True love never dies Episode 28 (Swasan)

************flashback continues ********

Afternoon: Adharsh leaving to Australia

AP: Adharsh take care! Call me when you reach!!
Adharsh: haa ma.. Sure..
Swara: take care jiju..
Adharsh: arey Wahh Swara, you gave promotion from bhai to jiju… Superr!!

She smiles and hides back of AP..
Adharsh: hahahah.. Bye Swaraa.. take care!!

Swara: bye jiju… Come soon!!
Adharsh: haa Swara.. Il be back in 3 days..ur Pari di cannot come alone.. That’s why I’m going! ?
Swara: smiles!!

Ap: beta but where is Sanskar?
Adharsh: he will come directly to airport..

Finally he leaves!!

After Adharsh leaves… Swara and AP goes for shopping..

Gold shopping:
AP: Swara take what ever you want…
Swara: Maa.. But what’s necessity of these all.. I already have ring which was given by Sanskar, and after marriage I will have that chain thread.. Now why again these all..

AP: (smiles) Swaraa.. Now ur becoming my bahu.. I should gift my bahu…something very special.. So take whatever you want..

Swara: Ma.. Why should you present me?? Is that a rule?
AP: its our tradition Swara… We should gift our daughter in law or son in law a gift.. It’s not Becz of rule.. But just for love.. Nd both families will buy clothes to our relatives too.. This is our tradition!!

Swara: (thinks) okay..

They did shopping.. Nd after the shopping they return home..

Swara: Maa.. I have small work.. Il come within 1 hour okay??
AP: Swara just now we came… Take rest for sometime..u might feel tired..

Swara: no problem ma.. Just 1 hour il be back..
Ap: okay.. Take driver with u..
Swara: okay Ma!!

Swara goes to the bank… Nd she draws the money.. Whatever she earned when she had worked in the school..
She does shopping.. Nd returns home..
She goes to her room directly…she keeps all the stuff inside and goes to kitchen!!

Swara: (happy) Maa once come with me..
Ap: Swara what happened?
Swara: come Ma I will tell you.. She takes her to her room..

Swara: Maa I bought some gifts… Nd here a saree for you.. How is it??? I’ve specially selected this colour for you??
(She gives her saree)

Ap: (happy) Haaa Swara it’s just beautiful… Nd it’s soo expensive!! But Swaraa… We already did shopping, why did you bought all these??
Swara: (excited) it’s from my side Ma.. You said na.. Both the families will buy gifts to their relatives…so I bought these gift from my side… Did u like it??
Ap: (gets emotional) Swaraa.. It’s not compulsory beta..
Swara: but it’s tradition na… You know I just liked it.. Gifting something to our loved ones…it’s so nice!! You know After my parents died, I used to feel alone.. But Now I got a big family.. I’m so blessed Ma.. I’m very happy..

Ap eyes are filled with tears…and hugs her..
Ap: this family is lucky to get you Swara!! We r soo blessed!!

Swara: Maa leave all that… Look here I bought this saree for Pari Di… How is it??
Ap: it’s very nice Swara… You have a good taste!!
Swara: Maa.. This is for Adharsh bhai!!
Ap: woww Swara.. This shirt is very nice..

Swara: (takes another cover) and Maa this gift for Sanskar, but first il show this to Sanksar… Okay??
Ap: (laughs) Hahahaha okay.. Fine!!
Ap: okay Swara, U sleep for sometime.. Ur face is telling that ur soo tired!
Swara: okay Ma! But wake me when Sanskar comes okay??
Ap: (smiles) okay Swara! Il wake u at dinner time..
Swara: Noo Ma… I won’t have dinner today.. My stomach is heavy.. Just wake me when Sanskar comes..
Ap: okay Swara!!

Swara sleeps after AP left!!

Sanskar reaches home…
Ap: sanskar, Come have ur dinner..
Sanskar: Noo Ma I just had and came..By d way where is Swara??
AP: she’s in her room..she’s sleeping!
Sanskar: sleeping? Soo soon, is she fine?
Ap: ha Sanksar, we did shopping so she’s tired..
Sanskar: okay.. Did she had anything?
Ap: Noo Sanskar… But she said her stomach is full! Anyways.. I’m sleeping Sanskar, even im so tired..
If u feel like eating, have ur food… Nd I forgot.. Swara told her to wake up when u reach!!

