True love never dies Episode 22 (Swasan)

Sanjay: Shona! You took 1 hour to run 10 rounds!! U wasted the time… It’s already 7:00.. Now go and get ready for college…
And evening at 4:00 will start maths Tution..

Shona: okay sir..

Shona gets ready and she goes to college..
Chemistry class going on..
Shona gets sleep.. She controls her sleep in that class.. Bell rings..
Shona: Sasha it’s so boring, next class shall we bunk?
Sasha: Shona did u forgot, next we have maths.. U can’t bunk that class..
Shona: (irritated) ahhhh!!! He is such a prat!! He is very irritating Sasha!!

At that time he comes..
Students: good morning sir..
Sanjay: gud morning.. Today I will teach you about INTEGRATION.. I think you all have some knowledge about it..
Shona: (irritated)ooofff she falls on bench!!!
Sasha: shonaa control!!
Shona: don’t he have an other topic.. How can he start integration..
Sasha: smiles!!

Sanjay keeps on explaining.. Shona feels dozy!! As she was tired of running!!
Sanjay notice her…
Sanjay: (shouts) shonaa!!!
Shona suddenly jerks…
Shona: yes sir!!
Sanjay: how dare you sleep in my class?? Stand up!!

Shona stood..
Sanjay: just keep standing until my class gets over!!
Shona: yes sir!! (She waits for bell to ring)

After some time bell rings.. But he is not moving out!!

Shona: (angry) sir bell rang!! Can you plz go!!

Sanjay: what??
Shona: I mean can I sit??

Sanjay: Noo!! I’m taking 2 more continuous classes.. Just keep standing!!

Shona: what?? Sir my legs are paining!!
Sanjay: don’t disturb the class.. Just do what I say…

(She stood continuously for 3 classes)

After the class.. He went!!

Shona sits and hugs Sasha!!
Shona: this prat.. Keeps on irritating me!! He is not human.. I think he is crack!!

Sasha: Shona, r u fine? Ur legs paining??
Shona: haa Sasha!!
Sasha: come lets go to canteen!!
Shona: okay!!

In the canteen..
Ragini messages Shona
Ragini: Shona, can u teach me dance today??
Shona gets happy hearing the word dance..
Shona: Yaa sure Ragini..
Ragini: okay then will u come to my house??? I’m going now..

Shona: Yaaa Kk!!
Ragini: okay! Come near parking area..

(She tells Sasha that she has work and she leaves to the parking area)

Ragini and Shona look at each other, they hug.. Nd both leaves!!!

Ragini house:
She Introduces Shona, to her mom!!
Nd she takes her to her room!!

Shona: wow Ragini ur room is soo gud!!
Ragini: Thankyou..

They have lunch together.. Nd starts practising..
Shona tells her some tips… Nd teaches her some steps…

Shona: Ragini u practise these steps.. Tomorrow il teach other steps..
Ragini: Shona, superb yar.. The way ur teaching is very nice..Thankyou..

At that time Shona looks at the guitar…

Shona: Ragini u know how to play guitar?
Ragini: Yaaa I used to play.. But not now!!
Shona: can I touch it once!!
Ragini: sure Shona!!

Shona takes the guitar out and closes her eyes..
(She again gets the same dream.. Where someone touches her and whispers her to sing a song)

Shona slowly starts playing the guitar.. The same song, the same tune…

Ragini hears the song.. Nd gets happy listening to her music..

Ragini: shonaa!! Wowww such a sweet music..
Shona: (comes out of her senses) what??
Ragini: u played it very well!!
Shona: (gets disturbed)
Ragini: Kya hua Shona??
Shona: I don’t know Ragini, I always get a dream.. That someone is holding my hand and making me to play the guitar.. This tune and all… I was so confused!!
I really don’t know how to play guitar.. I never touched that in my life too.. But how can I play and sing!!

Ragini: what!! That’s soo strange..but don’t worry Shona… Sometime it happens like that.. Nd daily u will be in music room na so may it’s that influence so just cheer up…
Nd this tune is amazing… I will write notes for it.. Nd u write the lyrics for me okay!?

Shona: (smiles) okay!!

