True love never dies Episode 2


Swaragini – Colors.
Episode 2

First I want to describe the characters!!

Varun: nick name (sanky).. He is great guitarist and a singer!! He has lot of fans for his style… But he is Very attitude, very hyper, but kind hearted guy… Who wants his science batch to be happy always!! He hates love!! So he don’t talk with girls much!! He shows all his attitude nature to girls!!

Laksh: arts group leader… He is bit calm and He is very friendly.. He likes to flirt with girls!! His target is always Sankarar and his batch!! He is a great dancer!! He always encourages fresher to participate in dance!!

Ragini: calm and reserved girl!! She is scared of ragging, funs and all… But slowly changes her nature and enjoys her college fun, with Laksh and his batch… She slowly starts loving the youth fun… She becomes partner for Laksh in his dance..

Ravali : Ragini friend!!

Swara: charming and bubbly girl… She soo active.. She has lots of sense of humour.. She loves dancing…but as she’s a science batch.. She has no ryt to enter the dance floor!! She always troubles everyone with her childish jokes..mainly Sanky!!

Sasha: Swara’s friend!!

Episode 2

In college:
Ragini enters the college with her friend ravali…
Some boys watches her and stares at her beauty!!
One of them… Slaps those boys in a friendly manner!!
Boy: guys she’s an arts student!! She is our enemy !! If you want to see.. There are many science students in our college!!
They keep laughing…

Ravali introduces Ragini to Laksh!!
Ravali: Ragini, he is Laksh!! Our captain!! And Laksh she is Ragini..

Laksh gets mesmerised seeing her.. And so Ragini!!

Ragini is tensed to talk to him..
Laksh: hello Ragini!! (He gives shake hand)
You may be our junior but we all are same group.. So ur our group now!! So let’s njoy
Ragini gets happy hearing his words.. As she felt so comfortable talking to him!!

Ravali: okay Laksh!! Il drop her in her class!! Nd I will be in library!! today you need to submit ur assignment!! Don’t forget or else dean will punish us!!
Laksh: don’t worry!! When I have my friend ravali.. Why should I worry.. Saying this he gives his books to her to complete the assignments!!
Ragini smiles at them!!
Ravali: this is soo cheating Laksh!! !! I dint comeplete my assignment.. How can I write urs!!
Ragini: shall I write??
Laksh: Thankyou Ragini!!! Will you complete it by today!!
Ragini: il try my best!!
Laksh: Thankyou so much Ragini!!

Laksh gets a call and he leaves!! It was his friend Rohit!!

Laksh: Yaa Rohit tell me!!
Rohit: good news Laksh!! There’s a new fresher of science group staying in an service appartment!! So we can trap her!! We r very lucky.. As she’s is the only girl of science group in fresher who staying in that apartments!!
Laksh: (smiles) what’s her name??
Rohit: her name is SHONA!! Tomorrow morning she will reach the flat!

Laksh: grt!! So guys tomorrow I want to know her every step!! I don’t know how you guys will plan but she should get inside our bus!!
Rohit: (smiles) done?

Shona in the train.. She was so bored looking at the families around her… She started reading some novels to entertain herself…

In one stop a guy enters the train..Shona is very busy in reading.. She dint notice him.. That guy felt bore and looks at Shona!! Shona feels bore and closes the book!! He looks at her and understood a that she is bored and tries to speak with her!!

Guy: hello!! Hi!!
Shona: (smiles) Hii!!
Guy: I’m bublu!! (Gives shake hand)
Shona: hi!! I’m Shona!
Bublu: wch college?
Shona: university of arts and science!!
Bublu: (excited) woww??? That’s soo great!! Even I’m from that college!! But I dint see you anywhere! R u fresher??
Shona: Yaaa… First year!
Bublu: (tensed) he asks her doubtedly!! Which branch??
Shona: (tensed.. The way he asked her)!!

Bublu: (jumps in excitement) wowww!! Even I’m the same branch… Nice to meet you Shona!!

Shona: u scared me bublu…
Bublu: actually ur safe.. If u would have said arts.. I would have ragged u..
Shona confused…
Bublu tells her everything about the college, competition, Sanky and their gang!! They spent an hours talking to each other!!

Shona: woww I’m just loving it!!

Bublu: by the way where r u staying?
Shona: service apartment!!
Bublu: what?? Which block!!
Shona: block B

Bublu: ohkk be careful!! You know many students are of arts From that block!! Leave all that!! Any ways welcome to our sweet college!!
Shona laughs!!!

Bublu: so wt else Shona!! It’s very nice talking to u?? What’s up?? Tell me something??

Shona: hmmm(thinks for a minute) shall I tell you a joke??
Bublu: ohh Yaaa Kk!!
Shona: hmmm Kk! Listen..

Elephant & Ant were walking on a bridge.Then d elephant looked down toward d river.Suddenly ant bit the elephant.Y?

