True love never dies Episode 11 (Swasan)

Episode 11
Flashback continues…

Sanskar room!!
Sanskar feels disturbed but happy.. As he told her what all he wanted to say..
He sleeps..

Swara goes to her room.. Cries thinking his words..She feels what all Sanskar said is true and she has seen his hatred on her!!
She cries remembering the kiss scene…
She remembers his anger and cries hugging her family pic!!
Swara: papa! I’m soo scared!! What should I do! I feel so good and secured here!! I’m scared to go out.. What if he takes me!
(She silently cries thinking about her past and sanky words!!)

Next day..
Swara’s room..
She wakes up.. She gets ready and goes down!!
She thinks to be normal, Coz she knew it she has only other 2 days to live in MM.. She don’t want AP to know all this!!
She acts being normal..

All are in breakfast!!
AP: where is Swara??? She dint come yet!!
Sanskar thinks about the incident…
At that time Swara comes down…

AP: good morning Swara!!
Swara: good morning Ma!!

AP: Swara!come have ur breakfast..
Swara: no Ma! Il have it later! You carry on..
Ap: but Swara..
Sanskar: Ma! Don’t force her.. If she want she will eat.. You don’t need to spoon feed her all the time..

Swara looks at Sanskar but gives a small smile…
Sanskar think..
How cum she be soo cool all the time!!

They started to have breakfast…
Where Swara helps Ap in kitchen!!

At that time.. Kavitha and Sujatha enters!!
Ap: (happy seeing them) Sujatha!! How r u.. (She hugs her)
Sujatha: I’m fyn Bhabi!!
Kavita takes blessings from her!!
Ap blesses her!!

Kavitha looks at Sanskar… She gets happy

Kavitha: sanskar!! (She runs and hugs him)
Sanskar hugs her back!!
Swara is just shocked to see Sanksar hugging Kavitha!!
She felt sad!!

Sanksar: wow Kavita.. Your looking soo stylish!! So change in you!!
Kavitha: Thankyou Sanskar!!
Sanskar: come will have breakfast together!!
Kavitha: okay Sanskar! Just give me 2 mins!!

Saying this she goes to get her bags… Nd she looks at Swara who is standing like a statue!!

Kavita: hey girl!! Get my bag into my room!!

Swara gets shocked and looks at AP
Kavitha: (rudely) hello excuse me!! R u deaf??? Can’t you understand!!

Sanksar and Ap are shocked to see her rudeness!!

Ap: ?Kavitha.. Mind ur tongue!! She’s not a servant here!! She’s like my daughter!! Nd she’s our guest!!

Kavitha: (shocked to see AP anger on her for the first time)
Ma! I’m really sorry!! I thought she’s a servant!!
She turns towards Swara and tells sorry to her!!
Swara: that’s okay!! No problem!!

Sanskar looks at Swara, as soon as she sees him he ignores her!!

Sujatha watches Swara looking at Sanskar and gets angry!!

After the breakfast!!
Sanskar: Ma! I’m going to office!!
Kavitha: sanskar! I’m so bored here!! Shall I come to office??
Sanksar: hmm! Not now..
Kavitha: atleast lets go out!!
Sanskar: hmm okay Kavitha.. Get ready by 6:00pm will go out!! I have meeting and you can join me too!!
Swara gets excited..
Swara: wow Sanskar!! Even il come..

Sanskar: (angrily) I’m talking to Kavitha not you… Nd never think that I will take you!!

Swara realises what he meant.. Nd keeps quiet!!

Ap gets sad seeing Swara..

Sanskar leaves!!
Kavitha and Sujatha goes to their rooms to Freshup!

Ap goes near Swara..
AP: I’m sorry Swara for what Kavitha said!
Swara: no problem Ma!! Dats Kk!!

AP: (smiles) by d way Swara!! I kept ur fav chocolate in my room.. Go and have it before dadi sees!!
Swara gets happy and hugs her… She cries holding her… But hides her tears!!

Nd leaves to her room!!

Swara in her room..
She thinks about Swara and Kavitha and feels jealous!!
She was lost in her thoughts her mind was replaying where Sanskar hugged Kavitha..
She feels like someone is taking her life from her!!

Sanskar comes home.. Kavitha gets happy seeing him and gets ready!!
Sanskar: Kavitha r u ready??
Kavitha: ha Sanksar! I’m coming..

