True love never dies Episode 27 (Swasan)

**********.flashback continues**********

Sanskar: (smiles) Noo way!!! Ur gonna pay for it Swara, (saying this he lifts her and carries her to his room)
Swara: (laughs by closing her eyes with her two hands) Sanky.. Plzzz I’m sorry..

Sanksar takes her to his room.. Nd places her down…. He twists her hands and holds that with his one hand…
Swara: (smiles) Sanksar what r u doing??

He looks at her teasingly.. And takes out the belt from his pant…

Swara is shocked!!
Swara: sanskar.. What r u doing??
Sanskar smiles and ties her hands with that belt and leaves his hand..

Swara: sanskar… Why did u tie my hands…. I will tell to Ma..

Sanksar: achaa… Go ahead!!
Swara: I will shout!!
Sanskar: carry on!’
Swara: really I will shout…
Sanskar: (smiles and winks) shout Swara… I don’t care…
(Saying This he goes more close to her and holds her waist..Nd looks at her teasingly)

Swara: (sweating) Sanskar.. You don’t know about me.. I really knew karate.. (She keeps on talking)

Sanskar: achaa.. (He slowly touches her pockets and takes out her lipstick)
Shona is shocked!!

Sanskar: soo you used this lipstick… Nice.. Now il use this lipstick!!

Swara: Noo please!!!! Sanskar boys shouldn’t keep lipstick!! U will look funny!!
Sanskar: achaa…
(He goes near her.. Nd stares at her lips..when he was about to kiss…
Swara: sanskar…. Plzz leave me.. I will never repeat this.. I’m sorry!!
Sanskar: (smiles) okay.. U should not repeat this okay.. (He frees her hand)

As soon as he frees her hand… Swara starts hitting him..
Swara: (laughs) sanskar.. How dare you tie my hands!! Ur over!!
Sanskar: (laugh) arey Swara.. What r u doing..
They both keep fighting.. Sanskar holds her again..
They both look again…(Sanskar remember their first fight.. Where he kissed her forcefully..)
Sanksar: (whispers) Swara… Do u remember our first kiss… at that time we were fighting like this..
(He goes more close to her)
Swara: sanskar!
Sanskar: Haaa
Swara: Maa is waiting…
Sanskar: achaa really….
Swara: Haaa
Sanskar: okay goo!!

Swara looks at him Nd places a peck on his lips

Sanskar smiles
Swara: good night Sanskar!!
(she laugh and runs!!)

Sanskar smiles seeing her running!!

Next day:
Swara wakes up… She remembers yesterday’s incident.. She gets happy.. She gets freshup and goes down!!

Swara: good morning Ma.
AP: good morning Swara..
Swara: Maa shall I help you..
AP: Noo Swara.. U just sit here.. Have coffee!!

At that time Sanskar and Adharsh comes down..
Adharsh and Sanskar: good morning Ma!!
AP: haa Sanksar, u came at correct time.. I forgot to tell..I’ve talked to pandit ji…He told that this Saturday, is a good for marriage.. Or else we we need to wait till next month… So tell me what shall we do?

Swara and Sanskar looks at each other and smiles…

Sanskar: (staring at Swara ) Haaa Ma.. I can’t wait until next month…(he winks at her) actually, let’s fix it on this Saturday!!

He signals Swara.. Is that okay??
Swara: blushes!!

AP: Saturday?? But Sanksar, we have only 5 days time.. We need to make arrangements.. We have lots of things to do!!

Sanksar: Maa.. I want my marriage to be simple… Only us.. A simple marriage at our house itself!!

AP: simple marriage?? But Sanskar..

Adharsh interupts AP.. Nd signals her looking at Swara… AP understands… That they r thinking about Jagadish!!

AP: okay fine!! Simple marriage will be more beautiful… Hey na Swara!!

Swara: (blushes)
Adharsh: today il go and il bring Pari with me… She will be very happy…
AP: I’m soo happy today!! Come lets all have breakfast together!! Nd Swara lets go for shopping… We need to do lots if shopping…

Swara: (thinks something and looks at Sanksar) haa Maa.. I need to do lots of shopping…

After breakfast…
Sanskar: Maa bye.. I’m going..
AP: bye Sanskar…
Sanskar leaves…. Swara gets angry..Nd keeps a pout face!!

