True love never dies Episode 18 (Swasan)

After listening shona’s voice Sanky became bit cool… Nd he interupts her

Sanky: Shona!! Haa we r fine!! By d way Tasha is out.. 
Bublu: But bad thing is that we r trapped!! We r in arts den!! 

Shona is shocked..
Shona: what??? Oh god.. 
(She thinks it’s not the correct time to tell about Tasha) 
Sanky is there any way to get you all out.. 

Bublu: Noo Shona.. keys are with Laksh.. He won’t give the keys easily!! Nd you know what Shona they cheated us.. They took our theme for party!!

Shona: what?? 
(She thinks for a minute, abt mask and all)

Shona: Sanky, I got an idea.. I will bring the keys.. I will bring you all out…

Sanky is shocked 
Sanky: what?? Shona what r u trying to do?? 
Shona: ha Sanky.. Il go the party.. Nd il somehow collect keys from Laksh!! 

Sanky: shona!! Noo it’s soo risky… R u gone nuts?? I won’t allow you Shona!! Don’t worry about us we r fine.. But your not going anywhere!! Understand?? 

Shona: Sanky.. This is the only way.. Don’t worry about me.. Nd it’s our theme, we will be keeping mask.. So no one can identify me.. Il somehow get it… U all don’t worry okay!! Bye 

She cuts the call.. 
Sanky: (worried) Shona! Shona… 
He calls her again.. But she doesn’t lift it!! 

Sanky: ohh god! What is she trying to do?? What if Laksh founds her?? 

Bublu: don’t worry Sanky.. Let’s trust her.. I know Shona will do it.. 
Sanky: Yaa even I know she will do it.. But this is not the time Bublu.. What if something happens to her!! 

After sometime..
Arts party room..
All girls are getting ready with the masks, 

Shona enters the hall.. She wears the blue long prom 1 piece dress she highlighted her eye.. With black Kajol…Nd blue eye makeup!! Leaving Her long hair open with small curls at the end!! …she got ready because no one should get doubt on her.. Nd everyone in the party were beautiful.. 

Even She’s very beautiful…she slowly peeps inside.. She looks near the camera and signals Sanky…

Sanky and all others get tensed seeing Shona entering the hall.. 
She signals Sanky and when she was about to keep the mask!!

Sanky gets angry.. Seeing her dress, the way she got ready, he don’t know why but he dint like it.. 
He calls her..

Shona lifts the call..
Sanky: Shona!! Just go back now!! Quickly!! Are you listening.. Just go back!! 
Shona: wish me all the best Sanky!! 

Sanky is shocked, as she is not listening his words.. 

Sanky; shona, I said Noo!! Just listen to me, it’s not good to go there!! Shona..go back plzz!!

Shona eyes r filled with tears to see his concern, 
Shona: (cries) Sanky, don’t worry about me, I will manage.. I will bring you all out.. You all have saved me, can’t I save u all!! I don’t want to miss this opportunity to save u all… Plzz don’t worry.. 

Sanky goes towards the tv.. Nd touches her face, her tears… with lots of care!! 

Sanky: (emotional) plzz Shona!! Don’t do this.. It’s soo risky! If Laksh finds you.. He won’t leave you.. I can’t see you in pain in front of everyone!! Plzz come back..

Bublu and others are shocked to see Sanky care for Shona…they all look at each other and smile.. 
They all understand his feelings for Shona!! 

(Shona cuts the call and keeps the mask and she leaves) 

(Sanky gets worried seeing her moving towards the hall)

As soon as she enter all looks at her stunningly, 
Rohit: woww!! Who is this girl yar.. She is so hot!!! 
(They cannot see her face) 

Laksh looks at her…

His eyes caught her long black hair, nd with one piece dark blue dress with silver work.. And her matching mask giving the best look to her!!! 

He smiles looking at her!!
Laksh: Woww Rohit she’s really soo hot.. But who is she?? But we need to wait till end to see her face..
(They both laugh looking at each other) 

Sanky gets angry hearing their speaking..
As They can hear what all Laksh is speaking.. He has that Mike which is connected to the den.. 

After sometime the party started!! 

The music started… It was a pleasant violin music.. The light passing on every girl!! 
Ragini and all other girls are excited… They all are eagerly waiting to see where the light will stop!!

Shona is all tensed, she sits alone and just keeps on biting her nails.. 

