True love never dies Episode 15 (Swasan)

Episode 15

Shona keeps a pout face…
Shona: okay fine.. Even il keep a name for you…
Sanky: achaa!! (Smiles) What name??

Shona: thinks….yes I got it!!
Sanky: you got it!! Great tell me what name you kept!!
Shona: (smiles) I won’t tell you now..
Sanky: why??
Shona: (laughs) after saying the name I want to see your expression..
Sanky: achaa!! Okay let’s see.. K then bye.. Meet you tomorrow!!
Shona: bye Sanky good night!!

Next day:
Shona goes to college… Nd sits in her class..
She waits for half an hour but non of her friends have come..
She call sasha..
Shona: Sasha wer r u?? I’m waiting in the class
Sasha: arey Shona! Today all our classmates bunked the colz… We called you many times but you dint pick the call..
Shona: oh I’m sorry.. Anyways you guys enjoy!! Have a nice time.. Bye darling !!
Sasha: hehhe bye take care!!

Shona sits alone and at that time Bublu passes…
Bublu: Shona what r u doing alone?
Shona: all my classmates bunked the colz.. I left alone..
Bublu: same with our class too.. All went for movie.. Today Deepika’s movie has been released.. So all went!!
Shona: I’m soo bored Bublu..where is Sanky!!
Bublu: he will come at any time… Come lets go to the music room..
Shona: okay!!

Shona, Bublu , Rahul and other 2 boys were sitting and talking with each other..

Shona: guys lets play any game?
Rahul: okay let’s play cards
Shona: Noo! If Sanky comes he will scold..lets play any other game..
Bublu: which game Shona!
Shona: hmm lets play hide and seek!!

All r shocked..
Boys: what????? Shona seriously r u kid??? Is disgusting yar.. We r college students not school students!!

Shona: arey once imagine.. You can hide anywhere in the colz.. It will be very fun.. Nd you know you guys can’t find me.. Becz I will hide in such places..
(Saying this she laughs Loudly)
Rahul: achaa!! If you good at hiding im good at finding!!

Bublu: woww it’s interesting yar..
Shona: interesting na?? Now come guys lets play..
Rahul: okay.. Guys go and hide… I will count numbers!!
Shona: (laughs) okay done!! But don’t cheat you should count full 100 numbers.. Or else I will kill you!!
Rahul: okay Shona baby!! Go and hide first!!

Rahul started counting numbers…
All goes different direction and hide…
Shona hides near the some other class door… But at that time someone opens it…
They r shock to see Shona!!

Guy: Shona! What r u doing here..
Shona: shhh!! I’m playing hide and seek!!
Guy: are you mad??
Shona: shh.. Waste fellow! Get lost..

At that time Rahul starts 90,91..

Shona gets tensed… And runs to the terrace…

At that time Sanky comes…
He watches Shona running towards terrace.. Nd gets tensed..
(He remembers the night scene where she hided herself and gets worried.. He runs towards her)

Sanky: (shouts) Shona… Shona stop!!!
Shona doesn’t look at him and runs… She goes towards the terrace.. She finds a place to hide… Nd she hides there!!

Sanky comes.. Nd looks at terrace where she hided in a hole..
Sanky goes close to her.. Nd shocked to see Shona is enjoying eating chocolate..

Sanky: shona!!! What r u doing here?? Nd this chocolate.. R u fine?? Come out!!
Shona:: (whisper) shh!! Once check whether Rahul is here or not?
Sanky: (confused) Rahul? (He looks down and finds Rahul in second floor searching for something)

Sanky: haa Shona! Rahul is in second floor.. But He is searching for something!!

Shona: (places her hand on her mouth) he hehhe.. He is searching for me!!
Sanky: what?? He is searching for you.. But why?
Shona: (smiles) we r playing hide and seek!!

Sanky is in big shock!!! And starts laughing….He can’t stop laughing!!

Sanky: (sits beside her and laughs) ohh god!! Shona! Ur really a kiddo!! Like seriously how did you get such ideas yar!!

Shona: it’s nice na!! You know I love these games.. In my colony.. We have lots of kids.. I always used to play with them!!

Sanky: only you both are playing?
Shona: no… Bublu, Rahul etc…

Sanky: oh god… Kiddo… You changed everyone!! (He pulls her cheeks) and You know what you scared me .. I thought ur again not well!!

