True love never dies Episode 24 (Swasan)

**********flashback continues*****
sanskar thinks about Swara and smiles!!
He thinks all the incident with her and smiles..he wants to surprise her but he don’t know what to do..

He smiles and goes down!!
Kavitha watches Sanksar coming!!

Kavitha: Sanksar!!
Sanskar looks at Kavitha.. Nd remembers what Swara told him about sujatha!!

Sanskar : (angry) ha kavitha
Kavitha: Sanksar, I’m so bored at home.. Let’s go out!!

He gets shocked and looks at Swara..Swara just acts as she dint hear anything!!

Sujatha: Haaa Sanksar! Take Kavitha out na!!
AP: (doesn’t like Sanskar going with Kavitha) Sanskar, if ur going take even Swara with you!!

Swara and Kavitha are shocked

Swara: Noo Ma… I’m not interested.. Let them go… Let them spend some time with each other..

Sanskar remembers her words… Where she’s told him about she’s has no problem with u and Kavitha relation … I want you to stay happy..
He looks angrily at Swara…as she’s sending him with Kavitha!!

AP: what?
Swara: Ma I mean… Kavitha might feel bore…let them go..

AP: but Swara,

Adharsh : (covers) Maa..lets all go for dinner.. It’s been so long since we all went!!
Sanskar smiles…
Sanskar: okay bhai… Let’s all go together..
(He looks at Swara and leaves… Swara is confused)

Kavitha gets angry and she goes to her room..Sujatha follows her… At that time Sanskar watches them and follows… Adharsh : sanskar, Kya hua?
Sanskar: shh… Come with me bhai!!

(They secretly follows Sujatha and Kavitha)

Kavitha room:
Kavitha: Maa.. Why AP always tries to bring Swara in middle.. I’m just hating her!!

At that time Kavitha gets call.. Nd she lifts it!!
Kavitha: just give me 10day time.. Il tell you what I decided.. I don’t have money right now.. But plz leave that place to me.. I will pay the advance money in 10days..

Sujatha: (listens to her conversation) Kavitha Kya hua??
Kavitha: mom..I already told you before that im planning to keep a beauty parlour….I have got the place for it.. But it’s not monthly rental.. We need to buy that place.. It’s the centre place.. Nd a very big place too… So it will be benefited for us.. We will be getting lots of profits! But we need to pay 1 cr.

Sujatha: 1 cr..?? But Kavitha we don’t have that much of amount.. Nd 1cr for beauty parlour??
Kavitha: haa mom.. It’s centre.. Nd we need to make lot of changes!! I know it’s so huge amount.. But I love to maintain royalty.. Kavitha should be in top…

Sujatha; but how will we get that amount??
Kavitha: (smiles evilly) mom.. Don’t worry.. I will get money.. By marrying Sanskar.. Not only 1cr Ma, after marrying Sanksar, everything will be in my hands..

Sujatha: (shocked) but said u love Sanksar? U cried soo much!!

Kavitha : love?? Come on Ma.. I love money.. I want to have a status.. At that time dadi asked about the proposal.. So I thought we will be benifited.. So I accepted… Nd That’s the reason I wanted to marry Sanskar..
But here seeing Swara close with Sanskar, I felt that she will snatch all my happiness.. I will never let her do that…
This status, Sanksar, everything is mine!!!
And once the marriage is done, just wait and see.. How il make everything myself..and il just torture that AP.. How dare she scolded me when I said Swara to bring my bags in…
Once our marriage is done.. Then I will show my true colours to everyone!!

Adharsh and Sanskar are shocked!! They are speechless… Sanksar is fuming with anger!!
At that time they hear Swara’s voice… Swara listens the conversation from back door..

Swara: Kavitha..
Kavitha: (shocked)
Swara: Kavitha, how dare you think like this.. Don’t dare to hurt my family..How can you become so low for money.. Shame on you!! I thought u love Sanksar, but u love money more then Sanksar.. Nd how dare you think to torture Ma… I will never let u do that Kavitha!!

Kavith: how dare you… Just stay away from it.. Ur just a guest here..

Swara: yes I may be a guest.. But they r my family.. I will never let an evil eye fall on them.. I know how to protect my family.. Just be in ur limits..

