True love never dies Episode 26 (Swasan)

************flashback continues********

They both look each other and smiles.. Touching both the heads together!!

They sit near the car.. Swara sits in front of Sanskar.. Where Sanskar hugs her from back…closing his eyes.. Nd rests his chin on her shoulder…while Swara keeps thinking about something and plays with his hands!!

Sanskar : Swaraaaa
(But she doesn’t respond)
Sanskar : swaraaaaa.. He slightly jerks her !!
Swara: (comes back to her senses) haa Sanskar!!!
Sanskar: where r u?? What r u thinking???
Swara: sanskar.. I need to tell you something which is very important!!
Sanskar: (confused) what’s that??
Swara: just 2 days back, I got job… (She looks at him) in international school… At Ooty… I should join that in 15days… Now what should I do Sanskar.. Shall I join???

Sanskar: (hugs her more thightly and simply says). Noooo!!!

Swara: ?Noo?? But Sanskar I already joined.. Now I can’t cancel that na.. I already got the joining letter…if I cancel it now, next time if I need that job, I can’t get that again!!

Sanskar: Swara.. Seriously how can you leave me and go.. That too to Ooty.. Noo I can’t allow u.. U don’t need to do any job.. Be with me that’s enough!!!

Swara: but what should I say to my principle..
Sanskar: Swara you don’t need to tell her anything.. Because I already talked to her.. Nd I have cNcelled ur joining letter too… So now don’t worry about it!!

Swara: what??
Sanskar: Haaa Swara….
Swara: but how do u know that I’m going to Ooty Sanskar
Sanskar: u told me…
Swara: I told you…but when??
Sanskar: when ur drunk!!

Swara: ?what??
Sanskar: Haaa Swara, today before going to office …I went and met ur principle.. She asked me the reason.. I told that we r marrying.. She happily accepted!! So don’t worry!!

Swara gets happy.. She looks at him lovingly… Nd kisses his cheeks. Nd hugs him!!

Sanksar smiles and hugs her back!!

Swara: why do u love me Sanskar, this much of love?? Kyu??
Sanskar: because ur my life!!

They both smile looking at each other and hugs each other!!

They get interrupted by AP’s call..

Swara: sanskar you getting call!!
Sanskar: (comes out of his senses and checks his call,

Sanskar: Swara its Ma!!
Swara: (excited) Maa… (She takes the call from him and talks to her)

Swara: (shouts excitedly) Maa!!!

Sanskar smiles looking at her..

AP: (smiles) Swara..where r u both..It’s 11:30… Come soon..
Swara: haa Maa we are coming.. You don’t worry.. By the way did u had the medicine..

AP: haa Swara

(Sanskar smiles holding her tightly, and kisses her cheeks romantically Nd bites her neck…
Swara: ahhh!!! Sanskar!!
Sanksar: (smiles) Swara, what did I do…
Swara: don’t u know what u did…ur biting my neck..

AP smiles listening to their words..
AP: hahaha…Swara sorry for disturbing…and Come home soon bye..
Swara: Maa listen…
(Ap happily cuts the call)

Swara: sanskar, how can you do like that?? What will Ma think..
Sanskar: Swara, that’s Ma.. Not strangers.. She knows that we going to get married.. Soo chill!!
Swara: okay.. Come lets go.. Ma is worried for us..
Sanskar: okay!!

On the way to home
In car:
Swara and Sanskar starts they cute fight…
Suddenly a puppy comes Infront of the car..
Swara: sanskaarrrr!!!!
Sanskar stops the car… They both get down
Swara looks at the puppy, nd caresses it!!
Swara: (excited)woww Sanskar this is cute na!!
Sanskar: you like dogs??
Swara: Haaa Sanskar, I love it…. Shall we take this puppy with us!!
Sanskar: (smiles) okay Swara!! Ur wish..
Swara gets happy and hugs him..
Sanskar: come now let’s goo!!