(It was 5 she forgets about the tuition… Suddenly she checks the time and runs to her home)

Sanjay is waiting for her…
Sanjay: Shona ur again late??
Shona: I’m sorry sir… I went to my friends house!!

Sanjay: you need a punishment Shona… Until and unless… You complete my assignment I won’t let u sleep and I won’t let u eat anything!!

Tution continues… He keeps on giving her the sums..
It was 10..

Sanky calls her… Seeing the ring.. Sanjay takes the mobile from her.. He watches Sanky’s call and cuts it..

Sanky is shocked!!
He again calls her… Swara looks at him tensedly…
Sanjay switch offs the call..

Shona gets angry on Sanjay…

Sanjay: Shona.. Now eat something and do ur homework and sleep… Tomorrow at 5.. Il be waiting okay!! Nd if you don’t complete ur homework.. U will pay for it!!

Shona: okay sir..

Shona checks the home work.. She does the homework first…
It’s 2:00pm… After completing.. She sleeps… Keeping alarm…

She wakes up at 5:00… Nd she gets freshup and quickly reaches the park..

Sanjay: Shona ur again late??
Shona: sorry sir.. I kept alarm for 5… It’s just 5:10… Plzz I’m sorry!! Tomorrow I won’t repeat this..

Sanjay: punishment is punishment… Now come run for 15 rounds

Shona: what 15 rounds???

Sanjay: yes come do it quickly!!
(Her eyes are filled with tears, she runs 15 rounds)

Sanjay: u took 1 hour.. Now go and get ready.. Today we don’t have class in college.. So I’m reminding you now.. U need to be ready for Tution by 4:00pm okay??

Shona: okay sir..

(She goes home..)
Sanky message her..

Sanky: Shona!!

She checks the mobile and replies
Shona: haa Sanky!!

(Sanky calls her immediately.. Shona lifts the call)

Sanky: Shona Kya hua?? Why dint u lift my calls yesterday?
Shona: il tell u later.
Sanky: okay fine, today bunk the colz.. Nd get ready Bublu will come and he will pick u..
Shona: but where r we going?
Sanky: Shona today lunch at bublus house.. So be ready!!
Shona: okay!!

She gets ready and Bublu picks her..

Bublu house:
All r having fun.. But Shona is calm.. Sanky notice her being calm!!
Bublu: arey Shona.. Ur soo silent today.. Tell me any jokes!!
Shona: today I’m not interested Bublu.. I will tell tomorrow okay??
Sanky: Shona! Kya hua??? U feel so tired..
Kya hua??
(She was overwhelmed when Sanky asks her like that)

Shona doesn’t answer him but she holds his arms tightly, and sleeps on his shoulder…Nd cries!!!

Sanky and all others are shocked!!

Sanky: Shona Kya hua?? R u not well?? Why r u crying kiddo!!

Shona: I’m so scared Sanky..

Sanky: scared for what??
Shona: that idiot Sanjay.. He is making my life hell… He is not letting me sleep, not letting me eat, not letting me to talk too..
Yesterday he made me run around the park for 10 rounds.. Nd today I was just 10mins late.. He made me run 15 rounds…
He is not even letting me drink water!!
These 2 days I was in hell…
How can I bear him the entire year!! I’m very scared.. I don’t want to go for his Tution!! He is just torturing me!!

Sanky is shocked!!

Sanky: what??? Shona.. If he is teaching u maths.. What is the necessary to tell these things.. Why dint u tell me before ra…and can u just bear all his torture!!
You don’t need to..

He cups her face..

Sanky: see how tired u are!! Look at ur face..

Shona: yesterday for 3 hours he made me stand in the class.. Nd today I need to go on time for Tution.. Or else I don’t know what punishment he gives me!! I can’t run more Sanky, my legs are paining soo much!!
(She cries loudly)

Sanky: what?? 3 hours u stood?? Shona!! Don’t cry!
How dare he??? Shona Ur not going anywhere okay?? U don’t need to go to his Tution, understand!!
We all r with u.. Ur science group leader is with u… So don’t worry about anything… Just cheer up okay ?