Sujatha: hey chori.. Hold ur tongue.. Nd I already told u Sanksar loves Kavitha so u just get lost from this house… Or else I will kill you..

Sanskar is fuming with Sujatha words…

Swara: Yaaa aunty, ur right Sanskar might love Kavitha, But I won’t spare u, if u hurt them.. I thought to go, but now I changed my mind.. I will never leave this house until everyone sees ur true Colours..

Kavitha: soo you will tell them.. Do u think they will trust you..
Swara: It’s not the matter of trust.. I know how to tell the truth out.. But I won’t tell.. Coz I don’t want to hurt Ma.. I’m giving last warning.. Change ur mind and be normal.. Or else I want spare you..

She goes a front forward but again looks back…

Swara: Kavitha, ur not at all worthy for Sanksar.. Ur face may be beautiful.. But u don’t have him in ur heart!! U have only money in ur mind!! Nd u crossed all ur limits today for that money!!!

Kavith: achaa! So u think ur worthy for Sanskar??
Swara: not at all… I’m not suitable for him too.. But I have him in my heart.. Nd I will never cross those limits like u.. Nd never ever think to hurt my family again… I will kill you!!

She angrily leaves…

Sanksar and Adharsh gets happy hearing her words.. Nd they leave from there!!

Sanksar: how dare bhai… How can they ever think like that.. We gave Kavitha what all she wanted.. But she wants to hurt us!! She wants to hurt Ma!!
Nd you know they even told Swara to go from this house.. What right they have?? I just want to kill them..

Adharsh: haa Sanskar, we can’t allow them to stay here more!! They should learn some manners from Swara.. She’s not our family but she cares for us.. That’s enough Sanskar..

Sanksar: (smiles) that is Swara bhai.. She loves us all soo much!!

Adharsh: (sees him blushing and teases him) don’t u love her Sanskar?

Sanksar: Haaa I love her bhai.. But today my love for her has increased a lot.. She’s so special!!

Adharsh: (tear falls from his eye and hugs him) I know Sanskar, that u love Swara.. I’m soo happy.. You both are made for each other… Maa will be very happy!!

Sanksar: haa bhai.. She loves me soo much, she confessed me yesterday when she was drunk…I thought to tell my feelings but i thought that she’s thinking I’m in love with Kavitha.. But now I’m happy she got to know the truth.. I won’t make late.. I will confess my love to her.. I can’t wait bhai… I will confess my love In front of everyone.. That too in front of Kavitha.. I know Swara will accept me…

Adharsh: (smiles) that will be wonderful… I’m so happy Sanskar..
Sanskar: but bhai I need ur help,
Adharsh: haa Sanksar tell me what should I do..
Sanskar: just find out her tastes.. Like what type of proposal she likes.. So that I can surprise her!! What u say??

Adharsh: hahhahaha Sanskar, my bro is very romantic.. I never seen him in this angle.. (He teases him)
Sanskar: (blushes) bhai stop it plz!!
Adharsh: okay don’t worry!! I will handle this!!
Sanksar: Thankyou bhai!!
Adharsh: anything for u and Swara..
(They both hug each other)

Swara is watching tv… Adharsh comes and sit beside her..

Adharsh gets an idea…
Adharsh: Swara I need ur help?
Swara: haa bhai.. Tell me!!
Adharsh: my 1st anniversary is coming.. I want to surprise my wife.. Tell me what should I do, how should I surprise her.. She should be very happy with my surprise!
Swara: woww awwwww sweetttt… (She jumps with excitement) So do u want to propose her again with the gift?

Adharsh: Yaaa exactly…

Swara: bhai.. I don’t know anything about it… But just propose her the way..where whole world knows it!!

Sanksar who is listening to their conversation is shocked!

Adharsh: whole world??
Swara: whole world means not all… But in public.. You know you should be romantic at that time.. confess ur love in front of everyone.. You are saying ur love to everyone!!! You know that will be the best gift!! I bet she won’t forget That in her life!!!
It will be very fun… Just try it na!!
By the way bhai… Ur surprising ur wife.. Heyeyyy….. Arey ur bushing…
(She starts teasing him)

Adharsh: arey Swaraa…. Ur too much!!!! Anyways get ready… We need to go for dinner!!

Sanskar smiles and leaves!! He calls someone and tells them the plan!!


