True love never dies Episode 14 (Swasan)

Episode 14

Sanskar: bhai! Let’s take her home!! She needs Ma now.. She will be fine if she is with her!

Adharsh: okay!!

Sanskar carries Swara to the car..
Adharsh: sanskar careful..
Sanskar: haa bhai.. (He makes her sleep on the car.. Nd he sits beside her and makes her sleep on his lap..

Adharsh looks at Sanskar caring and gets confused!!
Adharsh: sanskar!!
Sanskar: ha bhai..
Adharsh: from when do u know Swara?
Sanskar: just 2 months back.. He tells him everything!!
How she used to tease him, how they use to fight for small things.. (He looks at her, caresses her hair and smiles)
Adharsh: (smiles seeing him smiling) by d way Sanskar, did u never noticed Swara being scared, I mean did she ever tried to run away or does something like that??

Sanskar:(thinks) haa bhai.. We both went for reception, that day she was very happy but suddenly she hided herself on the terrace.. That day she was very scared, she dint leave my hand at all.. She was so sweating, I was very tensed seeing her…
Next day when I asked her.. She said that its a prank!!
I really got very angry on her.. Becz of that anger I left her alone… Nd I will never leave her from now!! (He smiles looking at her)

Adharsh: no Sanskar, she might be naughty, but she never crosses her limits by doing such kind of pranks, may be that Jagadish have come to that party!! So may be she’s scared!!
(Sanskar understood everything why Swara had behaved like that)

Sanskar: bhai can u do me a favour!!
Adharsh: ha Sanskar!!
Sanskar: don’t let Swara knew that i know her past! I think Even she wants that and let swara itself tell me.. Until then let’s hide it!!

Adharsh: hmm… okay!!

They reach home… Sanskar brings her inside…
AP and dadi gets happy seeing Swara.. While Sujatha and Kavitha gets angry seeing her!

AP: swaraaa beta!! Sanskar! Kya hua Swara ko!! What are these wounds!!
Sanskar: Ma she needs rest, don’t worry she will be fyn!!
Dadi: but Adharsh! How do u know Swara!!

Adharsh looks at Sanskar.. As he don’t like to share with anyone!!

AP gets doubt seeing both of them signalling..

AP: (covers the topic) Ma.. Swara is back!! Now don’t ask why and where.. I’m so happy now!!

Dadi: okay!!

All goes to Swara’s room..
AP and dadi sits beside her nd caresses her!!

Swara wakes up..

When she was about to shout she looks at AP and gets happy..

Swara: (happy) Maa!! (She hugs her tightly)

Sanksar eyes are filled with tears when he saw Swara talking nd knowing she’s completely fine now!!

AP: Swara!! How r u beta?
She hugs her tightly… Nd kisses her..
AP: you know how much I was worried.. I will never send u alone Swara… Ma won’t leave u alone!!

Swara: Maa but how did I come here??

Adharsh: Swara.. I brought u here… Nd she is my mom!!
Swara: what??
Adharsh: Yess Swara!!

Swara gets happy and hugs AP again..
Swara: really?? I can’t believe this!!

Sanskar: soo Swara! How r u feeling now??

She looks at Sanskar and She tries to be angry..

Sanskar smiles seeing her actings!!
(He goes near her)

Sanskar: Swaraa!
(He holds her hand… Swara jerks him)

Sanskar: Swara I’m sorr…
Swara: (covers the topic) Ma!! I’m soo hungry!!

Sanskar smiles seeing her anger.. Nd thinks Swara I know how to make you normal!!

Flash back ends!!


Sanky in his room..
He feels happy when he talked with dadi..
He message Shona

Sanky: ur letter has been delivered ?

Sanky waits for her message but she won’t respond it!!

He thinks that she might be sleeping.. And he switch offs the light and sleeps!

Next day morning:
Sanky is in deep sleep Nd he gets a message..
He takes the phone and reads it.. To his surprise It was Shona!

Shona: good morning sanky sir.. I’m so happy that you gave the letter to mom!! By the way Did mom liked my message???

Sanskar smiles seeing her message.. Nd gets happy!! He sits comfortably leaning to the pillow.. Nd messages her!!