Bublu: Shona now keep smiling…Nd he tickles her…

Shona laughs…
Shona: I’m soo sleepy Sanky..
Sanky: haa Shona, sleep for sometime.. Nd he Mades her sleep on his shoulder…

Bublu and other laughs looking at his care..Nd they signals each other to look at the new love birds!!

Shona sleeps happily without any fear of that prat!!

***********flashback continues*********

Swara and Sanskar car got breakdown!!
They get down from the car…
They wait for the vehicles.. But no vehicle passes!!

Swara: sanskar, now how can we go home? It’s already 11:30..
Sanskar: what do I know Swara…let’s wait for sometime! We can’t do anything now!!

Swara: we can do onething Sanskar!
Sanskar: hmm what??
Swara: call Adharsh bhai.. Nd tell him to get the car.. I think that will be better instead of waiting for other cars!!
Sanskar: (happy) haa Swara, this is a good idea.. Wait let me call him!
Swara: (excited) Hahahhaahhhaa I know Sanskar.. I’m very intelligent.. My class students, my sweet little kids always says that ‘ mam ur very intelligent’.. So sweet of them na!!
Sanskar : (looks at her) haaaa Yaa very intelligent!! Happy??
Now if u be calm I can call bhai!!

Swara looks at him angrily..

Sanskar calls Adharsh!!
Adharsh: sanskar, where r u? U dint come home still!!
Sanskar: ha bhai.. Actaully car got breakdown! Can u send the vehicle.. We r on the main road itself..
Adharsh: (thinks for a while and gets an idea) Sanskar do onething.. There’s an hotel nearby, stay there for tonight.. Here it’s raining heavily.. And It’s not good for you both to be on road.. That too Swara it’s not good for her!

Sanksar: hmm ya ur right! Okay will stay in a hotel.. But by morning plz send the vehicle!!

Adharsh: okay Sanskar bye!!

Adharsh gets happy.. He thinks dis is the right time to make them close!!
He calls his friend who works in that hotel..
Nd tells him the plan!!

He accepts!!

Adharsh goes to AP and tells her everything.. Ap and Adharsh smiles thinking about their plan!!

Swara: what did Adharsh said?? Is he sending the car..
Sanskar: (looks at her angrily) Noo Swara.. It’s raining heavily it seems.. No vehicles can come at this time..
Swara: raining?? But here it’s not raining..
Sanskar: Swara plz stop questioning.. And there’s a hotel nearby.. Today let’s stay in that hotel..
Swara: woww hotel.. I’m soo excited..
Sanskar: hmm excited for what??

Swara: u know we get free chocolates, small soaps.. It will be very nice!!

Sanskar: ooofff Swara stop behaving like a kid!! Nd come lets go.. We need to walk bit far..

They walk for sometime and Swara keeps on talking while walking.. Nd Sanskar keeps on scolding her!!
They both unknowingly enjoys each other company!!

Swara walks and walks and walks… She gets irritated !

Swara: (shouts) Sanskar?? What r u thinking about ur self!! I got to know ur plan!!
Sanskar: what plan??
Swara: you planned to take home by walking right?? You know that I won’t walk much so you used the name hotel and ur making me walk.. Right??
Sanskar: ur face.. I don’t need to lie.. Here there’s an hotel nearby.. Just another 10mins.. Will reach!!
Swara: what another 10mins!!

After 10mins..
They keep on walking.. Swara gets tired
Swara: sanskar!!
Sanksar: haa
Swara: i can’t walk more.. I’m soo tired.. I feel like I’m fainting..
Sanskar: what?? (He turns back)
(He notice her sitting on her knees in the road and she’s being calm and gets worried)

Sanskar: Swara Kya hua??
Swara: I can’t walk more Sanskar!! Il stay here!!
Sanskar: (cups her face) Swara we already reached, just 5 mins more!!
Swara: I can’t Sanskar.. Carry me na!! I can’t walk..
Sanskar: hmm okay come..
Swara: (shocked) what?? Really u will carry me..
Sanskar: Haaa.. Just 5 mins na I will manage come..
Swara: I can’t believe this.. Wowww.. (Her tiredness is gone) she jumps with excitement…

Sanskar: when ur tired, how can you jump like this Swara.. Okay leave that And I have a condition.. If u agree with that.. Then il carry you!!