Bublu: did he stamped his foot??
Shona: Noo!!
Bublu: did elephant dint allow to see the ant the bridge?
Shona: no!!
Bublu: hmm!! You tell the answer!!

Shona: Bcoz….ants wife was bathing in the river…. Hahahahahahahaa!!!!

Bublu: lol!!! Sooo funnyyy!!! (He gives an hifi to her)

Shona keeps on telling him jokes and he keeps on laughing)

Finally they went to their own berths and slept!!

Maheswari house!!

Pari is applying oil to AP leg!!
AP: Pari I’m so happy to see my grandson!! He is same like Sanskar!!
Pari: (smiles) haa ma! His attitude is also like Sanskar!
(She thinks about Sanskar and Swara)

Pari: Maa i want to ask you something!!
AP: ha pari Batao??
Pari: ma I want to know how Swara and Sanskar met? Like when did they met first time?? I met her in the middle.. At that time they were already in love.. But I can’t understand how Swara changed Sanskar.. I know Sanskar very well.. He hate girls, he hate love!! But how is he in love with Swara??

AP smiles.. It’s all because Ossetian Swara came to his life!!

For School ananul day!!
Swara teaches her students Dance..
(Yes Swara is a teacher in a kindergarten!!.. All her students loves her soo much because of her childish jokes..nd her nature)

After the school gets over Swara is going back to her house, at that time she saw a murder in front of her eyes!! She was soo frightened and hides herself!!
She rings up the police.. And informs him!!
After the murder.. All the gundas left!!
Swara gets sad seeing the person fighting for his life and she goes near to him…

Swara: uncle! Uncle! Don’t worry I will take you to hospital!
Uncle: Noo!! It’s no use! I know I will die!! Please go from here or else they will kill you!!
Swara: don’t worry about me! I will help you..I already informed police about it!
Uncle: ohh no!! Those police will kill you don’t trust them!! Run from here before they see you!! Nd beta!! Listen!! Do one help for me.. Take this pendrive.. Don’t tell about this to anyone!!
Swara: but what should I do with it?
Uncle: please help me to reach this pendrive to Sanskar Maheshwari!!
(Saying This he dies)

Swara is shocked!! She cries looking at him..
See hears police coming!! And runs from there!!

Police checks the body.. And he calls one person!!
Police: sanskar sir!! We are sorry to say ur manager has died.. Nd we dint get any information regarding that pendrive
Sanskar: I know about him.. He won’t leave his work in middle.. I think he gave that pendrive to someone else!! Find it out!!
Police: yes sir!!

Police finds out about Swara.. As she is the person who called them and they went to her house!!
Her address has been reached to someone else also and that person also sends his batch to her house!!

Swara gets scared and she runs to her house… She gets disturbed.. She thinks who might be this Sanskar??

At that time her door knocks!!

Swara opens the door and it was gundas…
Gundas: where is that pendrive??
Swara is shocked
Swara: Pendrive ??
Gundas: yes!! I know that he gave that pendrive to you!!
Swara: I don’t know what your talking!! Ya I agree I’ve seen the murder.. But I dint dare to go near him!! I ran from that place.. Plz listen to me!!
(Those gundas beat Swara…. Swara was hurted)
They gave her 2 days time to give the pendrive!! They warn her They leave!!

Swara cries for pain…
At that Time police reach Swara’s house..
Police asks her about the pendrive!!
Swara: ohh god!! How many times should I say I don’t have that pendrive with me!!
Police: see that pendrive is very important.. It has a code for the project of 200crores project… We need to give that to Sanskar sir… Or else he efforts he did will be vanished!! Plz if you know anything about that pendrive tell us!!

Swara is shocked:
Swara: sanskar? (She thinks of that uncle words) Who is he?
Police: sanskar Maheshwari is young business tycoon!! He is putting his efforts to help poor to get their houses back!!… He keeps on telling her about it!!

Swara gets happy hearing the name Sanskar Maheshwari… Nd she accepts the truth!!

Swara: Yaa! I’m having that pendrive.. But I will only give to Sanskar Maheswari!!

Police: ohkk fine!! He gives her Sanskar’s visiting card!! Nd tells her to meet him in the office!! Tomorrow morning!!
He leaves

Police tells Sanskar about Swara!!
Next day morning!!

Swara goes to the office..
PA: are you Swara??
Swara: yes!!
PA: sir told that you will be coming!! Wait here sir is in meeting!!
Swara: okay??

Swara sits in the waiting room.. Nd she keeps on playing with her favourite bracelet!

Sanskar is done with the meeting and he was going to waiting room to meet Swara!!

Waiting room:
Suddenly the bracelet fells down and she was searching for the beads near the door At that time Sanskar comes and pushes the door…

Swara: ahhhhh!!! (She kept her foot on the beads and was slipped)
Sanskar looks at her falling… He immediately holds her… Nd even he places his leg on one of the beads…
He was slipping and they both fell down…

Swara is on top of him holding him tightly…her hair was on his face…
Sanskar looks at her.. Slowly moves her hair to see her face… As soon as he touches her hair Swara opens her eyes… They have an eye lock!!
Sanskar was spellbound by her beauty

Sanskar comes out of his senses!! He gets up!! And looks at the beads and the bracelet!!