Swara: Maa did u see… He dint even tell bye to me!!
AP: (smiles) haha Swara, I can’t understand u guys..

At that time they landline rings…
Swara picks it up…

Swara: hello..
Sanskar: can I speak to my fiancée!!
Swara: (pout face) ur fiancée is angry right now!!
Sanskar: ohh really, but can I know the reason?
Swara: you dint tell her when ur leaving!!
Sanskar: who said I went? I’m waiting for my darling near the car..
Swara: (excited) really??
Sanskar: (smiles) yes swaraa.. I’m so happy today, we are going to get married.. I’m so happy Swara, I love you…
Swara: love u too!
Sanskar: only love u too? I thought Atleast you will give a hug!!!

Swara gets happy Nd goes out!!

She looks at Sanskar, who is waiting near the car.. He looks at her and smile!!

Swara gets happy, nd runs towards him and hugs him tightly!!!! Nd kisses his cheeks
Sanskar too hugs her back!!

Sanskar: I love you Swara!!
(He kisses her for head)
Swara: love you too Sanskar.. Come home soon!

Sanskar: sure darling!! Have a nice shopping… Take care.. Bye..
(He leaves)

*******flashback ends***************


Sanky comes out.. Nd thinks..
How can they think like that.. Every person has only 1 life.. How can they ever think about 2 Nd life!! ?? This is soo strange?

Shona doesn’t go for meditation class..
Sanjay gets angry and he calls Shona..

Sanjay: Shona, why dint u come??
Shona: Sir Plzz I’m not interested .. Nd I don’t won’t ur Tution.. I can study for myself.. I’m not a dull student as u think.. I can handle myself!

Sanjay: achaa then say those words to ur dad!!
Shona gets tensed..and takes a deep breathe
Shona: okay.. I will talk with my dad, u don’t worry!!

She cuts the call, and gets ready…
After few mins Shekar calls Shona…

Shekar: Shona.. How can u talk like that to ur sir.. Whatever I’m doing is for your good.. You will never understand it.. Say sorry to him.. Nd from tomorrow go to his classes..

Shona: (shocked) dad, I’m not gonna go.. I hate him.. You don’t know how he is torturing me.. If I just sit in his Tution, I May pass only his subjects, then what about other subjects??
I can handle myself.. Don’t worry…

Shekar: shonaa.. You need to go that’s it!! Shona: I hate you dad… If He is more important than me, then Make him as ur son and leave me… I won’t talk to u.. Shona is angry on you…Bye!!!
Shekar: Shona beta.. Nothing like that.. Kk I’m sorr…..
(She cuts the call)

Shekar is shocked..Nd again calls her.. But she cuts the call!!

Shona smiles and thinks:
Papa, I know very well.. If I do this then u will listen to me… Finally, I’m a free bird.. But I should bear him in the colz.. Dats k only 1 hour na… Anyways I’m sooooo happy.. I need to get ready to colz

Scene 2

Sanky picks Bublu and goes to his college… Nd goes to their class…

Sanky and Bublu goes near music room..
Bublu: Sanky, today we don’t have practise then why r u going towards music room..
Sanky: I told Shona to come….
Bublu: what Shona?? But what if Arts see you..
Sanky: no problem yar, I don’t care, actually I was bit worried for her.. I want to see her

Bublu: but yesterday you saw her na..
Sanky: Bublu.. Yaa I saw her, but that’s in the evening..
Bublu: (teases) achaaaa!!
Sanky: haa and night I got a bad dream.. Hmm.. Forget all that.. Come lets go now!!

Bublu smiles..
Bublu: okay Sanky.. You go Il join u guys!!
Sanky: okay!!
Sanky goes to music room and calls Shona but she dint lifts it..
He gets more worried..

Shona after the class… At that time Sanky again call her.. Shona checks her bag and receives his call..

Sanky: Shona where r u?? Why r u not lifting my calls??
Shona: (teases) Sanky!! Sanky please help me!!