Shona: Sanky.. Plz don’t call me kiddo!! Plz plz pzzzzzzzzz..(closes her eyes and shouts)

Sanky:(teasingly) kiddo Rahul is coming..
Shona : (scared) ahhhh…suddenly hugs him… Nd hides behind his back..

Sanky laughs more loudly…
Sanky: shona’s ur soo cute yaar!! Look at you.. How scared u are??
Shona: (keeps a pout face) nd starts hitting him!!

At that time they hear Rahul coming…
Shona: Sanky I think Rahul is coming!! Come lets hide somewhere…
She looks at the tank..
Shona: Sanky.. Come lets climb that ladder!!
Sanky: are you crazy??
Shona: plzz!! Come na.. She drags him!!

(They both climb the ladder and sits under the tank.. At that time Rahul reaches..they can see him searching and Shona laughs)

Shona: (smiles) Sanky.. Look at him.. Poor boy he is searching!!
(She laughs continuously… Sanky stares at her lovingly)

Rahul thinks..
Shona can’t come here.. It’s so silent here.. Let’s check down..
(He leaves)

Shona: Sanky, he left come lets go!!
Sanky: ooff now where Shona??
Shona: will go down! (She stands)
Sanky: (pulls her hand) No!! ur not going anywhere… it’s no nice here..come sit!! talk something na..

shona: (excited) wow!! science leader the great sanky.. telling shona to talk!! its so strange!! nd unbelievable!!

sanky: (smiles) whats so strange shona!! i feel like spending some time with you kiddoo!!! I guess that’s not wrong!

shona: (angry) sanky i warn you.. if you again call me kiddo.. i will not leave you!!

sanky: (smiles staring at her…nd pulls her closer) acha!! so tell me what ur gonna do!! nd ya wait a min.. you told that you kept a name? what name did you keep for me?

shona: (smiles and whispers in his ears) ANGRY BIRD!!
sanky: (wides his eyes) what??? angry bird?? like seriously why did u keep that?

shona: because ur so angry always!!! (nd pulls his cheeks) and Mr. angry bird!! look at ur expressions.. i just loved it!
(she laughs loudly…)

(sanky holds her waist and pulls her closer… nd stares at her… Shona is shocked)

sanky: ?shona!!! i warn you.. if u again call me with that name.. i won’t leave you… nd shona listen!! next time never come to this place.. that too near this tank.. its so depth… nd risky!! understand??/

shona gets scared seeing his anger..
shona: okay and im soorryyy..

sanky laughs looking at her expressions..

sanky: how can you show all expressions together!! Lol!! So funny!!

shona laughs seeing him laughing and starts beating him again!!!

shona: sanky u scared me… how can you do that to me!!!

they both laugh and spend some talking!!!!

they go the music room:

bublu, rahul all r waiting!!!… shona laughs looking at them!

rahul: shona! where were you.. i searched you everywhere! but where did u hide..
shona: I’m on the terrace..
rahul: what terrace?? i came there!! but i dint found you…

sanky: arey sally!! you went to terrace… but did you check near the tank!! how stupid you are!!

rahul: ohh yar… how can i expect that she will go on top of that ladder!!

At that time one of the guy brings a puppy…

Shona: woww puppy… It’s soo cute.. Nd starts playing with it..

Sanky stares at her…
Sanky: Shona! Do I like dogs??
Shona: haa Sanky!! I just love them..

Shona, Bublu and Rahul starts playing with it..
Sanky just starts admiring her beauty!!

at that time tasha comes..
Tasha: guys what’s going on?? Nd Shona.. Plz behave like a college girl.. Ur soo childish yar.. Just grow up..

Shona gets angry… Nd even Sanky!!

Sanky: Tasha.. Let her play!! What’s wrong in it..
Tasha: I hate dogs yar!! Chi… Anyways come lets practise…. Nd Shona plz u may leave now..

shona: okay… I will go..

Sanky: Tasha this is too much!!
Bublu: come Shona!! Let’s go.. It’s better to play outside..
(He looks angrily at Tasha)

Shona: okay.. Bublu drop me home.. Bye Sanky!! (She smiles looking at him nd waves bye)

sanky: but shona.. kya hua? stay na.. il drop u home after the practice..

shona: no sanky.. U carry on.. Music is important.. Nd ya i forgot.. today mom is leaving.. il spend some time with her!!
sanky: ohkk!! bye…take care!!
shona leaves!!!!

