True love never dies Episode 33 (Swasan)

************flashback continues********

Sanskar leaves to office and he meets an Police .
Police : Yaa Sanksar, what help do u want from me?
Sanskar: (tells him everything) I’m so tensed.. I want Swara to be happy.. She should not worry about him.. Tell me what should I do??

Police: sanskar, he is very dangerous.. If he wants something he will never drop until he gets that… Nd swara is also same.. Since 1 year he is searching for her.. M very sorry we can’t help u in this matter..

Sanskar: (shocked) what? Why should I do now..
Police: there is a way.. Did u have any evidence of that murder?? A very strong evidence…

Sanksar: but do u think sending him to a jail is a solution for this.. He may come out again..

Police: Noo Sanksar, Actaully he is trying to get a ticket in politics.. He loves politics more than Swara ..So u can use that evidence… I hope u got me..with that u can send him to jail..

Sankar: (smiles) Yess this is awesome!! But evidence… I will ask my bro..
By d way Thankyou so much!!

Sanksar leaves from there and calls Adharsh.. Nd ask him about any evidence!!

Adharsh: yes Sanksar.. I have that voice message…its a proof.. He himself said to Swara that I came here to kill ur family..

Sanskar gets happy.. Nd he tells him to send that..

After sending the voice message.. He listens to it and gets happy… He goes directly to meet that Jagadish!!

Jagadish house:

Jagadish : so Mr.sanskar Maheswari… A great business man.. Is here to meet this Jagadish.. I’ve seen u somewhere.. Ohh Yaa.. Ur d one who came to my house.. For asking Swara.. By d way..
(He gets excited)
Did u find her?? Did u brought her here, where is she?? You know I was waiting for her for 1 year.. She’s soo beautiful!!

Sanskar looks at him angrily..

Sanskar: I’m here to show u something.. But first of all.. I’ve heard that you are entering into politics..

Jagadish: yes.. I love politics.. That’s my dream.. By d way, why did u come here??

Sanskar: (he takes out a wedding card, and gives him)

Jagadish is shocked to see swaras name in it… He started fuming with anger…

Sanskar: I’ve seen ur advertisement.. So I’m here to tell you that, plzz don’t trouble us.. Swara is very happy with me.. So just stay out of it!!

Jagadish gets angry.. Nd shouts!!

Jagadish: how dare you marry my Swara… I will kill you..

Sanksar gets angry and holds his collar

Sanskar: she is my Swara… She is going to be Swara Sanksar Maheshwari, understand… Don’t dare to call her my Swara.. How can u expect that she will love you… U have killed her family… If u really love her how can u do that???
Dint u think about her..

Jagadish: I don’t care… I want her that’s it.. Nd I warn u… Leave her.. Or else I will kill u..

Snaksar: fine, kill me.. But before that I want to show u something and he takes out the the recording and gives it to him..

He listenes to hit and gets more angry …

Sanskar: ur trying into politics.. If at all I give this to media.. What will happen??
(He smiles evilly)

Jagadish: (fuming with anger) how dare you..

Sanksar: (smiles) should I give this to media??
Jagadish: Noo… Plz give that to me..

Sanksar: Noo… If at all u want this.. U should forget Swara.. Don’t ever try to come between us.. If at all U do this, I will reveal ur story!!

Jagadish: (looks at him angrily..)

While sanky smiles and leaves…

After leaving Jagadish thinks…

How dare he blackmail me.. Nd that swara, she left me.. Nd how can she love him… This time I won’t spare you Swara.. I will kill u.. Ur the only evidence for this case.. If I kill u no one can place a case on it… I won’t let that Sanksar win over me… I will kill u…..and ur boyfriend too
(He shouts angrily)

Swara is sleeping and suddenly wakes up.. Nd gets worried.. She looks at the time it’s 10:00pm.. She looks for Sanksar, she calls him…

Sanksar lifts the call:
Sanksar: haa Swara,
Swara: sanskar where r u?? You went morning, u dint come for lunch too.. And it’s 10:00 now I’m soo worried.. Plz come home soon..

