True love never dies Episode 20 (Swasan)

Shona runs from him… 
Laksh thinks about the girls eyes and Shona eyes.. He immediately takes his mobile and notice the eyes…

He gets happy, that he found that girl.. But he wants to confirm!! 

He goes to canteen and he watches Bublu and Sanky.. They both look at each other angrily… 
Rohit joins Laksh…

Seeing Rohit and Laksh Bublu started to tease them..

Bublu: Sanky! You know yesterday what Happened, someone’s program was been spoilt due to power cut!! Can’t they keep a generator?? Lol!! 
(He laughs loudly) 
Sanky too laughs and they both give hifi!! 

Laksh and Rohit are fuming with anger!! 
Sanky: Bublu, leave about them… They thought to trap us by using girls.. But they got trapped!!! (Hahahahah) 
Bublu: someone had copied our theme.. But that’s really great.. Our mask saved us from the den!!
(They again give hifi) 

Laksh is fuming with anger, now he clearly understood that a girl is from science batch and defntly she is Shona!! He gets angry!! 

Sanky: arey Bublu, don’t tease them more again they will cry.. Chill dude!! Challo lets go to music room.. We need to practise.. Nd we need be true to ourself, instead of copying others theme 

Rohit gets angry and when he was about to scold them Laksh stops him!! 

Sanky and Bublu again laugh looking at them and they leave… Sanky by mistake forgets his mobile!! 

Rohit: Laksh why did u stop me?? 
Laksh: it’s our fault Rohit, leave it.. I’m least bothered about them my only target is Shona!! 
Rohit: shonaa?? 
Laksh: Yess Rohit, she is the girl who cheated us wearing the mask and took the keys from me!! 
Rohit: (shocked) what?? 
Laksh: how dare she enter into our party.. Il teach her a lesson!! (He smirks)

(At that time he notice sanky’s mobile..Laksh smiles and takes his mobile) 

Rohit: yaar this is sanky’s mobile.. 
Laksh: now we need this..(Nd he looks at Rohit.. Both smile looking at each other.. Nd they go to their dance floor!!

Laksh checks sanky’s mobile.. He was shocked to see dialler list..
Laksh: ohh god!! Did u see this Rohit.. Sanky has called Shona nearly 50 times..Nd look at those messages.. They were chatting late nights…I know Sanky very well, he never talked to any girl.. But I can’t believe this.. 

Rohit: haa Laksh, there is something between them.. Last time I saw Sanky near our flat.. He was dropping Shona around 12:45.. I think there r in love!! 

Laksh: ohh really!!! (He smiles) woww that’s soo great.. My 2 enemies are in love!! Strange!! 
Rohit: yaar Laksh let’s tease Shona from sanky’s mobile.. 
Laksh: (smiles) okay!! 

(He messages Shona from Sanky mobile) 

Laksh: hi sweetheart! Where r u??

In class 
Shona is so bored with her class.. At that time she gets a message from sanky number and gets happy.. She opens the message but gets shock

Shona: sweetheart?? Sanky r u fine?? 

Laksh and Rohit smiles..
Laksh: Haaa baby, I’m fine.. I’m in music room.. Waiting for u.. Come soon na!! Missing u a lot!! 

Shona is again shocked..
Shona: Sanky.. Stop ur jokes yar.. 
Laksh: joking? I really mean it.. By d way R u coming to music room or not first tell me that!! 
Shona: Sanky I’m in class I already told!! and u know Classes r very important!!

Laksh: acha!! If classes r so important then why r u chatting in middle of the class.. 

(Laksh and Rohit laughs loudly) 
Shona: you know it will be so thrill, when u chat in middle of the class.. Hahahahah so funny na!! 

Laksh: seriously it’s like ur face..

Shona: what happened to my face is it not cute? 

(Laksh and Rohit smiles) 
Rohit : ohh god!! Look at her, how cute!!! 
(Laksh smiles and gives the mobile to him, Nd tells him to shut her cuteness Nd rohit messages again) 

Laksh: no ur not cute! But ur s*xy
Shona:  Sanky!! R u drunk?? Ur soo strange!! 
Laksh: what? Hey idiot, can’t you understand what I’m telling.. Can’t u understand my feelings..Ur really s*xy.. That too on that day, when you wore that one piece dress, you r looking soo hot!! I felt like kissing you.. 

