True love never dies Episode 29 (Swasan)


They both spend some time Hitting each other.. Nd spending some time!!!

At that time Bublu comes…

Bublu: hello guys.. Will u stop fighting.. I have a news for u.
Shona: what news??
Bublu: today rahul’s bday.. Let’s have a cake cutting here in music room…
Sanky: hmm okay!! That’s a great idea!!
Shona: woww.. Cake cutting?? I’m soo excited.. I’m telling now itself I want 3pieces okay??

Bublu: Hahahaha okay fine!!!

Shona: but guys, let’s surprise him… Will decorate this room… Nd after the colz let’s send him a meSsage to come to music room… Then he should be surprised to see these decorations, cakes and Shona with chocolate box …. Hahahahhahaahh funny na!!!

Bublu and Sanky smiles…

Sanky: hey kiddo!!! what will you do with that chocolate box??

Shona: (excited) il distribute to everyone!!

Bublu: hahhahaha very nice.. Kiddo with chocolate box!! Superr….

Sanky: okay fine…let’s decorate this music room.. Il go and buy the stuffs.. Nd don’t enter anyone in this room..

Bublu: okay…Nd Sanky, il get the cake

Sanky: okay fine….
(Bublu leaves)

Shona: Sanky.. Even il come with you.. You know I may be helpful to you…what say??

Sanky: (smiles) okay!! Come…

(They leave for shopping)

Gift shop:

Sales person: sir, shall I help you?
Sanky: Yess actually we need balloons, Nd some decoration stuffs…

Person: okay sir…
Shona: Sanky, look here.. This happy birthday cap is soo nice na!!
Sanky: ?Shona plz don’t say that we are going to take this??
Shona: Haaa will take this… It will be nice na.. All keeping this caps and celebrating his birthday… Nice na!!
Sanky: (looks at her angrily) shonaa… We are not a kids to keep such caps.. All will laugh at us!!
Shona: (pout face) Atleast will take 1 cap.. For me… Plz plz!!
Sanky: (smiles) okay but u shouldn’t keep that in the party..okay??
Shona: (excited) okay done??
After 2 mins
Shona: Sanky, wowww bubble stick!! It’s so nice na!!
Sanky: (smiles) you want it???
Shona: yes!!
Sanky: okay take it!!
Shona: Thankyou Sanky…..

Sanky’s shopping is done..
Sanky: Shona do u want anything else??
Shona: Noo.. It’s enough!! Thankyou..
Sanky: okay come lets go now…

(They reach college)

They go inside the music room… Bublu joins them… They Closes the door and starts decorating the room..
Sanky: Bublu, il take care of this balloons.. You please tie them..

Shona: then what about me?? What should I do??
Sanky: Shona you just sit and watch…If we need any help we will tell u okay??
Shona: okay.. She keeps the cap, Nd starts playing with the bubbles..

Bublu and Sanky smiles looking at her…

After the decorations…
Sanky: so Shona how is it??
Shona watches it and smiles…

Shona: wow guys.. It’s simple and beautiful.. But guys, even for my bday you should decorate it like this with more balloons okay?? R else I won’t attend any of ur birthdays…got it??

Bublu: (laughs) haha sure Shona.. It’s our pleasure to celebrate our cute Shona bday… By the way when is ur bday??

Shona: (smiles) Jan 1st.. I generally won’t accept gifts, but if you guys give it, I won’t say Noo !! ?

Bublu and Sanky both are shocked…
Sanky: (shocked) Jan 1st???
Shona: (tensed) Haaa Sanky… But why u both are shocked??

Bublu: (teases) arey wowww…this is really awesome.. Shona you know what, even sanky’s bday is on Jan 1st!!

Shona: (excited) what?? Really??? Wowww then Sanky, we both can celebrate our bday together.. Omg.. This is really awesome!! We both born in same day.. That too on new year…you know I’m soo excited, I love celebrating my bday… It will be soo fun na!!

Bublu: Yaa Shona.. It will be very fun.. Both couples birthday on same day.. Amazing…

Sanky: Kya??
Bublu: I mean both friends bday on one day it’s amazing.. Shona will plan very differently okay??

Shona: okay okay… Wow I’m very excited for now on.. But I can’t wait another 11 months Bublu…

Sanky: will u plz stop it..I hate celebrating birthdays Shona.. I hate if someone applies cake to me.. I just hate it!! That’s d reason every year il stay at home.. ?