(Suddenly she feels someone hugging her from back and she looks at him… It was Sanskar)

Swara: (smiles) arey.. When did u Come.. R u fine.. What happened to ur work.. Is everything fine..

Sanskar: (smiles) yes Swara.. Everything is fine.. (He hugs her tightly) don’t worry okay!! By d way where is mom??

Swara: she’s sleeping Sanksar, come lets have dinner together..

Sanskar: okay, il freshup and il come..

Swara: okay come fast..

Sanskar smiles and goes up..he gets freshup and they both spend sometime having dinner..

Sanskar room:
Swara and Sanksar are talking…
Sanksar: Swara.. You know I’m soo happy today.. I got some hope. But don’t know it works or not..

Swara: what work Sanskar,
Sanksar: (tensed) nothing… Leave all that.. By d way I bought a gift for u..
Swara: gift??
Sanksar: yes.. He takes out a watch..Nd gives it to her..
Swara: this is very nice!! Thankyou soo much.. (She kisses his cheeks)
Sanksar: Swara.. U need to wear this whenever u go out okay??

Swara: (confused) why?
Sanksar: just like that I feel happy…
Swara: sure Sanskar, I will keep this all the time okay.. U know I love watches.. I used to have lots of colours..

Sanksar stares at her lovingly and hugs her)
He thinks…

I’m soo scared Swara.. I know now he won’t leave u… He will try to kill u.. Because ur the only evidence of this case.. I will never let anything happen to u… I did this because I don’t have other option.. But don’t worry until this proof is with me he won’t dare to trouble u…
I’m there for u Swara… I will be with u forever..But u need to keep this watch whenever u go out.. This is the indicator for me, to know about u…

Swara: sanskar Kya hua?? What r u thinking?? U look so different today.. Ur worrying about something na..

SnKsar: nothing Swara… All is well!! Just small headache..

Swara: (worried) headache..?? ( she gives him a tablet) don’t worry sanskar, Have a nice sleep.. Take some rest!! Il leave

Sanskar : where??
Swara: to my room..

Sanskar: soo soon.. Stay for sometime na..

Swara: Sanskar.. Look at ur face ur soo tired.. Sleep for sometime..

Sanskar: Atleast be here until I sleep Swara.. Plzz..

Swara: (smiles) sure Sanskar.. She sits beside him..
Shall I oil ur hair?? U feel better..

Sanskar: (smiles) okay..
Swara: applies oil an writes balm to his head… Nd massages his head..

Sanksar gets relaxed and sleeps peacefully..

Swara watches Him sleeping and stares at him lovingly..
She kisses his cheeks and whispers good night!!
and leaves to her room..

************** flashback ends**********

Rahul : acha.. So u started missing her..
Sanky: (blushes) yeahh… I miss her soo much man!! I want to see her!! It’s been 2 days… I don’t know when she will come!!

Bublu: (teases)don’t worry Saale sahab!!! She will come soon!!

Sanky: Saale sahab???
Bublu: Haaa Shona is my sister na.. ? ur my jiju now.. Soo with respect I’m calling u Saale sahab!!

Sanky looks at him angrily!! Rahul and Bublu gives hifi!!

Sanky: achaaa guys plz stop it na.. It’s only one side still.. I don’t know what feelings shona have on me.. But I know that even she loves me.. First let her come.. I have lots of work with her..

Rahul: (teases) what work???
Sanky: ? personal!!!

Bublu: yaaarrr Saale sahab!! Is sooo romantic..!!
Sanky: guys plz shut ur nonsense!! I’m so hungry.. Come lets have our breakfast..

(They go to MM)

Shona is sitting in her room balcony.. she’s missing Sanky soo much!! She remembers all the moments with Sanky…
Shona’s elder brother Sunny watches her being silent
( a new and important character for shova part)

Sunny: (goes towards her Nd closes her eyes from back.. He is shocked to see her crying!

Sunny : ?Shona why r u crying.. What happened my cutie…

Shona: (cries) nothing bhai…
Sunny: nothing?? (He sits beside her Nd places his hand on her shoulder) my sister who always used to Laugh, now crying… Nd saying nothing.. So should I trust her???

