True love never dies Episode 21 (Swasan)

**********flashback continues**********

Sanskar cuts the call.. Nd he thinks what surprise is he talking about??
Hmm Kk but will Swara comes with me??
Il try… But I’m sure she will show her attitude if I ask her to come.. Hmm tomorrow is the party so from today i should go in her way…
(He smiles and goes home)

Swara is speaking with someone on the call.. And after some time she gets ready to go somewhere..

AP: Swara where r u going beta?
Swara: Ma, I have small work.. Il come back again..
AP: (smiles) okay take care.. But come soon!!
Adharsh: but Swara, r u sure u can go alone? Or shall I come??
Swara: no bhai, that’s k..Thankyou.. Actaully I’m going to meet my friend..
Adharsh: okay bye tc!!

Swara leaves…she goes to her school where she has worked early..

Principle: hello Swara how r u?
Swara: I’m fine..
Principle: Soo Swara, you asked my ur job back.. But I can’t give ur job..
Swara gets sad..

Principle: but Swara, I have an other option.. We opened a new branch in Ooty, if ur interested u can join there…I know it’s very far from here.. You don’t need to worry, we have school hostel too.. U can stay there….

Swara gets happy..
Swara: Thankyou mam!! Thankyou soo much..
Principle: (smiles) by d Swara, you are highly educated, there are many other jobs in front of you.. Why do you want to work in school..
Swara: (smiles) I love kids.. They have pure heart.. I feel happy, if I work with them!!
Principle: okay fine.. Nd congratulations here is ur joining letter, by next month academic will start..
Swara: Thankyou.. (She gets happy and hugs her) Thankyou so much mam!

(She leaves home… AP finds her being happy)
AP: Swara Kya hua ur soo happy today?
Swara: Maa I have a good news for u,
(At that time Sanskar comes)

Sanskar: Maa.. I want coffee..
Swara: Ma go and give coffee to him..
AP: (smiles) okay!! Go and get freshup..

Swara goes to her room.. And Sujatha follows her..

Sujatha: Swaraa.. So when r u leaving this place?
Swara: (happy and smiles) aunty.. I got a job.. Just 15days.. After that I need to join… Just give me 15 days time!! And Finally I got my job back.. Il share this with everyone.. All will be happy na!!

Sujath: hey mad girl!! Don’t tell anyone about this.. I know very well no one will send you out.. You can say them on the day when u leave!! Until then be calm okay??

Swara: okay!!
Sujatha: Nd where did u started acting.. Today morning, why were u silent.. Don’t try to get sympathy.. Just be normal.. Understand!

Swara: okay!!
(Sujatha leaves)

Swara cries thinking about her words.. She feels sad, for leaving all.. Nd she thinks to be normal in front of them.. Or else Ma will feel sad..

AP room:
AP thinks about something and at that time Adharsh comes

Adharsh: Maa! What r u thinking??
AP: I’m thinking about Swara Adharsh!
Adharsh: Swara??
AP: haa.. She became a part of our family in these 2 months.. I like her soo much.. I always wants her to be with us always.. That’s y I took a decision?

Adharsh: Kya decision mom?
AP: I want her to make my bahu.. She’s perfect for Sanskar, when ever they used to fight, I can only see live in between them… They r made for each other, what do u say Adharsh??
Adharsh: (happy) wow mom! This is really awesome.. Even I thought the same thing.. You know when we went to bring Swara, I saw Sanskar’s love for Swara, he loves her soo much mom!! But he is not realising it.. I’m soo happy mom!! Swara will be with us forever!!

AP: but there is a problem Adharsh..
Adharsh: Kya problem mom??
AP: Kavitha loves Sanskar it seems.. Dadi brought them to ask Sanskar in hand!! I don’t know what to do..

Adharsh: (laughs) what Kavitha with Sanskar?? Noo mom.. I know Kavitha very well, she’s not suitable for Sanskar, Nd Sujatha Ma.. She’s money minded.. We can’t even compare her with Swara… Swara is a diamond mom!!

Ap: decision he Sanskar’s.. I will talk to him.. We can’t do anything!
Adharsh: don’t worry mom!! Leave this to me.. Sanskar will confess his love for Swara.. Just wait and watch!!