Sanky: haa Shona.. Actually not Ma it was my dadi who prepared it and She loved ur message so much! It even brought tears in her eyes!! And She told me to bring u one day..

Shona: wow! Soo sweet of you sanky sir! You made my day happy.. Nd Thankyou so much for everything! ?

Sanky: (teasingly) I did soo much to you.. Nd your telling only thanks for that?? Very bad Shona!!

He teasingly smiles..

Shona: ? I’m very sorry…I dint mean that? I’m really sorry!!

Sanky smiles seeing her reply .. He can imagine her expressions!!

Sanky: ur sorry will be accepted only when you give me a treat?

Shona: okay done!!?? Today In college.. at lunch break il give you the treat… Nd u should accept my both sorry and Thankyou.. Will you??

Sanky gets shocked seeing her message.. He gets angry and calls her immediately…Shona lifts the call..

Shona: (excited) good morning sanky!!

Sanky: (angry) Shona.. Are you mad??
Shona confused..

Shona: Kya hua sanky!!

Sanky: Kya hua?? Seriously ur asking me this question!! Don’t you know? Shona! Where r u going now??

Shona: (confused) college!
Sanky: Shona ur not feeling well and how can you go to college?
Shona: but sanky! I’m fine.. Nd I’m so bored here.. Nd I will miss my classes.. (She keeps on talking)

Sanky:(angry) Noo!! I said no that’s it… Ur not going anywhere!! And That’s final Understand??

Shona: (keeps a pout face) okay…
Sanky: that’s like a good girl!! Now come on, eat something.. Nd take rest.. Il come after the college gets over!!

Shona: (happy) wow!! Seriously?? Okay Come quickly.. Il be waiting!!

Sanky: (smiles) okay then take care bye!!
Shona: Bye Sanky!! Nd Yaaa wait listen..

Sanky: haa what??
Shona: (teasingly) take care of our science batch okay? Becz your our leader na!! (And Laughs loudly)

Sanky: (smiles) shonaaa!!!!
Shona: (smiles) bye
(Nd she cuts the phone, and laughs loudly)

Sanky too laughs loudly…
Sanky: oh god!! This girl is soo funny..

He smiles and goes to get ready!!

In college..

Arts batch..
Ragini is in class..

Laksh and his gang comes to their classes and announces:

Laksh: guys.. I know you all dint enjoy the official Freshers party.. Coz of speeches and all.. So we are arranging a different arts party.. That is only for arts!! Will tell the progran later… But now We need girl dancers.. If you are interested plz join us now
(And he looks at Ragini)
Laksh: Ragini, even you join us
Ragini: but Laksh, I don’t know dance much!!
Laksh: no problem Ragini.. Just come, we need to practise dance for Freshers.. Just give a try!! Ur not such a bad dancer!!

Ragini; (smiles)okay!! Fine..

Dance room:
All are practising.. Ragini joins them..
Selections were going..
Laksh tells them some steps.. But he is not happy with the dance..
Laksh: Noo guys!! Im not happy.. I need more!! Nd we need a perfect girl.. Who dance like me!! That passion, that enthusiasm..

Rohit: but Laksh.. There is no such girls like that..
Laksh: hmm okay!! Guys!! Come on practise… No problem just try it!!! We can do it!! I will mould you all…

(They keep on practising)

Music room:
After the college..

Tasha and sanky are practising..
Sanky: Tasha.. You going high.. Just follow this beat okay…
Tasha: okay fine!!
They both keep singing!!

At that time Sanky gets a message.. Nd checks it out.. It was Shona

Shona: dinner party at my house @7:00pm
and I don’t mind if you come now.? Nd plz inform Bublu, and Rahul too..

Sanky smiles.. Nd replies her!!

Sanky: okay.. In practise… Il call you when we start!

Shona: I’m waiting!! ?

Sanky smiles seeing those smilies..

After the practise..
Rahul: sanky.. Shona messaged me, she invited me for dinner..
Sanky: ha Rahul..
Bublu: let’s go now.. It will be fun being with her!
Sanky: hmm ya okay!!
Tasha: ?what?? Shona invited you for dinner?? But why? But she dint invite me..