Shona: ? don’t trust … I know No one trusts me, he dint trust me, Bublu dint trust me..why should u trust… No need.. Nd Don’t talk to me.. (She keeps a pout face)

Sunny: (smiles and asks her softly) Kya hua Shona?? Tell me.. May be i can help u..

Shona: (looks at him and tells him everything) he dint believe me bhai.. How could he do that.. He is my best friend, I’ve tried many ways to tell the truth.. Be he is not ready to listen… Nd he told that he don’t want my friendship.. He is very happy without me..

(She hugs him and cries) how can he say that he is happy without me.. How can he forget me soo soon… That 1 week he dint even care me.. He is really happy without me.. But why am I not happy?? Why am I thinking about him though he said he don’t want me…(She cries)

Sunny is shocked to know that her sister is in love.. Nd he is very worried too because he doesn’t know anything about this person Sanky!! He decided to clear his doubts..

Sunny: shonaa.. (He lifts her chin) Tell me onething.. Do u love him??

Shona: (hugs him tightly) I don’t know what’s this feeling… But I just go to know that i can’t live without him.. I’m so used to him bhai… I’m very comfortable with him.. He is soo caring.. He is very good too..

Sunny is more shocked…
Sunny: is he really good Shona??
Shona: (smiles) yes bhai.. He is very good.. He loves his group soo much.. He is soo kind hearted!! But I hate him.. He dint trust me (keeps a pout face)

Sunny: (smiles) I trust ur choice Shona.. Tell me in what way should I help u?? Shall I talk to him?? Should I tell him the truth??

Shona: ?Noo bhai.. Don’t tell him, no need to tell him.. Let him trust that Laksh.. No need to trust me…I hate him, he said that he is happy without me… Even I’m happy bhai.. Don’t speak with him leave it!!
I don’t want to go to my college.. I hate him.!!

Sunny: (smiles) hahaha Shona.. I can see how much ur happy.. Ur tears are telling me… Don’t worry Shona.. Ur bhai is with u.. Nd everything will be fyn okay?? Let me help u… After listening to ur story…
What I feel is that.. He cares for u.. If u are in his position, even u might have reacted like that.. So I feel he is not wrong.. But the problem is he dint trust u.. Leave that a side..

And u said u gave him the letter… Once talk to him, may be after reading the letter he might have trusted u.. May be he is trying to contact u…Just call him once, if he still ignores it.. Then don’t talk to him.. If he is really good and caring, then definitely he will wait for ur call after reading that letter Shona!!

Shona: I don’t care.. Because I hate him.. I don’t want to talk to him… Nd I will never talk to him bhai…

Sunny: hmm okay!! Don’t talk.. But plz don’t be like this.. I want old Shona..I want to see her smiling..

Shona: (smiles) Okay!!
(At that time ragini messages to Sunny mobile)

Sunny: Shona.. Ur friend messaged me.. I have work.. U talk to her okay.. Il talk to u later okay!!
(He leaves giving his mobile to her)

Sunny thinks about Shona.. He is really worried for her.. Like every brother does!! Even he is scared to know that his sister is in love.. So he decided to talk to Sanky!!

Ragini messages Shona and they both chat
Ragini: I’m so sorry for what Laksh did.. I won’t talk with him Shona.. How could he do that!!
Shona: leave about it.. Don’t punish Laksh for me.. He did this for his group.. Ya I agree I can’t forgive him, but u need not get involved in this matter.. I know u love Laksh..
So plz forgive him Ragini..

Ragini: I need some time Shona, by the way.. Sanky got to know the truth.. He was madly searching for u Shona… He is so sad for hurting u.. Y can’t u talk to him!!

Shona: ? Noo I won’t.. I’m not his friend anymore!! I hate him… Hate him.. Hate him…soooooooo much!!

Ragini: Kk even I hate Laksh sooooooooo much… Until u forgive Sanky.. Even I won’t forgive Laksh..

Shona: (angry) Ragini… R u mad??
Ragini: haa I’m mad..
Shona: i can’t forgive him Ragini.. Plz leave that topic.. I’m soo happy here.. I seriously hate him..
Ragini: hmm Kk.. Ur wish!!
Anyways I have class now bye!!!

