True love never dies Episode 13 (Swasan)

Episode 13

Sanskar gets angry!!
Sanskar; can u give me his address!! I will not leave him today..

Police: okay Sanksar! But I think ur taking risk! He may harm you..
Sanskar: (angry) I don’t care!!
He gets ready and goes down… He watches AP who is crying…

Sanskar: Ma! Plz don’t cry.. I’m going now Ma.. I will bring her today at any cost.. Plz take care of yourself!

He tells Kavitha to look after her.. Nd he leaves!!

He reaches Jagadish house..
He goes inside… The watchmen stops him..
Watchmen: hey!! What do u want?
Sanksar: I want to meet Jagadish!!
(At that time Jagadish listens to him and looks at him confusedly and signals wAtchmen to send him in)

Sanskar goes inside.. Nd he watches the same jeep.. He gets angry!!

Jagadish: yes! What do u want!!
Sanskar: () where is the girl?
Jagadish: (confused) which girl?
Sanskar: don’t try to act!! Yesterday.. On the main road.. You were dragging a girl!! Where is she?? Where is Swara!!
Jagadish: (shocked and angry) how do u know Swara?? Why r u searching for her!! Leave her!! Forget her…. I will kill you!!

Sanskar: (holds his collar) how dare you!!! I know she is with you.. Give me back my Swara , or else your gonna pay for it!!

Jagadish: ( how dare you hold my collar..) and ur Swara???
what’s going on between u and her!! Is that love?? Then just forget her…because she’s mine!!

Sanskar is shocked to hear him saying she’s mine!!

Sanskar: (shouts) finally I’m asking…where is Swara??

Jagadeesh: just get the hell out of here.. R else I will kill you!! (He holds his collar and Sanskar slaps him)

Jagadish gets angry.. When he was about to beat him… Police arrives at that time..
And stops Jagadish from beating him!

Police: sanskar! Please let’s go from here!
Jagadish: (shouts) listen! Don’t dare to think about her! She’s mine!…Nd just leave this place ryt now

Police takes Sanskar from that place!!

Sanskar: why did u stop me!! I know Swara is with him.. Did u see how the way he is speaking!! How dare he!! I will kill him..

Police: sanskar! There is no use to talk with him.. Because Swara is not with him!

Sanskar: what??
Police: yes Sanskar! We have one member in his team.. I’ve asked him.. He said that he dint bring any girl..
So defntly Swara is not with him!

Sanksar: (worried) what?? Then where is she? Is she safe?
Police: don’t know! But we need to search those area again!! Hope she will be safe!!
You take some rest Sanksar! Will let you know!

Sanskar: how can I take rest.. This is all Becz of me!! How stupid I’m! How can I leave her like that!!

Police: sanskar! I can understand.. Plzz you go home now! And give Swara’s pic we will print in newspaper! It will be helpful! Il send my constable to ur house..and give the pic to him!

Sanskar: okay!
(He leaves home)

Guest house..
Swara is still in unconscious!
Adharsh: nurse! Plz take care of her.. Il come again.. If she wakes up just call me..
Nurse: okay sir!

Adharsh goes to home..
He looks at AP who is crying!
Adharsh: Ma! Why r u crying!
At that time Sanskar comes..
AP gets happy seeing and goes near him..

AP: sanskar! Where is she??
Sanskar: (sad) sorry Ma! I dint find her still..
AP breaks down crying!!
AP: oh god! Why are you giving this punishment to her! Please save her!!

Adarsh is confused.
Adharsh: Ma! Kya hua? What are you talking about? I’m not getting anything!

Dadi: Adharsh! You don’t know the matter.. Wil tell u later.

At that time constable reaches the home..
Constable: sir I came here to collect the photo!
Sanskar: okay! One sec!
And he tell AP to give her pic!!
AP goes to her room and gets the pic… While she was walking she slips and pic falls down on the floor..

Adharsh gets down to take the pic and gets shocked seeing Swara’s pic!

Adharsh: Swaraa!! Ma!! How Do u know Swara??
All looks at him confusedly!!