Swara: what was that..
Sanskar: you need to stay calm..
Swara: okay fine.. Mr. Sanskar Maheswari!!

Sanksar smiles and lifts her into his arms and walks..
Swara keeps her 2 hands around his neck and just stares into his eyes and smiles..
(She gets overwhelmed seeing his care)

Swara: sanskar!!
Sanskar: Haaa Swara
Swara: am I heavy??
Sanskar: Yaa soo much!!
Swara: soo much?? I’m just 50!!
Sanskar: what just 50? Don’t tell lie ur 70kgs!! But dats k.. I’m not weak like u.. I’m so strong.. I can walk Ms. Swara!!
(He laughs teasingly)

Swara: u could have say me before na Sanskar… Unnecessarily I walked soo far..Nd I wasted my energy!!

Sansakar: what??
Swara: (laughs) look at cute you are.. (She pulls his cheeks)

Sanskar: Swaraa… Ahhh.. What r u doing??
Swara: what am I doing.. I just pulled ur cheeks Coz you look soo cutee!!
Sanskar: shhhh..Swaraa be calm!! Did u forgot my condition!! If u talk il drop u down!!
Swara: no no plz.. k I’m sorry… I will stay calm!

Swara stays calm for 1min by resting on his shoulder… Sanskar misses her fun!!

Sanskar: swAra.. Talk something? It’s so boring??
Swara: what?? Ur telling me to speak?? Did u forgot ur condition?

Sanskar: haa speak something.. It’s so new when ur staying calm.. Leave about that condition, speak something!

Swara: Noo Sanskar! Condition is condition, I should not break that!! Again you will drop me down.. And I can’t walk again.. I won’t take that risk..

Sanskar: swaraaa I’m telling u na speak No problem!

Swara: (laughs loudly) noooooooooo!!!!
Sanskar: Swaraaaaa…

Swara: (smiles) Hmm okay shall I sing a song??
Sanskar: hmm k sing!!
(She looks at the stars, Nd taps her legs.. Enjoying the nature Nd sings… TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR)

Sanskar: (smiles) Swaraa are you a kid?? what was that song?
Swara: (laughs) nice na.. I used to teach these rhymes for my students.. It’s a situational song Sanskar.. See look at the sky, it’s so pretty with stars!! I’m just loving it!!

Sanskar looks at her and smiles..

Finally they reached!!

Sanskar: Swara we reached!!
Swara: what?? Soo soon?
Sanskar: (leaves her down) soo soon? Till now u were eating my brain Nd now ur telling me soo soon..
Swara: but it’s so good when ur were carrying me!! I’m saying about that!! Cha, we reached soo soon!!

Sanskar: Swaraa..
She smiles and runs inside… Sanskar laughs seeing her childishness!!

Receptionist: yes sir what do u want??
Sanskar: we need a room.. Actually we need 2…

(At that time Adharsh friend interupts..

Frnd: sir we have only couple room left.. We give that only for married couples…R u married ??

Swara and Sanskar looks at each other.. Nd both speak with their eyes..
Sanskar: what should I do now?
Swara: accept it Sanskar.. I can’t walk again to another hotel (she wides her eyes)
Sanskar smiles seeing her cute expressions..

Sanskar to Adharsh frnd!!
Sanskar: yeah we r married couples.. Nd we need a room!
Frnd: ya sure sir.. Plz fill this form..

Sanskar takes the form to fill it…
Swara: sanskar, I will write plz!!
Sanskar: Noo Swara, I will write..
Swara: Noo… I will write..
Sanksar: he gave the form for me.. So I will write..
Swara: Noo plz I will write….

Sanksar: okay fine.. We both will write.. Okay happy??

Swara: okay…

Sanskar started writing the form and Swara teases him..

Swara:(laughs) sanskar, look at ur writing… It’s like doctors writing .. Soo funny!!!!

Sanskar: achaa!!! Now u write!!

Swara writes it soo neatly..

Sanksar: Swara!! R u attending any writing competition..?? Lol! It’s funny!!

