True love never dies Episode 25 (Swasan)

episode 25

Sujatha angrily comes down…
Sujatha: Bhabi ye sub Kya hai?? How can u do this with my daughter?

AP is shocked..
AP: Sujatha what did I do?
Sujatha: you told that you will talk to Sanskar about Kavitha, but that Swara snatched my daughters happiness!!

AP : Sujatha be in ur limits!! I already told u.. If Sanksar wish to marry Kavitha then I don’t have any problem.. But my son loves Swara..

Kavitha: then what about my daughter??
(Kavitha starts her acting by crying loudly)

Sanskar comes down listening her crying sound

Sanksar: Kavitha what’s going on??

Sujatha: ur happy na Sanskar, dint u ever think about my daughters happiness.. She loves u madly.. But you broken her heart!!

Sanskar: broken her heart??? Really?? I know the reason why her heart has been broken… Because all her dreams of her parlour was Been vanished na.. Now where will you get money from… That too 1cr..

Kavitha, Swara and AP are shocked!!
Kavitg thinks that Swara had told the truth to Sanksar…

AP: what 1cr Sanskar?

Kavitha: so Swaraa, ur happy now.. Ur plan has worked, you brought fights to our families..Becz of u sanksar is misunderstanding us… Why do u hate me Swara..??

Swara is shocked… Tears falls from her eyes!! She looks at Sanksar, Nd signals him that she saying wrong!!

Sanksar goes towards Swara, Nd places his hand on her shoulder..

Sanskar: Kavitha I trust Swara.. I know all ur evil plans.. I’ve listened to ur conversation in the morning…
Adharsh: haa Kavitha, don’t pretend to act!!

Sanskar tells AP about everything… AP gets shocked…she goes towards Kavitha and slaps her!!

AP: how dare you tell my bahu to leave this house.. Nd how dare u to try to cheat us.. Get out from this place… Right now!!

Sujatha and Kavitha gets shocked!!
Kavitha: Swaraa I won’t leave you .. Ur the reason for all this.. I will kill you..

Sanksar: (shouts) Kavitha!!! Just mind ur tongue!! Nd just get out!!!

Swara: Maa plz don’t send them out.. I don’t want this to happen… That’s why I dint tell anything.. Plz Ma..

Kavitha and Sujatha leaves… AP cries.. Adharsh consoles her…Swara too cries and goes to her room…

Sanksar follows her…
Swara sits near the window and cries…
Sanksar comes and sits beside her…
Sanksar: Swara.. You don’t need to cry, they have done the mistake.. I can’t take risk by allowing them to stay.. They may harm u and Ma.. I don’t want that!! I can’t even think of that Swara.. U both are very important in my life…

Swara gets emotional and hugs him…

Sanksar: Swara.. U, me, bhai, Bhabi and Ma… That’s enough na!! Such a sweet cute family.. Why do we need others!! Hey na Swara!!

Swara smiles.. Nd hugs him…
Sanksar: Swara.. Okay I’m going to office.. Take care of ur self and Ma okay!!
Swara: okay.. Come soon..
Sanskar : smiles and kisses her forehead

After few hours
Swara and AP arranges food.. Adharsh and Sanskar comes from office..

Sanskar comes and looks for Swara.. But he doesn’t find her…
AP: sanskar, and Adharsh come have ur lunch..
Sanksar: haa ma.. But where is Swara?
AP: hehe today she helped me in kitchen, so I gave her chocolate icecream…May be she’s having That!!
Sanskar: ooff!! Okay wait il bring her…

He goes to her room… He searches for her, but he don’t find her..
Sanskar: Swara, Swara.. Where r u??

(He looks everywhere, he looks in the washroom.. But she’s not there..
He gets tensed…
He shouts swaraaa….

At that time he hear Swara’s voice…
Swara: Haaa Sanksar!!! I’m in balcony!!