AP: ha Adharsh.. We all know Swara! She’s staying here..but she’s missing from yesterday!! I’m so worried for her!(she tells him what all happened)

Adharsh: what?? You all are searching for Swara??
At that time AP cries looking at Swara’s pic!!
AP: ha Adharsh!! My poor girl.. Where did she go?

Adharsh: Maa! Please don’t cry! She’s safe mom! She’s with me!

All r shocked..
Sanskar: what?? She’s is with you!!
Adharsh: haa Sanskar! She’s with me.. Yesterday when I was coming she was about to die in front of my car.. She came suddenly!!
I was soo shocked to see Swara.. Nd that Jagadish is following her!! Oh! God.. I was so worried for her.. What If he sees her..I immediately taken her to the hospital!

Sanskar: what?? How do u know Jagadish!! Bhai.. What are you talking I’m not understanding anything!! Swara is with you?? I can’t believe this?

Adharsh: ha Sanskar!!! Swara is with me.. She’s safe in our guest house.. She’s in uncouncious state.. Actually I thought to bring her home..but I don’t know that she’s staying here!!

Sanskar gets happy… He is relieved to know that Swara is safe!!

He gets tears from his eyes.. Nd hugs Adharsh!!

Sanksar: oh god! Thankyou soo much bhai!! You know I was so tensed and I was so worried.. Thankyou soo much for saving Swara.. But bhai how do u know Swara?

Adharsh looks at everyone!
Adharsh: sanskar leave all that..
(He signals Sanksar to be calm.. Sanskar is confused)
AP: Adharsh.. Please get Swara back soon! I want to see her now..

Guest house.
Swara wakes up and again get shocked to see the new place.. She again get scared and shouts!!
Swara: (shouts) please leave me!! I don’t want to be here
Nurse: Swara listen! Ur fine.. Don’t worry I’m with you..
Swara gets scared and she pushes her and runs to hide herself!!
She again goes to terrace and hides herself with fear..

Nurse gets tensed seeing her running and calls Adharsh and tells him everything
Adharsh: (worried and shouts ) what?? Omg!! Is Swara alright?? Okay I’m coming now.. Plz take care of her!!

Sanksar and AP looks at Adharsh tensedly..
Sanskar: (tensed) bhai Kya hua??
Adharsh: Swara is so scared again.. She’s not feeling well!
AP: get her here adharsh! Go quickly!!
Sanskar: bhai even il Come!
Adharsh: ha Sanskar!! Come lets go now!!

They leave the place.. Nd reaches guest house…

Nurse: sir! I dint find Swara mam.. She pushed me and went!! I searched every corner but I dint find her!!
Sanskar: (tensed) what? But where did she go!
Adharsh: (thinks for a while) I know.. May be she’s on the terrace..
Sanskar: terrace??
Adharsh: ha Sanskar! it’s her habit.. Whenever she’s afraid of anything, or if her mood is not good she hides on terrace.. Come lets check!

They go the terrace and gets shocked seeing Swara.. Nd she’s again unconscious!!

Sanksar gets happy seeing Swara.. It’s like his life is back!! His eyes are filled with tears!! He goes near her!!and he remembers how she hide herself on that construction building…
He goes towards her…

Sanskar: Swara!! (He takes her in his lap) Oh god Swara!! Are you alright! I’m soo sorry Swara.. Plz look at me.. Plz forgive me Swara.. I will never scold you again.. Plz Swara! Plz look at me..
He remembers how the rowdy drags her and slaps her…
(Tear falls from his eyes) Nd hugs her tightly!!

Adharsh gets happy seeing his love towards Swara

Adharsh: sanskar! Let’s take her down..
Sanskar: ha bhai!! (He lifts her and takes down and places her on the bed)

Nurse: sir, she’s so afraid of something!! If this continues.. She may do anything to herself!!

Adharsh gets worried and he sits beside Swara.. Holding her hand… Nd kisses her forehead!!

Sanskar is confused…
Sanksar: bhai.. I want to ask you something.. Do u know Swara before?