Shona is shocked to see sanky’s message.. And she gets angry!

Shona: enough Sanky! Plz don’t talk like that.. I wont talk to you.. Bye!! And I’m going home bye.. Shona is angry with you.. 

(Saying this She stops messaging him) 

Laksh and Rohit laughs loudly.. Nd Laksh calls Shona from sanky’s number..
But Shona cuts his calls!! 

Laksh thinks to give her a finishing touch.. 
Nd messages her again…

Laksh: Shona!! How dare you cut my calls.. I will never ever see ur face.. Nd don’t show ur attitude towards me.. What do u think of ur self!! Just go to hell!! I will never talk to u again!! Just get lost!!

Shona:  go to hell Sanky! 

Laksh and Rohit gives hifi.. 
Rohit: woww Laksh, we created misunderstandings between them..
Laksh: yes Rohit.. Now it will be fun!! Nd Rohit come lets keep the mobile in the same place.. 
Rohit: Yaa but Laksh delete all those messages.. 
(Laksh delete a the messages and gives to canteen owner) 

Classroom: class gets over 
Shona is very angry.. She goes home..

Music room: 
After the practise..
Sanky checks the time and thinks about Shona.
Sanky: Bublu, Shona dint come still.
Bublu: (smiles) achaa!! What do I know yaar! Call her..

Sanky checks his mobile.. But he doesn’t find his phone!! 
Sanky: Bublu, I think I left my phone in the canteen.. 
Bublu: Come Lets check! 

(They go to canteen.. Nd searches for mobile.. At that time owner comes and gives the mobile to Sanky) 

Sanky calls Shona, but she cuts it!! 

Sanky gets angry.. 
Sanky: arey yar again she’s cutting the call!! What’s happening to her!! 
(He keeps on calling, but she keeps on cutting.. He messages her but she don’t reply.. Sanky goes to her class and asks sasha!! 

Sanky: sasha where is Shona?? 
Sasha: she went home Sanky..
Sanky: home?? Is she’s fine? 
Sasha: haa she’s fine.. 

Now Sanky gets more angry on her! 
He leaves to canteen… Bublu and sanky has a conversation!! 

Sanky: Bublu.. This is enough!! I can’t tolerate her More! What is she thinking.. I’m Being friendly with her but she’s taking advantage of it! I hate these kind of attitude!! I will never talk to her again!! 

(Laksh and Rohit Listens to their conversation!! And gives hifi) 

Bublu: arey yar this is common in love yar..
Sanky: what??? Love?? 
Bublu: I meann.. Friendship!! This is all common in friendship.. Shona is not a girl who shows attitude.. She is soo cute and sweet!! 
Sanky: she may be sweet to u.. From today I won’t talk to her.. I have more attitude then her!! I already Told her not to cut calls..anyways.. Now come lets go home.. 

They both leave home..
Sanky still in angry.. Bublu thinks to cover his mood.. 
Sanky keeps on checking his phone..Nd gets angry!! 
Bublu: Sanky shall we read the diary? 
Sanky: not today dude! I have no interest..
Bublu: hmm Kk!! 

Pari: Bublu and Varun.. Come for dinner!! 
They both go down to have dinner… 
Pari is serving food.. All notice his angry face..
Adharsh: Varun! Kya hua? Ur so angry? 
(Bublu starts laughing.. Sanky looks at him angrily) 
Pari: (smiles) Kya hua Bublu.. Why r u laughing.
Bublu: aunty vo actually, there’s a girl in our…
(At that time Sanky closes his mouth) 
Sanky: nothing Ma!! He is talking all bullshit!! 

Bublu keeps on laughing… Adharsh, Pari and AP smiles looking at them..

Shona in her room..
She thinks..
What happened to Sanky today, he is so weird.. But is that really Sanky?? Whatever what he did is wrong.. I won’t talk to him..
But.. I will call and ask him why he behaved like that..