Laksh notice her being tensed.. He goes near her and gives her a cool drink!! 
Laksh: hello!! 
Shona: hello!!
Laksh: you look so tensed! Are you new student??

(Sanky listens to their conversation and gets tensed) 

Shona: Yaaa.. Today I’ve joined the colz, I just go to know about this party.. So..
Laksh: (smiles) woww!! So welcome to the arts group!! I can understand ur tension!! Don’t worry.. You will enjoy..
Shona: Thankyou!! 
Laksh: d way what’s ur name?? 
(He looks back, by that time she leaves) 

Laksh: this girl is soo strange.. I need to introduce her to our group.. She should feel comfortable..soo I need too do this.. He smiles and calls Rohitand tells him to stop the light on her.. 

Rohit and Laksh laughs and gives hifi!!!! 

Sanky gets more worried… He calls Shona but he doesn’t pick up!! He is fuming with anger!! 

The light passes on everyone and suddenly it stops on Shona!!! 

Shona is shocked… And all other claps for her!! 
Shona gets more tensed.. Sanky can see her expressions on her face and gets more tensed!!

He shouts..
Shona.. Go from there.. They r not good Shona.. They will trap you.. Go Shona plz!

Arts dance floor.. 
All shouts her to dance…Shona is tensed, she looks at the camera….

Sanky is tensed… 
She closes her eyes and thinks that she should do that for her batch..that too for Sanky!! 

At that time Laksh goes towards her, he looks at her tensed face.. And slowly touches her hand…
Shona comes out from her Sense and looks at him tensedly…

(Sanky gets angry seeing Laksh) 

Laksh reached forward and got a hold of shona’s hand and pulled her roughly into him. 
They both look at each other…
He wishpers…
Are you scared of dance.. Don’t worry.. I’m with you.. Just dance what you know!!! 

(Sun saathiya maahiya song plays from ABCD)

Ho…. Sun saathiya maahiya
Barsa de ishqa ki syahiyaan

(Laksh holds her hands and looks at her eyes… Nd he twirled her… Nd leaves…Shona twirls and stop, (she thinks about Sanky and she starts to dance) .

She does some ballot steps.. Where the steps were awesome with her outfit…

Rang jaaun, rang rang jaaun ri
Haari main

she comes forward with the leg movement. Nd keeps dancing 

Tujhpe main jhar jhar 
Jhar jaaun
Hoon piya bs teri main
Ho chhu le tho khari main

Laksh is stunned to see her dancing.. While all others are shocked!! 

Toh khari main khari main…

(He picked her from waist and again twirled her.. Nd he looks at her eyes romantically.. Nd lifts her with his one hand…Nd back hugs her…)

Ho sun saathiya maahiya
Barsa de ishqa ki syaahiyaan

Sanky is fuming with anger seeing Laksh hugging her!! 

And Ragini is sad to see this new girl with Laksh.. She feels sad, her eyes are filled with tears.. )

The music beat…
Shona gets involved in the dance.. She does all the steps she knew to match the song… 

Sanky and his group are shocked to see Shona dancing.. They never knew that she dance soo well!!

Laksh is shell shocked.. He can see his passion in her dance.. He gets happy seeing her every steps.. His eyes are filled with tears as finally he got a girl who knows dance more than him..
All others gets excited seeing her dance…

Music ends!! 

(Laksh goes towards her, nd holds her hands.. Nd pulled her holding her waist..
Taking this as a chance Shona goes towards him.. Nd touches his face.. Nd pockets to search for keys.. She gets to know the keys are in his side pocket Nd sings for him..Nd smiles looking at divert his attention 

Main ret si, boond ka 
Zariya tu
Paake tujhe bheeg jaaun re

(Laksh looks at her and smiles, nd he joins her steps)

Main rat si, boond ka 
Zariya tu
Paake tujhe bheeg jaaun ri…

(both of them started doing the steps…holding each other’s hand.. Shona follows his steps and does it exactly… Laksh smiles and does the steps more happily.. 
While all others enjoy their dance and encourage them)

Tar jaaun tar tar jaau
Dariya ye tar jaaun jee
Ishq ye paake main tera
Nikhar jaaun ri…..