So gets happy and both hug each other!!

After sometime Sanskar reaches home..all r sitting in hall!!

Sanskar looks at Swara and he thinks about a plan to convince Swara and smiles..

Sanskar: Maa.. Today Mr. Verma has invited us for dinner.. We all need to go..

AP: but Sanksar, today I have lots of plan.. I can’t come..

She gets a plan…

AP: (smiles) ha take Swara with u…She’s soo bored at home..Nd infact you already said that Mr.verma enjoyed Swara’s company.. So it will be good if u take her with u…

Swara is tensed.. (Sanskar looks at her and starts his plan)

Sanskar: Swara?? Maa please don’t say that.. I can’t bear her torture.. She keeps on speaking until we reach.. That’s soo irritating!!! Instead of her il take Kavitha with me..

Ap looks at Adharsh..

Swara gets sad, her eyes are filled with tears, she again thinks about Sujatha words.. But she thinks to be normal!!

Kavitha and Sujatha gets happy!!

Swara: who r u to say me not to come.. I will come.. Nd il keep on talking.. Nd il irritate u more… Okay???

Sanskar smiles..
Sanskar: achaa okay fine come.. Even il see how you will irritate me!!

Swara: achaa k lets see..

Adharsh: (smiles) I have full confidence on Swara..
(Swara smiles looking at him)

AP signals Adharsh to stop Kavitha..

Adharsh: haa Kavitha I forgot.. Today I thought to take u for shopping… Nd from tomorrow I will be busy with my works…But that’s Kk.. You go

Kavitha: what?? Shopping?? Woww Adharsh.. Plz il come with u..

Ap and Adharsh Looks at each other and smiles..

Ap: but Kavitha.. Won’t u go with Sanskar??
Kavitha: no mom! I need to buy so many clothes.. Sanskar I’m sorry.. Will go again later.. I love shopping!!

Sujatha gets angry on Kavitha!!

Sanskar: hmm okay and Swara get ready by 7:00 it’s so far from here..
(Saying this he goes to his room and Swara goes to his room!!

Swara’s room:
She sits in the dark room…
Swara cries remembering Sanskar words.. Their happy moments, She cries thinking about AP’s love..
She cries hugging her dads pic!!

Swara: papa…I’m soo scared, I don’t know what to do.. Il miss them soo much.. Can I stay alone in the hostel? Plz give me support.. I’m so worried about me.. I can’t stay without them papa.. But I need to go.. They all should be happy! I will do anything for their happiness..

It’s heavily raining outside…

Sanskar room:
Seeing water coming inside, Sanskar goes near Window and slowly tries to close them..
Big big thunders were coming.. With that flash of light he suddenly watches Swara crying badly..

Sanksar is shocked… His heart was completely broken to see her in pain..
Swara holds the pic and cries loudly..

Sanskar is in big shock.. He is soo confused…He don’t know why but tears starts rolling in his eyes.. He wants to console her, but his heart stopping him to do..

At that time he watches someone switching the light in her room… He can see Swara, wiping her tears.. And opens the door.. It was AP…

Swara starts being normal..

Ap: Swara beta, here wear this saree..
Swara: woww mom, this is so beautiful.. I just loved it.. Thankyou soo much!!
(She kisses her cheeks)
(She starts behaving like a kid)

Sanksar can’t hear anything but he just understoods that.. Swara is trying to be happy outisde, but she’s in pain inside..
He thought to find it out!!

AP: (smiles) okay! Get ready soon..
Swara: okay mom!!

After sometime
Rain stopped… Sanskar is waiting for Swara.. Meantime Swara gets ready, Nd comes to the hall..

Sanskar is mesmerised seeing Swara, wearing red and black net saree.. She was so pretty..
AP notices Sanskar lost somewhere.. Nd wakes Him

AP: Sanskar.. Where ru ??
Sanskar comes in his senses
Sanskar: haa mom..Nd Swara r u ready.. Come lets go!
Ap: come soon… Don’t take more time..
Sanksar: okay mom..
(They leave)

In car:
It was so silent, swara breaks the silent.. By switching on the FM..