Sanksar: he goes to balcony… Nd gets shocked!!
Swara with her cute jump suit…sitting cutely and having full chocolate box!!

Sanksar: Swara! What are you doing??
Swara: this is soo yummy Sanskar.. Do u want to have it!!

Sanskar smiles… Nd sits beside her!!

Sanskar: Noooo!! Swara enough!! Just stop it.. U ate full box!! U should have ur lunch!! Come!!

Swara: lunch!!
Sanskar: if u eat like this.. You will become mottu… Have healthy foods!! Now come lets have lunch.. If u want have it after lunch!!
Swara: (smiles) okay!!!

They go down… Nd started having lunch!!

AP: so Sanksar, when r u both marrying??
Swara and Sanskar looks each other!!

Adharsh: haa Sanskar, if u both decide soon.. We can make arrangements.. Nd I should go and bring Pari too.. Pari will be very happy..

Swara blushes, Sanskar watches her blushing and teasingly signals her

Sanskar: Maa.. I will talk with Swara and I will decide!! Nd Swara get ready evening will go out!!

Swara: (excited) really???? Woww!! Okay…

After the lunch.. He gets call and he leaves!!

Swara gets ready wearing casual jeans and top…Nd waits for Sanskar.. But he doesn’t come yet..
It’s 10:00pm.. She gets angry..

Swara: Maa.. This is too much!! He told that he will take me out.. But he forgot me ma!!

AP: don’t leave him Swara.. You have full right!! Scold him when he comes!!

Swara: okay mom!!

At that time Sanskar comes… Nd looks at Swara who is staring angrily at her!!!
Sanskar: Swara Kya hua??
Swara: (shouts) Sanksar, what’s the time..
Sanskar: ohh I’m sorry Swara, actually I had lots of work in the office.. So I dint check the time… Let’s go now…

Swara: really???
Sanskar: Haaa will go for a long ride!!
Swara: okay fine.. Just give me 2mins!!!

After sometime they start leaving..
Swara: Ma bye….
AP: Swara and Sanskar… Take a decision.. I will be waiting for ur reply…
Sanskar: okay Ma..

They leave in car.. Nd stop near a lonely place…

They both sit in a place..lying on the ground!!
SwAra watches stars… Nd enjoys the weather..
Sanskar stares at her lovingly … Swara watches him starring!!
Swara: sanskar, why are you staring at me like that…
Sanskar: your soo new today Swara!!

Swara: new.?? Hmm may be change in my dressing.. Is it not nice??
Sanksar: (smiles) ur so beautiful!!
Swara smiles…
Sanskar: so Swara tell me.. R u ready for this marriage??
Swara: Haaa but why ur asking me like that..
Sanskar: (teases) ur just a kid na Swara..
Swara: kid?? U think I’m kid?? I’m 22 Sanskar!!

Sanskar: (smiles) woww ur 22… I thought ur sweet 16..
Swara: achaa… Ur teasing me.. Wait il tell to Adharsh bhai.. I will tell him to scold you..

Sanksar: Swara leave all that.. Nd ya listen.. Don’t call Adharsh as bhai… I’m just observing this from many days.. Why r u calling him bhai…

Swara: Kyu?? He is my bhai.. So I’m calling him bhai.. What’s wrong it!!
Sanskar: if you call him bhai… Then even you should call me as bhai!!
Swara: bhai??? How can I call u bhai.. I will call u Sanskar…(she pulls his cheeks)
Sanskar: Swara, call him jiju okay.. I will get angry whenever you call him as bhai.. So don’t call okay!!

Swara :(smiles) okay!!
Sanskar: hmm okay then when shall we get married??
Swara: hmm… I don’t know!!
Sanksar: next week?? Okay??
Swara: next week?? But soo soon..
Sanskar: haa Swara.. I want you to be with me in front of my eyes.. I don’t know why now a days I’m feeling bit worried.. After that incident… I will never leave u alone.. U should stay with me… Will you??