(Shona holds his face and dances with him.. Nd they do some salsa steps) 

Piya bas teri main 
Ho…. Chhu le toh khari main

(Laksh lifts her and turns holding her in his hand..Nd both look at each other 

Toh khari main khari main…..
Sun saathiya maahiya
Barsa de ishqa ki syahiyaan

Music beat..
They does the salsa steps.. Nd Laksh gets involved in the dance, Nd she takes the keys from the pocket…Where all claps for them…

Sanky is in shock, angry…to see laksh dancing with Her!! 

Song ends 

After the dance.. Seeing all clapping for her… She gets tensed.. 

Laksh comes to her and hugs her…
Laksh: wowww!! Amazing!!! Such a wonderful dancer you are!! It’s suepebbbb!! I’m really happy to get u in our group!! 

Ragini is shocked 

Rohit: arey dance is over.. Plz reveal her face yar!! We r waiting!!! 
(He laughs loudly) 

Sanky is more worried now!! 

(All shouts telling Shona to open the mask.. She gets tensed, seeing her tensed Laksh holds her hands.. 
Shona gets more tensed now.. Nd runs from there!! 

Sanky is relieved..
Laksh follows her.. 
Laksh: hello!! Kya hua?? Plz stop!! 
(But Shona runs fast and hides)

Laksh searches for her and gets confused..
Arey why is she running.. Rohit comes at that time..
Rohit: may be she’s scared.. She’s new na!! Leave it.. Tomorrow we an find her!! 
Laksh smiles thinking about her dance.. Nd leaves..

Laksh announces… Guys we dint find her.. Dats Kk.. Will find her tomorrow.. Let’s continue our next program!! 

Ragini feels bit happy thinking That she went!! 
They all continue their next program!!

Arts den:
Sanky is still shocked to think about Laksh and shona’s dance..
Bublu: ohh god!! Shona.. She’s such a dancer.. She dint tell us anytime..

Sanky thinks when, Shona telling Sanky that dance is her passion!! 

Sanky: no Bublu, she already said us.. That day when we are selecting.. She said that she loves dance!! 

(At that time they hear the door sound.. 
It was Shona.. She opened the door…. 

She gets happy seeing Sanky.. Nd Sanky gets happy seeing her safe…

He runs towards her and hugs her…SHe hugs him back… 
Sanky: Shona!! R u fine?? 
Shona: haa Sanky!! 
Sanky: Shona!! How many times should I tell you.. Won’t you listen to me?? What if Laksh sees you?? How can you be soo stubborn yar!!
Shona: Sanky! I’m safe.. See I’m in front of u.. Don’t worry!! (She cups his face) 
Sanky: don’t worry?? How can you say that Shona.. 

Bublu and all others look at their love towards each other and smiles…
Bublu: okay guys.. You can fight later.. First come lets go out!! 

They all come out… 

Rahul: guys we should not leave that arts batch!! 
Bublu: ha Sanky.. Let’s spoil their program!! 
Sanky smiles evilly…
Sanky: yes they should not enjoy!! Come lets spoil them.. Nd Bublu drop Shona home.. 
Shona: Noo! I will come with you.. 
Sanky: (holds her face) Shona Noo.. It’s risky again.. Go home!!
Shona: plz sanky! Let me be with you.. (SHe holds his hands) 

Sanky stares at her…

Rahul: but Shona.. We are not going for party.. We r going to spoil their program!! We need to run.. It’s better if you go!! 

Bublu: haa Shona come il drop you.. 

Sanky looks at her face, where her eyes are filled with tears..
Sanky: (he thinks that he can’t again risk by letting her stay) Bublu drop her!! 

Bublu: Shona come!! 

Shona looks at sanky angrily and leaves…
Sanky looks at her leaving angrily and feels restless!! 

While others goes near arts party.. Nd they all spoil it by cutting the power wire!! 

Arts den:
They all get shocked seeing the power cut.. They try their best to get the power.. But it was not possible.. They all get sad.. 
Laksh: I think it’s science plan!! 
Rohit: but they can’t do Coz they r trapped!! 
Laksh: checks his pockets and gets shocked seeing the key missing.. He gets tensed..
Nd runs towards the den.. 
It was empty…

Laksh: how is that possible yar!! How can I lost my key.. 
He gets confused… 

Science gets happy.. As they ruined their program.. They give hifi to each other!! 

Sanky: okay it’s so late.. Let’s all go.. And at that time Bublu comes dropping Shona!! 
Sanky: Bublu thankgod u came.. Did u drop her safely? 
Bublu: ha Sanky!! 
Sanky: okay you come with me!! 