They both fills the form.. Fighting!! Nd pulling they each leg…

(While the receptionist people watches them and smiles seeing their cute fights)

at that time the lady receptionist stares at Sanskar… Swara noticed it and gets angry)

Swara goes near receptionist!!
Swara: he is so cute na???
(Receptionist is shocked)
Receptionist: Mam!
Swara: actually ur starting at him na.. She starts yelling at her..
Receptionist : I’m sorry mam..
(Sanskar notice her and goes towards her)

Sanksar: Swara Kya hua??
(Swara hugs him… Sanksar is shocked)

Swara: do u know who is he? He is my husband!! Sanksar Maheswari.. Don’t dare to see him again.. Did u get that??

Sanksar understoods and smiles seeing her jealousy… He just loved it when Swars said… He is my husband!!

Sanksar: Swara, Challo lets go the room..

They leave to the room… They opened the door.. It was an honeymoon suit!!
They both look each other and gets shocked!!

Sanskar locks the door.. As soon Sanskar locked the door Swara starts laughing loudly..

Swara: ohh god!!! This is soo funny!! Sanskar they r thinking we are really married… Hahaha!!

Sanskar stares at her lovingly..

Sanskar: hmm Swara.. Il get freshup.. U take some rest!
Swara: okay!!

Adharsh frnd rings Adharsh
Frnd: ur work is done Adharsh! (
Nd he tells them how they both fight for the form… Nd laughs)
Adharsh!! They r soo cute.. Such a cute pair!!

Adharsh: (laughs) Thankyou!! Nd I need another help..Just arrange some clothes for them.. How can they sleep with that dresses!!
Frnd: haha don’t worry.. Wil take care of everything!!
Adharsh: Thankyou!!

He cuts the call.
Ap: Adharsh what r trying to do??
Adharsh: Ma now they r in one room.. They will be together.. I just want them to realise they love.. We got this as an opportunity.. I know this is wrong but.. They both should be happy mom!!
AP: (smiles) okay fine!!

Sanksar is in washroom..
At that time.. Room boy comes…Nd he knocks the door..

Swara opens it..
Boy: mam!! Happy married life..
He brings some drinks.. Nd keeps it on a table.. And Here is our small gift from us.. Swara takes the gift from him…
Nd he leaves!!

Swara starts laughing more loudly…
Sanskar in washroom shouts..

Sanksar: Swaraa Kya hua?? Why r u laughing??
Swara: sanskar.. I can’t control my laugh.. Come soon there’s a surprise for you!
Sanskar: achaa!! What surprise??
Swara: u first come out!!
Sanskar: okay!!

Meantime Swara looks at those drinks.. Nd starts drinking it!!
First she drinks.. Vodka!!
Swara: chi… This is horrible.. Wait il drink another one.. (She keeps on drinking)
And starts laughing again!!

Sanskar: arey this girl is soo crazy.. Why is she laughing like this and comes out…

Sanksar: Swara Kya hua?? Why r u laughing like a mad girl..
Swara: (laughs) haa… Haahahah nothing.. You know these drinks are very tasty.. Come join me!

Sanskar looks at the drink and gets shocked!!

Sanskar: swara, did u drink this??
Swara: yaaaa!!! (Saying this she again stars laughing) come na, even u drink.. Comeeeeee…..
(She’s not in her senses)
Sanskar: ohh god!! What to do now?? She’s drunk.. Nd not in her senses too!!

At that time it starts to rain..
Swara: sanskar, it’s raining.. Come lets play in the rain..
Sanskar: (scolds) Swaraa… Noo ur not going anywhere..
Swara: (pout face) why do u always scold me Sanksar!!
Sanskar: (he doesn’t know what to speak) hmm k go and play.. But only 5mins okay??

Swara: (happy) thankyouu…. Nd sanskar come na… Will play in the rain.. Plz plzz… She opens the balcony.. Nd runs..
(She was completely wet… Nd she starts playing like a kid…)

Swara enjoying the rain wearing a dark red and black sari matched with red&gold bangles. Her hair is loose, her fringe out, she looks beautiful.

Sanksar catches a glimpse of Swara from the window and almost dies, he was totally lost in her,
The way the sari fit her just right, that too in red…her hair..those eyes…he thought to himself losing control.