Adharsh: Ma, Swara.. R u all ready??
Swara: haa bhai… I’m ready!!

Kavitha : Adharsh even I’m ready..
(Adharsh and Swara looks at her angrily)

Swara: bhai where is he not coming..

At that time Sanksar comes…
Sanskar: Noo I’m not coming.. (He leaves to his room)

Adharsh: (teases) Swara, tell Sanskar to come..
Swara: me?? Bhai he won’t listen to me..
Adharsh: do something Swara, only u can make him come.. Just think something and Convince him!
Swara: okay bhai…

She goes to his room..
Swara: sanskar, ur not coming??
Sanksar: (acts) Swara how many times should I tell you.. That I’m not coming!!
Swara: Sanksar plz come na.. All are going.. If u won’t come Ma will be sad.. Just come for her na!!
Sanskar: (smiles) Swara.. Plz don’t irritate me.. Just go from here!
Swara: go to hell!!!
(She leaves the place)

Sanksar smiles seeing her anger!!

They all reached hotel!!
They all seated in their places…ful hall
was fully decorated with white and red.. Decoration!! Which giving a rich look!!

Swara: wowww this is really very nice!! Specially red colour balloons.. It’s nice na!! Bhai any special today??

Adharsh: I don’t know Swara.. May be someone’s bday!!
AP: haa Swara, this is very nice!! I just loved it!!

Waiter comes..
Waiter: sir ur order please!!
Swara: ur decoration is super.. It was just stunning… What’s special today??
Waiter: mam, it was a surprise… One man made this arrangement.. He wants to surprise his love by proposing in front of everyone!!
Swara: what?? wowwww soo sweet of him!! Adharsh bhai.. It will be useful for u!!
Adharsh: (smiles and thinks… This is for u Swara.. Just wait for sometime.)

AP: Swara, order ur food!!

The hall is filled with people.. All are talking about the decorations… Nd all r eagerly waiting for the couples!!

After sometime suddenly lights goes off… And they hear a voice.. As they can see a person standing near the door with the Mike.. But his face is not clear!!! It was Sanksar!!

Good evening all.. Sorry for disturbing you all.. can I continue..?

All shouts him to continue!!

Sanksar: Thankyou soo much!! I want to surprise my love.. I’ve thought many ideas.. But I got to know that my love loves a proposal in front of everyone!! So I came up with this idea!!

Someone from the strangers shouts..
Where is your love??

Sanksar: (smiles) she’s here around us.. Even she don’t know about it!! She’s sitting in one corner, and waiting for that girl.. Like u all are waiting!!

(All laughs loudly)

Swara: wowww Ma.. It’s just amazing na!! Such a wonderful surprise.. Defntly that girl is very lucky!!
Adharsh: haa Swara.. Let’s wait and see!!

AP is confused as she knows that it was Sanskar’s voice, she looks at Adharsh.. Nd signals…
Adharsh smiles and nodes yes…
AP is shocked Nd happy… Her eyes are filled with tears… Finally Swasan are going to unite!!

Sanksar: before proposing her, I just want to tell few lines about her..
She is soo beautiful… Very beautiful.. Nd cute too!! I never seen such a beautiful lady in my life!!
She always keep smiling.. Nd she loves to irritate me soo much!!
Hahahahah.. Nd you all don’t believe we always start our day with fighting.. Nd end our day with fighting too..
But the way she fights, the way she makes me irritate.. Is just makes me crazy all the time..
She soo pure at heart… She loves my family soo much!! Mainly Ma mom.. She will do anything for her…

AP eyes are filled with tears and looks at her lovingly… But Swara just listens to his words.. She’s dint understand yet!!

Sanskar: I still remember the day I first saw her.. In my office.. She was very pretty…
She came into my world like an angel.. But we started with fighting.. Lol!! She knows how to fight..And she’s a great sacrificer too… She thought to leave everyone, Nd she thought to goo far …For sake of our happiness..

Swara is shocked!!!
(Her eyes are filled with tears, she doesn’t know whether it is Sanskar or not, but she feels that these words are for her)

Sanskar: She never thinks about her.. She always gets happy to share her happiness to all… But she will never tell her sadness to anyone.. Nd bears the pain alone…
Nd I’m the reason for her pain… I left her alone on the roads.. That too at night… She went missing for 2days…
That day… I got to know her importance.. Wherever I see I can only see her… I started loving her… Nd I love her soo much!!