Swara hugs him… Ha Sanskar.. I will!! I’m so happy.. It’s still like a dream to Sanskar.. Once pinch me na!!

Sanskar smiles Nd pinches her… Nd he hugs her!!!

They both hug each other.. Nd stares at the sky!!
Sanskar: Swara, I forgot ask you, from when did you know Adharsh bhai??

Swara is shocked..
(He is expecting her to tell the truth)

Swara: my brothers friend.. I know him very well Sanskar..

Sanskar: (intentionally) you have a brother?? U dint tell me?
Swara: haa Sanksar, but he is not here now.. SHe looks at the sky…Nd tells that he is over there!!
(Her eyes are filled with tears)

Sanskar: turns towards her…
How did he died Swara.. ???

Swara: (tensed) he died in an accident Sanskar..
(She hugs him and cries)
Sanskar: (think) why r u not sharing with me Swara?? I knei ur worried about that Jagadish… U want me to be safe… But I won’t leave him Swara.. I will send him to jail..

Sanksar: Swaraa!! Don’t cry… He will be happy watching us… He will be happy if you smile..

Swara smiles…
Sanskar looks at her and kisses her cheeks… He slowly touches her face.. Nd wipes her tears.. Nd kisses her eyes.. He slowly bends down and starts kissing her lower lip…

Swara blushes and starts running…

Swara: arey Sanksar.. What r u doing?? We r not yet married??
Sanskar: so what? I’m kissing my girl friend, that’s not wrong!!

Swara : (smiles) acha!! Nd she runs..
Sanskar runs back of her and holds her… Nd pulls her towards the car.. Nd blocks her in between his hands!!
They both look at each other lovingly!!

Sanskar: Swara, today u can’t stop me from kissing you… Nd you know how you kissed me when ur drunk…

Swara: now I’m not scared of it Sanksar..
Sanksar: achaa!! Nd do u know onething.. You dint did anything.. I was just teasing you
Swara: what??
Sanksar: (smiles looking at her expressions) he cups her face… Swara I feel like kissing you… Can I??

Swara smiles…Nd allows him to kiss…
Sanksar could not control it anymore, he pulled her closer, soo close that there were no space for air to pass…
Fisting his hand in her hair, he swooped down to kiss her..she stood on his feet and her hand automatically came Around his neck and kissed him back…
She suddenly looses her grip on her legs and was about to fall.. Sanskar holds her… She stares at him and breathes heavily…

Sanskar: (smiles) Swaraa.. Ur soo short!!
Swara: Noo I’m not short.. But ur soo tall!!

Sanksar: (teases) achaa!!! But you know I love short people..

Swara blushes…
He again losts in her blushing…
Sanksar: Swara… Ur make me mad with ur expressions … I’m just loving it!!
He smiles and holds her waist.. Nd lifts her up and makes her to sit on the car…
Sanskar: Swara is this height okay for the kiss
Swara Laughs and She kisses him with lots of love…
Sanskar holds her tightly… Nd kisses her back!!! It was a passionate and a long kiss!!! They were both lost in that kiss!!

They broke the kiss… Swara gets shy and looks down.. Her eyes are filled with tears… Nd she hugs him tightly…
Sanksar: Swara I want this kiss.. Daily.. Will you give it!! I know that u started loving me with this kiss..
Swara: (shocked) how do u know Sanksar??
Sanksar: (teasingly) I know what u feel Swara.. I know face reading..
Swara: really??
Sanksar: yes!!
Swara: woww Sanksar ur soo intelligent… Being with me you got all my intelligence..
Soo sweet…
She keeps her hands around his neck and gives a peck on his lips!!
Sanskar looks at her lovingly.. He bends down and kisses her neck…
Swara closes her eyes.. Nd allows him to kiss…

Sanskar: I love you Swara…
Swara: I love you too Sanskar..

They both look each other and smiles.. Touching both the heads together!!

Episode ends..

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