Adharsh: yes Sanskar! I know Swara since 7 years!!
Sanskar: (shocked) what?? but how cum bhai??

adharsh : i told you na sanksar.. that I’m merging my company with aditya industries.. swara is aditya’s sister.. my sister too!!!! when i joined australia university.. i met aditya… we became good friends… he used to love his sister so much!! he always used to tell me about her!!
5 years back first time I’ve went to adityas house in mumbai… i just loved it.. mainly swara.. she’s so fun loving girl.. very good at heart.. nd u know though she is so rich.. She likes to be simple.. Nd she always smiles and makes other laugh by her jokes… I used to spent lot of time with her… i love them so much sanskar!! shes a kid!!

sanskar; what?? she’s adityas sister? that means is she the daughter of Mr.mehra… the top industrialist??

adharsh: ha sanksar!!! swara is Mr.mehra daughter…

sanskar; what?? i cnt believe this.. then why she told that she’s an orphan!

adarsh: there is the reason for that Sanskar!! swara was treated like a princess in her family.. she was a so pampered mainly by her dad!! her mom died when she was a kid.. and swara was born lately.. there is nearly 10 years gap between aditya and swara.. may be because of that she so pampered!!
her dad loves her so much!

if he is in important meeting, if swara calls him…he immidealtly stops the meeting and talks to his daughter…
he loves her that much!!

sanskar: im not able to believe this bro!! she’s so simple.. nd ya I remember I’ve heard that MR.mehra had died in an accident!!

adharsh: no sanksar!! its not an accident! its a murder.. that scoundrel jagadesh had killed them!

sanskar: what????
adharsh: yes sanskar!! last year.. when me and aditya decided to merge the companies…we first decided to talk to Mr. mehra… i went to mumbai to meet them! that was my most memorable days i coudnt forget in my life!!
we really had a great time with swara!!

when me and aditya were talking with Mr.mehra!!

mehra: I’m so happy with ur decision!! go ahead!! my blessings will be with you all the time..

aditya and adharsh gets happy! at that time swara comes..

swara : (happy ) good morning papa!! (she hugs him)
papa: good morning my little princess.. he kisses her..

swara: good morning adhash and aditya bhai..
adharsh: good morning swara!!
swara: so whats todays program??
aditya: dad today we have a meeting with L&T.. you need to be with us!! its an important meeting!!

swara: ?what??? again meeting!!!…… today I’ve planned an outing..
aditya: swaara! its an important meeting.. we need to attend!!

swara keeps a pout face…. ?
adharsh smiles seeing her cute expressions as he know that its her way to convince his dad!!

papa: my sweet little princess!! don’t be sad.. lets do as u like.. lets all go out for outing!!

swara: (excited) really???? wow!! thank you papa!! i love you so much!! (she hugs him tightly)

aditya: but papa!! this meeting is important!!
papa: nothing is important than my daughter!! lets postpone it later!!

swara gets happy and hugs him!!!

adharsh looks at her and smiles!!!

swara: lets all go the resort then..
aditya: hmm!! okay fine swara.. as u wish!!

swara: thankyou bhai!!!

they all get started..
in car.. swara gets bored and starts eating her chocolates..

after some time..
swara: papa!! im soo hungry!!
aditya: what? since we started our journey.. you had many chocolates… and still ur hungry? swara seriously how can you eat all the stuffs together!!

swara: papa.. see.. bhai is teasing me!!

papa: (hahaha) aditya.. she’s a kid!! let her do whatever she wants! nd stop nearby a hotel.. will have lunch!
aditya: okay papa!!

they reach a restaurant!

they had ordered food..
swara looks at the kids who r playing…
swara: papa!! il just come now..
papa: swara!! careful okay??
swara: ha papa!!

she goes towards them nd by mistakely hits a person.. he is jagadeesh

swara: oops! im so sorry.. (saying this she goes towards kids)
jagadish looks at her and stunned seeing her beauty! he keeps on staring at her…

swars plays with kids… he gets attracted towards her!! nd keeps staring at her from top to bottom!!

