True love never dies Episode 23 (Swasan)

Sanskar: (shocked) what???
Swara: Haaa Sanksar.. I got a job.. As a teacher.. In new place.. I’m going..

Sanskar: what r u saying swara.. New place.. Where are you going??

Swara: Ooty!!

Sanskar is shocked!!!

Sanskar: Ooty?? But Swara what’s the need to go to Ooty? It’s not Safe Swara!! And did you tell this to Maa and bhai!! How did they agree Swara??? Nd y dint u tell me before?

Swara: Noo Sanskar.. I dint tell anyone… Nd I won’t tell them too.. I know if I tell Ma she won’t allow me to go… (She comes closer to his ears and whispers)
Sanskar it’s secret okay!!! Don’t tell this to anyone!!!

(Sanskar doesn’t understand what to speak, he was completely speechless!!

Sanskar: (cups her face) why Swara??? And tell me onething.. do u like to go, will you be happy without us… Answer Swara??

Swara: ?(cries and sleeps on his shoulders) Noo Sanskar.. I don’t want to go.. I never wanted to leave you all… I like you all soo much..I will do anything for u all.. I love you all soo much!! After many years I tasted mothers love.. Her love was soo pure… I don’t know how my mother looks… But now I’ve got her love…
I don’t know why I always love to irritate you, it just makes me happy.. I just forget my past being with you..
Nd Adharsh bhai… He is soo sweet..wheh ever I see him, I feel like my bro is with me..
(She cries loudly) I don’t want to go Sanskar…
I don’t want to miss this family too!!

(Sanskar looks at her and hugs her tightly… His eyes are filled with tears!!

Sanskar: Don’t go Swara.. You can stay with us.. This is ur family Swara.. You don’t need to go.. We are there for you!! I will never scold you, plz don’t go Swara!

(She suddenly remembers the scene where Sanskar left her and breaks the hug)

Sanskar: Kya hua?
Swara: (pout face) I hate you Sanskar..
Sanskar: Kya??
Swara: haa… I hate you soooo muchhhh!!!
(She wides her hand)

Sanskar: per Kyu Swara!!
Swara: don’t talk to me Sanskar! (She turns other side and keeps a pout face)

(He pulls her towards him)
Sanskar: Why Swara, why do u hate me?
Swara: don’t u know?? You left me alone… On the road… That too on the night.. I hate you Sanskar! You know how much I cried..

He remembers the cctv footage and Tears rolls down from his eyes…

Sanskar: (he cups her face) Swara listen.. I’m sorry!! I agree I did wrong, I’m really very very sorry..

She sits and watches tears from his eyes… Nd wipes it!!
Swara: ur crying… Mr.sanksar Maheswari is crying.. But why Sanskar…
Did I hurted you???
Okay I’m sorry… Plz Forgive me!
(She holds her ears)

Sanksar cries and maKes her sleep on his shoulder)
Sanksar: Noo Swara, I’ve hurted you.. U should forgive me.. Will you forgive me Swara??

Swara: Haaa Sanskar I forgive you..
I was never angry on you Sanskar.. Because ur my life..

(Sanskar is shocked… Nd looks at her)
Swara: you gave lots of happiness to me.. You know I never wanted to live after my dad and bhai died.. But now I want to live Sanksar.. I want to be with you.. Did you remember our kiss, from that moment I started loving you..

(Sanskar was happy, emotional all kind of emotions were mixed on his face…to hear her confession)

Sanskar: (smiles and hugs her tightly)

Swara: (thinks) But I know you don’t love me.. You love Kavitha na?? Ur going to marry her na, I know Sanskar… Nd I’m very happy for u both!! I want ur happiness Sanskar!! U should be happy all the time.

Sanskar: I love Kavitha? How can you think like that Swara.. Who told you that I love Kavitha?

Swara: Sujatha aunty told me..

