True love never dies Episode 3


Swaragini – Colors.
Episode 3

Scene 1
Bublu and all others console Shona.. But Shona keeps on crying!!
Bublu: Shona! See nothing happened! Ur safe.. This is a part of ragging.. Don’t worry..
Shon: Thankyou so much for saving me!
Bublu: Shona it’s okay yar!! Challo now smile.. And he starts introducing her to all of them!
Shona: (smiles) and greets them!!
(All gets relieved seeing her smiling)
Sanky: okay guys now Challo! Let’s go to our classes..

Shona goes to her class.. She gets very excited.. She makes friends vey easily..
Her best friends was sasha..
Class was going on..

Seniors comes to their classes…
Juniors becomes silent!!
Rahul: hey guys!! Don’t you have respect!! We are seniors.. Stand up!!
As soon as they say this.. They all stand and wish them..
Jr. Good morning sir!!
Rahul: good good!! Sit sit!! (He smiles looking at Sanky)
(Sanky gives an attitude look to him… Rahul becomes silent!

Sanky: (carelessly) okay guys!! I just want to know who all are interested in singing? We want a good singer.. If you all are interested you can give your names!!

Shona: (starts her stupid questions) wch type of songs? I mean classical or western..
Sanky: (angrily) if you are interested just give ur name! Don’t ask stupid questions!!

Shona gets tensed seeing his anger and keeps quiet!!

Some students gives name..
Sanky: okay!
now I want some volunteers.. Who all are interested..

Shona: but sir, you asked about singing.. But you dint ask us about dance.. You know what..(laughingly) I love dance… Dance is my passion!!
(She jumps with excitement…all students starts laughing….Sanky gets angry…Bublu looks at Shona and signals her to be quiet.. Shona remembers about
music vs dance… And keeps silent and gives her name for volunteers as she doesn’t know singing properly)

Sanky: so guys those who gave names.. Please meet us in our music room..after the College..
(Saying this all seniors goes out..)

Scene 2
Ragini comes to dance floor.. She looks at Laksh and his group practicing.. While others are enjoying their dance…She stares at them.. And claps for them!!

Laksh notice her and goes near her!!
Laksh: hello Ragini.. Do u wanna join!!
Ragini: actually I completed ur record! So I thought to give it to u
Laksh: ?wowww!! Ragini!! You completed the full record?? Omg! Ur seriously awesome yar !! Thankyou soo much!!
(He gives an hifi to her..)
Ragini smiles

Laksh: anyways! Do u know how to dance…
Ragini: Yaa!! But not much!!
No problem come join us… He pulls Ragini..

All others welcome Ragini by shouting!!

Laksh teaches her some steps… She tries those steps but fails..
Laksh: no problem yar!! Try and try u will get it!!
Ragini enjoys those steps…
Laksh and Ragini both looks at each other and smiles!!

Scene 3
When college gets over!!

Shona and some of her frnds are walking towards the music room
Suddenly they hear the rocking music!! They gets excited and runs towards the room..
Shona is shocked to see Sanky.. Who is plying a rock band!! SHe gets happy!! Nd she enjoys the music!!

Sanky stops the music looking at them!!
As soon as Sanky stops the music!!
Shona: (she jumps with excitement) woww!! It’s awesome!! Sanky sir ur soo great!!

(Sanky looks at her angrily.. As he doesn’t like appreciations!!)

Shona becomes silent looking at his anger!!

Selections were going on for singing and for volunteer incharge..

Shona gets selected as volunteer and singing selections were still going on!!

Shona feels bored of staying quiet!!
Sanky is sitting with his friends and tuning guitar…and Shona comes near them!!
Shona: Bublu can I go?
Sanky looks at her!!
Bublu: no Shona!! You need to stay!
After the selections Sanky will tell u what to do!
Shona: okay!! but I’m so bored..
Bublu: talk something!!
Shona: gets excited… Shall I say a joke??

All looks at her!!

Bublu: ohh Yaa sure plz carry on!!

Shona: Three ants find an elephant asleep.
One says,”We’ll kill him!”
Other one says,”We’ll break his legs!”
3rd one said something… Other 2 ants are shocked!!
But why?? Wht did 3rd ant say?

All looks at her tensedly… Sanky is speechless to know that such a crack is in his group!!

Bublu: may be 3rd ant said that lets tie his legs!!

Shona: Noo!!

Other guy: may be 3rd ant said that will cut elephant trunk?? (He laughs and looks at others)

Shona: Noo!!

Bublu: okay baba!! You say the answer!!

Shona: 3rd one says:
“choro yaar bechara akela hai aur hum teen
Ha ha ha haha…. Nice na!!

All look at each other and gives a fake smile… Sanky hides his smile..

Bublu: woww Shona, amazing!!!

Shona: okay shall I say other one!!
She keeps on asking them stupid questions… Sanky gets irritated… Nd he makes funny expression!!

All looks at Sanky expressions and laugh!!
But Shona non stops continuous her

Sanky gets up and goes near her…
He holds her hand…
Sanky: will u please shut ur mouth.. If you don’t il cut ur tongue!
(Shona is shocked & tensed.. and she makes her eyes big and closes her mouth with her hands immediately… Sanskar gets spellbound looking at her cute expressions)

Sanky gets smiles but he hides it..
Sanky: now out! Get out quickly!!

Shona immediately takes her bag and leaves!!

Sanky smiles as soon as she goes out!!
Ohh god!! This girl is soo crazy!!