Swara is completely shocked… Her face is glowing with happiness… She knew that it was Sanskar.. Nd she never expect that it will be him… Her eyes are filled with joy…

Sanskar: I love her soo much…. She’s my life… I love you soo much ‘SWARA’..

Kavitha and Sujatha are shocked….

Swara starts crying… Her tears are because of her joy… Adharsh and Ap hugs Swara…. Swara slowly wipes her tears….

(Sanskar notices her tears… Nd slowly walks towards her)

Swara can see him coming towards her… And her heart starts beating fast!! She was so tensed… She never expected this in her dreams.. He is coming more closer..But she cannot see his face due to darkness…

Sanskar: soo my dear friends… Do u all want to see my beautiful love!!

All shouts yessss!!!

Sanksar walks towards her.. He sits on his knees…
Swara is tensed…
Sanskar cups her face and wipes her tears… Nd places a ring

Suddenly lights come… As soon as light comes…

Sanksar: I love you Swara… Will u marry me???

All looks at the couples… AP and Adharsh claps for them… While all others claps.. And laughs enjoying to see his proposal!! Except Sujatha and Kavitha!!

Swara is soo happy.. She’s on cloud nine!! She don’t know what to do..

Sanskar: Swara I love you…

All shouts her to accept!!
Swara looks at AP.. AP smiles and nodes her to accept!!
Swara gets happy…Nd jumps with excitement!! (She’s on cloud nine she looks at Kavitha.. Nd looks at her angrily)

Swara: I love too Sanskar!!! Nd yes I will marry you…
Sanksar smiles… He wears the ring to her… Nd hugs her tightly!!! Nd whispers
I love you Swara… Nd kisses her forehead!!

Swara gets happy and hugs him tightly…
Swara: Thankyou Sanskar!! I can’t believe this… Is this true??
Snansar: yes Swara!!! Ur my life…

They hug again… nd Sanskar lifts her with her waist.. Nd turns her while hugging..
Swara laughs with happiness…
Swara: sanskar.. Plz let me down!! All r watching us!!
Sanskar: you love this Type of surprise na RSo no problem let whole world see us!!
Swara: (excited) how did u know this Sanskar.. (She remembers Adharsh asking her.. She understoods the plan)

Swara: Sanksar, so it was ur made bhai to ask me.. Nd u did this preparation..

Sanskar: yes!!
Swara smiles and hugs him more tightly..

Swara: sanskar, u told that you won’t come.. Nd you did all this.. Nd u cheated me na!!

Sanskar: haa it’s should be a surprise na..I want you give u the best gift!! So I fooled u using Adharsh!! .. saying this he started to run…
Swara: sanskarr…. (She runs to hold him)
Swara: (laughs) Sanksar how dare you.. Wait today ur over..
Sanksar: achaa!! Ya ur right… After marrying you.. Il be over! (He laughs loudly)
Swara: ohh really!! Then y do u want to marry me!! Don’t marry..(she keeps a pout face and turns around)
Sanksar: goes towards her and hugs her from back…

Sanskar: (laughs loudly) Swaraa.. I want us to be like this forever.. Will u ever irritate me like this??
Swara smiles)

AP and Adharsh smiles looking at them..

While all the audience smiles looking at them… Nd gives a loud applause

Swara gets shy.. Looking at everyone.. Nd hugs him..Nd hides back of him!!

Sanskar: Thankyou all for bearing us… Haha so tell me how is my love.. Isn’t she beautiful??

All laughs Loudly and appreciates him for his taste…

Sanksar: soo my dear friends, Thankyou for making day very special.. Without u all.. May be I can’t propose her.. So I just want to give u all a treat.. So have an unlimited food.. Nd il pay ur bill!!!

All gets happy and laughs!!! While Swara and Sanskar stare at each other)

(They come towards ap and all…
AP hugs them.. Nd blesses them!! Swara bad Sanksar both notice Kavitha being angry!!

They all dinner together… They spend a lovely time except.. Kavitha and Sujatha!!