papa: swara beta!! come fast food came..

when was going he stops her..
jagadish: beautiful!! whats ur name??
swara: excuse me!!…

he holds her hand

jagadish: will you marry me?
swara is shocked..

swara: how dare you!!!
at that time adharsh watches Jagadeesh teasing swara… he goes near her.. places his hand on her shoulder nd takes her.. looking angrily at jagadesh..

adarsh; swara!! r u fine?
swara: haa bhai.. he is soo irritating!! plz dont tell this to papa and bhai.. they will get worried!!
adarsh: (smiles) okay swara! now come lets have food..

after the lunch… they leave.. that jagadish stares at her while leaving..

Swara, adharsh and Aditya in room..
Swara: let’s play any game?
Aditya: game?
Swara: ha play pillow fight!! Will see who wins…
Aditya: but Swara.. This is so childish…
Adharsh: come on Aditya.. Let’s play for Swara..
Aditya: okay fine…

Adarsh Nd Aditya were playing pillow fight.. While Swara enjoying their fight..

Swara: (laughing and jumps with excitement) come on adharsh bhai.. Hit him hardly!!

Adarsh smiles seeing her support and hits him hardly..

Aditya: Swara ur so mean!! Ur not supporting ur own brother..

Adharsh: Swaraa!! Here take a big chocolate.. You only support me.. Okay??

Swara: woww Thankyou bhai.. I love chocolates… (She starts eating it) Nd encourages adharsh!!

Aditya: acha!! Here Swara! Take these 2 chocolates..Nd now support me!!

Swara: wow! Thankyou Thankyou.. Such a sweet brothers I have… Super!! Come on Aditya bhai.. You can do it!!

Adharsh: (shocked) swara!! This is cheating…

Swara laughs and eats her chocolates!!

Adharsh: here Swara take this chocolate..
Swara: (super excited) wowww!! Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou… Love you soo much!!! Umahhhh… Come on adharsh bhai… You can do it…

At that time Mehra comes…
Mehra: adharsh and Aditya what r u doing?? What is this games r u kids??

Swara: haa papa!! That’s what I’m saying.. See how they are playing like kids..

Adharsh and Aditya gets shocked and looks at each other…
Swara winks at them?

Aditya: achaa!!!

They both go near her… Nd keeps tickles…
Swara: (laughs) ahhh!! Papa save me!!
Aditya: you told us to play this game and now ur blaming us!! Adharsh.. Don’t leave her!!
They both keeps tickles to her!!

Swara: ahhhhh! (Laughs loudly) okay!! I’m sorry… Plzz leave me.. I can’t laugh anymore!!

They leave her… But again Swara starts hitting them with pillows…. Aditya looks at her smiling face lovingly..and hugs her…

Aditya: woww swara!! My sister is soo cute while laughing!! Keep smiling all the you soo much.. (He kisses she)

Swara: Thankyou you too…Nd hugs him tightly!!

Adharsh smiles looking at him and joins the hug!!
They take selfiess…they spend each other!!

Swara goes near garden… At that time someone grabs her hand!!
Swara: ahhhhhhh!!!
Suddenly he closes her mouth!!
Swara gets shocked seeing him.. It was Jagadeesh!!

Jagadeesh: come lets go! I will marry you!!
Swara: (shocked) are you mad!! Leave me!!
Jagadish: yes!! I’m mad!! I love you.. Ur mine.. Come lets go!!
He holds her and drags her!!
Swara: leave me!! Papaa papaa!! Help me..

All gets shocked gearing her name and runs out..
Mehra: Swara!! Swara beta where r u??

Seeing them Jagadish drags Swara to the corner… Nd closes her mouth tightly!!
He looks at her seductively… Swara gets scared seeing him and cries…

Adharsh looks at the shadow and tells Aditya.. They both goes towards them.. Nd gets shock seeing Swara’s state..

Aditya: how dare you touch my sister! He slaps him..
They both beat him…
Swara goes and hugs his papa and cries!!

Aditya throws him out…
Swara gets scared… The make her sleep and leaves to their rooms..