Sanky: Tasha just behave properly.. Don’t u have manners.. What did she do yar.. Ur soo disgusting!!
Anyways leave all that come lets practice..

evening at 7:00pm
shona drops shomi at station.. shona is crying…
shomi: shona take care of urself okay!! nd don’t cry.. il come next month okay..
shona: ha ma!!
shomi: bye shona!!
shona: bye ma! (she hugs her)

after shomi leaves.. shona gets back to her house!!

she feels lonely…

at that time sanky calls her..

sanky: hi shona!! what r u doing?

shona: (sad)ma went… I’m feeling lonely!!

sanky: why ur feeling lonely!! we all there na!! She will come again.. now keep smiling.. nd plz don’t cry!

shona: okay.. by the way where r u? theres lot of disturbance around!
sanky: im in traffic.. just a long ride!!

shona: wowww long ride.. ur guys r lucky.. you know i love long rides.. but i can’t goo..

sanky: why can’t u go ha??
shona: my dad will scold.. you know he is very strict!!

sanky: achaa!! okay..

They keep on talking for sometime!!

shona: now where r u?
sanky: come out you can see!!
shona: what?? (she runs to balcony and gets shocked seeing sanky)

she is shocked to see sanky is waiting for her on his bike..
sanky looks at her and smiles teasingly..

shona: sanky!! what r u doing here??
sanky : come lets go for a long ride!!
shona:( excited) reallly??? but no sanky.. my dad will scold me if he gets to know!!

sanky: shona! he is not here!! so don’t worry with you come down quickly!!

shona: (jumps with excitement) yaaa okay!! wait I’m coming… hmm but one condition…

sanky: (confused) what was that?
shona: you should take to me to beach okay?
sanky : (smiles) okay fine!! come..

shona gets happy.. she cuts the call and runs…

sanky looks at her jumping and smiles

Shona comes down…
Sanky: (smiles) soo kiddo.. come lets go!!
Shona: (excited) oh god I can’t believe this.. I’m going on a long ride, that too with an angry bird.. That too on his bike.. Woww!! This is amazing!!

Sanky: Shonaaa.. Be quiet, Nd sit!!
Shona: okay okay!!

Shona: Mr. Angry bird where r we going now?
Sanky: Shona!!! you said you want to go to beach!
Shona: ohh ya I forgot…

Sanky smiles and started the bike and they reach the beach.. As soon as they reached their destination Shona gets excited and she quickly got off from the bike and ran towards the sea with excitement without even waiting for him..

Sanky quickly parked the bike and went inside..
Sanky: Shona careful!!
Shona: woww Sanky.. It’s soo pleasant here.. I loved it… Thankyou soo much!!

Sanky stood there and stares at her lovingly.. Nd he folds his pant…

Sanky: hey kiddo.. Come lets play with water..

Shona: (excited) water?? But Sanky I’m soo scared!! That too it’s night!! If my papa gets to know.. He will kill me..

Sanky: Shona.. Ur papa is not here.. So don’t worry.. I’m with you.. First tell me onething.. Do u like playing in water?

Shona: Yess I love water..
Sanky: then come.. (He holds her hands)

They walked hand in hand towards the water…
Sanky: see the wave is coming..
Get ready … He smiles
Shona: Sanky I’m soo scared.. (She closes her eyes and holds his arms tightly)
At that time waves comes and tickle their feet…
Shona: (jumps with excitement) woww!! Water is soo cold.. Nd I feel soo ticklish.. Did you felt the same Sanky!!
Sanky: (smiles) haa Shona!!
She enjoys the waves and plays with the water..

Sanky stares at her lovingly… He keeps on staring at her)

Shona looks at him and splashes some water on his face…
Sanky: Shona!!! Noo…
Shona smiles looking at him.. Nd runs!!
Sanky: shonaaa! Ur finish now.. I won’t spare you..
Shona: Sanky you can’t catch me now!!

Sanky: achaa!!
Sanky runs after her for sometime and holds her from back…
Sanky: (laughs) do u think i will leave you so easily..
Shona: Sanky Please plz plz leave me!!
Sanky: Noo way… Kiddo… Okay fine.. Tell me sorry.. Then I will leave you..
Shona: nooooo way!!!
Sanky: achaa then see what il do..