Sanskar: Swaraa!! It’s enough come back..
Swara: Noo Sanskar, il stay here… (She looks at him) Nd runs towards him and pulls him..

Sanksar: Swara what r u doing??
Swara: she sprinkles water on him..
Sanskar: swara stop it!! How dare you…

Swara shocked and runs…and Sanskar ran behind her,
They both have some fun…and thts wen Sanskar caught Swara , n Swara was still laughing,

Sanksar stared at her as she laughed, and then Swara realized tht Sanskar was staring at her so she stop laughing and stared into His eyes too.
Swara then snapped out of Sanskar’s eyes n started to walk into The room..

Sanksar: Swara stop!!
(He holds her from back)

They have an eye lock!!

Sanskar: Swara.. Ur wet.. Now how will you sleep like this??

(At that time Sanskar notice the gift box)

Sanskar: Swara what’s this box?
Swara: (laughs) it’s a complimentary gift.. We are married couples na!! Hahahahahhaha…

Sanskar opens the gift.. He watches two night suits.. One for him and one for her..
Sanskar gets happy!!

Sanskar: Swara look, we got is ur night suit!! Go and change..

Swara: (looks at her dress, it was a short white silk maxi.. It was sleeveless) Sanskar it’s soo short!! How can I wear this??

Sanskar: that’s k Swara.. Go and change it..
Swara: she goes to change the dress.. While going, she feels drowsy.. Nd keeps on hitting the things..

Sanskar: Swaraa careful!!
Swara: I know Sanskar!!

Sanskar thinks, how will she handle herself in the washroom!!

Sanskar: Swara, listen…
Swara: what??
Sanskar: don’t lock the door… Il will lock it from outside… Nd ya listen.. Keep on talking.. Don’t be silent.. Okay??
Swara: (thinks by tapping her finger on her head) okay…done

Sanksar smiles seeing her cuteness!!

Swara starts singing songs In the washroom by shouting..

Sanskar: Swara, how much time yar?? Come soon??
Swara: (shouts) Haaa Sanskar, wait.. I’m coming!!

Saying this she suddenly becomes silent…
After few mins Sanskar notice her being calm..and gets worried..

Sanskar: Swara?? R u there??
(He knocks the door)

Swara: haa Sanksar… Kya hua??
Sanksar: why did u become silent suddenly..
Swara: arey.. How can I talk while wearing dress!! Don’t u have sense..

Sanksar: (smiles) ok ok come fast!!

She opens the door.. He looks at her, from top to bottom.. Smiles looking at her dress!!

Sanskar: woww Swara.. Ur looking soo funny!!
Swara: is it not nice??
Sanksar: it’s very nice.. Ur looking like Angel!!
SwAra: really??
Sanskar: Yesss!! And okay.. Now come lets sleep.. Hmm how will we sleep, we have only one bed..
SwAra: Haaa.. Now where shall I sleep?
Sanskar and Swara both looks at a bed..
And smirks looking at each other..

Swara: I will sleep on bed!
Sanskar: Noo I will sleep..
Swara: Noo I will sleep!!

Swara: sanskar. leave it here. . . point is that who shall be reaching bed first. . .
Both widened their eyes n ran to reach the bed.

Sanskar reaches first… Nd falls on bed!!!
Swara notice him angrily…

Sanksar: (throws pillow on her face) goo and sleep on the floor.. I will sleep happily on the bed!!

Swara: this is cheating…

Sanskar: cheating?? How could it be cheating?? It’s ur game.. Nd I won it.. So there is nothing called cheating.. Got it!!

Swara angrily sits on the bed..
Sanskar: Swara, goo and sleep..
Swara: Noo I won’t sleep.. Il sit here like this..(she keeps a pout face)

Sanskar gets angry…
Sanskar: Swara go and sleep.. Don’t irritate me..
Swara: noooo!! Noooo! Noo.. By d way Sanksar, this room is for us… I have that right to share this bed too!! Did u forgot

Sanskar: Swara, hmm Kk, even you sleep here!!