When they were about to go.. A person stops then!
Person: hello!! This my puppy.. Give it to me!!
Swara: what?? No this is mine..
Person: excuse me.. This is mine..
Swara: if it urs, why did u leave it!!
Person: arey we were playing games.. Nd it came out.. If u don’t believe… He calls the puppy…
It jumps from swAras hand and goes to him!!

Swara is shocked and looks at Sanskar.. Sanskar smiles!!
Sanskar: that’s k swara.. It’s not ours na.. Leave it!!
Swara : this dog doesn’t have some thankfulness!! See how easily it went!!
Person: hello, hold ur tongue.. How dare u scold my puppy..

Sanskar smiles seeing their fight for that puppy!!

Sanskar to person.
Sanskar: Im sorry!!
Person: it’s okay!!
Sanskar: Swara lets go!!
They leave…
(They reach home)
Sanskar: Swara u go park the car and come..
Swara: okay..

Before going inside.. Swara gets a plan..
She takes lipstick from her pocket and applies it… Seeing Sanskar coming she hides the lipstick in her pocket…

Sanskar: Swara, you dint go inside..
Swara: I’m waiting for u…
Sanksar:(smiles) okay come lets go…

Swara: sanskar one min!!
Sanksar: Kya hua??
Swara: Thankyou Sanskar for this wonderful ride… (She kisses him tightly..soo tightly….so that Her lipstick mark stick to his cheeks)

Sanskar: (smiles Nd romantically ) swaraaa, only one kiss!!!
Swara: kisses on his other cheeks..
Sanksar: ?only 2 kisses…That too on cheeks??? I’m not satisfied.!! (He signals her his lips)

Swara: (smiles) really??? But I think it won’t be good if I kiss you there!!
Sanskar: no problem.. U can kiss… I love it… ?
Swara bends to kiss his lips, but kisses down of his lower lip!!
(She smiles and runs)

Sanskar smiles and goes inside…
AP: Swara… How was ur ride?
Swara: it’s soo beautiful!! (She hugs her)
Adharsh: I’m soo happy for you both Swara

At that time Sanskar comes in…
Swara signals Adharsh to see his face… To see that lipstick marks Nd winks?
AP and Adharsh smiles..
Adharsh: (teases)sanskar.. Seeing ur face I think you both had a nice time..
AP: (teases) Sanksar, what is that?? Did u look at your can u roam like this..what if everyone sees it!!

Sanskar: what?? Kya hua Ma!!
Adharsh gives the mirror to see..Sanskar is shocked and looks at Swara…

Swara takes her lipstick from her pocket and keeps it to irritate him..and winks!!

Sanksar: swaraaaa…. (He runs to hold her)
Swara laughs and runs….

Sanskar: Swara, stop.. I won’t leave u today!!
Swara: Hahahahah Sanskar, my lipstick mark suited ur face a lot!! Ur looking like a joker!!?

Sanskar: achaa really??? Ur gonna pay for it Swara..

Swara: (laughs loudly and runs) seriously?? What did I do? Actaully I kept only 1 kiss.. But you were asking me to keep more.. So it’s ur fault, you shouldn’t blame me for that!!

AP and Adharsh smiles looking at them..

Sanskar: Swaraa.. How can u talk that In front of everyone??

Swara: (teases) sanskar did u forgot, that’s Ma, and Adharsh jiju…Not strangers.. They know that we going to get married.. Soo chill!!

Sanskar understoods that she’s using his words… Nd runs back of her…
Sanskar: (smiles) achaa!!!Swara.. Ur over!!
(He runs and holds her and twists her hands)
Swara: (laughs) plzzz leave me.. My sweetuuu…(she pulls his cheeks with other hand)
Sanskar: (smiles) Noo way!!! Ur gonna pay for it Swara, (saying this he lifts her and carries her to his room)
Swara: (laughs by closing her eyes with her two hands)

Adharsh: Maa it’s better to do their marriage tomorrow itself..
They both laughs… !!!