They all reach home…

Swara in her room…
She thinks about the proposal, she feels soo happy… She’s still thinking that she’s dreaming!!
AP comes to her..
AP: Swara u dint sleep still??
Swara: (hugs her) Maa I’m soo happy.. Thankyou soo much!!
AP: I’m soo happy that u becoming my bahu!! U will stay with me forever!! I’m happy Swara!!!

Swara: but I will call u only Ma!!
(They both smile and hugs each other and AP leaves)

Swara wants to meet Sanskar, she is still confused… She doesn’t know is this true or not!!

She goes towards his room.. But gets nervous to enter his room.. Nd waits outside..
She knocks the door.. She hears the door open sound and gets scared and runs..

Sanskar opens the door and finds no one!!

She is soo tensed

She again give courage to herself, and goes near to the room and She Knocks.. When Sanskar was about to open.. She again runs!!!

Sanskar smiles, as he got to know that it’s Swara, Coz no one in the house behaves like that…
(He intentionally closes the door again)

Swara again goes and when she was about to knock Sanskar opens the door and pulls her in!!

Sanskar: (smiles) Swara what’s ur problem???
Swara: wo actually, nothing!!
Sanskar: (teasingly) nothing.. Then y are you knocking the door!! Answer me..
Swara: hmm kk.. Sanskar I will ask u something.. You tell me, okay??

Sanskar: achaa… What was that Swara..
Swara: sanskar…is this real.. Actaully u always hate me…. Suddenly this proposal.. I was in confusion…

Sanskar: don’t u trust me Swara??
Swara: Noo Sanksar, I always trust u… But I was bit confused…

Sanskar: hugs her from back..Nd places his chin on her shoulder…
Swara.. I started loving you when I left u alone… You know I became mad.. I started missing u very badly… (He cups her face) I love you Swara!!! Plz don’t ever leave me like that!!

Swara gets happy… Nd hugs him tightly…

Swara: I love you too Sanskar…

Sanskar: (teases) Nd Swara, you know yesterday my love for u has increased more!! When u were drunk…

Swara is shocked again…
Swara: ?what did I do yesterday..when I was drunk.. ?? Plz tell me na.. I’m soo restless! Plz Sanskar..

Sanskar: (smiles and hide his smile and goes close to her) swaraaa, do u reaaaaalyy want to know what you did!!

Swara: (cutely) Haaa Sanksar!!
Sanskar: achaa But Swara, I can’t tell you what all u did.. How can I tel those things Swara!! Are you crazy??

Swara is shocked!!
Swara: ? Sanskar plz don’t scare me!! Plzz…. Tell me na!!

Sanskar: (teasingly) fine!!! But I will show you what all you did… But one condition..

Swara: (confused) okay.. What’s that??
Sanskar: (teasingly) once I do h should do that same thing with me again.. Okay??

Swara: okay!!

He slowly turns her to his side, holding her waist tightly…
Swara gets tensed and closes her eyes tightly…
Sanskar admires her cute beauty expressions.. He cups her face and stares at her beautiful face…
Swara: sanskar, wht r u doing??
Sanskar: I’m doing what all u did with me..
Swara: ?what did I do like this???
Sanskar: (smiles) Yess Swara!!! You hugged me like this, Nd…
He smiles and kisses her eyes….

Swara is stunned and opens her eyes!!
Swara: (tensed) ?really?? Did I do like this??
Snaksar: Swara!! Shhhh…(he places his finger on her lips and watches her sweating)

He goes more close to her Nd kisses her neck seducingly

Swara: (Swara is tensed)
Sanskar: (low voice) u kissed me like this..Nd…(he holds her grip tightly)
Swara: (tensed) Nd she runs and stands near the door!!

Sanksar: Swara, it’s cheating!! You forgot the condition… You should do what all I did to you..

Swara: (smiles) Noo ! I already did yesterday na.. Now again why??

Sanskar: achaa!! okay fine.. Go and sleep.. I will stand here itself!! Wholeeee night!!
He keeps a pout face…

Swara smiles and goes near him… Okay il give it..
Sanskar: good girl!!
He closes his eyes….
Swara comes close to kiss his neck… She smiles and kisses his cheeks tightly and runs.. Saying good night!!

Sanskar smiles… Nd thinks
Swara… What have u done to me??
He smiles and sleeps

Next day:

He gets ready and becomes busy with his files and calls..
After sometime.. He hears Swara and AP loud noises!!
Sanksar confused and goes down immediately!!