Bublu: ? she’s giving treat because we helped her.. She dint call you because you dint help her..there’s lot of difference!!

(Bublu started hating Tasha… Seeing her attitude)

Tasha looks at him angrily..

Rahul: okay guys leave all that.. Sanky You and Bublu start.. Nd I wil pick sasha on the way nd il come directly!!

([Guys don’t get confuse between sasha and Tasha!)]

Sanky: okay fine…
(He looks at Tasha.)
Sanky: bye Tasha…
(Tasha leaves angrily…)

Sanky is packing his bag at that time the Shona locket fells down..
Bublu watches it..
Bublu: woww Sanky… This locket is very nice.. Where did you bought it?
Sanky: I found it Bublu.. I found it here in this music room itself..I want to find this girl.. Her voice is amazing.. That music, some spark in it..
Bublu: ohh really!! Fine then I will help you dude! Don’t worry..

Sanky: Thankyou Bublu.. Ur soo sweet!!
(He hugs him)

They both started for Shona’s house..
In the way:
Bublu: sanky.. Shall we take anything to her?? Like fruits and all..
Sanky: haaa Bublu.. But fruits will be soo overacting I guess..
Bublu: okay!! ask ur mom!!
Sanky: Yaa Kk..nice one!!

He calls landline…AP lifts the call..
Sanky: hello Ma!!
AP: haa Sanky..
Sanky: dadi.. I need ur help..
Dadi: ha Sanky.. Btao beta..
Sanky: my friend invited us for dinner.. What should I present her??
AP: (laughs) Sanky.. Hmm okay!! (She thinks for a moment) present her roses.. Usually girls love that.. And you know even your chachi loves roses soo much!!

Sanky: (smiles)roses…okay fine.. Thankyou dadi!!

They take – bunch of yellow roses and they leave…
At that time Rahul call..
Rahul: Sanky where r u?? We already reached!! Come fast na!!
Sanky: Yaa we r coming.. Just 2 mins okay!!

They reach home..

Shomi welcomes them..
Shomi: hello Bublu and Sanky. Come inside..

Seeing Sanky Shona gets happy and jumps with excitement!!

Sanky gets mesmerised seeing Shona in cute Pink top and her hair tied in single plait..
She’s soo cute!! He feels happy seeing her..

Swaara jumps on the bed and shouts..

Sanky looks at her angrily.. While other laugh!!

Shomi: Shona!! Stop ur fun now!!
Shona smiles…

Bublu: hello Shona!! How r u??
Shona: I’m gud!!

Shomi : you guys have some fun, il arrange food..
Sasha: Thankyou aunty!!
Shona: Ma! Shall I help you..
Shomi: ??Noo!! Plzz Shona.. I can’t tolerate you…
(All looks at her and smiles)

Bublu: Shona one joke for me plz??
Shona: hmm okay fine… Listen
Two elephants were walking… One elephant entered the bus and other elephant did not enter it…why? Why did another elephant dint enter??

Bublu: may be there is no place??

Shona: Noo!!

Rahul: may be other elephant doesn’t like bus!!

Shona: Noo!!

Sasha: okay Shona! You tell the answer!!

Shona: other elephant did not enter because it was a ladies bus!!! Hahahahah nice na!!

All laughs… Even Sanky..

Sanky: Shona done with ur jokes? Did u had medicines…
Shona: Yess!!
Sanky: good!!

Rahul sits beside Shona and talks to her..
Rahul: Lets play any game Shona..
Shona: which game??
Rahul: cards??
Shona: but i don’t have cards?
Rahul: I have it Shona!! Nd he takes cards from his pocket!! (Nd hides seeing Sanky)
Shona: (excited) woww then let’s play..

Rahul signals Shona to ask Sanky..
Shona: (tensed) Noo!!
Rahul: no problem ask him!!
Shona: (tensed) okay!!

She looks at Sanky..
Shona: sanky sir!! Shall we play cards!!
Sanky: (looks at Rahul angrily) Rahul!! Did u bring cards here also..Always cards?? Don’t u leave them??