They leave…

Bablu and Sanky reaches MM..

Sanky is disturbed.. He only thinks about Shona.. Her dance with Laksh, her dress.. Where All commenting her that she’s hot.. He felt angry but he don’t know why!! 
He thinks about her leaving.. Nd the way she looked angrily at him.. 

He feels restless and calls her… But she cuts the call…. He feels disturbed..

Bublu: Sanky Kya hua??
Sanky: she’s not lifting the call!!
Bublu: (teasingly) who?? 
Sanky looks at him angrily..
Bublu: oh I’m sorry.. I know.. Ur talking about Shona!! If she’s not lifting just call her back!! 
Sanky keeps on calling but she keeps on cutting the call!!

He leaves a message saying sorry!! 
But she doesn’t reply…

Bublu seeing his expressions.. Thought to change his mind!! 

Bublu: Sanky!! Leave all that lets read the diary now.. I’m so excited yar.. Plz Sanky!! 

Sanky: okayy fine dude!! Don’t irritate me now.. 

(He takes the diary and starts reading it now) 

Next page: 

I want Swara to be happy all the time, she should be free from him.. She should live her life happily.. 

Many thoughts were flashing my Mind.. But I don’t have any idea… How to target him!! But I have guts to face him… I just want to give him warning!..

But before that I want Swara to talk to me!! I want this house to be filled with her fun again!! 

At that time I can hear some laughing sounds, It was coming from her room. I’m happy, Coz she is smiling, I mean not only smiling but she was laughing.. I just ran down.. To see her laugh… It’s been many days since I’ve heard a laugh!! 
I went to her room.. I slowly peeped inside it!! 
My mom is very busy in feeding her favourite chicken biryani.. She’s is just enjoying eating it!! She became kid again.. It’s like a mom pampering her kid.. I got smile seeing Tht situation..
I can see my moms face.. It was glowing, she was very happy.. Even Swara.. She’s soo comfortable with my mom!! They were spending so much of time together.. My mom is treating her like her own child..
I understood at that moment, why she love my mom soo much!! She got mom’s love now.. That’s the reason she never used to leave my mom…I’m very happy seeing them.. 

I went inside.. To spend some time with them.. As soon as i entered, her smile has been vanished.. She looked at me like as if I’m the killer.. 
Her eyes became red with tears.. The way she looked at me.. That was killing me inside.. I couldn’t bear that pain.. The way she looked at me.. I was really ashamed of myself!!! 

(Sanky thought about Shona, how she looked at him angrily.. He became restless again.. He again come back to his senses and started reading it) 

Looking at her expressions my mom got to know that she’s angry at me.. 

Mom: Swara!! Kya hua beta? Why are you crying? 
(She dint talk anything) 
Adharsh: Swaraa! 
Swara: haa bhai.. I’m fine..
(She looked at me angrily.. Her anger was killing me inside.. I know that I did wrong but y can’t she forgive me?) 

I went close to her..
Me: Swara!! I’m sorry..
(She jerked my hand again.. My mom signalled me to go) 
I came inside.. I looked my self in the mirror..I don’t know why.. My eyes are filled with tears.. I’m crying.. But why am I crying? 

The full night i dint sleep.. I got angry.. I really got angry on her, she’s testing my patience.. I really got pissed off!! I just decided to talk to her at any cost!! 

I went to her room.. She was crying..I went inside her room to console her..
It was again the same.. As soon as she saw me, she started showing her anger!! 
Now I couldn’t stop myself!! I went near her..Nd hold her hands!!

Me: Swara! I’m sorry.. I know I did wrong.. I shouldn’t have left you alone.. But plz to me..

(She dint speak anything.. And simply behaving as if I’m talking to a wall) 
I pulled her towards me.. She looked at me angrily.. (I cupped her face) 
Me: Swaraa..I’m sorry, I’m really sorry..I know that I did wrong.. 
(She turned her face.. This time I can see her face in the mirror.. She was smiling..I got to understand that she’s is pretending to be angry..I again pulled her towards me)

Me: Swara.. Please look at me… I know ur not angry at me.. I know that ur pretending.. But Swara how many days will you pretend like this..

She simple turned her face, she took the blanket, and covered her face.. Nd started shouting!! 

