True love never dies Episode 32 (Swasan)


Ragini calls shekar’s number he lifts it..

Shekar: hello who is this??
(Ragini gets scared as she don’t how to ask him whether Shona came to that place or not)

Ragini: hello uncle I’m shona’s friend.. Actually shona’s mobile is switched off…

Shekar: ohh Kk.. Do u want to speak with her, one min beta il call her..
(Shekar: shonaa beta.. I got a call!!)

Ragini is very happy… Finally Shona is safe with her parents..she gets happy..

Shona: hello!!
Ragini: Hii Shona… Ohh god.. U know I was searching for u in the could have told me na.. U know I’m soo worried..

Shona: I’m sorry Ragini.. Wo actually It was a sudden plan.. So I came here…

Ragini: you know Sank….

Shona: Ragini plz don’t tell Sanky anything.. He dint trust me.. I’m so upset with him.. I don’t want to talk to him.. I’m so disturbed for what all happened..

Ragini: hmm Kk Shona.. I won’t tell anyone… But be in touch with me okay.. Ur mobile is switched off.. Atleast switch on it!

Shona: but Ragini I left my mobile in my flat.. But don’t worry, il give my brother number.. U can contact me.. But plz don’t tell that number to anyone!!

Ragini: okay Shona.. Thankyou so much.. Bye!! Take care..

(She cuts the call… Ragini gets happy, she thinks to tell this to Sanky… But she remembers Shona telling her to not to tell anyone…she’s in confusion about what to do..)

At MM:

Sanky misses her badly.. He feels soo guilt!! He remembers all her happy times and cries…
He remembers the kiss.. He is still don’t know y he kissed her… It gives a smile on his face…

He thinks
Shonaa where r u?? Plzz I’m sorry.. I’ve doubted u.. I’m really sorry, plz forgive me, plzz talk to me..
He remembers the slap… He gets angry on himself..
How could I?? I’m sooo sorry Shona!
He again dials her number… It’s switched off!!!
(His eyes are filled with tears)

I know Shona.. Ur punishing me na.. I know it.. But this is really a big punishment… If u want scold me or beat me.. But why did u go far from me.. R u safe??

At that time he gets a message… He gets happy and checks it.. It was Ragini..

Ragini: Shona is in Bangalore.. With her parents.. She is safe, don’t worry Sanky!!

Sanky is happy too see the message… He immediately calls her…

Sanky: hello! Ragini… Did u speak with her?? Is she safe? How did she go alone?? And Why did she switched off her mobile?? Did u asked her?

Ragini: sanky.. Cool down… Ya I’ve spoke with her…she left her mobile at her flat.. Present she don’t have any mobile with her.. Nd she’s so hurted Sanky.. she’s not in a mood to talk to anyone.. Actually she told me not to tell anyone!!

Sanky: what?? Ohh god…that’s all because of me Ragini… I’ve hurted her a lot..Nd How can she leave her mobile like that… She is soo careless… But now how should I talk to her??

Ragini: sorry Sanky.. She dont have any number now.. Anyways I’m going for dinner..bye talk to u tomorrow!!

Sanky: okay.. Bye Ragini.. Nd Thankyou so much!!

She cuts the call…Nd smiles seeing Sanky care for Shona!!
Nd thinks I’m sorry Sanky.. I can’t give her number now..

Sanky room:
He goes to balcony and starts scolding Shona..
How can you leave ur mobile Shona.. When ur going such a long distance, how can u be soo careless.

Adharsh comes to sanky’s room and watches him being soo tensed…

Adharsh: Varun.. Why r u soo tensed and angry.. R u fine??
Sanky: haa dad, I’m fyn…
Adharsh: Noo.. Ur not.. Ur lieng too me.. I can see that in ur face.. U always tell that I’m ur best friend.. But ur not sharing with me..

Sanky eyes are filled with tears, Adharsh watches this and get more tensed..

Adharsh: Varun!!! Ur crying??

(Sanky hugs him tightly)
Adharsh: ?Varun Kya hua???
Sanky: dad I did soo wrong.. I’ve hurted her soo much by not trusting her, Nd she left me dad… She went away far from me..

Adharsh: who Varun??
Sanky: shonaa..

Adharsh: shonaa???? Is she that girl I’ve talked to her on the phone..
Sanky: Yess dad..
Adharsh: (smiles) so again u both had fight?