Sanky is shocked…
Sanky: (worried) Shona Kya hua?? Why r u crying!!
Shona: (cries) Sanky.. I’m soo scared.. This Sanjay… (She stays quiet)
Sanky: (/shocked and remembers the dream) shonaa…what Sanjay??! What did he do?? Shonaa.. R u listening.. Don’t worry I’m coming…where r u Shona??
Shona: sanky.. I….I’m…
Sanky: Shona relax… I’m with you.. Don’t worry…tell me where r u??
Shona: Sanky i…I’m outside the music room..(saying this she laughs loudly)

Sanky: (shocked) what???? he looks outside,
Shona: loll!! Sanky… I fooled u today..and She keeps on laughing…
Sanky: shonaa.. R u mad?? You know how much I was worried!! Never scare me like this Shona!!
Shona: Kk fine.. I’m sorry… (She again laughs loudly) by d way Sanky, ur expressions are soo cute angry bird!!!

She again laughs..Sanky looks at her angrily…

Shona: I’m sorry… (She holds her ears)
Sanky: shonaa.. How can u take things so easily.. Never do this Shona!

At that time Bublu comes…
Bublu: hello guys
Shona: hello!!
Bublu: (sings)Shona.. I have a surprise for u..
Shona: (excited) what is that???
Bublu: he takes a big chocolate..

Shona is shocked… Sanky laughs loudly..
Bublu: (confused) Kya hua??
Sanky: (teases) arey Bublu.. Shona is fasting!! She won’t eat chocolates today..
Bublu: really??
Shona: (pout face) ha Bublu!!
Bublu: then what should I do with this chocolate..
Sanky: give it to someone..
Shona: what?? Itna big chocolate to someone???
Sanky: haa.. U won’t eat na..
Shona: noooo… Actually Bublu.. Il have it tomorrow!! You bought it for me with so much of love na…I can understand.. You don’t need to give it to anyone!!
(She takes it from him and keeps it in her bag)

They laughs looking at her childish nature!!

At that time Shona gets a call.. Seeing her call.. She cuts it angrily..

Sanky: Shona Kya hua?? Who is that?
Shona: he is my dad!!
Sanky: dad?? Then y r u cutting the call?? Lift it..
Shona: Noo Shona is angry on him… She won’t talk!!

Bublu laughs…
Shekar keeps on calling!!
Sanky: Shona, it’s not a right thing.. Lift and talk… Nd Keep speaker..
Shona: okay!!

She lifts the call..
Shekar: Shona beta.. Shona.. R u angry on me?? Beta.. Talk to me!!
Shona: (stays silent)
Shekar: okay my sweet princess..I’m sorry.. I understood ur problem.. Do whatever u like.. U don’t need to go to his Tution.. Okay?
Shona: (excited) really papa ???
Shekar: Yess!! Princess!!
Shona: wow Thankyou dad… Love u soo much!!

Sanky relived as he doesn’t need to worry about that Sanjay matter..

Shekar: hahaha love u too.. And papa is Missing you!!
Shona: (smiles)even Shona is missing u papa! Bye tc..

Shona cuts the call and gets happy..

Sanky & Bublu smiles looking at daughter and father talk!!

Shona: okay then.. I need to go for temple.. Bye guys!

Sanky: (smile) k careful.. Bye!!
(Shona leaves)
Bublu: (teases) acha she’s not a kid Sanky.. Don’t worry!

Shona leaves…

Scene: 3
AP thinks about the words what pandit ji said.. She’s madly missing Swara, she thinks if Sanksar is alive.. Where is Swara?? When will she come Infront of me and Varun..

She feels restless and thinks to go to temple

AP: Pari.. I’m going to temple.!
Pari: Maa.. R u going alone?? Shall I come with you?
Ap: no beta.. It’s time for Adharsh to come.. You be with him.. Il manage..
Pari: but Maa.. How can I send you alone.. AP: (smiles) no problem beta.. Driver is there na!! I will come soon..
Pari: okay Ma.. Careful!

AP leaves:
She sits in the temple.. Nd cries remembering Swara!!