Teri Meri song was playing…
Swara: woww Salman Khan!! I just love him Sanskar.. SHe keeps the high volume..
Sanskar: (changes the song) I hate Salman..
Swara: sanskar how mean you are!
(She again keeps the same song)

They both fight for that song.. They keep on shouting on each other, they unknowingly enjoy fighting with each other!!..Nd finally they arrived!!

Mr.verma welcomes them…
They all keep talking.. Nd had some fun..
Mean time..
Verma: Swara beta I had a surprise to you..
Swara: surprise?? (She looks at Sanskar)
Verma: Yaa I think you will love that surprise..
(Saying this he calls out Vivian..)
Swara is shocked to hear his name.. Nd gets happy seeing him!!

Vivian: Swaraa!! Woww.. Nice to meet you yar.. It’s been many months meeting you..
Nd look at you.. Ur soo pretty and hot yar!!

He hugs her…

(Sanskar gets angry seeing his over actions)

Swara: woww vivi.. This is really a great surprise.. What r u doing here??

Verma: he is my brothers son.. He saw ur pics in the function.. He was very excited.. He keeps on saying that,
I know Swara.. She’s my best friend.. I need to meet her..
So I’ve arranged this surprise party

Swara: wow Thankyou uncle…(she looks at Sanskar)
Sanksar, he is my college friend..

Sanskar: ohh hi Vivian..
Vivian: come on Swara, I’m not a friend to u… Plz don’t say that, u know Sanskar, Swara is my first crush.. She’s the first girl whom I proposed… But she dint even accept my proposal.. We became good friends.. But she always treated me as a friend..

Sanskar gets angry..he thinks
How dare he propose Swara!

Verma: okay guys, come lets have dinner…
Vivian: Swara can u come with me outside, I need to talk to u…

He takes Swara keeping his hands on her shoulder…
Sanskar is fuming with anger…

Vivian keeps on talking to Swara.. They are very close.. He is making Swara to laugh!! He shows her some pics in his mobile.. Nd they both spend some time..

Sanskar feels jealous..

Sanskar: Swara!! Come lets have dinner.. We need to go!!
Swara: Haaa Sanskar I’m coming..

After the dinner…
Sanskar: okay mr. Verma we need to go.. It’s soo late!!
Verma: okay Sanskar bye..
Vivian: sanskar, leave Swara here na.. It’s been soo long since we met.. Plz leave her.. I will drop her tomorrow!!

Sanskar is shocked and angry.. He felt like slapping him..
(Swara looks at sanksar and smiles.. She thought to tease him)

Swara: Haaa Sanskar, I will stay today!! I just love his company..

Sanskar: (angry) I’m sorry.. I can’t let her stay.. My mom will scold me..and Swara how can u stay.. That too at night!! If u want tomorrow morning you meet him!! Now Come lets go!!

Swara smiles…
Swara: okay bye Vivian!! Will meet some other time!

Vivian again hugs her…
Vivian: I miss you soo much darling!!!
(Sanskar looks at him angrily)

Sanksar: Swara shall we go!!
They both leave

In car:
Swara starts teasing him..
Swara: Sanksar why dint u let me stay??
Sanskar: Swara r u mad… I dint like him.. Did u notice the way how he is behaving with you.. He may be ur friend.. But he is crossing his limits!!

Swara gets happy seeing him jealous…
Nd laughs loudly..

Swara: sanskar… Ur really a stupid..
Sanskar is shocked…
Sanksar: stupid?? R u mad??
Swara: Yaa.. Then y r u bothering me? Why are you getting angry when he is talking to me??
Sanskar: ?haha very funny.. Why do I get angry when he speaking with you… I don’t care.. Never think like that I always hate you.. I hate ur face, I I hate ur behaviour… I hate everything in you.. I will be happy when you leave me, and my house…

Swara eyes are filled with tears…Suddenly he realise what he spoke and looks at her!!

She just looks outside the window..Nd weeps silently.. There was completely silence!!
Sanksar feels guilt.. He remembers how she cried in the evening..

Sanskar : Swara, I’m sorry.. I dint mean that!!
It started to rain…
Swara: (wipes her tears) she again covers the topic..
Swara: (excited) sanskar! Look outside!! It’s raining heavily…do u love rain??
Sanksar: Noo!! I hate rain..
Swara: what u hate rain.. But you know, I love rain… When I was small.. I used to sit in the shower for long time.. Nd I used to play with water.. I just love water…(she keeps on speaking)

Suddenly Sanksar stops the car..Swara is shocked!!