Swara smiles…
Swara: okay okay!! (She adjusts herself in the place to sleep.. But she doesn’t get sleep)

Swara: sanskar, r u getting sleep??
Sanskar: haa Kyu.. R u not getting sleep?
Swara: Noo.. I’m not getting.. Tell me a story..
Sanskar: (shocked) what??? Story..
Swara: haa..
Sanskar: Swara, now just close ur eyes and sleep!! If u try to open it.. I won’t allow you to sleep on the bed… Got it!!

Swara: okay.. (She closes her eyes forcefully)

Sanskar smiles looking at her… Swara sleeps!!

In the middle of the night.. They were hug thunders!!

Hearing the sound Swara talks in her sleeps…

Swara: papa, papa…

(She calls his name on her sleep… Sanskar looks at shockingly…

Sanskar: Swaraa!!!
Swara: papa..close Those Windows.. Nd be with me, plz don’t leave me papa I’m soo scared!!

Sanskar remembers her flashback and gets sad..he touches her and wakes her…

Sanskar: Swara!!

Swara remembers how that Jagadish killed her family and feels that Jagadish is pulling her and shouts!!

Swara: plz dont kill my dad!! Papaa… Plzz leave my dad……Papaa plz wake up.. Plzz don’t leave me alone papa… Plzz look at me… Arey.. Why is he not looking at me.. Papa plz wake up!!
(Tears rolls down from her eyes)

Sanksar: (shocked) Swaraa!! Swaraa… Kya hua!!

(She starts beating Sanskar.. Thinking that she’s beating Jagadish)

Sanksar: (shouts) swaraaa!!!

Swara suddenly wakes up…
She looks at Sanksar…
Swara: sanskar, he is killing my papa.. Plz save him.. (She cries loudly)

Sanskar hugs her tightly… (His eyes are filled with tears)
Sanskar: swaraaa cool down.. It’s ur dream Swara!! I’m with you na.. Nothing will happen okay…
(He thinks to divert her mind)
Sanskar: Swara shall I tell u a Story..
Swara: (as she’s drunk) haa Sanskar..
Sanskar: he tells some story to her.. Swara starts laughing again.. (She forgets about her dream)

Sanksar thinks about evening incident.. Where she cried.. He thinks to ask her the reason.. He knows as she’s drunk.. She will tell the truth!!

Sanskar looks at her, nd make her sleep on his shoulder..

Sanksar: Swara!!
Swara: Haaa Sanskar!!
Sanskar: why did U cried in the evening..Swara looks at him..

Swara: I cried.. When??
Sanksar: (turns to her side) evening before we attended the party.. U were crying… Why??
Swara: (thinks tapping her fingers on the head) Haaa Yaa I remembered.. (She looks at him)
Sanskar: good.. Tell me why did u cried..
Swara: because of you I cried..
Sanskar: (shocked) what???!
Swara: Haaa Sanksar.. You said na, that you don’t want to take me anywhere.. You said that you can’t bear me.. U even said that you were bearing me for ur mom!!
I felt bad…

Sanskar: (shocke and holds her face) Swara, you cried for my words.. Why Swara?? I dint mean that.. I was just pulling ur legs.. I seriously dint mean that.. I’m sorry Swara!! I’m really sorry…

Swara: Noo Sanskar.. Don’t say sorry.. Actaully I was wrong.. I know you hate me.. I know u hate my behaviour.. Infact knowing that, I used to make fun.. Nd used to tease you.. It was my fault Sanskar.. U all are soo good for Bearing me these many days… I’m sorry…Nd I also Thankyou for letting me stay for these many days.. You have only 3 days time to stay.. But I couldn’t go… I’m sorry!!
(She holds her ears)

Sanskar gets emotional hearing her words..
Swara: but don’t worry Sanskar..just another 15days… Just bear me another 15days okay.. I will leave u, I will leave ur house, I will this city too..

Sanskar: (shocked) what??? (He sits)
Swara: Haaa Sanksar.. I got a job.. As a teacher.. In new place.. I’m going..

Sanskar: what r u saying swara.. New place.. Where are you going??

Swara: Ooty!!

Sanskar is shocked!!!

Episode ends!!!

Drunken Swara reveals about Sujatha warning to Sanskar…. Sanskar is shocked!!!

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  2. awsm epi…. nic precap.. i hope sanskar will throw tht sujata out of d house… thanks for another update…

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