He watches Swara and AP fighting!! Swara is in tears..Sanksar is shocked!!

AP: Swaraa!! Keep that down.. Don’t dare do that!!
Swara: ?Maa!! Why r u scolding me..Im doing this because i want to help you!!
AP: Swara, do anything but not this!! Understand??

(Sanskar is confused and looks at Adharsh, while Adharsh is laughing continuously)

Swara: (shouts)Ma, I know how to cut them! Plz let me do it!!
AP: Swara, just listen to me.. I won’t let you do that!!

Sanksar goes near Adharsh…
Sanskar: bhai.. What’s happening??
Adharsh: (laughs) Sanskar, just wait and watch!!
Snaskar: bhai I don’t have such patience.. So it will be good if u tell me now!!
Adharsh: lol!! Sanskar!!! they r fighting for that onion!!

Sanksar: what???? (Shouts) onion???
AP looks at Sanskar..

AP: haa Sanskar, just tell her not to cut onions.. She will Atleast listen to you… Just look at her eyes.. It was filled with tears, for cutting this single onion!!

Swara: achaa.. Then look at ur eyes Ma!! Even its with tears.. Nd ur telling me..

AP: swaraa..I’m used to these.. But ur not!! okay fine.. Cut these tomatoes..

Swara: Maa! I’m not a kid.. I know how to cut onions..

AP: Swara.. I can’t see tears in ur eyes.. Listen to Ma words.. Nd cut these tomatoes!!

Swara: ?Maa, even I can’t see tears in ur listen to ur daughter words.. U cut tomatoes and il cut onions..

AP: Swara Noo..

(Adharsh and Sanskar looks at each other and smiles)

Sanskar: ooff!! Okay okay.. Just stop fighting now!!
Adharsh: haa mom.. I have an idea..
Swara: what’s that bhai??
Adharsh: you both cut tomatoes..
Sanskar: Nd we both will cut onions..!!

(Adharsh and Sanksar gives hifi)
AP and Swara looks at each other and nodes okay smilingly)
(They share some family time)

**********flashback ends***************


Ragini:: okay Shona, wait il connect the phone to the speaker… You voice will be audible..

Shona: okay!! But Ragini don’t tell this to Sanky.. He will scold me again..

Ragini: smiles okay!!
Shona starts humming it!!!

Ragini: okay Shona…I got the tune.. Now u sing okay!!

Shona starts singing the song!!

Hasi song from Hamari adhuri!!

Main jaan ye vaar doonHar jeet bhi haar doonKeemat ho koi tujhe beinteha pyaar doon (x2)
Saari hadein maine meri, ab maine tod diDekar mujhe pataa awaargi ban gaye

Ragini enjoys playing the song…
At That time.. Sanky and Bublu hears the song… Nd they get shocked!!

Bublu: is that the same song??
Sanky: (shocked) Yesss Bublu… But from where is this song coming from…

Rahul: (he looks at the opposite house)
Sanky.. This is coming from ragini’s house!!

Sanky: what???
They want to confirm hit!! Nd they run..
Nd knocks ragini’s door…

Ragini: Shona!! Wait il call you again… Someone came!!
Shona: okay bye!!

Ragini opens the door.. Nd shocked to see Sanky!!

Ragini: Sanky tum? Do u want anything??
Sanky: haa is That you, who is playing that song..
Ragini: Haaa but Kya hua??

Sanky is shocked..
Sanky: (he can’t believe it) he takes out the locket and shows it to Ragini..
Sanky: is this urs??
Ragini: Noo!! This is not mine… Any problem??
Sanky: this is not urs.. Then that song.. Have u ever came to our music room and sang!!

Ragini: Noo.. But Sanksar.. This is not my song.. Actually It’s my friend song…I’m just playing the music and my friend is singing..

Shona: friend?? Who is that??

Ragini doesn’t want to say her name… She stammers

Sanky: Ragini.. Plz this is very important.. I need to know.. Plz tell us.. Plz plz.. I promise I won’t let any problem come to u!!

Ragini: haa ya k but she told not to tell you!!

Sanky: what??
Bublu: she’s arts na.. So may be she’s tensed!!

Ragini: Noo she’s not arts, she’s science..
Sanky: science?? Who is she?