Sanksar: Swaraa get down!!
Swara: (shocked) Sanksar why?? I’m sorry if I irritated u more..
Sanksar: Swara get down!!
Swara eyes r filled with tears..Sanskar notices her Tears…

Sanksar: Swara why r u crying??
Swara: plz don’t leave me on the roadSanskar… Plzz…i can’t come alone..I’m so scared..

Sanskar gets sad looking at her..

Snansar: (cups her face) Noo Swara!! I’m not leaving you alone.. Nd I won’t leave u too..
Swara: then y r u telling me to get down?

Sanksar smiles seeing her cuteness…
Sanskar: (smiles ) Swaraa!! Car has been punctured!!

Swara: what??
Sanksar: haa now come get down..will ask lift.. Nd look at you how scared u are

Swara: (smiles) scared??? Me?? No way Sanskar… I’m very brave.. I just acted!!

Sanksar : achaa!! Really??
Swara: Haaa..
Sanksar: the y were u crying?
Swara: I just acted ? it’s nice na!!

**********falsjhback ends**************

Shona and Sanky decided to be like enemies in colz.. To know about arts plans!!

Laksh, and his team are are chit chatting!!

Rohit: laksh, what are you waiting for?
Laksh: I’m waiting for Shona.. I want to see whether really Sanky and Shona had a fight or not!
Rohit: hahaha lol don’t worry dude.. You know what, when Tasha is there with us why should we worry.. She will update us with the news so don’t worry!!
Laksh smiles…

At that time Ragini comes…
Ragini: hello Laksh whatsup?
Laksh: Hii Ragini..
Ragini: guys, by the way who is that girl, who came to our party..
Rohit: it was sho…
(Laksh interupts)
Laksh: we don’t know Ragini.. We r searching for her.. You know the way she danced is really awesome…(he looks at Rohit and winks)

Ragini: Yaa her dance was good..
Laksh: good!! Come on Ragini.. It was soooooo good.. Ragini will you do me a favour plz.

Ragini: what??
Laksh: plz find details about that girl.. I need her yar.. You know that passion, that style.. It was beautiful.. Nobody in our group has that.. At last we found her.. I think I’m in love with her!!

Ragini gets jealous…and angry..
Ragini: what?? Love???… Laksh.. She might have Danced well..but how can u love a girl without seeing her face..

Laksh: (smiles looking at her expressions) haa Ragini, don’t you know love is blind..

Ragini: ?but I won’t accept this!! You can’t love her Laksh!!

Laksh: (teases) why can’t I love her Ragini..
Ragini: because I… Ooff!! Anyways leave it.. It’s waste to talk to u..bye!! Do whatever you want!!
(She leaves angrily)

Laksh and Rohit smiles… Laksh stares at her lovingly when she leaves!!

Shona goes to bus stop at that time, she missed the buses… She runs back of the bus.. At that time some vehicle slightly hits her… And Shona falls down!!

Shona: ahhhh!!!!
(The person gets down, he goes towards her.. He is very tall and strong..)

Person: hello r u fine?

Shona gets angry..

Shona: hello Mr… Can’t you know how to drive?? How dare you hit me?? See because of you I got hurt… (She cries) My beautiful hands were hurted because of you..

person: I’m sorry..
Shona: sorry!! How mean you are… How can u say sorry.. If u r in my place.. Will u accept my sorry..

Person : (angry) then just go away… I don’t need to say sorry!!

Shona: ahh!! How rude u are.. You don’t need to feel sorry?? How can u say that?? You need to say 100 sorrys come on just say that and go!!

He gets angry and holds her hurted hands…
Person: how dare you are!! Why should I say sorry.. It’s ur fault running on the road.. And ur scolding me.. Just get the hell out of here!!
(He pushes her)
Shona: is this ur road??? What rights do u have to say get lost?? Hold your tongue!!

He gets more angry!! He simply sits in the car.. And leaves!!