Sanskar: Sujatha aunty?? (He breaks the hug and looks at her shockingly)

Swara: ha she told me that Sanskar and Kavitha are marrying… Nd you leave the house quickly…
Even She hates me… She don’t like my presence in ur house…She’s feeling that im snatching you… I’m snatching her daughters happiness!! You tell me Sanskar… Am I snatching you from Kavitha?? Am I coming in between you both.. Did I ever disturbed you and Kavitha?? Noo na??
I’m happy that Kavitha loves you!! I always wanted you all to stay happy!!! I’m not bad to snatch someone’s love.. If I do that my papa will never forgive me!!

Sanskar is in big shock now… He still can’t believe.. He is wondering what’s happening in his house without his knowledge…

Sanskar understoods everything!.. He just gets angry on Sujatha and Kavitha!

Sanskar: ? Swara.. I’m telling you listen.. I don’t love Kavitha, I never treated her like that!! R u understanding???
How can u trust everyone so blindly.. I don’t love Kavitha!! Okay??
And ur not going anywhere okay?? Don’t listen to anyone’s words!!! How can you leave us Swara.. You know I’m soo happy today … And I won’t send you anywhere..How can you take ur own decision!! Ur not going anywhere okay?? You should stay with us always.. Understand??

Swara doesn’t reply…
Sanskar: Swara!! Why ur not replying anything..
(He looks at her and watches her sleeping cutely like a kid… Hugging him tightly)

Sanskar: (smiles) I’m happy that ur drunk.. I got to know the truth Swara.. R else I would have hurt u more with my words.. Nd how can you go far from us Swara, do u think I can stay happy without you… Noo Swara.. I can’t.. It’s just killing me inside thinking about the word ‘FAR’.. The day when you went missing.. I understood ur importance.. Nd knowing ur past.. I liked ur character Swara.. Ur soo simple..
No Swara…I will never let you go!! Never Swara!!

He recollects all the moments he spent with her..
He stares at her lovingly..
He kisses her forehead… Nd hugs her tightly and sleeps!!

Next day:
Sunrays hitting Sanskar, he slowly wakes up and finds a hold on his shirt.. And a weight on his hand…He turns to his right side and finds Swara holding him and sleeping on his arms!!

He gets spellbind with her morning charm..
He stares at her for sometime… Her face was glowing.. He can understand that she had a peaceful sleep last night..he tries to wake her,
And blows some air on her face… Swara smiles in her sleeps…
He looks at her smile.. Nd stares at her lovingly..
He irritates her playing with her hair..
Swara changes her expression…
Sanskar smiles seeing her cute expressions and hugs her!!

He thinks..
Swara I want you to smile like this forever!! He kisses her forehead!!
I want you to be with me Always Swara..
He places her head on the pillow and goes to get freshup!!

He gets freshup.. And he calls Adharsh

Adharsh: good morning Sanskar,
Sanskar: good morning bhai..
Adharsh: should I come now?
Sanskar: haa Yaa bhai… Bring some clothes for Swara, her saree has been wet..Start quickly..
Adharsh: okay what Swara is doing?

Sanksar: She is still sleeping bhai!

Adharsh: (teases) achaa!! Like seriously..ur letting her sleep?? How cum Sanskar.. I thought you both will be fighting at this time..

Sanskar: (smiles) bhai, there is no doubt in that, madam is still sleeping.. If she gets up.. She starts her fun!!

Adharsh: hahaha Kk! Enjoy her fun.. Il be there within an hour!!
Sanskar: okay bhai..

(At that time Swara wakes up and shouts… Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh)

Sanksar is shocked
Sanksar: bhai il call u later (he cuts the call and goes inside… Nd gets shocked seeing her..

She sits and hides under the quilt and keeps on shouting!!

Sanskar: Swara Kya hua??
Swara: (peeps out from the blanket and looks at him) Sanskar, when did I changed my dress??
(She looks at him)
When did u change ur dress???
I don’t remember anything..

Sanskar: (smiles and teases) don’t u remember Swara?? Don’t u know what u did yesterday??
Now il take revenge on you, that day you told Ma about the kiss right?? Now see I will tell everything to her what all u did!!