Shona: ur opposite to me Sanky.. U need to enjoy yar… Bday is very special!!
Sanky: ??plz stop this discussion now…
Shona: Hahahhaahhhaa Kk fyn!!
(Bublu smiles)

Colz gets over, Rahul and science group friends comes inside.. They all enjoys the decorations…
They all happily celebrated the party…

After the party… All left, but only shova, Rahul and Bublu are in music room…
They were talking about the party fun and all!!

Bublu whispers in shona’s ears…
Bublu: Shona, shall we play truth or dare..
Shona: (smiles)okay!!
Bublu: okay il give a dare.. But do u have that guts to do it??

Shona: ? Bublu.. Do u think I’m scared of everything…Noo way, tell me what should I do…

Bublu: achaa!! K u should write this cream on sanky’s face…

Shona: ?what??? But he don’t like it na..
Bublu: it’s task cutieee… U need to do it…

Shona: okay fine.. But what will u give me if I win..

Bublu: Wtever u want il give u..
Shona: (excited) okay fine!!!
Bublu: all the best!!

Shona cuts the cake piece… She hold that piece and smiles looking at Bublu…

Bublu signals..
Shhh.. Don’t look at me.. U carry on with ur work!!
Shona smiles and hides the cake… Nd goes near Sanky…

Bublu thinks about the future and slowly goes out..

Shona: Sanky… I’m going to do onething.. You should not get angry okay??
Sanky: (confused) what’s that…
(Before he completely ask her…Shona applies cake to him)
Sanky is shocked…
rahul is also shocked… He looks at Shona and thinks she’s dead…

Sanky: shonaaa??

Shona burst out laughing….
Shona: I’m sorry… (SHe looks at Bublu and gives him hifi)

Shona: Yess…I did it Bublu… So get ready to give me my gift.. Hahahhaahhhaa did u see sanky’s face, he is looking sooooo funny…. Hahahaaaaa
Sanky keeps looking at her angrily…he slowly goes near the cake.. Nd holds that cake..

(She turns back and gets shocked seeing Sanky holding the whole cake)

Shona: Sanky??? What r u doing??
Sanky: (smirks angrily) how dare you write cake on my face, ur over Shona.. No one can save u now!
Shona: arey what did I do???
Sanky: acha.. Don’t you know what you did..
Shona: Noo I don’t know… (She burst out laughing and runs)
Sanky : shonaa…
(He runs back of her)

Bublu and Rahul looks at each other and smile… They signal each other and goes out of the music room.. Leaving them alone…

Rahul: arey yaar… I thought he will scold Shona.. But he is enjoying!!

Bublu: that’s magic of love Rahul.. I gave this dare intentionally… I want to see how Sanky will react!!

Rahul: woww so Sanky is in love…

Bublu: yes!! But he is not realising it!!
Rahul : I have an idea, let’s separate them.. Like we already thought of a trip na,
Let us take Sanky with us… Let us not give him chance to speak with Shona.. For sometime Let’s see how much he will miss her??

Bublu: Yaaa this is amazing!!! Let’s do it??
They both give hifi and leaves!!

Music room:
Shona keeps on running… Nd Sanky holds her…Nd smiles seeing at her…

Sanky: (smiles evilly) shonaaa ur games are done now!!!

He takes the full cake piece…
Shona: (closes her eyes) Sanky, plzzzz I’m sorry… Write a small one okay… Very tiny… But not this full cake… I know if u write full cake I will get pimples!!
Sanky: (smiles) achaa… I know what to do!! You don’t need to tell!!
(He applies the cake…. Shona closes her eyes and holds his shirt tightly….

Her expressions captivated him..He was lost in her totally…

Nazar laye music plays…

(He cups her face… Nd stares at her lovingly and keeps on writing the cake…Nd he looks at her hands, she was pinching him tightly….he pulls her so close that no air can pass between the them, Nd he holds her waist tightly feeling his pain)

**Maine haara, main tera saara mainMeetha meetha tu, haan khaara khaara mainTera saara main, saara main (x2)**

(As soon as he holds her waist, Shona opens her eyes, feeling his touch… She gets mesmerised seeing his eyes, that too so close..Both looks at each other and lost in their eye lock,

**Sindoori rang suhagan sacchaSaccha re sarmaya jo paaya hai wohTu dil mein maahi aaya haiMaine maahi paaya haiNazar laaye naa, koi nazar laaye naa**

shona leaves her hand from his hand… Nd gets shocked seeing his hand being red… Her eyes are filled with tears… She caresses his hand…
Sanky notice her tears, and he touches her face romantically and wipes her tears.. Nd caresses her face… Nd places a kiss on her forehead!!