Sanskar: (smiles) okay Maa!! Bye good night!

Sanskar goes to his room.. He gets freshup and goes to Swara’s room… He notices her sleeping,
He stares at her lovingly, he was about touch her face but stops it… As he can’t disturb her sleep!!
Sanskar: good night Swara, (Nd places a kiss on her forehead)
Swara smiles in her dream!!! Sanskar too smiles seeing her smile…

He goes to his room… He takes out his guitar.. Nd goes to his balcony..
he plays a new tune.. Remembering all the moments he spent with Swara!!
He smiles…

Swara wakes up hearing his voice and goes to his room..
She notices him playing guitar.. She goes towards him and hugs him from back!!

Sanskar: (smiles) Swaraa, u woke up?
Swara: haa Sanskar.. Ur tune is soo nice.. And you know Sanskar, I got a dream.. That you came inside my room.. Nd you said goodnight, Nd you even kissed me..
It was soo cute dream na!! (She smiles and hugs him more tightly)

Sanskar smiles..Nd turns towards her…
Sanskar: my dear sweetheart.. It’s not a dream!
Swara: ?kyaa its not a dream?? Is that real?
Sanskar: Haaa Swara!
Swara: then why dint you wake me up?
You know I was waiting for you.. You could have wake me up na??
Sanskar: I thought to wake u up, but you were sleeping like a small baby.. So I dint wake u!!
Swara: ?achaa….soo sweet of u…(she holds his hand and sleeps on his shoulder) k leave all that… Play that music again Sanskar.. It’s really soo nice!!
Sanskar: okay.. Sure.. By d way do you like music?
Swara: (excited) Yaa Sanksar.. I love music.. In my school I used to learn violin.. Nd I’m a classical singer too.. I got many prizes also!!
Sanksar: really??
Swara: yes Sanskar!! But i don’t know how to play guitar??
Sanskar: do u want to play it??
Swara: (excited) Yesss!!!
Sanskar: okay then… Come il teach you..
(He sits on a chair… Nd makes her sit on his lap)
Swara: sanskar, what r u doing???!!

Sanskar: hold this guitar Swara,

Swara looks at him and holds the guitar…

Sanksar hugs her from back… He holds her one hands and plays the tune…

Sanskar: Swara.. Sing a song!!

Swara: what?? I should sing?? That too with you? Noo way I’m soo scared Sanksar!

Sanskar: (smiles and he holds her waist)

Swara looks at him tensedly…
Sanskar: why scared… No problem sing with me!

Swara: ?nooooooooooo
Sanskar: (he moves her hair to one side and keeps his chin on her and kisses her neck) swara.. Sing whatever you know.. (I won’t tease you okay!!

Swara: (tensed ?)Sanskar if u do like this how can I sing???

Sanskar: (smiles and blows air on her ears and whispers) what did I do Swara???
(She looks at him angrily)
Swara: sanskar, don’t u know what ur doing??? How innocently your asking me!!

Sanskar: (laughs loudly seeing her expressions) Hahahaha okay, now I’m serious… Il play the music.. Nd you sing!!

Swara: (smiles) okay!
Sanskar: starts plying the guitar… Of the same tune..
Swara: closes her eyes and feels that tune..

Sanskar: Swara, don’t get tensed Im with you.. Come sing!!
Swara: sings the same song… Haa hasi ban gayee!!
Sanskar smiles seeing her voice.. Nd he holds Swara’s hand, Nd makes her to play the guitar….they both get involved in singing the song….

Song ends!!
Sanskar: Swaraa.. Wonderful!! U have seriously a very sweet voice!! I became a big fan of ur voice!!
Swara: (smiles) achaa!!! But You made my song more beautiful with ur music!!
Sanskar: acha!!! So can I get ur autograph?

Swara: (teases) im sorry!! I’m very busy with my programs.. I don’t have time to give an autographs!!

Sanskar: (teases) ohh really?? Don’t u know that you shouldn’t hurt ur fans!! Plzz only 1 autograph.. It means a lot to me!!