*********** flashback ends*************

Sanky reaches home:
He gets freshup and sits in his balcony.. Sipping a coffee and thinks,
Shona’s voice, that tune.. He gets happy..
He thinks..
I can’t Believe this.. Shona ur superb!! U have lots of talent.. I’m soo happy to be ur friend… Nd he thinks about Sanjay…
The way how he stared her, Sanky gets angry..
What is he upto?? I should keep an eye on him!!

After sometime he sleeps!!
Suddenly he gets a dream..
A stranger , places a box in front of a girl, … she opens it and finds a cute puppy.. She gets happy and jumps with excitement…
Girl: wowwww this is soo cute.. Is this for me??
Stranger: yes mam!!
Girl: who gave it..
Stranger turns back and shows him…
A boy standing near the tree.. With holding his hands.. Nd watches her smiling…
Girl: (excited and happy) she looks at him…and runs..And jumps on him… Nd kisses his lips..

Sanky smiles in his dream…

Girl: Thankyou soo much… She again kisses him… Holding him tightly!!!
(He gets happy seeing her happy)
Girl: I love you soo much Sanskar!!!

Suddenly Sanky wakes up… He was shocked to hear the name Sanskar..

Sanky: why am I getting dreams of a boy and a girl.. Nd my name.. What’s happening to me… He cools himself..
Varun.. This is ur dream.. U will be in ur dream.. What’s wrong in it..
He smiles thinking about the girl.. Nd her kiss..

He again sleeps.. Nd he again gets a dream.. This time it was Shona and Sanjay..
Shona: (crying).. Sanky please help me…
Sanky: shona where r u???
(He can hear her voice but he doesn’t find her)

Sanky: Shona where r u???

Shona: (cries loudly) plz leave me.. I will do whatever u say.. I’m so scared seeing you.. Plz leave me..
Sanjay: how dare you do this to me.. I won’t leave you Shona.. He slaps her…
Shona: ahhhhh!!!!

Sanky who is listening all this gets shocked!!

Sanky: (shouts) shonaaaaa!!!!!!!

Sanky wakes up…
He is fully sweating.. He is soo worried for Shona.. Nd immediately calls her!!

Shona doesn’t lift the call… He again calls her… Shona lifts the call…
Shona: (drowsy voice) hello!!

Sanky gets relieved to hear her voice..

Sanky: shonaa!
Shona: (worried and looks the was 3:00am she sits) Sanky…. What happened.. R u fine?
Sanky: Shona, r u fine??? That Sanjay..
Shona: Sanky Kya hua??
Sanky: Haaa woo… I got a bad dream Shona.. Ur fine na.. Ohh god!!

Shona: Sanky.. I’m fine.. See I’m talking to u.. It’s just a dream Sanky.. Don’t worry..
Sanky: Kk.. Shona.. Haaa did u lock ur doors??
Shona: haa Sanky..
Sanky: okay!!
Sanky: shonaa…tell me something.. I want you to speak continuously.. I want to hear ur words..

Shona: (sleeps on bed and starts talking to him) Sanky.. You know ur soo cute.. The first time when you saved me.. Did u remember, I was very happy.. Because u saved me.. Nd second time.. When I was telling joke in music room.. U started scolding me..
That time I got very angry on you.. But Becz ur a science group leader I left you.. Or else I would have shown you my karate skills…
She laughs loudly…

Sanky’s who’s listening all this… Smiles hearing her words..
Sanky: achaa!! So Ms. Kiddo knows karate.. Woww that’s great!! So I should learn from you..
Shona: ahahhaa this is too much! I was just kidding Sanky..

They both start pulling their legs.. Nd talk for sometime!!

Sanky: by the way Shona.. You dint tell me that ur talking to Ragini?? Nd your teaching her dance??

Shona: (shocked) how do u know Sanky!!
Sanky: (teases) kiddoooo!! I’m your science group leader… I know everything.. You can’t hide anything from me..
Shona: acha.. Woww Sanky.. Ur very intelligent.. This much intelligent!! Very nice .. Keep it up!!