(All smiles at him)

Scene 4
AP and pari comes to the temple!!
AP looks at the Temple as it was her favourite temple.. She looks at a stone and remembers something! She goes and sits on the stone.. Her eyes are filled with tears!!

Pari: ma what happened??
AP: this is the place where I first met Swara!!

When Swara leaves Sanskar office.. She goes to her School!!

Principle calls her..
Principle: I’m sorry Swara.. You need to leave this school
Swara is shocked!!
Swara: but why??
Principle: she shows the newspaper!! Swara’s pic is shown! As the witness for the murder! It was clearly written about the pendrive.. And all

Swara is shocked and she gets angry on Sanskar!!

Principle: we r very sorry.. It’s a very big case!! In this school they are many kids! Some gundas came and warned us! U should leave this school! Today is ur last day!!

Swara is shocked! She thinks that Sanskar had sent the gundas..

After the school in the evening!
She comes out cryingly.. She remembers those kids and gets emotional..
She goes to her house.. Same happens at her house too!!
The owner sends her out!!
Swara doesn’t know where to go and goes to a temple!!
She sits on the stone and cries.. At that time, AP comes to the temple and she notices Swara crying! Swara goes inside the temple…

After the puja.. When AP is getting down!! She slips at that time Swara holds AP
Swara: aunty careful?
AP: Thankyou beta!
Swara: are you fine? Let me check… AP legs gets sprained ..Swara notices it and makes her sit on the stone and checks her leg!!

AP: Thankyou beta!!
Swara: aunty be careful!!
(She gets happy to see her helping nature)
AP: don’t worry about me! But beta tell me onething why are you crying here? I’ve noticed you crying here! Kya hua!!

Swara gets cry and hugs her..

AP: Kya hua beta? Did u fight with ur parents?
Swara: I don’t have anyone in my life.. I’m an orphan..
AP is shocked..
AP: but beta what r u doing here??

She tells her everything!! About the accident and Sanskar..

AP is again shocked to hear the name Sanskar Maheshwari..
(She understoods everything)

AP: come with me!!
Swara is shocked.
Swara: but aunty where?
AP: you helped me, can’t i help you.. You can stay in my house..
Swara: but aunty…
AP: don’t talk anything.. Treat me like ur mom! Until the things sort out u can stay in my house!! After that ur wish!!

Swara: but aunty.. I have one condition..
AP: Kya?
Swara: I can’t stay freely at ur house.. Il be like paying guest!!
AP smiles..
AP: hmm okay fine!! Now come lets go beta..
Swara: Aunty I’m not beta.. My name is Swara!
AP: okay Swara!! Nd ya I’m not aunty to u.. You can call me Ma!

Swara gets happy and hugs her..

They reach home…
AP shows her the guest room..
Swara: Thankyou ma!!
Ap gets happy!!
AP: take rest!!

Sanskar comes home… He was busy working on laptop in his room.. He feels thirsty and looks at his water bottle which is empty.. He goes to Kitchen!

Same with Swara’s room..
She goes to the kitchen to take a water bottle.. At that time she hears some strange voices from outside!! She gets afraid.. She slowly opens the fridge and takes the water bottle and she runs… At that time Sanskar comes to the kitchen… She looks at Sanskar shadow and gets more afraid… She shouts loudly!!!

SAnskar is shocked and even AP
Sanskar quickly switch on’s the light and gets shocked to see Swara!!

Sanskar: TUM??
Swara: TUM? What the hell ur doing here??
Sanskar: ( I should ask you that question? What the hell r u doing here at my house??
Swara : ur house? Hello excuse me mr Sanskar Maheshwari!! I’m staying here as a paying guest!!
Sanskar: what?? How dare you stay in my house that too as a paying guest?? That too without my knowledge??
They both starts yelling at each other..
Swara: ohh is it!! So this ur house!! Great and listen!! From today I will stay freely at ur house.. Because that’s ur punishment.. Because your a cheater!! Because of u I lost my job..
(She shouts at him)

Sanskar gets angry and pulls her towards him!!
Swara and Sanskar close to each other.. They both have an eye lock!!
He twists her hand!!
Sanskar: shut up!! Just shut ur mouth!! How dare you scold me like this!!

At that time AP comes
AP: Kya hua? Sanskar!! What r u doing? Leave her!
Swara: Maa!! See this Sanskar Maheswari talking rubbish!!
Sanskar: Maa!! Why is she in this house?
Swara is shocked..
Swara: ma is he ur son??
AP: ya beta!! He is my son… Swara!! Will talk in the morning!! Now go and sleep!!

Swara obeys her words and goes to her room!

Sanskar: Maa! What is this?
AP tells him everything..
Sanskar.. Because of her you got the project.. And because of you she was on road alone.. She’s soo gud.. She needs us at this time.. She An orphan.. Let her stay here some time!!

Sanskar: okay ma!! He angrily goes to his room!!

He looks at the window.. And he looks at Swara standing and looking at the moon
Swara looks at him and gets angry..
They both close Windows on his!her face..and goes to sleep!!

Weeks passes… They hatred on each other continued.. While AP and Swara became best friends.. They both use to spend their time together!!
AP loves Swara soo much

Flashback ends
Episode ends!!

Guys in next episodes I will only concentrate on college story!
I’m just thinking it’s very confusing for u all to read both present and flashback together…
So I thought.. Now il concentrate more on college story and when time comes il get into the flash back!!

What do u say guys??
Guys I may not post my next part here..

Credit to: Neha

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