Swara: sanskar!! Please leave me!! I don’t want to talk to you.. I don’t want to see ur face.. You left me alone na!! Leave me.. Don’t talk to me.. Who am I to u?? Y will you worry abt me!! Leave me!!

I was speechless to see her act.. Such a Kiddo.. Even in this serious situation.. She went and hide herself, instead of talking to me 

I got angry… I got a plan again.. I thought to go in her way!! I got an idea!! 

Me: Swara!! Okay fine.. I will wait here for 10mins.. If you talk to me it’s okay.. Or else I won’t talk to u ever in my life.. After that ur wish!!! 

(She simply sat in the same position hiding herself with the blanket) 

I sat on the nearby chair and looking at her acts.. 
You won’t believe.. She nearly peeped 100 times checking whether I went or not!! 

All my anger vanished.. I started to smile seeing her acts.. But I hided my smile!! 

Oh god!! How can she be soo normal!! Just few mins back she was crying.. Nd now Like seriously.. Is she pretending to be happy? Or is she really happy? 
But whatever it may be, I want her to be happy!! 

After 10mins 
Me: Swara!! Okay fine.. I’m leaving now.. Next time I won’t come into this room too.. Nd I won’t beg you again.. Go to hell, yes ur right.. Who am I to bother you?? What relation do we have?? Nd I warn you don’t disturb me ever again.. If you do that, I won’t spare you!! 
Bye.. Im leaving..

(I know I’m rude… But I don’t have any other option, so I’ve choose this method.) 

I went near the door.. But stopped.. As I want to see her reaction!! 

As soon as I came out.. 
She stood angrily on the bed.. Folding her 2 hands on her waist.. She was shouting!! 

Swara: how dare you Mr. Sanskar Maheswari.. How rude you are! You don’t even have guilt!! Okay! I won’t talk to you.. But I will disturb you Mr. Sanskar.. I will irritate you.. I won’t leave you.. I’m Swara.. Swara Mehra!! I will show you what I am!! Be ready Sanskar Maheswari!! 

Hearing her words, I felt happy.. My plan has been working!! So from tomorrow I should pretend like I’m angry on her.. I know this is not fare.. But everything is fair in love and war.. (I smiled) 

Next day: 
All gathered for breakfast…it was so silent.. Because she was not there!! 
But suddenly I can hear someone smiling.. 
It was her.. 
She came.. Her fun started.. 

Swara: good morning Ma!! (She hugged my mom) 
AP: gud morning Swara!! (She kissed her) 

(Oh god! I’m not understanding their bond)

She looked at me but.. Turned her face angrily..

Swara: good morning adharsh bhai!!
Adharsh: Good morning Swara.. (He gave her a chocolate) 
Swara: Thankyou Thankyou soo much.. 
(She started eating her chocolates) 

I’ve started pulling her leg.)

Me: bhai.. Don’t you have manners, Don’t you know how to behave..??

Adharsh was confused.. 

(I was using his name but indirectly telling her.. She understood that) 

Swara: I know what I’m doing okay??? 
(She was saying that looking at me angrily) 

Bhai and Ma started laughing,looking at our fight!! 

(At that time dadi came) 

Suddenly she became silent..Nd hidden her chocolate.. I can’t stop laughing..Coz I know she’s so scared of my dadi.. She’s us the right medicine to her But I got an other shock by my dadi..

Dadi: Swara! Why you became silent.. You know dadi missed you soo much!! I missed ur fun.. Come here beta.. See what I bought for you!! 

She is surprised.. She went towards dadi.. 
Dadi gave her a big chocolate box..

Seeing that she was so happy.. She started to jump..
Swara: woww dadi.. Thankyou soo much!! I love you dadi!! (She kissed her) 
Dadi: Swara now daily you can eat chocolates!! I won’t scold you okay!! 

(She hugged her tightly..)

I was shocked.. What happened to everyone.. All started loving her.. Including me!! 

Taking this as advantage, she started teasing me.. She opened the chocolate and started to eat looking at me.. How crazy is she?? 
You won’t believe she started her over actions!! 

But seeing the way she’s eating.. I was spellbound!! How can she eat so cutely.. Yes she’s damn cute!! 
She was licking her fingers, 

(Sanky thinks about shona.. How she ate her chcolate.. He smiles.. He again starts reading it) 

you know.. She has no fear in her now.. She’s soo happy.. I can see that clearly on her face.. 
I don’t know what’s happening to me.. But I want her to be like this forever!!
Nd now I want to tease her.. So I snatched her chocolate box.. 