Swara gets scared and she goes to his dad’s room..
Nd sleeps beside him..

Dad: Swara! Kya hua? Are you not getting sleep?
Swara: (hugs him) I’m so scared papa!!
Dad: ur papa is with you.. Y ur scared Swara!! You know.. Ur so young.. But you need to know about this world.. About people.. They r different types of people.. You need to face them Swara!! Don’t get scared.. Be like brave girl! Okay?? And you should always smile like this!! Nd your papa will be with you always!!

Swara: (smiles) she gets happy listening his words..she hugs him and sleeps happily!!

2 weeks passes.. They enjoy so much!! These Jagadish used to disturb Swara always!! But she’s used to get saved always by her brother and dad.. And
Adharsh went to Kolkata!!

One day:
Adharsh and Aditya in call..
Aditya: hello Adharsh! I’m sorry.. I can’t come with you to Australia.. Swara is not feeling well.. I need to be here..

Adharsh: I can understand Aditya.. Don’t worry.. You be with Swara.. Il take care of ur company too….

Aditya: Thankyou dude!!

At that time.. Jagadish comes and shouts calling Swara name!!

Aditya and adharsh both get shocked hearing his name!!

Aditya: hey what are you doing here? Get out!!

While he was talking.. Jagadish stabs him with the knife 2 times..

Aditya: ahhhhh!!!
Hearing his voice Swara comes out… Adharsh gets worried and shouts Aditya!!!

Swara: bhai!!! (She goes towards him and cries)
Aditya: Swara! (He cups his face) go from here Swara!!

Swara: bhai! Please get up..
She looks at Jagadish..
Swara:please don’t kill him.. Please leave us!!

Jagadeesh: Swaraa!! Don’t worry Swara, I will be with u.. I will marry you okay!! Today is only our marriage.. I will kill them Swara.. They r not letting me to meet you..

Swara: are you mad!! Just get out!!
She pushes him!!!

Adharsh hears their conversation and gets worried!!

Mehra comes down hearing his voice..
He gets shocked looking at Aditya.. Nd goes towards him

Mehra: Aditya!! Plz get up.. He cries looking at him..

At that time Jagadish hits mehra tightly on his head..Nd stabs him with the knife!!
Swara: (shouts) papaaaaa!!!!!

Swara runs to him.., Nd hugs him..
Swara: plz don’t kill my papaa!! Plzzz… Leave him…

Adharsh eyes are filled with tears.. He don’t know what to do!!

Swara: papaa.. I’m so scared papa!! Please talked to me..

He looks at Swara and kisses her..
Papa: Swara go from here Swara!! He will kill you..
Saying this he dies!!

Swara cries loudly!!

Adharsh: Swara! Swara!!! Run Swara.. Don’t stay there.. Plzz run!!

Jagadeesh drAgs Swara..
Swara: please leave me!!! I need to be with my papa and bhai., plz leave me!!

Jagadeesh drags her.. Nd stamps Aditya’s cellphone..

Phone gets disconnected!!

Flash back ends!

Sanskar is shocked!! His eyes are dolled with tears!! He feels so guilt for scolding her…

Adharsh: I’ve tried many ways to Search for her.. But I dint get… They had created like an accident…
I love them Sanskar.. Aditya is my best friend.. I miss him soo much!!
I want to fulfill his wishes!! I’m taking care of both the companies… I don’t want Aditya Mehra industries to get into loss.. They should be in top always!!

Luckily after an year I found Swara.. I’m soo happy… Still that idiot dint leave her.. I don’t know when she escaped from him..
But anyways she’s safe now…

He caresses her hair.. Now Swara is my responsibility Sanskar!! I will take care of her..

Sanksar gets emotional seeing Swara.. He caresses her hair…
And kisses her forehead!! I’m sorry Swara!! I’m really sorry for hurting you!!

Sanskar: bhai! Let’s take her home!! She needs Ma now.. She will be fine if she is with him!

Adharsh: okay!!

And they take her to home…

Episode ends!!

Shona and Varun part!!

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