True love never dies Episode 16 (Swasan)

When they were turning…the next page!!
Sanky gets a call… It was Shona!!

Sanky: Bublu will read later.. Shona is calling..

Bublu: (teases ) acha!!! okay then il go home now.. U continue!!

Sanky closes the diary!! He keeps it near his bed.. Nd lifts shona’s call!!

Shona: hellooo Sanky!!! R u busy!!!
Sanky: (angry)? Noo!!

Shona is confused!!
Shona: are you angry… Mr.angry bird!!
Sanky: (angry) Noo!!

Shona understoods that he is angry!!
Sanky: I’m sorry Sanky!! I thought you told Bublu.. Nd you even dint tell me before!!
I’m sorry plz plz plz plzz accept my sorry plz plz( she again closes her eyes Nd shouts)

Sanky smiles hearing her pleasing…
He remembers the diary like how Swara used to please Sanskar!!
He feels so comfortable speaking with Shona..

Sanky: (smiles) Okkk fine!!! I accepted ur sorry!! Nd listen! Next time whenever I take you out.. You don’t need to tell this to anyone! Let it be secret… Okay??

Shona: (smiles) wowww tht means will you take me out again???
Sanky: (smiles) haa..Yaa.. I will take.. But you shouldn’t tell anyone! It should be secret!!
Shona: haa okay done!! But why Sanky?
Sanky: if we tell this.. Unnecessary rumours will be coming.. Nd that too yesterday that Rohit has watched us, so we need to be careful with it!!
I’m a boy, I don’t care if rumours come.. But I’m just worried about you.. These rumours and all are not good for girls.. Okay!!

Shona: wow Sanky!! Seriously ur such a caring person!! Soooo sweet.. My sweet cutee Little angry bird!! (Laughs loudly)

Sanky: what? Sweet cute little angry bird??

Shona: Yaaa nice na!! (She laughs loudly)
Sanky laughs hearing her laughing!!

Sanky: hmm.. Kk so whats up? What r u doing??
Shona: I came out just now!
Sanky: (angry) what?? You came out this time… Where r Now Shona!! Nd r u crazy!! Do u know what’s d time now.. How could u go out, that too at this time!
(He keeps on yelling at her)

Shona: Sanky cool down.. Out means, I mean I’m in balcony!! I dint go anywhere out!!

Sanky: (smiles) ohh Kk.. Just maintain some clarity yar to avoid such scoldings!!

Shona laughs loudly!!!
Shona: ohh god Sanky!! Look at you how scared u are!! (She laughs loudly)

Sanky gets angry..

Sanky: okay bye..
(He cuts the call)

Shona is shocked..
Arey what did I do now!!

She again calls him.. He cuts the calls.. Nd messages her good night…

Shona smiles seeing his message and thinks..
This Sanky na.. So strange yar!!
She smiles and sleeps

Next day:

Shona goes to college Nd she finds Tasha going again to the arts group…
She slowly follows them..and she gets shocked to see Tasha and Rohit hugging!!
Nd she listens to their conversation!!

Tasha: hi baby!! Why did u call me now??
Rohit : I love you baby!! I need your help!!
Tasha: I love you too baby!! Tell me what should I do..
Rohit: today we have a program.. We need to trap science batch.. He tells the plan..

Shona is shocked!!!
Tasha: sure darling!! Anything for you!!
(She hugs him and kisses him)

Shona : oh god!! I should stop Sanky and all.. I should help them…she leaves!!!

SnKy wakes up.. Bublu joins him..
Sanky: Bublu so early?? What’s up?
Bublu: im soo excited to read the next part!! Plz lets read the diary Sanky!
Sanky: (smiles) ur addicted yar…

Sanky takes the diary out and starts reading it!!

Next page..
Seeing her pleasing I just gave the pen to her.. Nd she started writing my name and started decorating the page with flowers, stars… Nd all kind off stuffs!!

I don’t understand why these girls always uses flowers and stars for decorating!!!

Don’t you think she’s childish??