Rahul: by mistake I brought it!!
Sanky: but Noo ! I won’t accept!!
Shona: plzz sanky sir.. I love playing cards.. U a science group leader.. You need to make ur group happy!!

(Sanky looks at her angrily for teasing him.. Nd accepts)
Sanky: hmm..fine only 2 games okay??
Shona: wowww Thankyou!!

(All get excited and starts playing game..)

They keep on playing.. Nd have lots of fun..

Shomi calls them for dinner..
And she serves it to all..
All spend some time eating.. Laughing!!

Rahul: okay aunty.. We need to go now!! Bye Shona take care of urself!!
Rahul: bye Rahul..
(She hugs Sasha)
Shona: bye sasha!! Have a nice time..

At that time Bublu gets a call..nd after the call..
Bublu: Sanky.. Even I need to go.. I should pick mom!!
Sanky: okay…take care bye!!
Bublu: ur not coming now..
Sanky: (teasingly) no I should talk with Shona something which is important!! I have some work with her!!

Shona: (tensed) ohh god!! Shona.. Today u did lot of overaction!! Now ur finish!!

All leaves..

Shomi, Shona and Sanky are left..

Shomi: okay you both talk.. I have some work!! (She leaves from there)

Shona: (smilingly) so what else sanky sir??

Sanky holds her hands and pulls her towards him..
Sanky: (teasingly raising his eyebrows) what were you saying..
Good evening sanky sir??, science leader and blah blah blah..
What’s the matter??

Shona: ? what did I do?? I’m just respecting you.. I’m ur junior ryt?
Sanky: achaa!! (He pulls her closer) don’t call me sanky sir.. Call me Sanky!! Or else il cut ur tongue..
Shona: ?(She covers her mouth with her hand)

Sanky smiles seeing her expressions!!
Sanky: shonaaa ur soo cute yar… Seriously ur a kiddo… Nd ohh ya I forgot!! Shona.. I have a gift for u

Shona: (excited) gift?
Sanky: Yess!!
Shona: what’s that??
Sanky: surprise..
Shona: woww!! Wait let me guess..
Did u bring chocolates for me??

Sanky: Noo!! I brought..

Shona: wait wait let me guess.. Did you bring teddy for me..

Sanky: Noo!! I brought..
Shona: wait wait.. Let me guess.. Did you….

At time Sanky closes her eyes…
Sanky: plz don’t talk now…

and he takes her to the terrace)

Shona: Sanky!! Where did you bring me?
Sanky: shhh!! Be silent for sometime!!! Atleast now!!

He brings to a place.. Nd opens her eyes..

Shona gets shocked seeing beautiful yellow flowers!!

Shona: wowww Sanky!!! This is beautifu!
But how do u know that I love yellow flowers!!

Sanky: you like yellow flowers??actuallu I thought yellow represent friendship soo I brought it!
Shona: ohh wow!! I love them.. Thankyou soo much!’ (She hugs him with excitement)
Sanky smiles!!

Nd starts playing with the flowers..

Sanky smiles….nd takes

They both spend sometime.. Talking.

Sanky: okay then il go now.. It’s late na..
Shona: so sanky sir!! Did u accept my Thankyou and sorry!!
Sanky: (smiles) yes Shona!! Keep smiling like this all the time okay!! (Pulling her cheeks) But I warn you.. Call me Sanky or Varun.. But plz don’t call me sir!

Shona: (smiles) okay!!

sanky: okay!….bye shona take care
shona: bye sanky, and ya listen, message me when u reach home.. if not i will kill you
sanky: (smiles) kk shona!! i will message..