Sanky: Yess dad it’s a big fight… That’s all because of me.. (He tells him everything)
Dad.. Now she went away.. She left her phone.. How can she leave her phone and go.. Did she think about me??

Adharsh: (smiles) Varun.. This time mistake is urs..
Varun: What did I do dad… She’s my best friend… Nd I became angry when I got to know that they both were lovers…so I reacted like that.. is that my fault?? Nd seeing those blood is boiling!!
At that time I’ve believed those photos… Anyone in my place would have reacted like that…

Adharsh: okay leave all that… But I have a doubt… I mean this is really a very very very small fight.. By d way why did u get angry on her?? I mean if she loves that Laksh.. What problem do u have?? She may be science but is there any rule that science student shouldn’t love an arts student.. Noo na… Why did u react like that Varun?? Why did u get angry while seeing those photos.. As if she is ur lover!!

Sanky is shocked…..
Adharsh: don’t think about these all.. Sleep now.. Tomorrow u can think about it okay!!

Sanky: okay dad…
Adharsh: have a nice sleep Varun…
(He leaves)

Sanky thinks about Adharsh words.. Nd thinks
Yes.. Why did I reacted like That?? I dint get angry on Tasha, when I got to know that she’s in relation with Rohit.. But why did I get angry on Shona??

He is great confusion now.. He finally sleeps..

Sanky gets a same dream..
In dream..
A girl.. Jumping with excitement.. And boy staring at her lovely…..wides his hand and shouts..
‘I….LOVE…. YOU’… The girl gets happy.. And runs towards Him and hugs him tightly…
The boy laughs with excitement… He holds her in his arms.. And turns her…
Girl laughs continuously and tells him to stop!!
He shows 2 lockets to her…He wears one locket to her.. and whispers..
I will be with you always… Coz I love you!! And he tells her to wear another locket to him…
She does wt he says..
He again whispers..
This will be with me always!! I want ur presence and this smile to be with me forever!! I love you….
Girl gets happy Nd hugs him…
He cups her face.. Nd saw her beautiful eyes…he kisses it.. He saw her lips, it was beautifully beautiful, with her cute smile signalling him to kiss.. He kisses her passionately on her lips…

(He smiles in his sleep),

Some flash of light touches both of them… Nd he saw the girls beautiful face… It was ‘SHONA’ with a long beautiful white frock,
Girl: I love u Sanskar… (She hugs him tightly)

He suddenly opens his eyes… He was shocked…
Sanky: this was the same dream I got before.. Is that Girl Shona?? How can she come into my dream.. Nd I’m kissing her???
Sanky what’s happening to u???

At that time
Bublu comes to sanky’s house..
Bublu: good morning Sanky!! Did u get to know anything about Shona?
Sanky: (ayi thinkingabout the dream) Bublu: Sanky?? What r u thinking??
Sanky: haa Bublu she’s in Bangalore it seems!!
Bublu: what Bangalore?? we have hurted her soo much Sanky.. I missing her soo much.. She’s my cute sister!!

Bublu: leave all that Sanky.. Come lets go to college..

Sanky: Noo Bublu… When Shona is not there I don’t feel like going to college..even I’m missing her soo much.. Nd u know one thing today I got a dream, I’m soo confused..

Bublu: what dream Sanky??
Sanky: dream is that I’m kissing Shona??
Bublu: ?what??
Sanky: Yaaa.. I got the same dream before, but that time I dint see her face.. But this time I saw her face… Why did she come into my dream..

Bublu: (smiles) because u love her!!
Sanky: what???
Bublu: Yaa Sanky, my seeing u from 1 week.. Ur so changed.. U started drinking when u thought about Shona and Laksh.. U were jealous of that Laksh.. U couldn’t bear seeing Shona with that Laksh…this is because u love her Sanky…

Sanky: (happy) is this love?? I can’t believe myself.. Am i in love with her.. ??

Bublu: just think Sanky.. We all understood that u both love each other so much, y u both are not realising it?? That day when Shona danced with Laksh, u were so worried and tensed for her,
When u got that Sanjay dream u felt scared that he may harm her..
Nd when she applied cake for u.. We all thought u will scold her but you played with her…. Nd why don’t u feel like going to college when she’s not there..?
Just ask this to ur heart…

Sanky: stoods up with confusion and goes towards the window.. Nd thinks about all the moments he spend with Shona…
He feels restless…

Bublu: anyways Sanky.. Just cheer up… Let’s read the diary… It’s been many days.. Just divert ur mind…

Sanky agrees… And they read the diary…


After we confessed our love each other, she became more naughty.. She’s feeling that no one can stop her activities now… Nd Yaa she’s succeeding in it!!
Even I started to love her fights… In this fights I got to know that she’s mine forever.. Nd i can’t see her with anyone..

