True love never dies Episode 19 (Swasan)

Bublu: Kya hua Sanky?
Sanky: Shona is not lifting my call.. I want to speak with her!! I want to meet her Bublu
Bublu: (teasingly) achaa!! Really?? Challo then let’s go!! 
Sanky: (he thinks for a minute) Noo Bublu.. Like seriously this is foolish.. I dint do anything.. I just did for her good.. I don’t know why she’s angry.. Leave it Bublu.. I don’t care!! 
Bublu: (smiles) Yaa Sanky, ur right!! 
Sanky: hmm okay now let’s sleep!! Tomorrow we have lots of works!! 
Bublu: okay!! 

Sanky again checks his mobile whether he got the call or not!!

Bublu smiles and thinks..
Sanky, this is the first stage of love.. I don’t understand why ur not realising it!! Hehe but I won’t tell you this, because this time is very precious for me to tease you both!! (He smiles) 

Laksh room: 
Laksh is thinking about the science 
Arey! How can they escape.. Nd how did I lose my keys..
He thinks clearly, Nd remembers about Shona, her dance.. Nd it strikes his mind..

Omg!! Is this girl from science group.. Yes! It might be.. May be it was their idea.. Laksh how can you be soo careless yar.. 
I should find about that girl.. 

(He thinks for a moment.. Nd calls Rohit to send the program pics soon in whatsapp) 

Nd Rohit does that.. 
He clearly observes Shona pics.. He can only see her eyes.. He zoomed the eyes.. Nd he thinks to find out this girl at any cost!! 

Next day: MM..
Sanky wakes up and looks at Bublu.. He is still sleeping.. 
He checks his mobile to see whether Shona has messaged him or not..
But she dint reply him.. 
He calls her… But she doesn’t lifts the call.. 
He gets angry… Nd he wakes Bublu..
Sanky. Bublu.. Get up!! Enough of sleeping.. Come we need to go!

Bublu: (sleepy mood.. He checks his mobile) Sanky! It’s still 6:00 am, our college is at 9:00.. Where r we going now?

Sanky: arey we are going to shona’s house.. She’s not lifting the calls.. Not even messaging..This girl Is too much!! What does she think of herself!! 
I should talk to her now.. I can’t tolerate this anymore.. 

Bublu: achaa! Seriously.. I mean r u really angry on her?? 

Sanky: Bublu this is not the time to make fun.. Come lets go!’ 

(They both get ready..before going.. Bublu keeps the diary in his bag..
Sanky: Bublu.. Why r u bringing this diary??
Bublu: arey we can read this in library!!  hmm k come lets leave… When they were about to go Pari stops them)

Pari: Varun and Bublu where r u going? Come have breakfast! 
Varun: Ma will have later.. U carry on 
Pari: Varun!! I won’t leave you until you both complete ur breakfast.. 
Varun: maaaa… I’m going on with an important work..
Pari : whatever work it is.. First you need to have ur breakfast..come Bublu.. 
Bublu: okay aunty!! 

All gathered and having breakfast.. At that time they get a call on landline.. Pari lifts the call.. Nd gets shocked listening that person name..

Adharsh: Pari Who is that on the call?? 

Pari worriedly looks at AP and signals adharsh to take the call..
AP is confused…
Adharsh takes the phone from Pari and talks 
Adharsh: hello!! 
(It was Sujatha) 
Sujatha: hello adharsh beta! How r u?? 
(Adharsh is angry on her.. But controls his anger) 
Adharsh: haa ma.. I’m fyn!! How r u? 

AP gets angry on hearing adharsh speaking to her.. 
Adharsh: okay ma.. Il talk to u later.. I’m going to office.. Bye
Nd he cuts the call

AP: (angrily) Adharsh is it Sujatha who called ?
Adharsh: haa ma.. 
AP: why is she calling.. Does she want to repent her mistakes now?? Or else is she upto her new plan..??
I can’t forgive her in my life again adharsh.. Don’t ever talk with that family again… Enough of giving them chances.. I’m fed up.. I broken all the relation with her, the day Swara and Sanskar died.. It’s all because of her and her beloved daughter) 
I cannot forgive them adharsh!! (She cries and goes to her room) 

(Bublu and Sanky are shocked to hear about Swara and Sanskar death.. They both look at each other… Nd are confused.. Sanky knew that Swara and Sanksar had died.. But now he got to know clearly that there is some reason behind their death..) 