(saying this he sits on his bike, and within a sec he’s gone .. shona gets shocked seeing his driving)

she gets angry on him nd goes to her room..
she keeps on worrying for him… she talks to herself
shona: this sanky na… look at his driving.. what if something happens to him..i won’t talk to him.. (she keeps a pout face)

sanky reaches home..
he remembers shonas words and messages her,,
sanky: reached home..?

shona waits for his message and gets happy
shona calls him immediately…

sanky: ha shona btao!!
shona: (starts yelling at him) sanky.. what was that rash driving?
sanky: (confused) shona..kya hu….
(shona intterupts)
shona: don’t talk sanky.. you know how much i was worried.. never do that again plz.. what if something happens.. my god!! that much of speed!!

sanky: (smiles) achaa!!! (he lies on his bed..)
she keeps on yelling at him…

sanky: okay kiddo!! I’m sorry.. il never repeat this again..okayy now plz smile..

shona: (smiles) okay!!
sanky: so what else?? what r u doing?
shona: nothing, just lying on bed.. nd eating chocolate..
sanky: shona.. how can you eat so many chocolates yar.. you know i hate them..
shona: sanky!!.. there is way to eat chocolate, nd trust me you will love it..
sanky: really?? okay!! next time il try!..
shona: (smiles) achaa okayy!! il see.. (and she laughs) okay sanky!! its late.. il sleep now..
sanky: okay bye.. good night!!

next day:

shona wakes up.. nd messages sanky
shona: good morning sanky!!!

but she don’t get replay… she thinks that he’s still sleeping…and she gets ready for college.. at that time sasha calls her

sasha: shona r u coming?
shona: yaa I’m coming..
sasah: I’m waiting near bus top, come fast!!
shona: yaa kk.. I’m coming!!

she forgets her mobile..nd she goes!!

she reaches bus stop.. and they leave for college!!!

sasha and shona are walking.. at that time they see Ragini coming on that way..
shona gets happy and goes near her..

shona: hi ragini( and she hugs her)

ragini: hi shona! how r u? howz ur health?

shona: I’m good and thank you so much for helping me..

ragini: (smiles) im ur friend shona!! can’t i do that for u?

shona: (hugs her)she gives her a chocolate.. a small gift from my side!!

ragini: thankyou (she hugs her back)
shona: where r u going? are you not going to class?
ragini: noo shona! we have dance practice now..
shona: wowww dance!!! i love it!!… can i see it?

ragini: noo shona!! if you enter our den.. you will get trap!! later i can’t free you!!

shona: yaa ur right!! but some other day plzz take me.. you know dance is my passion!!

ragini: okay sure!!!

shona: bye ragini!!!!!

they leave to their classes…

at MM

Sanky wakes up and gets ready.. he looks at his phone and smiles seeing shonas message
he messages her back..

sanky: good morning kiddo!!!

he waits for her reply… he thinks she might be sleeping and leaves to college!!!

he goes to his class.. chemistry class was going on!
.. he keeps on checking his mobile whether shona has messaged or not..
he gets worried thinking is she fine or not!!

after the class…
he goes to his music room..

nd keeps calling her!! shomi looks at shona’s mobile and lifts the call..

sanky: shonaa!! how many times should i call you?? are you alright?
shomi: varun beta!! shona is not here.. she left her phone..
sanky: what?? where did she go aunty?
shomi: she went to college.
sanky: college??? (he gets angry as she dint say him)

sanky: okay aunty! thankyou!!

sanky gets angry..and he goes to her class!!

shona is very busy with her jokes.. she starts imitatting her lectures!! while all class laughs at her!!

sanky just stands near the door and looks at her angrily.. while shona keeps on entertaining the class..

seeing sanky.. all students becomes silent.. and they signal shona to look back!!

shona gets confused and looks back!! nd gets surprised seeing sanky standing..

(shona smiles and goes near him) sanky?? when did you come?

sanky holds her hands and takes her to the empty class..

shona: sanky kya hua??
sanky: shona!! why did u come to college? i told you to take rest ryt?
at least you could have told me? I’m calling you since morning.. And where is ur phone?

shona: my phone is in my bag.. nd sanky you were calling me since morning?? I’m so sorry i dint check it!!

sanky: achaa!! where bring ur mobile

shona: haa 1 min!! il bring my bag (she goes to her classroom and gets her bag out)

(she checks her bag, but she doesn’t find out.. she wides her eyes… oh god where did i left my phone..
she takes all her books out.. and checks it again..

sanky just stares at her childish behaviour angrily..

sanky: hmmm where did u keep?
shona: i don’t know.. i kept in my bag.. but… oh god!! someone had stolen my phone.. Wait let me check again..