(Saying this he holds her in one hand..Nd bends and takes some water in other hand and writes that on her face)
Shona: (laughs) Sanky!! Noo… Plzz… Okay okay I’m sorry..
Sanky: (laughs) good girl..
(They both laughs looking at each other)

and they both play in water for sometime.. Holding their hands…

After sometime

Sanky: Shona come lets sit for sometime…
Shona: okay fine…

They both sit in the mud…
Shona: chi…Sanky.. Look at my legs it so muddy..
Sanky: (smiles) don’t worry Shona it will dry.. By d way Shona why r u so scared of your dad??
Shona: I’m not scared of my dad.. He is the sweetest person.. But bit strict.. He wants me to be safe.. Dats it! Nothing more than that.. Nd he only scolds me for onething..
Sanky: (smiles) achaa!!what was that?

(Shona takes out a chocolate from her pocket.. Nd shows him)

Shona: (smiles) he always scold me for this chocolate… Hehehe
Shona… Don’t eat chocolates..
Shona….don’t take chocolates from anyone
He keeps on repeating this words!!

Sanky laughs loudly.. Oh god!! Seriously!! This is very funny!!
Shona too laughs loudly seeing him laughing!!

(She opens her chocolate and gives it to him)
Shona: come lets share it!
Sanky: (wides his eyes) Me?? Noo I hate chocolates..
Shona: plzz Sanky.. Only 1 chocolate..
I already told you right, there’s a way to eat a chocolate.. You will love it!! Wait il show you..

Sanky raises his eyebrows and looks at her..
Shona eats her fav silk chocolate in her own style.. Licking her fingers, Nd gets involved in it..

Sanky just stares at her lovingly!!
Shona: so Sanky.. You should eat like this… This is silk.. You should eat this in silk style..understood??? Now come start eating..
Sanky: a big noooooo…. Shona Noo I can’t eat like this..
Shona: Sanky please…can’t you do it for ur frnd (she keeps a pout face)
Sanky: okay il try!!

(She gives her share… Nd he starts eating like her… Nd both gets involved in eating a chocolate)

(Both look each other and laughs)
Sanky: Shona ur craziness is changing me too..
Shona: nice na!!
Sanky: ya it’s very nice… But Shona plz don’t eat chocolates more.. It’s not good for health..
Shona: but I love them Sanky..
Sanky: (smiles) hmm okay.. Next time when you eat call me.. Even il join you (he winks)

Shona: woww really???? Sanky ur soo sweet!! (She gets excited and hugs him) okay then what’s next?

Sanky: home!!
Shona: soo soon!!
Sanky: Shona you know what’s the time.. It’s 12:30..
Shona: what??? 12:30… Omg!! Soo fast! Tomorrow I have lab.. Challo na Sanky it’s too late!!

Sanky: (smiles) okayy!!!

They both went near the bike..
Sanky starts the bike… Shona sits..
Sanky: Shona.. Il take u home in 2 mins.. Hold me tightly.. Don’t dare to loose the grip okay!! You’ll fall down!!

Shona: what?? 2mins?? Sanky Noo plzz.. Let’s go slowly!! It’s soo risky!!

Sanky: (he looks at her) shona! Don’t u trust me??
Shona looks at him….
Sanky: I’m promising you… You will have a best ride.. Just enjoy it Okay?? (Smiles)

Shona: (smiles) I trust you Sanky!!!(saying this she hugs him from back… Sanky smiles and starts the bike… He was driving with high speed..
Shona feels like she’s on a roller coaster ride…

Shona: wowwww!!! Super.. (She keeps on shouting holding him more tightly) she was soo enjoying

Sanky stops the bike suddenly..
Shona: Kya hua?
Sanky: my dear cute kiddo.. We reached home..
Shona: looks back and gets surprised..
Wow Sanky.. We came soo soon!! Seriously it was an amazing driving!!! I just loved it!!! Thankyou Thankyou soo much!!!

Sanky: (smiles Nd pulls her closer) no sorry and thanks between it!!!

Shona: (smiles) Yess!!