They come outside…
Bublu: Sanky It’s so sad to think about ur chacha and chachi death we know that they r died.. But I feel so bad for them..
Sanky: yes Bublu, I thought they had a natural death.. But why dadi is hating that Sujatha?? Who is she? Why is she the reason of chachi and chacha death?? 
We need to find out yar!! 

Bublu: Yaa!! But anyways.. Come first lets go and meet Shona!! 

AP room: 
She cries looking at Swara and Sanksar pic.. 


(After Swara has been brought to home, eveveryone including dadi liked her presence, Nd they started to treat her like a kid.. But Sujatha and Kavitha doesn’t like her stay.. 
The day..when Swara and Sanskar are fighting for the chocolate in Sanskar room.. 
Kavitha has watched everything.. She was so Angry on Swara..
She goes to her room angrily.. Nd started behaving like a mad girl.. 

Sujatha: Kavitha.. What happened beta?
Kavitha: (cries) Maa, I’m not liking that Swara, she’s snatching my Sanskar, I’m so scared ma, what if Sanksar starts loving her, 
Ma I want Sanskar, he is only mine.. I can’t see him with that Swara!! Please send her mom!!

Kavitha: don’t worry, Kavitha.. I will talk to Ma.. She loves you so much.. Ur her grand daughter.. She will do everything good for u.. So don’t worry Sanskar will be urs forever!! I will talk with her today..and I won’t let that Swara snatching my daughter happiness… Don’t worry beta..ur mama is with you..

(Kavitha hugs Sujatha and smiles) 

Swara comes running to the hall with the chocolate box..

Adharsh: wow Swara!! You finally brought that box.
Swara: (laughs) haa bhai.. I’m Swara.. I will do anything for my chocolate and gives him hifi!! 
Adharsh smiles looking at her laughing!! 

AP: Swara!! But how did you get that? You know I was so worried, as soon I as I saw Sanksar going back to his room.. 

Swara: Maa! You know what..I fought with him.. I know karate.. (She winks)

Sanksar listens to her nonsense.. The way how she’s making herself as a hero for this chocolate.. Nd he goes down.. 

Sanskar: ohh really??? 
(Swara becomes silent and hides back of adharsh) 

Sanskar: Swara if you know karate, why r u hiding back of bhai.. Come.. Come front.. Nd Yaa, show me ur karate skills to everyone!! All should know ryt!! 

Swara: (stammers) look Mr. Sanskar Maheswari.. I don’t need to prove my karate skills.. Did u understand!! 

Sanskar: achaa!! 
(He goes bit closer to her) 

AP and adharsh smiles looking at their fights!! 
Adharsh: okay okay!! Cool.. No more fights now.. Swara.. You need to have ur medicines.. Maa where is her medicines..

AP: ha Swara u need to have ur medicines.. (She brings her medicines) Here take this..Nd sleep for sometime.. Take rest okay!! 

Swara: Noo Ma I’m fine.. I’m perfectly fine!! I hate those tablets… Nd plz don’t force me to have it!! 

Adharsh: Swara!! Just listen to me.. You need to have it.. Doctor said these tablets r very important!!

Swara: plzz bhai..plz… Atleast not now.. I hate them.. (She keeps running) 

Sanskar looks at her angrily..

AP: Swara beta!! Atleast have one tablet.. 
Swara: Maa plz!! Noo… 

AP: Swara.. I can’t compromise in ur health matter.. Adharsh hold her..
Swara: (pout face)Maa…

Sujatha and Kavitha watches her and gets angry.. Seeing all caring for her!! 

(Sanskar laughs suddenly) 

All looks at him confusedly..
AP: Kya hua Sanksar? 