Swara: (laughs) Hahahaha Sanskar, k fine tell me where should I keep my autograph!!
Sanskar: ur wish Swara… U can keep anywhere, But I should remember that in my entire life..
Swara: (thinks) okay!! I got a best place…
Sanskar: what place?
Swara gets up from Sanskar’s lap, she goes inside and brings a marker pen..

Sanksar: marker pen?
Swara: Yess… (She takes the guitar… Nd she signs on the guitar)
Sanskar: (smiles)
Swara: here is my autograph Mr.sanksar Maheswari… So whenever you play this guitar, you will always remember me.. I will be with you always Sanskar!! So tell me how’s my sign???

(Sanskar gets happy with her words… He touches the signature with lots of love and kisses it)

Sanksar: it’s soo Beautiful like you Swara!!
Swara: (smiles) really..

Sanskar places the guitar to a side… And He hugs her tightly)
I love you Swara… Day by day my love for you was increasing.. I don’t know why.. I can’t stay without you..

She smiles & hugs him tightly… They share a hug..

Swara breaks the hug…
Sanskar: Kya hua Swara?
Swara: sanskar, I forgot I need to talk to u which is very important.
Sanskar: what was that Swara??
Swara: come here.. Let’s sit..

(Saying this she sits down)

Swara: sanskar, what r u thinking… Sit na!!
Sanskar: hmm okay!! (He sleeps on her lap and plays with her hand) now tell me what do u want to talk!!

Swara: I will tell you but before that you should give me a promise that you will listen to me completely…

Sanskar: okay!!

Swara: sanskar, I don’t know anything about these marriage procedures and these traditions..
But my papa used to say me That, marriage is the best promise which made by two persons.. When my mom died.. Many of my dads friends told him to get married again… But my dad dint marry anyone.. Because he loves my mom soo much… I used to feel so proud of my dad.. Seeing his love for my mom!!
I promise you Sanskar, i will love you like that..

Sanskar stares at her lovingly, by cupping her face…

Swara: Nd my dad always used to say me that, Beta I will do ur marriage with my hands.. He always used to say these words…But he is not in this world….
(Her eyes are filled with tears and cries)

Sanksar: Swara.. (He sits and hugs) arey..You don’t need to cry.. His blessings will be with you forever..He wipes her tears…

Swara: (wipes her tears)sanskar I forgot.. 1 min.. Il come just now!!
Sanskar: Swara.. Arey where r u going??

Swara goes to her room and gets the gift cover…

Sanskar: Swara what’s this?
Swara: I bought this gifts for u Sanksar..
(She takes out a box and gives him the gold bracelet)

Sanskar: (shocked) Swara.. You bought this for me?

Swara: (excited) Haaa…did u like it??
Sanksar: haa Swara it’s very nice..
Swara: (she takes a ring) Nd this ring too… How is this??
I thought to buy sooooo many gifts.. But I have only less money.. (She keeps a pout)

Sanksar: Swaraa.. Why did you bought these all??
Swara: (excited) because I love you.. I felt very happy.. When I bought these.. I never bought anything to anyone.. Because I used to stay alone.. I don’t have anyone to buy gifts also…. But today I’m very happy… I bought these gifts with my money… I’m soo happy….But I had a fear that will you like it or not??

Sanskar: (cups her face) Noo Swara, it’s nice..
Swara: really??
Sanskar: yes…but if you keep this ring to me, it will be more beautiful…
(Saying this he touches his nose with her… Swara smiles)

She puts the ring to him… But it stops in the middle..
Swara: (shocked) Sanskar, I think I bought the small size.. I should have bought the bigger size na? How can I take a small one..
(Her eyes are filled with tears… Sanskar notices her tears)

Sanskar: Swara… It’s not soo tight, see I will put it.. (He pushes the ring forcefully) it goes inside..

Sanksar: see now.. It’s fitted.. It’s the correct size Swara.. Don’t feel bad!!
Swara: but Sanksar, is it not tight??
Sanskar: Noo.. It’s perfect!!
Swara: (smiles) really???
Sanksar: (hugs her tightly) Yes Swara and Thankyou So much…( He kisses her cheeks)
Swara, I need an other gift…
Swara: what’s that??
Sanksar leans towards her and kisses her lips…
They share a passionate kiss!!!