Nd she calls him… 

Sanky checks his call and gets happy but cuts the call as he is angry!! 

Shona thinks.. 
Y is he cutting my call.. What he did is ryt.?? Now cutting my calls.. I won’t leave him today.. She keeps on calling him..

Adharsh: varun, ur getting calls, why ur not lifting it!! 
Sanky: actually, hmmm… Aahhhh..(angry) Leave it dad!! 

Adharsh smiles.. 
Bublu: (smiles) actaully he is angry with that caller uncle..
Adharsh: (laughs) haha really?? 

At that time again Shona calls.. This time Bublu lifts the call and puts the call in speaker.. As soon as the call get connected Shona starts shouting…

Shona: Sanky, why r u cutting my calls?? How dare you cut my calls?? Your cutting Shona’s calls?? Do u know who is Shona?? She is princess.. Nd ur cutting this princess call.. How mean u are?? 
(She keeps on scolding) 

Adharsh, Pari and AP looks shockingly at Sanky.. While Bublu laughs continuously.. Hiding his laugh!! 

Sanky doesn’t notice everyone looking at him and starts taking to her! 

Sanky: (angry) achaa!! Then y did you cut my calls before? If u are Shona, I’m Sanky.. Varun Sanksar Maheshwari.. I’m ur senior…Did u get that…How dare you cut my calls… Ur senior calls ?? Is this the respect u learnt? 

All are shocked to see them shouting!! 

Shona: (shouts) achaa!! Really?? U said that we r friends.. And now where did this senior and junior came?? Okay fine.. Let it be..sanky sir.. I’m sorry for cutting ur calls.. 
Nd I feel sorry for talking to you.. Good bye!! 

Sanky: okay bye!! Don’t dare to call me again… 

Shona: how rude u are?? It’s waste to talk to u.. Nd I don’t need ur friendship, I don’t need ur chocolates also!! 

AP looks at Sanky confusedly.. She remembers Swara and Sanskar.. How they used to fight!! 
She looks at Adharsh.. They both smile looking at each other..

Sanky: even I don’t need ur friendship, I don’t need to share ur stupid chcolates with you.. I’m so happy Just get lost!!

Shona: how dare you call my chocolates stupid!! Just go to hell, 
Ur not at all a cute sweet little angry bird… Ur a mental angry bird Sanky, 

Sanky: how dare you call me mental.. Seriously kids are better than you.. Learn some manners from them!! 
Bye and he cuts the call!! 

All laughs loudly…
AP: Sanky beta, who is she?? 

(Sanky is shocked, as he now realised that the phone is in speaker) 

Sanky: wo dadi, she’s my friend, we had a small fight..

Bublu: haa aunty, very small fight.. Actually it’s not small but it’s soo tiny.. (Nd laughs loudly) 

Pari: who is she Bublu.. She is soo funny!! 

Bublu: haa aunty, she’s really so funny.. We like her soo much.. She is the only girl who eats all the chocolates in our colz canteen.. She keeps on laughing all the time.. She’s a good friend to Sanky!! 

Adharsh: (smiles) Ma did u notice, her voice, the way she talks.. It’s like Swara! Dint you notice Ma? 

Sanky and Bublu looks at each other!! 

AP: ha Adharsh, for a minute I thought Swara is talking with Sanskar, even they both used to fight like this..even Swaraa used to fight for those chocolates…I miss them soo much! 

Adharsh: haa ma.. I miss them too..

At that time Shona agin calls him.. 
Sanky: excuse me,I will come again.. 

Adharsh and Pari smiles looking at sanky.

(He goes to a corner and talks to her)
Sanky: what do U want now?? You said get lost na.. Nd u cut the call..and now why again ur calling me? 

Shona: what?? I cut ur call?? From when u started to lie?? 
Sanky: from when u started to lie Shona..I dint cut ur call.. 
Shona: what?? (She cries) 
Sanky is shocked!! 
Sanky: Shona ur crying? Why are you crying? 
Shona: don’t u know why am I crying? 
Sanky: acha!! Cry!! Cry more!! 
Shona: Noo! I won’t cry.. Why should I cry?? 
Sanky: achaa!! Don’t u know? I said you to meet me in music room after the class ? but how could you leave home without informing? Nd why did u cut my calls? I already told u in the canteen itself not to cut the calls!