Sanksar: Ma! Soo funny… Look at her.. Is she still using medicines?? 
Like seriously.. I mean.. Look at her..she’s fit and perfectly fine!! Nothing has happened to her.. She got all her energy to eat our brains.. Nd In fact we should wear tablets for headache… Nd omg I can’t believe Is she still using tablets? 
It’s waste mom.. Il throw those out.. She itself said that she’s fine.. Then what’s the need of these tablets!! 
(Saying this he takes those tablets from AP) 

Swara gets angry.. 
Swara: (snatches the tablets from him) 
how dare you Mr.Sanskar!! These are my tablets.. Don’t try to take them!! 

Sanskar: Yaa it’s ur tablets I know but your not using it na. Nd u said that you don’t like medicines..
Anyways it’s useless to speak to u.. Give those tablets to me..
(He again pulls it) 

Swara: (again takes the tablets from him) these are mine.. Nd I’m using it.. Nd you know I love Tablets.. 

Sanksar: achaa!! What’s the proof that u love it?? 

Swara: (angrily takes the tablets and eats it) is this proof enough?? 
Nd I warn you Mr.sanskar, don’t touch my medicines again… 

Adharsh and AP smiles seeing her taking tablets 

Sanksar looks at adharsh and winks
Adharsh smiles…

Ap: (laughs) swaraa!! Ur soo childish.. Anyways come take some rest!! 
(She takes her to the room and makes her sleep) 

Dadi and AP are in room.. Sujatha comes..

Sujatha: Bhabi and Ma.. I need to speak with you..
Ap: ha Sujatha Batao??
Sujatha: bhaibi.. Wo.. Did u speak with Sanskar about Kavita?? 

AP is shocked..
AP: no Sujatha.. Not yet.. Swara is not well.. So I just forgot about it.. Don’t worry il speak with.. But I’m not sure that he will accept.. 
Dadi: ha Sujatha.. He is not showing interest in marriage.. Will wait for sometime.. 

Sujatha: okay ma!! But Bhabi.. I want to tell you an other important thing.. 
AP: what’s that Sujatha??
Sujatha: when will Swara leave this house?

(AP is shocked )

AP: Kya?? 
Sujatha: haa Bhabi.. These girl is not so gud.. You know she’s trying to snatch Sanksar… I can understand.. She’s upto something.. I think she wants to become bahu of this house..

AP smiles.. Listening the word bahu..but covers it 
AP: Sujatha ur mistaken.. Swara is a kid.. She don’t have such intentions.. She’s a soo good at heart..

Sujatha: Noo Bhabi.. Ur wrong.. She’s a bad girl.. She has bad intentions.. She don’t have anyone.. So she want to stay here permanently.. She’s a low class girl..she trying Sanksar and did u notice she’s soo close to adharsh too.. She just know adharsh 2 days before.. Nd she became very close to him.. Send her out Bhabi.. She’s not good to stay here!! 

Ap gets angry.. Before she speaks adharsh interupts..

Adharsh: (shouts) enough Ma!! 

(All gets shocked seeing adharsh)
Adharsh goes near Sujatha..

Adharsh: Ma.. Did you atleast have an idea about what ur speaking!! How can you speak so cheap.. Swara is not at all such a character!! I can’t hear such words on Swara.. I won’t tolerate anyone..

Sujatha: Bhabi did you see.. Becz of that low class girl.. Adharsh is raising his mouth on me.. She changed everyone.. She changed even adharsh too.. In Just 2 days she changed him…

Adharsh: enough Maa!! Do u think I know Swara just 2 days before… Then ur wrong Ma…I know Swara since 5 years!! 

All r shocked 
Dadi: 5 years??? 
AP: 5 years?? Adharsh.. You know Swara since 5 years? 
Adharsh: haa ma.. She’s my friend Aditya Mehra’s sister, (he tells them everything) 

All r shocked… AP is in shock.. Nd starts crying.. 
Ap: adharsh is this true?? I can’t believe it.. Swara has such a bad past.. She never told me.. How can he kill them.. My poor girl.. I can understand her pain!! 