Ragini: okay I will tell… But plzzz don’t tell her that I told u guys, she will kill me!!
Sanky: okay who is she!!

Ragini: it was ‘SHONA’

Sanky and Bublu are shocked!!!
Sanky: Shona?????
Bublu: but Ragini, she don’t know how to sing.. She itself told us.. She’s a great dancer!!

Ragini: haa I know she’s a dancer, actually she’s teaching me dance.. Nd yesterday, she took my guitar and sang this song.. She also said that she can only sing this song.. I’ve liked that tune.. So I’m just playing now!

Sanky is in still shock!!

Rahul: what Shona?? Arey come on Ragini.. She don’t know how to sing!!

Ragini: okay wait il tell her to sing again

(She calls her)
Shona: (shouts) Ragini… You told 1 min.. It’s been 10mins.. Who came??

Sanky is shocked.. As she dint tell that she is talking with Ragini..

Ragini: Shona Actaully my friend came.. Leave all that sing again..
Shona: again???
Ragini: Haaa Shona!!
Shona:: okay fine!!! But don’t tease my singing okay??

She again starts humming…
Shona takes the guitar from Ragini.. Nd plays the music… Shona keeps singing!!
Sanky gets very happy… Bublu and Rahul gets excited!!

After the Music…

Sanky gives the guitar to Ragini.. Nd he signal Bublu to come with him.. Nd he leaves!!

Sanky calls Shona..
Sanky: Shona what r u doing?? With whom ur talking??
Shona: haa wo Actaully, I’m speaking with my mom..
Sanky: achaa!!! Okay.. I’m waiting outside open the door!!
Shona: Haaa.. What??? At this time?? What r u doing here Sanky??

Sanky: Shona first come..

Shona opens the door.. Sanky is holding guitar and Bublu is standing back if him

Shona: (laughs loudly) ohh god!! U r practising here???

Sanky: Haaa!!
Shona: okay.. Come in!!

They all get seated.. Sanky stares at her continuously!! Nd he places the locket in front of her..
Shona: (shocked) omgg!! My locket!!! Where did u get it Sanky?? You know I was searching for this!!

Sanky frown emoticon smiles) is this yours??
Shona: haa Sanky, it’s very special chain..

Sanky gets very happy!! Finally he got that girl..

Sanky: fine…. Shona sing a song..
Shona: ?what me??? I don’t know how to sing??

Sanky: shonaa.. Just give a try!!!
Shona: noooooo!!!

Sanky: ooff!!!
(He takes the guitar and starts playing it!!
He plays the same tune…

Shona is shocked!!
Shona: Sanky how do u know this tune??
Sanky: how do u know this tune??
Shona: I used to get a dream.. That someone is playing this song and I’m singing!!

Sanky: what??? Really??
Shona: haa Sanky… By d way how u know This tune???
Sanky: even I used to get same dream!! Seriously!!

Shona: (laughs loudly) hahahahhahaahh!!! I can’t believe this!! Ur making fun na!!

Sanky: shonaa!! I’m serious.. Anyways leave all that… Sing a song come on!!

Shona: me?? No no!! I’m scared!!

Bublu: shonaa.. Just try!!
Sanky: okay will do onething.. Il sing a song you sing along with me.. Okay??

Shona: okay but one condition!!
Sanky: what??
Shona: plz plz.. Don’t tease me okay??
Sanky looks at Bublu and smiles!!
Sanky: okay baba fine!! Now sing with me..

Shona: sankyyyy
Sanky: hmm again what??
Shona: I’m so scared..

Sanky: shonaaa Kk.. Do u like to play guitar??
Shona: (excited) Haaa Yaa!!
Sanky: come her… Sit beside me..

(Shona sits beside him.. Sanky gives the guitar to her… She holds the guitar.. He sits back of her Nd holds her hands… Nd makes her to ply the guitar..

Shona: Hahahaha Sanky.. It’s soo nice.. You making me to play the guitar.. Ur soo sweet!! (She pulls his cheeks and irritates him)

Bublu smiles looking at her childishness

Sanky: (laughs) shonaa!! Listen.. Arey!! What r you doing??

Shona: hmm what tell me..
Sanky: now I will make you to play the song.. Nd lets sing the song together okay. !!