Sanskar goes to his room..
Swara thinks to join them and she goes to his room and take his permission..
She weeps into his room…

At that time Sanksar is in all..
Sanksar: Yaa I’m coming.. Nd il get that file too.. It’s very important..I should show them!!
Swara: sanskar?
Sanskar :(angrily) what??
Swara: (smiles) sanskar shall I also come? Plzz..
Sanskar: No!
Swara eyes filled with tears)
Swara: okay! (She calmly walks out)

Sanskar looks at her leaving.. He somewhere felt sad with his answer!!

Sanskar and Kavitha are leaving!!

Sanskar looks at Swara.. Who is looking at him innocently..

He ignores her looks…
Ap: sanskar take Swara along with u?
Sanskar : okay ma.. Nd he Sits in car..
Kavitha: bye Ma!! (She hugs AP and leaves)

AP looks at Swara..

Ap: Swara!! What r u thinking.. Go quickly!!

Swara runs with excitement…
She watches Sanskar car and runs… By that time Sanskar watches Swara coming through the window and he starts the car and leaves…

Swara gets shocked and sad.. Seeing them leaving…
She slowly cries standing as a statue.. Sanskar looks at Swara through window and notice her crying… He feels sad for hurting her but… Smiles evilly..

Swara wipes her tears and goes inside!!
AP: Swara Kya hua? Why r u back?
Swara: Ma wo actually they already went!!

Ap gets sad seeing Sanskar’s attitude towards Swara…

ap: Swara r u sad?
Swara: not at all… And in fact I’m lucky!! I can spend more time with u?
Ap smiles looking at her..
Ap: okay come lets go to our room..

When they r going.. Swara notices a file…
She takes it!!
She remembers Sanskar talking to his manager about the file.. Which he should submit!!

Swara: Ma!! Sanskar left his file here! It’s very important file!!

Annapurna: haa Swara!
(She calls him but he won’t respond)

AP: will u give it to him?
Swara: ha Ma don’t worry!! Il give the file to him..
Ap: can u go alone?
Swara: ha Ma!! Don’t worry.. Il come home soon!
AP: okay Swara!!

Swara takes an auto and leaves to the hotel!!

She runs inside and finds Sanskar, Kavita are in meeting!!

Kavitha watches Swara…
Kavitha: Swaraa??
Sanskar immediately turns!!
Sanskar: where??
(He turns and looks at her.. He feels happy seeing her… Nd suddenly gets angry seeing her)

He goes near her!!

Sanskar: Swara! What r u doing??how dare you follow me!!
Swara: wo!! Actually… You left ur file!!
Sanskar: (shocked) ohh Yaa!! Oh god how can I forget this!!
He looks at Swara…
Sanskar: you came so far to give this file..
Swara: haa.. I heard ur conversation.. Ur telling to ur manger about this file!
Sanskar: (angry) acha!! Come!!

Swara looks at Sanskar who is very angry at her!!

Sanksar takes a leave and they move..
In car:
Swara, Sanksar and Kavita are sitting silently..
Swara : sanskar why did stop ur meeting? Did u submit the file?

Sanksar stops the car..
Sanskar: Swara get down!!
Swara is confused..
Sanksar: (shouts) Swara I said… Get down!!!
Swara: gets down…
Sanskar: do u think I’m a fool… You took this file as an advantage and you came here to meet us ryt!!
Swara: (shocked) Noo Sanksar!! Ur wrong!
Sanskar: enough!! Swara!! How dare you listen my conversations!! Nd ya if u have listend my conversation them you might even listen to my another conversation where my netting has been cancelled!!

Swara looks at him confusedly…

Sanskar: you came so far to bring this file ryt!! Good.. Now come home like this…
This is the punishment for disturbing us!!

Swara: (cries) sanskar plzz!! I’m sorry.. I really don’t know.. Plz forgive me..

Sanskar pushes her and leaves!!
Swara runs back of his car… Seeing her running Sanskar speeds his car…
Kavitha smiles looking at Swara!!
Swara falls down… Nd cries!! 
Swara all alone on the road.. Crying for help.. It was dark around her!! 
She was scared and cries calling Sanskar!!!
She remembers all the moment spent with him!!
Swara: why do U hate me so much Sanskar!! Nd y did I came into ur life!!
I’m alone Sanskar!! I need u so much…
She cries loudly!!!

Sanskar and Kavitha reach home!!
Sanskar angrily goes to his room..

Ap: sanskar where is Swara? Did she came to u?
Sanksar : ha Ma!!
AP: thankgod!!but where is she?

Sanskar doesn’t reply!!

She gets worried…
AP: (shouts) sanskar where is Swara?? 
Sanskar: Ma.. I left her alone.. That’s the punishment I gave her!! She need it Ma!! How dare she brings my file.. She took that as an advantage…she needs that punishment Ma!! she’s not a kid!! And Don’t worry she will come home safely!!