Scene: 4
Shona gets ready and wears pink half saree .. Nd she wears matching necklace and hearing..
She highlights her eyes with Kaajol..
She looks herself in the mirror.. Nd praises her self!!

Shona: wowww Shona.. U look soo beautiful.. Umahhhh!!!!
She smiles and goes to temple..


Shona enters the temple.. At that time AP feels some happiness in her heart!!
Her heart is filled with Swara’s memories..
AP: Swara, why do I feel that ur here somewhere.. I want to see you Swara.. How many years more should I wait for you..?? I became old Swara.. I don’t have that much of patience.. Before I die, I want to see you and Sanskar together!!
(Saying this words she sits and cries)

Shona goes inside and the temple.. She goes inside and prays..

Maheswari hall:
Sanky comes home..
Sanky: Maa…I need coffee!!
Pari: haa varun!!

Pari comes and gives him coffee..
Sanky: Ma where is dadi? House look so bored??
Pari: she went to temple!!
(Sanky remembers Shona telling him that she’s going to temple..

Sanky: (thinks) did she reached home?? Wait il find out..

(He calls her.. Shona lifts the call)
Sanky: Shona did u reached??
Shona: Noo Sanky.. I just came now..
Sanky: now???
Shona: Yaa Sanky..
Sanky: Shona.. You told me that you will go to temple at 4:00pm but it’s 7:00pm now! What were u doing until now?? You could have went earlier na..why so late?? Now how will you go now?? It’s so far too..

Shona: why r u shouting at me.. I thought to go early.. But this half saree na.. It irritated me a lot.. I don’t know how to wear it.. So I was busy in that so it became late.. Don’t worry Sanky.. Il reach home fast!!

Sanky: no don’t go alone.. It’s not safe..u stay there.. I’m coming…

Shona: (excited) really??
Sanky: Haaa Shona.. Il call u when I reach… Bye!!

(He cuts the call)

Temple :

Driver to AP:
Driver: madam.. Adharsh sir has called..He is telling you to come.. Shall we go mam??
AP:(wipes her tears) Haaa Challo lets go!!

AP gets down the stairs.. At That time Swara too gets down..but AP doesn’t look at her..

AP wears her slippers and sits in the car.. She watches a girl running… And dashes someone….It was Shona..

Shona: (kneels down Nd caresses the kid) are you alright??
(She blows air to that kid wound)

AP watches Her through the glass and smiles seeing Shona helping that kid…

Shona: okay baby.. Bye take care.. I need to go..
Kid kisses her… Shona gets happy and she kisses the kid back… Nd gives her the chocolate…
Kids takes the chocolate and leaves…

AP car starts…. Shona turns back… AP looks her through the window and gets shocked!!
She’s is shock… (By that time car moves little distance)
AP: driver stop the car??
Driver: Kya hua mam!!

AP: gets down… (At that time Shona walks)
AP: (shouts) Swaraa!!
(But she doesn’t look at her)
AP: (runs) Swara… Ruko Swara!!
Driver: madam!! (He goes back of her and stops her)
Driver: mam Kya hua??
AP: my Swara.. I’ve seen her.. Stop her!!!

By that time Shona again misses
Driver: madam where is she??
AP searches for her… She remembers her vision.. She cries…
Swaraa I’ve seen you… It’s not my dream.. I’ve seen you really… Where did u go???
And due to stress she faints!!

Driver: mam!! (He takes her home)

Sanky reaches.. Nd calls Shona..
Sanky: shona where r u??
Shona: where r u??
Sanky: hmm im waiting outside come fast..
Shona: I’m coming..

Sanky waits for Shona.. Nd he takes his mobile out and plays some games in his mobile..
He hears an anklet sound…He feels that the lady running towards him… Nd looks back…it was Shona… Tht too with half saree!!
Seeing her left him dumbstruck, he was mesmerised seeing her.. she was an epitome of beauty, he couldn’t even let his eyes blink.. She was soo cute in traditional attire!!