Swara is shocked..
Swara: Ma!! Tell me to give back my box!! That’s mine mom!!
Ma: Sanskar! That’s her box give back to her!! 
Me: Noo Ma!! It may be hers.. But now it’s mine too.. Did you forgot dadi used to give chocolates to me when I was young.. So she has that right to give me.. Only me…

Swara: how mean you are!! That’s my box Mr. Sanskar!! Give that Back to me.. 
Me: Noo!! I won’t give you..

I went to my room .. Nd hide the box..Nd i again came back..
Me: Ma! I warn everyone.. Don’t dare to go inside my room.. (I said looking at her… She was fuming with anger) 
Swara: Ma how dare he snatched my box and warning me??? 
Me: I don’t care about anyone.. If anyone enter my room.. I will kill them!! 

Saying this i went out.. I was on the my way to office .. I knew that she will go to my room.. 
She I intentionally went back to the house.. 
As I thought.. She is not in the hall..I could see my mom’s tensed face.. I understood that she’s in my room..

I smiles evilly and went.. As soon as I opened my door.. I could hear some bangles sound.. 
She hided herself under the bed.. 
I knew that she’s under the bed.. Because.. After eating the chocolates.. She’s throwing the cover out.. 1 cover becoming 2, Nd 2 becoming 3 and 3 becoming 4.. So I easily got to know that she’s under the bed.. Nd eating chocolates!! 

I just peeped under the bed.. 
She was shocked to see me… Nd I again started to act being rude!!

Me: how dare you Swara!! Though I warned you.. You entered into my dare!!
Swara: hello.. I came to take my chocolates.. 
Me: ohh really.. (I snatched her box again) like seriously how many chocolates you want to have it) 
Swara: that’s my wish!! Y do u want??
Me: then it’s my wish.. 
Swara: Mr. Sanskar, give me back my box..
Me: no I won’t..
Swara: if you don’t.. You don’t know what I do??
Me: achaa!! What will u do?? 
Swara looked at me angrily.. She climbed the bed.. Nd was trying the take the chocolate box from me.. 

As she is short.. She’s not able to reach me..
But she’s very intelligent.. 
She pulled me on the bed.. We both fall down on the bed and she’s top of me…Nd started beating me.. Nd trying to take the box from me.. 
Due to the fall her hair has been opened and some of her hair was on her cheeks..
I couldn’t resist the urge, l kept her hair behind her ear. 
At my touch She felt her breath catch and a current run down throughout her body originating from her cheek. I could feel her breathe.. I was mesmerized as i saw a blush spread over skin… I was just staring at her.. What was she’s doing to me..?? I wondered..

But she again came back to senses and started beating me..
Our bodies were so close together that we could feel every heartbeat, every breath . I gazed at Swara’s face, its full of innocence and angelic beauty, her hazel coloured eyes staring into mine.. 

She started to fall on me.. Her only concentration was that box…she pinched my hand tightly so that I will leave the box…I couldn’t take it anymore and with that anger I pulled her down.. I’m on her top… Nd I holded her hands tightly.. To bring her to senses…

She was shocked.. Her eyes were wide opened.. Now she realised what she was doing With me..she looked at me innocently.. We had an eye lock.. Those eyes are soo big Nd She was soo cute..
I slowly whispered..
Swara did u realise what u were doing until now? 
Swara: yes I do..
Me: what were you doing?
Swara: I’m taking this box.. (Nd suddenly she snatched the box and ran) 

I can’t stop laughing… Ohh god!! She’s really crazy yar!!i laughed continuously..

I couldn’t forget that day Swara.. I’ve started to fall for u.. The moment ur on me.. I could only hear ur heartbeat.. You snatched my heart sweetheart!! But look at you, your concentration on that chocolate..(pout face) 

Page ends!!! 

Sanky and Bublu gets happy reading it!!
Bublu: chacha is so romantic!! It was an awesome story yar!! 

Sanky: (thinks about Shona and he closed the diary) 

Bublu: Kya hua Sanky?
Sanky: Shona is not lifting my call.. I want to speak with her!! I want to meet her Bublu
Bublu: (teasingly) achaa!! Really?? Challo then let’s go!! 

Laksh gets to know that it was Shona!! 
Nd he started to fall for her!!

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