Shona: (?angry) how can he go like that when Shona is speaking…(she gets angry and takes the stone nearby and hits the car… The back glass slightly breaks…

Shona laughs loudly..
Woww Shona!! You’ve done a tremendous job!!
The person looks back at Shona laughing… gets angry and stops the car…
Shona gets scared and runs!!

Sanky and his team all r in music room.. At that time Shona and Tasha both reach at a same time..
Shona looks at Tasha angrily…when Tasha was about to go.. Shona stops her..

Shona: Tasha, how dare you cheat our science group!
Tasha: (confused) what?? R u mad? What t u talking!!
Shona: I know everything about you.. How could you trap our boys, don’t you feel ashamed!! I know that ur rohit’s girlfriend!!

Tasha:(shocked) achaa!! Fine u got to know the truth.. Yes I agree I did that to save my love.. Nd I don’t care about anyone!! By d way do u think Sanky will believe you..

Shona: haa he will believe me…I’m 100% sure!!
Tasha: achaa! Challo then.. Tell him.. Il see whether he will believe or not!

Shona: (thinks that this girl doesn’t know the matter that Sanky already knows.. She giggles)

Tasha and Shona goes to the music room..seeing Tasha Bublu and Sanky gets angry!!

Tasha acts as crying..
Shona is shocked!!
Rahul: Tasha why r u crying??
Tasha: Sanky, see what Shona is speaking.. She’s blaming me!! She keeping affair for me and Rohit.. How can you all think I’m in relation with Rohit.. I just hate him.. I love our batch so much.. Why is she blaming me?

Shona: ?what?? Don’t cover Tasha.. Just now u accepted that u Nd Rohit r in relation.. How can u change ur words!!

Tasha: what?? Shona seriously how can u blame me like this.. U know when I was trapped in den, I was so scared.. I literally cried.. But due to my luck.. They left me..

Shona: achaa!! Then tell me why were u talking with Rohit in arts den..

Tasha: Shona!! He was ragging me At that time.. (She again starts crying) why do u hate me Shona.. From day 1 I’m noticing you.. You started hating me..Nd today ur blaming for all this.. I know you are doing this because I’ve taken ur duty of incharge… That’s why ur blaming me..If u don’t like me, then tell me I will leave this music but don’t blame for all this.. It hurts me lot!!

Bublu looks at Tasha angrily…
Shona: stop it Tasha.. How can you lie suddenly..

Sanky: (shouts) enough!! (He looks angrily at Shona)
Shona how can you blame Tasha..

Shona is shocked..
Shona: Sanky I already told…

Sanky: (screams loudly) Shona just shut up!!! Just stop ur nonsense.. Nd just get out from here!! Right now…

Tasha smiles at Shona evilly.. Shona notice her..
Shona: Sanky see look at her.. How she’s smiling..

Sanky: shonaa I said get out.. Don’t u listen to me..
(He holds her hurted hands and pushes her)
Shona: ahhh!! (Cries with pain as soon as he touches her and leaves by crying)

Sanky looks at his hands and gets shocked seeing blood on his hand..

Sanky: (thinks) blood?? But where did this blood come from!! (He thinks for a minute) Shona!! Is this shona’s blood??? What happened to her??
(He was worried)

Shona cries and leaves… Nd at that time she watches Ragini crying…
She wipes her tears and goes towards her…
Shona: Ragini.. Kya hua?? Why r u crying??
Ragini: nothing Shona!! I’m fine??
Shona: (lifts her chin) don’t lie me Ragini.. I know ur crying.. Tell me what happened??

Ragini cries and hugs Shona)
Ragini: I’m soo confused Shona.. I don’t know why I’m feeling sad..
Shona: sad for what??
Ragini: you know, when we had a party, a new girl came to our party and she started to dance with Laksh.. Now Laksh is searching for her.. Nd he told me that he is loving that girl.. He is praising her dance.. How can he love that girl, when he even dint see her…
Shona: (shocked) what?? (She smiles looking at Ragini) soo Ragini u r in love??

Ragini: what?
Shona: Haaa ur feeling jealous.. That means ur in love.
Ragini: (smiles) haa Shona I don’t know it’s love or not.. But I’m not liking Laksh praising other girl.. What if she comes again.. Then Laksh will leave me..
(She cries loudly)

Shona: (laughs) Ragini.. Don’t worry about anything.. Just concentrate on ur love.. Nd u know that girl won’t come in between u..