She may not be childish for u but for me she’s a kid!! Nd ya she’s a kid.. Coz she’s 5years younger to me… (Smiles) but being with her even I became a!!

Nd She may be a kid, but you don’t believe, she thinks in a matured way… Very practical.. she know how to handle the situation in a correct way.. Which I should learn from her, Nd ya I’m learning from her.. Actually I’m not learning but she’s teaching me.. Lol!!

Nd the main thing she knows how to handle this Sanskar Maheshwari very well!!

If she wants anything, the way she asks, the way she convince me.. It’s Very realistic, romantic Nd crazy too.. I could see my wife cute romantic side at that time!!
Nd of course I love that too..

A small back hug, holding my chin.. Nd looking into my eyes.. Rubbing her nose with mine..Nd a small peck on my lips.. Nd a beautiful smile on her face.. Tickling me..
It’s all kind of her pleasing!!

Is that not enough for a guy like me to melt??

Haha Nd ya of course I used to melt by her acts… As soon as I accept.. She starts jumping, give lots of kisses.., may be that’s because of her excitement!!

But my wife doesn’t know onething.. That this Sanskar maheswari intentionally fight with her, to get those kisses? lol!! What u heard is ryt!! We r mens…Nd i know everything about my wife doings before itself!!

The moment she asks anything, I start doing my over actions!!

?Swaraaa!! Noo… I can’t allow you to do that!! To this!!…. I can’t get you this, I can’t get you that!!

As soon i tell this words, she becomes innocent.. Nd keeps a pout face!!

She Walks along with me, wherever I go.. She follows me, Like an hutch dog..
Il act as if I’m busy with my files.. Nd tease her.. Nd I love to tease her too.. Coz she looks so cute with that pout face!!!
Lol!! Now plz don’t bash me for teasing her!!

But seriously these girls are soo intelligent.. Boys will be busy in studying files and all.. But girls will be busy in studying our mind.. Nd they act according to the situation!! Nd moulds us cleverly!!

Okiezz.. Leave all that, u may all think that how am I writing the story though she’s beside me.. Il clear ur doubt,
I think this is the big exam I never went through it in my entire life….

I thought for many ideas, but the best idea is that to make her sleep!! If she sleeps I can concentrate on writing!!
Nd I’ve tried many ways to make her sleep.. But you don’t believe, she’s not at all sleeping!! I was literally begging!!
Just imagine my situation!!!

Me: Swaraa!! It’s so late.. Sleep now!!
Swara: sanskar! It’s just 10:00pm.. Your telling me to sleep!!

Me : ?what it’s already 10:00.. It’s soo late darling !! Now come sleep!!! (I pulled her on the bed, but she looked at me confusedly)

Swara: sanskar! Are you fine??? Seriously.. Ur so strange today!!
Me : swaraaa! I said sleep!! See look at ur face.. Ur soo tired!! U need rest now come sleep!!

(She looked at me form top to bottom)

Swara: sanskar! Are you okay!! Im so scared seeing you.. Kya hua Sanskar??
Sanksar: Swara!! Nothing sleep… Nd made her to lay on the bed…

She again sat..
Swara: sanskar! I’m not getting sleep!! By d way lets talk for sometime..
Me: Swara you can talk to me morning.. Now come sleep!!
Swara: (confused) arey!! Crazy you!! I’m not getting sleep.. If ur getting u sleep na..
Me: (I made her sleep again) Swara!! I will tell you a story.. But you should sleep..okay??

Swara: (excited) what story?? Wait wait let me tell!! (She again sat)
You know.. I love stories… That too princess story.. You know my dad used to tell me princess story… You know one day a girl with long princess dress is standing, her name is Swara… (Smiling) nice na!!!