(After the conversation)

Shona gets happy.. As Sanky finally got to know the truth… But gets angry Nd thinks..
I won’t talk to u Sanky… Shona is angry on u!! I will never talk to u..
(She keeps a pout face)

After the class Ragini is going back to her house.. Sanky watches her and calls her..

Sanky: Ragini.. Hi hello.. Actually did u spoke with her again, how is she?? When is she coming back?? Did she have any number??

Ragini: Noo Sanky, I dint talk to her today,
Sanky: (sad) ohh Kk.. If u talk with her plz tell her to call me.. Actually I thought to call her dad… But Shona used to say that her dad is strict, so I thought she will get trouble if I call to her dad…

Ragini: ha Sanky, plz don’t call her dad.. He is very strict!

Sanky: ohh god.. What should I do?? How should I talk to her? I’m missing her soo much Ragini…

Ragini: don’t worry sanky.. Only 2 weeks more she will be back!!

Sanky: ?another 2 weeks.. I can’t Ragini.. I want to see her, want to talk to her..
Hmm k I’m sorry for wasting ur time.. Nd ya if u talk with her plz tell her to call me..!plz don’t forget..

Ragini: (feels sad for Sanky) okay Sanky!!

(She leaves..)

Sanky goes to music room.. He takes his guitar and starts playing it… But the same dream disturbs him… (How he kissed her)
He feels restless and misses her.. He remembers how he made Shona hold his guitar, and how they both sang…

He misses her badly.. Nd goes out

Bublu: Sanky why did u come out??
Sanky: I don’t feel like coming.. I could only feel her presence.. How could I hurt her.. I’m felling so ashamed of myself!! I’m going home Bublu…
Bublu: okay bye take care!!

at mm

Sanky is on his bed..
He was thinking about Shona,
He thinks about the temple scene.. How they both spent their time..
Nd Shona telling Sanky


Shona: Sanky look at us.. We are just looking like them.. Like a new married couples…Lol…It’s soo funny na..
Sanky: (smiles&teases) haha Yaa!! It’s soo funny!! The Guy who marries you really… He is out the next day… I can imagine his position!! Haaaa..Loll… Soo sad of him na!!!

FB ends

Sanky smiles and thinks… Yes Shona.. I’m really out..! I can imagine my position after our marriage… Hahaha.. Soo funny!! Seriously What have u done to me Shona..?? Is this feeling called love??? It’s soo amazing and soo painful too… I’m totally in love with u Shona.. Why dint I realise this before.. I’m missing u So much Shona.. I just want to see you.. I want to talk to u… Plz come back to me.. I promise I will never scold you again..

Leap of 15 days:
One fine morning..
(Sanky he is in love with her deeply.. He keeps looking at her photos, their selfiees… He keeps remembering their lovely time… He became a junior devadas, with a small beard..

Bublu comes to Mm

Bublu: saale sahab!!, Atleast r u coming to college today??
Sanky: nooooo.. I’m not interested..
Bublu: my dear devadas, how many days will u stay at home.. Today I’m not gonna leave u.. It’s been 3 days since our colz started… So today ur coming that’s it..

Sanky: (he looks at him angrily and takes out his guitar and starts playing it)

Bublu: Sanky…. I’m talking to u..

Sanky: what Bublu.. I said u ryt..I’m not interested.. Let her come then il see.. By d way can she sit in Bangalore these many days.. Dint she missed me??? Dint she knew that she should call me?? Let her come.. She’s over.. I won’t leave her!! I won’t talk to her…

At that time Sanky phone rings, he lifts it, it was Ragini..

Ragini: Sanky, I got a happy news for u.. today Shona is coming..

Sanky: (happy) what?? Really??
Ragini: yes Sanky!!
Sanky: Thankyou Ragini…
(He cuts the call)

Sanky : Bublu Shona is coming… Wowww I’m so excited.. Come lets goo..
Bublu: woww ur coming that’s great!! Challo lets go..

They leave to college..

Sanky eagerly waiting for Shona… His gang sits on their bikes and waits for shona!!