Ragini: r u sure??
Shona: haa I’m sure..
Ragini: but how can u say that Shona..
Shona: my sweet little cute Ragini… Do u want to know who is that girl?

Ragini: you know her??
Shona: haa Ragini I know her..
Ragini: (excited) who is she??
Shona: it’s non other then.. The great princess…. Ms. Shona!!! ?
Ragini: what?? Is that you..

Shona: Haaa Ragini…(she tells her everything how arts traped boys and how she kept that mask and danced)

Ragini: (happy) is that you??? I can’t believe this… Ur an awesome dancer Shona!!

Shona: Thankyou Ragini… Nd don’t tell this anyone.. Now Laksh can’t find me.. Nd no one will enter in between u guys.. U concentrate on Laksh!!

Ragini: Thankyou Shona!!! (She hugs her tightly) Nd Shona can u do me a favour!!

Shona: Yaa tell me?
Ragini: can u teach me dance? Plzz I want to do something for Laksh.. Plz plz plz..

Shona: sure Ragini…. I will!!! Anything for u darling!! Nd I bet u, Laksh will be mesmerised seeing ur dance…

Ragini gets happy and they both hug each other…
Ragini looks at her wound!

Ragini: (worried) Shona..what happened?? It’s bleeding!!
Shona: haa wo actually, small accident..
Ragini: how can u be soo careless Shona.. She takes her hanky and ties it..
Take care Shona!! I can’t see my sweet friend in pain!!

Shona: soo sweet of u Ragini… She takes a chocolate and gives her!!
Happy chocolate day Ragini!!!?

Ragini : (laughs) Shona ur soo crazy…!!!!
Shona: pulls her cheeks..Ragini u look soo cute while laughing!! Keep laughing all the time!!
They both smile looking at each other!!!

Shona: okay Ragini I’m leaving!! I have maths class now!! New faculty is coming it seems!! I need to attend!!

Ragini: okay Shona!! Take care bye!!

Shona leave to her class!!

In class:
As soon as Shona enters the class.. All started to shout loudly..

Guys: wooooooooo Shona is back!!!
Shona smiles at them!!

A guys comes near Shona..
Guy: Shona!! Why dint u attend the first class??
Another guys watches Shona, when he was about to go..
Shona starts scolding the first boy..

Shona: how dare you.. Don’t u have manners??
Guy: (shocked?) what?? Kya hua Shona?
Shona: arey u idiot.. Today is chocolate day, don’t you know that you should give chocolate to the girls??

Other guy just runs..thinking he is safe!!

Guy: Shona, I’m soo sorry.. Il give chocolates in the break okay??
Shona: (smiles) that’s good!!

Guy just walks and other starts laughing at him!!

At that time a new person enters into the class…Shona is shocked to see him.. He is the person whom she met morning!!

All students stood and wish him..

New Person: good morning students, my name is Sanjay…I’m ur new maths lecturer..

All r shocked… Mainly Shona!!

Sanjay looks at Shona.. He was shocked and gets angry on her!!

Sanjay: soo guys before I start I want you all to introduce urself!!

(All students starts introducing, Shona is left)
Shona: my name is Shona gadodia.. My father name is Shekar gadodia.. I did my schooling in
(Sanjay interupts her)

Sanjay: ur father name is Shekar gadodia??
Shona: haa sir,
Sanjay: (smiles) good!! Sit!!

Sanjay: so guys, before I start my lesson.. I just want to tell you about myself..
I’m very strict, I want you all to follow some discipline..

Hearing the word discipline Shona laughs loudly..

Sanjay: ?Shona why r u laughing??

Shona: Hahahahah sir you know how ur speaking?? You were speaking like politicians, how they make promises to get votes.. It was like that….Soo funny… Hahahahah

All class laughs looking at her…

(Sanjay gets angry and He looks at Shona)
Shona hides back of sasha!!

Sanjay: I want 100% attendance.. I want pin drop silence when I’m explaining something.. Mainly these type of jokes I hate in the class…If I see anyone chatting or making noise or disturbing the class or not doing my homeworks… You all gonna pay for it!!
(Nd takes out a paper) Nd this is your hope exams marks list..
He checks all the marks.. Nd he intentionally checks shona’s marks list..