Swara is shocked!!
Swara: what??? What did I do Sanskar?did I did anything wrong..

Sanskar goes close to her… Nd wishpers..

Sanskar: Swara don’t u know what u did??
Just think Swara.. Just remember and count how many kisses you gave me..

Swara: what??? (Her eyes are filled with tears) sanskar plz don’t scare me.. I trust u more than myself.. I know I did nothing.. U won’t let me do that…Ur were teasing me na!!

Sanskar: (teases) achaa!! Swara don’t u really remember.. U were drunk yesterday..Nd you…… K leave that.. Just tell me how did u change this dress!! Don’t you remember who changed it??

Swara: (shocked) that means you changed my dress???
Sanskar: (teasingly) Yesss!! intelligent girl!!! Ur students were right Swara, ur verrrrrrryyy intelligent (he winks?)

Swara: ?what?? That means you saw everything… Ahhh.. How can u Sanskar..
She throws pillows on him…

Sanskar laughs loudly..

Swara: why are u laughing?? (She gets up and starts hitting him)

Sanskar: (laughs) Swaraa cool down yar!! I was just kidding!! Look at you how scared u are??

Swara: (worried) r u really kidding??
Sanskar: haa Swara.. Yesterday u were drunk.. After that you changed ur dress, Nd slept.. Nothing more than that

Swara: (happy) really??
Sanskar: Haaa Swara..
Swara: ooff… How can you scare me Sanskar… You know I was soo scared!!

Sanskar: loll!!!! Swara u look soo cute with this expression.. (He pulls her cheeks)

Swara is shocked to see his sudden change!!

Sanksar: Swara, get ready quickly.. Bhai is on the way.. He will bring you dress.. Get ready and lets have breakfast together!!

Swara: (shocked) breakfast together??
Sanksar r u fine??

Sanskar: Haaa I’m fine.. Why ur asking like That??
Swara: nothing!!

She goes to washroom.. And after few mins she shouts from inside..

Swara: sanskar???

Sanksar: Haaa Swara…
Swara: I have a doubt??
Sanksar: what doubt?

(She slowly opens the door.. Nd keeps her head out)
Swara: sanskar, where did I get this dress??
Sanskar: hmm Swara.. We got gift box has a complimentary..
Swara: ohh.. So this dress is in that box.. Ryt??

Sanskar: (smiles) haa! Very intelligent!!
Swara: (smiles) closes the door!!

After 2 mins!!
Swara: sanskar I got an other doubt!!
Sanksar: ooff what??
(She again kept her head out)
Swara: I slept on the bed.. But where did you sleep??

Sanskar thinks about how they both slept hugging each other..and smiles!!

Sanskar: haa Swara.. Actaully I slept on the be…..
Swara: wait wait let me guess.. U slept on the floor na!!
Sanksar: (smiles) Haaa Yaaa I slept on the floor!!
Swara: (smiles) soo sweet of you!!

(She again closes the door and she again opens it)

Swara: sanskar!!
Sanksar: ooff Swara now what??
Swara: you forgot to say intelligent girl!!
Sanksar: ?what??? Swara ur crazy… Just go and have bath!! I don’t want to hear any other word from you…

Swara gets angry and closes the door!!
And she stars singing songs!!
Sanskar laughs seeing her childish behaviour!!

After some time Adharsh comes…Nd he knocks the door! Sanksar opens the door!!

Sanskar: bhai ur soo late.. Come inside.
Asharsh: (looks at the room) woww Sanksar, nice room.. Hope u had a great time..

Sanskar: bhai!!! Stop making fun!!
Adharsh: Hahahahah by d way where is Swara..
Sanskar: it’s been 45mins… Since she went inside…
Adharsh: (laughs) here is her dress!!

Sanksar goes towards the washroom door and knocks the door..
SnKsar: Swara!!
Swara: Haaa Sanksar..
Sanskar: I kept ur dress here.. Come soon and change it.. Me and bhai will go down and we will order breakfast..