After sometime..
A car comes.. Shona gets down wearing a simple pink churidhar..

Rahul: Sanky.. Shona came..
Sanky: where??
(He gets excited and looks at the gate.. His eyes are filled with tears seeing Shona after many days.. He gets happy.. Nd was about to go to her.. But stops watching 2 persons getting down from the same car..
It was Shekar and sunny)

Shekar: shonaa beta.. U go to ur class, I will go to ur flat.. Nd I will keep this luggage in it.)

Shona: okay papa..bye (she hugs him)

(Shona looks at Sanky and his gang.. Her eyes are filled with tears, she turns back.. Sunny watches her tears)

Sunny: Shona Kya hua??
Shona: (hugs him and cries) come with me to my class bhai plz..
Sunny: hahaha Shona.. Is Sanky is here??
Shona: Yaa..
Sanky: where is he??
Shona: (looks at Sunny angrily) bhai plzz don’t ask about him..
Sunny: Hahahaha shonaaa… Ur soo cute with this new expression.. Haha anyways Come il drop you..

*Sanky is shocked to see This new person.. He is fuming with anger seeing him soo close with Shona)
Bublu: Sanky who is he?? He is doing lots of OA
Sanky: ? how dare he hug her!! *

Sunny and Shona walks.. Sunny keeps on telling her to be brave.. Study well.. Don’t think about anything.. Nd plz don’t be like this.. Be smiling all the time okay..

They come near to Sanky… Shona gets tensed and holds sunny’s hand.. Nd hides back of him…

(Sanky looks at Shona’s face.. Nd how she’s hiding from him…he can understand how much he hurted her seeing her face…he looks at her sadly)

Sunny understoods that Sanky is here.. Nd looks at those guys… Nd thinks who might be Sanky in this gang..

Sunny: shonaa.. Go to ur class,
Shona: okay.. Bye..

She goes 2 steps front and watches Sanjay.. She gets afraid… She thinks how Sanjay gave her last warning.. That if she doesn’t attend the class from tomorrow I will not leave you… She gets sacred, and looks back… Crying..

Sunny and Sanky both are shocked…

Sunny: shonaaa (he runs to her) why r u crying…?
Shona: (hugs him tightly) I’m soo scared.. (She points out Sanjay) he will scold me.. I don’t know what punishment he will give me..

Sunny: shonaa I will talk to him okay!? U don’t worry.. U got to ur class.. I’m there na.. Don’t worry..

(Saying this he hugs her and kisses her forehead)

Sanky is shocked… He is fuming with anger!! His eyes are filled with tears seeing their closeness…
Rahul: who is he yar.. I cannot tolerate his over actions!!
Sanky: damn it… How dare he kiss my Shona!!
He looks at him angrily…

Sunny drops Shona to her class.. Nd goes and speaks with Sanjay…
He feels very uncomfortable speaking with Sanjay..
He thinks he is very dangerous.. Shona should be careful with him..
He goes towards his car… Nd stops looking at sanky’s batch and goes towards them..

Bublu: yar that idiot is coming towards us..
Rahul : let him come.. I will teach him a lesson!!
Sanky: leave it yar.. I don’t want to hurt Shona more.. By scolding him..

Sunny: hello guys.. I think u all are science students??
Bublu: ?Yess.. What do u want??
Sunny: hmm..can I know who is Sanky??

Sanky and all others are shocked…

Sanky: Yaa it’s me… But how do u know me??
Sunny: (smiles) hello Sanky.. Nice meeting you.. By d way, I’m Sunny.. Shona’s brother..

(Sanky and all are releaved to know that he is shona’s brother..)

Sanky: ohh I’m sorry…
Sunny: sorry??
Sanky: (confused) I mean hi!! Nice meeting you.. I’m Varun..(sanky)
Sunny: hi Sanky… Actually, If u don’t mind I need to talk you,

Sanky: Yaaa sure tell me..
Sunny: it’s personal!! I can’t talk here..
Sanky: (shocked and looks at others) Yaaa sure.. Let’s go out..
Sunny: Thankyou!!

(They leave to a lonely place)

Episode ends!!

Sunny and Sanky conversation..

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