Adharsh: haa ma.. Last night.. That Jagadish saw her, he tried to take her.. Luckily she escaped and came in front of me…m soo happy…
Now Swara is my responsibility.. I should take care of her.. I like her soo much.. She has a pure heart.. She dont know the meaning of bad… She always care for everyone.. I want her to be happy Ma!! 

Ap cries and hugs adharsh… 
Ap: haa adharsh.. She will be with us.. I won’t send her anywhere.. She needs us this time.. I don’t care anyone now!!

Dadi: haa AP, let her stay here.. We all r with her.. She’s not alone.. We will be with her.. 

Adharsh: haa Maa.. Swara will stay here with us.. And don’t bring this topic in front of her… Plz it’s my request.. 
(He looks angrily at Sujatha)

Sujatha is shocked… Nd goes to her room angrily!! 

In room: 
Sujatha gets angry that her plan was been failed.. 
She thinks..
Now this girl will never leave this house.. Okay fine let her stay… But I won’t let my daughter life get ruined Becz of that girl.. I will do anything for my daughters happiness…

She smiles evilly..
*************Flashback Ends***************


Sanky and Bublu leaves to shona’s house.. 
But her house is been locked!! 

Sanky and Bublu are confused..

Sanky: where did she go?
Bublu: may be she went to colz.. It’s already 8:30..
Sanky: ya may be.. 

They go to colz..Nd Bublu watches Swara..
Bublu; Sanky, Swara is here..
Sanky: where?? 
Bublu: there…near the lab..

(He looks at her and gets happy, she is talking to her classmates and enjoying splashing water on her friends from water fountain) 
Sanky: look at her, how happy is she!! Wait let me talk to her!! I will ask her today, about Why she dint lift my calls?? 

Bublu; arey wait!! Sanky, you don’t know girls psychology.. They will behave like that.. I think she’s not lifting ur calls intentionally..

Sanky: what?? 
Bublu: (teasingly) haa.. Look at her she is soo happy, but she’s not lifting ur call that means she’s angry on u!! 

Sanky: what? Angry on me?? If girls r angry.. That means they won’t lift the calls.. How mean they are!! 

Bublu: (smiles) Sanky.. You need to know more!! Just do what I say!! 

Sanky: Kk tell me!!
Bublu: call her, if she lifts the call, that Means she’s fine
If she dint check her mobile that means she dint have mobile in her bag..
If she has mobile, if she sees ur call and if she dint lift the call means the situation is worst.. She is very angry on u!! 

Sanky: what.. Achaa wait il call..he goes near her Nd hides behind a pillar..

(He calls her) 

Shona looks at the call.. She gets angry and keeps the mobile in her bag..

Sanky is shocked…Bublu laughs looking at his expressions!!

Sanky: what’s soo funny.. R u getting laugh seeing my position!! 

Bublu: Sanky.. This is soo serious.. We need to think about it!! 

Sanky: my foot.. Wait let me go and ask her!! 

Bublu stops him:
Bublu: arey wait.. Let’s wait for this day.. You keep on trying.. Let’s see when she will pick the call!! 
Sanky: okay fine.. 

He angrily goes to his classroom.. 

He keeps on calling her but she keeps on cutting it!! 

Sanky: Bublu.. It’s enough now!! Come with me lets end her game..

Bublu: okay.. Challo.. But where is she now.. 
Sanky: ask sasha.. 
Bublu: okay..

(He ask sasha.. Sasha says that she’s in library) 

They leave to library!! 

They watch Shona and sasha searching for some books.. 

Sanky and Bublu hides near a book rack…and calls her..

Shona again cuts it.. Bublu signals sasha something!!

Sasha: Shona, y ur not lifting sanky’s call?? 
Shona: I’m not talking to him.. Ur know yesterday he left me alone.. I hate him.. I won’t talk to him.. 

Sanky gets happy hearing her voice.. Nd smiles!! 

He again calls her.