Shona: what should I inform? We already had a chat, Nd I told u that I’m leaving.. Nd you said bye get lost!! Still what should I inform?? 

Sanky: what??? We had a chat? When? 

Shona: achaa.. See how innocently ur asking me when?? 
when I’m in class.. Ur texted me, Nd Sanky what was those messages, how could u talk like that? 
Sanky: what?? (He gets doubt on Laksh) 
wait a minute (he checks his mobile) all my messages were deleted!! 
Shona do u have those messages with you?? 

Shona: haa ya I’m having.. 
Sanky: okay I’m coming wait!! 
Shona: (shocked) coming where??
Sanky: to ur house!
Shona: house.. At this time…

(He cuts the call) 

Sanky takes his bike keys, 
Pari: varun where r u going at this time?? 
Sanky: Maa I have work..
Bublu: Sanky Shal I come? 
Sanky: haa Bublu, let’s go in a car…

At that time again Shona calls him.. Sanky gives the phone to Adharsh and signals him to scold her.. 

Adharsh: hello! Who is this?? Why r u calling at this time? ( he starts scolding her) 

Bublu and Sanky laughs.. 

Shona is shocked… She understoods that it is sanky’s Papa.. Nd covers it!! 

Shona: we r calling from icici bank!! Can I speak to Mr. Sanky! I mean Mr.varun!! 

Adharsh: what?? 

Shona gets scared and she cuts the call!! 
Adharsh, Pari and AP starts laughing !! 

Pari: Varun, she is soo funny!! 
Bublu keeps on laughing… 
Adharsh: Hahahahah!! She’s soo childish!! Bring her home one day Varun.. 
Sanky: haa dad!!

(They leave… Nd reaches shona’s house) 
And calls her..

Sanky: come down.. We r waiting in car get in! 
Shona: car? Sanky.. Ur mobile is with ur dad and you…
Sanky: shonaa cut it!! Just come down and get in!! 

Sanky tells Bublu to drive the car, Nd he sits back!! 
Bublu smiles… Nd sings songs to tease him… 

Shona goes down and she gets in.. Nd Bublu drives… 
She acts as if she’s angry with Sanky! Nd she sits calmly.. Looking outisde the window!! 
Sanky breaks the silence..

Sanky: Shona.. Look at me? 
Shona: don’t talk to me Sanky!! 
Sanky: ooff!! Where is ur mobile? Show me those chats?? 

Shona gives him her mobile and Sanky checks it… He gets shocked seeing the chats!! 

Sanky: shonaa!! I dint send these messages.. Mobile is not with me!! I left in canteen! 
Shona: what?? 
Sanky: haa Shona.. When I thought to call you.. I checked my mobile is missing.. 
Later I got it in canteen..

Bublu: Haaa Shona!! 

Shona: what??? Then who texted with me?? 

Sanky: (angry) I have doubt on that Laksh and Rohit!! Idiots!! How could they go so low!! Nd Shona.. R u fine?? (He cups her face) 

Shona: haa Sanky… I’m fine.. What will happen to me?
Sanky: shonaaa!! They got to know that it’s you.. Who have come to that party!! They may harm you.. Now I guess you became their enemy, be careful okay?? They may trap you.. 

Shona: okay!! Sanky.. I’m sorry for misunderstanding.. I’m really sorry..

Sanky: it’s okay..(he suddenly gets an idea and tries to be angry) soo you don’t trust me?? Ryt?? Leave it!! Like seriously how could u ever think in ur dreams that I will text you in such manner!! 
You said me to get lost ryt?? 
Okay bye.. Leave me!! 
(He gets down the car) 

Shona: Sanky listen…(she follows him) I’m really sorry.. I’ve called you but you dint lift.. What do I know that ur mobile is not with you.. 
Plz Sanky!! Plz talk to me.. my cute sweet little angry bird..(she pulls his cheeks) 

Sanky: ohh really.. I’m ur cute sweet little angry bird, then just now you said that I’m a mental angry bird..