Shona comes towards him.. Nd looks at him staring at her..
Shona: Sanky.. Where r u??
Sanky: (comes out of his senses) Haaa Shona!!
Shona: what are you thinking Sanky??
Sanky: woo…actually nothing.. By the way come lets go..
Shona: where Sanky..
Shona: shonaa.. Il drop u home come..
Shona: Noo.. I still dint give this puja thali to pandit!!
Sanky: wht?? Shona what were you doing until now??
Shona: I’m waiting for u.. Come lets go inside..
Sanky: inside?? R u mad?? Noo… I never came to temple anytime.. My temple is at home.. Plzz don’t keep such things now..
Shona: plzzz Sanky.. I waited for you this much time.. Can’t u come for me inside.. Pl plz plzzzzzzzzzz…(she closes her eyes and pleases him)
Sanky: (stares at her lovingly..) okay fine.. Only 10mins.. Not more than that.. Okay??
Shona: (smiles) Thankyou.. Now come lets go..
(She holds his hands and walks… While Sanky stares at her)

They go inside the temple..
Shona gives the thalli plate to pujari.. She closes her eyes and prays..
Sanky is spellbind..he just stares at her cuteness!!

Pujari blesses both Sanky and Shona and gives Prasad..

They both walk..
Shona: Sanky lets sit here
Sanky: here?? Y?
Shona: it’s nice na.. Lets sit here and lets eat Prasad!!
Sanky: Prasad?? Shonaa.. Plz if u want you eat, don’t force me!!
Shona: Sanky, u never ate this Prasad? It’s will be good Sanky.. Just taste it!!
Sanky: Noo!!
Shona: plzzz for me.. She keeps it in his mouth… Nd laughs !!
Sanky looks at her laugh and stares at her..

Shona: Kya hua Sanky… Ur staring at me?
Sanky: (smiles) kiddo.. U look soo new today.. Sooooo new..
Shona: may be that’s because of my dress Sanky, is it not nice???

Sanky is shocked.. He just feels that he heard this same conversation somewhere!! (Flashback part where Swara tells Sanksar the same thing)

Shona: Sanky, Kya hua?? Is it not nice..??

Sanky: (smiles) Nd cups her face… Noo Shona…your soo beautiful!! Nd pink suited u. Soo much.. You looking soo pretty!!
Shona: (excited) really??
Sanky: yeaa!!!
Shona: but Sanky, someone said that, you look so funny in half saree!!
Sanky: (smiles) but that person just changed his opinion seeing her in live…

Shona blushes… Nd they both laugh looking at each other!!
(They both talk for sometime…)
Sanky: shall we go now!!
Shona: okay!!

They go outside…
Shona thinks of something..
Sanky: Shona what r u thinking..
Shona: Sanky.. Now how should I sit?
Sanky: (smiles) sit one side!!
Shona: one side? But I’m not used to it!!
Sanky: Shona!! No problem sit!!
Shona: okay..
(She places his hand on his shoulder and sits.. Sanky starts his bike..Shona keeps her one hand around his waist and holds him… Sanky smiles.. He feels so comfortable with her touch!!

On the way..
Shona keeps on speaking something… At That time A wife and husband passes towards them.. Husband driving and a wife sitting back same like Shona!!

Shona laughs looking at them..
Sanky: Shona why r u laughing..
Shona: Sanky look at us.. We are just looking like them.. Like a new married couples…Lol…It’s soo funny na..
Sanky: (smiles&teases) haha Yaa!! It’s soo funny!! The Guy who marries you really… He is out the next day… I can imagine his position!! Haaaa..Loll… Soo sad of him na!!!
Shona: achaa really… She pinches him!!
Sanky: (smiles) ahhh shonaa!

They both spend some time pulling their legs and reaches home…
Sanky: okay take care.. Have something okay?
Shona: okay.. Thankyou Sanky…bye!!
Sanky: bye kiddo!!
Shony: Sanky 1 min.. Go slowly okay??
Sanky: okay baba!!! Bye..

He leaves!!!
Rohit watches them and gets shocked!!
He thinks..
They again patched up! Oh god we need to do something now!! Nd tells Laksh!!!

Episode ends!!

Laksh new plan to tease Shona!

Will that plan create rift between Sanky and Shona??

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