Swara: (shouts) okay Sanksar!! Come soon!!

Adharsh and Sanskar smiles looking at each other!!

After some time.. Swara gets ready.. Nd they all had breakfast together.. Nd went down to the reception, to pay the bill..

Receptionist : good morning Mr/Mrs Sanksar, how was your stay at our hotel??

Swasan looks at each other…
Swara: (laughs) Hahahaha!! wow!! It was soo lovely.. Nd u have a very big heart to give a room for us… We really Thankyou for that.. Nd We had a great time.. You know ur room was very good, Nd mainly curtains.. It was just amazing.. Nd that interior.. It was wonderful!! And bathroom is every clean.

Receptionist is shocked

Swara: By d way Where did u bought those curtains!! Is that ur taste?? Very nice very nice!!! U have very nice ideas!!
But one minus points…Don’t you know that you should keep a chocolate in a room.. Arey I’ve searched every corner, but I dint find a chocolate.. How sad it is!! I expected a lot… Anyways Next time don’t disappoint other couples okay!!
(She keeps on talking)

(Adharsh and Sanksar looks at each other and smiles seeing the way how she’s talking)

Receptionist : (fake smile) Thankyou for staying at our hotel mam!! Nd plz visit again!!

Swara: (teases) Yaa sure!! Next time will come with our kids!! Nd Plzz book a big room okay?? Nd plz don’t forget a chocolate box okay?? Coz my kids will love chocolates.. Because I love it.. So they will be getting my habits!! Hey na Sanskar???

Sanskar was shocked!! ? he don’t know what to answer and laugh but controls his laugh )
Swara!! Shall we go?? It’s already late!!

Adharsh laughs looking at them..

Swara: arey Sanskar, Let me tell about our future kids!!

Sanskar: Swaraa!! Don’t eat his brain!! Come lets goo!!
(He places his hand on his shoulder and takes her out)

Adharsh is driving, Sanksar is sitting beside him and Swara is sitting back

Swara keeps on laughing..
Swara: ohhhh God!!! Hahahaha he believed that we married!! Hahahaha loll!!’
Nd did u look at his face… And his dress.. He is looking like Charlie Chaplin!!

Adharsh: (laughs) hahha!! Swara seriously.. U rocked it!! The way u answered it’s soo funny!! Nd that kids one!! Hahha lol!!

Sanskar: (laughs) Swara, how do u get such ideas?? Nd how can u talk continuously??
And I don’t understand one thing.. When did u search for chocolate?? I dint notice??

Swara: the minute we entered into the room.. I searched every corner!! I was very disappointed!!

Adharsh: so Swara how did u enjoyed yesterday??

Sanskar: (smiles) bhai..You know what she did, She drank all kinds of alcohol.. Nd started eating my brain!!

Adharsh: Swaraa!! U drank alcohol???
Swara: bhai…I don’t know that it’s alcohol I just thought to taste one and I don’t know when I ended!! I don’t remember anything!!

SanskAr: achaa!! You were eating my brain whole night!!
Swara: im sorry, I really don’t remember anything..
That’s good u don’t remember anything.. (He thinks to himself)

They reach home:
Swara runs as soon as get down, she goes to hall and hugs AP.

Sanskar and Adharsh smiles..

Swara: (laughs) Maa I’m back!! I missed you soo much! (She kisses her cheeks)
AP: I miss you too Swara!! How was ur day?? Did Sanskar troubled you?
Swara: (looks at him) haa mom!! He troubled me sooooooo much!! I will tell you what all he troubled!!

AP: (smiles) hmm okay!!

Sanskar stares at her lovingly…

Sujatha and Kavitha watches Swara and gets angry!!

Swara goes to her room: after some time

Swara goes to kitchen and helps AP.

AP: (smiles) so Swara tell me, how did you irritate my son??
Swara: Maa.. I irritated ur son.. No way.. In fact he irriated me..
AP: achaa!! Really??
Swara: haa ma.. Sanskar may be strong outside, but he is very weak inside mom!! He even don’t know how to walk properly..
Give him heavy meals!!