Shona: okay..

Sanky starts plying the guitar, holding shona’s hand and he whispers in her ears..

Sanky: Shona, I’m with you lets sing this song together!!

Shona remembers the dream and closes her eyes…

Sanky starts singing the song..

Sanky: Tu hi ye mujhko bata deChahun main ya naaApne tu dil ka pata deChahun main ya naa

Shona: (looks stares at him…Nd starts singing the song…)
Tu hi ye mujhko bata deChahun main ya naaApne tu dil ka pata deChahun main ya naa

Sanky and Bublu gets happy to hear such a lovely voice… Sanky smiles and starts to sing excitedly…

Sanky: Itna bata doon tujhkoChaahat pe apni mujhkoYun tto nahi ikhtiyaarPhir bhi yeh socha dil neAb jo laga hoon milnePoochhu tujhe ek baar

Sanky and Shona sings too get her..

Sanky and Shona: Tu hi ye mujhko bata deChahun main ya naaApne tu dil ka pata deChahun main ya naa

They stop singing…

Bublu claps for them!!!

Bublu: woww hey Shona!! Amazing… Ur all rounder!! Amazing… Such a beautiful voice!!

Sanky smiles… He is very happy!!

Shona: really Bublu?? Did I sing well??

Sanky: Yess kiddooo!! It was soo fantastic!! I never knew it… Arey kiddoo… I was practising with that witch.. I’m such an idiot… Ur voice is amazing..

Bublu: Sanky… Let’s keep it secret.. It so good for us.. I keep practising with Tasha to make them believe.. Nd u practice with Shona, in real!!

Shona: what? I should be the female lead?? No no I can’t!!

Sanky: kiddo… Listen!! U have such a beautiful voice.. Don’t miss it..
Shona: but I never sang anywhere..
Sanky: u just need some small practise.. U can do it kiddo. I’m with you!!

Shona: okay fine!!
Sanky: woww that’s great!!!
(He hugs her) we need to prove that science is best!!

Shona smiles!!
They all spend some time together!!

Sanky stares at Shona… Nd thinks how can she get a same dream.. It’s really unbelievable!! He remembers AP words about to find that locket girl..

Sanky: shona tell me onething.. Where did u bought this locket?

Shona: this locket?? Actually I dint bought it!! My mom found it!

Sanky: what??
Shona: haa Sanky, 18yrs back.. A girl fall down from the cliff it seems.. At that time I was in my mummy’s tummy… Hehehehe funny na!!

Sanky: shonaa..
Shona: laughs.. Ok ok.. I’m serious Listen… My dad and mom went near her.. But she was dead at that time… She has this locket in her hand.. My mom took this locket.. She has tried her best to find that girl.. But until now we dint knew about her!! Who is that girl.. Why she has fallen from the cliff..
Soo sad na… Finally just before i joined this college.. I’ve seen this locket.. I just liked it.. I feel some connection with it.. So I compelled my mom.. Nd I took it from her!! Nice locket na!!

Sanky is shocked..
He remembers dadi words.. Where She was telling that ur chachi dint left this locket.. Even in her death!!
(Tear falls down from his eyes.. He got to know that she is his chachi… Nd she died by falling down from the cliff)

Shona: Sanky Kya hua?? Ur crying?
Sanky: she is my chachi Shona!!
Shona: ?what??
Bublu: Kya??

Sanky tells them everything what dadi told them.. He takes out his locket.. Nd shows them by joining both the lockets!!

Sanky and Bublu both r shocked!!
Sanky: chachi died by falling from cliff.. But what about chacha!!
I feel so sad for them.. He loves her soo much!! Nd how did he digest knowing her death at that time??

Bublu: such a painful story.. I want to know how chacha died!!

Sanky: haa Bublu.. Will find that.. May be we can get any clue in that diary…

Shona: Sanky even il read that diary.. Plzz!!
Sanky: okay Shona… Tomorrow will read the diary okay?? Okay then now will leave..
Nd Shona don’t go to meditation class.. Understand.. He can’t do anything… Just be brave… Don’t go okay!

Shona: okay!!
Sanky: hugs her.. Bye Shona.. Take care!! Don’t open the door!!
Shona: okay bye good night!!

They leave!!!

Episode ends!!

Precap: Swasan romance!!

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