They both give shake hand Nd smiles looking at each other)

Sanky: bye kiddo!!
Shona: bye Mr. Angry bird!!! Nd Yaa wait listen..
Sanky: Yaa what!!
Shona: plz drive slowly… With me it’s okay.. But when ur alone plz don’t drive fast.. I’m so scared Sanky.. Nd i can’t let anything happen to you.. Ur my best friend na!!

Sanky gets touched by her words!! He pulls her closer and holds her face..

Sanky: sure Shona! Il drive slowly!! Nd il message you when I reach home.. Is that okay??

Shona: nodes yes!!
Sanky: Bye.. Good night
Shona: bye Sanky!!

When he was about to leave he watches Rohit watching them..
He looks at Rohit… Nd gets angry!!

Sanky: Shona go to ur flat.. Quickly!! Nd call me when you reached!!
Shona: okay..

He waits for her call.. Sitting on his bike..

Shona goes to her flat and calls him..
Shona: Sanky I reached!!
Sanky: okay!! Lock the door.. Nd don’t open until morning… Okay??
Shona: hmm okay!! Bye good night!!

Sanky leaves!!

He reaches home..

Shona waits for his call…

Sanky comes to his room..Nd messages Shona..

Sanky: I reached… Now you don’t need to wait for me anymore Nd can sleep peacefully ..(he winks)

Shona reads the message and gets happy..
She thinks… How can Sanky know that I’m waiting for him!!
(She smiles and replies him)

Shona: sure.. Good night, Mr. Angry bird!

Sanky smiles Nd messages.. Back

Sanky: good night kiddo!

As soon as she saw his wishes she sleeps… Holding the mobile in her hands!!!

Next day:
In college..
Dance room

Rohit: guys! Science group has planning a party after our program.. They game was ultimate!! Let’s do that!! (He explains them)

Laksh: woww!! It’s amazing!!! Let’s do that… Nd before that we need to trap them.. They should get angry seeing us enjoying their idea!!

Rohit: done dude!!!
Laksh: but Rohit how r u getting their ideas.. Are you spying?
Rohit: yeLaksh: (smiles) great?? but how dude??
Rohit: my girl friend Tasha is from science group! She’s helping us!!
Laksh: osm dude!!! Great… Then we can trap them easily with the help of tasha!
Rohit: Yess Laksh!!
Laksh: okay then il tell the plan in the evening.. Now let’s practice now!!
Rohit: okay dude!!

Laksh, Rahul Ragini and others are practising…
Ragini and othergirls make funny of themself.. As they r not getting the steps…

This makes Laksh gets angry…

Ragini starts laughing loudly..
Ragini: Hahahahahahahh lol!! This step is soo funny Laksh!!!
Laksh gets angry and starts scolding her
Laksh: Ragini.. What’s so funny in it!!
Damn it!!

Ragini is shocked…
Laksh: be serious yar.. I’m working hard for you all to get the steps and ur not at all taking serious.. Nd Ragini.. Leave about them.. Atleast Did you think about me..Ur my partner na.. Don’t you want our group to win!!.. Don’t you care about our group.. If ur not interested just quit it!!

Ragini and all others look at each other… Ragini eyes are filled with tears..
Ragini: Laksh we r very sorry!! We dint mean to hurt you.. Plzz..m sorry!!

Laksh doesn’t talk and he turns other side..

Ragini: (turns towards him and holds her ears) I’m really sorry Laksh.. From now will take it serious.. Plzz!!

All others too tell sorry to him.. Nd finally they make him smile..

Laksh:(smiles) dats okay guys!! Even I’m sorry for hurting you all..
Rohit: guys!! Chill yar.. No more sentiments now.. Come lets have a group hug!!

All smiles and share a beautiful hug..
(Laksh whispers something to Rohit)
Rohit smiles and leaves from there!!!

After the class
Shona and sasha goes to canteen..
Shona gets a message… She checks her mobile it was Sanky!!

Sanky: where r u??
Shona: canteen!
Sanky: m coming!!

Shona smiles… Sasha and Shona are having something!!
After sometime..
Sanky and Bublu joins them!!

Sanky: hello girls
Shona: Hii Sanky.. Nd hi Bublu..
Bublu: Shona!! Mom reached home safely??
Shona: haa Bublu..
Bublu: aren’t u bored yesterday??
Shona: (excited) Noo Bublu.. You know yesterday I had a lovely time..I went for a long ride!!!

Sanky looks at her shockingly..