**Dil ne shagun manaaya haiIshq parauhna aaya haiNazar laaye na, koi nazar laaye naNazar laaye jo tumko jal jaaye wohChaand le jug begana hoNazar laaye na..Nazar laaye na..**

Shona is happy and shocked…
At that time some one knocks the door.. They both come back to their senses… Shona pushes him and runs…Sanky is shocked.. He don’t know why he kissed her.. He feels guilt,

Shona runs.. Sanjay watches her and sanky’s closeness and gets angry…

Shona leaves to her house.. She Remembers their happy moments and smiles..
Ragini calls her…
She goes to her house to teach her dance…

Maheshwari house:

Ap thinks about the girl..she dint tell everyone, as she knows that they won’t believe her…
She finally gets happy.. That Swara is back.. She thinks to find out the details about that girl.. Nd thinks about Varun…

Sanky comes home..
He sits in his room.. Nd thinks about Shona…
Arey yar… What’s happening to me.. Why do I kissed her?? Ya I know she’s cute.. But what right do u have Sanky.. I’m sorry Shona..he thinks to call her… But feels bit scared to talk to her…

At that time Bublu and Rahul comes
Rahul: Sanky, get ready we need to go..
Sanky: where yar???
Rahul: I said that we are going for a trip.. Get up yar all are waiting… It’s my treat.. Just imagine, all we boys.. Drink, parties we can enjoy soo much!! Get up yar…

Sanky: okay 1 minute!!
(He gets ready.. Nd he takes out his phone.. Nd rings Shona)

Bublu: (snatches phone from him) Sanky, what r u doing??

Sanky: arey I’m calling Shona.. Kya hu??
Bublu: nothing yar… Actually I don’t have phone I should call my mom.. U come out.. U call Shona later..

(He smiles and leaves)

Finally they all leave for the tour … Seeing his missed call.. Shona calls him back..
Bublu smiles and keeps on cutting the calls!!

Shona is in her room.. She gets angry on Sanky.. As he is not lifting the calls…
She feels hungry and goes outside to get something!!

Sanky feels restless.. He thinks that Shona dint call him yet..
Rahul and Bublu observes him…

Rahul: arey Bublu… Give back his mobile..
Bublu: okay!!

Bublu: sanky…I’m sorry I forgot to say u onething,

Sanky: what’s that??
Bublu: Shona called u many times.. But I dint check the calls…
Sanky: what?? Arey sally… How can u be so careless.. I was waiting for her call..

Bublu: (smiles) m sorry…
(He gives the mobile to her)

Sanky calls her… Shona gets happy seeing his call and lifts the call…

Shona:(shouts) Sanky.. How many times should I call you.. Why were u cutting my calls…

Sanky: Shona I’m sorry actually mobile is with Bublu.. He gave the mobile to me just now!!

Shona: hmm okay.. Leave all that.. Sanky listen.. Will u join me for dinner?

Sanky: dinner? Shona but I’m not in town..
Shona: what??
Sanky: haa Shona.. I came for an hill station.. Just small party with friends!!
Shona: ? what?? Hill station?? But you dint tell me… By the way, why will you tell me?? Who am I to you??? Have a nice time bye… Shona is angry on u..

Sanky: (smiles) shonaa… I’m sorry.. It was a sudden plan.. I’m really sorry..

Shona: (smiles) okay Sanky, I can understand.. Don’t worry.. Have a nice time.. Nd don’t think that only boys can have fun all that time.. Next time even il go for such outings.. I won’t tell you too.. I will tease you fully.. You know how will I tease you, I even won’t tell you where i went…I will be offline completely…(saying this she laughs loudly)

Sanky: Hahahahah achaaa!!! Let’s see.. I’m waiting for that moment!! Hahahaha Kk… Fine leave all that… By d way what r u doing??