Shona: I’m sorry.. Sorry sorry sorry sorry infinity!! Okay?? 
She touches her ears..and She cries… Sanky gets shocked seeing her tears) 

Sanky: shonaa!! Ur crying.. My sweet kiddo!! Why r u crying.. (He wipes her tears) I was just joking kiddo.. Seriously.. I promise.. I’m not angry at you.. Plz stop crying .. I was just teasing you!! 

Shona: really?? 
Sanky: Haaa Shona!! 
Shona: (she acts as is if she’s angry) by d way Sanky, what dint u lift my calls? Nd you scolded my chocolates.. You don’t want my share na!! Okay fine leave told me to get lost na.. Bye I’m leaving.. Bye sanky sir… I’m ur Junior na!! 

(Sanky smiles seeing her cuteness..Nd holds her hands and pulls her towards him) 

Sanky: where r u going? Do u think Bublu will take u alone without my permission.

Shona pouts her face… Sanky smiles and holds her from back.. 

Sanky: my dear sweet kiddo!! I’m soo sorry for scolding you.. Nd I promise I will trust you ever!! Nd we were no more senior and junior.. We are friends okay?? Will u accept my sorry now? 
I will give u a chocolate treat!! Now come smile kiddo… Nd tickles her..

Shona smiles looking at him…

Nd they share a hug… Shona looks at Bublu and calls him… 
Shona: Bublu come lets have a group hug.. We all r friends na?? 

Bublu joins the hug, they go for a long ride.. Nd Bublu stops the car in some lonely place.. 

They three get down.. Nd they talk for sometime!

Sanky: Shona u need to be very careful, they are always good at there evil plans!!

Bublu: haa Shona.. How could they chat like that.. Yesterday they trapped us, Nd now they teased Shona.. Nd tomorrow they may do anything!! I can’t understand onething.. How could they leave Tasha so easily.. Nd trap us.. She dint even inform till now!! 

Shona: I know the reason, Tasha is rohits girlfriend.. So he left her.. Actually it was they plan to trap!!

Bublu and Sanky both r shocked!! 
Sanky: what??? How do U know that Shona? 
Shona: haa Sanky, I and Bublu saw Tasha talking to Rohit.. At that time we dint take it serious..
But yesterday, I saw Tasha going to arts Block.. I followed her.. Nd I heard their conversation… It was they plan Sanky!! 
I’ve called you many times, but u guys dint Lift my call..

Sanky thinks… 
Shona: Sanky don’t you Trust me?? 
Sanky: Noo Shona, I will trust u all the time..
Shona: Thankyou Sanky!!

Sanky: it’s good we got to know about Tasha!! I wil not leave her!! 
Shona: no Sanky, actually we need her, she has a good voice.. If u scold her she may leave the group.. 

Sanky: but Shona, how can we forgive her.. Nd do u think she will sing along with me.. If that Rohit says anything she may stop the program on the stage.. I think that was their plan.. Oh god!! I dint think about it!! Thankyou Shona! U again saved our group!! 

Bublu: now what will we do? 
Sanky: I will think about it.. Nd Shona let’s be like enemies in colz in front of arts.. 
Bublu: Yaa dats a gud plan!
Sanky: okay now come lets leave!! 

They leave home!! Nd they drop Shona!! 
Sanky gets down and gives her sendoff

Sanky: Shona 1 min.. I warn you again never do those stunts, how can you go alone to arts group!! This is my serious warning.. Never go alone okay?? 
Shona: okay Sanky, I’m sorry..

Sanky: (laughs) by d way Shona.. when did you join icici bank?? 
Shona: (confused) what?? 
Sanky: (teases) hello!! I’m calling from icici bank can i speak with mr.sanky.. I mean mr Varun!! 

Shona: (angry) angry bird!!!! (How can you tease me… Nd how did u know that?? 
Sanky: I kept my call in speaker kiddo..(he pulls her cheeks) 
Shona: what?? (Nd she starts hitting him)
Sanky: Hahahahah lol!! Okay fine.. I’m sorry!! 
Shona: it’s okay!! 
Sanky:(smiles) okay bye!! Good night!
Shona: (smiles) good night Sanky!! 