AP: you left her alone.. What do u mean by that Sanskar!! it’s 10:00pm Sanskar!! How could you leave her alone! Don’t u have manners??

Sanskar: I don’t care mom!!! I hate her!! She’s just irritating me so much!!
And just send her out! I can’t tolerate her anymore!
Ap: sanskar!! What r doing? How can she come home at this time!! Ya she brought the file.. But I told her to give it!!

Sanskar: what??
Anyways Ma! I said I don’t care.. Now please leave Me!!

(He leaves to his room)

On road: 
Swara is tired.. No is around her!! She feels thirsty!! At that time she watches a jeep coming.. … She asks lift!! It comes and stops near her!!

Swara: (breathing heavily) can you please take me to the city please!!
At that time 
a person gets down seeing her and smiles
( he is the same rowdy)

Swara is shocked to see him…

She gets scared…
She moves a step back!!

Rowdy: omg!! Am I dreaming? How easily I got u! Oh god!! Swara.. Where were you these days!! You know how much I missed you..(he cups her face)
He holds her hands!!
Swara jerks him!!

Rowdy: Swaraa!! I have that right to touch you.. Your mine Swara!!

Swara cries…
Swara: pease leave me!!
Rowdy: Noo! How can I leave you Swara!! I got my life back!! Ur my lucky charm.. How can I leave you..
Come lets go home..

Swara: (jerks his hand)No.. I won’t come..
Rowdy looks at her angrily…
Rowdy: ?Swara! Go and sit inside the jeep..

Swara doesn’t move…
He looks at her angrily… He holds her hair and drags her…
Swara: (cries) leave me!! Plzzzz
Rowdy: you will only listen like this na Swara!! Now come!!!
He drags her hair forcefully…

Swara cries with pain!!! And he drags her!!!… And holds her hand tightly.. Her bangles breaks…
Swara: leave me!!!!
She tries to free herself… Nd he slaps her…
Swara falls on the ground… He goes near her…by that time she takes the sand from the ground and throws on him…
Nd she runs…

Rowdy : Swaraa!!! You can’t escape from me today!! He runs back of her!!! 
She runs and runs and runs… 
And that person keep on chasing her!!

In MM: 
It’s 12:00… Swara dint reach home yet!!
All r worried for her!!
Ap: (cries) she don’t know what to do.. But only waits for her..

Sanskar room:
Sanskar: angry but worried for her!! He feels restless!! He feels sorry for her!! He remembers all her fun time!!
He remembers how Swara got feared and how she hide herself!!

He gets disturbed and closes his eyes!

He hears Swara screaming his name for help!!!
He suddenly opens his eyes!!
He gets worried and He takes his car keys and goes to bring her!!

In car:
He feels so guilt!!

He reaches the place…
Sanksar: shouts!! Swaraaa????
He don’t find her anywhere!! He gets tensed… 
And keeps on searching for her!!!

Sanskar: (shouts) swaraaa!! Swaraaa!!!
He searches for her madly!! While searching he finds her broken bangles… Seeing that He gets more tensed!! 
Sanskar: (again shouts) swara!!!

Swara keeps on running… She fells down!! She falls on the stone and Her leg got twisted… Nd she gets hurt on her head!!

She cries in pain!!!
Swara: papa!!! I’m soo scared!!! She Keeps crying!!
Suddenly She watches an airport nearby!! They were many cabs!!
She gets happy… She cries and somehow tries herself to escape from his clutches…
Swara runs and comes infront of a car..
A car slightly hits her!!!
and Swaraa falls down!!

Car stops!!
A person gets down immediately!! 
(It was Adharsh elder brother of Sanskar… He Reached India at that time.. And he wants to surprise his family with his presence)
He goes and checks the girl and gets shocked!!
Adharsh: Swaraa????

He gets happy seeing her!!
Adharsh: Swara! Open ur eyes!! Swaraa are you alright??
He notices the blood and gets worried…
At that time he watches that rowdy coming running towards them … He immediately held Swara in his arms and and keeps her in the cab.. Nd takes her..

Adharsh cries looking Swara…
He makes Swara sleep on his laps… He remembers some happy moments with Swara..
He gets worried and takes her to the hospital…

Sanskar keeps on searching for her on roads…
He cries thinking about her position…
Sanskar: swara where r u? I’m sorry Swara! I shouldn’t have reacted like that!! I’m really sorry!!
He keeps on calling Ap whether she reached or not!!

Episode ends..

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