Bublu: what?? Long ride? With whom???
(Before Sanky could stop her)

Shona: (smiles) I went with Sanky!! You know we had a great time!! Nd we came back at 12:30.. It was my first late night ride!! I just enjoyed it!!

Sanky looks at her angrily for walking the truth!!!
Sasha and Bublu looks at each other and smile!!

Bublu: (teasingly looks at him) achaa!!! Really?? Long ride!! Very nice!! But Sanky you dint tell me!!

Sanky: arey it happened like that.. Okay anyways I have work come lets go!!
(He takes him.. Nd looks at Shona angrily.. While Shona laughs looking at his expressions)

Bublu keeps on teasing Sanky..
Bublu: so Sanky what’s going on??
Sanky: (blushing) what dude?? What’s ur problem?
Bublu: Yaa.. I mean!! I never seen ur talking with a girl Nd I never seen a girl sitting on ur bike.. But the great thing is that
Mr. Varun has taken Shona to a ride???
I can’t believe this..there is something going on!!

While talking they reach MM..
Sanky room:
Sanky: nothing dude!! She’s our friend!! She was sad yesterday, so I thought to cheer her up!! Nd don’t think wrongly.. I hate this love, marriage and all.. I don’t trust them.. Got it!!

Bublu: (teasingly) achaa!! Okay!! I see…

Sanky goes to washroom…
Bublu smiles thinking his smile.. Nd he imagines both Shona and Sanky together!!

Bublu: woww what a cute pair!! Sanky is never like this.. May be he is in love.. Nd Shona… Wow she’s sweetest!!
This will be amazing!!

(He gets very excited)

Sanky comes from washroom..
He takes his guitar, when he was playing it.. Guitar string breaks!!

Sanky: ohh no!! Where did I keep an extra strings!!
Bublu: I think it’s in colz music room..
Sanky: Noo yar!! I’ve seen an extra packet in storeroom.. Come follow me..

Sanky reaches his storeroom… He searches for the strings.. While searching Bublu finds a diary!!

Bublu: Sanky! There’s some diary here!!
Sanky: yaar leave that!!

Bublu : Sanky! You know what… I love reading them yar!! Lol!!!
Sanky: Bublu don’t u know.. Reading others diary is not a good manner!!
Bublu: (smiles) lol!! I know.. But I don’t have manners na!!
(Saying this he holds the diary and brings to the room)

Sanky room:

They both talk for sometime.. Bublu starts playing his guitar again..

Bublu cleans the diary.. And opens the first page..
He was shocked to see Sanskar’s pic!!

Bublu: (laughs loudly) oh god! Sanky.. When did you take this pic yar.. Nd u look amazing with this style!!

Sanky: what?? Where show me?

He looks at the pic and gets shocked!!
Sanky: yaar this is not me! I don’t have these type of shirts!!
Bublu: what??
(He turns the photo and finds Sanskar Maheswari name written on it)

Bublu: Sanky…Sanskar Maheswari is written!!
Sanky: what?? (He remembers, how dadi used to say that he looks like his sons)
Yaa Bublu.. He is my chacha!!
Ma dadi used to say that I look like him..

Bublu: Yaaa Sanky.. He is same like you!
Sanky: Yaa!! I can’t believe this.. He is same like me!! Ohh god!! How can I look exactly like him!!

Bublu: Come lets read his diary..lets see if he is like u or not!!

Sanky: okay!!
Sanky opens the diary…
They look at a first page..
Sanskar Maheswari was written… Nd it was decorated with flowers and stars designs..

Sanky: wow first page itself soo colourful..

They smile looking at each other!!

Sanskar’s diary..

First page

Hello my dear loving diary,
Wish you an Happy new year..
Lol!! yaa..I know talking to a lifeless diary in this way sounds bit crazy, that too a famous personality like me behaving madly, sounds bit strange…
but I don’t have any other option because she’s wants me to be like this.. She wants me to join her madness… It’s not fair ryt???
But I should!!

And You know what.. It’s very difficult to understand these girls!!
(Smiles) but I feel happy.. Coz she’s into my life!! She changed my life.. She gave me happiness..
Okay!! first let me introduce Myself..
I’m a business men!! Nothing more to tell about me because Im not the same which ur seeing now… I’m totally different… I mean I’m completely changed!!!