Sanjay: shonaa!!
Shona is worried..she tells to sasha!!
Shona: I’m dead now.. I dint write my maths exam well.. Oh god plz save me!!

Sanjay (shouts) Shona!!
Shona: Yess sir!!!
Sanjay: what are these marks, you are good at all the subjects, but you are very poor in maths.. Why??

Shona:(laughs loudly again) oh god soo funny question!!! What do I know sir, you know what.. I hate maths.. I don’t know why, when I open my maths book.. I feel sleepy… Hahahhahaha so funny na!!!
(She looks at everyone, don’t u guys feel same?)

All class laughs at her jokes!!
Sasha: shh Shona!!

Sanjay looks at her seriously…

Sanjay: shonaa will u stop!!
Shona: (controls her laugh) haa sir..
Sanjay: first I need to teach you discipline, I will talk to u later.. Sit!!

Class over..
Sanjay: okay guys from tomorrow will start our class.. U may all leave now!!

Shona packs her bag, when she was about to leave.. Sanjay stops her..
Sanjay: Shona! Wait for a while..

Sanjay calls someone.. Nd he talks for sometime..he gives the call to Shona!!

Shona is confused!
Sanjay: Shona speak..
Shona: hello!!
(It was her papa)
Shekar: Shona beta!!
Shona: (shocked) papa, TUM???
Shekar: Shona, ur sir told me everything.. Ur very poor in maths it seems.. What Shona?? Won’t u change.. Nd what was those fun in the college.. Behave properly okay.. I know Sanjay very well.. He is my colleague son..from today he will be ur tutor too.. Listen what he says understand??

Shona: (shouts) what??? Papa!! How can you decide like That?? That too with this man!! I can’t bear him papa!! I’m not a kid to sit in Tution

(Sanjay looks at her angrily)

Shekar: shonaa, just do what I say.. Just follow his rules..
Shona: (irritated) okay papa!!

(He cuts the call, and she looks at Sanjay angrily)
Sanjay: so from today ur my responsibility.. Nd main thing i will teach u discipline, automatically if u have discipline you will get studies too.. Coz ur very over smart, I will cut ur smartness!! Now you may go.. Tomorrow morning at 5, you should come for meditation !!

Shona: what??? Meditation ?? That too at 5?
Sanjay: yes!!
Shona: sir, this is too much.. Ur my maths teacher, just teach me maths, why these things in the middle..
Sanjay: these classes to teach u discipline.. So tomorrow morning.. At park U need to come.. Got it!! Nd remember, daily pin to pin il tell everything to ur dad… Okay??
Shona: (angrily) okay!!
Sanjay: if u won’t wake up I know how to wake you.., I’m staying opposite to ur flat,

Shona: (angry) very good!!
Sanjay: what??
Shona: nothing!!!
(And she goes out)

She gets message from Sanky,
Sanjy: meet me in the music room..

Shona goes to the music room…Nd gets shocked to see many chocolates in the room..

Sanky and Bublu smiles at her!!
Shona: wowww!! These many chocolates.. Anyone’s birthday?? Are you distributing these chocolates, Woww.. Even il help you to distribute okay???

Sanky and Bublu smiles..

Sanky: these chocolates are for you Swara..
Swara: (excited) what???
Sanky: happy chocolate day kiddo!! You love chocolates na!!
Shona: woww!! These many chocolates, everything for me???
Sanky: Haaa!!
Shona: (jumps with excitement) woww wow Thankyou soo much!!!

She hugs both of them!!

Bublu: did u like it Shona..??
Shona: haa Bublu..I loved it..

They talk for sometime..
Bublu: Shona, u acted soo well in the morning..
Sanky: haa Shona, when I saw ur tears…For a minute I thought ur really crying..
Shona: Noo Sanky, I was just acting.. By the way why r u scolding me like that… Mr. Angry bird!! And I won’t leave that Tasha..did u see how quickly she changed the words.. I bet she defntly informs that Rohit!!

Sanky smiles.. Suddenly he remembers blood..