*********flashback ends**************



laksh: rohit, whats happening between them, they again got patched up.. we need to do something.

rohit: yes laksh… but what shall we do? but i have a doubt, why to create misunderstandings between them?

laksh: because i know sanky very well.. he is never closed with any girls before.. first lets find out whats going on between them! i have an idea lets follow that…

rohit: okay!!

at that time laksh notices ragini

laksh: hello ragini,
ragini: hi laksh… did you find that girl?
laksh: (teases) no ragini… I’m trying for her.. i don’t know where my darling is..
ragini:(teases) achaa… don’t worry laksh, you will find her definetly, i will help you for sure.. okay!!

laksh (shocked) okay!!
ragini: by the way.. when is our practise?
laksh: evening after the college..
ragini: okay il meet you at that time…. bye!!!

(saying this she leaves… she thinks)
laksh, today you will get shocked with my dance…she smiles and leaves!!!

shona comes to college warring white churidhar… laksh stares at her, and at that time he watches sanky coming… he gets an idea and signals his friend something….

when shona was walking, laksh friend comes and gives dash to her…. shona falls, at that time laksh comes and holds her in time…

sanky watches this from far… nd gets angry!!!!
(He can clearly watches Laksh expressions… But he can’t see shona’s expressions.. As she’s turning back)

laksh: (touches her hand and smiles) are you fine???
shona: haa I’m fine…. (she looks at him and gets shock) laksh?? tum??
(she immediately gets up and when she was about to go… laksh holds her hands and pulls her towards him and he keeps smiling)

Sanky misunderstands them.. Seeing Laksh smiling… He thinks that they became friends)

shona: laksh???
laksh: why are you scared of me??? (he holds her waist)

sanky gets more angry

shona: wo…. im not scared of you.. why should i get scared of you?? I’m not scared understand and don’t dare to come in front of me again??

laksh: hello excuse… i helped you from falling down… just have some thankfulness!!! i may be other team, but even i have some humanity.. okay????

shona: thank you….nd I’m sorry!!
laksh: (smiles) thats kk… now you can go, by the way shona… ur so cute in this dress… (he pulls her cheeks)

shona: really?????
laksh: yess shona!! ur very cute…

shona and laksh laughs!!

shona: smiles) thankyou..

(she leaves…. sanky watches all this and goes inside angrily)

Music room:
He remembers how Laksh holds her they both laughed….
He gets angry….

Shona comes…
Bublu: hello Shona!!
Shona: hello Bublu.. Hi Sanky!!

Sanky doesn’t respond!!

Shona: (shouts) Sanky.. Good morning!!
She looks at him… Nd understoods that he is angry!!

Shona: (goes near him) helllooooooo!!!
Sanky: Yess what??
Shona: Kya hua… Angrybird????
Sanky: nothing!!!
Shona: Sanky.. R u angry on me???
Sanky: (angry) who am I to get angry on you??

Shona: ? what??? (She looks at Bublu.. Bublu smiles and signals him that he don’t know why is he behaving like that)

Shona: who am I??? Don’t u know who am I??
Sanky: (acts as he’s busy with guitar) Noo!!

Shona: ?I’m ur kiddo Sanky!!!
Sanky: I don’t have any friend name kiddo!!
Shona: ?(shock) Kya hua Sanky!!
Sanky doesn’t answer her…

Bublu: Shona…by d way, what are you talking with Laksh.. Outside???

Sanky watches him angrily…

Shona: (ohh now I understood) actually.. When I was going, suddenly someone came and dashed me.. At that time Laksh helped me..
First I got angry on him… But he helped me na.. So I said Thankyou… Nd you know what…

Sanky: achaa.. Then why are you both laughing and taking???

(Bublu smiles seeing Sanky jealous)

Shona: Hahahahah Sanky… You know what…He said that I’m looking soo cute in this dress!!
(She smiles) am I looking really soo cute in this dress???

