanky… Oops Sorry Sanky sir, did u reached home??
Sanky: (smiles) did she told to ask u??
Sasha: Yaaa..
Sanky: okay say her that, he is not going home..
Sasha: okay sir..
(She cuts the call..)

Sanky smiles seeing her love…

Sasha tells Shona about what Sanky said..

Shona gets more worried.. She thought to speak but stops calling him..

But calls him…

Seeing her call Sanky gets happy, Nd picks the call immediately…

Sanky: (happy Nd calls her with lots of love) shonaaaaa

Shona: (cries hearing his voice) she doesn’t speak..
Sanky: (hears her crying sound) shonaa plzz talk something..

But she doesn’t speak… Nd cries holding the phone…

Sanky: (Sanky with teary eyes) listen.. Shonaa.. I was just joking, I reached home safely.. Now plz stop crying.. I’m safe Shona..
Nd Yaa listen… Shona… I love you…

Shona cuts the call as soon as got to know he is safe!!

Sanky gets sad and thinks… I know Shona, I know that u will call me.. I know that u love me shona..

He smiles..

Episode ends

Sanky blocks Shona.. Nd Shona tries to escape from his clutches

Sanky: Shona, if u try to go I will kiss u..

(Shona is shocked ?)

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