Im soo silent… But she’s so talkative, very talkative.. Like over takative!! Oh god!! How can she talk much!!! Okay! Let her talk.. But She wants me to talk like that!! How is that possible yar??
But I’ve changed.. For her.. Nd I started to talk!! Only for her happiness!!

She changed the complete environment in our house with her funny jokes, crazy behaviour!! Nd unbelievable thing is that all started to team up with her..

My Mom! Who always used to support Me… now she’s changed her party, Nd supporting her!!

My bro who used to pamper me… Now started to pamper her more!
And you know what.. She always love to irritate me.. And She won’t even leave a small chance.. She keeps on irritating me! Nd you know she even dint left my name, to irritate me!!

Sanskar Maheswari…. Is it soo long??
No ryt?? But she has a problem with it!!

Because my name has been attached to her name…

By the way.. I forgot…Let me introduce her!!

She’s is swara… SWARA SANSKAR MAHESWARI….. My WIFE and my LIFE too!

Now you tell me is her name so big?? But she felt that her name is soo big.. Nd started teasing me.. Is that my fault?? (Keeping put face)

She’s very opposite to me.. But I’ve changed.. Only for her!!
Because I LOVE HER!!!
(Smiles) yes I love her soo much!! She’s my life.. My soul everything!!!
I don’t know what magic she has, but her love has changed me!! I never thought that this Sanskar Maheswari will fall in love that too with this crazy girl!!

(Smiles) she’s different!! I like the way she is!!!
And you know all bachelors used to say.. Marriages are hell.. Nd even i used to feel like that.. But now I understood that
Marriages are made in heaven.. It’s a grt feeling!! Marriage life is soo beautiful.. I just got to know, The day When we started our relation… the day when I married her..!!!! It’s soo beautiful!! She showed me how beautiful the life is!! I cannot even describe my happiness.. Nd I cannot stay without her!! Nd I always thank god for giving Swara in my life!!

Nd now I want to tell all bachelors who used to think like me by thinking marriages are hell!!
But guys…u all are wrong!! Just marry.. Nd see.. Ur life will be beautiful!! Like mine!!
(He blushes)

Page ends!!!

Sanky and Bublu looks at each other…
Nd Bublu Starts laughing loudly!!!

Bublu: woww Sanky! Ur chacha is saying the last sentence… specially to u… Loll!!! Ohh god!! This is awesome yar!!

Sanky: haha soo funny!!

Bublu: but Sanky.. It’s beautiful!! I can just see his love for her!! I’m eagerly waiting.. Come lets read the next part!!

Sanky turns the next page..

Next page..
Page 2

I want to gift something to my wife. Where she should remember that in her life!! It’s should be memorable Nd it should be a surprise.. Nd it should be the best gift!!

So I thought to write my story.. My feelings in This diary.. Nd I want her to read This book.. Every page in it.. Nd I want to see those expressions!!

(Smiles) it’s very difficult to write my story in front of her..
Coz she already got doubt!! The moment I took this diary out.. She was continuously asking..
What r u doing with that dairy.. ??
Why do u need this now.. ??
When i started holding a pen, she sat near me and starts asking me questions!!
What r u writing Sanskar??
I just covered her saying.. I’m writing my name on it..
Dats it.. She started jumping…
Woww Sanskar.. Please il write ur name!! Plz plz plzzzzz (she closed eye and started pleasing me.. She’s literally shouting!!


He comes out of his sense and again starts reading it!!

Seeing her pleasing I just gave the pen to her.. Nd she started writing my name and started decorating the page with flowers, stars… Nd all kind off stuffs!!

I don’t understand why these girls always uses flowers and stars for decorating!!!

Don’t you think she’s soo childish??

Page ends!!

Sanky and Bublu laughs loudly thinkjng about Swara… Nd they opened the first page.. Nd they looked at the page where it was decorated with flowers and stars!!

They both smile looking at it!!

Bublu: woww ur chachi is soo funny!!
Sanky: I can really understand his situation..(Lol)
Bublu: arey it’s so interesting!! Lets read next page..

When they were turning…
Sanky gets a call… It was Shona!!

Sanky: Bublu will read later.. Shona is calling..

Bublu: (teases ) acha!!! okay then il go home now.. U continue!!

Sanky closes the diary!!

Episode ends


Flashback starts!!

Present: Shona hears Tasha and rohits conversation..

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