(She’s continuously speaking, I already said you ryt that she’s soo talkative…. I got to know, that she’s won’t sleep now.. So I got an other plan.. I became romantic now.. I closed her mouth and pulled her towards me, Nd I Went close to her.. I’m giving her a killer looks…)

Swara: (shocked) sanskar!! What happened.. I’m so scared!! Plz don’t see me like this..
Me: Swara!! Ur looking soo cute today.. (I said that kissing her cheeks..)
I just want to eat you Swaraa…(Saying this I kissed on her cute lips.. I made her sleep on the bed.. Nd looked at her eyes.. Nd kissed those beautiful eyes!! Nd I bent my head and kissed her neck… Holding her waist… I slowly started to unbutton her dress…

Swara: (scared) ?Sanskar.. You know what!! I’m getting sleep!! I will sleep okay!! (She hugged me tightly and closed her eyes)

(Hahaha oh god!! I know that she will say this word now.. I know she always want to escape from romance.. Nd finally my plan has worked.. She slept..she slept very peacefully.. That too within a seconds..Holding me tightly.. As if Il go somewhere…Even in the sleep she don’t want me to go anywhere..she wants me to be with her all the time)

Soo this is my wife nature.. If we plan something, we should go in her way to get the things done!!!

Finally I started writing this diary… I know this will be very special gift to her, I want to write all my feelings in it..

The day I saw her, I still remember she is in her blue churidhar, she was soo cute, waiting for me in my office to give my pendrive..

She was playing with her bracelets beads, we both started with fighting.. Ya because she may be cute but I thought she’s very indiscipline Coz she was playing in office that too in my office..
So I started scolding her.. Nd that fight became serious.. She scolded me and turned angrily.. Letting her dupatta fall on me,
I was angry, but you won’t believe, they was some spark that hit my face..
Now I got to know.. I mean I watched in some movies that… When our life partner is near us, so these kinds of things will happen!!
Lol!! Don’t take it serious I’m just kidding…

Page ends!!

Sanky and Bublu smiles..
Sanky thinks about station incident, about that dupatta..
He smiles.. Nd thinks his chacha is crazy!!!

They continue reading it..
Nd gets shocked to know about all their fights, Sanksar leaving Shona alone on the road.. Nd how Sanskar started to search for her.. How adharsh saved Swara!!
How adharsh told Sanskar about shona’s past!!

Sanky and Bublu are shocked!!
Bublu: ohh god!! How can he do that woth her… Soo sad for Swara, I can understand her situation! Nd her past!! Soo sad na!!

Sanky: your thinking about Swara, but think about my chacha.. How madly he was searching for her and my dad Knows Swara already.. He saved her.. Woww!! I really need to thank him.. Nd Yaa so sad for Swara’s past!! How can he kill them yar….

(I dint drag this part in diary Becz upto this you all know about it!! )

Next page:
I’m so guilt for what I did…I don’t know whether she forgives me, I don’t know whether she will talk to me ever!!

I could only see her anger on her face, that too she’s pretending to be angry!! So I got a hope that she will forgive me!!
After knowing her past, I was very angry on that Jagadeesh, how can he kill them.. How can a Person kill another person!!
He is the reason for her position.. I want to kill him, I want to destroy him completely..

I want Swara to be happy all the time, she should be free from him.. She should live her life happily..

Many thoughts were flashing my Mind.. But I don’t have any idea… How to target him!! But I have guts to face him… I just want to give him warning!..

But before that I want Swara to talk to me!! I want this house to be filled with her fun!!

Page ends!!

Bublu: wow Sanky!! Ur chacha really a good person!! I’m so excited to read their love story!!

Sanky: Yaa Bublu.. Such a beautiful love story!!


Shona keeps on trying Sanky number!!

At Tht time Sanky gets call…
It was Tasha!!

Shona gets call waiting…

Sanky: hello!!
Tasha: Sanky!! Please help me.. Arts trapped me!! I’m in their den.. I don’t know what to do!! Plz help me Sanky.. In soo scared!!

Sanky: what?? Hello.. Hello Tasha??? R u fine??
Bublu: Kya hua??
Sanky: Tasha was been trapped by arts!! She’s crying yar come lets goo!!
Bubbly and Sanky leaves!!

After keeping the call.. Shona calls him..
Sanky: hello Shona!! Il talk to u later.. I need to save Tasha.. Bye…
He cuts the call!!!

Episode ends!!

Will Swara save science batch???

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