Bublu: (confused with her sudden question) yes Shona!! U are cute!!
Shona: Thankyou Bublu…
Sanky: I dint like it…
Shona: (sad) what?? Am I not looking cute?
Sanky: Noo ur not…
Shona: (pout face) I know I’m cute!!
Sanky: good!!!

Shona: (angry) what happen to u Sanky?
Sanky: nothing… Go and talk to him.. Don’t talk to me… Goo..

Shona: (eyes are filled with tears)
Sanky notices her tears… Before he stops her… She leaves!!!!

Bublu: Sanky, why did u behaved like that?? Why r u jealous of that Laksh??

Sanky: jealous?? Noo way? But Im scared of him Bublu… It was his new plan.. To trap her..

Bublu:: ooff.. Okay… Anyways I need to go!! Bye…

(He leaves)

Sanky feels restless of scolding her…
He calls her.. She cuts the call…

He messages her
Sanky: kiddoo I’m sorry!!

Shona doesn’t reply…
Sanky feels restless!!!

Shona in class:
Checks her mobile…
He keeps on messaging her, but she doesn’t reply…
She looks at his mobile… But thinks to reply or not…
But she doesn’t reply… She keeps on looking her mobile…
Nd when she turns back… She is shocked to see Sanky standing near the door and looking at her…

Shona gets tensed and she hides her bench!!

Sanky angrily watches her behaviour… Nd calls her…
Shona looks at him… He signals her to lift the call..

Shona: angrily turns her face…

Sanky: (gets more angry) he goes inside!!

Sanky: excuse me mam!!
Mam: Yess..
Sanky: I want Shona..
(Shona is shocked)
Mam: Varun, you can meet her after the class..
Sanky: actually, we need to meet principle about our music program!!
Mam: ohh sure you can take her!!
Sanky: Thankyou Mam..

Shona: (covers her face)
Mam: Shona.. You can go!!

Shona: angrily looks at him… While Sanky winks at her!!

He takes her….

He takes her to the music rooms
Shona: Sanky leave me!!
Sanky: why are you these stunts to me??? How many times should I call you..
Shona: you said that I’m not cute..
Sanky: smiles…Yaa Shona ur were not cute.. Because something is missing…

Shona: (angry) what’s that??

Sanky : hmm.. Shona do u have a pen??
Shona: don’t u have it..??
Sanky: Noo.. I don’t have an habit to carry a pen!!
Shona: ?Sanky, why r u coming to colz without a pen..

Sanky: shonaa.. Do u have it or not??

Shona: (excited) Yaaa I’m having.. I’m not like you.. I have all colours of pen.. Nd you know I have many pencils too.. Nd small small erasers.. I just love those scented eraser…do u want to smell it??

(She takes out a mini stationary from her bag)

Sanky: (laughs loudly) Shona… Seriously.. You have a stationary.. Seeing you I’m remembering my childhood days.. Hahaha lol!! It’s soo funny!!

Shona: hehehe… Nice na??? Now tell me why did U asked me a pen?

Sanky: hmm wait il tell you..
(He selects a red colour and goes close to her)

Shona: (tensed) Sanky, what r u doing?? Plz don’t tell that u will spoil my dress by scribbling it? It’s my fav dress.. You know I like white soo much!!

Sanky:shhhh…stay calm for sometime…just wait and watch…Nd I bet you will like it..

(Saying this he applies a bindi with that pen)

Shona: ?Sanky!!!!
Sanky: shhhhh… (He looks at her.. Nd smiles..) now u look soo traditional and very beautiful ?(he pulls her cheeks)

Shona: really??
Sanky: yes if you don’t Trust me take, out the mirror from ur bag and checks it..

Shona: ?okay!!! ?but Sanky how do u know that I have mirror in my bag??
Sanky: ?I knew it!! Coz girls can’t live without it na!!

Shona : Sanky… How dare you tease girls!!(she starts beating him)
Sanky: (laughs) arey yaar!!!what did I do.. I just said the fact!!
(They start hitting each other)

Sanky: shonaa.. This is too much!!!

They both spend some time Hitting each other.. Nd spending some time!!!

Episode ends!!

Sanky goes for trip with his friends…
Shova conversation in phone..

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