AP: (shocked) really??
Swara: (laughs) Haaa mom… You know yesterday, when car was punctured.. While we were walking… He was eating my brain..
Swara, my legs are paining… Swara, I can’t walk more, he was continuously repeating his words!! Arey yar, he don’t even have energy like me.. I’m a girl.. But I walked soo long.. Being a boy.. That too Sanksar.. He can’t even walk properly!!
Hahahhaahhhaa soo funny naa!!!

AP: then I won’t leave him Swara.. From today I will give him a glass of milk!!
Swara: give even 2 eggs Ma, he will get energy too..
AP: Haaa okay.. That’s a better idea!!
They both look at each other and smiles..
And suddenly they hear a was Sanksar..

Sanksar: Swaraa… Tell Ma that, you even lifted me and walked!!

Swara is shocked to see Sanskar!!
AP: what??
Swara: nothing Ma.. Don’t listen to his words.. He is jealous!!

Sanskar: Kya?? Don’t listen to my words?? Kya?? I’m jealous?? Come here!!

Swara: (tensed) Maa.. I have work.. Il talk to u later… Bye!!

When she was about to go Sanskar stops her!! Holding her hands and twist it back!!

Sanskar: where r u going?? You were telling something to Ma? What was that?

Swara: Maa!! Plz Help me…

AP: (smiles) hmm I’m very sorry Swara.. U both fight.. I shouldn’t enter into personals…
(Saying this she leaves kitchen)

Swara is shocked… Nd looks at Sanskar…
Sanskar: soo Swara, now no one can help you from me.. So tell me, what were u telling now..
Swara: (smiles) ohh that one… I was telling mom.. How u helped me while I was tired.. That’s it nothing more than that!!
Sanskar: (teasingly) achaa!! Really…
Swara: (laughs) Haaa Sanksar!!
He goes more close to her Nd whispers in her ears!

Sanskar: (teases) Swara, don’t you want to know what happened yesterday night after ur drunk??
Swara: (shocked) yesterday??? I know, after the drink I went to the bed and slept!!
Sanskar: achaa!!! K fine.. If u slept happily, y did ur saree get wet?? Y did u changed ur dress??

Swara is shocked!!
Swara: ??what??? What did I do Sanksar?? Dint I just slept??
Sanksar: Noo… U were kissi…..
Swara: what??? ?
Sanskar: (smiles seeing her expressions) even I will tell Ma about all this…should I??
(He shouts Maa)

Swara gets tensed… And closes his mouth!!

Swara: sanskar, Plzz no… Plz don’t tell Ma…Plz plz!!
Sanskar: arey!! I should tell her na!! She should know what you did..
Swara:: no plz noooo…. I wil do what all u say.. But plz don’t tell Ma!!

Sanksar: okay fine… Very gud.. Soo you will do what all I say?? (Teasingly)
Swara: Haaa I will do..
Sanskar: okay gud!! I will ask u when time comes… Stick on ur words!!
Swara: okay!!

Sanskar leaves to his room…
He thinks about Swara and smiles!!!

************flashback ends**********
Shona sleeps on sanky’s shoulder…
Sanky and all others talk for sometime.. They forgot about the lunch!!
After few hours..

Bublu: Sanky its already 3:30pm it’s so late, shall we have lunch??
Sanky: Haaa Bublu.. We forgot about that!!
Bublu: Lets wake Shona.. Even she will have it!!
Sanky: (looks at her, she was sleeping so peacefully.) Yaa but she’s sleeping, how can we disturb her sleep now??
Bublu: but it’s soo late na, let’s have her lunch.. After that she can sleep..
Sanky: okay!!
(He wakes her)
Sanky: shonaa!!! Wake up.. Let’s all have lunch..

Suddenly Shona wakes up.. Nd shouts!!
Sir I’m sorry… I’m late.. Plzz don’t give me punishment… I won’t repeat this again!!