I don’t understand who invented this jealousy.. I thought to tease her but to my surprise she started teasing me.. Using that Vivian…
How dare he hug u Swara.?? I really got very angry on him.. Nd even u were very close to him… I know u did this to tease me.. Nd I know u love teasing me… But u know how I felt, as if he was snatching u from me….. I just thought to throw that coffee on his face!!
But he is very lucky… Without troubling me he went soo soon…

I felt very happy in my heart as soon as he went.. Nd do u remember, U were teasing me saying that I’m jealous of that Vivian… Nd even i started teasing u at that time.. Saying I’m going to meet my darling…Hahahaha that was one of my happiest time..

I can never forget ur expressions when u came out and when u were searching for me.. Nd when ur crying for me in ur room when I was not picking up ur calls.. U were soo cute with that tears..

I was on cloud9 Swara.. I felt soo lucky to get a girl who loves me more than I love myself… I just loved ur Jealousy

This word !JEALOUSY’ is soo good.. It makes us understand how much we love that person..
Ya I agree I’m jealous of that Vivian , I’m jealous because I Love U So Much..!!!
At that time I understood that jealous is just the sign… That shows how much you really Like, Care or Love someone..!!

(Bublu laughs loudly reading it..)

Bublu: Sanky.. Ur chacha is awesome.. He saying these words to u..I just got to understand… Ur not angry on Laksh but
Oh god but ur jealous with that Laksh.. Because he was close to Shona… So that means you really care and love Shona…

Sanky looks at him angrily… Nd closes the diary!!!

Sanky: will u stop making fun of me…How can u think that I’m jealous of that Laksh!!

Bublu: achaa… (He messages someone something)

Pari: Varun.. Come for breakfast!!

They all seated for breakfast:

At that time Sanky gets a call from Rohit…
Rohit: Sanky!! Did u heard this??
Sanky: what?
Rohit: Shona left the college..

Sanky: ?what???? R u mad.. She dint left she went to Bangalore for vacation

Rohit: no Sanky… Just now shona and her dad came.. They had taken TC… I asked In the office.. he told me that Shona is leaving this college and she’s joining in Bangalore…

Sanky: (eyes are filled with tears) what?? Shona came to colz??? She’s leaving the college??

Wait I’m coming now…
Bublu: Sanky Kya hua??
Sanky: Bublu come with me..

Pari: Varun where r u going??
Varun: il come again..

They leave to college…
Sanky: Rohit where is she???
Rohit: she left..

Sanky: what she left?? (His eyes are filled with tears)

Bublu: Sanky.. Plz don’t cry..

Sanky: she’s left!! How can she go leaving me Bublu.. How can I stay without her.. She’s my first girl friend Bublu.. I never felt bored with her friendship.. She thought me how to laugh.. Nd how can she goo leaving me… Such a Big punishment???

(He keeps on shouting)
Rahul: dats k yar.. Leav it.. Why r u soo worried.. Wait wait… Don’t tell me that u love her..

Sanky: Yess I love her… She’s my life.. I cannot stay without her.. I love her Rohit… I realised just how.. How much she’s important to me…

Rahul and Bublu are shocked and
Suddenly They starts laughing…

Rahul: ohh Sanky… Woww finally we got an answer.. He gives hifi to Bublu..

Sanky: what??
Rahul: Yaaa this was our plan.. We know That you love her.. So we made this plan..

Sanky: plan??
Bublu: Yesss..
Sanky: that means she dint leave the colz??
Rahul: Noo…

Sanky: (happy) ohh god… I’m so happy..

He looks at them angrily…
Sanky: Sally… How could u do this to me??
(He starts beating him.)

Bublu: Sanky.. Becz of this u realised that u love her…

They start teasing him…

Sanky: (smiles) okay… Fine.. Leave all that.. Let her come.. I will never allow her to go..

Rohit: acha.. So u started missing her..
Sanky: (blushes) yeahh… I miss her soo much man!! I want to see her!! It’s been 2 days… I don’t know when she will come!!

Episode ends:

Precap :
Shona comes back to college…Sanky gets happy seeing her!!

Flashback continues…

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