Sasha: now lift the call Shona.. Just talk something!! Don’t cut the call..

Shona: okay.. (She lifts the call) 
Sanky : Shona! Why r u not lifting the call ha?? Where r u?? 
Shona: (she doesn’t speak) 
Sanky: Shona.. I’m talking to u.. I know ur listening to me.. R u in colz?

Shona: haa.. Tell me.. Noo..Wo I came out.. Im not in colz I came to beach.. !! Happy?? Now don’t call me again.. By d way why do u want?? 
(Before she speaks an other word) 
Sanky stands in front of her…
Shona is shocked!!! 

She looks at him angrily.. Nd tries to go..
But Sanky holds her hands and takes her to the corner place & pins her to the wall.. Blocking the way with his hands!! 

Sasha: shonaa.
(Bublu stops her) 
Bublu: arey sasha, let’s give some privacy for new love birds!! 
Sasha smiles…

Shona: Sanky.. What r u doing?? Leave me.. This is library..

Sanky: Yaa I know!! By d way why r u behaving strange?? 

Shona doesn’t reply! 

(Sanky calls her name with lots of love) 
Sanky: shonaa!!

But she looks down!! 
He holds her face… 

Sanky: Shona.. Why r u not talking to me?? 
Why r u cutting my calls.. Nd Yaa.. U went out.. Nd Yaa u r in beach na!! 
Is this beach?? So from when u started to lie… That too with me?? 

Shona doesn’t talk and she looks down..

Sanky: Shona, look at me (he cups her face) tell me why ur angry?? 

Shona: (jerks his hand) nothing!! 
(She tries to leave..but he stops her!! 

Sanky: Shona y do want to escape from me… Kya hua?? 

Shona: don’t u know the reason?? Why did u left me alone.. Y dint you allow me to stay?? Leave me Sanky don’t talk to me!! By the way who r u?? I never seen you before..
(Saying this she turns her face) 

Sanky smiles seeing her cuteness… 

Sanky: (smiles) shonaaa!!! (He pulls her cheeks) don’t you know who am I?? 

Shona : No!! 

Sanky: shonaaaaa…is that the reason for ur mood off.. Hmm okay then listen kiddo…They r many boys with me… Nd did u look at ur dress yesterday.. 
How do U think I will allow you to come along with us that too with that dress!! It’s not safe Shona!! 

Shona: pout face) dress?? Is that not good? Dint I look pretty in that dress?? 

Sanky: (laughs) shonaa!! Ur were so beautiful.. That’s the reason I was guarding you.. You know how those arts were commenting you.. I felt like slapping them..

Shona: (excited) what did they commented?? 

Sanky: they were telling that ur were looking Ho…t ( but he interupts) 
Leave all that.. 

Shona: leave all that!!! Okay fine!! Let it be.. By d way why am I talking with you… Who r u??? You left me.. So I won’t talk to u..why do u care.. Who am I..

(She keeps on talking) 
Sanky: ooff!! 

At that time librarian comes… Sanky watches him and takes Shona inside… 

Shona: Sanky… 
Sanky: shhhhh!! Librarian is here! 
Shona: what??? 

At that librarian walks opposite to them… Shona can see him through the space between the books…

She gets afraid and hugs Sanky tightly… Closing her eyes… 
Sanky feels some current passing through his body, he smiles seeing the way she hugged… 
Sanky: (whispers) Shona!! He went..

Shona opens her eyes,and looks at him… 
She again changes her expression to an angry mood.. And She turned her face to leave 
when she noticed his strong hand holding her hand and pulling her back into his chest. She could feel his warm breath hitting the nape of her neck. She closed her eyes and held her breath as her heart continued to beat like crazy. 

Sanky: shonaa.. I’m sorry!! 

Shona: I don’t talk to you Sanky…You know I hate you.. I feel like beating you…

(Immediately he holds her hands) 

Shona is shocked 
Sanky: Beat me.. Whatever u feel u do.. I’m sorry okay!! Please forgive me.. (He holds his ears) Nd keeps a pout face!! 