Shona: I’m came out sanky.. I’m soo bored…Just a walk…

Sanky: (shocked) u came out?? Shona do u know what’s the time?? How can u go at this time…

Shona: Sanky, I know what I’m doing.. I’m not a kid!!

Sanky: shonaa… Just go back home!!
And Talk to me until u reach..

Shona: Ohkk… But Sanky, my mobile is on low battery… I don’t know when it get switch off!!
Sanky: hmm kk… But call me as soon as u reach okay!!

(They keep talking…at that time shona’s mobile shows low battery and it’s dead)

Sanky thinks that mobile is off

(At that time, group of boys stops watching Shona..)
Guys: hello… Do u need a lift!! Don’t worry.. Beatifull.. We will give u!!

Shona: (gets scared)
Guys: hello we r talking to u!!
Shona: leave me…just do ur works.. Don’t bother me!!

Guys: achaaa…(they touch her hand)
Shona: leave my hand!!! (She pushes them and runs)

Guys: hello where r u running… Hahahaha you can’t go anywhere..Nd touches her

Shona: leave me… Plzzz leave me…(Shona cries)

Suddenly a bike light falls on them…
Shona looks at them… Nd gets happy!!! Nd She runs towards him!!

Episode ends!!!


next day:

sanskar wakes up by hearing swara’s laughing voice, he thinks,
oooffff!!! oh god, i think i don’t need to keep any alarm separately..

he gets up and gets ready.. nd goes down…

he watches swara and AP having great time talking to each other, sitting on the sofa..nd having some discussion

swara: (laughs) MA its enough.. plz i can’t laugh more…
ap: arey.. swaraa.. you asked me and now ur telling me to stop…

sanskar smiles seeing them and goes towards them and sits in between!!

sansakr: can anyone of you tell me, whats happening here??

swara: sansakr, dont u have manners… how can you come in the middle.. how can u disturb us.

ap: ha sansakr, how can you disturb us in between

sanskar: hello madams… whats going on?? okay leave it!! Ma get me a coffee

So: arey wait sanskar,
swara: sanskar, you can drink coffee later.. nd plz don’t disturb us….

(AP looks at swara and they both laugh again… swara winks at AP… this time sanskar watches her winking)

sanskar: (teases) okay byee.. i don’t need ur coffee!! il drink it in office..

at that time he gets a call… he looks at the was his secretary.. he smiles and gets a plan..

sanskar: hi darling, how r u?? its been so long… no phones nothing.. r u fine??

secretary:(he is shocked) sir, what happened? are you fine?

sanksar: haa ya I’m fine.. you know darling, i missed u so much…

swara looks at him angrily… (sanskar looks at her expressions and teases her more)

secretary: sir.. i will call u again..

sanskar: noo darling, plz talk to me, you know I’m soo bored here.. what.. lunch at ur house?? (he looks at swara and speaks) do u have any problem if i come now..

swara feels more jealous…

sanaksr: actually i love ur coffee so much.. you know what no one in my house knows how to keep a coffee.. hahaha loll… you do one thing.. il come now, you teach me how to keep coffee… it will be helpful for me in the future..

ap looks at him angrily and whispers in her eyes..

Ap: swara, i think he is teasing you.. i knew about him.. he never spoke with any girl like this.. he is making you jealous!!

swara: i know Ma.. he is overacting so much!!

sanskar: (looks at them being angry and hides his smile) so what else darling, I’m missing you soooooooooo muchhh… I’m coming now darling, just give me 5 mins… il be in ur lap (he smiles looking at swara)

at that time someone knocks the door..
swara angrily goes to open the door, she gets surprised, seeing vivian… she gets soo happy and starts shouting…

swara: wowww vivian.. when did u come?? what a pleasant surprise..

(she hugs him tightly)

sanskar is shocked seeing vivian…

vivian: hahhaa i know u love surprises, so i surprised you.. I’m sorry for not informing you..

swara: ohh come on darling…
(sanksar looks at her angrily)
swara: (looks at sanskar and teases him) don’t be sorry for such small things.. you know what a timing yar… just now i thought about you.. and you came here.. wow I’m sp happy…

(she looks at ap and winks)

swara: Ma.. he is vivian my best friend.. you know in college times we both used to have lots of fun..he is my best friend!!