Sanky is shocked!!

Sanky: shonaa!! Shona Kya hua??

Shona opens her eyes!!
She looks at the time..

Shona: Sanky!! Ohh god!! It’s already 3:30… I need to go home now.. I’m late even now!! Ohh god!! Plz help me..
(She gets up and takes her bag)

Sanky: Shona where r u going??
Shona: Sanky.. Did u forgot.. I have Tution now.. I need to go!!
Sanky: but Shona.. Whose allowing you to go now??
Shona: (shocked) Kya??
Sanky: yes.. I’m not allowing u.. Forget about him.. And have ur lunch now!
Shona: Sanky.. U don’t know about him.. If I don’t go now.. He will kill me.. Plz plz.. Let me go!!
Bublu: haa Sanky, let her go.. Let us see why is he doing that.. Later we can think about it!!
Sanky: arey she dint had anything!! How can I send her now.. First eat something then go…

Shona: oaky!!
Bublu brings her lunch.. Nd she starts eating it quickly!! After the lunch!!

Shona: I’m done!! I’m going now!! Bye..

Sanky: wait!!!
(He takes his bluetooth and adjusts in shona’s ears and covers it with her hair…
Shona: Sanky what is this??
Sanky: shonaa!! This is Bluetooth , Nd listen.. Call me when u reach.. Keep ur phone on call.. Don’t end it until ur Tution is done Kk…

Shona: but why?
Sanky: Shona just do what I say..Nd careful okay
Shona: okay!!

Shona leaves…

She reaches home.. She watches Sanjay waiting near her flat… She calls Sanky…

Seeing her call Sanky lifts it immediately!!

Sanky: hello Shona!! Did u reached??
Shona: Haaa Sanky..
Sanky: Okay.. Keep the mobile in the bag, and leave it.. If the call has been cut try to call me again!! Okay??
Shona: okay.. I’m going.. He already came!!
Sanky: okay go.. Don’t worry.. I’m with you!!

Shona Becomes brave and goes to her flat… Sanjay watches her and gets angry!!

Sanjay: shonaa!! Did u check the time?? It’s 5:00pm!! Ur 1 hour late!! So tell me what should I do with this indiscipline girl!!

Shona: I’m sorry sir.. I was stuck in traffic.. I’m very sorry.. Next time I won’t repeat this!!

Sanjay: by the way, where did u go?? U dint come to the colz?

Shona doesn’t know what to reply, If she says bunk.. He will defntly tell to her dad..

Sanjay: (Shouts) shonaaa!!! I’m asking you something.. Don’t u know that you should answer!!

Sanky gets angry hearing the conversation..

Shona: (cries) I went to my friends house.. She invited for lunch!!

Sanjay: soo you bunked the colz?? Yes??
Shona: (tensed) haa sir!!
Sanjay : soo I should tell this to ur dad.. Atleast Don’t u know that you should inform me.. Did u think that you came to degree, so you can do whatever you want?? Answer me???

Sanky: Shona!! R u listening..
Just tell him to mind his work!! Don’t worry about anything.. Just do what I say??

Shona: (takes a long breathe) why should I tell you.. Ur my tutor.. If I bunk ur class u have right to scold.. But u don’t have right to ask my personal questions!!

Sanjay is shocked…
Sanjay: how dare you.. (He holds her hands) should I tell ur dad??? You know what will happen if I say him.. Should I tell him?? (He screams)

Shona eyes are filled with tears.. (She cries)
Sanky gets tensed hearing her voice..
Sanky: Shona!! Listen.. Don’t cry.. Be brave!!

Sanjay: okay this is ur last warning.. I won’t tell him.. Now come inside.. Open ur books… Did u completed ur assignment…
Don’t tell no.. If u say that you gonna pay for it!!

Shona: Haaa I completed…

Sanjay: okay now il give you more sums.. But before that.. I need to teach you meditation.. That will give u and others peace… Ur brain will be fresh.. Come sit..