Shona laughs loudly!!!! 
Shona: hahaha Sanky.. Look at you.. I was just kidding… How it is?? She winks

Sanky shocked!! 

Sanky: shonaa ur not angry?? 
Shona: Noo!! I was just doing it for fun.. Ha ya I was angry but I understood the situation so my anger was gone.. 

Sanky: achaa!! So u were teasing me..

Shona: (smiles) Yess!!! Nice na!! 
Sanky: (teasingly) ohh really??? 

(He goes close to her.. They were so close to each other.. Shona is tensed…Sanky looks at her tensed eyes.. Nd gets mesmerised..

He laughs loudly….Shona too laughs seeing him laughing.. They laugh looking at each other.. 

Sanky: (laughs) Shona ur seriously an insane yar..u know I dint sleep whole night.. I was thinking about you.. I felt very restless when you cut the call.. 

Shona: I’m sorry Sanky!! By d way Sanky tell me this why don’t you like my dress.. You know what many of the girls in the prty complemented me and even Laksh too.. 
You know I was scared outside but I was laughing inside… They all believed me that I’m arts… Soo funny na..

Sanky holds her waist and pulls her closer) 

Sanky: hmm Shona.. Do u want to know the reason!! Then listen.. I don’t like those dresses.. Nd Y did u wear sleeveless ha?? That too one piece.. That too for that bullshit program.. I dint like it… 
Nd yaa I forgot.. How could you do that Shona.. How can you go .. Though I’m telling not to go.. Won’t you Listen to me?? Never… Never ever do those stunts again.. Got it.. Ur safe I’m happy… But what if ur caught.. U know how much I was worried..

Shona: okay I’m sorry baba!! Friends okay??

Sanky smiles and they both shake hands..

Sanky: Shona.. By d way ur dance was ultimate!!! I don’t know that u dance so well!! U love dance??

Shona: ha Sanky.. Dance is my passion!! I love dancing..but don’t worry, I won’t do it again.. I’m science.. I won’t utter dance word in front of you..

Sanky: (smiles) not bad!! Hmm..Okay.. Now come lets go to canteen!! I’m so hungry.!

Shona: okay.. But you should buy me a chcolate?? Okay?? 

Sanky: (smiles) okay done!! But you need to give a share to me.. Okay!! 

Shona: okay!! 

They both smile looking at each other..

They both leave for canteen..

Sasha and Bublu start teasing them.
Bublu: arey patch up haa?? 
Shona and Sanky smiles…

(They spend some time together..)

Shona: okay guys we have lab now.. I’m leaving!!
Sanky: what?? No I won’t allow you.. Just bunk it!! 
Shona: Sanky, I have class now!! This sir is very strict.. U know last Time he dint allow us for the class.. Becz of being late.. Plz Sanky! 
Sasha: haa Sanky.. We need to go..
Bublu: Hahahahah lol!! Even we have classes… But we never attended any!!! 
Shona laughs.. 
Sanky: hmm.. Okay!! Let them go!! Shona After colz come directly to music room.. Don’t be late okay!! Nd Yaa don’t cut the call next time.. If u do so.. (He raises his eyebrows) my reaction will be different!! 

Shona: okay!! I will lift the call…Bye.. 

They leave… 
Sanky smiles looking at her expressions!! 

Shona dashes Laksh and her books fells down.. 
Shona: oops..I’m sorry (she looks at the person it was Laksh.. She gets tensed) 

(Laksh looks at her… )

Laksh: hello!! Can’t you see and walk.. Nd while talking he looks at her tensed face.. Nd suddenly notices her eyes…
He gets shocked… 

Shona runs from him… 
Laksh thinks about the girls eyes and Shona eyes.. He immediately takes his mobile and notice the eyes…

He gets happy, that he found that girl.. But he wants to confirm!! 

Episode ends!! 

This may not reach ur expectations.. I just wrote this in one hour.. As I told I’m busy with exams..
Flash back I just concentrated on Sujatha.. Coz she has main role in swasan part!!

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