sanky: shona!!!
Shona: wait Sanky!! Let me check my bag again

Sanky: shona listen!!
Shona: Sanky.. Wait a min..
Sanky: ooff… Shona u left ur mobile at home!!
shona: what?
sanky: haa shona!! i talked with ur mom just now.. nd how can u be so careless.. Nd you dint even inform me.. you know i was worried for u..

shona: I’m sorry sanky.. actually I messaged you morning but ur were sleeping at that time.. after that i came to college!!

sanky: okay fine!! nd what was those jokes in the class..
shona: (smiles) nice na.. you know i was imitating my sir.. he looks so funny!! hahahahaha … should i show you his expressions? (Saying this she laughs loudly)
sanky: shona.. I’m serious.. okay leave all that come lets go to music room..

shona: but sanky i have class now
sanky: i don’t care… come lets go..(he holds her hands and takes her)

music room:
all are practising.. shona starts her funny jokes…

At that time Rahul comes..

Rahul: guys do u know.. Arts were arranging a party.. For their group..
Sanky: (evilly) achaa!!
Bublu: Sanky.. Even we will arrange a party yar.. Grand party..
Sanky: Let them complete it first.. Later we can do it more grandly.. I have my own plans too!!

Tasha: own plans?? What was that??
Sanky: hmm okay but don’t let it out okay!! It should be secret!!
Tasha: okay!!

Sanky: will have a mask game.. All our group girls will be in mask..
And they will be a musical song.. Where all will form as a circle.. And they will be dancing.. Nd girls keeps on changing the partners…Nd when the music gets stop…. With whom ur dancing at that moment…He will be ur partner!! And after that..

He gets interrupted by his phone.. He gets a call!!

Sanky: hello!!
Adharsh: Varun where r u??
Sanky: dad I’m at college..
Adharsh: can u do me a favour… Ur mom went for shopping.. I have an important meeting.. So I couldn’t go.. Can u pick her..
Sanky: Yaa dad..
Adharsh: (smiles) okay!! Bye..
Sanky: bye dad!!

Sanky: okay guys I have some work.. I don’t know how much time it takes.. Let’s pack up!! Nd Bublu.. You drop Shona!

Bublu: Yaa k Sanky!!
(Nd he leaves)

Tasha okay guys I have some work.. Will meet tomorrow bye…

Even she leaves…

Bublu and Shona.. Both sat near canteen and having something…
At that time Shona looks at Tasha who was worriedly going near arts group..

Shona: Bublu.. Y Tasha going nears arts block!!
Bublu: wee need to find out..
Shona: come lets follow her…

They slowly follows her.. Nd gets shocked seeing Shona talking to Rohit!!
When Rohit was about to see them Bublu pulls Shona..
Bublu: shh.. If he sees us.. Will get trapped.. We can’t even escape Becz it’s arts block!!
Shona: ohh!! Kk..
They leave..

Shona: but y is she talking to Rohit!
Bublu: leave about her.. I hate that girl..
Shona: (teasingly) achaa!! Then y did you stare at her.. The day when she came..
Bublu: (smiles) I thought she’s so hot!! But her heart is soo cruel!! I hate her.. No one can be soo sweet like you Shona!! Your like my sweet sister to me..

Shona: achaa!! She laughs loudly…

They both share some time talking.. Nd Bublu drops her home!!

Sanky comes home and calls her..
Shona: hi Sanky!!
Sanky: what’s up kiddo!!
Shona: ?I’m not kiddo!!
Sanky: acha!!! Ur a kiddo..
Shona: Noo!! I’m not..
Sanky: u are a kiddo… Nd from today I will call you as kiddo..
Shona: ? Noo please!! It’s not good..plz change the name…
Sanky: no I call u as kiddo..
Shona: Sanky!! They are many names.. For example princess… See so beautiful na call me princess..
Sanky: (laughs loudly) look at you….. All kid imaginations…Kiddo is perfect match!!

Shona keeps a pout face…
Shona: okay fine.. Even il keep a name for you…
Sanky: achaa!! (Smiles) What name??

Shona: thinks….

Episode ends

So guys tell me.. What name will be good for Sanky…
Give ur own Nick names…
That Should be special…

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