Sanky just listens her words lovingly and smiles…
Shona: by d way…Sanky.. I’m just helping Ragini in her dance that’s it!!
Sanky: okay fine.. But careful okay..
By the way Shona.. What’s ur program tomorrow?
Shona: tomorrow after the colz I need to go to temple Sanky.. Tomorrow Saturday na!!
Sanky: ohh gud.. Enjoy!!
Shona: my mom gave me warning too… She was like repeating her words… Shona.. Don’t forget to go to temple, don’t forgot to wear half saree…

Sanky: Half saree???
Shona: Haaa.. Kya hu??
Sanky: (smiles) nothing… Actaully I’m imagining you in half saree!!

Shona: really?? How am I looking?
Sanky: (laughs) you look so funny!!!

Shona: ? sankyyyyy
Sanky: okay cool cool… Tell me what all your mom told you to do…

Shona: she told me to wear half saree…and she told that…Shona, Don’t forget to do fasting.. Nd don’t forgot to control urself by eating chocolates!!!

Sanky: (laughs) loll!!! This is very very funny.. I can bet that u can’t stop ur self from having chocolate…

Shona: hello mr. Angry bird!! I can control myself!!

Sanky: achaa really???
Shona: yaaaaa

At that time Shona alarm rings..
Shona: ohh god.. Sanky it’s 4:30.. I should go for meditation class.. Oh god r else he will kill me..

Sanky: (shocked…he remembers the dream) shonaa.. Ur not going anywhere..
Shona: but Sanky I need to go na!!
Sanky: Noo.. Just listen to my words.. I said Noo… That’s it!!!

Shona: ?okay, I won’t..

Sanky: good girl… Now sleep for sometime.. Nd come to music room when u reach the colz.. Il wait for you..

Shona: okay Sanky.. Good night… Sorry soryy.. Good morning!!

Sanky smiles….
Sanky: good morning Shona!! Nd bye have a nice sleep!!

He cuts the call and he sleeps peacefully now.. After listening to her voice…

Next day:
Pari: Varun.. Varun wake up!! It’s 8:30!!
We have puja at house.. Panditji is coming.. Wake up Varun!

Varun: Maa.. What’s this pujas and all.. That too early morning..Don’t u have an other time..

Pari: Sanky, get up soon!!

Sanky, goes and gets ready…After the puja.. The Panditji blesses him..

AP: Panditji.. Ur good at astrology na.. Tell my grandsons future!!

Sanky: dadi.. This is too much!!
Pandit: beta sit here.. Nd show me ur hand..

(He checks his hand and gets shocked.. He wides his eyes and looks at him shockingly)

Dadi gets worried seeing his expressions..

Dadi: Kya hua pandit ji..
Pandit: it’s miracle.. Varun.. God has blessed you.. He gifted you with an other life!!

All r shocked!!
Sanky: what ??
Pandit: yes beta…And This is ur second life.. U Born again to get back ur love..

Sanky: (in mind) ooff!! This is too much)

Pandit: but to get back ur love.. You have so much of walls in between.. (He shows his hand lines) You need to cross all this… It’s all the difficulties you will face in future… Nd if u can break all that then you will get a happy life with ur love!!

Dadi: (cries) I know.. My Sanksar came back.. To get his love.. Swara where r u beta??

Sanky: (irritated) ooff!! I’m sorry… I don’t trust these… I need to go.. Ma bye!!
He goes near dadi and hugs her.. Bye dadi!!

Sanky comes out.. Nd thinks..
How can they think like that.. Every person has only 1 life.. How can they ever think about 2 Nd life!! ?? This is soo strange?

He goes to his college…

Episode ends:

AP sees Shona in the temple… Nd runs back of her…
Sanky gets mesmerised seeing Shona in half saree!!

Sorry for this short update.. I hope you all will like it!

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