Sanky: Shona! I saw ur hand bleeding.. What happened??
Shona: ohh haa… I met with small accident Sanky.. I got hurt!!
Sanky: (worried) what?? Accident?? Where and how Shona!! (He cups her face)
Shona: don’t worry.. I’m fine now.. (She shows her wound)
Just a small wound..I’m fine!!

Sanky: Shona, it’s still bleeding.. Come lets go to hospital..

Shona: Noo Sanky!! Plzz.. I’m fine.. I hate hospital, medicines and all.. I’m fine Sanky..

Sanky: r u sure?
Shona: Haaa!!

Sanky: okay, then.. Come il drop you..
Shona: no Sanky, did u forgot..we r enemies now..
Sanky: hmm okay!! Careful.. After reaching.. Message me!!
Shona: okay!!

Shona leaves home…

Maheshwari house:
AP is cleaning sanky’s self.. Suddenly she finds a locket.. And checks it..
It was Swara’s locket.. AP gets shock!!
She feels happy, and shocked!!!
AP: Swara locket!!! But how can this be here??

At that time Sanky come..he looks at dadi..

Sanky: good evening dadi!!

Dadi is just in thoughts,
Sanky: dadi, where r u?? R u thinking something?? (He looks at her tears)
Dadi Kya hua??

dadi: sanky beta.. This locket?? How did u get this??

Sanky: ohh this one… My classmate locket..she left it.. I got that so I brought it home??

AP gets emotional..
Sanky: Kya hua dadi…
AP: where is ur locket Sanky..which I gave you..

(Sanky gives her the locket… AP joins both locket.. Nd a letter ‘S’ is shown clearly…

AP gets more happy,Sanky is shocked!!

Sanky: dadi, Woww… This locket is complete now… But how is this possible??

AP: it was ur chachi locket… Ur chacha gifted her… You know ur chachi love this locket soo much.. Even in her death she dint leave this locket… But how did u get this Sanky…I can’t believe this..

Sanky: wow is this chachi locket, Woww This is amazing..

AP: I want to talk with ur classmate Sanky, may be they can answer me.. Bring them Sanky..

Sanky: actaully even I was searching for her dadi.. But don’t worry.. I will bring her one day..

Dadi: okay beta you sleep…
(She goes to her room)

Sanky gets freshup… and he calls Shona..

Sanky: hello kiddo!! Whatsup..

Shona: I was about to sleep ,
Sanky: it’s just 9:00 and ur sleeping now??

Shona: tomorrow I should go for meditation class!!

Sanky: (?) what???

Shona tells him everything..
Sanky laughs imagining her situation!!

Shona: ?Sanky why r u laughing??

Sanky: Shona it’s soo funny.. You got a tutor..that too for maths.. And meditation…Loll!! It’s soo funny…He is the best medicine for u..
Shona: Sanky plz!! I’m soo irritated now please don’t irritate me more!!
Sanky: (laughs continuously) Shona plz cut the call.. I can’t laugh more.. Plzz..

Shona: okay bye good night!!
(She cuts the call)

Next day morning..
Shona gets a call.. She slowly opens her eyes and lifts the call..

Shona: hello!!!
Sanjay: (shouts) Shona! Do u know what’s the time’s already 5:30, now get up and come to the nearby park!! I’m waiting

Shona: ? haa sir.. I’m sorry.. I’m coming!!

Shona gets ready and goes to the park.. She watches Sanjay,
Shona: good morning sir..
Sanjay: ?Shona ur late.. I hate people who don’t have time sense, you need a punishment now.. Go and run around the park 10 rounds!!

Shona: what 10 rounds??? She looks at the park it was very big…
Sir, please reduce the rounds..

Sanjay: Noo!! Now come.. Just start running!!

Shona starts running, she’s so tired.. The moment she stops, Sanjay scolds her…
Shona gets angry and she keeps on running… Finally she did the 10 rounds!!

Sanjay: Shona! You took 1 hour to run 10 rounds!! U wasted the time… It’s already 7:00.. Now go and get ready for college…
And evening at 4:00 will start maths Tution..

Shona: okay sir…

Episode ends

Next day..
Sanky, Shona and all are talking… Sanky watches Shona being tired…
Sanky: Shona Kya hua ur soo tired???
Shona doesn’t answer but just sleeps on sanky’s shoulder!!!

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