Ap: (looks at sanskar and teases) ohhhh really, arey vivian come here sit beta.. do u want to have coffee?? wait il bring a good coffee for u..

sanskar looks at them angrily…

vivian: hello sanskar, nice to meet u!!
sanskar: hello!!

swara: vivian, come here… you can talk with sanskar later, but first talk to me..

sanskar is fuming with anger…
vivian: swara i brought the photos, which we have taken in verma uncle house..
swara: ohhh really??? wear show me… she goes close to him and places his hand on his shoulder…and acts being close to him
(sanskar feels jealous)

(AP gets coffee for Vivian)

sanskar: (shouts) Ma.. Where is my coffee???
Ap: sanskar, you said that you will drink coffee in ur darling house…

Sanksar looks at her angrily…

Swara: Vivian.. Come have ur coffee..
Vivian: Thankyou Swara… (After drinking) okay then I have some work il come again later)
Swara: what?? U leaving me?? Noo Vivian.. Plz stay na!!

Sanskar looks at her angrily..

Swara smiles…

Vivian: okay aunty and Swara… I need to go I have lots of work… Bye!!
Bye Sanskar…

(He leaves)

Swara and ap smiles…
Sanskar: (angrily shouts) Maa.. I want coffee!!

Swara: Maa.. Someone said that there r going to meet someone… Let him go!!

He looks at her angrily..
Ap: (smiles) haha now stop fighting!! Sanskar 1 min beta.. Il bring coffee to u!!

Sanskar angrily sits beside her…Swara takes out the photographs… Nd started teasing him again…

Swara: arey Wahh… Swara, ur soo cute.. Nd look at Vivian.. He is very handsome!!

Sanksar: (stares at her) Swaraa!!
Swara: sanskar don’t disturb me!!
Sanskar: (looks at her angrily and pulls her towards him)

Sanskar: swaraaa… U know what ur doing??
Swara: (smiles) Yaa I know…I’m praising Vivian..
Sanskar: ? achaaa… (He starts tickling her and both cuddle on that sofa)

Swara: (laughs) sanskarrr what r u doing??
Sanskar: he is very smart and handsome na!!!
Swara: (laughs) arey yaar… Why do u bother about me u go and speak with ur darling.. I don’t care!!
Sanksar: achaaa… So ur jealous of my darling na!!
Swara: haha very funny… M not jealous.. Ur jealous of Vivian.. Don’t cover it okay… I’ve seen ur expressions….
Hahahaha… Goooo…go Nd meet ur darling…goooo!!!!

Sanskar: Kk then I’m really going… I will go to my darling house.. Okay??
Swara: okay bye… Have fun!!
Sanskar: (shocked) really I’m going…..
Swara: gooooo!! (She pushes him)

Sanskar: okay fine.. Bye!!! Don’t irritate me by calling.. I won’t lift my calls.. Nd don’t disturb me Bye!!!
(He gets up angrily and leaves… He goes outside he tells watchmen something and peeps inside and notice Swara’s expressions…

Swara is shocked..
Arey how can he go like that…I was just kidding… Did he really went to meet that darling???

SHe gets tensed and goes outside and looks for him…

Sanskar smiles at her and slowly goes inside… Before Swara sees him…Nd goes to his room!!

Swara: arey, where did he go.. His car is here… She goes towards watchmen and she asks him..

Swara: bhaiya.. Did sir went out??
Watchmen: Haaa madam, a girl came Nd sir went on her car..
Swara: ? what???
(She gets angry on goes inside and cries)

(Sanskar watches her and smiles)

AP: Swara Kya hua??
Swara: Maa ur son is not soo innocent, he was really talking with that darling.. He really went with her..
AP: Kya??
Swara: (pout face) haa Ma… He left us.. He went with her.. (I hate him Ma.. How can he go like that)

AP: (laughs) Swara.. May be he is teasing you.. Anyways.. I have work in kitchen.. Don’t worry he will come..

Swara: (calls his number..but he keeps on cutting it)

She gets angry and goes to her room…
She keeps on calling him from AP’s number.. But he doesn’t lifts her call..