Shona leaves and they reach home…


Next day: 
Swara wakes up… She gets ready to go somewhere that time Sujatha comes
Swara: good morning aunty! 
Sujatha: hmm good morning!! 
Swara: (confused) Kya hua aunty you look so upset today!
Sujatha: don’t you know??
Swara: (confused) Kya? 
Sujatha: (angrily closes the door and locks it) Swara, how long will you stay here, see I know ur an orphan, I know that you don’t have anyone.. But you can’t stay here all the time right.. It’s not good for you and this family.. Just leave this house Swara.. I know no one will send you, because all loves you so much.. But Swara you are educated right, don’t u have any morals.. Don’t you know that you shouldn’t stay in others house for a long time.. If ur mom is alive will she allow you to stay here.. 

Swara is shocked… Her eyes r filled with tears.. 

Sujatha: and ya what was that fun you making with my Sanskar.. Be in ur limits.. Ur not a kid.. He is my son in law.. He is going to get married to my daughter.. Just stay out of him Swara.. Kavitha loves Sanskar, Nd don’t try to snatch sanskar from Kavitha…I won’t spare you.. Nd do u know onething, Sanskar hates you… If he likes you he won’t leave u alone on the roads at that time..he is just bearing you for AP… Just remember that!!! 
(Saying this she leaves) 

Swara is shocked!! She is heart broken completely..
Tears fells down her cheeks, she remembers her moments with AP and Sanskar… Sanskar’s kiss… Nd She remembers how Sanskar told her to leave this house, and how he left her on the road.. How that Jagadish dragged her…She gets scared of thinking those moments again… She cries and thinks..

What Sujatha aunty said is right.. I can’t stay here for more days, even Sanskar wants that.. He gave me 3 days time, but that time is over.. I need to vacate, nd that Jagadish got to know that I’m in this city.. 
(She gets scared and makes her eyes big ohh god what if he gets to know that I’m here, he may harm them..
(She remembers how he killed her bro and dad) I can’t let anything happen to them!! 
They should be happy… I will leave this house…

At that time she hears the knock sound!!
She opens the door.. It was AP 

AP: Swara.. What are u doing beta.. You dint come for breakfast 
Swara: haa ma.. I’m coming..

Breakfast table: 
All r having breakfast.. Swara is very silent.. She is just thinking what to do, where to go.. 
Sanskar and Adharsh notice her being calm.. 
Adharsh: Swara Kya hua? Ur soo silent today..
Swara: (smiles) nothing bhai.. I was just thinking about something..
Sanksar: (teases) thankgod, she is silent or else we should bear her torture early morning.. 

Swara feels hurt hearing his words.. Her eyes are filled with tears.. 
She remembers what Sujatha told about how Sanskar doesn’t like you.. He is just bearing u for AP..

She doesn’t reply anything, but just calmly eats her breakfast!! 
Sanskar thinks what happened to her she’s not responding anything.. 

After the breakfast…. Swara goes to her room… 
She feels bad, she thinks to do something!

Sanskar office..
He gets call from Mr. Verma! 
Verma: hello Sanskar, how r u?? 
Sanskar: I’m fyn Verma ji..
Verma: sanskar, we have dinner party in my house please you need to come..I dint invite anyone.. I’m only inviting you.. Ur my special guest..
Sanskar: (smiles) Yaa sure!! Thankyou for inviting.. 
Verma: and plz bring Swara with you.. It will be very fun if she’s with us !! Nd there is a surprise for Swara!!
Sanskar: surprise??? 
Verma: Yaa..Nd I hope Swara will love that surprise..
Sanskar: (smiles) okay sure!! Don’t worry il bring her.. 

(He cuts the call.. Nd he thinks what surprise is he talking about?? 
Hmm Kk but will Swara comes with me?? 
Il try… 

Episode ends!!

AP watches shona’s locket in sanky’s shirt…and was shock 

Sanskar and Swara gets stuck in rain!! 

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