Sanskar: (holds her hands tightly) don’t you have manners??? Is this an office or a shopping place? Don’t you know how to come to office??

Swara: (angry) hello Mr!!! Cool down!! I’m not working in your office!! I came here to meet Sanskar Maheshwari!! Understand??

Sanskar: just know with whom ur talking!!
Swara: (tensed) are u Sanskar?
Sanskar: where is my pendrive?
Swara: takes out the pendrive and gives it to him!!
Arey now smile!!! You got ur pendrive na!! You I love laughing people.. She’s keeps talking..

Sanskar: (angry) Thankyou!! Now u may leave!!

Swara looks at him angrily… When she was about to leave her dupata gets struck in Sanskar’s hand button…

Swara looks back angrily…

Swara: Mr. Sanskar!! How dare you touch my dupatta..
Sanskar shows her his hand…

Swara: (smiles) oops!! Sorry!! saying this she goes near him and tries to remove her dupatta from his shirt button..

Sanskar: (attitude) how dare you touch my hands??

Swara is shocked as he is using her dialogue!!

She pulls her dupatta tightly… And turns back…
At that time dupata flows in his face which irritates him soo much!!!

Suddenly they was a knock on the door… AP stops saying the story!!

Flash back ends!!!

It was Adharsh!!

Adharsh: Maa! Come lets have dinner!!
AP and pari smiles!!
After the dinner

Sanky comes home lately and he slept…

Next day morning!!

Sanky wents to railway station to pick his friend Bublu..

Railway station:
Shona tells bye to Bublu…while she was moving!!
Shona and Sanky comes face to face!!
Shona dupatta flows touching Sanky face…
Sanky hearts starts beating!!! Some kind of spark had touched his face.. He looks around.. But Shona went… He was confused… He feels strange and picks his friend and leaves the place!!


Shona reach the apartments!!
Rohit observes her.. Nd he goes near to her
Rohit: are you Shona?
Shona: yes!! But hoe do u know?
Rohit: ur flat is opposite to me! So I just got to know!! By d way ur science branch ryt??
Shona: yes!!
Rohit: good!! Be careful with arts batch!! They might trap you.. You do one thing..If anyone ask you the branch don’t tell them anything.. Nd they r 2 buses get into the bus A.. That’s our bus! Okay?? Be careful!!

Shona: Thankyou so much Rohit!!
(She leaves)

Rohit gives an evil smile… Nd calls up Laksh and tells that the plan has worked!!

After getting ready, Shona goes to the bus stop.. And she was shocked to see the 2 batches…. She don’t know where to go… At that time Rohit watches her and tells arts batch about the plan…
They all welcomed Shona.. When the bus comes they all about to enter…

Bublu comes to the stop and notices Shona!!

Suddenly arts students all look at science and shouts loudly saying your girl was trapped…

Shona is confused!!

Bublu understoods that Shona is trapped and shouts his batch students to save that girl as she is our batch!!

All r shocked and all started to chase the bus…
2 buses were going with high speed…
Bublu informs Sanky about it…

Shona: Rohit what’s this??
Rohit: oh my poor baby!! We all are arts group!! Nd now ur trapped!!
(Saying this they all laugh loudly scarring her)

They holds her hands and ties it… And closes her mouth…with the tape!! Shona cries…
Laksh: hey cutie!! Don’t worry only for today!! It’s just tit for tat!!
All girls starts teasing her…
Woww she’s soo cute and keeps her tickles..
It’s one kind of ragging…

Sanskar comes with a bike….and tries to chase the bus!!
When they reach the colz… Sanky runs inside from different direction.. To hold them… While other runs from main gate…

Laksh watches Sanky coming and holds Shona in his arms and runs to his den…
By the time they reach… Snaky enters the den… And closes the door without allowing them to enter into their den!!!
And all d science batch gathers…

Laksh gets Angry and drops Shona!!!

Shona gets hurt!! Sanky gets angry!!

Sanky: (angry) If you want to take revenge trap boys!! Not girls!!

Laksh: you only trapped our boys for the first time!! That doesn’t mean that ur so daring!!

Sanky: achaa OK fine!! Today night!!! Music vs dance.. Let’s see who wins!!!
Laksh: challenge!!
Sanskar: challenge!!

Laksh gets angry and leaves… All arts batch follows Laksh!!!

Sanskar looks at Shona… He feels so sad for her… He untied her hands and mouth!!
Shona hugs him with fear!! As soon as he unties her

Shona: Thankyou so much!!

Sanskar is speechless… He felt some connection with her touch!! He was confused!! He breaks the hug… At that time many of the students consoles her!!

Episode ends!!

Precap: Shona starts her funny jokes which irritates Sanky!!
While all others gets laugh looking at Sanky expressions

Credit to: Neha

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