She cries standing near the window.. Nd looking for Sanksar, She remembers how he talked with that girl in that phone and cries…

Sanskar peeps into her room.. And watches her waiting for him near the window.. Nd watches her calling him in the phone)

He smiles and goes towards her and hugs her from back..
Sanksar: (teases) this is ur 100th call… I said not to disturb why were you calling me??
Swara is happy and turns towards saying Sanskar…

Sanksar is shocked to see her tears…
Sanskar: Swara, ur crying?? But why?
Swara: (cries) why dint u lift my calls?? Nd how can you go like that leaving me.. I was kidding.. But u left me..
Sanskar: (smiles) sooo madam ji is jealous??
Swara: Noo I’m not jealous…
Sanskar: achaaa Kk… Bye I’ll go back to her..

Swara stops him.. Nd hugs him..
Swara: haa Sanksar, I’m jealous.. Ur only mine.. I can’t see u with anyone…. Nd il kill you if u look at anyone!!
Sanksar: (smiles) achaa… (He hugs her and kisses her cheeks) soo Swara, how can u think that I will go with someone, by leaving you.. Never Swaraa… Ur my sweetheart..
How can I leave my heart and go!!

Swara: but u went na.. U left me Nd u went with that girl on her car.. Watch men told me everything… U can’t lie now!!

Sanskar: Hahahaha smiles… I told watchmen to tell like that.. ?

Swara: really.. Where were u until now?? Sanskr: in my room?

Swara: ?what in ur room??? How can u do that to me Sanksar.. U know how much I was scared.. My heart stopped beating for a sec… Don’t do like this Sanksar.. I can’t bear it!!

Sanksar smiles and hugs her.. He cups her face and kisses her..
Sanskar: Swaraa… I like ur expressions when you are angry!! I just love it… See look at you how cute u are.. (He pulls her cheeks)

(She looks at him and smiles)

Sanksar: Challo lets go down.. I’m soo hungry!!
Swara: okay Challo… (She holds his hand and they both go down together)

Ap watches them and laugh…
Ap: how cute u both r… Till now u were fighting… Nd within seconds u both become one… How cum Sanksar??

Swara and Sanskar looks at each other and smiles…

They all have breakfast together!!

After the breakfast…
Swara and Sanksar sits on the sofa…
Sanskar was about to take the newspaper,
Swara takes it…Nd starts reading it!!

Sanksar: Swaraa… This is my paper
Swara: where is ur name in it!! I can’t find anywhere…
Sanskar: ? Swara!! Give that paper to me..

They both again fight…
Ap: oh god!! Again they started!!

Sanskar: Swaraa… I though to read first.. So I should read

Swara: but Sanksar…u just thought.. But I took the paper first so I should read!!
(Saying this she turns the next page)

Sanskar: Swara, what’s that on the wall…
Swara: where…??
(At that time he snatches the paper from her and laughs)

Swara: (looks at him angrily)

Swara: sanskar this is cheating….

Sanskar smiles and looks at her and started to read the newspaper… Nd turns the page…

He was shocked to see Swara’s photo on the page…

He read the message and gets shocked… It was posed by Jagadeesh…
Sanksar was tensed… He looks at Swara…
Swara is planning to snatch Tht paper from him…

He immediately gets up and goes to his room… Nd he hides the paper..

Sanskar: Thankgod!! Swara dint see this paper.. R else she will get disturbed!!
I can’t leave that Jagadish like This.. If she gets to know, she will go away from him…

He calls someone and tells them something…
Sanskar: I’m coming… We need to do that quickly!!

He takes his keys and goes down.. Swara looks at Him angrily…he stares at her… And hugs her..

Swara: Kya hua?? U look so worried.. Nd ur sweating??
(She wipes his sweat)

Sanskar: Swara .. I have an important work.. Wish me all the best!

Swara: (smiles) all the best Sanskar.. I know you will succeed in it!! take care okay!!

Sanksar kisses her forehead and leaves!!swara gets disturbed…she calls him.. Sanskar turns back..

Sanksar: haa Swara!!
Swara Runa Nd hugs him…

Swara: take care Sanskar.. I don’t know why I’m soo tensed.. Come home soon okay!! Nd lifts ur calls…

Sanksar: (smiles) sure Swara… Don’t worry okay…
He hugs for tightly and leaves…wiping his tears…

Episode ends:

Kavitha is back in Swasan life… What will happen??

Nd who is that guy who helped Shona…??

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