Sanky: what the f**k.. Meditation at this time..?? Is he crazy!!

Sanjay: sit like me..
Shona: okay sir..(she sits like him)
Sanjay: Shona.. What is that??? Sit straight.. Nd what was that hand.. Keep it like me..

Shona: sir, I just kept the way u said.. I don’t understand why ur telling me to keep correctly..

Sanjay: Shona.. That’s a wrong thing!! Wait il tell.. (He holds her hands, Nd makes her to keep… Nd holds her shoulders Nd makes her to sit straight…)
Shona feels uncomfortable!!

Shona: sir please I’m very uncomfortable don’t touch me!!

(Sanky is fuming with anger… He immediately leaves to shona’s house)

Sanjay: Shona.. Just be calm!! I know what I’m doing.. Just close ur eyes.. Nd don’t think about anything!!

Shona: (closes her eyes) she feels he is staring at her and opens her eyes..

Sanjay: Shona.. I don’t want u to open ur eyes.. Just 1 hour be like a statue!!

Shona again closes her eyes!!
He keeps on staring at her continuously.. He evilly smiles.. Nd goes near her and smells her..
His intentions are wrong!!

Sanky comes at that time.. Nd notice it!!
He observes him.. Nd finally he gets to know his intentions!!

He goes inside and sits beside Shona!!
Sanjay is shocked.

Sanjay: who r u??
Sanky: ?hello sir, actually I saw u teaching meditation.. So I want to join you.. Can u plz tell me how to do it??

Shona opens her eyes and watches Sanky.. She gets happy!!
Sanjay: I’m not ur tutor to explain u..
Sanky: Ohkk!! But I want to ask u onething.. Is ur Tution done?? If it done it’s fine.. I have some work with Shona!!
If u not done also.. I will take her… So please excuse us!!

Sanjay: Shona who is he??
Shona: my friend!!
Sanjay: tell him to go.. I dint like him..

Shona looks at Sanky tensedly..

Sanky: Mr.sanjay u forgot.. It’s already 7… I think ur Tution is done.. We don’t have only maths.. We have many other subjects to concentrate and we have even music.. So just go out!!
(He touches shona’s hand)

Shona: Yess you can just go!!

Sanjay gets angry.. Nd leaves looking at Shona!!

Shona: (happy) Thankyou Sanky.. Ur Bluetooth idea is very nice!!
Sanky: Shona do u know what he is trying to do.. Just don’t go to his Tution!! Talk to ur dad, or mom!! Just do something!!

Shona: but my dad won’t listen!!
Sanky: do something.. Nd don’t stay here.. He is not a good person!!
Shona: okay!

Bublu calls Sanky to come to Rahul house!!

Sanky: okay then I’m going.. Call me if u need anything!! And don’t open the door.. If he again comes.. Just tell him on his face…Get lost!!

Shona: okay!!

(Sanky leaves)

Rahuls house:

Sanky goes to sanky’s house and watches Ragini..

Ragini: hi Sanky.. What r u doing here??
Sanky: what r u doing here??
Ragini: my house is here!!
Sanky: Ohkk!! Actaully I came to meet Rahul.
Ragini: okay!!
Sanky: okay then.. Bye..

(He leaves)

Ragini goes to her room.. She feels bored and takes the guitar..
She remembers shona’s music… She tries to play that..

She calls Shona:
Ragini: hi Shona..
Shona: hello Ragini..
Ragini: yesterday played a tune na.. Can u sing that song..
Shona: me song?? Noo Ragini you will get scared!!
Ragini: haha lol.. No problem Shona..
Shona: okay! I will sing..

Ragini: okay then.. One sing it.. Il write the notes..
Shona hums a song…
Ragini… Gets the tune…

Ragini:: okay Shona, wait il connect the phone to the speaker… You voice will be audible..

Shona: okay!! Nd she starts humming it!!!

Ragini: plays the guitar…

Episode ends

Sanky gets shocked to know that the locket girl is Shona!!!

Sanksar proposes Swara

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